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NiP defeat VeryGames to win ESWC
Time: 2012-11-04 17:08
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ninjas in Pyjamas have defeated VeryGames in what looked like a very one-sided game for the first three halves, 2-0 (16-3 on de_dust2_se, 16-14 on de_train_se) and won the first place prize of $10,000.

NiP quickly won the opening pistol round as counter-terrorists on de_dust2_se as VeryGames' middle to B attack didn't pan out as planned. Next save rounds were over quickly, as NiP lost a few members but still went up 3-0.

Fourth round saw Nathan "NBK" Schmitt score two entry frags, but a pair of kills from both Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund gave NiP their fourth round, forcing VG on a save.

Round six saw NiP push outside of long A to the T spawn, and left in a two-on-two situation Lindberg and Adam "friberg" Friberg prevailed. VeryGames then attempted taking catwalk, but were once again gunned down by the Swedes.

Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans had a one-on-one in round ten, but Friberg sprayed him at long, now practically ridiculing VeryGames with a 10-0 lead on the harder side of the map.

The Frenchmen finally won their first round at 1-11, but NiP in-game leader Richard "Xizt" Landström's three M4A4 kills and an assist devasteted VG's long take attempt. Next round Lindberg rushed middle thinking VG was saving and scored three M4A4 headshots, while Landström rushed long for the last two kills.

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux was left in a one-on-four in the final round of the half, that saw the Ninjas absolutely crush their opponents, as they went up 14-1 on the harder counter-terrorist side of de_dust2_se.

NiP proved they're the best CS:GO team in the world

VeryGames finally woke up in the second half, as Cédric "RpK" Guipouy's play on catwalk allowed them to win the round. NiP managed a bomb plant on their save round, and went for an early buy.

Lindberg's entry and Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson's three AK47 kills gave NiP a map point on their first buy as they attacked the B bombsite, and a similar attack in the next round closed the win for NiP with Alesund's two kills, 16-3.

Next map was de_train_se, where Schmitt's two P250 entry frags allowed his team to win the pistol round and gain an early 3-0 lead, the same number of rounds they managed to win in the entire first map.

VeryGames' inner fake to outer didn't work on round four as Friberg scored three headshots to stop the attack. Save towards inner got them two kills, as Alesund's auto sniper mowed down three terrorists.

NiP once again scored an easy win on the next round largely uncontested outside, and after VG's save round they regained the lead at 4-3. Next round came down to a one-on-one after Lindberg's three M4A4 kills, but Johansson's grenade took down Droolans.

Next round VG managed to penetrate NiP's defense in alley and went all the way into inner, but Alesund's two kills on the retake won NiP, who also scored the following save round without problems, the round.

After losing nine rounds in a row, Friberg once again shut VG down with three kills. Second to last round was littledifferent, as Lindberg got the entry and Friberg scored four frags to make it 11-3.

Fifflaren clinched the deciding round for NiP on the second map

VeryGames wouldn't stop trying to attack alley in the last round, as Friberg added two more frags to his collection of 18. It wasn't enough though, as Kenny "kennyS" Schrub, who literally carried his team in the semi-final versus Area51, clutched a one-on-two in the inner site.

The Frenchmen seemed to have caught some momentum from Schrub's round win, as they won the counter-terrorist pistol round as well as NiP's third round buy, setting themselves up with a 5-0 lead and finally some money control as NiP saved twice.

The Ninjas' outer attack was then shut down by the French incendiary grenades, but they successfully won a round at inner right after, putting them up 12-9. Friberg and Alesund then clutched a two-on-three, giving them their thirteenth round.

NiP then won their fourteenth round, as VG had to save. Next round came down to the wire, but Schrub could not match Alesund's fire power in a direct head-to-head duel, as NiP gained their first match point.

Next two rounds came both down to unfavorable one-on-one's for NiP, as Guipouy and Schmitt kept VG's hopes alive, while forcing NiP on a save round, cutting their deficit down to 12-15.

VeryGames won the next two rounds, but Johansson managed to win a one-on-two situation from brownhall, starting from a two-on-four with Landström, and clinch NiP a 16-14 and 2-0 overall victory at ESWC 2012.

ESWC 2012

K - D
HS %

K - D
HS %

ESWC 2012 final standings:

1. NiP - $10,000
2. VeryGames - $6,000
3. Area51 - $4,000
4. n!faculty
5-6. ESC Gaming
5-6. mousesports
7-8. ProGaming.TD
7-8. Anexis
9-10. LowLandLions
9-10. fm.TOXiC

While our coverage is over from Paris with ESWC wrapped up, you can expect more highlight clips to pop up in the coming days as our movie crew gets to work. HLTV.org will next head to Jönköping, Sweden for DreamHack Winter 2012 on November 22-24.

sick stuff nip!
2012-11-04 17:08:21
yeah and imo ESC gaming too have bright future.. better than anexis mouz
2012-11-04 17:45:28
it might help if they played mouz before we start saying that they're better :P
2012-11-04 17:54:11
Based on these Teams, Practice and results.. i'm sure, Navi & Fnatic will have pretty much good chance to be in top 5 .
2012-11-04 19:09:07
yep after 4 or 5 more big events, i think that the 1.6 veterans would have a big top performing than source engine playerz !!
2012-11-04 20:29:52
2012-11-04 17:08:22
gg deserved a 3rd map
2012-11-04 17:08:30
disagree. nip was all over them on both maps. without winning both pistols on train, vg wouldn't have made it as close as it was (they only won a single gun round in the first half, the very last round, for instance). vg, like everyone else, isn't at nip's level.


Post edited 2012-11-04 17:15:26
2012-11-04 17:10:01
2012-11-04 17:13:10
disagree 100% maybe if vg lost both pistol rounds n still managed 14-15 yeah but they won both pistol n still lost.
2012-11-05 06:40:21
EASY 1.6 > CSS
2012-11-04 17:08:30
Friberg #1 and fifflarren #3

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:12:08
2012-11-04 17:12:00
ok VG are a team for 4 yrs or whatever and NiP just formed some months ago and they beat the shit out of that team. That's what he means. And btw. GeT_RiGhT 1st.
2012-11-04 17:16:42
Smithzz played with shox and co few months ago and kennyS joined like 6 months ago so i dont know where you pulled off that 4 yrs... And btw, get_right 2nd.
2012-11-04 17:22:06
anyway f0rest and get_right are better than the dou from source tbh !
2012-11-04 17:48:29
actually GR 1st no offence
2012-11-06 16:53:19
ext6enz and rpk are in the team for 4 years, the others aren't.
2012-11-04 17:22:45
even rpk isnt...
2012-11-04 17:32:43
What was the lineup of the VG.CSS team?
2012-11-05 05:17:12
When? 4 years ago?
2012-11-05 14:33:50
Let's say for the last CSS tourney they had
2012-11-05 15:48:49
This same lineup. The last they played was like 3 weeks ago.
2012-11-05 16:16:52
sour grapes man, it must must suck to be you right now
2012-11-04 17:37:15
stich - HLTV.org
You are so wrong it makes my brain hurt
2012-11-04 17:42:50
VG have been swapping their lineup around for some time now, been a while since they could be classed as a stable team. They also spent time playing css after everyone else switched to csgo in order to win the last iseries css event. However having said that NiP are quite far ahead of them atm, they're gonna have to put some real work in if they want to challenge NiP for top spot because they looked completely out of ideas at times in that final.

To bouby313: as the guy above has already said the 2 source players for NiP in this event were much more influential than the 1.6 guys, and not just in the final.
2012-11-05 11:57:52
SOOOOOOOO TRUE..........NiP wouldn't be what they are without THOSE amazing CS:S players Friberg a mad-fragger beast and Fifflaren just insane AWP and backup sorry guys but NiP wouldn't be the best team out there without this exact mix of 1.6 legends with source prodigies... Let's get real
2012-11-04 17:17:21
friberg is really good, but you could replace fifflaren with at least 10 swedes and not see a drop in nip's level. the other four carry the team and it doesnt take a genius to figure out who of the players have always been winning and who havent, whatever game it is
2012-11-04 17:23:16
Yet there is no way to guarantee that any other swede in Fifflaren's role would hit his consistency level to keep NiP's performance balanced at all times right?
2012-11-04 17:25:59
that's the point,although i think delpan is better.
perhaps they will keep the lineup till they lose

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:39:28
2012-11-04 17:35:00
playing with the other four would make anyone better, as it has made fifflaren. he was never good in source, he was just average swedish player who never won tournaments, now he just has better teammates =D
2012-11-04 17:48:09
rofl, Playing in CGS and being on top for several years... Yeah average.
2012-11-04 18:38:18
being the worst css team in cgs where teams were picked based on popularit/how well they got along with gms instead of skill. yes, average.
2012-11-06 23:11:40
this is the whole SK|ahl argument all over again. Everyone said the exact same thing about him. As soon as ahl left, SK were never as good as they were with him despite his average fragging ability - he brought way more to the table in many different ways, just like Fifflaren does for NiP.

Post edited 2012-11-05 05:44:36
2012-11-05 05:43:55
ah so its happened once before which means its happening here as well. just like carn for fnatic right? man did those guys struggle
2012-11-06 23:11:07
fiflaren.....insan AWP :/. hes not bad and all but hes not even half of kennyS when it comes to AWP in GO
2012-11-04 17:32:54
:) true
2012-11-04 17:17:53

sorry bro, but u are wrong
2012-11-04 17:22:00

16 - 2
2012-11-04 18:37:31
2012-11-04 18:49:02
2012-11-07 08:18:38
It's not two seperate games anymore, jesus fucking christ..
2012-11-04 22:56:57
2012-11-04 17:08:39
[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@H@@[email protected]@
NiP > VG Anyday Anytime
2012-11-04 17:08:41
ofc :P
2012-11-04 17:45:44
yeah clash of the titans, NiP<3
2012-11-04 17:08:46
GTR, f0rest, Xizt > saucers
2012-11-04 17:08:56
2012-11-04 17:53:15
Good job Ninjas :)
2012-11-04 17:09:04
Boring match, way to easy. Expected VG to win train quite big after winning both pistolrounds and 1st gun round as ct.
2012-11-04 17:09:13
So low prize money :/
2012-11-04 17:09:15
it was never supposed to be anything else than a side tourney, so I think the prize money is all right.
2012-11-04 17:10:28
Considering they all got payed flights and hotels... It's not that bad.
2012-11-04 17:14:32
its not a official game yet. dota2 only had more 5k so i'd say its pretty good
2012-11-04 17:19:17
stich - HLTV.org
As much as we loved the CS:GO support we can't deny that ESWC is a shit-tier organization.
2012-11-04 17:44:16
its better than indian scam
2012-11-04 18:05:36

Ps: Look at your level Of mentality and be ashamed.
2012-11-04 18:09:54
it doesnt matter of my mentality. i'm just talking about fact. u r the only one who should be ashamed. arent u heard about indian scam???
2012-11-05 12:18:44
Why should i be ashamed of a scam event? LOL You need to raise your mental level because your points doesn't make any sense.

IGC was planned to be a scam everybody knew it except of some retarded noobs like you who thought it'll succeed.

And be more precise from now on, what the fuck do you mean by "indian scam"? If you're putting some facts then do it properly.
2012-11-05 14:54:43
NiP proved they're the best CS:GO team in the world - TRUE STORY!
2012-11-04 17:09:26
hey, area51 did pretty good :)
2012-11-04 17:20:15
yea they did very well too
2012-11-04 17:49:38
Nandu - HLTV.org
2012-11-04 17:09:28
2012-11-04 17:09:31
What a game by GeT_RiGhT! Great job NiP!

What's up now sAucers?
2012-11-04 17:09:35
Not much?
2012-11-04 17:18:32
Adam 'friberg' Friberg 47-29 +18 61.7 hs 1.42 rating.. whats up 1.6EEEEEEEEEEEEEEER
2012-11-04 17:26:23
You mad?
2012-11-04 17:30:03
yep hes just mad at himself coz his top saucers just got killed out there
2012-11-04 17:39:10
look at the overall stats please. Thanks, bye.
2012-11-04 17:53:47
2012-11-04 18:08:31
owned :d
2012-11-04 21:16:23
1 map?
2012-11-04 17:53:52
2012-11-04 18:38:02
WP NiP!!!!! =)

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:09:53
2012-11-04 17:09:35
gg ninjas, VG needs to wake up for DHW if they really want to win.. DreamHack is going to be a insane tournament!
2012-11-04 17:10:01
dreamhack will be really insane!
2012-11-04 17:13:58
2012-11-04 17:36:06
Feels devestating for the CS:GO scene that NiP is so far ahead of everyone else. It's as if they are the only serious team...
2012-11-04 17:10:01
friberg the king of alley :D
2012-11-04 17:10:03
esc :(
2012-11-04 17:10:25
Good game NiP.
However, maybe this game is fun to play, but sure as hell isn't to watch.
P.S. The sauce is no chili.
2012-11-04 17:10:27
the article was written before the game was over!!! Good guess! :)
2012-11-04 17:10:27
Or they wrote it whilst the game was being played
2012-11-04 17:11:25
obviously which is the best thing to do, so u don't miss anything...
2012-11-04 17:14:25
It's what they normally do :P
2012-11-04 17:27:55
because the result was too obvious. I bet writing this was more entertaining than watching kids getting ass-raped
2012-11-04 17:40:54
WP, awesome second map
2012-11-04 17:10:51
Why would source players be mad about this? lol

2012-11-04 17:10:58
GG Nip, well played from both teams :D
2012-11-04 17:11:03
nip best
2012-11-04 17:11:05
dust2 we should forget this versus NiP.
Well played from NiP, the VG playstyle is not working now. They must change that and if they want a chance to win NiP, they have to make a bootcamp.

Great playstyle from NiP and very good skill players, the 1vs3 from GeT_RiGhT on de_train was crazy, this guys is on another planet he can bring a big pressure, this is crazy !

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:12:09
2012-11-04 17:11:11
Welcome to the world of 1.6 players. :3
2012-11-04 17:13:05
1+ GeT_RiGhT ,f0rest and Xist is VERY VERY expected. Though as 1.6 player, I'm amazed with Fifflaren performance during the grand final vs VG. I'm very much surprised these 2 css players in NIP eventually matched-up to the same level as those 1.6 trios, having enourmous experience at international events during 1.6 prime for years, in NIP thus, making them as a complete and powerful dominator in this go scene.
2012-11-04 17:49:03
hahahahahaha lmfao ;p
2012-11-04 17:51:15
they don't have style or passion for me. no tactics, no waiting, no nice grenades. only gogogo and try to headshot. that will not work against get_right or xizt

P.S. funny moment on de_train when somebody shot with awp in forest's knees and killed him in head. nice game
2012-11-04 17:15:34
We are't watching the same team if you think they have no tactics... If anything I think NiP were more run and gun... They just happen to be incredible at it.
2012-11-04 17:20:08
look at get_right for example. he is always behind his enemies. that's tactics
2012-11-04 17:24:11
Not really, they plant B and he rotates tp cut off the player wrapping around from popdog, thats not tactics, its common sense.
2012-11-04 17:31:45
verygames has way more planned strategies than nip. telling one of your players to flank isn't "tactics".

vg has tons of executions and clearly set plans, while nip plays more freely but because they are, clearly i might add, much more skilled, it still works great for them
2012-11-04 17:50:46
strategies is not tactics. and tactics rise only with teamplay. i have not seen any teamplay from verygames. their teamplay in 3vs3 or 2vs2 is horrible
2012-11-04 18:10:32
2012-11-04 18:12:53
oh i don't know. try to read wikipedia if you have not learned it in army
2012-11-04 18:15:39
in cs terminology a strategy = a tactic, i'm sorry to rain on your parade but counter-strike isn't real life war, it's just a video game
2012-11-04 18:17:18
was prob a wall bang
2012-11-04 18:17:54
NiP won VG on d2 because they have so much aim atm, VG will match up at Dh i think.
If they can match up with aim, no way NiP win.
You could see in train,where is way more tactical map, 16-14.
NiP rounds were 1 smoke, and rush , and that aim JIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
VG is way more tactical gamestyle then NiP.

GG NIP and VG.
2012-11-04 18:23:15
train loosing the 2 guns rounds is game over on lot of match.. it would have been a other rape if nip had won just one

Post edited 2012-11-04 19:17:07
2012-11-04 19:16:24
The round that gave NiP was the one ,that they were 3vs2(2 nip), smithz didnt look properly, they managed to kill rpk almost from the back , then kennys , then smithz.
Then ECO, etc...
Then VG made some mistakes that couldnt happen.
Like that pistol at T, jizz, get_right almost clutch ? LOL

VG playd very well, NiP even better. thats it
2012-11-05 01:32:07
gg both
2nd map was great
2012-11-04 17:11:27
GTR insane!!!
2012-11-04 17:11:33
Well done NiP!
I'm disappointed about VG's play, I expected a very tight game with 3 map..
Can't wait for [email protected], they will show us some skill.. :p
2012-11-04 17:11:34
look at the prize money
2012-11-04 17:11:36
different times
last year the first place got 12k and it was 1.6
2012-11-04 17:14:38
at the same time though, this was the 1st major CS:GO LAN where different continents were actually involved and giving eachother semi real competition (NiP pretty much ran over everyone though). The game isn't more than a few months old, and the word is getting out on it, sponsors have just started to inch towards the game on a broad scale, and in the upcoming events, more money will be pooled together for prizes. at least we hope :p
2012-11-04 19:34:38
Done, now what?
2012-11-04 17:15:30
Look at how ESWC went bankrupt a few years later..
2012-11-04 17:15:57
good second map. friberg was really impressive.

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:13:27
2012-11-04 17:11:42
we must wait navi,fnatic,ESC(with concentrate), virtus pro... to watch great finals.
2012-11-04 17:11:47
ESC(with practice) you have to say
they are new yet, but already beat 2 saurces team overrated
2012-11-04 17:15:10
The two teams they beat would struggle being the top10 in source though.
2012-11-04 17:22:46
please tell me top10 source teams.
if i'm not wrong the danes that ESC beat was top2 ESWC 2011

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:27:16
2012-11-04 17:24:00
Would be something like this in any given order.

Copenhagen Wolves
TT Dragons
And probably FM Toxic as a 9th or 10th place.
2012-11-04 17:35:43
and why mTw and mousesports weren't on eswc?
ESC beat the best danes and best UK saurces on cs:go

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:39:15
2012-11-04 17:38:53
Anexis was not the best source team. Some of the best danish source players stopped playing when GO came along.

mTw are having roster problems and mousesports are not really playing anymore. You asked for the best source teams.
2012-11-04 17:46:50
i know that cajunb and weber were superstars on cs:s
and man, right now anexis is the best team from denmark and toxic from UK. they won qualify

Post edited 2012-11-04 18:12:49
2012-11-04 18:09:05
You are a little thinkskulled i guess so i will explain it once again.

Source is dead. So i give you the best teams from when source was still going. That is what you asked for. Anexis was not the best team in Denmark. Not now and not then. They were the best team on the day for the qualifiers but not in general.

Toxic is the best UK team because mousesports doesn't really play anymore. And besides that the UK scene is very weak. Toxic as i stated further up woudl maybe make it in the top10 as 9th or 10th place.

Yes weber and cajun are good players from source but are both playing in new teams that's not as good as their old teams. It's a teamgame.

And pleeease if you reply. Use soem common sense and logic please.

2012-11-04 18:23:40
i was correct on my first comment, people thought that these teams were strong enough for ESC.
2012-11-04 18:37:35
ok so you are stupid...
2012-11-04 19:25:24
The Anexis team is in my oppinion the the 3rd best danish team.
2012-11-04 17:36:35
friberg so fking stronk!!!!

just too much for VG!!!
2012-11-04 17:11:49
I have never seen so boring final
2012-11-04 17:11:49
wow, didn't realise Na'Vi ever beat SK that emphatically, especially considering that SK lineup is incredible.
2012-11-04 18:07:29
That fiinal was ridiculous
2012-11-04 19:06:48
get right 11 frags in 2 maps... lol.
2012-11-04 19:24:40
and the lowest fragger from Na`Vi has more kills than the highest fragger from SK :D
2012-11-06 00:07:11
barca 6-2 r.madrid : it's interesting and very fun to watch.
barca 6-2 zaragoza : it's NOT interesting.
do you understand ?
2012-11-04 19:52:30
But this is go
2012-11-05 07:54:16
cs:go stronk, in ten years Nip will be remembered as the first world champion, just like in 1.6

great play, great tournament
friberg is sick: mvp of final, and guess what? he comes from source

cs:go stronk
haters wroooonkkkkk
1.6 deaded
2012-11-04 17:11:50
csgo won't last more than 5 months with 15k playing it.
2012-11-04 17:13:12
fuck off kid
2012-11-04 17:13:28
2012-11-04 17:14:00
Go cry in the corner, kid.
2012-11-04 17:14:07
im not crying, im so happy
1.6 fanboys are crying and mad
2012-11-04 17:15:28
Nope u are; cuz ur fav team got raped today in front of the whole world.

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:18:58
2012-11-04 17:18:43
what are you talking about ???
2012-11-04 17:20:47
lol, pretend to be ignorant now, good that suits you.
Anyways I'll paraphrase it for you in case you are really that dumb.
Since you are obviously a saucer, it must feel good that the team that dominated your beloved game for almost its entire life is getting fisted so badly.
But its good that you find it comforting that its being fisted by couple of your own saucers who by the way were NO-NAMERS up until NiP picked them up.
2012-11-04 17:46:59
dafuq is wrong with you indian
i'm not a saucer, i never played that game

I'm just a guy who supports cs:go and like the game.
2012-11-04 17:58:07
you aren't a 1.6er either brazilian.

what else do you expect when you flame 1.6 on hltv.org
2012-11-04 19:23:17
believe whatever you want indian
i'm not flaming 1.6 just saying it is dead (wich is a fact)
2012-11-04 19:57:36
alrite brazilian, whatever you say.
2012-11-04 20:52:32
sauce never burnt SO WOT?
2012-11-04 17:14:42
Why couldn't he do shit against VG when he played Source?
2012-11-04 17:53:21
no idea, never followed source scene, did you ?
2012-11-04 17:59:27
hah not really
2012-11-07 08:19:31
ezpz, VeryGames wouldn't be a top 20 team in 1.6, just wait till ESC, fnatic and Na'Vi get in shape, VeryGames won't win another title they should've stayed in Source.
2012-11-04 17:12:36
NiP are good because they have many insight from their source players, otherwise they wouldn't have won shit, it's obvious you need saucers to win in GO
2012-11-04 17:14:14
maybe you need them to learn the engine but after that they are not more skilled than average 1.6 players.
2012-11-04 17:16:00
that's true, source players are average players as a whole
2012-11-04 17:16:39
+1 a mixture of both is perfect
2012-11-04 17:16:16
nope, NiP could kick one of their source players and no one would notice.
2012-11-04 17:18:03
friberg #1 MVP
2012-11-04 17:23:42
only that he got most kills doesnt mean his is MVP.MVP award should definetely go to GeT_RiGhT that 1vs3 was amazing thats a real MVP!
2012-11-04 17:55:58
That's a really risky statement to make. on one hand, if you're a 1.6 guy, and you see guys like Fifflaren and Friberg next to f0rest, Xizt, and GeT_RiGhT, then you probably want to analyze them to find weak points that would justify NiP replacing them.

Fact of the matter is, both Fifflaren and Friberg have been dominating every team they've played. They have been so perfect at executing their roles on the team, and they could easily top the scoreboards in any given match.

To replace either of those players would set back NiP an unfair amount, where they would need to spend months getting their fifth player accustomed to everything they have figured out as a team. They also have no reason to even consider that, considering they haven't lost a map on LAN yet.
2012-11-04 19:41:20
NiP demonstrating that is unrivaled
2012-11-04 17:12:55
Rofl at the retards who are "What's up Saucers" after friberg and fifflaren's performance.

GG NiP!!! Absolutely dominant at the moment!

2012-11-04 17:13:51
2012-11-04 17:15:39
+1 poor bastards
2012-11-04 17:16:40
What's up Saucers?

friberg and fifflaren have 0 source tournament wins, they are only in NiP because the 1.6ra needed help with the engine.

they wouldn't be playing the ESWC if not for their 3 teammates.

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:18:20
2012-11-04 17:16:52

whats up SAUCERS !!!

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:21:07
2012-11-04 17:20:45
vg > ESC
2012-11-05 16:12:17
rightnow yes.
2012-11-05 16:34:02
man, im telling, i have a lot of laughs reading ur comments, seriously.. what do u have against source players? did any1 of them fucked ur sister or something? :)
2012-11-04 17:23:42
excuse me, source players don't have sex

2012-11-04 17:37:31
oh yeah, right.. sorry

2012-11-04 17:39:03
cause sauce is bed
2012-11-04 17:39:45
sauce? whats sauce?
2012-11-04 17:42:20
just the retarded kids
2012-11-04 17:53:15
Fifflaren won the CGS European finals playing for Berlin Allianz.
2012-11-04 18:11:39
+1 :DDD
2012-11-04 17:19:25
yeah but its typical around here. :)
2012-11-04 17:24:41
I rarely comment against these shit-for-brains. I have never played Source in my life, always been a 1.6 fan. But this is just hilariously ridiculous.

They make me miss fodder sometimes XD
2012-11-04 17:29:27
ahahah he was something :D kinda like a hltv rockstar if u know what i mean. but USA had a rising star in this field lately, Tromhat :) i really miss that guy. he was really funny
2012-11-04 17:38:32
Definitely better than these retards
2012-11-04 17:43:39
2012-11-04 17:13:55
2012-11-04 17:14:38
GTR fucking beast
2012-11-04 17:14:49
Too easy.
2012-11-04 17:14:56
Should be just like this tournament at Dreamhack for NiP, gg.
2012-11-04 17:15:03
don't say that
DHW have to be better
2012-11-04 17:19:14
Maybe :) but still my bet is on NiP.
2012-11-04 17:31:18
2012-11-04 17:31:40
NiP for shore :) gg boys ... it was pretty exciting watching Rahim stream :D Tons of fun was there


but 1.6 Sill in my <3
2012-11-04 17:15:06
2012-11-04 17:15:28
Good game, would of preferred a closer final though. Will be really keen to watch Dreamhack.
2012-11-04 17:15:35
Clash Of The Titans :D

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:16:17
2012-11-04 17:15:53
GG, I expected 3 maps or a tight game
2012-11-04 17:16:14
hopefully NiP keep up their motivation for dreamhack winter, that is going to be a totally different test, way more maps to play and more teams to play against. Looking forward to it. Grats to a51 as well... maybe dreamhack can invite them now as one of their last 2 invites? :)
2012-11-04 17:16:16
hope they get the invite, great team!
2012-11-04 17:17:49
Dreamhack did invite them, but they could not afford to fly out to Europe again so quickly, especially since they have sea LAN next week also
2012-11-04 17:18:48
How many teams will attend DH Winter? :D
2012-11-04 17:19:41
TricoN - HLTV.org
2012-11-04 17:25:17
16, and a slightly more full and interesting field. The tournament structure of dreamhack is more spectator friendly, includes way more games.
2012-11-04 21:44:01
VG lost on purpose obly
2012-11-04 17:16:35
fuck off
2012-11-04 17:16:56
Yeah they were saving strats!
2012-11-04 17:20:24
savin strats for dreamhack..right
2012-11-04 17:21:52
ofc they did. its so obv
2012-11-04 20:02:20
2012-11-05 01:34:19
NIP the best team far
2012-11-04 17:17:13
good finals, gg 1.6 players :D except friberg well played

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:19:31
2012-11-04 17:17:21
friberg stronk
2012-11-04 17:17:54
well done NiP more than deserved
2012-11-04 17:18:07
NiP 2good.
ESCW didn't run their event very well.
1.6 deaded.
2012-11-04 17:18:13
VG 2noob.
ESCW didn't run their event very well.
Sauce deaded.
2012-11-04 19:51:03
Deserved , NIP is a machine gtr amazing
2012-11-04 17:18:31
as long as no 1.6 teams take this game seriously NiP will get all the money
2012-11-04 17:20:12
2012-11-04 19:56:13
loser mentality
2012-11-05 15:53:22
friberg No°1
2012-11-04 17:20:20
Well play NiP.
gl next time VG.
2012-11-04 17:20:24
As time goes by and more teams get some hours in GO VG will get their asses kicked by more and more teams. There's like 4 or 5 teams in Sweden better than VG and DH is going to be a disaster for them
2012-11-04 17:22:58
Yeah, Na'Vi maybe too :)
2012-11-04 18:02:09
yeah, tell me more about them :)
2012-11-05 01:35:34
Nip gave up rounds in train on purpose in order to make the game more exciting and get more spectators. Its fifflarens fault we didnt see third map when he accidentally pressed enter and awped last VG down while he was actually typing "kill" in console :(
2012-11-04 17:20:26
2012-11-04 17:24:39
2012-11-04 17:26:49
2012-11-04 17:32:11
2012-11-04 18:02:31
2012-11-04 19:04:58
2012-11-04 19:51:38
Good one! LOL
2012-11-04 21:03:00
The best CS:GO team in the world :D

gj ninjas
2012-11-04 17:21:27
when the ceremony begins?
2012-11-04 17:21:47
sad for VG :(
2012-11-04 17:21:53
vods? couldn't watch :(
2012-11-04 17:22:54
easy for NiP gj Guys !
2012-11-04 17:23:20
stop it you idiots
there are not source or 1.6 players anymore
just cs:go players
it a new game!!!
2012-11-04 17:24:38
thats why you write "1.6 deaded" in almoste every dogshit comments you post on hltv.org.

nice logic.
2012-11-04 18:20:03
well 1.6 is dead and so is source. thats why it doesn't make sense to post 1.6 > source or whatever
both are dead games with no competitive scene
2012-11-04 18:41:23
Can't wait for fnatic and Navi to join CS:GO, will be great!
2012-11-04 17:24:44
The stats speak for itself,both last encounter at Spain and this one here in France,VERYGAME's rating was below 1.Kinda hoping ESC to catch up on soon to play against NIP.
2012-11-04 17:25:28
god i miss the poles :D

btw, any VOD?

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:26:17
2012-11-04 17:25:59
A little bit to boring because NiP is to strong atm for anyone. :/
2012-11-04 17:26:15
Hi cauces
2012-11-04 17:26:46
1.6 power! :D
2012-11-04 17:29:12
NiP Winning Moment

2012-11-04 17:29:33
They're shocked :D

Thanks for share.
2012-11-04 18:22:49
Friberg and fifflaren was absolutely incredible and did really some crucial picks and decisions that made Nip win that second map. I did miss some action from Xizt though.

Dust 2 was just a total massacre, no comments.

Great job Nip, you really deserved that gold medal!
2012-11-04 17:31:24
gg NiP!
2012-11-04 17:32:09
Now be serious how god awful was this final?

Sorry but if i wasn't a cs fan i wouldn't of known that ESWC was even going at the moment.

GO has nothing on 1.6

It is a low level game and the sad fact is we/you have to play it and watch it.
Wich makes things even more dire for the cs community it will die out like the Quake sadly GO has no potential.

Proven again NiP over every one with easy wins.

Sad game is sad, boring finals were boring and if any one expected anything else i guess you mates are just dreamers.
2012-11-04 17:32:35
i found it exciting...and 1.6 was more boring the past two years than cs:go to me...but i play counter-strike 11 years i don't know about you...also stop crying about 1.6 and cs:go its a game in the end of the day...there are tons of better games than counter-strike 1.6 and you keep on blabbering and crying in every post

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:37:29
2012-11-04 17:35:14
I don't believe that you have thought of all the aspects here. It takes time to adapt to a new game and get use to it, Nip was very early on bringing together a strong CS:GO team with talent.

I think CS:GO have some potential if Valve just can update it proparly.
2012-11-04 17:41:20
Wow is there any stream that starts from the very beginning of the match? Every one of them starts with 8-0 O.o

I feel kinda sad now. Males have been completely sidelined by females.
2012-11-04 17:32:42
17 streams and 250 235 viewers in total..without counting the gotv spectators

cs:go got in first big tournament like 10x more viewers than cs 1.6 got in most followed 1.6 final

cs:go already so much more popular than 1.6 ever was, as i expected

Post edited 2012-11-04 17:44:09
2012-11-04 17:35:59
10700 viewers to be precise :)
2012-11-04 17:38:12
2012-11-04 17:40:08
2012-11-04 17:47:11
Cool story bro.
2012-11-04 17:52:16
where did you get those made up numbers?
2012-11-04 17:54:55
Yea and Unicorns are real
2012-11-04 17:57:47
wtf 250.235 viewers? hahahah
2012-11-04 22:13:39

You made me laugh, congratz!
2012-11-04 23:15:21
Very disappointed, I was hoping VG would take this. Good tournament, though =)
2012-11-04 17:36:06
good game indeed !
2012-11-04 17:36:06
Grats Nip & co
2012-11-04 17:36:22
Somebody forgot the female CSGO final?
They deserve a news :D

Btw, congrats NiP.
2012-11-04 17:39:36
\Ubinited/ \Ubinited/ \Ubinited/ \Ubinited/ \Ubinited/
2012-11-04 17:43:30
VeryGames needs to buy GTR for 5 million dollars to win!!
2012-11-04 17:43:36
stich - HLTV.org
To be honest I think both Area 51 and ESC would have put up more of a fight against Nip in a final situation but for some reason, VG was more confident and aggressive with those two teams
2012-11-04 17:47:14
GG NIP very impressive !!!
VG should still work again ....
2012-11-04 17:53:38
@her-1g keep saying what ever you like my friend.
Facts are there you might like the new change good for you i think its complete and utter garbage.

Yes there better games out there then 1.6 but they are not called counter-strike.

CS:GO is supposed to be the next big step bringing both communitys together and all that jazz but to be honest it just turned in to another source snore fest.
Stop denying it because even if your blind your eyes will get gauged out with the sourceness in this pathetic try of a new counter strike.

That been said yet again by me i do hope they update it some day so it becomes a better over all game then 1.6.

But at the moment it is simply just not.
Sadly the money are in this game not something better in the FPS scene so till they figure out how to actually make this watchable and enjoyable i'll stay away and avoid tournaments like the plague.

Have fun watching this garbage.
2012-11-04 17:54:14
nice shirts NiP, and VG ahahaha "Clash of the titans" "we are lot better", it's just titans vs bugs ahaha go to hell VG no more cheer for this no humility guys
2012-11-04 17:57:12
so low money :( feel sorry about the competitive fps i mean cs:go is ok but ppl play rpgs more than fps 4sure :( thats why there are so low, i mean the money :D and yeah i want dota 2 it looks entertaining
2012-11-04 17:58:15
fucking good job NiP
2012-11-04 17:58:19
2012-11-04 18:08:37
I think we are way better right now. People can just watch the game and they will see it. We have way more skill and more team play, so I think we are a lot better. This is going to be the clash of the titans, really an awesome match. Revenge? Yes, obviously.
2012-11-04 18:12:43
better than before, maybe. but definately not better than NiP! :)
2012-11-04 18:31:12
nice nip , however, DISGRACEFUL ESWC.... no main stage, this is ridiculous
2012-11-04 18:15:05
Fifflaren screwed up many crucial situations, he got lucky in the last round in the 1v1. He should be replaced in my opinion with some fresh talent from BuggIT.
2012-11-04 18:21:27
will never happen since he lives with friberg :P
2012-11-04 18:30:25
They don't live together anymore.
2012-11-04 18:34:41
Lucky? He killed kennyS in CT spawn, made a legshot onto Ex6tenZ who he killed with a grenade later, then he patiently waited for RpK to make a move. That is not luck, moron.
2012-11-04 18:34:24
damn you're so cool insulting me behind a PC kiddo. And as i said he got lucky in the last round (even if he missed a dozen of shots) but all across the match he fucked up all the clutch situations. Now go fuck off and die you cunt.
2012-11-05 12:01:51
18k viewers total :( remember IEM had 70k ?
2012-11-04 18:32:21
get your facts because speaking.

17 streams and 250 235 viewers in total..without counting the gotv spectators

cs:go got in first big tournament like 10x more viewers than cs 1.6 got in most followed 1.6 final

cs:go already so much more popular than 1.6 ever was, as i expected
2012-11-04 18:40:23
stop trolling
2012-11-04 18:46:55
what kind of bulshit are u saying
2012-11-04 18:48:53
if you think that csgo is more popular than the original cs then chop ur balls off and eat 'em...
2012-11-04 18:58:47
u crazy bro? :D thats impossible
2012-11-04 19:50:23
what are you talking about ?

Post edited 2012-11-04 20:00:02
2012-11-04 19:59:36
250 235, are you for real?
2012-11-04 20:13:43
ye but that counts everyone that loggin and out not how many online at the same time lol
2012-11-04 21:53:08
u need to repair ur head get a life
2012-11-04 23:33:04
u really r on extaaaacy
2012-11-05 16:21:48
This cs go is so boring. i couldnt sustain more than 10 minutes watching stream. The whole game is uncompetitive. it all looks like a deathmatch in call of duty. everybody is running threw the hole map shouting to everything, scenery is very complicated requiring more skills to find an enemy than to kill him. Hope this game will fall soon if not this will be the end of esport.
2012-11-04 18:37:01
dark maps and garbage on every place, the guys from valve need to know what is a sun.

Post edited 2012-11-04 18:46:34
2012-11-04 18:46:12
hey! this just in! you are a retard!
2012-11-06 16:47:51
2012-11-04 18:47:54
tell me more about the numbers of viewers on the finals, please, csgo believers and saucers
2012-11-04 18:52:34
So uh... NiP to win at DH Winter too?
2012-11-04 18:58:30
No. Na`Vi!
2012-11-04 19:27:18
who cares?csgo is shit
2012-11-04 18:58:50
I was wondering....

If VG were playing 1.6 instead of css they would have been a mediocore team and in css they are the best???

2012-11-04 19:00:23
sure :)
2012-11-04 20:29:52
vg > esc

16 - 2
2012-11-05 16:13:01
insane final
2012-11-04 19:14:23
2012-11-04 19:20:59
vg need sixer and majer ,some real aim skill

Post edited 2012-11-04 19:25:52
2012-11-04 19:25:29
2012-11-04 20:34:17
2012-11-05 05:25:30
great final!

and now....where is that pro "ritch" who said that friberg is noob and he is low on lan" where are you idiot? :)
2012-11-04 19:30:29
To be honest, this is the first LAN friberg have EVER done well. He was the biggest crumbler in CS:S.

Though he obviously sacrificed alot to get that good, since he've gained 20-30kilos since 2010.
2012-11-05 16:31:45

Post edited 2012-11-04 19:44:56
2012-11-04 19:44:37
It was fun match to watch, I mean it was again train map which turned out to be quite a competition between both teams to watch in this unbalanced map.

Dust2 was just ridiculous, VG were good, but NiP was one level above them. No, not just individual play, but VGs strong point, tactics, was trashed, because NiP were playing very agressively and pulled out a lot suprise attacks VG players didn`t expect. Having good strats is one thing, but NiP trumped it over with dynamical play.
I guess it was lack of experience and VG probably haven`t experienced such play against themselves yet.

Post edited 2012-11-04 20:10:37
2012-11-04 20:07:54
no poland comments no poland fans haha
2012-11-04 20:12:53
Yeah well , NiP for the moment is the best CS:GO team and this situation will probably stay for several months since it's a new game , few more top teams are switching just now to GO and teams still need to pracc more and understand the game.

In my opinion this game runs too much fast. I never tried to play GO and probably won't do it as well since I don't have time for it - but it seems like everyone is rushing too much , players lost their calm ingame.
Can't really remember too much situations of nice slow tactics like we had in CS 1.6 , also on clutch situations players from the side who got the advantage tend to rush instead of using the advantage of time.
In CS 1.6 players knew how to play slow and smart - in CS:GO it looks like they adapt the style of "spray N pray" while rushing and throwing nades.

This tournament was nice , better from the previous one since this time we could see a bigger list of good teams - but I'm quite disappointed from the gameplay and from the level. Teams can be, and will be much better in the future - for the moment .. I can't see a brilliant team, not even NiP.

Oh and please STOP using this mode which allows you to see CT & T players with some strange yellow / blue aura throw walls !
The game is full with graphics and details , please don't add more crap to it - you're destroying my eyes -_-
2012-11-04 20:29:49
new tactics and such takes times so in future will probably be better and some slower teams maybe? well i missed like everything so i might be wrong
2012-11-04 21:49:18
Due to molotolovs there is no reward for playing it slow. Cts are aiming to get as much information as possible so they can trow molly to stop any confirmed push towards theyr defended zone. That`s why on T side that`s risky to take time as it just means chopping down your own lifetime, as players can`t just drop sneaking mode to rush in site when theyr cover is blown, one molly will be enough to let all cts to rotate to where ts are. And they can trow 4 more mollies for good measure.
2012-11-05 01:47:33
I was quite surprised to see molotovs on ESWC , this grenade should be banned asap , the gameplay with molotovs is just not fun and professional.
2012-11-05 11:31:38
anyone know why everyones playing with arrowkeys?
2012-11-04 21:14:27
i missed the final any recorded? :)
2012-11-04 21:47:13
2012-11-04 21:53:34
f0rest, GTR and Xizt are unbeatable :D
2012-11-04 21:59:35
Winning the 1.6 skill... GG f0rest, GTR, and Xizt!!! i'm so happy :)
2012-11-04 22:10:58
dno why but im starting to like to spectate CSGO games :)
2012-11-04 23:00:21
GG NiP, and - WP !


f0rest GeT_RiGhT Xizt MODDII Delpan

OMG! Unf***ingbeatable 1.6 lineup, but BB and farewell to CS 1.6 !

Welcome CS:GO

2012-11-05 00:56:27
Area 51 all the way

2012-11-05 01:01:02
f0rest mvp

very good more overall in championship
2012-11-05 01:55:03
once they said...in the next even VG will crush them..bla bla bla..
btw if they put any other top 1.6 players from sweden they will still be the best team.. nip + moddi would be fun....still they are unstopabble this way... but source players stop saying that the source duo makes the diference. u know its not true. put them in any other team.. and theyll be like top 6/7. the difference is playing with getright forest and xizt..and playing against them :D
2012-11-05 02:11:15

finally a portuguese with brain ;)
2012-11-05 05:27:21
2012-11-05 12:57:07
Does anyone actually have mildly accurate spectator numbers for the final?
2012-11-05 02:39:09
18K is the reasonable number

very very low, specially when you consider Valve made GO free to play for ESWC's weekend...
2012-11-05 02:42:03
that GOTV or official stream as well?

Shame the stream wasn't on twitch.....
2012-11-05 09:32:46
Actually we don't have the right numbers.

brito is a butthurt hater :)
2012-11-06 16:51:16
I would be lying, if I said that I didn't expect sth like this.
I kinda feel bad for Valve cause even making CS:GO free didn't increase the number of viewers dramatically. Keeping in mind that they draw spectators from 2, even 3 communities -.-'
2012-11-05 04:10:05
This sauce_is_bed is fricken brain dead idiot LOl. Anyone who reads his post drops IQ by 5....

Cs1.6 and source is finished, stop fucking mentioning it you geek.
2012-11-05 06:31:19
deserved 3rd place for Area51 imo they could've done better if they bootcamped like the TD guys
2012-11-05 07:58:48
they bootcamped
2012-11-05 10:23:30
Nerds. Hate GTR and f0rp!
2012-11-05 09:11:36
Jealous makaroniboy.
2012-11-07 09:29:30
Yep, I am jealous :)
2012-11-07 10:33:02
VG has to make a line up chane if they want to win anything in the future :). And that is a fact. NIP awesome game. The best atm.
2012-11-05 09:18:54
good luck guys
2012-11-05 09:29:20
haha nip is on the best way to destroy CS:GO at all, who care about game where winner is known before? watching game itself is boring now it is twice boring

Post edited 2012-11-05 09:42:33
2012-11-05 09:40:43
only lucky is important in this game
2012-11-05 10:08:18
less text!
more photos! Please!!!
2012-11-05 10:19:40
2012-11-05 16:05:09
say wut? kennys a beast!
2012-11-05 16:20:27
Kennys missed awp shots in this game. Kennys was clearly not as beast as you sayd.

Post edited 2012-11-05 16:25:23
2012-11-05 16:24:29
he just needs time, as he is 17 years old he might need more experience like swag
2012-11-05 16:27:31
He's not a robot. It's OK for humans to miss sometimes)
But, anyway, he is a great AWPer. One of the best snipers in GO at the time.

Post edited 2012-11-05 17:16:10
2012-11-05 17:15:54
My point is that saying that kenny is a beast is inappropiate response to lost match where he did not show his best. I wouldn`t say anything back if he performed as well as he did at his previous match against NiP at train.
2012-11-05 17:26:30
2012-11-06 00:30:23
Fifflaren/friberg would never win without the 1.6 trio but would the trio win without the source duo I bet so. Once the higher skilled 1.6 players get accustomed to this game its gonna be all over for VG. Millenium is far more skilled and way less tactical in my eyes..fnatic esc navi r gonna have a field day with these less seasoned players its evident
2012-11-06 03:51:52
I have been thinking the same thing. Source players seem to lack some game intelligence and strategic knowledge.

I watched all games from ESC in ESWC and they were already a really good competition to other teams, because of their strategies and skills to execute those strategiss are in such a high level. The reason ESC dropped in the groupstage was because their poor aim in cs:go. Once they get their aim to hit something, they will wipe the floor with teams like Anexis etc.
2012-11-07 08:55:19
Why is it a surprise to you guys that 1.6 players are obviously better then source players.

Source for the last 2-3 years has had maybe 1 or 2 teams with salaries top with 1-2 big international lans a year.

1.6 has had tons of salaried teams with shit like IEM and tons of huge international tournies where they have to play at a higher level.

2012-11-08 02:27:49
Nice game Ninjas :D btw guys could u please tell me how to create or join a CS:GO clan ??? thx
2012-11-08 20:20:07
This news is not linked to its event.
2013-03-26 17:22:38

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