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NiP returns for CS:GO
By: Nix0n
Time: 2012-08-10 14:09
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ninjas in Pyjamas have respawned with a team for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, housing the former SK-duo Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, as well as Richard "Xizt" Landström who has left fnatic.

One of the most oldschool names in Counter-Strike today returned from the grave. Emil "HeatoN" Christensen has revived the brand by announcing a CS:GO team, a team surely to be considered as an attempt to house the first big name for the soon to be released game.

"I am incredibly proud to revive NiP again. We used to be the best team in the world, and I believe we will be on top once again, in CS:GO! I have so much faith in these players, they're great guys both inside and outside of the game" - Reads a statement by Emil "HeatoN" Christensen

The announcement was channeled through fragibte.se, breaking the news that after five years of inactivity, the Ninja in Pyjamas brand is back.

Christensen has picked up the former SK-duo Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, who already have been playing plenty of CS:GO together, as well as former Counter-Strike: Source players in Adam "friberg" Friberg and Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson.

Both Friberg and Johansson up until recently represented Team Heat Gaming, a brand Christensen is also associated with.

The biggest surprise, on top of today's announcement is that Richard "Xizt" Landström is listed as a member of the team. According to the press release sent out by NiP, Landström has been released from his contract with fnatic, just twelve days after winning GameGune.

Team introduction at www.nip-gaming.se

The only available player statement was made by Alesund, who stated the following:

"It's an honor to be playing under such a legendary tag. These four great guys and myself in a new team that will try to regain what NiP was in the glory days. Also, being back with HeatoN as one of the owners feels even more amazing! I'm just looking forward to the tournaments ahead to show people what we are made of"

Ninja in Pyjamas CS:GO team therefore consist of the following five players:

Patrik " f0rest" Lindberg
Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
Adam "friberg" Friberg
Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson
Richard "Xizt" Landström

According to rakaka.se the team is supported by ZOWIE GEAR, a brand Christensen is also associated with. They furthermore believe Heat Gaming and Inferno Online will be the main sponsors of the team. Anton Budak, formerly SK coach is also believe to be brought onboard.

Landström has in recent time played CS:GO with the Swedish team ROCKSTAR, a team which also saw the names mentioned above included in.

With Landström joining NiP, fnatic are now first of all without their in-game leader, but also down a member. The impressions given by the team after winning GameGune was that there were plenty of upcoming events for the team.

No announcements or comments have been made by fnatic as of yet, but we expect a comment on the matter within far to long. We will also do our best to update you on what will happen with fnatic's 1.6 team.

Tags: Ninjas in Pyjamas, f0rest, Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, HeatoN, Fifflaren, friberg

2012-08-10 14:10:16
Needs more rdl-, since he's one of the best sweden source players.
2012-08-10 20:57:44
More RDL-, since SWEDISH* not SWEDEN player.
2012-08-11 01:39:01
2012-08-11 01:54:54
why don't play 1.6? go fuckyourself "PROS"
2012-08-11 04:47:05
Well, it's not a bad news for CS at all from my perspective. Remember those criticism receive when CS1.6 was firstly released? hope this game can replace cs1.6 and inaugurate a new legend with the descent of CS1.6 which was success enough to drawn an end.
2012-08-24 09:13:27
1. pro players in cs:go sucks... no practice the same for 1.6 but worst whit global offensive

2. cs:go never replace 1.6 cuz REMEMBER 1.5 and 1.6 was VERY similar... global offensive has nothing of 1.6!
2012-08-25 01:54:11
Can confirm
2017-02-09 16:05:47
NIP cs1.3-1.5 No1 CSGo??
2012-08-13 10:30:38
hope that game will die soon
2012-08-10 14:10:18
2012-08-10 14:12:41
NiP? there isn't one player from NiP in this team... LOL
2012-08-12 15:55:18
Why? You hate e-sports?
2012-08-10 14:13:57
he hate everything, because cs 1.6 > all.Poor guy.
Cs 1.6 dead, so time for cs:go

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:16:37
2012-08-10 14:15:13
fuck cs go
2012-08-10 14:21:31
you can't play 1 game for ever. I think people that still believe cs 1.6 will survive 1 or 2 more years are dumb. We need some changes and we need to adapt to something new. Accept the fact that GO will success as a e-Sport title.
2012-08-10 14:37:16
macedonian boy u dont say that
2012-08-10 14:47:01
nice fake flag you got there buddy.. keep up with the flags.. change em in like month or something its fun you know..
2012-08-10 15:01:34
i'm macedonian bro, probably you know me.
2012-08-10 15:06:10
yeah i know you thats why i said you should keep changing flags because its fun ...
2012-08-10 15:07:00
whats rhe problem man?
2012-08-10 20:22:06
Yeah so why CS:GO and not CS Promod?
2012-08-10 14:47:14
i didn't say that we need to switch to CS:GO but we need some changes .. i just said that with the support from valve GO will success because you see now 1 by 1 every 1.6 pro player will move to GO because of the money.
2012-08-10 15:00:37
Yeah, because of the money... That's sad that they're forced to play a game that Valve wants them to play ..
2012-08-10 15:01:41
They don't play it because valve wants them to, they play it because it's their job as Professionals. You can't blame them for making a living off a game and then adapting to the market. People need to get a new head on this website and learn about growing up.
2012-08-10 15:07:56
thats what i wanted to say but i didn't know how to explain it since english isn't my native lang.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:09:05
2012-08-10 15:08:57
That's fine, it's just small minded people here that are bringing the whole CS scene down, then blame someone else because they're too scared and stupid to realise that there idiotic sayings like "CS1.64L1F3" "1.62S7r0nK" isnt going to help.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:14:36
2012-08-10 15:14:06
Agreed. I'd like to point that Valve isn't the one killing CS1.6. You seriously wouldn't expect Valve to give up on improving Counter- Strike series since CS1.6 was a hit and revolutionized the gaming which actually CREATED e-Sports. They had to keep making sequels to the game as you would expect any other company to.
I mean, what if there weren't any sequel to COD series, Crysis etc. A company would always want to release sequels to their signature game series with the aim to provide more entertainment and to make the sequel better than the previous one. That's what keeps the company alive. Maybe in the future there would be another sequel to CS series, say, CS:Revolution or something like that and we'd come here on HLTV.org once more and say "CSR sucks!! CS:GO forever!" and such stuff.
It is the player's choice to switch to CS:GO or not. World changes, so it's not a surprise if a current pro player decides to change the game he wants to play. :)
2012-08-10 17:26:16
cs 1.6 was doing great untill CSGO was announced. CSGO killed 1.6 / valve
2012-08-10 17:43:24
Are you seriously suggesting that Valve should have shut itself down instead of releasing CS:GO?!!
Just because lurppis think CS:GO isn't good, doesn't mean that you should follow his ideals.
Look at it this way. Suppose that instead of CS1.6, COD4 was main e-sport title and then COD:MW2 was released. Gamers switched to MW2. So what's the big deal, huh?
You're saying that Valve who itself developed CS1.6 wants to shit on it by releasing CS:GO?
Poor mentality bro!
2012-08-10 18:02:33
Right because they're making a game that is promoted to the worldwide market is what's killing off a game that's had almost 13 years off life, which seems to be the brain age of most of the people on this website. Narrow-mindedness will really be the downfall of the Counter Strike series. Not graphically superior sequels that want to expands it's player base and actually unite both 1.6 and source community, as opposed to watching the 1.6 player base deteriorate.
2012-08-10 18:22:09
CSGO is not just a random new "BATTELFIELD" or what ever... its has the title "Counter Strike" and so it will replace the other title "Counter Strike" at events. LOGIC.

edit: thats whats happening and you know it. CS didnt get replaced when BF3 came out late 2011? If it was CounterStrike: BF3 then it would have.

Post edited 2012-08-10 19:34:40
2012-08-10 19:31:53
Omfg a comment like that shows how new school you are.... CS 1.6 wasn't doing great untill CSGO was announced.

CS 1.6 was STUCK and had peaked many years ago. I remember when i started to play CS everybody was talking about the game. All IRC channels had so many people spamming "5v5 / no server / msg me" and so on.

today when i visit one of those channels its fucking hard to find even a random guy saying a random word. The top scene could continue because sponsors keept putting money in the tournaments, but slowly everything behind it died. The only reason why we today sometimes see a new player in the "top-scene" is because some top players decide to retire. If it wasn't because of that it would be the same people staying in the top because the scene behind it has been dead for a long time.

Since the sponsors are not willing to put money in CS1.6 anymore, the top scene is also dying.

Of course it has a little to do with CS:GO but its not the reason why CS1.6 is dead, it has been dead for a long time.
CS1.6 wasn't doing great untill CS:GO was announced, only the pro scene could survive alittle longer.

Post edited 2012-08-11 12:44:14
2012-08-11 12:39:33
Yea, if they want to earn money on cs, they are FORCED to play cs:go.
I don't blame them. I want valve to make cs:go a real counter strike or they could somehow support CSPromod..
2012-08-10 15:18:55
ok, play CSPromod, nice gameplay, not GO, totally shit control and gameplay
2012-08-10 15:05:57
even if we play Promod, still 1.6 pros would play GO because it will have like huge huge prize money and Promod won't have any tournaments.. i guess you would like to see some actions, so you would probably watch GO and they will get the money they want from the streams.
2012-08-10 15:08:24
yeah, agree =(
2012-08-10 15:12:25
i played CSP today... bullshit.. but i think that CS:GO ist that good too...
2012-08-10 15:22:46
Actually, I am playing Promod for 2 days and I really enjoy it. That's the cs 1.6 with some additional things that will keep the game alive.. The only bad thing I've noticed in Promod it that when u shoot someone, you don't exactly know if u hit him or not, but overall, I love it.
2012-08-10 15:29:21
because CSGO has far better backing from valve/hidden path, than CSP has with their independent group
2012-08-10 16:21:39
i'm playing cs 1.6 more than 5 years, and i will play cs 1.6 5 years or even longer. :) and not only this game. i'm playing stronghold crusader more than 5 years, and i will try to play it those 5 years, again. :) you can try other games, becouse you can't stand in one game / hobby and etc, so you trying everything, who giving you fun... i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm trying to do my best. btw in my opinion you always need some changes cuz rutine sux
2012-08-10 21:44:11
cs:go never !
League of Legends here I go.
2012-08-10 14:43:45
Don't do that, LOL is seriously overrated. I play it sometimes just to kill time or because i'm a bit laggy and can't play CS
2012-08-10 14:48:28
agree man, lol is the biggeest piece of shit ever
2012-08-10 15:43:34
yeah i prefer LoL , it's alot more fun ..
2012-08-10 16:30:37
bitch please 1.6 never die... cs:go suck my dick...
2012-08-10 15:48:15
Funny, I remember going from cs 1.5 to cs 1.6. I didn't like 1.6 to begin with, but atleast it did feel like Counter-Strike. Try going from cs 1.6 to cs:go, it isn't Counter-Strike at all.

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:33:38
2012-08-10 14:33:25
So what? Don't like it? Don't play it. No one needs negative comments about the game here, so just stfu about it people.

People don't have to open threads about CS:GO and go bash it, that's just plain dumb. I hope the game goes big and replaces 1.6, since 1.6 hasn't got really much to offer for us anymore.

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:37:23
2012-08-10 14:36:08
"Don't like it" -- I don't like it yes, they shouldn't even call it counter-strike. More like Strike of Duty

"Don't play it" -- I'm sure that most kids here will try it and give negative feedback. It's not always about the graphics.

"No one needs negative comments about the game here" -- Oh sure they do! Without negative comments / feedback, there wouldn't be any communites. Everyone has a different opinions about things. If everyone would agree on one thing, that would be the end of the world.

"People don't have to open threads about CS:GO and go bash it, that's just plain dumb" -- Why? Because you love CS:GO? And "WE" love cs 1.6 gameplay instead of childish gameplay (cs:go) ?

"that's just plain dumb." -- No it isn't.

"I hope the game goes big and replaces 1.6, since 1.6 hasn't got really much to offer for us anymore." -- I beg the differ so other games may provail to be the next-gen FPS game. Counter-Strike is dead if CS:GO is the next "cs".
2012-08-10 14:41:32
What he said.
2012-08-10 16:42:32
Giving feed back is good, I never disagreed about that. Having opinions and sharing them is good, but have you seen the comments about the game here in HLTV? It's not any constructive and some of it isn't even feedback, aka useless, and should not be posted.

"Why? Because you love CS:GO? And "WE" love cs 1.6 gameplay instead of childish gameplay (cs:go) ?" I don't love the game.. :D I haven't even played the it, I am not just as negative as most of the people. Define childish gameplay in a game, that is just a silly term. Again, don't bash unless you have something USEFUL to say, instead of just: " OMG DIS GAME SUCKS, I HOPE IT DIES, 1.6 FOR EVAH BROS"

"No it isn't." Making unrelated comments that in no way are useful towards the game/a post about the game. It is.

"I beg the differ so other games may provail to be the next-gen FPS game. Counter-Strike is dead if CS:GO is the next "cs"." Haven't followed much about new released, so I can't really comment but it wont be any of the mainstream games. I dunno what the 2nd sentence is suppose to mean, but CS 1.6, CS:S and :GO will not be dead for many a year now. :)

Edit: "I don't like it yes, they shouldn't even call it counter-strike. More like Strike of Duty" What? Just because it is different than 1.6, doesn't mean Valve should name it something else. They should have called CS:S something else then, too. Also that name is horrendous. :D

Post edited 2012-08-10 18:30:42
2012-08-10 18:27:01
You never even played CS:GO and you're defending it like it's the best thing to happen. It's amazing how stupid some people are.

Post edited 2012-08-10 21:03:49
2012-08-10 21:03:35
Yeah, not being able to read is amazing at this time and date.

I don't need experience of the game, since I am not speaking of gameplay, now am I?
2012-08-10 23:39:41
he just give his opinion, calm down bro.
2012-08-10 15:14:00
I gave mine too. I am chill, just because I might be bit attacking doesn't mean I am raging hard behind my monitor. :-)
2012-08-10 18:27:55
People dont have to make posts about how great CS:GO is since it really is not
2012-08-10 15:39:34
Who are you to define that? And people don't have to make completely useless posts about how bad CS:GO since its completely subjective, and again pointless. =)
2012-08-10 18:28:27
Who are you to define that it is gonna replace 1.6? I understand that you think its an okay game, but complaining when people makes posts about it beeing rubbish and then commenting that you think its not. Its basically the same thing. Just a difference in opinions. However, i wish for something to succeed, if its cs:go then fine. But if not and people go to promod or back to 1.6 thats fine aswell. Sry for the long post, am drunk and have a tendency to just rabble on and on
2012-08-10 19:45:38
1. I never defined the game that would "replace" 1.6.
2. I have not said thing about the actual GAMEPLAY the game, because I have not played the game.
3. I agree that people may not like the game, but 90% of the comments here about the game are complete garbage and useless.
4. Yeah, when I am drunk I tend to talk a lot too :D
2012-08-10 23:41:40
Game really sucks ive tried it, it's just broken..
2012-08-12 13:44:58
1+ cs go sucks
2012-08-16 13:56:28
He is a CS player like every person on this website. Who are you?
2012-08-10 21:04:42
Chill... I assure you that this game will start big but in the near future...
2012-08-10 16:11:01
2012-08-10 18:37:39
Hating on a bad game is hating on esports?
2012-08-10 20:59:16
Not wanting to e-sports grow is one way of putting it. ;) It is maybe a bit of an ultimatum but does the job well enough.
2012-08-10 23:42:31
As far as I know, eSports is mostly based on the playerbase. I don't recall games like Serious Sam, Left 4 Dead etc. having a professional scene despite having multiplayer. It's the consumer's right to dislike a bad product. A perfect example for esports done right is League of Legends. It became a successful competitive title not because it was advertised as one, but because the players loved it. Forcing a game on the competitive scene is just plain wrong.
2012-08-11 12:13:56
No one is forcing CS:Go to be a eSports title, but it already has started its journey towards it. Of course Valve will not advertise it as one, but seeing it is already having GO4CS:GO cups etc, they will invest into it.
2012-08-11 15:26:16
Haha it's right the opposite. Valve IS advertising it like one.
2012-08-11 16:08:06
One begs to differ but okay. 8)
2012-08-11 22:06:11
Wonder whether they'll pull a coL/3D!
2012-08-10 14:15:52
2012-08-10 14:25:20
Firstly it should born. Then we can talk about GO's death.
We're gonna see how many tournaments will feature CS:GO.
2012-08-10 15:01:16
+1 dead game
2017-02-09 16:06:49
+1, cs:go sucks
2012-08-10 15:09:50

2012-08-10 15:51:36
2012-08-10 16:29:21
2012-08-10 17:33:15
2012-08-10 21:49:02
indeed, putting forest and get right in a ledgendary clan as NiP? </3
2012-08-10 22:08:34
2012-08-11 03:49:05
2012-08-11 04:50:47
2012-08-11 18:44:30
2012-08-13 21:01:00
2012-08-14 17:50:42
2012-08-10 14:10:31
2012-08-10 14:10:46
2012-08-10 14:11:05
2012-08-10 17:45:08
the rage of 1.6 fanboys incoming...

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:12:17
2012-08-10 14:11:31
Yes, why do you think 1.6 survived so many years on the esport scene and became the number 1 played FPS game ? If they are changing CS 1.6 with CS:GO, why isn't FIFA changing normal football with some kind of new football.. like some FUCKING cyberfootball with fucking lightsabers ? If something is good, do not change it. CS:GO killed the world gaming scene, the sponsors killed it, the organisations killed it. Because no one is asking what the people like, everything is about money.
2012-08-29 03:08:47
SAD ..:(
2012-08-10 14:12:35
gl NiP
2012-08-10 14:12:40
2012-08-10 14:13:10
Xizt just broke fnaticRC performance ?!! why he switched so fast
2012-08-10 14:13:10
cause 1.6 is dead, why do u wanna waste your talent in a game without major tournaments. its time to move on and win some big shit :D
2012-08-10 14:28:57
Yes but there's some tournaments remaining, and Xizt just decided to switch to GO before finishing those tournaments !!
Imo, NIP was suposed to w8 till fnaticRC finish the tournaments left, then announce this news !!
2012-08-10 14:31:53
why should he stick to 1.6? csgo release is soon, with it big tournaments will follow and he should practice csgo now before its too late
2012-08-10 14:33:51
Yes Yes i'm agree ith you but , the question is why he left fnatic ? they just brought trace, and they have some tournaments remaining, why he didn't w8 till he finished that, then say bye bye to his 1.6 team, then announce his GO team risen ?!! seems so fast as a decision !!
2012-08-10 14:48:35
i think you can only be in one team, cause you promote hardware brands etc from which you get sponsored. since fnatic and nip have different sponsors, xizt can only promote one brand. otherwise his sponsors would be mad :D

thats why u have to decide i guess, nip wanted to release their team now and xizt hat to choose

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:56:54
2012-08-10 14:56:19
Yeah yeah i can see that : /
2012-08-10 15:01:18
The remaining tournaments are DH, ASUS and some lame-ass low-money online tours!
Even if they win all those tournaments they'd still earn less than by winning the first few CS:GO tournaments and don't forget that it may bring a lot more tours!

I personally am not a fan of CS:GO and I think the game will fail competitively but I don't blame xizt for the switch!
2012-08-10 14:55:10
Yes it's sad >.< FUCK IT
2012-08-10 15:03:11
VeryGames will win everything in CS:GO :D
2012-08-10 14:39:05
Just like you think they did in Source?
2012-08-10 15:37:01
Did I say anything about Source?
2012-08-10 15:45:40
VeryGames belongs in source!!
2012-08-10 15:47:27
They already switched to GO, didnt they? Maybe not officialy, but it's obvious.

I dont care how they were doing in Source, they will dominate in GO.
2012-08-10 15:49:17
2012-08-10 15:38:04
because of money?
2012-08-10 15:23:54
and you think that Xzit is a homeless boy who needs money ? :p
2012-08-10 15:52:07
dude don't be stupid its fckin obvious we have sources that valve paid the major tournaments to bring down 1.6 and CS:go to go up. so you could stfu.
2012-08-10 16:04:06
Who's talking to you ?
Who are you ?
Next reply try to be more polite and civilised or u'll enjoy a good BAN kid !!

Post edited 2012-08-10 16:08:39
2012-08-10 16:08:10
Actually, i agree with Aphex on this one.
2012-08-10 16:45:16
2012-08-10 18:58:25
I can see the real kid ... next time check ur words or u'll pay it !!

End of the discution
2012-08-10 19:00:32
First of all learn your English kid.
2012-08-11 05:48:50
"Learn my english", hmmm nice sentence --' just keep ur mouth closed,better for you
I don't know who should do it !!
2012-08-13 12:07:51
To be honest you could just stfu. You don't know whats happening in this world boy. so you better GTFO.
2012-08-13 19:00:02
18 years old from philipine ... :X just don't reply please --' talkin with mongolians from philipine
2012-08-15 11:42:45
STFU, you don't even know how to speak english. philipine? WTF is that.

Dude just go attend to your english class. You are very annoying.
2012-08-16 11:11:09
well he has a talent so why waste your talent on a dead game?
2012-08-10 17:40:42
If you say that !!
2012-08-10 17:52:44
i think valve will make u play cs:go if u still want to play counter-strike ... so sad imo
2012-08-10 14:13:39
So wrong. You can still play in thousands of servers that are not hosted by Valve. CS 1.6 dies only if the fans want it to die.

The pro scene is another thing.
2012-08-10 14:16:46
lol who cares about servers.. if you wanna be a pro you need tournaments
2012-08-10 14:26:15

Nobody is killing 1.6.
People just stoped playing it to play many others games. So 1.6 died by PLAYERS CHOICE.

And Valve is taking place on that to make money with a new game, trying to make the frenchise strong again WORLDWIDE.

Back in the days 70% os pro-players where on 1.6, now it was less then 15% and that number just dont make sense to sponsors put theyr money.
2012-08-10 14:35:38
where did u find those numbers?
2012-08-10 17:28:39
This is so wrong that it isn't even funny. The community never wanted CS:GO and Valve are forcing it as a tournament title. I'm pretty sure you didn't exist "back in the day".
2012-08-10 21:07:43
Where i sad comunity wanted CS:GO?

Players runned to play OTHER GAMES, think!
2012-08-11 15:47:01
So how are those "other games" different than CS:GO? The only thing in common with 1.6 is the name.

Post edited 2012-08-11 16:09:51
2012-08-11 16:09:36
I think you are the one that needs to understand.
CS 1.6 is dead because you do not need expensive hardware to play the game. Why would they sponsor a game that brings no income whatsoever..
2012-08-11 01:01:30
No dude, i am sorry but thats wrong.

Games most sponsored are the ones that have strong comunity and HUGE worldwide VIEWERS.

Sponsor just care about numbers, not about how much of hardware a game need.

If u check the strongest games on the moment, the ones are been most sponsored the mojority dont need any special hardware. They are just hugly played and stream followed worldwide. Whey more then 1.6.

And other important data:
1.6 was loosing % of players and viewers, and many other games were rasing that %. In realation with total of players and viewers of all strongest games.

So please guys, lets just forget about 1.6, and get inside GO forcing valve to change the game to what we think is better.
If 1.6 comunity step out of this job we will end without a good game to play and tourneys.

2012-08-11 15:58:19
I somewhat agree. I still think that hardware played some part. Also, due to the graphics, new generation of players are not attracted to the game anymore.
It's a shame, but I do agree that we should try to force valve into changing the game to make it as good as possible. I bought the game yesterday, waiting to play it on the 14th but to tell you the truth, they didn't work on movement/physics at all... that really pisses me off..
2012-08-12 00:51:46
I never played GO, i bought it and i am waiting them to send me.

I know i will not like it, and i will post what i think about it. If its too terrible i will just keep on 1.6, for fun, or stop playing it all till them change the game.

If 1.6 players dont move to GO, they will be forced to make GO closer to 1.6. Thats really simple.
2012-08-13 05:31:17
I am talking about the majority that isn't a pro and plays it casually in public servers. Valve can't do anything about those.

Oh, and there aren't more tournaments because sponsors don't want to pour more money to CS 1.6, not Valve.
2012-08-10 20:13:34
They can't make you play that game in any way. Right now, I hate the game, and I will msot likely never start to play it. I don't care that much about the 1.6 scene falling, because I enjoy playing more then I enjoy watching.
2012-08-10 14:25:00
i agree , but it's gonna be stupid cause what this thing will do i think is split the community in 3 halfs , i dislike that
2012-08-10 14:29:01
Oh well, if you enjoy 1.6, play it, that's what I will do ;)
2012-08-10 17:02:48
Finally a comment that makes sense.
2012-08-10 21:08:23
I thought I'd see walle in the lineup =/
2012-08-10 14:13:57
omg xizt ):
2012-08-10 14:14:26
Now bring Pentagram back hahaha
2012-08-10 14:14:27
OMG, fnatic was a such good team with XIZT. I think without him they won't be as they was. Sad for Counter-Strike 1.6, but we must say bye to it for 1 year, and CS:GO will fall down like Source, and 1.6 will be back on track.
2012-08-10 14:14:29
CS1.6 won't ever be back again, its over and its not because CS:GO, its because the game is old as hell. So, if CS:GO fails, the entire Counter-Strike franchise will be dead.
2012-08-10 14:23:01
I hope not, but there is 90% true in your words... maybe they'll release CS:GO as playable game, and everything will be ok, i can watch ESC playing Minesweeper, but i want whole scene to stay in gaming.
2012-08-10 14:25:00
Have u not realized that since 2010??, the only reason it survived this long is because it had a millionaire backing it countless tournments?
2012-08-10 14:25:44
Well, CS1.6 has been in decay for years. Thats why I support CS:GO, its the only way to maintain Counter-Strike and its players alive in gaming.
2012-08-10 14:31:51
You can also support CS Promod.. It's actually the next counter strike, because it's the 1.6 with some additional things that will keep that game alive. I wouldn't even call CS:GO a counter strike tbh ..
2012-08-10 14:54:32
CSP had the chance 6 years back and they failed. CSP its maybe a 'more-related' CS game, but I don't think their game will be supported for big companies and tournaments.
2012-08-10 15:13:19
Yea I also doubt that CSPromod will be a huge game, but I will play it for sure. I also think that CS:GO's viewership won't be so large, because the game doesn't have so much support from 1.6 players and they simply won't play it. Imo CS:GO is just too bad to compete with games like LoL, dota2 or SC2. Maybe they will have many viewers soon after the game will be available, but viewers will diminish quickly..
2012-08-10 15:26:32
maybe old gamers... but you have to think about new gamers as well... thats where 1.6 is dying... no new players for many years
2012-08-10 15:58:51
nice news :)
2012-08-10 14:15:13
2012-08-10 14:15:32
NICE!!! csgo <3 now i have to get this game
2012-08-10 14:15:47
2012-08-10 14:15:59
Xizt will no longer lead fnatic for CS 1.6 competitions?
2012-08-10 14:16:36
no, he left fnatic
2012-08-10 14:31:09
Really good new. Surprised for Xizt decision.
2012-08-10 14:16:42
Awesome. At least we will watch those guys more on eSport scene.
2012-08-10 14:16:47
I think its just move from Velve to keep some 1.6 in CS:GO:/
2012-08-10 14:17:32
NIP yo csp dooogs

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:18:40
2012-08-10 14:18:06
Great news. Wonder who will be fnatic's 5th
2012-08-10 14:18:18
My guess is there isn't going to be any 5th or rather 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th too. Like SK they too will disband their 1.6 division.
2012-08-10 14:26:29
2012-08-10 15:02:33
SK disbanded their 1.6 division some weeks ago
2012-08-10 15:50:52
thats what I meant there.
2012-08-10 15:51:58
Okay. It was just not what you wrote :)
2012-08-10 16:06:27
When I wrote "Like SK" I meant fnatic might disband "like SK" has disbanded earlier. Hope that clears out the doubt. :)
2012-08-10 16:15:36
"Like SK they too will disband their 1.6 division."

.. "they too will"... "Will" is the keyword here. Which means they havn't disbanded the team yet, but will - in the future - according to your sentence.
2012-08-10 16:23:33
like sk = like sk
they too = fnatic
will disband = will disband
his sentence is perfectly fine

Post edited 2012-08-10 16:38:09
2012-08-10 16:37:43

Post edited 2012-08-10 18:48:22
2012-08-10 18:46:59
Really nice news. If CS:GO devs see a ton of CS 1.6 players flocking to their main title, they'll be hearing more their thoughts on the game and making changes.

This is great!
2012-08-10 14:18:35
nice joke
2012-08-10 15:18:48
You don't understand politics. "In order to play the game, you have to be there, not in the sidelines" (like you and me). This has the potential to be something huge.
2012-08-10 19:57:22
They missed this chance. The game is being released in a week. Your statement is invalid.

Post edited 2012-08-10 21:10:38
2012-08-10 21:10:27
No, it isn't just because you said so. The game will be polished after release and it will be more popular that 1.6 and CS:S combined. Get used to it.
2012-08-13 02:02:22
Get used to what? Where did I say that the game wont be popular? Also, I wont be buying it as many other people untill they hopefuly polish it someday. A game is a game. If someone dislikes it - he doesn't buy it. Simple as that.
2012-08-13 12:34:36
they will make money... thats it

2012-08-10 19:12:59
OMG !!!! WTF ???? is BAD !
2012-08-10 14:18:37
Incoming Zonic for team FNATIC! you heard it here first!
2012-08-10 14:18:44
Zonic working for roccat but playing for a team sponsored by Steelseries ? dont think so.
2012-08-10 14:21:52
Get_right hair ---> http://facet.dlastudenta.pl/photos/dlafaceta/styl/..
2012-08-10 14:20:10
very bad move by Xizt!!!
2012-08-10 14:20:14
2012-08-10 15:18:20
looolll xizt left fnatic for CS:GO impossible...
2012-08-10 14:20:51
2012-08-10 21:02:45
well nice
2012-08-10 14:21:27
sick, I'm starting to look foward to cs go
2012-08-10 14:21:34
2012-08-10 14:21:39
I called it the day of GameGune finals that Xizt might leave fnatic!! Don't know what's up with fnatic 1.6 squad now. Are they even retaining the squad?
2012-08-10 14:22:15
wow great
2012-08-10 14:22:23
he actually left fnatic. GO NiP :D

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:28:42
2012-08-10 14:22:24
You serious? You think sponsors will let you promote other stuff?
2012-08-10 14:23:31
He's just writing this because he's sad. He obviously left Fnatic.
2012-08-10 14:26:38
dont flame me, i just didnt read that part that said " released from his contract with fnatic," i just read it now, my bad :)
2012-08-10 14:31:01
Did I flame you anywhere in my comment above? No.
2012-08-10 14:35:08
i think they have to do that to revive esports scene, i prefer 1.6 to GO but i want to play something, if you understand me.
2012-08-10 14:30:27
Good morning HLTV.org

gl NiP
2012-08-10 14:22:36
Good morning to you too sir.
2012-08-10 14:26:27
+ nix in fnatic :)
2012-08-10 14:32:49
xizt ? dafuq :O

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:23:13
2012-08-10 14:22:43
cArn in fnatic, you hear it here first
2012-08-10 14:22:51
fnatic disbands, you heard it here first.
2012-08-10 14:29:24
2012-08-10 15:48:33
good luck...loosers..
2012-08-10 14:23:07
2012-08-12 03:45:15
Best thing to happen to 1.6, with majority of there top players leaving to CS:GO,
about time they realize its a dying game, and wont get picked up in any big tournament anymore.

CS:GO is where the moneys at.
2012-08-10 14:23:16
But not the heart :)
2012-08-10 14:45:53
i think the same as you, but you and i know that sponsors dont give a fuck about the heart
2012-08-10 15:12:33
Sadly they are forced to play a bad game such as CS:GO to continue their lives as pro gamers.
2012-08-10 21:13:07
2012-08-10 14:23:23
nice.. but Xizt.. i'm disappointed in you..
2012-08-10 14:23:36
2012-08-10 14:24:56
2012-08-10 14:24:58
2012-08-10 14:25:20
cs:go ? omg..
2012-08-10 14:25:45
you miserable traitors. that picture is like expendables 3, except that there are 5 nerds instead of machos. how pathetic
2012-08-10 14:26:21
"traitors" are you that deluded??
2012-08-10 14:28:36
+1 aahahahah
2012-08-10 14:32:50
rivers of weeping
2012-08-10 15:46:04
Hf :-)
2012-08-10 14:26:50
Wellcome to the marketing!
2012-08-10 14:27:20
sick lineup ! Hope that you can beat Verygames :))))
2012-08-10 14:27:46
hardly,verygames pracc a lot and yes this game doesnt have nothing like 1.6 so i think vg is gonna own because they have great aimers and teamplay
2012-08-10 15:10:18
Don't be so sure because all forest gtr and xizt pracc csgo a lot, but i think that they must beat mousesports and mTw if they think to have any chance against VG :)
2012-08-10 15:14:06
mtw > all, so first they need to beat vg than fight against mtw
2012-08-10 15:33:20
wow, great news, going to be one of the top teams! :)
2012-08-10 14:28:27
2012-08-10 14:28:34
Awesome news. Hopefully cs:go can revive the fps eSports scene!
2012-08-10 14:28:41
rip nip 1.6 go
2012-08-10 14:29:01
spawn :(
2012-08-10 14:29:44
good luck
2012-08-10 14:30:01
awesome ^^
2012-08-10 14:31:01
not a smart move from fnatic to release Xizt now, there is still 6 months of cs events to come... cs:go has not made its proof yet and I am not sure that many ppl will buy it :(
2012-08-10 14:31:11
Huge surprises, CS:GO is already making people do crazy changes.
I can see many top players getting back from retirement now!
2012-08-10 14:31:20
hopefully! :)
2012-08-10 15:18:24
Its all about money !
2012-08-10 16:40:16
2012-08-10 14:31:28
nice move, NiP is a huge name in cs history, considering 1.6 doesnt have many tournaments left, the pro's have to move to greener pastures. Valve + pretty much all the big companies will give their full support to CS:GO in the beginning and check for response of the community, instead of fighting which version is better we should just unite and support CS:GO coz if this fails CS franchise is dead.
2012-08-10 14:32:24
Then so be it, if cs:go is the new "counter-strike" then it's already dead.
2012-08-10 14:36:01
"Unite and support CS:GO?"
How about we all just play the games we want to play? If the pros want to move to greener pastures because that's how they earn money then they are more than welcome to go ahead. Doesn't affect me in any way whatsoever.
2012-08-10 14:47:12
Or maybe they simply like to compete?
2012-08-10 15:29:39
Sure, whatever floats their boat!
2012-08-10 15:31:20
well i meant instead of bitching about how bad it is, I love 1.6 but I dont want to be against what CS:GO is doing.
2012-08-10 23:49:57
Well, whatever. Not bitching, just don't care.
2012-08-11 00:07:11
Xizt wtf!?
2012-08-10 14:32:48
CS:GO SUCK'S!. I tryed the game, it's shit
CS 1.6:

2012-08-10 14:32:58
its a beta,try it after all updates ;)

2012-08-10 15:11:39
I'm currently playing it, and the recoil hasn't been touched at all.
2012-08-10 21:14:27
when did you try it? 2 months ago?
2012-08-10 15:20:44
it s all about money... this is not pleasure for them.. just bussiness.. deal with it
2012-08-10 14:33:28
2012-08-10 15:12:03
2012-08-10 14:33:39
2012-08-10 14:33:57
2012-08-10 14:34:14
2012-08-10 14:34:27
wOw!!nice!!Good lineup, good luck<3
2012-08-10 14:34:27
cs:go might be fun for them, don't you think
2012-08-10 14:35:11
So much hate in this thread from some ppl, Will be fun to play CS:GO. :)
2012-08-10 14:35:20
2012-08-10 14:36:25
2012-08-10 15:12:01
2012-08-10 15:12:21
2012-08-10 15:21:02
2012-08-10 15:22:45
2012-08-10 14:35:42

Yeah gtr, rumors were not true AT ALL. :D

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:38:47
2012-08-10 14:36:03
And after that Cadred was idiots for making "False rumors" and ALL the source played was idiots and so on. P:
2012-08-10 14:39:05
As in the real world, when well known people are accused of something: DENY DENY DENY...
2012-08-10 14:39:19
he literally single handedly trolled the entire 1.6 community. Respect!
2012-08-10 15:01:39
It was 2 months ago, man.
2012-08-10 16:04:55
2012-08-10 14:36:05
I'm really sad. The lineup is great, but now with Xizt leaving fnatic, what's fnatic about now? ... Sad news for fnatic and 1.6.
2012-08-10 14:36:32
1.6 is saidly dead mate...
2012-08-10 15:15:57
and HeatoN! :D
2012-08-10 14:36:40
fnatic :/
2012-08-10 14:37:01
Xizt has left fnatic? lol? so bad move from him
2012-08-10 14:38:59
xizt noob =(
2012-08-10 14:39:02
2012-08-10 14:39:14
Btw, Who is the caller? I guess it's Fifflarn but im not sure.

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:40:18
2012-08-10 14:40:04
Xizt would be the natural choice as he was fnatic's IGL having a great success in this role.
2012-08-10 14:41:58
Okay, I think Fifflarn was Caller in Source but you are probably right.
2012-08-10 14:49:14
I don't think it matters. So much aim here :D
2012-08-10 16:43:26
According to Friberg, Fifflarn is the IGL.
2012-08-13 18:25:58
fnatic will die soon with this changes :( but gl NiP in cs:go .. i am sure most of teams will go for cs:go soon too :)
2012-08-10 14:40:26
My bet : 3 months!
2012-08-10 14:40:42
3 months what?
2012-08-10 15:15:11
xizt lol
2012-08-10 14:40:46
dafuq @_@
2012-08-10 14:40:59
heaton mr.money bitch , i swear for god i cant understand why this fuckbot is consideered one of the best players evah,I hope they fail hard , and only source teams win the tournaments ...then i wanna see their faces
2012-08-10 14:41:04
2012-08-10 14:42:41
if you cant understand why he is one of the best players ever, then thats because youre newschool. in 2002 nobody was as skilled as heaton, i tell you nobody
2012-08-10 14:57:03
trvh biggest hidin fanboy alive.

when someone somewhere on the world mentions the name heaton in a negative context, trvh will pop up to defend his role model.

heaton overrated noob player and u know it my friend

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:14:32
2012-08-10 15:14:14
maybe trvh is truly HeatoN's fake account
haha, just kidding
2012-08-10 15:16:54
hahaha. have i ever defended heaton before? youre just new, kiddo. he was the absolute best. and a player that has been the absolute best should be considered one of the best ever. if you cant understand that.. your problem
2012-08-10 15:19:37
He was awesome for his time, yes. But that doesn't change the fact that he sold himself to ZOWIE, BenQ and other gaming equipment companies. If he truly liked the game, he had countless chances for a comeback, but he chose to sell his nickname instead. That in my eyes, doesn't make him an admirable person.

Post edited 2012-08-10 21:18:20
2012-08-10 21:17:58
lol, not everybody wants to be a cs 1.6 player forever. it makes him a human
2012-08-10 21:26:45
So basically every other decent pro player except Spawn and Heaton, which live out of advertising, aren't human?
2012-08-10 23:34:03
youre fucking dumb
2012-08-11 12:34:03
Enjoy being told faggot.
2012-08-11 14:25:25
Hes trying to make money like everyone else on this planet you moron.
2012-08-14 03:04:19
Where did I say that he is not trying to make money you ape? What I was saying is that almost no other pro player besides him started making money out of advertising whatever they bring in front of his eyes. Learn to read before you use definitions.
2012-08-14 10:25:18
He and SpawN both did because they had stopped playing and had to make money another way.
2012-08-14 14:46:59
Many pro players stopped playing but they are the only ones living off advertising.
2012-08-14 17:29:46
They were the biggest in their time and that's probably why they got the jobs.
2012-08-14 19:19:10
How does that even make sense. What about the time after that or even the future? Noone except them.
2012-08-16 01:35:41
So what if they were the only ones doing it? What is your problem with them working with QPAD and BENQ? They developed mouses, screens and mousepads for gamers. And don't tell me HeatoN only does things for money because that's how this world works, if none of the tournaments would have any money in it, would the pros still play? No. Everything depends on money.
2012-08-16 13:29:39
Amazing logic you got there. So let's forgive the corrupt politics and other influential people because they are getting paid and the society suffers because of that? Don't reply anymore, please.
2012-08-16 22:24:20
Wtf are you talking about? They are getting payed by private companies.
2012-08-16 22:31:23
nope dude i am oldschool thats why i said that
2012-08-10 15:11:39
fnatic was my fav team 6 years....
2012-08-10 14:41:07
So who just suddenly lost there love for Xizt?
2012-08-10 14:41:31
2012-08-10 14:42:51
fuck off Xizt... he's just like f0rest and gtr. When they could have won EVERYTHING, they left fnatic for SK to win a couple of tournaments. Now Xizt left fnatic while he was on top and one of the best players in the world, to CSGO.... wtf!?
2012-08-10 15:36:48
I wanna would you do if you were them, they won't earn a lot of money playing 1.6, so you want them to keep playing to make you enjoy?!
2012-08-11 00:30:44
games are for entertainment, if they want money, they go to work on some business.
It's alright if sponsors give money for people to play the games, I also like earning money doing what I like, but cmon, it's obvious that you can't make a whole living out of it

look at fox. he plays 1.6 and he works at the same time. He recieves money from K1CK's org, but obviously it's not enough. and 1.6 doesn't give you money to live either, so he also has a job, which grants the money for him to live nice. There are a lot of things here in portugal that give tons more money than 1.6, but he still plays 1.6.

I enjoy playing the game, I don't really enjoy the players
2012-08-14 04:33:13
Dude you're fucking retarded, they are trying to live om the salary they get from playing, and if someone is offering alot more ofc they take it, dont hate players, hate the game.
2012-08-14 03:08:27
if they want a salary, go to work on a store, etc. I don't really hate the players, i could not care less about the game they play, but the more players in 1.6, the better. Btw, it's obvious that gtr and f0rest are greedy.
2012-08-14 04:24:46
carn return to fnatic please !
2012-08-10 14:41:42

After spending a few days on here having people tell me I'm moronic... This is just the icing on the cake for me.

GO is alive boys.
2012-08-10 14:41:50
Well, the polish golden five changed to cs:s to play ESWC. The end of the history you already know...
2012-08-10 14:57:45
2012-08-10 15:14:27
Thats awesome, why is everybody hating
2012-08-10 14:42:43
because they are retarded and they think that there is a future for cs 1.6
2012-08-10 14:49:50
2012-08-10 15:54:48
2012-08-10 14:49:59
IKR !!!
2012-08-10 14:59:04
because they are all idiots :) cs go go go go :D
2012-08-10 15:14:21
kids acting like kids....
2012-08-10 15:17:14
haters gonna...
2012-08-10 15:23:33
they don't know that the era of 1.6 has ended, and I bet that ((( MOST OF THEM ))) didn't try it.
2012-08-11 00:31:45
And it's now confirmed that HeatoN will be manager for the team :)
2012-08-10 14:43:06
f0rest put on some weight
2012-08-10 14:43:11
CS:GO will do that to you, stay away :)
2012-08-10 14:49:00
2012-08-10 17:04:25
don't know what to think LOL
2012-08-10 14:43:14
CS:GO i love dat game :3 nice to see NiP comeback :x
2012-08-10 14:45:28
hah Xizt funny,really funny :D

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:45:53
2012-08-10 14:45:38
2012-08-10 14:46:53
2012-08-10 15:18:51
2012-08-10 15:27:15
First of all I'd like to say It's sad what would people do for $.

Team had won GameGune and had such perspective to do very well in the future and the guy just leaves the team for a shitty game and some $. Could do the same when Source was out or am I mistaken??!

By this I'm also pointing at that big headed guy who calls himself HeatoN. When he was playing the game no one tried to kill it like like he's trying now.

HeatoN products failed so u had to find the way to earn money son? This ain't fair way to do it

Post edited 2012-08-10 14:50:04
2012-08-10 14:47:25
zowie is getting massive in market but since they got spawn,, ofc
2012-08-10 14:49:08
You're actually so blind to so many things. You made me laugh... You're beyond help.
2012-08-10 14:50:06
2012-08-10 14:56:30
you revealed some serious misteries with ure comment ha? anyhow, u are right. i am beyond help. to even come here and write a comment is the proof of that. all that work for a reaction of one of the "hltv.org wise guys", u come here and write something like "u beyond help" and etc and get +1. NICE
2012-08-10 16:19:51
coming from top end 1.6 and CSS background, you get to a stage where sponsorship allows you to do amazing things, i've been able to travel around all of europe and get money from playing games. 1.6 Internationally isn't as big as it use to, CPL days/World tour was absolutely sick.. CSS hand a hint of what kind of money could be made playing in the CGS, if all the rumors ive heard with tournaments coming up for CS:GO there will be serious money to be made, not only that but you will see more 'top end' teams being salaried and used for endorsements... I absolutely love watching 1.6 over CSS personally, but ability to bring communities together, you won't understand how big it will be until this time in 1-2years time - and bare in mind yes this is a hobby but when you get offered money to play for fun at a high level, it's a smart move, these players can capitalize on the start of something that could potential be massive

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:48:59
2012-08-10 15:47:49
I hopee this comes true ;)
2012-08-10 15:56:37
" if all the rumors ive heard with tournaments coming up for CS:GO there will be serious money to be made"

tell me more :)
2012-08-10 20:32:54
time to move on guys
2012-08-10 14:48:00
what the fuck
2012-08-10 14:48:34
Thinking of valve = Create 1.6 + CSS team.. +Money + Great teamname like NiP and all teams and players from css and 1.6 will join GO? FOCK OFF
2012-08-10 14:48:40
nt uno
2017-02-09 16:11:47

2012-08-10 14:49:19
Now just hoping after Xizt, fnatic dont close the CS Division
2012-08-10 14:51:18
2012-08-10 21:14:32
GeT_RiGhT kurwa for money
2012-08-10 14:51:22
I hope that cs:go will die fast. Please guys dont play that shit anymore, MONEY MONEY MONEY, xizt, f0rest and get right they only care about money, coz they are not able to work, they can just play on computer, pls die
2012-08-10 14:52:04
true maybe?
2012-08-10 15:20:57
ofc. pretty sure that valve paid them to play go so that everybody play too. If you look at it it's a good strategy.
2012-08-10 17:18:41
Can't wait to see them in action.
2012-08-10 14:57:57
I hope they fail
2012-08-10 14:58:05
I hope they will atleast dominate CSS players
2012-08-10 14:58:55
It won't be easy for them, VERYGAMES are one of the most disciplined eSports teams on the planet.
2012-08-10 15:23:16
Fuck you Xizt.. just un-fucking-beliveable...
2012-08-10 14:58:59
Did Xizt come to you and told you to fuck you when you bought your last shoes? PPL CAN MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICE AND YOU SHOULD ACCEPT IT.

2012-08-10 15:05:03
lol why are u wasting your time on defending xizt ?

why bother .. u ain't gonna change someone's opinion just like that

i'm with xizt on this one cuz he made an amazing decision
2012-08-10 15:18:06
no, im just trying to make ppl open their eyes
2012-08-10 15:35:53
opening people's eyes , changing peeople's opinion .. same shit

gl with that cuz it's "impossible but really really hard"
2012-08-10 15:41:58
aww ain't you sweet
2012-08-11 02:40:58
it's in my nature
2012-08-11 02:46:41
Although I don't agree with lukstib he has the right to criticise xizt for whatever reasons he believes because some people in 1.6 community look up to him.

So don't compare him buying a new pair of shoe or you buying a shiny new tampon with xizt leaving fnatic because others don't give a fuck about trivial matters.
2012-08-10 15:42:21
Why so much hate towards him, dude? Chill down...
2012-08-10 15:51:33
Jesus christ. I have the right to critise Xizt because he's a professional, and I also have a right to an opinion... He made his own choise and I'm not supportive of it, so why should I accept it right away? I don't approve it, and I'm bloody gonna say just that, but ofcourse there's nothing I can do about it.

I've been a fnatic fan for a couple of years and it's only natural for me to be angry when a player just does something like this. In fact, this is similar to what GTR and f0rest did, and I don't think you went all NERDRAGE on someone who might've done the same thing as I did. Oh that's right, the two are your boyfriends...

I made my own fucking choise to critise Xizt for the decision he has made, and you should accept it.

2012-08-10 18:16:03
Would have been epic if it was cs1.6 :P
2012-08-10 14:59:53

we need NoA, eoL, SK, Team3D and mTw!
2012-08-10 15:00:48
and PGS,mibr,coL,MYM
2012-08-10 15:02:29
eSTRO, wNv, Begrip, team9, mousesports, Lunatic Hai.
2012-08-10 15:19:01
hehe would be nice to see those orgas back :D
2012-08-10 15:19:49
mTw alreay exist in go ^^
2012-08-10 15:36:13
hate CS:go its similar 2 COD.cspromod is better dan cs:go...
2012-08-10 15:00:58
to cod? Have you ever played cod? where is real aiming, lying, sentry building, driving helicopter etc. in csgo?
2012-08-10 15:47:23
valve release CS2 plz..
2012-08-10 15:01:22
good news
2012-08-10 15:01:24
Xizt, f0rest and GeT_RiGhT, i have no respect right now for them, they just want to make money, not to play the game that they love !
2012-08-10 15:02:18
they said they love cs:go, so its love and money)
2012-08-10 15:05:15
2012-08-10 15:07:25
then become a cs 1.6 proffesional player.
2012-08-10 15:10:49
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
I am sure you can state the same without all these caps. Thank you.
2012-08-10 23:24:15
Ofc they love it, its more fun to have more things @ the maps, not only same boxes everywhere for like 8 years. After the last update its gonna be so good.. the only problem FOR ME is that my pc is too bad so I cant play the game...

Dno why ppl are raging at xizt, gtr, forest.. thats so fucking stupid.
2012-08-10 15:09:23
Maybe because that game is just very very bad?
2012-08-10 15:27:30
maybe not?
2012-08-10 15:35:05
Yea, you RESPECT/DISRESPECT ppl because they are not play CS 1.6. Good logic.. you have no respect for a lot of ppl then.. I wonder if you are gonna have same oppinion for ESC when they switch for cs:go too..
2012-08-10 15:07:06
Yes, i will have for them too :)
2012-08-10 15:07:57
good logic :I
2012-08-10 15:10:20
it is logic lol : )
2012-08-10 15:29:40
so you dont need an income in this world? ok good to know
2012-08-10 15:27:06
everyone needs it, but they are doing this because they dont know how to do that in other way than playing that shit, after cs 1.6 : )
2012-08-10 15:39:42
yeah, that or they like getting payed to play video games, be treated like "superstars" and travel over the world
2012-08-10 15:45:48
they are superstars of the game that they have to play coz they dont know how to make money in other way than playing shitty game :)
2012-08-10 15:48:04
uhm, im pretty sure they know how to make money in other ways. but im pretty sure they prefer playing video games for money
2012-08-10 15:49:05
Now since HeatoN is the owner & manager of NiP, SpawN needs to step in as a coach of NiP CS:GO team :D

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:08:41
2012-08-10 15:02:29
Sounds promising
2012-08-10 15:02:43
So, that's how it all come to an end... :<
2012-08-10 15:03:08
now i have 3 reasons to watch CS:GO
2012-08-10 15:04:06
2012-08-10 15:06:07
hahaha top 99?
2012-08-10 15:05:53
wow this looks amazing.... atleast we will be seeing some of our favourites player in cs
2012-08-10 15:06:23
They can play whatever they want. No one can force this community to play/watch a game that they don't like. CS:S community may switch to CS:GO but it's really small community when you compare it to 1.6. sponsors won't pay a game for 1.5k viewers.
We're gonna see how many organisations will pick CS:GO.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:06:52
2012-08-10 15:06:26
2012-08-10 15:07:13
So it begins..
2012-08-10 15:08:09
xizt has left fnatic ?
when did it happen ?
2012-08-10 15:08:24
it happen suddenly
2012-08-10 15:11:49
I just went to fnatic website,
and there is no news about xizt's leaving...
2012-08-10 15:18:52
I did the same action before #253 reply, yeah, no fucking news about Xizt, feel sad they don't even care about Xizt's leaving, maybe?
2012-08-10 15:22:23
f0rest is not my idol now!!
2012-08-10 15:08:36
2012-08-10 21:16:02
This is nice!

Now it's all up to Valve to completely start fresh with CS:GO, and actually make a good game out of it!
2012-08-10 15:09:06
gl guys :d
2012-08-10 15:09:12
I believe G5 won't relate with some css newbies.
2012-08-10 15:09:29
I hope they will.. well CS 1.6 has no future, only 1-2 lan events yet and some online leagues which is not enough for pro players.. they really need money
2012-08-10 15:12:47
I meant, I want them to switch to csgo, but in their old line-up.
2012-08-10 15:17:19
but they need at least 2 source players to stick with them, like in NiP now, it will be easier for them
2012-08-10 15:18:53
why do they?
2012-08-10 17:41:18
They're actually old. so i think they're gonna retire from gaming soon.
2012-08-10 15:13:34
They are as old as other players.
2012-08-10 15:16:25
GTR and Xizt are young. f0rest is 24.
2012-08-10 15:22:27
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
24 is old? shiiit
2012-08-10 18:08:03
f0rest is just as old, but he won't retire.
2012-08-10 15:18:01
f0rest is 24. people are retiring at their 26s
2012-08-10 15:20:59
2012-08-10 17:49:32
they cant afford that good computers
2012-08-10 15:25:21
can't wait to see GO's streaming
2012-08-10 15:10:41
have no sens.
2012-08-10 15:11:03
2012-08-10 15:11:05
2012-08-10 15:11:51
Give it a few weeks until fribergs removed, worst player in the world.
2012-08-10 15:12:30
Wasn't he like one of Sweden's best CS:S players?
2012-08-10 15:13:47
Online, yeah, never had a good LAN result in his life, absolutely abysmal, laughed at by everyone in CS:S
2012-08-10 15:15:03
oh pls stfu,he is much better than you :)))
2012-08-10 15:23:53
I have beaten him everytime I've played him at lan, thanks for your concern though, and i mean, Literally, _EVERYTIME_ he is the worst LAN Player I've ever played against.
2012-08-10 15:28:55
-fribergs +ritchiedrama
2012-08-10 16:47:16
[email protected]@ all the nerds on cadred crying still cause they're stuck @ a game and havent moved on with their lives

but heres a nice video

2012-08-10 18:07:42
ahahaaha nice video :D
2012-08-10 18:16:54
What is a cadred?
2012-08-10 18:58:10
Didn't you used to brag about how you've never had a job? You're a fat ugly fuck and so is you're fucking whale of a girlfriend.
Fact is you actually are laughed at by everyone in the CS scene because you're dumb as pig shit.

How's that minimum wage job working out for ya? Or have you still not left your bedroom?
2012-08-10 20:24:07
I'm fat? My god move on with the times please, I'm not dumb, far from it I'd say too. You think working or not working makes any difference to anything? lmao. Shut up you mindless gollum.
2012-08-10 23:12:36
You probably still are a chubby little fuck, either way, you're still a 5ft tall leprechaun. And you clearly are dumb, you have to be fucking retarded to even make that statement about yourself, I mean, have you ever even listened to yourself?
Your only achievements in life are being a fat dumpling, being average at a computer game, and being unanimously hated and known by everyone online for being a complete spacker.
2012-08-11 04:40:24
I like your use of vocab, very smart. You just repeat the same things over & over, and continue to call me 'fat' when I am far from it, like I said, move on with your life, you pig.
2012-08-11 14:53:31
"you pig."

Oh the irony.
2012-08-11 15:25:37
photo of u with ur girlfriend whale please

Post edited 2012-08-12 14:17:41
2012-08-12 14:17:21

there u go m8 hf
2012-08-12 19:52:31
nice couple =)
2012-08-12 22:16:44
cheers matey!
2012-08-12 23:02:23
clever move to crop out those gigantic bellies, and you still look about 12 lol, you started shaving yet?
2012-08-12 23:35:25
yeah, definitely mate, got it all figured out, but thanks for not calling me fat this time, oh wait, its cause you can't :)))
2012-08-12 23:37:56
you're so harsh

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:21:41
2012-08-10 15:14:58
You going to be playing GO?
2012-08-10 15:25:46
I don't think so, just doesn't interest me enough and the game is poorly designed, even CSS is better.
2012-08-10 15:29:14
I disagree with that, but it would be good to see you back :P
2012-08-10 15:33:35
Maybe it'll get better, just my opinion, but I've played it enough to see that it is just a "fun" game like TF2, the guns have no feel to them it just isn't Counter-Strike anymore, if I'm called upon i'll be back, but its doubtful :P

And the game has no skill set/level to it, you don't have to play it to be good at it, its too basic because the guns have nothing to master, or the movement.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:37:33
2012-08-10 15:37:06
Huge update in the next few days mate :P I've got hopes for it
2012-08-10 15:40:04
Yeah I saw, none of it caught my eye though, maybe the little things about the recoil but it just seems like they don't really know what they're doing as expected. Of course your opinion will differ though :p
2012-08-10 15:43:26
play it 4 the money like all players who switched on it :)
2012-08-10 15:43:04
I don't care about the money anymore and everytime I've tried to play any version of CS recently I am very bad xD
2012-08-10 15:43:56
Nice! :D
2012-08-10 15:13:19
ok... i was a fan of f0rest!
2012-08-10 15:13:50
fnatic has been traited again
2012-08-10 15:15:17
Good luck !
2012-08-10 15:16:00
hh R.I.P cs 1.6, gl NiP
2012-08-10 15:16:23
2012-08-10 15:16:32
funny to see a lot of players and ''semi-pros'' whining like babies because they can't accept the reality. PLEASE GO OUT, TAKE A BIG BREATH, THE GAMES FUCKED UP YOUR BRAIN MORE THAN USUAL.

hope that this game will have good updates and will become BIG.
2012-08-10 15:17:11

haha last comment is epic HAHAHAHHA

2012-08-10 15:17:37
meh, if GTR plays cs:go then maybe I will also buy the game
2012-08-10 15:18:14
My favorite team SK isn't in gaming anymore. now i will support NIP
2012-08-10 15:22:20
2012-08-10 15:23:24
same here =D
2012-08-10 16:18:20
actually.. now if my cs1.6 m8s will play cs go i will need new pc. =DD sad
2012-08-10 15:23:16
wow man. its 2012 but u havent got a proper pc to cs:go? xd my 4 years old pc easily can run it.
2012-08-10 15:27:42
alright, i just need video-card. i already got 2gb ram, so, yah, can leg it actually. ;D
2012-08-10 18:07:13
2012-08-10 15:23:22
where are face and Delpan?
2012-08-10 15:23:27
2012-08-10 15:24:57
Again theres another proof how much fucking stupid 1.6 community is.

Now when most of pro 1.6 players are swithing to csGO. Will u call them noobs who cant play serious games ? U remember that 1.6 is the only CS with skill right ?

No ? Cos thats exactly what happend few years back.

HLTV and 1.6 community so stupid. I dont even wonder why is term "1.6 community" being used as an insultting word in other games.

I also hope that csgo will succes, cos i just wanna see more people here crying same shit 1.6 TOO STRONK´AND 4EVA

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:27:29
2012-08-10 15:25:45
Holy shit, what the fuck are you on about? No one with some actual knowledge would say that "1.6 is the only CS with skill." Compared to CSS, yes 1.6 takes more skill in my opinion. But that's CSS, not GO.
2012-08-10 15:54:17
agreee dude agree
2012-08-10 16:03:35
2012-08-10 15:25:47
GL Ninjas In Pyjamas =D
2012-08-10 15:27:25
2012-08-10 15:30:35
lol i expected the line-up would b something like zet, ins, Potti/RobbaN, walle, HeatoN/SpawN!

neway looks good. nice 2 see them back :)

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:31:25
2012-08-10 15:30:38
heaton and spawn wouldn't frag anyone nowdays, they are out of shape.
2012-08-10 16:45:29
its CS:GO. noobs can own so i think SpawN and HeatoN definitely can! ;)
2012-08-10 16:52:15
weather or not you are right, aiming requires constant practice or you start sucking.
2012-08-10 17:07:04
im just kidding man. chill!
2012-08-10 17:07:55

This was completely random, I guess. Anyway, I like the idea :D
2012-08-10 15:31:02
Smart Move. GL To them :)
2012-08-10 15:31:28
Will you also switch to Cs Go ?
2012-08-10 15:44:41
I think so, although I barely have time to play 1.6 anyway :)
2012-08-10 18:20:39
Valve said this wasn't even intended to be played professionally and have strongly suggested that a cs 2 is coming. It's unfortunate to see this since they might be discouraged to make that game which would probably be better when csgo already seems to be getting the job done. Or perhaps it's completely the other way around and they will see the potential for cs 2 through this.

On topic, as a fanboy
2012-08-10 15:31:33
Valve could open the BETA to public like DotA 2 and work so much harder to make this game better.
But you can only reach BETA by pre-ordering. 2 topics per day in steam forum (count all topics are made for feedback). Rarely gameplay updates.
That's a evidence that CS:GO is only made for get more money by using "Counter-Strike" name

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:45:03
2012-08-10 15:42:52
f0rest iz bAcK~_^
2012-08-10 15:31:58
maybe fnatic gets 4th danish player? Soon it will be full of danes and called mTw(2)
2012-08-10 15:33:19
-moddii +zonic
-xizt +ave


2012-08-10 15:34:38
2012-08-10 15:42:13
that team should have formed in 2010-2011 and it didn`t. nice lineup anyway
2012-08-10 16:19:19

LOL, bb Xizt.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:34:02
2012-08-10 15:33:37
In before huge influx of 1.6ers onto CS:GO...

2012-08-10 15:34:39
You guys are so ignorant and stupid sometimes. You have to realize that people need to make money and a salary while playing and you just can't do that anymore even if Xizt and co. were to win whatever was left of 1.6 prizes. It's become a semi-competitive/casual game now and CS:GO seems to be the future of Counter-Strike. Source pros AND 1.6 pros are switching over. There's money in the game and when there's money in the game people are switching over. The old Brood War teams from Starcraft held off as long as they could in Korea but have now began to switch over because Brood War simply does not have any money left and Starcraft 2 has all the money and sponsorships. If CS:GO can launch off like Starcraft 2 did, then it will be a huge success and will bring back the old days of professional first person shooters, despite the way the game runs. It's about the money guys, people need to eat and live, we can't all live in our parents' basements and go no where.
2012-08-10 15:35:55
2012-08-10 15:41:05
Tru dat mothafocka.
2012-08-10 15:43:41
finaly someone with brain.Well said sir.
2012-08-10 16:05:29
+1. if one is a professional, its a smart thing 2 do. we can all play 1.6 for fun anytime!
2012-08-10 16:56:32
2012-08-10 17:25:43
wow. finally how got brain on this site. kinda wonder.
2012-08-10 17:25:02
f0rest <3
2012-08-10 15:37:48
fuck that, make me buy a new computer, sad for 1.6 ...
2012-08-10 15:39:52
what the fuck!! fuck cs go
2012-08-10 15:43:34
u guys just dont get it do you?it is not just a game for Xizt,it is his job and that decision was obviously the best for him because this is the last year for competitive 1.6
I wish him the best of luck and of course i'll follow cs:go scene as i did with 1.6
stop being so childish
2012-08-10 15:44:08
thats it im uninstalling cs 1.6 and playing cs:go
2012-08-10 15:44:43
omg Xizt what about fnatic?
2012-08-10 15:44:45
calm down guys. just beta game. 1.6 &GO will be seem like to COD:MW1 & MW2 relationship. GO lifes remain int'l major events 1year
and so cs is disappear int'l events just mania game. we will find new fps game
2012-08-10 15:45:06
gl but too low for REPLAY
2012-08-10 15:46:25
You guys will see more moves on the upcoming days trust me, i believe that every organisation wil drop 1.6 now or a bit more later when they confirm their thought :)

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:47:31
2012-08-10 15:47:03
2012-08-10 15:47:34
2012-08-10 15:48:27
gl Ninjas :)
2012-08-10 15:48:38
lol, never thought I would see NiP return as a name, one of my favorite tags for sure. It's a bit of a surprise to see Xizt jump to NiP even when there are no CS:GO events announced yet. Best of luck to them, hopefully they'll have something else than online leagues to compete in soon!
2012-08-10 15:48:46
Hope for good stream's , because i can't load this sh*t on my old pc :)
2012-08-10 15:49:53
holy fucking shit this is so cool
2012-08-10 15:50:05
Bad move Xizt, didn't expect that from you... but nowadays it's all about money. :(
I hope CS will stay alive.

Post edited 2012-08-10 15:52:29
2012-08-10 15:50:59
really nice
2012-08-10 15:54:25
Why Xizt? WHY? :*(
2012-08-10 15:56:06
ahaha finally!!!!!!
2012-08-10 15:57:41
i look forward seeing them become the best cs:go team but they still deserve a slap in the face.
2012-08-10 15:59:17
2012-08-10 21:46:26
I would like to know, if these players got any kind of payment for swithing to CS-GO. ?

The CS-GO has not been released in it's newest version. so they must be happy with this version of CS-GO ?.....



2012-08-10 16:00:22
LOL f0rest,LOL Get_RiGhT,LOL xizt
2012-08-10 16:00:45
2012-08-10 16:08:55
To see the name NiP again just gave me goosebumps..awesome news!

I for one am looking forward to a new dawn in counter-strike!
2012-08-10 16:04:06
didnt xizt told in interview that cs go blows? he must be payed good for playing this shit and leaving best org in the world.
2012-08-10 16:05:31
OMG What an bomb :D Insta goosebumps when saw "NiP return" words in frontpage, even tough it is not HeatoN & Potti and co.
2012-08-10 16:06:47
2012-08-10 16:13:38
2012-08-10 16:34:31
+3, definetly
2012-08-10 18:42:02
cs 1.6 die so why not cs:s? in germany he is popular but not! CS:go! this is shit, cod4 is better! fuck this game and dont buy it guys pls
2012-08-10 16:09:17
cod4 is a piece of shit. 1 hs no die random spraying game.
2012-08-10 17:30:04
Xizt didnt play 1.6 Anymore?
2012-08-10 16:16:42
Thats soo nice! Seeing NiP tag once again...
2012-08-10 16:17:41
Chance for HeatoN and SpawN to come back.
2012-08-10 16:17:42
now i will support NIP foshooo !
2012-08-10 16:18:41
You know foshoo ???
2012-08-10 18:08:28
why wouldnt i ?
2012-08-11 01:19:57
You know he's an Estonian gamer ?? :D
2012-08-11 01:50:46
oh that i didnt know xD
2012-08-11 13:37:39
they need more money,.,.,
2012-08-10 16:18:43
wish this happened in 1.6 :(
2012-08-10 16:21:23
so sick
2012-08-10 16:24:15
I would love NiP if there wouldn't be GeT_RiGhT in line up.
2012-08-10 16:25:15

2012-08-10 16:25:47
I used to have prime account of NiP, and then the website disappeared :D :D
2012-08-10 16:27:26
WOW <3
2012-08-10 16:29:09
CSGO stronk 1.6 wronk \o/
2012-08-10 16:33:54
Don't count chickens before they are hatched.

Believing this team will win 3-4 starting tourneys is insane. They will be mauled by top CS:S team.
2012-08-10 16:36:04
2012-08-10 16:37:47
pita xD
2012-08-10 16:38:01
The most good crazy shit that could have happen was Valve contracting CSPromod guys to make the new CS:GO!
2012-08-10 16:40:05
At least I got the CS : GO free beta key to test this game, even if 1.6 dies. #_#
2012-08-10 16:42:49
2012-08-10 16:43:52
is it april already ?

Post edited 2012-08-10 16:46:27
2012-08-10 16:46:14
f0rest will rage quit cs: go. and will join Fnatic later.

Post edited 2012-08-10 16:49:52
2012-08-10 16:48:55
well, i think this is good no matter what :)
2012-08-10 16:49:46
I will go for co:go

Soon you will see "ESC Gaming switches to CS:GO"
2012-08-10 16:50:59
Rip forest skills (dead for a while)
rip get_rigth skills (although baiter alltimes)
rip xizt skills such a shame
fryberg these two maybe creaming pants to play with 2-3 burn out legends

Post edited 2012-08-10 16:58:31
2012-08-10 16:51:43
2012-08-10 16:51:55
Fuck those friberg and fifflaren who the fuck are these
2012-08-10 18:06:49
yeah dnno. Guess we have to wait and see =p
2012-08-10 18:43:15
the css players they teamed up with, you know... like cadred reported a couple of months back when hltv users laughed it off and claimed cadred were morons. :).
2012-08-14 23:43:19
I don't give a fuck about cadred. And I don't follow it so I still don't know who they are :S
2012-08-15 00:14:34
Cs go is stupid game 1.6 is the best!
2012-08-10 16:54:03
2012-08-10 16:54:04
forest , GET, XIZT and CSGO oh really funny news for stupid csgo players.
2012-08-10 16:55:12
even worse than CSGO the valve and its marketing moves.
2012-08-10 16:56:11
one of them will be playing on the console? It will be hard stupid.
2012-08-10 16:58:26
what? You can't cross it, valve canceled it 4 or 5 months ago
2012-08-11 13:18:55
;D:D:D:D:D nice :D:D
2012-08-10 17:26:30
It was the same deal back when CS:S came out. Some players switched because of CGL or whatever the big televised league was called. Then, once people are finished with milking the inferior game for the money, they'll return to the superior title. Which is and always has been CS 1.6
2012-08-10 16:59:21
The point is, it's not the same.

Not just one tournament has dropped 1.6 this time. All of them have. There are zero big tournaments in 1.6 now, so it's not worth it.

And let's be honest, CGS was created 2 years AFTER Source came out.
2012-08-13 10:29:05
Get_right wasn't lying earlier. They were just rumors back then, spread by cadred. Factors changed and that lead to this (perhaps, oh I don't know, SK dropping 1.6 after that had something to do with then making this move).
2012-08-10 16:59:55
xizt omg :(*
2012-08-10 17:00:12
SK was obviously paid to close the cs squad... Sad but money is everything nowadays
2012-08-10 17:08:19
good news
2012-08-10 17:09:45
When will be CS:GO debut
btw.how much it will cost?
2012-08-10 17:10:38
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
It will be available on the 21st.
As for the price you can take advantage of the pre-order in order to save some money,

2012-08-10 23:32:41
sad for Tibbse...
2012-08-10 17:16:38
So much hate towards CS:GO :D
Anyways, GL to NiP, I'm looking forward to seeing them own it up in GO, and looking forward to playing the game myself :D
2012-08-10 17:17:15
OMFG?? carn must be upset with Xizt after this, and Xizt broken his contract ? Ok, i hate even more this piece of game called " CS:GO "
2012-08-10 17:26:07
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
Actually it seems all went as it should have gone, 'in the most professional way' citing fnatic's news on Xizt leaving.
2012-08-10 23:36:51
Shame on Xizt for leaving his team :@
2012-08-10 17:29:06
OMG.. :D:D:D:D its EPIC FAIL ..funny joke
2012-08-10 17:32:27
These hltv.org tears fill my joy
2012-08-10 17:32:57
Very weird abotu Xizt...Top at GameGune, top igl.. very weird..
2012-08-10 17:33:31
this is for Xizt GTR & f0rp

"Seems like everybody's got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night... When the sale come first and the truth comes second..." by Jessie J
2012-08-10 17:36:24
When all the tournaments start to take CS 1.6 title down from their events ofc noone will stay there...
2012-08-10 18:05:35
pls don't talk with me, i'm not your friend and don't care what do u think about ok...

Ty and Carpe Diem
2012-08-10 20:23:14
2012-08-10 17:36:30
Its a fucking game if they gonna pay you simply for play. Its his fault
2012-08-10 18:02:26
GL for NIP ,but i stay on 1.6 ;]
2012-08-10 17:42:21
Well, its not that i like CS;GO for now but if all these cs 1.6 top players that i like to follow change to CS;GO i think i'll follow them.
2012-08-10 17:42:38
Why xizt,why? very sad for fnatic:((
2012-08-10 17:45:35
unexpected :o
2012-08-10 17:47:07
whahahahahahaha, this shit made me laugh
2012-08-10 17:50:58
it is so heartbreaking seeing f0rest switching to that game..

Post edited 2012-08-10 17:52:29
2012-08-10 17:51:50
Anton Budak the bad guy or TheSlash??
2012-08-10 17:52:20
OMG CS:GOO EPIC FAIL !!!!!!!!! to funny!!! 1.6 BEST GAMEE!!!
2012-08-10 17:56:46
FUCK YES 4357 !!! :D:D:D
2012-08-10 18:04:26
2012-08-10 18:19:25
good luck guys!
2012-08-10 18:25:59
hope you fail
2012-08-10 18:25:59
2012-08-10 18:40:41
2012-08-10 18:48:55
really sick CS:GO team, although I don't liked the CS:GO, I can't wait to see this :)

gl & hF NiP !

Post edited 2012-08-10 18:53:59
2012-08-10 18:52:29
wtf is going on????????!!!!!!!!!!
2012-08-10 18:59:44
boring, the game wont last 1 year.
2012-08-10 19:14:15
cs 1.6 over all, but it is time to change cs 1.6 for new fps
for me promod > go

Post edited 2012-08-10 19:19:15
2012-08-10 19:17:03
nice sick lineup
maybe i should buy cs go too
2012-08-10 19:20:08
haters gonna hate
2012-08-10 19:22:51
great mix. can't wait to see them in official matches. thought this would never happen.
2012-08-10 19:32:55
omg :/
2012-08-10 19:39:50
BTW they are nolifers they will go where $$$$$$$$ is baby,all they care about is money and not the game.

They suck @ life they can do nothing

Also,to play this game you would need a pc with a good gfx which i cant afford atleast
2012-08-10 19:42:29
You don't need a good computer to play cs:go. My old comp is like 4 years old and it works just fine.

2012-08-11 09:07:19
you must be getting low fps then..or do u get full fps??I got c2d 2.8 ghz, and i think i will get 40 50 fps..

Post edited 2012-08-11 15:40:21
2012-08-11 15:35:23
Well i don't get the maximum fps which is 300 on cs:go. I get like 80 on medium details and 1280x720 resolution. If you get stable 60 or more on cs:go, it's enough. On cs 1.6 you have to get stable 100 fps or your spray will get really shitty. On cs:go aiming and spraying don't depend on your fps.

And I have to ask.. have even tried the game? Because you sure have negative attitude towards cs:go.
2012-08-11 18:49:37
YEA i did at my freinds house he had the beta key... i didnt like the maps they were too foggy, the movement sucked and most important i wasnt getting the classic counter strike feeling
2012-08-11 19:56:17
Yeah they suck at life and you can't even afford a decent pc, gtfo poor retard
2012-08-12 08:02:43
Change it to "NiP is back with CS 1.6" and would be good news
2012-08-10 20:04:49
2012-08-10 20:48:31
OMFG. One of the biggest news in last few years!
2012-08-10 20:06:45
Really? I thought that players who played CS 1.6 when it started will play or atleast do something for the game version , but now i see that they only think in money and no in the spirit and the feeling that u feel when u play CS 1.6
2012-08-10 20:07:15
On the next episode of the twilight zone....
2012-08-10 20:09:01
i cant understand why so many rage kids and fanboys are blaming gtr foresr and everybody which are plating cs:go ,because this is the only way to watch your favourite players playing again ;) is it better if every pro player retires? because in cs 1,6 there is no place to compete anymore ,maybe 2-3 tournaments left and thats it the game is almost dead already and those pro playera they are continuing playing cuz they love playing and earn money from something they love and sometimes world needs some changes if you know what im talking about ,and about cspromod ... there is no money and sponsorship and no tournaments and no bright future at least for now so what they are suppose to do? playing cs 1,6 for you for free only cuz rage stupid kids wants that ?

Post edited 2012-08-10 20:15:32
2012-08-10 20:11:12
WTF is that............happy!!!!
2012-08-10 20:13:37
haha take that cs;go haters , now u are gonna like cs:go , right ? ahahaha pathetic losers
2012-08-10 20:33:17
why because gay_right and little blondy ho formed a csgo team ? not every1 falls in love with cs players like you,remember that.

dissapointed to see f0rest there... retirement >csgo
2012-08-11 00:37:11
+1 my friend
2012-08-12 02:30:34
hahaha i no fall in love in cs players , ahaha you really crazy
2012-08-12 20:59:43
Well well well....what do we have here. NiP back with a blasting team, farewell competitive 1.6, i'll stick to it btw.
<3 <3

And those who see this an unjustified or shameful move, do remember that these guys earn money via these games, when scene changes they swith as well very similar to the case of an IT Professional who switches job for a better package.
2012-08-10 20:41:47
don't come back plz... stay in home

Post edited 2012-08-10 20:52:34
2012-08-10 20:52:17
hope that game will die soon
2012-08-10 21:06:09
You have to correct one thing: fragbite.se, not fragibte :P
2012-08-10 21:08:52
oh, i thought ahl and co are back :( They aren't Ninjas in Pyjamas
2012-08-10 21:11:10
wtf o0
2012-08-10 21:21:32
Wishing to see them rock the set again .. Go NiP!
2012-08-10 21:37:48
fuck cs go and xizt
2012-08-10 21:38:14
NiP was a legendary tag of cs 1.6 ... Now is bullshit
2012-08-10 21:50:42
yeah! u might be right!
2012-08-10 23:36:13
pathetic, all respect I had for Xizt and the little respect I still had for gtr and f0rest is gone now, guess we'll see them going to LoL,angry birds,zuma deluxe or any other lame game like those after cs:go dies within a year.
2012-08-10 21:53:24
2012-08-10 22:12:44
2012-08-10 21:53:55
pathetic marketing shit.
2012-08-10 21:54:06
hey look a bunch of fuckin dork haters getting sour that people wanna play something other than a 12 year old game
2012-08-10 21:55:02
how cant you not play csgo when nip is back ?? :)
2012-08-10 22:16:07
NiP gaming!!!! oldschool teg)) nice! gl on CSGO
2012-08-10 22:16:52
I've written a history of NiP and its impact on competitive CS from 2000-2012:
2012-08-10 22:56:01
2012-08-11 01:10:39

Post edited 2012-08-10 22:59:50
2012-08-10 22:59:30
Hmm.. not a happy day..
2012-08-10 23:16:45
nice but CS:GO is a shit, gl all ! :D
2012-08-10 23:36:47
Jonathan E. - HLTV.org
NiP moving fast to get some decent lineup for this game aside of bringing back the name of the most remembered powerhouses in CS 1.6 history. Time will tell if the story will continue with CS:GO.
As for Xizt and all the comments about him leaving fnatic and doing so in order to play CS:GO, well, it seems, as far as I understand it, he didn't want to wait in order to see what fnatic may have come up with and maybe thought that way he would waste some precious time.

My props to fnatic for staying true to CS 1.6 until the very end and also looking forward to see what they choose to do once the last song has finished to play.
2012-08-10 23:50:00
here we go
2012-08-11 00:03:02
in the photo does not seem happy, I support CS: GO in fact pre-bought.
this news was a surprise, I like to see play Johan face too.
2012-08-11 00:26:25
W T F!
2012-08-11 01:01:23
Just accept the situation.
you wont live forever
lets play CS:r1,p,6:GO
or if u play for fun and love 1,6 as the game and not as follower like watching events STAY
2012-08-11 01:03:20
Guys guys, using the % in all your replies won't make them more believable/accurate... seriously haha the shit I have to read...
2012-08-11 01:04:35
i loved xizt get and f0rest but now i hate u 3 csgo=cod cs 1.6=skillers

Post edited 2012-08-11 02:42:30
2012-08-11 02:42:03
Go NiP go CS.
2012-08-11 02:49:05
Played GO today for the first time in months and i have to say it's improved a LOT.
Theyve done great work with the awp, I wouldnt change anything about it.

If only they'd make the deagle less op
2012-08-11 02:56:23
WTF? it should be pure cs 1.6 players lineup

2012-08-11 03:25:21
Promod should be the version professionals turn to, I mean in an ideal world 1.6 would stay forever as it is still and always will be a better game...
2012-08-11 04:00:48
2012-08-11 04:01:04
sad to see f0rest the best player of all time in 1.6 for me and get_right play CS:GO :(
2012-08-11 04:02:27
still water must be rotten
I hope they succeed fame of 1.6 in GO
gl nip :)
2012-08-11 04:26:04
and who replace xizt in fnatic ?¿?¿?
2012-08-11 05:57:25
Nip switched to go? then it's a good game !
2012-08-11 08:32:19
Sounds interesting. Will be fun to see nip performing in their first big event on cs:go. Whenever it is :)
2012-08-11 09:03:08
actually they played yesterday Go4CsGo #6 and they're in the final !! so I guess they're performing quiet well
2012-08-13 03:52:24
Too bad i missed it? Do you know the score?
2012-08-13 07:58:05
They won over gekas (swedish team with pronax and pita) 16-0 on de_nuke in the semi-finals. now they're up against Mangojuice from denmark in the final! the date is yet to be determined
Here take a look:
2012-08-13 21:36:01
OK! Thanks!
2012-08-14 06:59:59
Xizt is so FUCKING crazy at this game
2012-08-11 11:27:45
I don't get why so many 1.6 players are acting like this? Not to say ONLY 1.6 players are acting out on CS:GO, but seriously, how can people actually think, that people wanna stick to the same game, with the same maps, and the same position of objects for 12 years?
CS:GO is new yes, but that doesn't destine it to failure! Most of the people in here (HLTV) haven't even tried it, yet they just trash talk it, as if they had any clue, of how great the game can become! It still has its flaws, but not every game was created perfect. You don't see 1.6 being named 1.6 for no reason. And just because the graphics look like it, CS:GO is NOTHING like CoD or BF.

Post edited 2012-08-11 12:52:45
2012-08-11 12:50:20
+2 !
2012-08-11 14:06:25
i like everything you said but just not the part about playing the same game for 12 years.

Playing the same map for 12 years they dont care about that i guess because they are competitive and are well build.

If they wouldnt like to play many times the same maps with same objects they would have stopped playing after a year or 2.

Valve is putting the same names and same maps for each new version of cs (css and cs go). why ?
because they are great maps thats all.

cs 1.6 is dropped > no sponsors
cs go > new game / new sponsors
2012-08-13 20:06:25
I agree. Weird whining from bunch of kids.
2012-08-14 06:59:41
2012-08-11 13:06:33
money money money :D , fucking BITCH'S ... for money , he sucking DIG'S VALVE ! ... fu ...
2012-08-11 16:09:35
<3 NiP
2012-08-11 17:17:32
i dont belieeve this
2012-08-11 20:21:38
2012-08-11 20:58:57
amazing player but cs 1.6 NO G.O :S:S:SS:
2012-08-12 06:36:01
I will support this excellent team.
2012-08-12 09:47:37
ok go and cs team

face delpan moddii trace karrigan
2012-08-12 10:39:56
2012-08-13 02:55:22
I'm asking cArn about this.
right now.
2012-08-13 03:29:59
What ? NiP? Its not your clanteg, you cant steal this legendary ctg for this stupid game, and line up.
2012-08-13 09:48:09
Obviously they can.
2012-08-13 20:10:12
why ?
2012-08-13 21:23:28
Weak team.
2012-08-13 16:15:55
Picking up friberg and fiflaren was a bad choice imo because they dont have the pro esport experience of the other players. I mean, f0rest can own at any game (especially FPS games) he plays because he treats it from a professional point of view. These 2 source players will not raise to the expectations, mark my words!

CS:GO is a shit game right now. Much like source. It is not an esport!
I remember a german Deltaforce 4 LAN event with a 10.000$ prize purse where a lot of improvised "teams" showed up and eventually some guys who found an exploitable feature of the game won the event. That is the difference between a game and an esport. Just as DF4, CS:GO is not an esport right now, it is random, annoying and not fun to watch at all!

Since nobody is supporting cs1.6 anymore i hope that CS:GO will evolve into an esport someday, but changes should be drastic! The only thing that could keep cs1.6 afloat is the involvement of guys like Murat Arbalet. I wonder how he feels about one of his favorite games slowly dying? (Nix0n do an interview!!! :D)
2012-08-13 21:32:22
To Say that Friberg and Fifflarn got no experience is actully only BS. They have been to alot of lans and if im not misstagen Fifflarn also played IN CGS.

Just becuse they never played at 1.6 lans dont mean that they havent attended lans.

Post edited 2012-08-15 00:16:02
2012-08-15 00:15:50
Cool !
2012-08-13 21:53:22
in 2013 cs go dead!
2012-08-15 01:11:37
You have issued cs 1.6 !!!!! Fuck !!!
2012-08-15 10:45:57
Good luck guys! CS:GO seems promising so far, not that bad at all.
2012-08-15 14:09:32
cs 1.6 will stop playing professionally, but will not completely stop playing.
2012-08-16 00:59:03
cfg cs:go Xizt link?
2012-08-24 06:28:00
2012-09-04 06:24:22
2013-04-04 13:15:09
funny to see the comments when this came out back in 2012... i bet everyone dissing csgo now plays it like crazy
2014-04-23 23:49:03
2015-10-23 14:38:39

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