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CS:GO - What we know so far
Time: 2011-10-12 21:31
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the wake of the announcement of the showmatches at IEM6 Global Challenge New York, HLTV.org brings you a detailed look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started as a Counter-Strike: Source PC to Xbox 360 port, but during its development Valve saw the potential of the port and decided to transform it into a whole new game. It has been in production since March 2010 and it will be a
downloadable title only. It's almost ready for a closed beta, which will start this October.

For the past month Valve showcased the game in three distinct game expos, the Xbox 360 version in August at Pax Prime, the Playstation 3 version in September at the Eurogamer Expo and the PC version at Igromir this past weekend.

Gameplay changes

When looking back at the previous CS games, Valve noticed that the players would only use a few weapons, therefore in GO they decided to mix things up. The damage done by the pistols was reduced and increased on the SMG's (sub-machine guns). Valve also seems to be following the real-life weapon trends, as some old firearms were replaced by newer models (ex: USP and the MP5 have been removed from the game).

Here are the new additions to the weapons lists:

-TEC-9 (terrorists only)
-P2000 (replaces the USP)

Sniper Rifles
-SSG 08 (replaces the scout)

Assault Rifles

-SG 556 (replaces the Krieg 552)

Sub Machine Guns
-PP-Bizon (replaces the terrorists MP5)
-MP7 (replaces the counter-terrorists TMP)
-MP9 (replaces the counter-terrorists MP5)


Machine Guns

-Zeus x27 (Taser-like weapon)
-Decoy Grenade (Creates sounds to delude that there is someone shooting a weapon)
-Molotov Grenade (Creates a curtain of fire which does little damage for a few seconds)


Some of the new weapons at work

Aside from the weapon-handling changes, another key mechanic of Counter-Strike has been changed, which was the removal of the defuse kit from the buy menu, as the old wire-plier is no longer purchasable. In the feedback session with the CS:S players in August, Valve gave the players a test version where the CT's would only have one defuse kit for the whole team, but after the negative feedback this has been changed, as now two random Counter-Terrorists will spawn with the kit and they will be easily identified with a plier icon on the scoreboard.

Other information:

  • Wall spamming is still possible in some locations
  • flashes are similar to 1.6
  • the headshot animation is similar to 1.6
  • oil drums don't have physics, they are static, only smaller props have physics and they won't interfere with the players' movement
  • there will be chickens on cs_italy(!)
  • the game will run only on DirectX 9
  • The final game will ship with 7 classical maps, 5 of them being demolition maps (de) and the last 2 hostage maps (cs):


    For the past two months all that was shown map-wise was dust2's older brother, de_dust. If you've been waiting anxiously for some dust2 gameplay, wait no more, in this interview by gamespot we get a sneak peek of the dusty lands 2 on Global Offensive.


    Arsenal mode

    With this title Valve not only wants to please the competitive community but the  casual community as well, including some new game modes which will certainly delight the casual audience, one of which is the much known Gun Game mode. Arsenal mode (as it's called in CS:GO) is now part of the game and it will be divided in two modes:

    Arms Race - consists of the typical Gun Game match where you start with the low damage pistols and for each kill you do, you’ll earn a better weapon until you reach the knife.

    Demolition mode - It is a mix of Arms Race but instead of being a deathmatch type of match, this mode is played on demolition maps.

    The Arsenal mode will include 8 additional maps to the 7 classical maps, some of which are remakes from the original Gun Game maps. Valve is also talking with other CS and CS:S mod creators to add their mods to CS:GO.

    Competitive and Casual mode

    CS:GO will be divided into two main sections, Competitive mode and Casual mode. Casual mode will offer the players all the freedom and the perks the game can offer, free armor/helmet, unlimited money every round, so that the casual audience can enjoy the game without worrying too much about the game's mechanics.

    On the other hand, competitive mode turns the game close to what we play today in tournaments, the rounds are shorter, your frags become your currency crucial to buy new weapons, you'll need to buy the armor/helmet and there is friendly fire.

    Another interesting step in CS:GO is the inclusion of matchmaking, something that is new to the franchise. In the Competitive mode you'll be able to play against someone with the same level without the need to leave the game. When you're playing a matchmaking game it means your opponents have the same skill level you have, even if they are playing on the PS3 with a controller.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will feature crossplay play between PC, MAC and PS3. Valve will be hosting the servers for matchmaking and Arsenal mode, while the community can still host their private or public servers via the dedicated server tool provided.


    Beta testing to start soon

    The CS:GO beta will start this October, at first only the Pro-gaming community and those who got the keys at the expos will be able to play the beta, but Valve will be expanding the Beta from time to time and they expect that it'll be available to everyone until the year's end.

    CS:GO doesn't have an exact launch date, only a time window (Q1 2012), as it will be the community giving the green light for when the game will be ready to hit the Steam store.

    The developing team of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be present at the IEM6 GC New York, where they will be doing a feedback session with the professional 1.6 teams present there. ESL TV will be hosting 2 showmatches between the teams, and as always, HLTV.org will be on location bringing you all the news related to Valve's new baby.

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    edit: Well, it HAS chickens on Italy though.

    Post edited 2011-10-12 21:33:50
    2011-10-12 21:32:20
    Now Im sure the game is going to be a success!
    2011-10-12 21:55:04
    Good for kids, able to play for fun. But not competitive as 1.6
    2011-10-12 21:56:53
    idd, the frag movie says it all, running frags only.
    2011-10-12 22:47:15
    i dont like that source model of running+shooting togheter...
    2011-10-12 23:32:10
    c'mon, thats the coolest thing! control ur recoil while running(in short distance of'coz), thats what u have to do in 1.6 aswell... seems like it gonna be really great game. Hopefully valve will promote the game, just like riot did with LoL... and then we will get the best esport game evah :]
    2011-10-13 00:26:33
    wtf control ur recoil while running in cs 1.6? leave ur 32 slots FFA dust2 24/7 AMX full options servers and go play some real CS.
    2011-10-13 01:15:55
    I see... so u're ducking and trying to shot 1 bullet in head, while ur opponent is coming from behind the wall? GL, its way easier to spray and move (ON SHORT DISTANCE), then duck like a bob 'n spray... it's part of this game. Leave ur 12 slots TP de_eslmapsforprosonly servers.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 19:09:08
    2011-10-13 19:06:55
    2011-10-13 19:43:42
    Do you know what public servers are?
    2011-10-13 11:24:53
    true lol some stuff looks like source and not 1.6 so i dont like too much
    2011-10-12 22:54:07
    hahahahahah +10000 my dear friend :D
    2011-10-13 00:52:08
    well said man.
    2011-10-13 03:13:09
    2011-10-13 14:38:25
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    One of only things they kept lol.

    Honestly a sport shouldn't be changed to add variety, think of it this way...

    Football/Tennis/ any other real life sport has stayed the same for hundreds of years and are still some of the top sports. You can shine up CS without having to change it and it'll still be one of the top sports.

    The whole "new grenades" or whatever is healthy enough, it's like in Football they removed "Golden Goal" and put extra time instead. You can change the extra stuff but don't change the core of the game.
    2011-10-13 02:54:09
    at least you sort of tried to indicate your post had something to do with the top comment
    2011-10-13 02:57:02
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    Nah, his comment made me think of something else that's related to his comment. Honestly I was going to post a normal post, but I didn't think it really mattered in the end. All ends up in the article forum anyway.
    2011-10-13 04:02:23
    Having chickens in Italy is a HUGE step, but I thing it would be even bigger if they run away from you

    they you go, I just fixed counter-strike!
    2011-10-13 04:37:58
    Counter strike 1.6 The best version 4 ever
    2011-10-13 14:37:19
    CS:GO is alot of different of CSS. I play 1.6 and CS:GO don't is sucks, just diferent, i do no why but 90% of 1.6 community don't see that, so stop talking shit. Is simple: Don't Buy and Don't Play.

    We never will see Another game like 1.6, same they make one game with better grafics and 1.6 gameplay, the comunnity Always reject then, its like cspromod example.
    2011-10-16 02:04:07
    "i *don't know* why but 90% of 1.6 community don't see that, so stop talking shit. Is simple: Don't Buy and Don't Play."**************

    Post edited 2011-10-16 02:38:07
    2011-10-16 02:37:17
    2011-10-12 21:32:26
    2011-10-12 21:33:12
    2011-10-13 00:45:21
    2011-10-13 17:21:34
    chickens on cs_italy... THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!
    2011-10-12 21:34:11
    2011-10-13 14:30:13
    not good at all
    1.6 > all
    2011-10-12 21:34:51
    2011-10-12 23:32:42
    2011-10-13 00:52:39
    2011-10-13 08:23:46
    2011-10-13 14:37:45
    2011-10-13 16:02:02
    2011-10-14 01:47:49
    true its like cod now, spray and pray
    2011-10-14 12:55:05
    2011-10-12 21:34:55
    seems better than source at least
    2011-10-12 21:34:58
    maybe it gonna be good ?
    2011-10-12 21:35:11
    this is not counter-strike any more...
    2011-10-12 21:35:32
    2011-10-12 21:44:57
    same they make one game with better grafics and 1.6 gameplay, the comunnity Always reject then, its like cspromod example.
    2011-10-16 02:25:38
    the lastest cspromod wasn't rejected by the comunnity, the gameplay is really good, just like 1.6.
    2011-10-16 02:45:05
    So why any one are playing cspromod now? Steam need to replace 1.6 with promod?
    2011-10-16 03:01:42
    because it's beta, lol. and even when its released, it will take time, obviously, but people will change, if they need to. read the news about the 1.07 update and read the comments.
    2011-10-16 12:22:04
    2011-10-12 21:52:32
    2011-10-12 21:54:43
    2011-10-12 22:03:55
    2011-10-12 22:09:48
    2011-10-12 22:31:54
    2011-10-13 00:37:22
    2011-10-13 01:10:38
    2011-10-13 14:36:36
    you can shoot while running.
    wtf is that...
    2011-10-12 22:38:02
    I think they are trying to do like COD..
    2011-10-12 22:59:14
    it is like cod :D
    2011-10-13 16:02:31
    I like CS 1.6, well I love! but I think that CS:GO it will be more interesting on console gaming, for example, I am a Cod player and yea it will be interesting to play competitive on CS:GO, we will see..
    2011-10-13 17:04:21
    But, that's not CS anymore.

    You can't call a game Counter Strike, whilst they have only maps and few wepons in common :s
    2011-10-13 17:13:42
    yea maybe for console gaming but like @mirolL said thats not CS anymore
    2011-10-13 17:54:42
    2011-10-12 23:09:50
    2011-10-12 23:23:38
    2011-10-12 23:33:13
    Molotov Grenade???? WHAT THE FUCKK?
    2011-10-12 23:38:34
    2011-10-12 23:40:51
    2011-10-13 00:52:58
    Get on with the times old man.
    2011-10-13 01:15:37
    2011-10-13 08:24:03
    2011-10-13 12:05:23
    2011-10-13 13:35:15
    2011-10-13 14:55:40
    2011-10-13 19:11:07
    2011-10-14 15:46:52
    looks good, keep it up.
    2011-10-12 21:35:34
    No usp??
    sucks already.
    2011-10-12 21:36:37
    2011-10-12 21:42:51
    +`1.... :(
    my very first ace in cs was whit usp
    2011-10-12 21:51:17
    rofl mine too :D
    2011-10-12 22:36:30
    same here
    2011-10-13 00:35:46
    we're three boys
    2011-10-13 00:36:35
    mine too d2 ace usp :D
    2011-10-13 23:23:49
    me too guys, ace usp nuke! :)
    2011-10-16 02:41:28
    2011-10-12 22:09:59
    2011-10-13 15:37:12
    chikens on de_italy? nice we have someting TO KNIFE!
    2011-10-12 21:37:42
    very bad, <3 cs 1.6
    2011-10-12 21:37:53
    i dont know if that's me but...
    i just dont like the this game! :s
    2011-10-12 21:38:08
    2011-10-12 23:33:54
    2011-10-13 14:55:29
    can't wait. chikens on italy NICEEEE
    2011-10-12 21:38:43
    1.6 F0R3\/3~R
    2011-10-12 21:38:57
    2011-10-12 23:34:05
    omg.. I really hate this left4dead engine :/ not4thisgame!
    2011-10-12 21:39:05
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    Actually, the game runs on an updated version of the Portal 2 source engine.
    2011-10-12 21:43:05
    Beh, weapons are hideous :o looks like some kind of cartoon
    2011-10-12 21:39:26
    chikenz @ cs_italy and the world's gettin better!
    2011-10-12 21:39:56
    this is so bad! :( :)
    2011-10-12 21:40:05
    no fuckin game can replace cs1.6 ! *POINT*
    2011-10-12 21:40:38
    That's the truth!!!!!!!!!!
    2011-10-12 23:35:21
    Buy menu is similiar to weapon menu of Army of two.
    2011-10-12 21:40:48
    it is still going to be sh t.
    2011-10-12 21:40:56
    weapons models are bad
    2011-10-12 21:41:10
    omg each new video about this game makes me more pessimistic about the future of cs....
    2011-10-12 21:41:11
    I like it.
    For me, what they have got to do, is that all weapons be good, i mean, with different features, but all of them competitive, not only the AK and Colt
    2011-10-12 21:41:25
    Why do ytou need other weapons? How is that supposed to happen? Ak/colt do less damage than SMG, or the shotguns don't spread all over the screen so you can kill someone far away? Give me a break...
    2011-10-12 23:12:15
    2011-10-13 00:21:21
    even if its beta ... it wont replace cs1.6 when its released

    Post edited 2011-10-13 16:05:04
    2011-10-13 16:04:39
    cs 1.6 4ever
    2011-10-12 21:41:26
    2011-10-12 21:52:55
    itsmeERROR - HLTV.org
    Petar wannabe detected! :DDDDDDD

    Nice article mate, well done ;)

    2011-10-12 21:41:43
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    Ass licking doesn't guarantees you a beta key :p
    2011-10-12 21:52:53
    You and I both know that if anyone here needs a beta key it's going to be me. I'm the only person next to Neo or f0rest I would trust in critically scrutinizing this game while in it's beta.
    2011-10-12 22:28:07
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    By reading that comment I assume your SC2 career went down the drain.
    2011-10-12 22:34:39
    Nope. A most inaccurate assumption dear Watson.
    2011-10-12 22:37:09
    :D:D haha really nice one
    2011-10-12 23:35:15
    FODDER <3
    2011-10-12 22:37:23
    hahah You are the best troll alive on this earth
    2011-10-12 23:09:18
    Dude weapons we love in 1.6 have been nerfed? What's the point of playing vs bots, since it will be no fun vs small kids.
    2011-10-12 21:41:54
    cs_italy still have chickens ?
    2011-10-12 21:43:09
    CS:GO should be FREE, anyway gl with that
    2011-10-12 21:43:37
    2011-10-13 11:34:19
    looks nice
    2011-10-12 21:45:07
    Fuck that, terrible and garbage as Source

    I'm gonna stick with 1.6 for life i guess.

    Edit: NO USP? HAHAH Kill your self VALVE

    Post edited 2011-10-12 21:52:30
    2011-10-12 21:45:21
    2011-10-12 21:45:56
    and his name is Gabe, lol :D
    2011-10-13 15:39:34
    2011-10-12 21:46:25
    2011-10-12 21:46:57
    2011-10-12 21:47:26
    2011-10-12 21:47:50
    2011-10-12 21:48:30
    2011-10-12 21:48:53
    2011-10-12 21:49:11
    2011-10-12 21:49:13
    +1 Not to mention that its even worse then cs source
    2011-10-12 21:49:57
    2011-10-12 21:51:07
    2011-10-12 21:51:35
    2011-10-12 21:56:47
    2011-10-12 22:01:21
    2011-10-12 22:10:17
    2011-10-12 22:24:38
    2011-10-12 22:48:34
    2011-10-12 23:15:00
    2011-10-12 23:53:16
    2011-10-13 00:32:33
    2011-10-13 03:40:00
    +1 for the most longest "+1 reply" ever
    2011-10-13 04:43:54
    2011-10-13 10:00:53
    +1 as #363
    2011-10-13 13:37:08
    +one fucking bilion!

    this is pure garbage.. And in the beggining I was thinking.. dont reject this without knowing it.. but now I can say! 1.6 4EVER!
    2011-10-13 17:29:15
    2011-10-14 15:07:28
    +1 BBQ
    2011-10-16 12:39:50
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!) thank god !
    2011-10-12 21:46:09
    I also suffered greatly in this regard, but now I can sleep peacefully

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:00:25
    2011-10-12 21:56:46
    fuck this. 1.6 4ever!
    2011-10-12 21:46:42
    alex! - HLTV.org
    Thank you Schypher <3
    2011-10-12 21:47:10
    2011-10-12 21:47:48
    nice cod:go
    2011-10-12 21:47:55
    What a shitty game...
    2011-10-12 21:48:02
    After watching the video I've come to a conclusion, thanks but no thanks. I play 1.6.
    2011-10-12 21:48:35
    I don't need to read all this about a shitty game that cannot replace 1.6
    2011-10-12 21:48:42
    When I watch the gameplay, it looks like COD or BF. :/
    2011-10-12 21:48:44
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!)

    2011-10-12 21:49:19
    Simply don't know why they don't just put like 1.6 with better graphics
    2011-10-12 21:49:26
    2011-10-12 21:57:40
    2011-10-12 23:14:10
    Because not everyone likes 1.6, they need new players too not only the old ones...
    2011-10-13 01:18:42
    Looks promising on paper at least. Nothing bad and the new game modes are much appreciated. Looking forward to the beta, speaking of which...

    Is there a website where i can sign up for the beta?
    2011-10-12 21:49:59
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    2011-10-12 22:03:42
    why would they replace the usp...

    Percentage of kills with weapon

    ak47 - 38%
    m4a1 - 30%
    usp - 9%
    awp - 8%
    famas - 5%
    deagle - 4%
    he & glock - 3%
    2011-10-12 21:50:36
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    The P2000 is the successor to the USP in the "real life", so it makes sense that it was removed.
    2011-10-12 21:54:57
    no .. make both ok but why remove it ? it would be more fun imo to have both cause usp is something that's traditional in every cs game damnit .. :p
    2011-10-13 10:02:19
    same mechanics , different name maybe ?
    2011-10-13 11:34:02
    how can you replace this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6gcmbioqiE&t=2..

    with this g*y s***t http://www.imfdb.org/w/images/thumb/9/90/Mpc-hc_20.. ?!?!
    2011-10-13 23:05:51
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    We are not in 1999 any more.
    2011-10-13 23:10:52
    that action was made in 2007 not 1999
    2011-10-14 12:32:34
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    I'm talking about the USP, not the game.
    2011-10-14 15:19:21
    weapon models looks so ugly :'(
    2011-10-12 21:50:55
    +1 and it hurts me that the AK lookes like a toygun :(
    2011-10-13 01:11:01
    2011-10-13 10:02:41
    and also sounds like a toy gun :(

    Post edited 2011-10-13 15:36:21
    2011-10-13 15:35:47
    2011-10-12 21:52:46
    Im actually one of the most positive people about CSGO and its potential, but what are they thinking with:

    "but after the negative feedback this has been changed, as now two random Counter-Terrorists will spawn with the kit"

    and not launching with de_train..

    2011-10-12 21:52:49
    i was thinking the same thing. now people with the kits are forced to play inside the bombsites so when they die teammates can pick them up.
    2011-10-13 03:36:15
    SAD :(
    2011-10-12 21:53:33
    If I need to chose this crap or CS:Promod I choose CS:Promod
    2011-10-12 21:54:30
    2011-10-12 21:55:47
    2011-10-12 21:56:56
    2011-10-13 10:02:51
    Goodjob Valve, you ruined the name Counter Strike.
    2011-10-12 21:55:33
    2011-10-12 21:58:32
    It's just like with source all over again.
    They use the fame from the name of CS on a horrible game, to make it sell better.

    In my opinion neither Source nor GO is even close of being worthy of carrying the name Counter-Strike.
    2011-10-12 23:05:17
    2011-10-12 23:32:51
    buehehe Css+cod
    2011-10-12 21:56:13
    yeah it's nothing like 1.6, they ruined the game.. great
    2011-10-12 21:56:21
    2011-10-12 22:02:17
    piece of shit game....shitty engine for an e-Sport. -.-

    Post edited 2011-10-12 21:56:54
    2011-10-12 21:56:42
    i guess when they make a new game they shoud make new maps too ?
    2011-10-12 21:57:10
    Make it Like CSPROMOD
    1.6 game play and source's graphic.
    2011-10-12 21:57:29
    source graphics also became old
    2011-10-13 00:18:18
    well its better then GO
    2011-10-13 01:23:31
    no its not
    2011-10-13 03:36:41
    yes it is lol look that ak just a toy dude damn ..
    2011-10-13 10:03:34
    yes it is lol, 40x times better
    2011-10-13 11:36:09
    for 10 year old kids
    2011-10-12 21:57:42
    This is not Counter Strike...
    2011-10-12 21:57:53
    2011-10-12 21:58:09
    Pseudo fps
    2011-10-12 21:58:12
    m4 no silencer?? :(:(
    2011-10-12 21:58:22
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!)
    2011-10-12 21:58:29
    this is the game for who play cod4 and don't like cs, so they can like now
    2011-10-12 21:59:39
    hmm, these new weapons, grenades, game modes and all this stuff is nice and I really like it, but yeah ... the gameplay looks like shit

    PS: WTF did u put on that upper bombsite on nuke?!?!
    2011-10-12 22:00:02
    omg, why every single weapon looks like toys? just another fail
    2011-10-12 22:00:03
    True, true bad FOV.
    2011-10-12 22:23:43
    i will not play this shit even if they pay me to do it
    2011-10-12 22:00:32
    After watching the first movie (kill montage) it didn't feel the same, but after getting used to it, it seemed like it was running the same mechanics, altough a tad sourcish.

    Still, it didn't feel as bad as my inicial predicament. If they correct some blood-related issues, that FUGLY XHAIR and genuinely separate the competitive mode from the casual one (and that includes taking those ridiculous achievements in competitive mode), we might have a winner, in the long run.
    2011-10-12 22:00:32
    2011-10-12 22:01:35
    nice :)
    2011-10-12 22:01:45
    no mp5 ?? haha mads?
    2011-10-12 22:01:52
    you can just run around and spray and everyone is dead...
    2011-10-12 22:02:11
    Shitty crosshair, movement, interface .. oh wait, I should say GAME.
    1.6 > Valve "Counter Strike:Source engine producers"

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:03:19
    2011-10-12 22:02:14
    fucking Counter-strike:go
    1.6 forever
    2011-10-12 22:02:34
    what we know already: SHEEEET :D

    btw did someone realized that every model when it dies from the side it makes the air jordan move with the legs
    http://theniceworld.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/ai.. xDD

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:05:49
    2011-10-12 22:02:42
    You mean this one? xD

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:20:49
    2011-10-12 22:17:44
    yeah 0:24 xD to bad there isnt any basket for a slam dunk :D

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:18:53
    2011-10-12 22:18:22
    CS 1.6>>>> CS:GO
    2011-10-12 22:03:03
    Junk... I'm very disappointed... CS 1.6 <3
    2011-10-12 22:04:03

    It's like Mac10, and it will be added to Terrorists, that will give a huge advantage in pistol round, even if won't be the default one, it's added to pistols, so it will cheap to buy.
    2011-10-12 22:04:11
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    It's a semi-automatic pistol in the game and supposedly it was meant to be the default terrorists pistol, but at the moment players spawn with the glock 17.
    2011-10-12 22:08:31
    I don't like you.
    2011-10-12 22:10:10
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    Don't worry, the feeling is mutual ;)
    2011-10-12 22:11:40

    I still don't like you.
    2011-10-12 22:12:11
    [ATM. Steelseries designers creating mouse and keyboard for xbox 360/PS3]

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:05:35
    2011-10-12 22:05:00
    yeah a mouse for Xbox360 and Playstaton3 makes perfect sense.
    2011-10-12 22:10:54
    I really like 1.6 graphics even though its simple

    bottom line cs1.6>all
    2011-10-12 22:05:59
    I want a g36
    2011-10-12 22:06:20
    Sigh, so much whine. Wait and see what the 1.6 pros say, then we can see if it is a possible replacement.
    2011-10-12 22:08:15
    id rather wait and try the game out for myself rather than blindly trusting someone's opinion
    2011-10-13 03:39:38
    I agree completely. It will just be an indicator as to if the game has any promise. Only reason I wrote it, was because so many in here are completely locking the possibility of this being a good game out, while knowing basicly nothing about it.
    2011-10-13 13:38:20
    looks terrible. had high hopes for this but now im certain that it will not be able to take over for 1.6.
    2011-10-12 22:09:06
    HAHA b1 at nuke HAHAHAHA :D LMAO :D i cant stop laughing :D with that amount you could kill the whole world :D

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:10:15
    2011-10-12 22:09:43
    +1 :D:D:D
    2011-10-12 23:43:34
    We only know that this game is the best on the world hell yeaahhh :D
    I am just kidding cs 1.6 rules :D
    2011-10-12 22:10:36
    2011-10-12 22:11:15
    i'm very open to new stuff but this i don't like at all...
    2011-10-12 22:12:20
    Don't hate me but it sounds promising.
    2011-10-12 22:12:41
    Fuck it...
    2011-10-12 22:13:48
    cs 1.6 >all games in the world for many peoples ;) true?
    2011-10-12 22:14:23
    yep mate
    2011-10-13 01:08:12
    why there's no de_train?!
    2011-10-12 22:14:54
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    It's still in the works and according with Joe Miller, Valve was remaking it just to feature one bombsite, but they might have changed this, we will get more info about it this weekend ;)
    2011-10-12 22:19:29
    i dont think the classic de_train would look good if reduced to only 1 bombsite...
    2011-10-13 09:14:22
    Looks nice so far, except de_train is missing and i guess it's going quite good for now.
    2011-10-12 22:16:06
    stfu pod noob. they play de_train yesterday idiot open eye
    2011-10-14 11:06:51
    WTF with the left hand! there is something wrong! when handling weapons such ak and m4
    2011-10-12 22:16:59
    fckign disgrace... just rename it and I will don't mind
    2011-10-12 22:17:33
    My guess is that this game will be pretty playable just oldschool players won´t switch from 1.6
    2011-10-12 22:18:11
    if there come some money involved, like 100k tour every 3 months, why the fuck not..
    2011-10-12 22:49:28
    Guys thess weapons sounds is awfull...
    2011-10-12 22:20:30
    lol, what is this ???:DA:DAS:DSAD:SA if im 5 years old maybe i try to play this shit:DDD
    2011-10-12 22:21:33
    >no usp
    >no cs
    2011-10-12 22:24:10
    1.6 > all , thats my opinion.
    2011-10-12 22:26:48
    2011-10-12 22:28:19
    The only thing i like in CS:GO is the smoke, and the floor. I dont get it, why are they looking to get the game not so much different from Source ?
    2011-10-12 22:28:21
    The game looks like cod running on newly designed cs maps :/
    2011-10-12 22:29:15
    USP :'(
    2011-10-12 22:29:51
    i don´t like the gameplay.
    2011-10-12 22:30:33
    source is way better!
    2011-10-12 22:33:12

    oh my gawd they cannot be serious!

    it sucks!
    2011-10-12 22:33:27
    You should watch this one:


    2012 game and we don't see any defuse animation from CT side!
    WTH with weapons animation from POV, it's funny how gun moves when we run it's not even realistic.

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:40:10
    2011-10-12 22:37:44
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!) ; NICEEEE!
    2011-10-12 22:37:46
    Dear Valve, sorry to disappoint you, but you can't call this game "Counter Strike" as you totally changed its gameplay and everything else which was fun in the original Counter Strike game.

    I guess that there are acceptable changes likes you did between the 1.X versions and even earlier, but now you went too far with it and the game that you call "Counter Strike" looks more and more like "Call of Duty" / "Battlefield" which is obviously NOT good.

    New gameplay is not something we, the CS 1.6 fans and players are interested at.
    We might need in the future to add more maps to the tournaments routine, but nothing more than that!

    I'm pretty sure that my comment is something many people that plays and loves CS 1.6 can agree with, so take that to your attention dear Valve.

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:39:24
    2011-10-12 22:37:50
    Dear RAGE2k,

    We own the name "Counter-Strike" and will use is however we see fit. We are not making this game for the "CS 1.6 fans", we are making it to appeal to a new market.

    We are a multimillion dollar company that has designed award winning games. You are nobody.

    Sincerely, Valve Corporation

    I'm pretty sure that my comment is something many people from Valve can agree with, so take that to your attention dear RAGE2k.
    2011-10-13 03:46:45
    actually i thought it would be worse than this... but still i'm not seeing some competitive e-sport here
    2011-10-12 22:38:48
    My thoughts exactly.
    I just lack the english skill to put all of that in words!

    I replied to the wrong person, sorry, meant to reply to #175

    Post edited 2011-10-12 23:55:50
    2011-10-12 23:52:30
    If the recoil will be similar with cs 1,6, I think the game can be fine, maybe better. But I have one question: Can people from different nations play versus each other without high ping (Isn´t it like that in css?)?
    2011-10-12 22:40:39
    Cs:go : we dont know what we doing . maybe call of duty 9
    2011-10-12 22:41:05
    I want to play counter strike valve, not a random commercial shit
    2011-10-12 22:44:44
    one more source? no please...
    2011-10-12 22:45:20
    hummm... will see..
    2011-10-12 22:46:49
    wtf de_nuke :|
    2011-10-12 22:47:32
    imo this game sucks, 1.6 forever
    2011-10-12 22:49:01
    why are you guys crying they didnt do anything to 1.6 ?!?
    2011-10-12 22:51:23
    THey dont need to do anything to 1.6. Its perfect for all the 1.6 lovers. They had tried to update 1.6 couple years ago. And everyone knows what a shitty update that was.

    So thanks Valve for not touching 1.6.

    2011-10-12 22:54:10
    Haha knew this was coming. The "newbs" and "semi-professional" players says the game is awful but I bet that progamers says that the game is going to be a great. Especially when CS:S and CS 1.6 pro players beta test it, give a new proposal etc - the game will be a huge.

    Readers - We are living in 2011, not 1999. Just accept that.
    2011-10-12 22:55:38
    that's just nonsense. this game looks crap tho it should look great(according to the interview) which itself is a really big fail. even 1.6 looks better than this crap :DD look those gun animations, my eyes start to hurt already tho i'm used to the graphs of cs 1.6.. no way this is going to sell even the amount that source did(25million copies)
    2011-10-12 23:12:12
    Did you realize that the game is not even in beta yet?
    2011-10-12 23:20:26
    You're about half a year late mate
    2011-10-13 00:07:53
    looks awful, and i'm the only one that only heard counter strike source on the interview? no cs1.6 developers or features related to the new game? good luck selling it to cz and cs:s kids, even the guys of xbox and ps3 will rather play cof and bf instead of this crap
    2011-10-12 22:56:06
    1.6 Developer works on his new game, but i don't think he works for Valve.
    2011-10-13 01:26:49
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    Jess Cliffe, one of the co-creators of CS is working on GO.
    2011-10-13 01:30:05
    what is this shit? Omg this is not Counter Strike, it is bullshit...
    2011-10-12 22:56:22
    nice article schypher ,keep it up =)

    Post edited 2011-10-12 22:56:53
    2011-10-12 22:56:31
    that's big message "reload your weapon" and icon of "R" near it makes me insanely sad
    2011-10-12 23:04:45
    Don't like it.
    2011-10-12 23:06:15
    Left 4 dead > BULLSHIT

    1.6 the best forever
    2011-10-12 23:09:00
    its fail xD
    2011-10-12 23:09:13
    god i cant even describe how i feel about this game. i just cant see anyone who knows 1.6 OR SOURCE buying this product. the only thing for those is that they only want to see what the fuck did they THINK?
    2011-10-12 23:09:26
    It looks abysmal, but I might just get it if I can persuade my PS3-owning friends to buy it, so that I can teach those shit cunts a lesson on how to play real first person shooters.
    2011-10-13 00:06:41
    great to have running people in front of you and actually hitting you while running , how bad this game is going to be :C
    2011-10-12 23:09:52
    source 2?
    2011-10-12 23:10:55
    Will try it, i will either love it or hate it
    2011-10-12 23:11:08
    Way too CSS based.
    2011-10-12 23:12:16
    youre out of your fucking mind
    2011-10-13 02:24:29
    Well it sure doesn't look much like 1.6
    2011-10-24 01:55:32
    doesnt mean its based on CSS either
    2011-10-24 02:26:47
    S&#1086; ugly game.. it will be good only better graphic and some changes on maps.. and SO UGLY weapons...1.6 weapons is perfect
    2011-10-12 23:18:47
    Shit game!
    2011-10-12 23:19:33
    This is looking like another shitty version of CS, just like source. But to be 100% on that, we will need to wait and play the beta at least. But from what we have so far, I'm 95% sure CS:GO will be terrible, and 1.6 will remain the king in this business.
    2011-10-12 23:21:05
    ok i like the chikens in cs_italy
    2011-10-12 23:22:22
    maybe they will replace them with cows :D
    would be a nice feature if you can milk them

    Post edited 2011-10-12 23:23:47
    2011-10-12 23:23:20
    i pp are so full of shit GIVE a fuckin chance, try it, if is shit ok
    2011-10-12 23:23:29
    Are you blind? Where on this Godamned world a game where you shoot while run can be better than cs 1.6? If you like it, i give a hint (for free): go play CoD or BF, it's the same shit, you run wild around the maps where you barely see your opponents because of the lights and smokes and stuff on the map and shoot wherever you want and you eventually kill someone. No, actually BF is way better, you can fly airplanes, drive jeeps whatever the hell you want, so, where is the advantage in this CS:GO? It's not better than 1.6 for the 1.6 community and it won't be better than CoD and BF for those communities either...

    Post edited 2011-10-12 23:29:06
    2011-10-12 23:28:43
    just... a ... fuckin chance ok? i prefer 1.6 than cod and bf and source (but not half life 2) lets just try it and then we will see if is soo shity, damn you pp are so addict to 1.6, relax big boy, take your time... and 4 me i think cs source that you say the worst cs... think about cs condition zero
    2011-10-12 23:40:14
    No, mate. I don't think giving it a chance is worth. We should not be passive on the "new cs" build up. We should complain and criticize so they can make a really good "new cs". They are just wasting time and money, we should help them. And help is not waiting passively, but giving voice to our thoughts
    2011-10-13 00:01:49
    ok but try to see, the cs go isn´t a cs 2 our a competitive game.
    2011-10-13 17:32:11
    I don't get why people say CZ is so bad, when its pretty much the same game as 1.6 :/
    2011-10-13 15:57:52
    those skins and sounds, hate that i dont know why...
    2011-10-13 17:29:27
    +1 you are right!
    2011-10-12 23:42:46
    I watched the video and it was all "source this, source that." Does Valve somehow not realize that source is a piece of shit?
    2011-10-12 23:25:16
    TEC-9 as pistol? Are you sirius?
    2011-10-12 23:25:28
    CS has always been game that is based on brain and aim. Based on current revealed videos it looks like battlefield (people running around and getting random kills).
    Adding few new cool and fancy stuff (and removing the old ones we are used to) does not mean that the game will be a success.
    But at this point when we, yet, have not tried this game, can not say anything bad about CS:GO.
    2011-10-12 23:26:56
    fail :)
    2011-10-12 23:31:29
    Current Players Peak Today Game

    39,894 63,898 Counter-Strike
    36,046 45,387 Team Fortress 2
    34,446 56,307 Counter-Strike: Source

    So, 1.6 is already the king, and MOST 1.6 players won't even touch that crappy CS:GO shitty. I guess some sAuce players will move on to CS:GO, and it will make their numbers even worse.

    In the end, looks like this will help 1.6 and make it even more stronger. Looking good to me :)
    2011-10-12 23:32:06
    No, you're wrong. Either 1.6 dies after GO or dies a few years later. Your choice.
    2011-10-13 01:30:18
    Pure horseshit! GO is just Source with better graphic, nothing else. Looks so retarded. I wonder how many nerds wasted their life doing this crap.
    2011-10-12 23:33:34
    haha this is a joke.
    2011-10-12 23:34:23
    2011-10-12 23:36:24
    looks like shit honestly :)

    Post edited 2011-10-12 23:35:19
    2011-10-12 23:35:09
    CS:GO will be horrible just like source
    2011-10-12 23:36:13
    the classic style of cs1.6 is the shit...it`s irreplaceable
    2011-10-12 23:39:32
    1.6 >>> CSP >>> tibia >>> GO / SOURCE
    2011-10-12 23:39:41
    its seems like new v. of cssource ? :D
    2011-10-12 23:43:38
    yeah cs:go=cs:s+cod
    looks shit
    cs 1.6>cs:go
    2011-10-12 23:43:56
    its looking like the worst version of CoD
    2011-10-12 23:44:22
    Counter Strike ProMod ladies. That's the only hope we have.
    2011-10-12 23:45:37
    honestly? Like any other modern game with no style any fool can run and frag.

    Long live 1.6 !
    2011-10-12 23:45:49
    2011-10-12 23:48:36
    ''the headshot animation is similar to 1.6''

    No its not
    2011-10-12 23:49:09
    2011-10-12 23:53:39
    Schypher - HLTV.org
    It is, it's the "fly back" animation, but it has ragdoll, so it's not 100% like 1.6, it depends on your movement when you die.
    2011-10-13 00:04:33
    this sucks!
    2011-10-12 23:50:45
    More worse than CoD, more worse than Source, more worse than any game. Thats the shittiest game i've ever seen (not even joking nor trolling).. No usp? Terrible gun models, gay graphics, shooting while running. I don't want to live on this planet anymore..
    2011-10-12 23:51:24

    Source is actually a good game, compared to this shit
    2011-10-12 23:54:07
    Looks like the worst game ever.
    2011-10-12 23:55:07
    this ensure 1.6 being TOP1 game, cuz css players will split into css and cs:go
    I really hate that source animation model of running+ shooting together-non realistic...

    Post edited 2011-10-12 23:54:15
    2011-10-12 23:53:12
    Not for me I think, I just can't play an other other game than 1.6, sry..
    2011-10-12 23:55:32
    What we know so far :
    -Shit game
    2011-10-12 23:55:59
    epic failed. better i'll buy BF3, as this ruined "cs 1.6"
    2011-10-12 23:56:36
    lol are you comparin BF3 to that thing ?
    2011-10-13 00:20:16
    A just can say - Shit!

    And in the end I am not suprised with this,they have nothing to do,so they make shit like this.So What is next? Counter Strike : Space Offansive ?
    2011-10-12 23:57:44
    The next thing is you can fly airplanes, drive jeeps, jump with parachutes, swim on a lake to go to the opponent's base... Oh wait, that's Battlefield!1!!1!!
    2011-10-13 00:04:53
    Looks like shit
    2011-10-12 23:57:54
    CS:GO is just a friendly counter-strike version for Rebecca Black / Justin Bieber's fans.
    2011-10-12 23:59:00
    hahahah shit shit shit ...
    2011-10-12 23:59:31
    CS:GO sucks!
    2011-10-13 00:03:27
    Taser? Ranadom kit distribution? Gungame? Is Valve trolling us?
    I expected the game to be mediocre, but the more I read, the more I begin to think that the game will be shite. I'll probably try it, but if I get a Diablo III beta invite, I'll probably forget all about it.
    2011-10-13 00:03:35
    well , italy have chickens , lets give it a try
    2011-10-13 00:03:48
    Valve did a big mistake, the money they spend on this "thing" should be given to the cs promod guys.
    1.6 & promod > all this crap shit
    2011-10-13 00:04:22
    well congratulations Valve, CS:GO is even WORST than Source, it thought it wasnt possible but u guys really made it!!! FUCKING CONGRATULATIONS!

    if i was u HLTV i wouldnt promote this shit anymore, or w/e u guys are doing, u dont want to hear or read about this crap anymore... please drop it, focus on Promod, that looks promising

    Post edited 2011-10-13 00:11:56
    2011-10-13 00:09:44
    Scumbag Counter-Strike players: Complains about CSP when it needed support, starts supporting it when the project is almost dead.
    2011-10-13 20:36:36
    what? idiot! i've always supported CSPROMOD!
    2011-10-13 21:37:05
    I do apologize if you actually supported the mod but as a person who was active on the CSP forums and defending it whenever people attacked it, I am annoyed that its only now when the project is on its last legs that people are willing to even try CSP.

    In 1.05/1.06, we would spend hours in servers trying to contribute to the teams hard work by trying to figure out spray patterns or why wallbanging was different from 1.6 or why the god mode glitch would happen and all the rest of the 1.6 community would do is bitch and whine about how we were wasting our time. Now that CS:GO has been announced, people have suddenly changed their minds and they pretend like they always supported the project but unfortunately, some of the people who were crucial to the project have quit, presumably because they didn't want to deal with the fickle, whiney, 1.6 community that is impossible to satisfy.

    There were some people who tried really hard to get CSP off the ground. People were hosting servers and hosting in house pick up games to get more people to try the game. They would leave the server to open up slots for newer players to play. There were people running tournaments to encourage others to start playing but all the 1.6 community did was complain about how CSP wasn't 1.6 which was an unreasonable thing to ask when the project had accomplished so much.

    In all honesty, I would be a liar if I said I didn't feel a little bit happy knowing that these assholes who were attacking the project may never get a proper functioning full release of CSP solely because of their "1.6 or die" mentality. Perhaps you weren't one of those people but for the most part, even the pro's attacked the game and its only recently people started to care but now it may be too late.

    Personally, I'm happy to say that it doesn't bother me because when it mattered, I tried my hardest to help the project and I was in the HLTV.org or ESEA or even Gotfrag forums defending the project and I tried to contribute to what the modders were doing in giving us a game to play for another 10 years but the rest of the 1.6 community can honestly fuck off. I sincerely believe that with their awful attitude towards people who were trying to help them, they don't deserve to move to a new game.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 22:30:35
    2011-10-13 22:25:54
    that was a nice speech and i totally agree with u. we dont have a lot of servers here in Europe, but ever since CS:GO was announced and the first footage of it were put out, everybody just started to like cspromod and i believe its really starting to grow, all it need is a boom, is showmatch, a little tournament w/e. lets hope some affortunate guy gives those guys money for them to develope the game through a final version :( but im loosing the hope now.
    2011-10-13 22:42:35
    this looks sickening...its like fucking COD slept with CS 1.6 and they had an incestual child. Too much running and spraying, plus the people playing this look like complete idiots. This does nothing but make me passionately hate Valve with the fire of a thousand hot burning sons. Thanks valve, Thanks for killing counter strike. You guys are geniuses.
    2011-10-13 00:11:20
    2011-10-13 00:18:40
    people need to harden the fuck up and wait for the game to actually come out before passing any sort of judgment, who knows the game may actually be decent if valve listen to the imput of the professional players
    fuck this commmunity shits me
    2011-10-13 00:11:41
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    +1 first comment to agree on so far.
    2011-10-13 02:47:19
    2011-10-13 04:18:47
    agree man
    2011-10-13 20:35:35
    plz dont do it leave the 1.6 alone dont create this kind of 'game'
    2011-10-13 00:13:03
    i feel for us 1.6ers, nothing will ever compare!
    2011-10-13 00:16:33
    sAuce and GO are shit

    1.6 is the only counter-strike
    2011-10-13 00:23:25
    They replaced the USP. My heart has just broke.
    2011-10-13 00:28:50
    it's made for fun, i don't think it would be a game for competition like CS 1.6. Would try it anyway :D
    2011-10-13 00:31:33
    And some pro will just say "Well, it's more tactical"....
    2011-10-13 00:32:44
    Exactly, while you gonna say, without even trying it: "it's shit, 1.6 4ever". So what's the difference? The difference is you are a NOOB and he's a PRO.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 00:47:42
    2011-10-13 00:46:50
    I never said "1.6 forever". I do think we need a improved cs, but CS:GO is not what we are waiting for. I don't need to play it, i'm not blind. I DON'T NEED TO PLAY IN ORDER TO KNOW IF I LIKE OR NOT THE FACT OF SPRAY WHILE RUNNING. I DON'T NEED TO PLAY IN ORDER TO KNOW IF I LIKE OR NOT THE MODELS. I DON'T NEED TO PLAY IN ORDER TO KNOW IF I LIKE OR NOT THAT AWFUL CROSSHAIR. I DON'T NEED TO PLAY TO KNOW IF I LIKE OR NOT... whatever, you are just too dumb to understand, you won't get the logic in my point anyways...
    2011-10-13 01:10:05
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    if you watch noobs for 1.6 they also run and spray, if you got a pro gamer to play this game might be a completely different perspective.

    Also it really depends on what the pro gamers on Friday will say.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 02:49:26
    2011-10-13 02:48:50
    Yeah, you're right. Except for the fact that noobs who run and spray on 1.6 don't kill nobody... Running and spraying seems to be normal at this CS:GO
    2011-10-13 14:04:02
    Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
    So all they need to do is fix the recoil, it's a quick fix :) Ask Joe Miller, the recoil was even worse before...they fixed it in one day to become better. The pro 1.6 players will tell them the recoil is bad and they will fix it hopefully :)

    As long as they fix that and a few other things the game CAN be perfect, it's still in pre-beta they can change it by the time of 2012.
    2011-10-13 15:46:06
    Looks horrible.
    2011-10-13 00:43:04
    looks more like cod or something, i dont know, its just nothing like cs imo, or css for that matter, i think this game is gonna be crap
    2011-10-13 00:45:57
    they try to 'remake' maps that are simply only popular because they are how they are. they could sell a lot of products if they just made cs1.6 but then smooth, standard good .cfg and some features of cspromod like if your dead you can spectate mutiple screens at the same time. incorporate all new maps and ask some of the previous designers to make some new and give them cash so they will do their best ;p etc. etc. dont make it look all nice and stuff, thats not what cs is about, its about competition. its like playing tennis: the court is the same as 200 years ago but its still a fun game.
    2011-10-13 00:47:19
    2011-10-13 01:10:54
    I'd rather they release HL2-E3 first. You can't do that to ppl, give them a sick game with a compelling storyline then NOT create another sequel.
    2011-10-13 00:55:07
    valves biggest fail ever right after their anticheat tool
    2011-10-13 00:58:18
    I JUST LOVE CS 1.6 this game is like a mix from cod and source just suck
    2011-10-13 01:00:32
    1.6 is loved because evryone with a pc/laptop nowdays can run it at 100fps... if css when released would have run smooth on evry pc the majority would have switched to it, i would probably play both games now. honestly the textures in 1.6 are crap compared to evry game nowdays, i have some games on my htc desire that look better :S CS needs a graphic boost, be it with csgo or csp.And don't hate a game and effort just cuz you're lazy to adjust to it.
    2011-10-13 01:24:34
    "if css when released would have run smooth on evry pc the majority would have switched to it"

    That is just complete bullshit.

    If Source would've been anything but a horrible game when released(still is), more people might have switched to it.
    2011-10-13 09:24:40
    seems to me that they are creating a noob friendly game to entice new players. because face it, even if they released the cs2 that we all hope will be the worthy successor of 1.6, there are still 1000x more kids who play consoles(CoD).

    I assume they are building this game to open up cs and esports to this previously untapped but potentially lucrative base of new players. which is exactly what cs needs if its going to survive at all.

    not saying the game looks great, then again its pre-beta.

    maybe after this has served its purpose and brought new blood to the cs community they'll actually release a cs2 that'll last the next 10 years
    2011-10-13 01:24:45
    2011-10-13 01:29:39
    cs 1.6 always
    2011-10-13 01:35:23
    Counter strike 1.6 is the best game of the history.
    2011-10-13 01:47:49
    As long as if I can change the crosshair and that awfully looking radar, I will give this a go...
    2011-10-13 02:00:59
    Counter Strike 1.6


    The one...

    The only...

    The legend...

    The game...

    Where Neo happens...

    Where HLTV.org happens...

    When skill matters...

    When gameplay counts...

    The #1 fps game on the planet...

    Where JoeM is...

    Where you find Nix0n...

    Where tradition is more than a word...

    Where history was written...

    The original...

    The standard in e-sports...

    The ultimate team game...

    A part of our lives...

    Where you make friends...

    Where you share...

    Where you cry...

    Where you kill...

    Where you die...

    Fidelity happens...

    Happiness happens...

    When a community is more important...

    When a community is larger...

    When you are part of something big...

    When you are home...

    When you feel home...

    When you enjoy your game...


    2011-10-13 02:06:05
    this!!!!!! :')
    2011-10-13 02:18:04
    +1337 .. this is our life !!! forever
    2011-10-13 14:39:59
    OMFG !!! CS GO farway
    2011-10-13 02:08:58
    'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started as a Counter-Strike: Source PC to Xbox 360 port' i stopped reading there..
    2011-10-13 02:18:17
    why just dont make a 1.7.1,6 is fucking perfect,only some better graphics and thats it
    we have new maps getting played more and more often(mirage,forge,and more coming) so fuck off valve
    2011-10-13 02:47:38
    may be a great game for newcomer but definitely not a great replacement for cs.
    2011-10-13 02:49:23
    this game suxx
    2011-10-13 03:02:20
    2011-10-13 03:30:10
    Clearly they don't have a fucking clue if they remove the USP. This is insane. How dare you Valve.
    2011-10-13 03:32:07
    I want cs 1.7
    2011-10-13 03:34:18
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!)

    ok it's perfect for me
    2011-10-13 03:47:24
    Ahahaha xD
    2011-10-13 04:08:59
    new maps are all we need :)
    2011-10-13 04:09:36
    2011-10-13 04:28:28
    Jesus, this game is looking so bad from the competitive point of view. I was optimistic, but from what I've seen lately, looks like it will be another failed competitive game, just like source...

    Lets wait for the beta to come out, but this is not looking good so far.
    2011-10-13 04:35:38
    This reminds me of Crossfire mixed with Source

    Post edited 2011-10-13 04:41:23
    2011-10-13 04:38:33
    WTF? is this a joke?
    Looks like SHIT
    2011-10-13 04:38:52
    that god there are still chickens on cs_italy, I was worried about that
    2011-10-13 04:52:32
    was it just me that found the movements interesting? at the very start of the 'frag video', the aiming seemed very 1.6-like
    2011-10-13 04:58:09
    looks way to easy
    2011-10-13 05:10:10
    This is crap!
    2011-10-13 06:17:23
    and lame too.........
    2011-10-13 06:43:11
    Call of Duty: Global Offensive
    2011-10-13 07:03:51
    suck, CS: GO suck
    2011-10-13 07:07:55
    tbh i dont really like what they put up so far, instead of making a grate game based on cs 1.6 to compete whit the new games on the market they complete destroy cs 1.6 like they did whit source
    2011-10-13 07:08:34
    I just don't understand valve's decision making, they are catering to a casual audience, but do they really think this can hold any ground to games like COD, Modern warfare etc?

    And as for the pro scene.. well It's still running on the CS:S engine which is completely useless for a serious pro fps. If they want to continue CS as a pro game, I would suggest licensing a OpenGL engine from ID and get working, but that wont happen before hell freezes over.

    This game will fail.
    2011-10-13 07:24:49
    or use cry engine 3 and play it with double sli....great idea........
    2011-10-13 10:10:23
    Not quite sure what the point is in your post..

    The reason I mention using a engine from ID is since Half-life is based on the quake engine, Using a newer quake engine from ID, will properly be the best bet of making a new version of CS witch still feels like CS.
    2011-10-13 14:28:55
    DONT TRY TO CHANGE 1.6 ... that game is best forever
    2011-10-13 08:19:25
    alex! - HLTV.org
    They are not changing 1.6, they are making a whole new game..

    You will still be able to play 1.6 after the release of CS:GO..
    2011-10-13 10:36:01
    1.6 > 1.5 > half life > rest shit like source, CS:Go etc.
    2011-10-13 08:22:02
    WTF is that ? o.O I hate source, but when I watched this videos.....i think source isnt so bad :D:D
    2011-10-13 08:25:33
    L4D HAHA
    2011-10-13 09:35:00
    LOL VALVE make us laugh more please this game is a fucking joke you just fail in to many ways. Want to get the 1.6players to play this shit game? only the 12 year old kids, but then they can always choose this CS :GO piece of shit or battlefield 3 or CODMW3 compared to these 2 games yours look like 90 year old vagina. Crappy Gameplay, crappy graphics , crappy weapons, crappy models, well conclusion "CS"(cause its not really cs) GO is a crappy game.
    2011-10-13 09:38:27
    2 defuse on team :D
    2011-10-13 09:46:50
    2011-10-13 09:54:13
    WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP! Gameplay is all I care about!!! Take 1.6 (a game thats been refined for 10+ years and just copy that, stop trying to show your programming 'talents').
    2011-10-13 09:58:42
    for all the hotheads here that are below the age of 18 and have their brain in their asses still... WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU THAT CSGO WILL REPLACE 1.6 AND I DIDNT KNOW IT?????? its just a newer game of the counter-strike sequel thats it END OF STORY...play it as a game if you want to have fun and play 1.6 competitively even though i doubt half of you can win against bots...retards
    2011-10-13 10:09:02
    I will never play this shit!
    2011-10-13 10:13:00
    good article, bad game
    2011-10-13 10:26:00
    ok, this is just a shit ! CS RAPE ANYTIPEOFGAME!
    2011-10-13 10:27:22
    Honestly for me its a sequel of css. Style of running, shooting, gun's looking (ak is a fucking joke) and so on. I cant see 1 SIMILAR THING to cs 1.6. Lack of train ? Cant understand that. The only one change i like, is new dd. maybe it will be playable on mixes etc. I cant believe that any pros saw it and said that this is right direction.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 10:36:19
    2011-10-13 10:35:57
    bad -(
    2011-10-13 10:39:19
    This game is so fucking terrible, this has nothing to do with counter-strike. I can't believe what's happening.
    2011-10-13 11:01:43
    its looking like a some joke ...

    even if its 'free' to play it will be with very lower audience and players than the others cs versionsi am peretty sure :)
    2011-10-13 11:44:34
    weapons looks very weird... sucks hard
    2011-10-13 12:18:39
    "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started as a Counter-Strike: Source PC to Xbox 360 port"

    Mark my words, will be absolute shit.


    -Maps look crowded and 'foggy' as heck.
    -Player models aren't distinctive enough
    -Their attempts at making all the guns usable is commendable but utterly futile and unnecessary to begin with.
    -They STILL weren't able to add new maps? Come the FUCK on.
    -What the HELL are a taser and molotovs for? Did anyone ever ask for them?
    -The models look EVEN WORSE than in source. That one is an accomplishment to be honest, I didn't think it was even possible.

    Just some main points. Overall it looks just plain horrible.

    VALVE, I THINK IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU REALIZED SOMETHING: THE SOURCE ENGINE IS JUST NOT VERY GOOD FOR GAMES LIKE THIS. For titles like TF2, maybe, but not for games that require some actual skill.

    Stop trying. Kill the source engine, and make a new one that's less about OMG GRAFIX and more about some actual fucking skill-based gameplay.

    On the other hand, ProMod suddenly looks (and feels too, I'm sure) freakin' awesome. Maybe that was Valve's cunning plan all along: Make a CS clone that's possibly even worse than source (a feat the CoD series has proven to be possible, hard as that may be to swallow), and suddenly people will love ProMod.

    The one thing they overlooked was that 1.6 is superior to all three inferior clones so why bother with any of them.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 12:44:18
    2011-10-13 12:32:20
    its safe to say this piece of shit wont replace 1.6

    2011-10-13 13:24:39
    biggest shit i've ever seen
    2011-10-13 13:32:17
    No matter what CS 1.6 for PC will allways be the best.
    2011-10-13 13:34:50
    Shitty sound :/ shitty models of weapons :/
    2011-10-13 13:34:55
    WIIIIIIIIIIII I will be able to throw a Molotov ... NOPE, it's just Chuck Testa.
    2011-10-13 13:36:45
    only will be played under directx9?? WTF?? So they want to have great graphics but you can't play with newer versions (directx10, directx11). It's like having a Ferrari and can't go over 120km/h :S

    Anyway, I don't give a f*ck, I won't buy this crap, either playing the beta or whatever comes out.
    2011-10-13 13:40:11
    this cs sucks,how could you play this :( cs 1.6 for life!
    2011-10-13 13:48:48
    CS:GO - What we know so far?
    That this game is total SHIT
    2011-10-13 14:23:44
    Who cares, if anything will replace 1.6 its CSP
    2011-10-13 14:28:03
    2011-10-13 14:30:36
    COD + sours T_T
    2011-10-13 14:32:39
    I honestly will give this game a chance. Not that I think it looks great or anything but I like the idea of matchmaking, like SC2 has. Will be fun to test it out.

    But this ain't gonna put 1.6 to the grave. That is for sure. How can you make perfect game any better?
    2011-10-13 14:41:44
    why on earth cant they put the 1.6 fly back headshot animation WHY ???
    this looks like a mix of COD/SOURCE/BATTLEFIELD I dont see any "cs" in this shit.
    2011-10-13 15:00:45
    2011-10-13 15:31:33
    2011-10-13 15:31:44
    Run n Gun..Duck Shooting on Sega is better than this :/
    2011-10-13 15:32:19
    2011-10-13 15:40:18
    WE know that CS:GO sucks for us but will be good for console gamers, and there's a CS2 coming after CS:GO.
    2011-10-13 15:45:09
    looks and plays like every other FPS currently on the market...

    1.6 is unique. and crap like this makes 1.6 stand out even more.

    lol notice the guys hand while reloading the AK... deformed looking

    Post edited 2011-10-13 16:01:58
    2011-10-13 15:59:27
    valve shoulda made a new game based on 1.6, not a new game based on source and cod.
    2011-10-13 16:52:17
    That recoil is... wait what reciol?
    2011-10-13 17:04:57
    +1! its so fucking COD! omg
    2011-10-13 17:32:49
    2011-10-13 17:08:51
    Counter-Strike 1.6 the best. And I am not going to change it into Counter-Strike source or Counter-Strike GO.
    2011-10-13 17:11:43
    i love how many people say this game is shit i played it at pax and it feels like 1.6 just twice as good and with all the new weapons its gonna change the game play
    2011-10-13 17:17:53
    Quiz: Have ever played counter strike 1.6?
    Having said that.. Shut up dude
    2011-10-13 17:32:14
    lol you are still judging by the looks of game. i thought people on this site are are gonna be smarter.
    2011-10-13 17:33:19
    by the looks, by the non existing recoil.. that ak its just O.M.G
    by the fucking kill animation that looks so stupid just like CSS.. and the hole game smells to COD man.. god help valve
    2011-10-13 17:36:56
    LOL then dont buy it if you think its horrible i just love how people on this site just type "1.6 forever" "1.6 for life" if you are a true fucking cs fan then you are gonna buy this game if not gtfo and keep playing cs1.6 which is gonna die withintime
    2011-10-13 17:41:28
    And I wont! 1.6 is going to die within time? not while valve keeps lauching this kind of shit! 1.6 is only getting more powerfull as valve looks unnable to get on stores a game really capable to replace the best fps in history
    2011-10-13 17:44:24
    Tournament prize money consistently dropping for the past few years. Number of players consistently dwindling for the past few years. Number of top level teams getting lower and lower as time goes by. Number of annual events dropping year-on-year.

    You're right, 1.6 is totally getting stronger bro.
    2011-10-13 23:10:29
    They aren't smarter. They really, really aren't.
    2011-10-13 23:08:53
    soo shit
    2011-10-13 17:22:35
    I laughed when i watched first video.
    2011-10-13 17:41:53
    Nah i'll just stay with 1.6
    2011-10-13 18:09:19
    only 1.6
    2011-10-13 18:34:16
    XAXAXAXA FAIL o_O, run and fire.. bshit
    2011-10-13 19:02:47
    Atleast they managed to keep the 2 shootguns in the game, n1! AND they managed to reduce the assault rifles from 4 to 1 AWSOME thinking Valve!

    This game is gonna kill the counter-strike scence if they are seriously thinking about a competative mode for it.

    BG Valve. :(
    2011-10-13 19:27:51
    I haven't played CS:GO yet and I don't know if its any good so I'm not defending it on its merits as a competitive game. But I am disappointed in the 1.6 communities attitude towards this project and the attack towards the potential of a new competitive game.

    Ill save all of you some time. If you come to these news posts to see some sort of resemblance of 1.6 in CS:GO then just stop because its not going to happen. If you're coming to these posts, you should be looking towards a new game that is asking you to play in a new way.

    For those of you who pay attention to the fighting game community, you may have noticed, they went through a very similar situation. Third Strike was THE fighting game to play. Its home to that oh so famous parry video clip titled "Evo moment #37." In 2008, Street Fighter 4 came out and, you'd be a fool to not see that its not nearly as complex as Third Strike. Button inputs are a lot more forgiving, there was no longer a visible stun meter, they removed Third Strikes complex parry system and ultimately made the game a lot more approachable and nub friendly.

    In Third Strike, almost everything you do matters and you will get punished for stupid moves while in SF4 you can get away with a lot of stupid moves. However, if you look at the fighting game community right now, they are on cloud 9 and its mostly because of SF4. SF4 reinvigorated the community, it brought in new players and it brought attention back to competitive fighting games. Its the reason why MVC3, MK9, 3S OE, SF2THDR and the upcoming SF X Tekken even exist.

    What I'm saying is, what Third Strike is to SF4 is what CS 1.6 is to CS:GO. Its a necessary step and if you're not willing to take it, then you should stop looking to CS:GO because its not going to be what you want it to be but instead what we as a community need. Those of us who move to CS:GO will probably start playing with a larger, competitive community and have a blast learning a new game and those who cant get over how different it is from 1.6 will keep playing 1.6 and watch it fizzle out as more and more events stop hosting the game and more and more players quit.

    What I'm trying to say is, give CS:GO a chance. Stop expecting CS:GO to be like 1.6 and help us build something new. Where does it say that the way 1.6 did things is the only way a competitive tactical FPS can exist? Valve, unlike Blizzard, unlike Activision, unlike EA has no problem keeping a game in beta until the community is happy with it. Take advantage of their generosity and help us make something new. Don't opt into this beta and complain about how recoil is different or how spray patterns are different because its supposed to be the same. I feel that I cant reiterate this enough, but look at CS:GO as a new game.
    2011-10-13 19:40:15
    Giving CS:GO a chance is like having sex with an ugly tranny while ur girlfriend is Miss Universe.
    2011-10-13 19:54:48
    If you're saying 1.6 is Miss Universe than you're truly biased.

    We've been playing this game for 12 years so I can see how you would forget that the net code is awful or that most of the weapons in the game are useless or that I can defuse through walls or that the flashlight doesn't work (much less having a purpose) or that I can boost into the sky box or that it took user revised maps to get rid of flash bugs and ESEA client to prevent people from fucking with interp, rates and 16 bitting. Thats just off the top of my head. There are a ton of things wrong with 1.6, it is far from a perfect game.

    Just because we've put up with a lot of shit and adapted in this game it doesn't mean its Miss Universe.

    If your argument is that 1.6 feels good and CS:GO doesn't then all I have to say is that remains to be seen and evidence from people who have played the game suggests otherwise. Torbull himself said CS:GO doesn't feel like 1.6 and it doesn't feel like CS:S but he likes it and its very different.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 20:08:34
    2011-10-13 20:01:34
    Yeah, just like Miss Universe isn't perfect either, Einstein. She's just prettier than the competition, much like 1.6 is 'prettier' (though generally better would better work in this situation) than anyone else who entered.
    2011-10-14 14:14:41
    Cs 1.6 is just PERFECT for me and i suppose for for all cs1.6 fans. If u want to play a realistic game with better graphic and more weapons go and play COD.

    "that the net code is awful or that most of the weapons in the game are useless or that I can defuse through walls or that the flashlight doesn't work (much less having a purpose) or that I can boost into the sky box or that it took user revised maps to get rid of flash bugs and ESEA client to prevent people from fucking with interp, rates and 16 bitting."

    That's what makes Cs1.6 so SPECIAL!
    2011-10-15 11:11:27
    i'm gonna go ahead and agree with this guy because 1.6 is dying. and please stop comparing video games to sports. cs teams and events live on sponsors... and there is no fuckin point in sponsoring a 1.6 team in this day and age, lets be real lol.
    2011-10-14 02:37:37
    Valve really stabbed me in the back by showing these Modern crappy FPS trailers
    2011-10-13 20:09:51
    who cares about grafic? who fucking cares about new weapons... who fucking cares about to make "more tactic game"... come on men, just follow the line of 1.6 , fix the fucking bugs and pLAY this crazy game. Is tooooo easy... if I compare this stupid,shity,sucks and dumbass game I prefer promod and the sequels of cod... who made this "game"? what a stupid man...

    Edit: And the USP is the best weapon (for me ofc) in this game... hahah gtfo with ur new "real liFe" weapons V4LV3.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 20:17:06
    2011-10-13 20:14:59
    Well, I'm not worried yet, this it's not CS 2 :)

    PS. Removing the USP sounds like a really bad ideia, its one of the best pistols of the game.

    Post edited 2011-10-13 20:18:37
    2011-10-13 20:17:46
    the p2000 is essentially an updated usp. look it up
    2011-10-14 02:45:20
    I guess they're pretty similar, but they won't be the same thing anyways.
    2011-10-14 20:51:01
    Wtf is this shit ?
    2011-10-13 20:45:30
    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO AND NO ! you can't change the CS is like changing the way we feed ourselves!!!!!! i don't want to play some fancy graphic COD4 ! i wanna play some real counter strike the old one ! where you can see the pixels from the wall ! i want crappy graphic but great gameplay with old weapons ! OLD IS GOLD. Thank you and have a nice day !
    2011-10-13 21:56:49
    When will be this showmatch?

    Post edited 2011-10-14 00:27:54
    2011-10-14 00:27:46
    flashes are similar to 1.6

    The only point that i like, but i will probobly still buy it and give it a try.
    2011-10-14 01:11:28
    2011-10-14 01:38:46
    every new video released the game looks worse and worse and worse...
    2011-10-14 02:26:44
    modified source engine , look at that walking bots like chickens!
    2011-10-14 11:39:14
    this is for consoles too after all so cod style of play is not suprising, i wont play this anyway
    2011-10-14 12:58:16
    LOL Counterstrike was always much cooler than CoD.

    2011-10-14 15:33:26
    Cross-platform play ? OMG kicking some console nerd asses would be a pleasure definately.
    2011-10-14 16:33:02
    life is 1, but cs is 1.6 xDD
    2011-10-16 01:52:51
    Looking forward to the cross-platform play.

    But they need to work on the sounds!
    2011-10-16 02:01:29
    can any one tell me whats the fps this game gives?
    graphics looks nice
    i hope it gives decent fps during online play on a decent card
    2011-10-16 09:55:46
    nice ;p
    2011-10-16 12:32:17
    preatty source like, developpers didnt learn on their mistakes, but ima buy the game because of the rankings
    2011-10-16 16:34:48
    what about double-ducking and BH? will they still possible to do in CSGO?
    2011-10-16 16:51:22
    no double duck

    Post edited 2011-10-24 02:30:34
    2011-10-24 02:30:20
    bad :(
    2011-10-24 10:21:17
    there will be chickens on cs_italy(!)
    2013-09-18 14:52:23

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