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SK defeat Na´Vi to win ESWC 2011
Time: 2011-10-24 18:35
Event: ESWC 2011
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6

SK Gaming have won their first ESWC title by defeating Natus Vincere in the final 22-19 on de_inferno and 16-3 on de_dust2.

In the Grand Final of ESWC 2011 we had a chance to see a repeat from last year as Natus Vincere and SK Gaming crossed paths again. However, SK in the meantime brought three new players, which promised a different kind of match.

The first map was de_inferno and Natus Vincere seemed better prepared for the beginning as they took a 12-3 lead as Terorrists. However, SK won the pistol round that followed and went on a run of their own, taking 8 rounds straight before the Ukrainians were able to respond.

Na´Vi seemed to have been woken up by that, as they quickly climbed to match point at 15-11, but SK didn't give up and they managed to bring the match into overtime.

SK remained on the T-side for the start of the overtime and they finally went into the lead, which was increased to 17-15 when Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund won a 1vs3 situation. After that, Natus Vincere returned to the scoreboard and with the same score in the Ukrainians favor in the second half, the match went into second overtime.

Despite Natus Vincere going up first this time, SK won the next four rounds and thus the first map 22-19, leaving the Ukrainians to regret missing to capitalize on their match points earlier.

The second map was de_dust2 where SK completely outplayed the Ukrainians, particularly considering they started on the harder CT-side. The first half went to the Swedes' favor 12-3 and it was just a matter of time before they clinch the 16th round and secure the title, which they did with a flawless second half, for the final score 16-3.

ESWC 2011 final standings

1. SK Gaming - $12,000
2. Natus Vincere - $6,000
3. mousesports - $4,000
4. AGAiN - $3,000
5-6. WinFakt - $2,000
5-6. Moscow Five - $2,000
7-8. Lions - $2,000
7-8. Alternate - $2,000

In the third place match, mousesports defeated AGAiN after a long 3-map battle, which leaves the Poles with the 4th place for the second year in a row, while prior to that they won the ESWC title in 2007 and 2008.

This is SK Gaming's first ESWC title ever, and it is a continuation of their quite successful 2011 so far, as they won DreamHack Summer and GameGune previously.

AMAZING! Congratulations SK! Great job!!!! =D
2011-10-24 18:36:32
Yeaah its amazing
Great match, and deserved for SK ;-)
2011-10-24 19:18:52
SK #1
2011-10-24 18:36:42
2011-10-24 18:36:42
2011-10-24 18:36:45
SK win ESWC 2011

the best f0rest for mvp
2011-10-24 18:36:50
no no GTR 4sure.
2011-10-24 18:38:15
nop , Robban is :))))
2011-10-24 18:41:42
imo, face should be... he is not a madfrager or smth.. but he is consistent and he isn't doing any stupid and risky things :)
2011-10-24 18:45:42
nvm Robban IGL still making top score's vs big teams and who said he is doing "stupid" or "risky" things? , face most of his actions are sitting one place, and catching them from behind :) (mine own opinion!) :))))))) you will see , robbabababababababababababababaN will be MVP :)))
2011-10-24 18:51:46
the point of the game is to win the round not to make 2 full back flips in the air and bang a head shot
2011-10-24 21:46:15
face is the best defensive player of all time imo
he can hold B on inferno alone
2011-10-24 18:55:20
great story :]]]]]]] epic fail .
2011-10-24 19:00:53
he just expressed his opinion, what is so bad about it?? don't be troll pls..
2011-10-24 19:48:56
He is actually right. He's the best b-holder for sure.
2011-10-24 21:58:25
2011-10-24 20:26:34
+1 best defensive player ever :)
2011-10-25 18:57:09
I liked Whimp, he was great defensive player.
2011-10-27 11:06:18
Robban is a good leader for sure , I think he will get it but I want f0rest :/
2011-10-24 18:49:56
+1 gtr > f0rest eswc 2011
2011-10-24 18:41:58
all SK member are mvp this match
2011-10-24 18:45:45
of course,gtr is fucking insane
2011-10-24 18:49:11
no no Karrigan 4sure :D
2011-10-25 04:50:01
f0rest was far from mvp
2011-10-24 18:43:00

roman mvp :D
2011-10-24 18:48:45
2011-10-24 20:29:20
Yes mvp for HE action :D
2011-10-24 19:46:20
nc sk s2
2011-10-24 18:36:51
2011-10-24 18:37:00
eSKej <3333
2011-10-24 18:37:09
Nice job SK)
SK Gaming ONE LOVE))))
2011-10-24 18:37:09
SK <3

2011-10-24 18:37:14
again :/
2011-10-24 18:37:16
gl next :)
2011-10-24 18:50:35
SK#1 <33
2011-10-24 18:37:18
top 6 teams all different flags O_O
2011-10-24 18:37:25
Electronic Sports World Cup....
2011-10-24 18:41:49
lol you say that as if it's common for a tournament to have these results.
2011-10-24 19:04:50
You could also put the German flag instead of the Finnish one on 5. place because there is no real fifth place. :P

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:57:01
2011-10-24 18:44:50
well they base it on who the team was eliminated against, the team to get eliminated by the winners gets 5th etc etc
2011-10-24 18:58:01
how many schoolboys there. omg
and from swe and from ukr
today win sk
last time navi
it's a game!
gg 2 both teams
and your's - 1. sk 2. navi etc - bullshit
sk navi fx - 3 best team in the world and everyone can win

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:37:58
2011-10-24 18:37:25
SK > Na`Vi

jk :P

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:39:07
2011-10-24 18:38:54
jay shri krishna :P
2011-10-24 18:49:38
2011-10-24 20:00:07
yes but last time, navi won a semi-final now SK won the title of World Championship :)
2011-10-24 18:41:26
sorry but sk>navi dude.
2011-10-24 18:42:02
2011-10-24 18:45:24
not sure if great troll or idiot.
2011-10-24 18:46:03
2011 = SK-gaming. let's go win WCG SK.
2011-10-24 18:59:51
if mTw is attending it then its too difficult for them :P
2011-10-24 20:03:16
lol what? without friss
without ave
without zonic?
yeah they will have "difficult" time
2011-10-24 23:33:30
+1 bro
2011-10-24 18:43:00
A quarter final at SEC is nowhere near a final at ESWC.
2011-10-24 18:45:11
2011-10-24 18:47:10
+ 1000000
2011-10-24 18:51:17
look at score dude
sk > nishee salo
2011-10-24 19:13:07
be more polite!
2011-10-24 19:37:13
good words!
no team cant win all the time! The same in all sports!
peace 2 all!
2011-10-24 19:35:15
ROBBABABABAM should be the MVP on the final and MVP OF TOURNAMENT GTR

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:38:41
2011-10-24 18:37:28
-SK won the biggest cup this year

-all team attended

-they won the final without nuke as everyone saying carrying them = The best team in the world

One word: Waddup now haters?

2011-10-24 18:37:29
no mtw
2011-10-24 18:38:15
mTw is weak atm, so they don't count.
2011-10-24 18:40:28
Zonic has retired or not ?
2011-10-24 18:52:10
I don't know
2011-10-24 18:56:27
Not yet. No official statement from Danny himself.
2011-10-24 19:34:54
SK beat mtw in new york so..
2011-10-24 18:41:50
So it doesn't mean they would beat them in Paris. For example, AGAiN beat Na`Vi at SEC but lost in Paris.
2011-10-24 18:43:39
ofc its easier to play in Paris for AGAiN!!!!1111!1!1!1one
2011-10-24 18:55:04
What are you talking about?
2011-10-24 19:04:51
about monkeys and bananas?
2011-10-24 20:08:44
2011-10-24 20:46:48
absolute dumbkent
2011-10-24 20:50:25
polish fanboys...
2011-10-24 18:59:45
yes but mtw is absolutely out of shape, mousesports would definitely beat them also i believe
2011-10-24 21:11:03
2011-10-25 17:08:15
Actually you are the one who is stupid here. There is a possibility that mTw would play better than Na`Vi or even better than SK. It doesn't matter if they've won all their matches or not. Thinks about it and do not call me a fanboy because you have no reasons to that.
2011-10-25 17:30:29
sorry dude but sk > mtw
2011-10-24 18:42:43
2011-10-24 18:38:23
true sk haters (like me) hate them even more right now :D

but they are good, this is correct.
2011-10-24 18:39:39
Low prizemoney?
2011-10-24 18:40:04
SK doesn't have haters.
2011-10-24 18:41:05

i hate this orga since they kicked get_right and tentpole didn't highfive him.
forest,get_right,face - love this guys
delpan - not so much
robban - meh.
but orga just embodiment of evil for me :)
2011-10-24 18:46:14
There are much SKfanboy hates ,cuz 90% of their fanboys are extremely stupid :/
2011-10-24 18:55:22
u are wrong, this stupidity is caused by the comments who we ever read like 'sk only win on nuke', 'sk no teamplay', and when they win there are lots of excuses, in this case 'no mtw' HAHAHAHA. Just look at #113, it makes mad to everybody who has a little bit of sense xD
2011-10-24 19:16:11
-SK won the biggest cup this year
WCG is bigger.
-all team attended
mTw didn't attend.
-they won the final without nuke as everyone saying carrying them = The best team in the world
Win final without nuke doesn't make them the best team in the world.

But yeah, they are very good, one of the bests.
2011-10-24 18:42:25
I just wanted to point out they can own on the others maps because, the retards are saying they only get wins with nuke :]
2011-10-24 18:45:34
I agree with you at this point, you are completely right.
2011-10-24 18:50:23
then, sk won eswc but isn't the best, right?
and when FX won the sec, they weren't the best, right?
2011-10-24 19:17:39
They were the best in these tournaments. If FX won SEC it means they were the best at SEC, if SK won ESWC it means they were the best at ESWC. What's so hard to understand? Win one tournament doesn't make anyone the best team of the history/world.
2011-10-24 20:45:09
but SK team of the year @ - 2011
2012-09-25 14:42:45
who cares mtw is shit
2011-10-24 18:45:43
not one of the bests but THE BEST
2011-10-24 18:46:37
"One of the bests" I bet when AGAIN win you are all over HLTV. "OMG OMG AGAIN BEST TEAM KURWA".

Face the truth
2011-10-24 18:48:11
Then you will lose all your money or whatever you'd bet. I've never said that AGAiN or FX or whatever is the best team all over the world. So save your stupid theory for yourself.

Btw. The truth is that at this level you can't choose the best team. One tournament X won against Y and the other tournament Y is over X. I'm not defending AGAiN because their game today was even worse than shit (except TaZ) but I say it after every tournament, translating for some people who thinks that winning a tournament makes you the best.
2011-10-24 18:56:53
Well YOU CAN, that's why we have so called rankings! Na'Vi were the number 1 team last year, eventhough they lost maps and games. SK are the best this year, not as dominant as Na'Vi but still with this ESWC win they are the team of 2012 for now! If Na'Vi or AGAiN win everything that's left this year they might say its a 50/50 year otherwise its SK's year and they're the best team no doubt!
2011-10-25 17:12:53
Firstly, it's 2011, not 2012. Secondly, I didn't said SK isn't the best team in 2011. You can't judge which team is the best in a year which doesn't end yet.
2011-10-25 17:28:12
Well, biggest so far this year since WCG hasn't been played.

All big teams except mTw. Has there been an event with 9+ of top10 this year?
2011-10-24 18:54:07
So it isn't the biggest tournament this year but the biggest tournament this year until today. It is a little difference, isn't it?

About your question. You are right, but could you show me in which part I was wrong? Did I said there was a bigger tournament or an event with 9+ top teams? I just said that mTw didn't attend, where I made a mistake?
2011-10-24 19:00:52
I doubt wcg will be bigger since every major and top team attended ESWC except mtw
2011-10-24 18:57:02
Time will tell.
2011-10-24 19:02:05
mouz won't be at wcg, fnatic neither will
2011-10-24 19:21:02
fnatic didn't even reach playoffs, no loss.
2011-10-24 20:46:23
polish fanboys...
2011-10-24 18:58:15
Why you called me fanboy? Explain, please.
2011-10-24 19:01:19
iem wc is bigger imo
2011-10-26 07:15:01
Did I said it isn't?
2011-10-26 13:43:15
yeah the haters got OWNED
2011-10-24 18:45:28
They have nothin to say ! =D
2011-10-24 18:53:27
Na`Vi got mad because they lost inferno on extra time, although SK showed nothing special, lame game to be honest.
2011-10-24 18:46:39
I think ure just a mad navi fan. Expected.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:09:13
2011-10-24 19:07:33
nah, you are trully a hater and a troll
2011-10-24 19:58:39
nice, but still I'm surprised with the great performance by mouz, really nice to see them back in the top teams
2011-10-24 18:37:33
2011-10-24 18:39:20
+1 <3
2011-10-24 18:39:51
2011-10-24 18:43:07
sorry M5 :(
2011-10-24 18:37:33
f0rest king
2011-10-24 18:37:35
gjj SK!!!!
2011-10-24 18:37:35
nice sk , na'vi <3
2011-10-24 18:37:35
GG SK ! (y)
2011-10-24 18:37:44
2011-10-24 18:37:54
2011-10-24 18:37:56
agreed! best map in a very long time
2011-10-24 18:39:48
Last time i saw such a intense map was WCG 2010 @ tuscan mTw vs Na´Vi. Damn!
2011-10-24 19:36:01
2011-10-24 18:37:56
2011-10-24 18:38:08
so sad(
but anyway gg Na'Vi and SK.
see ya at WCG)
2011-10-24 18:38:10
SK :)
2011-10-24 18:38:15
gg sk and navi, both of them played very good, and vp mouz, they will do some damage with this lu

imo mvp should be karrigan, he just played like a monster
2011-10-24 18:38:15
O yeah SK..!!
<3 \m/
2011-10-24 18:38:16
congratulations !
2011-10-24 18:38:16
easy 4 SK
2011-10-24 18:38:21
Congo SK :D <3
2011-10-24 18:38:45
2011-10-24 18:38:48
NICE SK ... f0restKING <3
2011-10-24 18:38:52
Legend Mouz coming !! GG Mouz and SK
2011-10-24 18:38:54
gz SK :D
2011-10-24 18:38:59
the best team of the world.
2011-10-24 18:39:01
Best team in the world, aim beats teamplay guys cy@
2011-10-24 18:39:02
Inferno was epic and dust2 was rape
gg SK
2011-10-24 18:39:03
mouz is back !
2011-10-24 18:39:12
sk easy

f0rest owno


f0rest mvp
2011-10-24 18:39:12
f0rest the best !!!
2011-10-24 18:39:15
SK is the best team in the world at the moment, period.
2011-10-24 18:39:17
SK <3 number 1 :P
2011-10-24 18:39:27
2011-10-24 18:39:32
ESWC 2010 36k for first place 18k for second
ESWC 2011 12k for first place 6k for second
feel the difference

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:40:14
2011-10-24 18:39:35
yeap it's kinda sucks
cs is dying aswell
2011-10-24 18:41:04
i don´t think so

x example only game has female section is cs

i prefer remove female section and all price toghether
2011-10-24 18:55:26
u should be kinda scared if hellrose is reading ur post...
2011-10-24 19:40:12
The prestige of winning it is still there, and 90% of the top teams attended.
2011-10-24 18:42:48
2011-10-24 18:45:25
But too low motivation for training more time.
2011-10-24 18:46:39
Well, that goes for every team then. Furthermore, I doubt teams practised less this year for ESWC than last year. If they did, it was because of the tight schedule with IEM New York last week(SK and WinFakt).
2011-10-24 18:49:41
that means navi's 2010 record of total money won will never be beaten
2011-10-24 18:43:02
Thats actually kinda sad
2011-10-24 18:44:52
Do you get money by winning world cup in fotball?

The honor is greater than the money, sk gets salary anyways.

And i doubt ESWC will pay out the money anyways... :D

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:56:58
2011-10-24 18:55:43
you get a shit ton of money in bonus for winning WC in football :)
2011-10-24 19:12:08
But the money doesnt change anything.

These type of tournaments is about represnting your country and there is much prestige in it even tough the prize money is low.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:24:08
2011-10-24 19:23:51
Prestige? You can leave your life and play CS 1 month, just for prestige?
Money changes all.
2011-10-24 21:58:29
and thats US dollars thats like 8.5k euros. indeed sad
2011-10-24 18:57:13
Where are those who said they would win navi? sk the best team
2011-10-24 18:39:59
GG sk, n1 :D
2011-10-24 18:40:08
SK to victory! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-24 18:40:22
GJ SK, hope you keep it up :D
2011-10-24 18:40:37
taz mvp
aslak good job
2011-10-24 18:40:42
congrats SK!
2011-10-24 18:41:01
Any1 got a recorded demo of the 2nd map?
2011-10-24 18:41:09
only 12k?for real?lol
2011-10-24 18:41:10
there was 16~17k until hltv started to lag
2011-10-24 18:43:31
he`s talking about prizemoney =D
2011-10-24 18:45:51
hehe fail :)
2011-10-24 22:19:52
:D oh, you
2011-10-24 18:48:09
GG SK ,best team in the world :D
2011-10-24 18:41:11
i thot 33k was the first price.... facepalm for me
2011-10-24 18:41:18
good job SK :) mouz well played too

Don't Stop Believin'
2011-10-24 18:41:23
N1 game by Sk in this ESWC..!!
SK lost just 1 map(@ mousz=nuke) in this whole tournament..!!
GG SK!! :)
2011-10-24 18:41:26
gj fnatic
2011-10-24 18:41:35
gg SK
2011-10-24 18:41:38
Robban MVP
2011-10-24 18:41:40
Nice to see all SK players fragging equaly even Robban. Hes a really hardshooting Igl
2011-10-24 18:41:52
Good Game SK, amazing T side on inferno.
2011-10-24 18:41:58
f0rest finally won ESWC,but 12k for 1st place make me sad
2011-10-24 18:41:59
You will get nothing from that prize money anyways , so there is no reason not to like it!
2011-10-24 18:52:46
i'm sad for them
2011-10-24 19:02:43
TaZ MVP ;)
2011-10-24 18:42:05
taz played insane in this tournament but mvp should be from wining team and its forest i think if again win eswc than surely its taz.
2011-10-24 18:54:10
2011-10-24 18:42:07
gratz SK!
2011-10-24 18:42:10
well played SK.

Props to mousesports for their third place, well deserved and I think unexpected all things considered!
2011-10-24 18:42:19
really low prize money :(
2011-10-24 18:42:20

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:42:53
2011-10-24 18:42:22
2011-10-24 18:42:30
f0rest da king ! *____*

2011-10-24 18:42:50
gg sk

honorable mention to great MOUSESPORTS! only sk can stop theirs on this tournament.
2011-10-24 18:42:58
congratz SK Gaming
2011-10-24 18:43:01
There is no "5./6./7." etc , it's just "5.-8." .. :P
2011-10-24 18:43:01
AGAiN And NaVi beated SK in SEC 2k11 so what ? =D
2011-10-24 18:43:06
again did not
2011-10-24 19:36:54
2011-10-24 18:43:08
insane performance by gtr.

RobbaN was amazing too, and f0rest had some great moments :)
2011-10-24 18:43:13
The funny thing is that when SK is losing their fanboys are like "Fuck SK, i love "X" team" and when are they wining fanboys are like "OMG, SK NUMBAH 1 IN THE WORLD" blablabla..

Anyway, well played and finally Delpan showed up some good kills
2011-10-24 18:43:16
cool story bro
2011-10-24 18:44:31
2011-10-24 18:47:04
Let me tell you how it is.

SK is recieving so much shit from people, so when they are winning its fun to "become a fan" just to own these haters:)

2011-10-24 19:06:09
gg SK
2011-10-24 18:43:24
2011-10-24 18:54:50
2011-10-24 19:22:03
2011-10-24 18:43:26
2011-10-24 18:43:34
Amazing stuff! GG WP
2011-10-24 18:43:35
I'm happy for SK and specially for f0rest
They deserve it ! they played hard
SK =)

Nice try Na`Vi
2011-10-24 18:43:38
2011-10-24 18:43:41
only $12,000 for first place

AGAiN gain $15,000 at SEC =D
2011-10-24 18:44:18
and SK gain $16,000 at IEM in NY
2011-10-24 18:45:10
yep, IEM is still great tournament, ESWC this year sucks, WCG also will be lower prizes
2011-10-24 18:46:39
sucks cuz it had less money? From a spectator's pov at least it was the best tournament of the year so far..
2011-10-24 20:07:44
AGAiN just lost 2 times, one against NaVi and the other against mouz ;)
2011-10-24 18:46:28
polish fanboys...
2011-10-24 19:00:06
brazil fanb.... oh wait, theres no any brazil team
2011-10-24 19:34:42
brazil sucks @ 1.6
2011-10-24 21:48:45
NICE SK! navi sucks :p
2011-10-24 18:44:30
Yeah SK <3
2011-10-24 18:44:32
where navi fanboys ?
2011-10-24 18:44:57
I am here ;)
2011-10-24 18:45:18
ok then, tell us the excuse for today, as u can see there was no de_nuke.
2011-10-24 18:46:32
for what I must do this?stop trolling and just be happy cauze of this victory ~_~
2011-10-24 19:33:42
N111111111111111111111111111111 SK GGGG :)
2011-10-24 18:45:02
MVP must be player from SK!
2011-10-24 18:45:05
oh rly ?
2011-10-24 18:46:40
no it was joke o_O
2011-10-24 19:34:02
i think markeloff is the MVP ... OR NOT ?
2011-10-24 19:50:51
and why do you ask me?don't you care my opinion?I don't care about your and wish you the same feelings!bye
2011-10-24 20:38:42
at least i don't write stupid comments like "MVP must be player from SK" ... because it is sure that it will be ...
2011-10-24 20:52:39
are u blind or what?I don't want to be captain Obvious, I wrote "MVP must be player from SK" cauze of people which wrote ''karrigan mvp'' or ''taz 4sure'' or smth like that!Read the other posts and then blame me! ~_~
2011-10-24 21:04:27
Raelly good job~~~~~~~~~~~it's totally worth to watch this match this late. By the way, it 00:42 in Beijing time, I must go sleep~~~~~~~~~~LOL
2011-10-24 18:45:06
CG to all SK !!!
gr8 job <3
2011-10-24 18:45:08
2011-10-24 18:45:22
2011-10-24 18:45:25
sk proved they are the best team since adding delpan.
2011-10-24 18:45:34
Not really, no.
2011-10-24 19:03:50
yes really,yes
They won four tournaments,placed second on estars
whats ur problem.1. :D
2011-10-24 19:05:01
major tournaments?
2011-10-24 22:46:27
dh eswc gamegune ? goodgame
2011-10-24 22:49:08
3 oO
2011-10-25 23:14:56
there were 3 since the begining of summer? goodgame
2011-10-25 23:58:36
2011-10-26 03:23:53
retarded fanboy :D
2011-10-26 04:11:52
oh yeah ?

with Delpan in the team:

1st @ IOL FINAL4 (11,000€ worth of hardware)
1st @ WCG Sweden
1st @ DreamHack Summer (6,715€ + hardware)
1st @ ICSC 8 ($5,000)
1st @ GameGune (12,000€)
2nd @ e-Stars Seoul 2011 ($11,000)
1st @ IEM6 GC New York ($16,000)
1st @ ESWC 2011 ($12,000)
2011-10-24 19:11:08
If there was 2007 or 2008, they would have had nearly 200.000 US (I remember ESWC 2007 1st place is 50.000 USD ).
2011-10-24 19:31:22
Navi , AGAiN and SK are on the same level.
2011-10-24 19:32:50
nice :P
well done sk :D
2011-10-24 18:45:38
Great play from SK. Robban's tactics on dd2 was flawless. And that 1v3 on inferno from Get_Right was really important as well.

GG, well played SK! :)
2011-10-24 18:45:38
no nuke no win?

2011-10-24 18:45:47


GTR the best
Forp daKing
delpan awpmazing
face in face of enemies
robban the capitain!!


Congratulations for NaVi,
2011-10-24 18:46:47
f0rest-dA-king !!

<3 SK Gaming!
2011-10-24 18:47:10
SK <3
2011-10-24 18:47:24
the prize money is so low. but i guess its the honor that counts. and national anthem!
2011-10-24 18:47:25
Sad :(
Na`Vi gj
Sk gratz
2011-10-24 18:48:36
gj NaVi=)
2011-10-24 18:48:51
SK 4ewer :)
2011-10-24 18:49:23
Where are those fanboys of Na'Vi who say than markeloff is better than Delpan, WHERE ?

Delpan just rape markeloff on dust_2 16 - 3 HAHAHAHA

2011-10-24 18:49:57
sad for winfakt.. hope they'll grab something in the future tournaments
2011-10-24 18:50:11
eswc 2012 cannot compare to eswc in past years... :)
2011-10-24 18:50:48
fnatic is not even on the list....
sad not even a top 8 finish

fnatic team is rly fucked up....and they are not even attending WCG!!!!

so bye bye fnatic!!!
2011-10-24 18:50:57
2011-10-24 18:51:09
sick ct side from sk specialy forest
2011-10-24 18:51:14
sk are really nice!

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:51:49
2011-10-24 18:51:36
Is there a vod of the final? I missed it!!!
2011-10-24 18:51:51
There is Vods everywhere, it's on HLTV.org, and even on Greatfrags website, where they record the Stream and the HLTVs.
2011-10-24 19:00:04
2011-10-24 18:52:01
f0rest-dA-king !!
2011-10-24 18:52:03
gg nice comeback nice final nice sk, gj navi
2011-10-24 18:52:44
2011-10-24 18:52:52
16:3 ooooouchhhh
2011-10-24 18:53:05
GJ SK amazing play dust2 !

AGAiN :( go news team go mTw recruit Neo TaZ ... !!!!!!
2011-10-24 18:53:09
2011-10-24 18:54:13
mTw>again so no sorry
2011-10-24 19:04:10
mTw > AGAiN LOL !
2011-10-24 19:07:04
2011-10-24 19:07:38
gg sk , im not seein any POLISH fanboys around sayin 1# fx(again)

Post edited 2011-10-24 18:55:03
2011-10-24 18:53:16
gtr mvp for that inferno and d2 pistol clutch.
delpan mvp for taming markeloff on d2
2011-10-24 18:53:25
SKSK get in
2011-10-24 18:53:40
well the game could've went either way. The long battle on inferno pretty much decided who was going to win. I think the team that won the map crushed the other team mentally, and this time it was SK. And make it even more of a spine breaker, SK made a huge comeback that made them to win the map. I'm pretty sure that after T site Na'Vi was almost certain that they were going to take it down.

So all the bullshit easy for SK, easily the best team in the world is just crap. Yes i think they are the best team in the world but there was a key factor for this match and it was the battle of inferno
2011-10-24 18:54:01
GG SK :))
2011-10-24 18:54:03
Only on nuke inferno d2 and mirage!
2011-10-24 18:54:15
Haha and so? Youre supposed to be good on all maps and thats the majority of them ;)
2011-10-24 18:55:37
2011-10-24 19:04:36
SK = Top1 in the world!
2011-10-24 18:54:24
SK Rullz!!! <3 GTR.
2011-10-24 18:54:31
This event was really lovely and I'm amazed from how good mousesports are, really loved their game, especially karrigaN's with AWP.

Well done SK, and gg.
2011-10-24 18:55:05
ye karrigan was amazing with awp
2011-10-24 18:57:08
Yeah. The schedule was spot on as well :)
2011-10-24 19:00:12
Get right played too much better than f0rest whole tournament...
2011-10-24 18:55:13
Waiting movies/youtube showing the final round of map inferno in the lan, link to me pls!
2011-10-24 18:55:24
This is for you > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O_BV3mZclw
2011-10-24 19:09:19
where`s face`s beard O_O' lol
2011-10-24 19:16:09
i will watch in home, thx dude!
2011-10-24 19:17:05
prize ceremony > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py04EjtpsF0&fea..

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:18:56
2011-10-24 19:18:32
sk <3
2011-10-24 18:55:32
best first map i've seen in ages
2011-10-24 18:55:32
cs alive ! dam lost beat's ;P
2011-10-24 18:56:04
<3 Sk gg...
2011-10-24 18:56:09
the most kills?
2011-10-24 18:56:18
2011-10-24 18:56:48
no nuke ?

i see that right ?
2011-10-24 18:57:15
best final world,GG :) !
2011-10-24 18:57:16
this year


and others.
2011-10-24 18:57:30
Na'Vi won IEM 5 and beat AGAiN at ESWC and still they are behind them?
2011-10-24 20:43:36
true navi is nr 2 imo
2011-10-24 21:38:14
It doesn't matter if AGAiN win more this year, better places
2011-10-24 22:33:19
ok I don't want to discuss this but in my opinion AGAin and Na'Vi have equal results cauze AGAiN in WC events played worst than Na'Vi,they were beaten by Na'Vi
2011-10-25 07:12:19
hmmm ... AGAIN won the prestigious e-stars soul 2011 and Navi lost with AGAIN in final SEC 2011

You see ranking HLTV ? :)

Post edited 2011-10-25 16:40:44
2011-10-25 16:38:45
yea but AGAiN lost to Na'Vi at IEM 5(which Na'Vi won) and ICSC 7(wich Na'Vi also won)
and I didn't see HLTV's ranking
2011-10-25 22:40:44
hmmmm SK > AGAIN = NaVi > rest world :)

rank teams:
2011-10-26 12:41:12
2011-10-24 18:58:05
gg sk :DD
2011-10-24 18:58:24
2011-10-24 18:58:29
cs alive ! dam lost beat's ;P HAHAHA SK 1 ? FX LAST 3 TR 2 WIn 3 - 4 :d pf
2011-10-24 18:58:48
Feels abit sad that the females got so much prizemoney...should have been more in the REAL tournament...but life isnt fair.
2011-10-24 18:59:26
Same thoughts here, they get same amount of money as the real top players even though no one cares about their boring lowlvl matches. It's a shame really.
2011-10-24 20:04:47
16-3 on dd2 OMG. I thought that Na'Vi will play batter on it, but score only 3 rounds? I can't believe. Of course, it's 'couse the very good play from SK, but I expect more from Na'Vi.
2011-10-24 18:59:41
mouz with cyx would have won :(!
2011-10-24 19:00:24
No because the maps was in SK favour ... mirage and d2 are the favorite sk maps .
2011-10-24 19:02:07
Mouz've gotta be happy with that result. Really good tournament for them. I was expecting more from WinFakt though. I hope Na'Vi bounces back too. GG SK and great entertainment @ ESWC!
2011-10-24 19:00:51
Just as much prize money as Gamegune and Dreamhack. And people say ESWC is bigger, rofl. Maybe back in the days, but not now
2011-10-24 19:00:54
A tournament is only big for polish guys when AGaIN win it....2WCG 2ESWC...even if it hasnt been the biggest events the years when AGAiN have won them...it have been "prestige"...but now you ROFL at it :P...cool.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:10:25
2011-10-24 19:09:50
well it has always been poles saying ESWC is sooo big and all.

But when they are not winning it, its not?

So you are saying football WC is not that big because there is no money inolved?

nice logic
2011-10-24 19:21:13
You cant compare football to the CS scene...you just cant :P.
2011-10-24 19:23:05
im not comparing the sports, im comparing how prestige and honor is the same without having alot of pricemoney.

I mean, ESWC probably havent even payed navi yet so what does it mater how much you win.

its all about representing your country, sponsors and team in these type of tournaments.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:27:46
2011-10-24 19:26:05
hes not polish
2011-10-24 21:26:14
everyone will vote NEO for mvp doesn't matter how he play or AGAiN as a team because of the polish fans bb
2011-10-24 19:01:24
I dont think so...GTR will be MVP he was just outstanding this whole tournament.
2011-10-24 19:02:52
bullshit... neo shouldn't even be in the mvp poll... taz>neo at this event
2011-10-24 19:05:05
yeah TaZ was fucking sick
2011-10-24 19:09:56
Yep, taz has been on fire since SEC. He took some of the most crucial kills.
2011-10-24 19:41:34
Now SK nr1 in world atm :) and will be prolly by the end of the year. The only thing that can change it is if AGAiN wins WCG then i dno lol.
2011-10-24 19:01:27
gg SK! and Navi!
the first map may become the best game of this year!
2011-10-24 19:02:02
good game SK and NaVi
MVP karrigan 100 % ! :D
2011-10-24 19:04:01
sad for navi :(
2011-10-24 19:04:35
gj SK and mouz!

I hope SK will win WCG as well. NaVi won't attend WCG, so SK has good chances :)
2011-10-24 19:05:12
GG SK <3 <3
2011-10-24 19:05:21
I got the shot
2011-10-24 19:06:03
wat? lolool
2011-10-24 19:07:55
<3 sk
f0rest or GeT_RiGhT MVP!
2011-10-24 19:06:05
Na`Vi uniform the best anyway... =DDD
2011-10-24 19:07:12
easy gg SK!!! King of ESWC!
2011-10-24 19:07:46
doubt that Inferno was easy..
2011-10-24 19:12:38
Its not about hate on sk. Its about hate on it's fanboys who spoke "FUCK SK! YOU LOSING , BLA BLA BLA, NOT MY FAV TEAM ANYMORE" Them shows up when they win and hide when they lose.

There's no best team ATM. That was proven with the recent ups and downs from Na`Vi, Sk and AGAiN. 3 teams are great. Anything can happen. GJ SK for the winning, well played, well deserved. GJ Na`Vi, GJ mous and GJ AGAiN. Looks like scene is getting hot.
2011-10-24 19:08:29
Let me tell you how it is.

SK is recieving so much shit from people, so when they are winning its fun to "become a fan" just to own these haters:)

2011-10-24 19:12:38
both make me laugh. I just don't like delpan being so arrogant... The rest is okay to me. I know how it is... You are one of these annoying guys who tells are not sk fanboy on threads , but I know you are :P as I'm a AGAiN fanboy, but not mad and irational as the most are :P

2011-10-24 19:26:54
im more a fnatic "fanboy" :p
2011-10-24 19:28:34
why everyone saying that Delpan trolling or being arrogant is there some video or what explain pls :D
2011-10-24 23:09:23
just keep around and see him posting, or the stuff about "100hz monitor herp derp" and "We are just better". That's why people hate him o.o
2011-10-25 23:16:36
SK are the best team...they have been the best team in the world since they got their new line-up....and have been the most consistent team...you cant deny that...they havent been unbeatable, but still they have been the best.
2011-10-24 19:14:29
They are in great shape, I agree.
2011-10-24 19:29:12
In my opinion AGAiN and Navi are as consistent as SK. This year the scene is onfire as there isnt a top #1 team atm
2011-10-24 19:36:59
Well ok if thats your opinion..but maby you will wake up soon :) cause SK have been the best since they got this line up :) AGAiN and Navi hasnt been as consistent.
2011-10-24 19:41:58
its your deluded opinion, face the facts SK is the team of 2011 by a mile for now and if AGAiN don't win everything that's left this year it's gonna stay that way... blinkered glasses off plx
2011-10-26 12:08:54
Lets talk about some "big" tornments this year , SK won Dreamhack and ESWC , NAVI won IEM , AGAiN won SEC. Im sure this year 1.6 scene wont be like 2009 (fnatic year) or 2010 (NAVI year) it will be very balanced so dont talk like SK is top1 because top1 isnt dicided yet
2011-10-26 14:48:59
NaVi noooooobs!!!!! SK forever the best!!!
2011-10-24 19:08:37
They're one of the best team ever... So noob is you.
2011-10-24 19:12:14
I knew that mouz will have a word in this tournament!
2011-10-24 19:09:30
2011-10-24 19:10:33
[off] f0rest fail granede > de_inferno

:p haha

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:11:38
2011-10-24 19:11:17
SK is really best team atm, no doubt, gj
2011-10-24 19:11:58
Expected victory, SK #1 world
2011-10-24 19:12:54
mTw: trace, karrigan, minet, ave(if stay), zonic(if stay) (aracdion fris if ave zonic away)

SK + mTw rule world!

but SK rule world! :)

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:18:27
2011-10-24 19:17:47
I really miss mtw :(
2011-10-24 19:13:38
#1 SK-Gaming
#2 Na`Vi
#3 FX
2011-10-24 19:13:47

#1 SK
#3 mouz
2011-10-24 19:15:26
GG SKgaming!
2011-10-24 19:13:53
Delpan and face are 2 monsters on dust2
2011-10-24 19:14:30
delpan is weakest player in history... :/ he is noob really.
2011-10-24 19:14:58
noob, i agree but weakest??XDDD
2011-10-24 19:17:44

Delpan raping markeloff on dust_2

Delpan with awp = unstopable
2011-10-24 19:58:54
and the winners are SK Gaming!!! <3
2011-10-24 19:14:41
That inferno was insane, the best of the year
2011-10-24 19:14:44
2010 - Navi
2011 - SK
2012 - Maybe AGAiN ?
2011-10-24 19:14:56
2012 for fnatic 200% with this lineup
just troll
2011-10-24 19:16:43
Sweet Dreams
2011-10-24 19:19:21
SK Gaming - $12,000
2. Natus Vincere - $6,000
3. mousesports - $4,000
4. AGAiN - $3,000
5. WinFakt - $2,000
6. Moscow Five - $2,000
7. Lions - $2,000
8. Alternate - $2,000

2011-10-24 19:16:45
2012 mouz :)
2011-10-24 19:24:51
their playing was pretty good but they want to much training thats my opinion...........
i liked their playing but for exp SK and navi are much better and they re in high level soo woo :))))
2011-10-24 19:30:03
NaVi much better than Mouz? Gtfo
2011-10-25 00:31:19
2011-10-27 10:39:44
sk nice game
but sad for fnatic hope fnatic play better next tourney.
2011-10-24 19:15:54
ebalniki troli! NA VI the best! ja s nimi do konca? 6 k toge ne beda
2011-10-24 19:16:27
SK best team in the world
2011-10-24 19:16:47
Sk back on top
2011-10-24 19:19:52
really good tournament by mousesports really awesome
2011-10-24 19:21:03
sad for again
2011-10-24 19:21:51
SK nice)
2011-10-24 19:22:04
GG SK :) :)
2011-10-24 19:22:24
navi best team? they won 1 tournament in this year, of course Sk is the best, then come Again

CS was born in Sweden
2011-10-24 19:22:48
Na'Vi is very strong team, and they not just team really, they are family just like FX they really care about each other and that's just great. I'd say they the only team together with SK who might win WCG 2011.
2011-10-24 19:26:54
2011-10-24 19:22:56
gg the best team now
2011-10-24 19:23:42
if GT doesn't get MVP of this tournament, something is seriously wrong.
2011-10-24 19:26:39
GeT_RiGhT to NaVi's boys: "I'm aimin' right at you" like eminem
2011-10-24 19:27:03
2011-10-24 19:27:07
deserved nothing more to say
i'm surprised how good mouse play they almost beat sk and win over again just wow

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:28:12
2011-10-24 19:27:41
SK Pidarasu melkie

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:34:23
2011-10-24 19:28:23
2011-10-24 19:28:50
gg mouz
2011-10-24 19:29:13
SK danne is the king :D
2011-10-24 19:29:29
Only the GreatFrag VODs:

de_inferno - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246618

de_dust2 - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246668
2011-10-25 00:33:18
Well played SK and Na'Vi. Thanks for the game, although I gotta say. If mouz drew Na'Vi or AGAiN In the quarter final I think we would of seen them on the top.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:31:02
2011-10-24 19:30:07
Pov demo or demo?
2011-10-24 19:31:58
GG SK ! <3
2011-10-24 19:32:12
noone kan stop face his playing is fuggin-mazing
2011-10-24 19:33:29
And who vote for karrigan as most kills?
2011-10-24 19:34:11
OOoohh yeah fcking lost my bag at Porte de Versailles !!
2011-10-24 19:34:14

next tournament wins another team:

every time =)

now no one of the strongest teams, it all depends on the level of preparation for the tournament.

2011-10-24 19:34:58
Sk won thats gr8 thing.... But one thing i want to say that (no offence on anyone ) Sk gaming bought worlds best assaulter , world's one of best magger player name delpan... They didnt maked there own clan.....

where rest of clans came with there clan's
2011-10-24 19:36:23
What are you talking about? Every player at this event has been on multiple teams. the players of SK are no different.

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:51:01
2011-10-24 19:50:48

They didn't bought them from any other country, don't they? All are from sweden.

I'll be glad if any org. here in India do the same thing.
2011-10-24 20:20:36
Yeah they bought them from sweden only ... but dude remember that in 2009 also fnatic maked there own team .. They had forest and get_right .. whereas forest was gr8 player at that time and get_right has just started his game ...after that in 2010 when get_right become gr8 player sk gaming bought him ..... and for f0rest i would say he was 1 of the best at year of 2010... Delpan i would say he was one of the best magger at 2010 after markeloff....
2011-10-25 05:33:07
Mate, its the player wish to join whatsoever org. he wants to join. f0rest said that he took a wise decision by joining SK coz he was loosing interest in CS while being in fnatic. Same with GTR..

As i said, i'll be glad if this kind of thing happen here in India.
2011-10-25 09:46:09
No, the other clan should be ready to BUY the player and pay the contract fee, in case the player is still in contract, to the other organization. So actually it is players wish + the other organizations wish combined.
2011-10-25 23:23:08

Contract ? =)

Dude do you seriously think they sign a contract before joining Ate/FTW/NSD or w/e org?

Agree with Player's wish but that contract part is pure bullshit here in india =]
2011-10-26 06:02:53
Who the hell is talking bout shitty Indian Gaming Scene here?
2011-10-26 06:53:37
As i said, i'll be glad if this kind of thing happen here in India. #637

I was talking to him regarding Indian CS scene. UMAD?
2011-10-26 07:25:49
Mate, its the player wish to join whatsoever org. he wants to join. f0rest said that he took a wise decision by joining SK coz he was loosing interest in CS while being in fnatic. Same with GTR..

But there is no such transfer scene in India. And in the above line in #637 u are talking about transfer scenes of Sweden. Also the post just above #637 i.e #612 talks about transfer scenes of Sweden. So how are u taking about Indian CS scene just by saying something u WISH to happen in India which is just what u THINK and its not even a FACT?

No point left to argue?
GG. U failed again.
2011-10-26 18:03:25
need demos :D
2011-10-24 19:37:39
Only the GreatFrag'VODs:

de_inferno - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246618

de_dust2 - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246668
2011-10-25 00:32:56
wp SK, GTR MVP! Good to see mouz back on the podium :)
2011-10-24 19:37:59
++++, gtr for mvp
2011-10-24 19:50:55
was this really forest's first world champion title?
2011-10-24 19:42:04
he won huge amount of major tournaments with fnatic, dont know how many wcg or eswc titles his got though, prob 1 or 2
2011-10-24 19:57:34
took a peak but couldnt find any. Was just brought up in the winout stream so thats why im interested
2011-10-24 20:23:24
yeah he seems 2 win every gigantic-huge-big-small tournament except eswc and wcg every year
2011-10-24 23:31:00
true he has never won wcg...final in 2009, and this is his first escw
2011-10-25 01:55:11
Please nix0n, i want the demo
2011-10-24 19:43:07
Good Game SK :)

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:45:19
2011-10-24 19:45:05
grats SK Gaming =))
2011-10-24 19:45:40
Congratulations to mouZ for this big return

Post edited 2011-10-24 19:49:00
2011-10-24 19:48:42
SCREAM NOW CEH9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-24 19:50:47
2011-10-24 19:51:01
SK is just too strong for the rest.
2011-10-24 19:51:24
2011-10-24 19:52:08
GG SK! gtr for mvp, no doubt.
2011-10-24 19:52:16
2011-10-24 19:53:24
sad but 2nd playce same nice
2011-10-24 19:54:21
f0rp <3
2011-10-24 19:56:06
SK Gaming

Rating 1.2
K/DRatio 1.36

RobbaN 1.1
Delpan 1.26
face 1.31
f0rest 1.51
GeT_RiGhT 1.66

Insane Skill
2011-10-24 19:56:40
you all argue so much, you are just fans and noone of you i'm sure never get's something like sk or navi ,again ,mousesports. SK - is the best? okay it's your point of view , but they must play with somebody on chempinoships. or they must just to came on event take their money and go home and other teams should siting home? rest of all if you personaly knows somebody from sk or some oher top team ask them when they win " easy math in final?" P.S. try not to right offensive coments about this teams , beacause some people likes to watch their games
2011-10-24 19:57:09
Congrats! SK ftw! Im just using mobile phone. Idk what did happened, but Mouz>AGAiN in this event??
2011-10-24 19:57:11
2011-10-24 19:57:44
DEMO please, fuck school!

SK till i die!
2011-10-24 19:59:03
SK <33333333333333333
2011-10-24 20:00:54
OMG SK winning ESWC but Na`Vi will be win WCG 2011 guys
2011-10-24 20:02:33
low pricemoney , WTF? :F
2011-10-24 20:03:14
GG 2 both teams, but said Natus Vincere lost their moral after loosing inferno(((
2011-10-24 20:03:26
12$? mibr in eswc 2006, 52$.
2011-10-24 20:03:28
Money split now between female and male. Not sure if that was the case back in 2006 thought. 2-8 place won 21000$ as well. Not sure about the money split between teams either back in 2006 ;)
2011-10-24 20:43:11
and how much did they really get? :P
2011-10-25 19:39:39
2011-10-24 20:03:50
It shouldn´t be called World Cup without Mandic from Brazil, MTW from denmark and others...Mandic have players who already won ESWC in the past...
2011-10-24 20:08:40
I think that mandic was not yet created when eswc sent out their invites...mtw rejected
2011-10-25 01:58:39
Well.. The big surprise for me isnt SK winning (nor would if Na'Vi had won it) but its entirely mousesports. I am so glad they are back on track since my favorite player of all time passed away i never thought they would be able to perform at this level without cyx but hey, he would be proud. Another note, get_right is the mvp two major tournaments in a row (yeah yeah nixon suck it :D), hes really stepping it up for SK
2011-10-24 20:09:18
And Karrigan fits perfectly in this line up, he is clearly doing his job.
2011-10-24 20:47:26
don't be hasty :) that was just one tournament for mouse, but im glad they show a real good performance and hope for them to continue even better:]
2011-10-24 20:49:34
Theyre definatly in the right way at least
2011-10-24 21:10:12
F SK navi made alot miss again made alot mis t fuck me beat :D
2011-10-24 20:10:22
omg so many stupid haters here! guys you need to understand that, it's a game, sometimes a team have more luck then other teams. FX / SK / NaVi are top 1, but in this event SK had more luck then NaVi and Fx / AGAIN. So stop saying SK the best etc. :)
2011-10-24 20:11:49
next is WCG and DH(w) big event
2011-10-24 20:13:32
1;AGBIn2:navi:3sk me opt
2011-10-24 20:13:33
1;AGAIn2:navi:3sk me opt
2011-10-24 20:13:54
awesome game guys SK > All
2011-10-24 20:14:34
1.SK/AGAiN 2.SK/AGAiN 3.Na`Vi
2011-10-24 20:16:13
Reacord of 2011 :D

Highest Spectators :D

2011-10-24 20:16:34
2011-10-24 20:16:59
1. SK
2. AGAiN
3. Na`Vi
4. mTw
5. WinFakt
6. fnatic
7. mousesports
8. Lions
9. Alternate
10. ESC

Something like that I'd say.
2011-10-24 20:17:04

2011-10-24 20:25:37
navi together with sk and again, meh. Not even close this year.
2011-10-24 22:04:58
WCG 2011 1.Na`Vi 2.Again 3.SK
2011-10-24 20:18:37
mouz > winfakt , fnatic
2011-10-24 20:21:41
sk deserve it, mostly robban ;)
2011-10-24 20:23:13
How can anybody put fnatic before mouz in the rankings?? They've won against AGAiN and lions and did a great job against SK aswell. Mouz is top5 for me atm with SK, AGAiN, Navi and maybe mTw( I dont know what will happen to them :-/ )
2011-10-24 20:24:24
2011-10-24 20:26:19
fnatic won IEM guangzou over mouz and thats why they are ranked above mousesports.

2011-10-24 20:31:25
but look what fnatic played like in ESWC. And now compare it to how mouz played. Imo they are so much better AT THE MOMENT ;)
Also mouz could have won against fnatic in groupstage... if it was semi-final or so mouz would have played better, they knew they would be trough after they won 9 rounds straight.
2011-10-24 20:47:11
If you dont win tournaments it doesnt matter how good you play.

Fnatic is above mouz static-wise.

simple as that.

Post edited 2011-10-24 21:09:09
2011-10-24 21:07:12
3rd place at ESWC is some archievement I guess.
They also have high chances of winning the EPS finals.

And in my opinion its not the number of tournaments you have won that makes you a good team, I think its just how good you play, simple as that.
2011-10-24 21:25:07
"And in my opinion its not the number of tournaments you have won that makes you a good team, I think its just how good you play"

rofl, if you dont win the tournament you obviously didnt play good enough.
2011-10-24 22:37:38
They lost only ONE game - against SK, the later champions. I didnt say they are top1 oder top2 in the world, but cant you see that they played like a top5 team?
2011-10-25 06:14:37
nah, more like a "top7 team"


Post edited 2011-10-25 18:17:10
2011-10-25 18:16:57
they were much better in this tournament, i dont think they are MUCH better overral, but yeah, i think mouz is better than fnatic atm :)
2011-10-24 21:12:57
calm down. it's just one tournament, they did a great job, but you can't judge anyone just by the result from one event. for now they are imo top5 to, but it can change very quickly if they don't play equal at the next events.
2011-10-24 20:46:10
atleast they showed us what the are able to do with preparation ;)
karrigan and roman played absolutely awsome.
2011-10-24 20:48:33
true... i'm only a little bit disapionted with karrigan on the last map vs SK. they missed almost everything and it was the missing "cell" :D
2011-10-24 20:53:31
yeah dust2 was pretty bad played, but honestly, SK played simply amazing.
but karrigan is a beast though, I want him to stay in mousesports!
btw gob b showed us once again that hes an genius igl!
2011-10-24 21:04:24
Levante > Barcelona and Real
2011-10-24 22:11:14
2011-10-24 20:27:53
Good job. SK gaming, in those fights your team was the best . Your team beat them all the teams . It's time for recompense.
2011-10-24 20:30:40
Hahahaha sk fan rulz a. hltw :D
2011-10-24 20:32:37
wcg for Na`Vi ept)
2011-10-24 20:35:53
2011-10-24 20:37:49
SK ATm 2~3
2011-10-24 20:39:17
i don't like SK, but i must say that they did a great job and they deserved the win in this tournament. gg :)
oh and why did again played in the semifinals vs NaVi and dont vs SK... i thougth the bracket was like:
A1 D2
B1 C2
C1 B2
D1 A2
there was a change, or i'm just wrong ?:)
2011-10-24 20:39:53
2011-10-24 20:43:25
Navi > Again > SK > Navi
2011-10-24 20:44:36
For a final I was hoping for a 2-1. the second map was not at the level of an eswc final. SK just out classed Na'Vi I feel sad for markeloff he deserve to play in the best team in the world.
2011-10-24 20:44:56
So happy for mouz and SK. Glad to see the guys from mouz getting to the top 3 at a major tourny again.... they had Cyx watching over them :] RIP
2011-10-24 20:48:18
mouz big surprise !!
2011-10-24 20:49:29
Best Team :) , congrats SK
2011-10-24 20:58:19
Gz SK, and a BIG Congratulations to lurppis for winning the dreamteam :)
2011-10-24 21:00:40
karrigan/gtr mvp

Post edited 2011-10-24 21:06:22
2011-10-24 21:06:11
2011-10-24 21:16:32
Nix0n we need demo of final.. =) gj SK!
2011-10-24 21:08:30
neo MVP
2011-10-24 21:31:07
mSx MVP for sure!
2011-10-24 21:38:54
poor prizes :)
2011-10-24 21:45:24
f0restwOw~ is mpv
GTR 2st
karrigan 3st
2011-10-24 21:46:34
demOOOOOO???? :(
2011-10-24 22:15:31
Only the GreatFrag VODs:

de_inferno - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246618

de_dust2 - http://www.own3d.tv/event/ESWC#/watch/246668
2011-10-25 00:31:59
top10 world:

1. SK
2. NaVi
3. AGAiN
4. mTw (if zonic + ave continue)
5. WinFakt
6. mousesports
7. fnatic
8. lions
9. ESC
10. alternate/dts

pretty clear that SK is now number one (in most maps + bo3).

NaVi is pretty close to them in some maps and AGain too.

mTw is at the moment total mystery.

hard to say is who is number 5: winfakt or mouz. winfakt have placed top3 in events before eswc and without having much time to train new tacs becouse of rush (and they lately beat AGAIN and almost beat navi in bo3 and owned american teams that had given troubles to SK and mTw) and in this event winfakt would probably beaten SK in de_inferno without losing some miraculous 2vs5. thats why so high rank for them

But in this event mouz was able to but fight against SK, but we didnt see them against other top teams so hard to say if it was just one time "miracle". Hopefully mouz keep doing good, their team play seems to be really strong and roman is like get_right/f0rest of german. they also beat AGAIN just like winfakt did earlier, so pretty hard to say which one is number 5. if zonic and ave retires, then those both teams are in top5.


fnatic is currently total disaster, lions isnt doing that good either and m5 havent been able to win important matches either. alternate have been one event miracle. DTS also disappointment when playing against european best teams
2011-10-24 22:21:04
m5 beat your 5 place and others bottom in face to face bo3 matches
2011-10-24 22:32:44
how can you rank winfakt over mousesports?

mouz > winfakt

and fnatic played bad @ ESWC, but it doesnt mean they are ranked under mouz and winfakt.

They have actually won IEM guangzou 3 weeks ago. So statistics-wise fnatic is above mouz and winfakt. :)

Post edited 2011-10-24 22:34:35
2011-10-24 22:33:53
2011-10-25 09:07:44
Pretty good top but WinFakt are better than mTw atm, and I had to say that M5 have to be in that list. They're better than ESC and fnatic. Lions should maybe be 7th in the world.
2011-10-24 23:17:37
u put winfakt over mouz even mouz won them five times in a row in the past 3 months. Thats bullshit.
2011-10-24 23:39:31
you forgot M5, imo 4,5,6,7,8 are mouz,WinFakt,Moscow5,mTw,fnatic I think they are currently at the same level of skill like SK NaVi and AGAiN, maybe mTw can stand out but idk, M5 mouz and WF are playing really good and mTw is worst then ever right now

Post edited 2011-10-24 23:44:25
2011-10-24 23:43:48
winfakt over mouz and m5 ROFL , EG + m5 > Lions ESC alternate dts

Post edited 2011-10-25 02:19:57
2011-10-25 02:19:06
I use to love watching these events. But it just wasn't the same without mTw :'(.
2011-10-24 22:22:54
yea :(
2011-10-24 23:22:04
mouz is the new mTw. :)
2011-10-25 02:50:17
As much as i like to see Karrigan never standing still aiming at one point. It still isn't the same as watching mTw's perfection.
2011-10-25 08:28:03
AGAiN 4 x/ sad for again....

bs mouz nice team
2011-10-24 22:42:04
Such a nice tournament! GeT_RiGhT was a complete monster!!
2011-10-24 22:43:06
Shroet kommand<3 nice d0
2011-10-24 22:43:29
Where is the VOD (offical one if possible) from this match?
2011-10-24 22:48:32
GJ mouz. GTR/Karrigan MVP
2011-10-24 23:10:36
where are the sttiscs?like you guys did in previou topics
2011-10-24 23:10:54
top 5 ranking:
1. SK GAYming
2. Navi
3. mouze
4. fx
5. winfast
2011-10-24 23:24:06
2011-10-24 23:26:52
nice round from get_right 1vs3 situation !
2011-10-24 23:43:59
YESSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-24 23:46:18
Congrats SK!
2011-10-24 23:47:17
Polish fan boys !? where ?!?!
2011-10-24 23:50:52
bad day , after event party were to strong at sunday : p
2011-10-25 00:04:49
No nuke this time!! What's the excuse now?
2011-10-24 23:59:05
Na`Vi fanboys ?
2011-10-25 00:06:39
sad, nothing to do for na'vi @ dust2 :(
2011-10-25 00:20:02
lurppis won dreamteam :O
2011-10-25 00:41:46
2011-10-25 01:14:17
mm fan of cukijas ? [tb]
2011-10-25 04:19:35
tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1fyf6c&s=7 DREAMTEAM WIN
2011-10-25 02:08:41
Hahahaha wtf? D: PD: COngrats SK!
2011-10-25 02:10:34
sad :(
2011-10-25 02:22:33
2011-10-25 02:23:08

2011-10-25 02:39:24
Na`Vi beat AGAiN at World championship and take 2nd place. Na`Vi beat AGAiN at IEM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
2011-10-25 06:22:53
again won navi and sk in estars seul
again won navi in grand final on SEC 2011

you remember it?

2011-10-25 09:53:49
it was in da past dood
only teams shape in present matters

Post edited 2011-10-25 20:08:03
2011-10-25 20:07:50
1.6 with 50K specs in ESWC 2011!!!
Amazing, and congrats SK!
2011-10-25 02:42:23
There's this one special thing about SK that I've noticed by the time when they win. At some important matches such as the finals of ESWC and IEM NYC, they managed to break their enemy's mentality in the first map which leads up to pretty much a destruction of the 2nd map. Either it's winning at an overtime, or winning an impossible round such as 1v5,1v4,2v5 under some particularly difficult circumstances and breaking the enemy's money and getting themselves a huge amount of money to be able to buy even 3-5 times after losing a round (as terrorists). I don't know how they do it, is it because of GeT_RiGhT or f0rest or what's going on, but it's the main factor why SK keeps winning. They win every game-deciding round, and that's what it requires to be the best.

One more thing, Even though GTR's role is a camper, he's the most dominant player who's ever played this game.

Post edited 2011-10-25 04:54:22
2011-10-25 04:53:23
I think that Neo is more dominant, when he is 1vX i always think that he will solve it somehow... :) but GTRs role in team is huge for sure.
2011-10-25 09:32:10
Neo isnt even close 2 being as dominant as gtr, u would know this if u followed the tournaments like i do
2011-10-25 16:01:00
ok mastah
2011-10-25 17:28:11
and f0rest is enrty killer and he play more agressive
GTR better in clutch like u said, and he is more solid than all players around the world(maybe face,markeloff and taz can compete with him in this)

Post edited 2011-10-26 05:32:52
2011-10-26 05:30:08
2011-10-25 04:53:54
Top 10 in Europe (My opinion):

1. SK
2. AGAiN
3. mTw
4. Na`Vi
5. mousesports
6. WinFakt
7. m5
8. lions
9. FnaticMSI
10. ESC Gaming
2011-10-25 05:21:24
How can it be like that if, Na`Vi always top1-3?

I think:

2011-10-25 06:21:52
WinFakt? c'mon dude...
2011-10-25 09:15:35
no mTw ? lol
2011-10-26 03:10:53
so does AGAiN 4 tournaments this year top1. 2nd and 3rd euro
2011-10-25 11:35:44
rebember? AGAiN win SEC...
2011-10-25 16:58:41
NaVi>mTw ofc
2011-10-25 07:37:23
2011-10-25 05:58:37
+1 :)
2011-10-25 07:26:56
poor Na`Vi )
2011-10-25 07:36:48
i was hoping to get the match stats. for both semifinals and the finals. wanted to see how good/bad every one performed
2011-10-25 08:00:50
Mark my word - zeus sucks, he cant take on the IGL anymore, he cant take it, just see the poor detective work na'vi've done, thats totally bullshit, Na'vi actually is just an aiming team, btw robban is really excellent, really.
SEL is really about luck for na'vi to get past over sk, remember that round, zeus pushed and made 3hs, he's just trying his luck, he cant predict what sk's gonna do, if thats a strat, it cant be only zeus to push forward, edward must go forward to give a hand from another side, but i failed to see that and actually you cant have luck as always even if you've made a 12-3 lead on inferno, you just cant win due to the poor detective work/antistrats and luck
The team's really got a big problem, not only zeus and not only about strats, they need a change
2011-10-25 08:03:37
need demo of final match.
2011-10-25 08:11:13
semi-final demo too pls
2011-10-25 08:27:28
why these demos are not available on HLTV.org?
2011-10-25 08:38:42
Well played by mouz, SK expected, but i am a little bit dissappointed in Neo and the team. Taz made a freaking good job, but somehow Neo wasnt on the top right now and i think thats why they are only 4th. And dont forget about hltv.org, great work Nixon and co. again.
2011-10-25 09:35:42
In my opinion SK/AGAiN/NaVi is top3 but after that its impossible to name rest of top teams in right order :b depends about day and map and starting side, in good day they can challenge any of those top3 teams but they must do more stable job to gain their level of gaming atm
2011-10-25 09:40:48
2011-10-25 09:57:31
I can't understand how they can make a so little difference at first match and at second match make a big difference like this one. It never happened before.
Anyway, good game SK and good job for Na'Vi.
2011-10-25 10:16:55
gg SK.... gl for next time > Na'Vi
2011-10-25 10:19:22
when will be dreamhack winter :?
2011-10-25 11:05:07
noobs lucky win the tournament, sad for Na`Vi, they are much better, unlucky comeback...
2011-10-25 11:30:26
2011-10-25 11:44:07
first map navi was leading 12-3, then they lost pistol round and sk came back...lucky win for them, next map = lost motivation from navi guys = gg, just mega lucky win at inferno, navi was and will be better, wcg for them, in 2 months gtr will cry that they lose to navi in wcg in quarter-finals
2011-10-25 11:47:08

the excuses for today is lucky, lets wait for the next one.

also why theres people talking about mTw, they cant beat SK.
2011-10-25 11:56:15
if mTw would create this lineup:


they can crush SK every time, trust me
2011-10-25 11:58:37
ofc no
this lineup is shit)
2011-10-26 04:34:26
the biggest troll is here who says winfakt win easy against SK an what happened then ? SK rape NaVi at the final, just stfu you stupid moronboy your brain function is not working and SK isnt overrated SK is the best team this year wining most of the tourneys and win the biggest tournament except WCG maybe so shut up and i dont know why you keep writing how SK bad are which isnt true ofc cause noone cares about your opinion and people know the truth which is fact this year so delete your account and leave
in your fucking face

Post edited 2011-10-26 11:10:03
2011-10-26 11:07:37
LOL the excuses
you are a fuckin idiot
2011-10-26 15:14:57
SK Gaming hater... so

2011-10-26 04:43:53
SK is certain rank 1 no doubt
2011-10-25 11:51:28
2010 1st $36,000
2011 1st $12,000?
no words...
2011-10-25 11:58:31
2012 1st $1,000 or no CS :)
2011-10-25 11:59:40
CS will, but little prize. ..
2011-10-26 13:34:09
demo ??
2011-10-25 12:09:48
sk is like wutang >D
2011-10-25 12:11:19
Face or GTR MVP !
2011-10-25 13:38:54
I hope next time Again will be 1st :) WCG is our! BTW good game SK, you deserve it, congratulasions!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-25 14:24:56

GO 1.6
2011-10-25 18:04:39
gogogo :D
2011-10-26 05:18:05
1. SK/NaVi/AGAiN
2. Mouz
3. mTw
4. WinFakt
5. fnatic
6. M5
2011-10-25 18:51:58
lmaoed on the top 1 getting 12,000$ :DDDDD
2011-10-25 20:38:13
Fnatic DEAD? cant hear words abouts fnatic won or runnerups
2011-10-25 22:57:53
2011-10-26 05:20:19
demo not available :@ :( :(
2011-10-26 10:20:36

Post edited 2011-10-26 11:19:46
2011-10-26 11:19:23
SK best in the world !!! :)
2011-10-26 12:11:31
my favorite SK.Whoever navi?????
2011-10-26 16:02:17
SK Gaming congratulations. Good job guys!:)
2011-10-27 08:47:13
Sad :[

2011-10-30 16:57:07
tr0llhat cried there :/
2012-09-29 04:36:10
2011-10-31 14:15:37

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