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NiP over VG to win DH Valencia
Time: 2012-09-23 15:57
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ninjas in Pyjamas have overcome Team VeryGames in the final of DreamHack Valencia 2-0. The Swedes won de_nuke_ve 16-10 and de_train_se with a 16-12 score which brought them 2,500€ and the first significant title of their careers in the new game.

VeryGames had already shown against ASES earlier in the tournament that de_nuke was certainly not their best map, and they found themselves on back foot as NiP were on the driving seat for most of the map.

The Swedish team got off to a flying start and bagged the first five rounds. VG then finally managed to score their first round of the game, but their momentum was short lived, as NiP regained control of the match. Most of the remaining rounds went NiP's way, with the Swedes taking a comfortable 12-3 lead into half-time.

In the second half, NiP further increased the gap by winning the first two rounds, but a buying strategy from VeryGames in the third round paid off and inspired the French team to take the score to 14-8. But the Swedes were uninmpressed by VG's comeback and went on to secure the last two rounds they needed to win de_nuke 16-10.

Both teams then moved on to de_train, where VG were thought to have the upper hand due to their strong AWP play. But it was actually NiP who started out the better, winning the opening three rounds. VG then showed their sniping skills to put NiP's attacks to a hault, eventually taking the score to 5-3 in their favour. The last rounds went both ways, but VG were able to go into the second half with a narrow 8-7 lead.

Once again, NiP showed they were the better team in the pistol round to turn the score around to 10-8 in their favour. The remaining rounds went down to the wire, with Kenny "kennyS" Schrub picking up frag after frag, but not even the skilled French AWPer was enough to prevent NiP from winning the second map 16-12.

DreamHack Valencia 2..

Match statistics:

K - D
HS %

K - D
HS %

DreamHack Valencia final standings:

1. NiP - €2,500 + wildcard for DreamHack Winter
2. VeryGames - €1,250
3-4. x6tence - €625
k1ck - €625

amazing nip
2012-09-23 15:57:38
Can everyone just get it? VeryGames is a shit team.
2012-09-23 16:57:26
no,vg is the best CSS team,however they cant beat 3 1.6er and 2 CSS nonfamous,the wining of 1.6
2012-09-23 17:05:35
Who cares about css, do anyone even play it?
2012-09-23 18:09:03
according to steam stats, source is more played than GO, so thousands of players still play it
2012-09-23 18:34:50
Public players yes, but no competetive players.
2012-09-23 22:37:56
that's where you got it wrong, it's just awkward to see people without a clue talk about games they know nothing about.
2012-09-24 20:11:01
haha +1
2012-09-25 16:07:58
I dont know anything about css? Its where you got it wrong, it's just awkward to see people without a clue talk about people they know nothing about.
2012-09-25 19:07:11
Then don't question a thing you according to yourself know the answer to. Thats the first thing you should know
2012-09-26 13:14:43
1.6 probably has more public players than source.
2012-09-25 23:02:23
1.6 > sauce!! Whaddup now Saucers? VG will rape 1.6 dinosaurs? After all that crap I read on Cadred, I feel vindicated now lol. Yummy! The tears of Saucers make the best sauce.

In all seriousness, I believe VeryGames are tactically more superior than NiP at the moment. Their teamwork is more fluid than their Swedish counterpart, probably because CSS is more tactic demanding than 1.6 or simply because they have played together as a team for a long time. Seeing players like GeT_RiGhT, Xizt and f0rest boldly engage and force them into a classic gunfight is like a culture shock to them. That's just how 1.6ers are. Aim/individual skills above all.

Post edited 2012-09-23 18:39:01
2012-09-23 18:37:55
CS:S is more tactical...

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:23:34
2012-09-23 19:22:27
If you mean it hasn't evolved much and plays like 1.6 did in 2000-03, then yes i agree, its much slower and things like nades and flashes matter more.
2012-09-23 23:08:33
+1. nip = individual talent. But VG will be back with counter strats. its jus the beginning.
2012-09-23 19:49:13
Counterstratting a team with gtr f0rest n xizt is impossible!
2012-09-24 13:02:30
we'll see.
2012-09-24 16:34:41
Thats for sure
2012-09-24 19:22:18
You need to lose your virginity
2012-09-24 20:11:33
Probably a virgin yourself.
2012-09-25 23:03:48
"2 CSS nonfamous"? Know your facts before you speak. They were two of the best CSS Swedish players, don't know what you're really talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxUHbFhkq1g . Plus it's not like the 1.6ers were bad in the past. :)
2012-09-23 20:15:47
Can everyone just get it? CS:GO is a shit game

Post edited 2012-09-23 20:04:04
2012-09-23 20:03:52
sounds like you need to get used to CS:GO. all the players and money are moving towards it, and all you've done is created a fake website alias. hmm
2012-09-23 20:18:46
this game is sucks :SS go is so boring for watching
2012-09-23 19:31:35
not rly :-)
2012-09-23 19:33:48
<NiP> always and f0rever da allmighty GODz of CS.

2012-09-23 21:01:46
easy nip :) g
2012-09-23 15:57:39
To be fair there were alot of close rounds, could have gone either way.
WP NiP :)
2012-09-23 15:58:36
Well that is true. But I guess these close rounds were just on a second map. Nuke could end up way faster but some big plays by VG saved few rounds... tbh they did great
2012-09-23 16:01:39
yeah but it felt like NIP are in charge all the time...still GG and very entertaining game :)
2012-09-23 16:02:09
close doesnt count
2012-09-23 18:54:05
Yea but calling it an easy win is just stupid
2012-09-23 20:50:55
maybe not easy but 16-10,16-12 is a pretty clear win

Post edited 2012-09-23 22:05:28
2012-09-23 22:04:57
Easy :)
2012-09-23 15:57:44
16-10; 16-12, yep easy.
2012-09-23 16:35:31
Yep, easy
2012-09-23 16:53:25
ok fanboy.
2012-09-23 17:53:31
tbh he's right, 2-0.
2012-09-23 18:35:42
so basically, according to you, 16-14;16-14, in the end, it's 2-0.
2012-09-23 18:45:08
fanboy ?
2012-09-23 19:00:05
not at all I hate source players, but when someone say some BS, I feel forced to reply.
2012-09-23 20:57:44
mm thats what we called fanboe
2012-09-25 02:59:55
not really no.
2012-09-25 11:44:16
he is not a fanboy just a hateboy
2012-09-25 11:39:28
he is calm now
2012-09-26 03:35:47
9-1 in nuke for nip, so hard isnt it?
2012-09-23 19:17:35
is it the final score ?
2012-09-23 20:57:11
16-10 16-12 is pretty comfortable, maybe not EASY but definitely not close.
2012-09-23 23:20:52
from my maths 1+1=2
so yes?
2012-09-24 03:40:02
I meant that, even with a 16-14 win, he'll still say it was easy because the final score would be 2-0.
2012-09-24 12:17:15
who took the pistol rounds in both map??
2012-09-24 18:51:18
I only know that in nuke NiP took it, but still, the whole match isn't only about that, ofc u got an advantage winning those rounds but this doesn't prove any domination :P
2012-09-24 19:49:23
You too understand that,Both half pistol rounds weighs 6 rounds ..almost
2012-09-25 20:44:30
your point being ?
2012-09-25 21:00:31
6 rounds friend, 6 rounds
2012-09-26 19:45:01
This isn't a argument but whatever.

Post edited 2012-09-26 19:46:53
2012-09-26 19:46:41
if a good team manage to win Both Pistol rounds ,then statistically, they have 75 percent chance of winning the map. its like they need only 10 rounds to win.
2012-09-26 20:07:27
I don't think you actually know why you replied to #221. I agree with you that it gives you an advantage, and ?
2012-09-26 20:27:29
Xizt MVP
2012-09-23 15:57:55
2012-09-23 15:58:00

Nice NIP
2012-09-23 15:58:05
GG NiP !
2012-09-23 15:58:14
very well played by both teams, was fun to watch
2012-09-23 15:58:14
almighty verygames playing together 4 years and lost against a team with months in a css alike game.


edit: for the stupids i mean the core of the team playing together for 4 years, not this 5 players.

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:03:38
2012-09-23 15:58:20
Yeah this line-up has been playing together for 4 years, nice.
2012-09-23 15:59:15
what we saying is 1.6 teams are best. the end
2012-09-23 19:01:51
" verygames playing together 4 years" wrong
moreover, they didn't play cs go as much as nip, wait dreamhack and eswc and we'll see which team is the best
2012-09-23 15:59:56
HeatoN said that they pratised way more than them.. and for u to shut up... they only played 2 days before the tournament cuz Xizt Gone to holidays before.
2012-09-23 16:01:07
So what ? they had a decent replace in HeatoN :)
2012-09-23 16:03:44
practice with a stand in is almost as usefull as no practice :P
2012-09-23 18:22:33
not when your fifth is Xizt, and he can just open the game and be completely amazing
2012-09-23 20:20:05
Im talking about preparation, that has nothing to do with the amazing skill of each player. a brand new team can only get used to each other and ram the tactics in there with the 5 starters, with a standin its like your development is standing still (except playing CSGO matches gets the 4 starters playing used to the game)
2012-09-24 00:00:03
well , maybe but its over now VG lost :/
2012-09-23 20:40:56
yeah Im happy for patrick :P
2012-09-24 00:00:27
If you're happy im happy :P xD
2012-09-24 11:10:11
it have nothing to do with source players and 1.6 players both VG and NIP played as a team and when needed players steped up to aid their team,get_right i that 1v2 kennys in that 1v5/4.
2012-09-23 16:00:31
This lineup is months old, so maybe you should check up on that before making a fool out of yourself.
2012-09-23 16:00:42
cant be. didnt they say kennyS is only 17? 4 years ago he was 13. isnt there an age limit for tournaments?
2012-09-23 16:01:11
as long as a parent/guardian attends or signs off on it its ok

remember that 13yo ukrainian kid playing some major tourney like 3 years ago
2012-09-23 16:05:16
last year, Penguin :)
2012-09-23 16:29:11
kennyS is 19
2012-09-23 16:29:20
wrong, KennyS is 17, Nbk is 18 maybe 19 ;)
2012-09-23 17:19:46
2012-09-23 15:58:24
Well Done NiP <3
2012-09-23 15:58:25
easy nip
2012-09-23 15:58:30
Very nice game... ! gg wp nip
2012-09-23 15:58:37
great game! :)
2012-09-23 15:58:47

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:00:15
2012-09-23 15:58:47
GG all, really enjoyed watching it :)
2012-09-23 15:58:56
gg NiP.
2012-09-23 15:59:08
That was the sickest match ever! So damn awesome! CS:GO is the future of FPS games!
2012-09-23 15:59:12
2012-09-23 15:59:45
Match was Sick...maybe
But it's hard for me to follow the frags like in Cs1.6 the models and the frags animations are like parts of the map :\
2012-09-23 16:02:11
Model differentiation gets much easier the more you play GO.
2012-09-23 16:08:42
Like in any game.
2012-09-23 16:19:41
2012-09-23 18:21:38
Well, that escalated quickly.
2012-09-23 16:02:13
it was nice but when I see Neo bhoping on de_train I get boner so that wasn't even nearly as awesome
2012-09-23 16:02:18
2012-09-23 16:05:56
so true.
2012-09-23 19:55:16
Please ...
2012-09-23 17:26:18
nice !!!
2012-09-23 15:59:22
4 years playing together loose against a 1month team
2012-09-23 15:59:33
you probably forgot, that NiP has 2 source players
2012-09-23 16:01:11
VG has five. And he meant 1 month together as a team.

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:02:28
2012-09-23 16:02:03
4 years playing CS:S together (CS:S/CS:GO = Different game)
also dont forget that the NiP's players have been playing the game for a few months now (not together ofc)
2012-09-23 16:01:51
It's different game, but QUITE SIMILAR. Why so many excuses now? rofl
Guys were saying VG would rape NiP exactly because they came from SOURCE (which is same engine, similar game) and then, now, its an EXTREMELY DIFFERENT GAME!@!@!@
2012-09-23 16:03:30
excuses, excuses, excuses
2012-09-23 16:08:27
i didnt say it's an EXTREMELY DIFFERENT game :)
and im not supporting the source players (I hate the source engine as much as i hate religion). Also i dont like NiP :)
2012-09-23 16:13:32
kennyS joined only months ago. different game, VG didnt pracc for this
2012-09-23 16:12:04
Read this http://www.hltv.org/news/9142-nbk-i-dont-know-what..

And then come back and tell me they didn't practiced for this.
2012-09-23 16:50:36
dont care they will rape next time, kthxbye
2012-09-23 17:23:00
2012-09-23 15:59:40
was hoping it would be a little closer tbh. nip got ahead in each first half, and vg couldn't come back either time
2012-09-23 15:59:45
2012-09-23 15:59:52
so suck there was no third map :S
2012-09-23 15:59:56
when I read these stupid comments "saucers" etc. I want to kill you all haters

anyway gg both, great game
2012-09-23 16:00:00
if vg had won those same retards would be calling csgo random/css2/w.e else they cant think of

its best to ignore them

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:06:28
2012-09-23 16:02:29
2012-09-23 16:09:22

haters gonan hate, even weeks ago they said they wont never play this game nor watch it, and here we are, 15k people
2012-09-23 16:08:13
2012-09-23 16:09:10
why? are you saucer?
2012-09-23 16:13:23
no but I've been playing some source for 3 years, still like more 1.6 than css/csgo but people should chill out a bit
2012-09-23 16:15:42
ye, now you can se that most of the 1.6 community are this kind of intolerant, immature ragekids. it's so sad..
2012-09-23 16:32:38
2012-09-23 16:57:48
2012-09-23 16:00:03
2012-09-23 16:00:07
great game ! with 2 great teams !!! 1.6 are strong to in cs:go :)

great game :D
2012-09-23 16:00:08
Amazing game
2012-09-23 16:00:09
Was fun watching it! Nice match, good game VG:) Amazing game NiP!
2012-09-23 16:00:21
that was sick.. well done NiP!
2012-09-23 16:00:27
fifflaren. =D

2012-09-23 16:00:43
TricoN - HLTV.org
That was awesome match! WP NiP!
2012-09-23 16:00:50
Brilliant games! Both teams played well and I look forward to seeing them again at DH Winter!
2012-09-23 16:00:53
well done boys!
2012-09-23 16:01:00
GG such close games wow. Saucers are actually really good. This kennys guy has the best awp in the game hands down. no one better.. KENNYS IS AMAZING. GTR xizt strong.
2012-09-23 16:01:11
I really like his awp play :)
2012-09-23 16:02:54
2012-09-23 16:01:15
NIP still unbeatable :D GG NIP
2012-09-23 16:01:16
Really enjoyed watching it
2012-09-23 16:01:21
2012-09-23 16:01:29
Good match, sad not to see them going on for all 3 maps but well played by NiP and KennyS was going huge on train with his AWP :)
2012-09-23 16:01:42
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
Well played by both teams ;)
2012-09-23 16:01:44
2012-09-23 16:01:48
1.6 > css players...
2012-09-23 16:02:02
Train was entertaining to watch.

gg NiP and VG!
2012-09-23 16:02:09
2012-09-23 16:02:18
1.6 win ! :D
2012-09-23 16:02:18
1.6 > css !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lan > internet
2012-09-23 16:02:42
agree man
2012-09-23 16:09:29
if tops 1.6 teams switch VG won't pass pools in tournaments

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:03:10
2012-09-23 16:02:42
Mate your wrong lol. VG and NIP are going to dominate esc, na vi and fnatic. They are going to switch to late.......
2012-09-23 16:04:24
2012-09-23 17:18:23
Skills playerS cs 1.6 >>>>> CSS . but nice game.
2012-09-23 16:02:46
still all>you 1.6,GO,CSS
2012-09-23 16:06:23
2012-09-23 16:02:53
Awesome match...NiP<3...
2012-09-23 16:02:56
KennyS awping style is kinda like fallens

Anyway great game gj nip, I see a big rivalry here in the future , I think Vg tried to use to many tactics that they bought over from source.

Get right played sick to.

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:03:17
2012-09-23 16:03:03
f0rest and gtr are like haunted by teams with sick awpers while they dont really hve one
2012-09-23 16:03:18
People are so childish here, do you really think this tournament says much about Source player or 1.6 players? This game is new for everyone and even the best team in the world can fail at the beginning while playing it.

The beautiful thing in this game is that you will see many close games between 1.6 and Source top teams, just like we saw now - but I promise you that this game (VG vs NiP) was an horrible game.
Both teams will improve much more later on and master this game like they did in 1.6 & Source.

Well played , although I expect much more from both teams.
2012-09-23 16:03:47
Funny. It's new, but way more similar to source. Obviously guys who plays source will be more familiar with GO than 1.6.
2012-09-23 16:05:57
It's not the same as CSS just because it works in the same engine. Have you even played it?
2012-09-23 16:11:14
Yes. And its quite similar (not the same, did I say its the same?? Show me, please) Are you retarded? It's way harder for a 1.6 player to switch to GO.
2012-09-23 16:12:37
You're saying its pretty similar, which is your point on attacking Source players for not destroying NiP (who's got, btw, 2 CSS players). I'm not retarded, it's just you raging on some guys you will never meet irl. At least they won some money out there thx to the internet and the games (call it WCG, CGS, ESWC or woteva). What about you, man?

"It's way harder for a 1.6 player to switch to GO" Nice statement followed by today's actions.

Rage is bad, mmmk?
2012-09-23 16:16:37
"It's way harder for a 1.6 player to switch to GO" Nice statement followed by today's actions.

It's because their FPS skill is high.

A player from CS 1.5 can easily adjust to 1.6 (1.6 is almost a copy of 1.5, same engine and everything, just some movement differences)
A player from Q3 can also adjust to 1.6 given a bit of time
But the Q3 player will rape the 1.5 player because he has played an FPS game which requires more skill

Now did you get it?
2012-09-23 16:47:30
Yes, I got your subjective piece of crap.

How can you even do such a comparisson without being delusional as fuck? I played 1.5, Q3, 1.6, CSS, CS:GO it's goin' from one game to another, takes a couple of days to found out 99% of the things you have to learn and then it's just having fun playing your new game, is it so hard to understand? why does people do so much drama about a supposedly VERY HARD TO ADJUST/ADAPT TO A FUCKIN NEW GAME?!?!?!?
2012-09-23 16:55:54
not only this match
its just one more prove that 1.6 is mighty and css is just.. well yeah
2012-09-23 16:06:04
2012-09-23 16:11:15
pictures you right now to be honest...
2012-09-23 16:14:09
2012-09-23 16:14:45
because you're acting like a child..
2012-09-23 16:17:03
No i am not. I can see the saucer giving excuses while before the game started, he was talking shit about how VG gonna rape NiP. And even you. So that pic is for you too.

2012-09-23 16:19:10
Well, i dont really care if NIP won. I can say i wanted VG to win, still they played bad in nuke and they didnt pracc shit compared to NIP so yeah.. i guess we will have to wait to see who is really the best ;)
2012-09-23 16:24:34
Actually VG have been playing more than NiP
2012-09-23 16:42:05
CSS yes, not GO
2012-09-23 17:24:09
"i guess we will have to wait to see who is really the best" what? we just saw who was better. nip is better atm. that is a fact. if they win, they are better.

and what if vg won that game? would we still need to "wait to see who is really the best"? i'm sure in that case you would state they are the best
2012-09-23 17:05:06
yes we would.. it was just a match. you cannot really say they are better until they have met few times. atm is 1-1
2012-09-23 17:24:50
you surely are not comparing a lan final with bo3 to a random inet match with not even full lineup? :D
2012-09-23 17:35:48
i am ahah
2012-09-23 19:19:46
Well I'm not going to reply to your childish picture comment, but all I can say is that I come from a 1.6 background 100% and never had any love or passion for the Source scene , so before writing tons of b/s please think twice.

2012-09-23 16:25:01
Yeah, he's clearly the one hating. Clueless.
2012-09-23 16:16:11
face the truth you fucking shit saucer
2014-04-30 20:24:16
1.6 > saucers anyday
2012-09-23 16:03:55
All players was good but kenny was awesome with those awp shots o.O
2012-09-23 16:04:04
GG, well played by NiP.

Seeing RpK on the bottom saddens me.
2012-09-23 16:04:34
I like when people saying "Take that Saucers", they probably don't know that NiP have two Source players. Congratulations NiP.

By the way, kennyS is really good with awp! And that other guy from VG too, don't remember he's nickname.
2012-09-23 16:04:44
that will be two middle source players not 5 mate
2012-09-23 16:11:34
it was SmithZz. :)
Both team was great btw
2012-09-23 16:13:51
No shit? Thought it was the exactly same lineup as NiP 2005. Do I really have to say that switch from 1.6 to GO is harder than switch from CSS to GO? Isn't it so natural and obvious? And 2 isnt 5. NiP is basicly an old 1.6 team, since its majority is from 1.6.
2012-09-23 16:15:47
Did you even read what the hell I said?
2012-09-23 16:23:30
NiP has two source players, so what? Or did you just meant that when you demoralize sauce players you are also demoralizing NiP?
2012-09-23 16:25:45
"Or did you just meant that when you demoralize sauce players you are also demoralizing NiP?" - this.
2012-09-23 16:26:57
With a source-player as caller ....
2012-09-23 16:34:49
so the result is only 3 1.6 players and 2 source nonfamous the two not that of use this match,can beat the best source team ever.and i have believe 5*1.6 players can beat them easily.
2012-09-23 16:23:06
It's not "1.6 beat CSS" it's NiP are a better CSGO team than VG at the moment, nothing to do with previously played games, especially when NiP are a mix of the old games it's not even 1.6 vs css at the core of the team set up. NiP and VG both strong CSGO teams.
2012-09-23 16:04:59
huh, few days ago you guys (not sure about you, dont even know you) were saying VG would rape NiP simply because of their dominance in CSS.
2012-09-23 16:17:12
Dominance in 1 game or another means nothing, if an ex CSS team came up against an ex CoD4 team, it's not about the game they used to play, it's about how they played CSGO.
2012-09-23 16:19:14
Have you forgotten that CS:GO is quite similar to Source?? When 1.6 and GO are, in fact, TOTALLY different? And its way harder to switch from 1.6 to GO than from CSS to GO?
2012-09-23 16:22:20
They aren't "completely" different. The maps are literally the same, anyone with a brain can pick up the difference within 30 minutes. Aiming is generally the same, sure there are some differences but its exactly the same going from Source to GO.
2012-09-23 16:45:36
The transition from 1.6 to GO as opposed from source to GO is much greater. That is quite obvious to everyone.
2012-09-24 02:40:34
It's really not as large as you believe, It's the same engine that's really about it. The nades are different, along with the movement, sound, recoil, weapons, tapping. If I took time to think of it I could think of more, but the only similarity is the fact the maps are a tiny bit like source, but source maps are based of 1.6 so..

Post edited 2012-09-24 03:36:47
2012-09-24 03:32:43
stop crying. you source players suck!
2012-09-24 18:20:06
Not crying as far as I know
2012-09-24 18:58:04
Good watch, can't wait for future events!
2012-09-23 16:05:12
2012-09-23 16:05:15
kenny amazing awp player really many sick shots and nbk but rest are not soo good and balanced like NiP is and that game can be interesting but i rly want to see more teams like na'vi and esc, i rly enjoy this match mayby it will make that me and peoples will interest more cs:go and to be honest i want Heaton comment, Joe Miller or someone good because this guys scream too much and talking too much about not interesting things what making watch soo awfull

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:15:35
2012-09-23 16:06:13
gratz NiP
2012-09-23 16:06:41
Well played both. NIP proved they were strong, but VG did great job too. KennyS was indeed a BEAST.

And personally I think the views were great

17,995 active players atm, and 15k viewers! That's impressive, and the game will still grow.

2012-09-23 16:06:44
Won't lie, that was pretty intense over 2,500 euros
2012-09-23 16:07:25
In all fairness qualification for DH Winter was probably on their minds considering there are a lot of teams who werent around in this one ie. Mousesports, ESC, fnatic etc etc all those other teams they may play against to qualifiy for DH Winter, must say CS has never looked this exciting and the future is looking better now
2012-09-23 17:53:24
Man ESC, na vi and fnatic are going to find it hard to catch up lol. Its going to be like sc2 where brood war players are still so far behind sc2 players..................
2012-09-23 16:07:51
but the BW players aren't behind lol...

look at Flash, Jaedong, Rain, RoRo and REALITY.

Hell even Stork and JangBi are really good, + SoulKey.
2012-09-23 16:09:37
actually BW is really different from SC2, in SC2 you can control your entire army with just 1 hotkey, in BW you got to use 4-5 hotkeys for units in late game.

also in sc2 is easy as fuck get to 200/200, most games hit that stage unlike BW that can finish much before 100/200.

give them BW playas time and they will destroy the SC2 pros, the difference in skill is not even funny.
2012-09-23 16:23:19
You are amazingly clueless about SC2 and BW.

Stick to your GO and CSS hatred - your pretty skilled/good at that.
2012-09-23 16:36:39
Lol, you will see once JD,Flash,JangBi and others get a better sense of how sc2 is played.

Post edited 2012-09-23 17:17:47
2012-09-23 17:16:33
Yet the funny part is that I am not talking about your statement on BW-players but your obvious lack of knowledge when describing SC2-gameplay and comparing it to BW. Totally and utterly clueless.

No need to even discuss it with you since it sounds like you haven't got a clue about the two games.

Go bash some CSS-people and yell som more "1.6 forever"
2012-09-23 18:52:56
I've been watching both games for quite a while and I can easily tell the differences. I can't say I'm any good at those games though.

Still, you will see when the BW pros bash some overhyped SC2 pros like Nestea or IdrA.
2012-09-23 18:57:09
Still, as I tried explaining to you i was NOT talking about your statment about players but your comments on gameplay and gamemechanics, which was and still is, totally clueless.

But you still bring up a point about BW-players which i was not commenting on at all and telling me "you will see". That is just wierd.

2012-09-23 19:27:31
Everyone stop hating, lets embrace this new game. I feel like it could be as big as 1.6, it hasn't got many things that 1.6 had, but csgo has potential.
2012-09-23 16:08:12

People don't really see that!

I bet if it wasn't for whisenhunt, people would fall asleep on the stream!

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:09:54
2012-09-23 16:09:36
Just talk for everybody, master.
2012-09-23 16:22:59
gg nip SO GOOD
2012-09-23 16:08:32
KennyS was a beast!
2012-09-23 16:08:39
2012-09-23 16:10:00
congrats ninja boys
2012-09-23 16:09:06
"1.6 da best,sauce suck" You can rot in 1.6 for eternity,your 1.6 skill is not needed in competitive FPS scene anymore, thanks.
2012-09-23 16:09:06
I love you
2012-09-23 21:53:16
GG NiP !!!!! <3
2012-09-23 16:09:10
I want to see NAVI play go!
2012-09-23 16:09:14
Hey screamers we will see in future whats worth your NiP team ill bet in next tournamets VG will shown where is the place for facepalms 1.6 sweden teams like NiP ;) Just w8
2012-09-23 16:09:21
Bye hater. It's a 1.6 community :)
2012-09-23 16:10:34
haters gonna hate....but
saucers gonna make sauce!
2012-09-23 16:15:27
"i'll bet" Ok, nice argument.

2012-09-23 16:16:05
in the future f0rest and so on will learn a lot more as well, think a bit before you comment.
2012-09-23 16:20:58
people also forget that nip's IGL came from source

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:10:17
2012-09-23 16:10:06
So, please, you have to decide. One time the excuse is that its not the same game (OBVIOUSLY it isnt.) and then you say that nip has two source players (well, wasnt it a different game? what does it have to do with anything now??) PLEASE, MAKE LOGICAL ARGUMENTS.
2012-09-23 16:19:06
Logical arguments coming from a guy who says that
CSGO is close to Source when in reality it isn't.
2012-09-23 17:56:05
LOL. It isn't? OK then.
2012-09-23 23:33:12
You are kinda psychopathic... You _need_ to prove people wrong, lol
2012-09-23 19:03:34
Awesome, can't wait till a bigger tournament so we can see more good teams.
2012-09-23 16:10:22
the game doenst require too many skill... thats why skilled players in 1/2 months defeat 2-0 an old team who played source engine for the last 5 years?

sauce for noobs who just want graphics
so is go.
2012-09-23 16:10:39
That comment made no sense.
2012-09-23 16:15:26
2012-09-23 16:23:43
so, if the game does not requires too many skill, the teams empirically with less skill but that play together since longuer, should have no trouble winning vs skilled players.
2012-09-23 17:27:42
Actually it should've tied up and then exploded
2012-09-23 23:36:29
the base of the team of NIPS is GET forest em xizt.
2012-09-23 16:10:58
GGWP to both teams! kennyS for mvp
2012-09-23 16:11:04
2012-09-23 16:11:43
:D Owned like hell. Easy match for NIP and i see them being completely in their own class at GO.
2012-09-23 16:12:04
16-12 "owned like hell" xD
2012-09-23 16:21:33
really liked to watch train :)
2012-09-23 16:12:46
#121.. next time bla bla bla... imagine next time nip with more practice.. ur just completely clueless sauce players cant face 1.6 skill. thats why they play sauce, and now go
2012-09-23 16:13:00
click on reply button, much easier to answer to people :D
2012-09-23 16:16:37
Xizt so sick
2012-09-23 16:13:12
best :)
2012-09-23 16:13:47
see? everyone was saying VG would rape NiP... you dont know shit.
2012-09-23 16:14:44
is there recorded stream?
2012-09-23 16:15:37
NiP proved again the 1.6 superiority, it was a fun match though.

and yes, LAN >>> Internet, 1.6 >>> Source.

2012-09-23 16:16:17
so a 1.6 team (who have more hours on tetris than on source 2.0) with 2 saucers win 2:0 against the team who dominated css for years?
nuff said.
2012-09-23 16:16:40
2012-09-23 17:23:09
KennyS is disgustingly good.
2012-09-23 16:16:58
that KennyS kid is awesome!
2012-09-23 16:17:00
any vod ?
2012-09-23 16:17:17
wsup bitches that said some shit about 1.6 players...
2012-09-23 16:17:21
2012-09-23 16:18:06
HLTV > Cadred. I have to say, I didnt want to registrer on HLTV because off all the source flame before, but right now. HLTV is so much better then cadred have ever been. ;)

Much love from ex-cadred user <3
2012-09-23 16:19:01
2012-09-23 16:20:25
Well, you still have some tests to pass if you want to stay here, ok?

1 + 1 = ?
2012-09-23 16:20:33
2012-09-23 17:38:44
Hmm, hard to crack.. Might it be 6?
2012-09-23 18:46:52
2012-09-23 23:34:24
Hello Cadred user!

I'll tell you before hand, this community is MUCH larger than Cadred. Hence we have a lot of rage kids here. They are the ones who create a lot of useless threads like "X > Y", generate hate-threads and whatnot

Please don't judge us by that only
If you can ignore all that, you'll begin to enjoy this community more and more

And welcome!
2012-09-23 17:01:25
I figured that, but I dont really care for those hate people. I have loved both 1.6 and source. Source because it was easier. Yes, I'll say it. Source was and still is easier to play. But 1.6 is a much better game to play. 1.6 fan for life ;) I still remember watching XeqtR playing for NOA and more. I lived not far from him so yeah, he is a nice lad outside the game too.

Thanks anyway for the welcome.
2012-09-23 18:50:35
Welcome and have fun

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:00:43
2012-09-23 18:59:50
Comments on this news make me cringe, I wonder if the haters will ever dissapear, at least the majority of them.
2012-09-23 16:19:31
It's like, for every single hater that's gone, 10 or 11 are born. Fuck people :D
2012-09-23 17:00:34
no seriously... where are you?
i read so much
"VG gonna rape everyone" "VG best ev4r" "vg gods"
and now...where are you guys?
just a "different game" here and there... i am disappointed!
2012-09-23 16:21:09
Haha exactly. Now they already have an excuse, "IT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM CSS!@!@"
2012-09-23 23:40:10
"after this game, 1.6ers will finally accept that CSS requires same skill than 1.6, it is just a different gameplay."

Yeah, we saw that.
2012-09-23 16:22:12
i laught so hard when i saw that comment, lol.sauce
2012-09-23 16:26:24
Can you post a link to that comment?
2012-09-23 23:40:59
im glad i was watching formula 1 instead
2012-09-23 16:22:19
2012-09-23 16:24:46
thats the only thing that is possibly more boring than this ugly game.
2012-09-23 16:26:13
u certainly dont know shit about formula 1
2012-09-23 16:33:36
i watched f1 when you were not even born kid,
...btw it was interessting back then...
yeah "not liking" is clearly a sign of "not knowing a shit about something"
iq test failed boy.
2012-09-23 16:37:54
So true, it's so boring nowadays, stupid rules and pilots are pussies.
2012-09-23 17:09:38
Austria 1:0 Portugal
2012-09-23 19:00:30
+1 vettel ftw : )
2012-09-23 17:01:10
Don't get why people say "1.6 > CSS", I would say 1.6, CSS > CS:GO. That game it's horrible. Btw, gratz NiP.
2012-09-23 16:22:44
idiot, because 1.6 players won over source players, that's why.. no one was referring to which game is better, pathetic troll.
2012-09-23 19:48:45
Really? xD

Post edited 2012-09-23 20:11:48
2012-09-23 20:10:53
2012-09-23 16:22:44
Congratulations, NiP. Solid, really solid.
2012-09-23 16:23:35
Gratz NIP.

cheer up! VG. Kenny's awesome awper.
2012-09-23 16:25:02
Heaton was right :)
He was confident and they did it, also they have frag machines from "1.6"...

GL in the future

Post edited 2012-09-23 16:32:17
2012-09-23 16:32:08
thankgod for VG face wasnt covering B side on train map
2012-09-23 16:33:23
good one and true :P
2012-09-23 18:58:05
Xizt such a monster.
2012-09-23 16:34:07

nip last round
2012-09-23 16:36:09
i love how they make walls nowadays between the teams (and pcs) ... just in case ceh is playing..
2012-09-23 16:41:32
2012-09-23 16:41:57
How can I see recorded match? Is it in YouTube or somewhere?
2012-09-23 16:36:31
gg NiP :))) <3 <3 <3
2012-09-23 16:38:35
Honestly only bigger event than this with more powerfull teams will show us who will be the king on a new game platform for next up coming years. Now NiP takes glory in final but VG was close too.
2012-09-23 16:40:22
So in a couple of months time then at DH Winter?
2012-09-24 15:12:44
first event, nip making history
2012-09-23 16:41:11
VG lineup is a few months old.

4 awpers 1rifler

shit lineup
2012-09-23 16:42:59
easy win Nip op
2012-09-23 16:51:22
They played so fucking good!!
Xizt was a beast!!
2012-09-23 16:53:52
This verygames is joke? I thought they were good when people expected this match so much. I think this was my last game I watch. Both teams used 0 tactics, only flashes on ramp and rush.. VeryGames failed a lot of teamcombos, going alone in corners and going way too easy corners to flash out.

I found even League Of Legends more tactical than Global Offensive currently.
2012-09-23 16:54:21
Sure LoL was sooooo tactical within its first month.

The things I got to read sometimes...
2012-09-23 16:57:59
Actually what I have seen in interviews and stuff Source players told that they took a lot of strats and stuff from CS:S and haven't changed that much stuff even thought it feels weird for them. And CS:S has been around since 04.
2012-09-23 19:04:40
NiP's victory proves CSS players were wrong, then.
2012-09-24 04:11:38
Verygames have been playing cs:go only 6 weeks since there last CS:S LAN. Of course they will improve more, as im sure NiP will..

2012-09-23 17:01:03
There last CSS LAN being the weekend before DH Valencia?
2012-09-24 15:14:35
Ooo further backing my point then :D
2012-09-25 16:28:29
Yeah they played at a French LAN as its part of their masters circuit!!
2012-09-25 19:25:50
But they didnt play CSS at all before that LAN. They were still practicing CS:GO.
2012-10-27 12:34:16
Yeah let's not forget 1.6 players are better :-).
2012-09-23 16:56:23
2012-09-23 16:57:34
oh really? :)
2012-09-23 16:58:35
2012-09-23 16:58:42
KennyS vs NiP
2012-09-23 16:59:41
gg wp
2012-09-23 17:00:10
nice NiP!
2012-09-23 17:01:18
gg nip

2012-09-23 17:02:03
Is there some place I can download the VOD?
2012-09-23 17:11:59

there's a vod online. first map starts around 0:30

Post edited 2012-09-23 17:30:48
2012-09-23 17:29:11
gg,both teams played pretty good!!

Post edited 2012-09-23 17:12:23
2012-09-23 17:12:00
Expected, gj NiP :D
2012-09-23 17:21:03
What happened saucers? I thought vg was the best team ever and was goin to rape nip, so sad a team with so much experience playing together lost against two random saucers and 3 (actually 2) top 1.6 players. As for the views, it was just for the 1.6 vs css thingy, but judging by this only 1.6 teams will be relevant in this game so it would end up as watching 1.6 tournaments but worse.
2012-09-23 17:21:18
VG were the best team ever in CS:S. They would beat NiP in CS:S, there is no question, and if you are to question that you are merely stupid, and you will not be getting a reply from me. But this is a different game.
VG are currently a team who have been playing CS:GO 6 weeks, with much less than half the play time of NiP on the game. VG will improve, but again it is a different game. They may never be the team they were in CS:S, no one knows this.
It was only trolls who honestly believed VG would rape NiP this tournament. If you were stupid enough to fall for the bait I feel for you.
2012-09-23 18:46:09
Source was allways game for "loosers from 1.6" who were beaten all the time"

it is same as Basketball. do you suck in it? go play Corfbal

CS:S = Corfbal

Post edited 2012-09-23 18:54:24
2012-09-23 18:54:03
Most source pros have never touched 1.6, not sure if troll
2012-09-23 21:15:31
maybe you should have played cs:s then..
2012-09-23 23:39:15
So sad that you cant understand that they were only the best for so long because of how bad the competition was. They come from a casualized 1.6 game background that was not rdy for tournament play, even top saucers said that. A mix team (with 2 randoms) beating the best css team ever with years of experience playing together is pretty sad, hours of advantage or not.

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:16:17
2012-09-23 19:14:20
Many css players did not play 1.6, including VG players so your statement is not entirely true. Who is this mix team your on about?
You seem a cretin as none of your reply was relevant to what I replied about. I hope the day comes you are not socially retarded, I feel sorry for you.
2012-09-23 23:43:36
And that changes the fact that css is a casualized 1.6 how? oh it doesnt, ok. Also forgot that nip was a well established team with years of experience playing together... not. But keep on trying to believe your excuses of y an inexperienced team beat your beast team ever. Maybe thinking that they wouldve beaten nip on css makes you feel better.
2012-09-24 02:07:43
As I said you are too retarded, and not worthy of a reply.
2012-09-26 13:27:10
Source was for noobs, no skill. And im pretty sure NiP would win in CS:S anyway vs them... haha, damn noobs
2012-09-29 01:00:55
no skill in source? ok mate, ur clearly retarded. go troll someone else.
2012-09-29 01:31:37
lidda the mad kid strikes again
2012-10-01 18:00:12
why dont u HLTV admins/moderators or whatever just BAN this kid for life? thats what u want in ur website? a community full of kids that show less than respect for other people likes? that shows to be disrespectfull in every single comment that he writes? im telling if it was me, this kid, dbie and a few others would be long gone!

1 thing is to dislike CS:GO, other thing completely different is to be disrespectfull every single...
2012-09-24 13:38:40
i expected more from verygames, they were worse than people made them sound like :/
2012-09-23 17:22:05
2012-09-23 18:52:18
Where is fggg now ? lol.

He's kinda lost.
2012-09-23 17:27:28
If more 1.6 teams (fnatic, navi, esc, etc) decides to move to CS:GO, there will be no room for sAuce teams in the top5 of any big event.

1.6 players are just superior.
2012-09-23 17:27:50
2012-09-23 17:32:12
2012-09-23 18:48:16
EXACTLY, after awhile i was thinking if forest, gtr, and zist and 2 random saucers(been together as a team for 2+ month now) can beat possibly(idk?) the best css teams that have played the game source engine for years, then ofc navi, fnatic, esc can easily dominate this game than all css teams out there.

I can see that those skills you earned through years of training in 1.6 paid off and actually give us BIG advantage for us(1.6 players) to play this game on competitve level. well, when that time comes, then we'll see the same old navi, fnatic and esc going to compete(again) like they were during 1.6 glory times. Though that will not happen in short amount of time but it is very very possible for pro 1.6 team dominate and takeover cs:go in term of majority players in it playing competitively. :)
2012-09-23 19:26:20
you need to understand, that verygames, as it is now, is also a "pretty" new team, afaik kennys have been playing with them since around, martz/april or something, i dont remember, and smithz just moved back to verygames, after6-7 month off, the lineup, they might have been a solid team, but they did also switch a lot,

nothing taken from NiP they seems more prepared, im just looking forward to see what happens in the future.
2012-10-01 17:11:43
kennyS completely random shots with awp.
NiP playing with 3 people most of the time , friberg was complete hole for the team.

If it wasn't for Get_rights amazing sense of actual team play nip would of lost because the 2 CSS guys had no sense of team play what so ever.

VG have really nice team play wich has transitioned from source but the game is way 2 random and their aiming isnt that good either.

And i am a 1.6 fan and i'm saying this game is horrible to watch.
Some positions on the map should be removed especially the tower that looks right at middle on train on outer bombside..

Smokes need nerfing they are way 2 dense to be used properly for either defensive purposes or attacking ones.

Some pistols need a nerf bat u cant just randomly shoot back and fort from miles and kill people with one bullet this is not Deserteagle.

Overall very boring final.
2012-09-23 17:29:21
OMFG MAN U ARE SO STUPID!! Unbeliavable.. hang urself, seriously, u are so mad...
2012-09-24 13:34:47
looking at how stupid this community is
i guess only 1 thing can be said

this isn't the game that we needed
but the one that we DESERVED ....

Valve is too kind to a community that has 0 respect for them.
2012-09-23 17:35:45
@286 we didn't need CS:GO we had the best game 1.6 but valve just cannot understand how bad they made everything.

For both 1.6 community and source one.
Because source teams will fade now no one will remember them when every competent 1.6 player swaps over to CS:GO.

And 1.6 fans have to watch this dogshit game..
2012-09-23 17:41:17
+1 we had just perfect game
2012-09-23 17:56:34
1.6 is dead competitively, and Valve didnt kill it ....dota and lol did, Valve decided to make a new game before 1.6 was going to dissapear altogether from the public's view.
2012-09-23 17:57:27
2012-09-23 18:50:26
2012-09-23 19:30:46
Its so funny that you actually make yourself think that when its not even true.. 1.6 was simply too old and was not getting new players. Be racional please istead of blaming GO or other games... Nothing lasts forever ;)

Post edited 2012-10-01 17:58:48
2012-10-01 17:58:29
VODS please? =)
2012-09-23 17:41:47

there's a vod online. first map starts around 0:30
2012-09-23 18:03:39
I need to watch those games :D see my beloved 1.6 players win those games :D
2012-09-23 17:46:38
1.6 fanboys faping now for sure...
2012-09-23 17:49:40
This shows that best CS players > best CSS players
2012-09-23 17:50:51
Actually last major css tournament VG lost to mTw 2-0 and then 16-7 to FullyTorqued on losers bracket. Not sure if they are as good as they used to be.
2012-09-23 21:19:24
LOw Prize for New Game..
2012-09-23 18:06:33
2012-09-23 18:28:29
seen alot of VP fanboys the past few days claiming VP is the best CS:GO team, apparently not..
2012-09-23 18:16:02
VP or VG? :D
2012-09-23 18:30:37
VG obv, typo
2012-09-23 19:10:50
VP = Virtus Pro
2012-09-23 18:32:46
VP = Vice President
2012-09-23 19:11:02
2012-09-23 18:35:15
so 43 out of 49 wins in CS:S tournes "BEST TEAM EVER" loses in 2 mas vs NiP

that is what happens, when "2nd league game players" compete with ELITE players

2012-09-23 18:48:12
seen as 2/5 of NiP players achieved far less than those of VG in source, I believe you are wrong. It is a different game. NiP were better today, nothing more to it.
2012-09-23 18:50:46
those 2/5 NiP players play in team with best 1.6 players, thats the point :)

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:03:04
2012-09-23 19:02:52
It's embarrassing seeing you, drusalnik and dbie post utter drivel 24/7 when you have literally have no clue what you're talking about.
2012-09-23 19:18:16
Then be a good saucer and go back to catred, since you know saucers are not liked here.
2012-09-23 19:37:55
In reality the general 1.6 scene despises apparent mongoloids such as yourself. Regardless as to whether I played source, you'd do us all a favour curling up into a ball and ending your existence.

Post edited 2012-09-23 20:38:43
2012-09-23 20:35:03
As i said, there is no reason for you to be here since nobody likes you yet you keep reading all the posts /threads about how bad saucers are and this game is. Maybe you actually like to be in a place like that, who knows.
2012-09-23 20:53:09
How I know you're quite a special individual is that you need a fake account to message me >;(
2012-09-23 21:23:02
Or maybe someone that has always been lurking till saucers infested this site. Nt thought.
2012-09-23 21:52:14
Or not.
2012-09-23 22:10:24
there are tons of reasons for him to be here. on the other hand, a mad kid, disrespectfull, annoying like urself, u shouldnt be around here...

this coming from a guy with 5 years of HLTV!
2012-09-24 13:29:29
2012-09-24 13:29:58
best best best CS:S team ever easely won vs NiP
VG would end in group stage if there would be teams like fnatic, NaVi, ECS playing CS:GO.
what I can`t understand?
maybe there is something YOU cannot understand ...

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:41:49
2012-09-23 19:37:55
I'm not getting into a tit for tat with you, since you can't actually pose a solid argument. I can guarantee VG will be better than NiP in 3 months, NiP wont be much better than what you've seen today.
2012-09-23 20:38:29
Bullshit, f0rest hasn't even "started" yet.

I'm sorry that you reach skill cap so quickly in your sauce, but contrary to popular belief csgo is no sauce.
2012-09-24 04:53:28
Did you notice the part where I said NiP?
2012-09-24 05:12:45
i actually agreed with everything u said above, but i cant agree with this one.. how can u possibly say that? the game is a couple of months old, NIP hasnt even started, trust me, they will get a lot better...

Post edited 2012-09-24 13:32:03
2012-09-24 13:31:48
2012-09-23 23:44:45
not fair, not a rival to their level :(

ESC Gaming must be
2012-09-23 19:20:55
Great Game By VG and NiP!
2012-09-23 19:24:04
don't care about CS:GO...but its funny to read CS:S fanboys...no offence ofc :)
2012-09-23 19:27:09
Neo plays CS:GO now. It's time for you to care, dude
2012-09-23 23:49:48
yeah maybe its a reason...but max i can watch couple of matches, thats all...This game is boring to watch and borning to play for me...only im a little bit curious about results :)
2012-09-24 04:40:19
Finally everyone can stfu about VG being better than NiP
2012-09-23 19:27:26
it was obvious that the team with 1.6ers would win,even with less skill on this game they have a lot more experience with fps games,if we take forest awards for exemple,he has more awards than the intire VG TEAM....

Post edited 2012-09-23 19:38:50
2012-09-23 19:38:38
wait what? you don't even know VG's awards for sure
2012-09-24 16:43:23
source players - 1.6 losers
2012-09-23 19:49:21
and f0rest keep winning....
2012-09-23 20:05:28
hey guys, I heard that there is no more 1.6 and CS:S players, just a CS:GO players and a lot of retarded cunts right here
2012-09-23 20:10:02
I had to go in the first map, when i left there were 13.5k viewers, how high did it go?
2012-09-23 20:20:33
2012-09-23 23:50:37
Amazing! Keep it up, NiP!
2012-09-23 20:46:56
easy 4 1.6 :D
2012-09-23 21:01:34
headshot percentage shows the school which they came from.

1.6 top players are obviously used to aim for the hs while the source players seem to be more of a spraying type.
2012-09-23 21:45:11
loool what a lame HS % for VG indeed :P
2012-09-23 22:00:10
@Weberr oh dear lord how stupid can you get?

For real look at the match see how random kennyS is how bad the maps are designed and how bad smokes are for this game the way they are at the moment they do more harm then good for teams = useless thing.

VG can get good in 3months fine but getting beaten by a team thats 3 months old after u've played similar engine game for 4-5years with the same guys just proves that they are avarage gamers and nothing special.

NiP have 3 players friberg and fiflaren are yet to prove they are actually above medicore source players.

Basicly Get_right won single handedly today the game vs VG.

Now if you have no arguments at all please don't call my writings drivel or what ever you did above because you actually have no clue.

Post edited 2012-09-23 23:38:57
2012-09-23 23:37:35
1) It's not the same game as CSS, don't know how many times you need that explaining to you.

2) Learn to use the reply button.

3) Friberg and Fifflaren both were up there with the rest of the team, if anything f0rest was lacking.

Now calm down, retard.
2012-09-23 23:47:18
f0rest never lacks, he just gives others opportunity to shine.
2012-09-24 04:47:45
Go to cadret plz
2012-09-24 18:22:57
What's that?
2012-09-24 18:31:07
f0rest won few quite important actions including 1v1 and was outaiming almost everyone, so stop posting clueless opinions cause you only embarass yourself.
2012-09-24 20:18:46
So FalleN was right after all hehhe
2012-09-23 23:48:03
Xizt beast!
2012-09-24 02:35:27
gw f0rp n co u did us proud.
2012-09-24 02:37:07
Not taking anything away from NIP they were great, but stop being CSS / CS1.6 Fanboys... it's a new game and thus far NIP have cemented themselves as the best! Give it a few more months and see what happens then when the game is tweaked and teams have had time to practice more
2012-09-24 09:28:58
rolf game
2012-09-24 09:38:34
Not taking anything away from NIP they were great, but stop being CSS / CS1.6 Fanboys... it's a new game and thus far NIP have cemented themselves as the best! Give it a few more months and see what happens then but this bullshit argument that one scene is some how better than the other is trash... the fact is both scenes will have good players and over time they will mix and match for the best lineups.
2012-09-24 09:42:25
so true..
2012-09-24 13:21:52
2012-09-24 16:38:14
So many virgins thinking that because a team with 3/5 players coming from 1.6 won your life is somehow better

Post edited 2012-09-24 10:16:57
2012-09-24 10:15:18
+1 <3

i'm a 1.6 player but reading the comments almost turned my face red of embarrassment.
2012-09-24 20:20:28
Yep, the ignorance of some(80%?) Members is just fucking unbearable. Honestly.
2012-09-26 17:38:53
Actually, I switched to GO from 1.6, and I found it pretty darn easy. Might be because I'm such a good gamer, though ;)
2012-09-24 12:49:47
2012-09-24 13:06:27
Don't read the article if you dont care. Pretty easy, huh?
2012-09-24 16:39:11
NiP the best CS:GO team, f0rest the best CS 1.6/CS:GO player ever
2012-09-24 13:37:12
wp nip ! it just the beginning
for those who aren't familiar with VG , i can assure you that they will come back stronger at the next event
2012-09-24 13:59:54
Reading these comments make me sad, please people, go lose your virginity or something. Just... Sad
2012-09-24 20:12:02
damn this tournament. the influx of noobs is so freaking annoying now
2012-09-24 21:00:28
2012-09-24 22:58:34
1.6 >>> CSS.

Actually, I tried to play GO and I found it's really another game. 1.6 stay more interesting, ecxept for money...
2012-09-25 15:56:37
2.5k $ for 1st place, nice money :D
2012-09-26 16:25:13
It was mainly a qualifier tournament for DH Winter which will have 45k€ Prize money -_-.

Typical User, who doesn't think what he writes at all, but just to post something wether it is useless or whatever.

This had to be said, my job here is done.
2012-09-26 17:37:19
great NiP
2012-09-27 16:28:56

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