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AdreN: "I like CS:GO better than 1.6"
Time: 2012-12-30 02:55
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Our fellow reporters at Navi-Gaming.com have released a video interview with Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev, which was conducted during ASUS Final Battle of the Year.

The Kazakhstani star is currently plying his trade for Virtus.pro, who boast a lineup that contains some of the most successful 1.6 players in Eastern Europe.

Last week, Virtus.pro finished second at the SLTV StarSeries finals, losing to ESC Gaming in the tournament decider to walk away with a $3,000 cheque.

Before that, Kystaubayev and his team-mates relived the golden days of 1.6 as they took part in the ASUS Final Battle of the Year, where they clinched the bronze.

During that event, which was won by KerchNET, Navi-Gaming.com sat down with Kystaubayev, who discussed the process of creating this Virtus.pro lineup, the team's difficult transition to CS:GO and also his own opinion about the game.

The interview was conducted in Russian, but there are English subtitles which will help you understand what is being discussed.

u sure?
2012-12-30 02:56:23
lie to me
2012-12-30 04:01:31
2012-12-30 15:44:53
dont play cs go... is the worst game of 2012... a fail for valve... top teams need money and they care only about money... valve pays to adren.. adren is a noob... he pay to vp to play... who the f*CK is adren?

see the stats-- people dont care about cs go...

Post edited 2012-12-30 15:54:00
2012-12-30 15:48:43

see the stats-- cs:go is growing*
fixed it for you :)
2012-12-30 15:59:57
because its wekend! dahhhhhhhhhh

http://steamgraph.net/index.php?action=graph&a.. cs 1.6 grow on weekend

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2012-12-30 16:00:44
Time 18.11.2012-30.12.2012
2012-12-30 16:19:06
i talk now.. but yes,.. a new game for 10 euros... a lot of promotion with a game 5euros... and people dont buy the game anyway.. all people knows the game is a fail... this is a true
2012-12-30 16:42:19
2012-12-31 01:06:37
why dont u stfu? like nobody gives a shit
2013-01-03 20:52:04
Time 18.11.2012-30.12.2012

2012-12-30 16:23:10
i talk now...
2012-12-30 16:41:10
tru story
2012-12-31 07:39:37
hahahahaha I like the Memento reference
2013-01-03 03:05:11
How much did they pay adren?

Post edited 2012-12-30 05:19:14
2012-12-30 05:19:00
AdreN paid VP to have the chance to play for the team ;))
2012-12-30 06:33:28
2012-12-30 11:09:39
Is a game that he is better at, that is why he likes it

Post edited 2012-12-30 13:26:32
2012-12-30 13:24:20
It's normal.
2012-12-30 14:01:40
Valve probably threatened to kill his family, girlfriend, and his dog. There is no way someone like AdreN can have preference and opinion!
2012-12-30 14:23:45
2012-12-30 19:09:14
2012-12-30 02:57:09
nothing funny, after every tournament more and more pros say cs go >> 1.6, the game is better and much faster. Lol
taz neo ander starix nip etc etc
2012-12-30 10:03:52
csgo pros say that, alluding to their 1.6 fans to make the switch, because a more popular game would mean more money for them!
Rule Number 1 in this CRUEL World: NEVER BELITTLE YOURSELF!
2012-12-30 10:10:30
Seems real, but i played cs:go for 100 hours and made my choice that the game don't give me any fun. On my opinion css better than cs:go, but i spent 6 hours in it.
2012-12-30 10:27:56
css is so shit...the shooting feel is so stiff, tbh 1.6>csgo>css
2012-12-30 15:50:49
WHen did you play css? It is shooting exactly the same as 1.6 you buffoon head
2012-12-30 15:53:11
Oh shut up, the shooting in 1.6 is definitely a lot more different than it is in CSS
2012-12-30 18:51:58
2012-12-31 21:21:19
It's your OWN opinion which you've formed by playing both games :)
So your opinion is not susceptible to subliminal messages by anyone, unlike a lot of people around here:)
2012-12-30 18:51:04
2012-12-30 10:28:52
stupid 1.6fan is stupid. Did not think they just say their opinion? lol

there are no additional money from spectators. tard. all money are being got from sponsors

Post edited 2012-12-30 11:30:39
2012-12-30 11:29:15
First of all, you're the stupid one here. The first sentence is just so bad... Secondly, no spectators means no sponsors you tard.
2012-12-30 11:51:12
2012-12-30 15:49:53
More spectators means more sponsors stepping in. More sponsors in the game means more money for players. So their payment is - although indirectly - influenced by the amount of spectators.
2012-12-30 13:50:58
Spectators/Players = fanbase.

More fanbase = + Tournaments/ + Sponsors.

+ Tournaments/ + Sponsor = + Money for Pros.
2012-12-30 14:32:10
I'm not the one every1's replying to ;)

Oh and none of taz neo starix nip EVER said that GO is better than 1.6 !

Post edited 2012-12-30 18:55:56
2012-12-30 18:54:17
starix said that cs go is shit
2013-01-10 15:25:06
2012-12-30 14:56:20
2012-12-30 11:52:42
Noone of them said cs:go is better than 1.6.
2012-12-30 12:28:21
Oh, it's you again who won the mouse xD
2012-12-30 14:43:00
2012-12-30 02:59:52
2012-12-30 03:01:10
2012-12-30 04:37:54
2012-12-30 11:46:51
:Oh God Why:

PS: CS:GO is similar to CS:Source - AdreN.

Post edited 2012-12-30 03:03:02
2012-12-30 03:00:50
PS: AdreN started in source and he was a nobody and then changed to 1.6 and was one of the best players

2012-12-30 03:06:32
one of the best ? maybe best in kz, but not near the best in 1.6
2012-12-30 03:08:17
2012-12-30 03:28:03
well that's just my opinion, ofc he was really good, but compared to anyone from SK,fnatic,G5,NaVi,...My point is he wasn't on top of 1.6
2012-12-30 13:43:24
he was seriosly one of the most talented players in 1.6 imo he just didnt had a team like sk fnatic etc...
2012-12-31 15:29:09

I didn't even know he started in source but he was for sure one of the best in the world but his teams wasnt quite on the same level as him.
2012-12-30 03:45:07
LOLOL AdreN is the most successful saucer, hes the only one who has won a tournament against 1.6 players :D
2012-12-30 04:43:58
ahh, well that explains it than :)
2012-12-30 10:29:51
Depends where you'd put the numerical cut-off for being "one of the best in the world"
2012-12-30 07:42:39
Probably because he started in source and no body is a pro when they start?
2012-12-30 03:09:07
like rattlsnK.. to true bro but still... funny
2012-12-30 03:44:07
what the heck are you talking? rattlsnk came from 1.6. though he was never really successful in 1.6 (at least not on an international level).
he switched to CSS in the early days of CSS and never came back because (according to his own statement) he would had to practice a lot more to compete in 1.6 than in CSS.
2012-12-30 04:17:18
top2 wcg 2005.... "nobody"
2012-12-30 03:12:38
2005 css... the game was broken and the teams were all ex-1.6 players. what a terrible event that was
2012-12-30 03:17:51
but adreN already played 1.6 in 2006/7, 1 year later.
he played like 1 year CSS and became 2nd at WCG. his short time in CSS was pretty succesful, don't you think? how can you say "he was a noname in source and then became successful in 1.6" if he got second at the only major tournament CSS had during the time adreN played CSS? and as far as I know he never got second at a major 1.6 tournament.

Post edited 2012-12-30 04:29:14
2012-12-30 04:23:14
2012-12-30 13:40:33
top4 wcg 2012
2012-12-30 07:34:25
You probably mean 2011, and that was the shittiest WCG ever with only 3 of the top10 teams at that time attending!
And they were barely 4th!
They were down 1-0 and 15-13 against ENTiTY in a 1v3 but some stupid miscommunication between entity's players cost them that round and later the match!
2012-12-30 07:59:47
If I remember correctly, ENTiTY just got on the bracket that was made for project_kr by the "genius korean organizators" as easiest path to 1/4. The koreans placed 2nd in their group, so they lost their chance and got to play against M5. So in short NEXT.kz just got lucky with the bracket :)
2012-12-30 14:08:51
Exactly :D But that's a game ENTiTY should've won :)
2012-12-30 17:54:29
I must have mixed up sth, cause obviously I'm not talking about that specific game :)
But you're definitely right about the bracket :)
2012-12-30 18:59:10
even teg was top3 there, if i`m not mistaken. rofl
2012-12-30 08:51:41
LOLOLOLOL, he was a nobody in source? LMAO the guy almost won the only CSS WCG.

fail, any 1.6 player > the best saucers. take a look at NiP.
2012-12-30 04:29:45
Yeah but at that time, nobody played source (the only teams who played at WCG were 1.6teams who made the switch only for the tournament, and switch back just after it). We never heard about this kz team after WCG and probably nobody in css remembers this guy (i didn't even know that he started on source)

Why you always have to be mad? Grow the fuck up, kid

Post edited 2012-12-30 11:37:28
2012-12-30 11:36:46
ScreaM y0.
2012-12-30 13:11:39
"any 1.6 player > the best saucers"

I have read so many similar comments from you, and i have found them funny because i was convinced that you were joking. At least to some extent.

But now, I'm not so sure anymore and i have to ask you? Are you really serious with these comments? Do you truly believe that ANY serious 1.6 player is better than even the best source players?

You are probably suggesting that people with talent chose 1.6 and people with no talent chose Source. This could in theory be true but hardly likely right?

Now to my conclusion: You are not stupid so you understand what you are saying is probably not true, but the hate in you towards CS:S and there by association CS:S players is so strong that you can't stop saying these things. Why are you doing it? What do you want to achieve?

Is the simple answer that if you can't write hateful comments you don't have anything to write at all?
2012-12-30 13:22:13
No but i think that the best 1.6 players are better than the best CSS players.
2012-12-30 15:15:15
In what game?

I actually agree with you to some extent considering the maturity of the 1.6 scene. We have always been far ahead when it comes to maturity of the game and most 1.6'ers are far more experienced when it comes to LAN's.

Actually I'm not debating the fact that 1.6'ers are more experienced and probably have an edge in any team based FPS. But i was more questioning the hate from dbie. He comments on lots of different topics but one thing that is constant is his hate towards CS:S and the CS:S players. And he is expressing it by repeating the same concept. Anything that involves a history with even the weakest connection to CS:S it's not even worth taking serious.

Like in this topic, adreN's personal opinion is worth nothing since he once played Source. The fact that he also was a dominant player in 1.6 becomes secondary. The truth is that adreN probably would've been a dominant player in what ever game he choses. Same goes for GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Neo or any of the top players from 1.6 or any other game. Talent is talent. Maturity is maturity. Talent + maturity = Top Player.
2012-12-30 16:21:45

And yes, i agree the reason behind it. Though it seems like a player like f0rest is just purely talented in every game he plays.
2013-01-01 18:19:04
So tell me when VeryGames is spanking everyone, other then NIP? Which in fact has 3 1.6 players and 2 Source players. Your theory is worth a pile of shit on the grass.
2013-01-03 20:55:28
What the fuck are you talking about rofl?
2013-01-04 09:08:32
No but i think that the best 1.6 players are better than the best CSS players.

Very Games is raping everyone other then NIP. All of them squad are Source players and they even spank big teams like ESC.
2013-01-07 05:17:56
In theory they should be spanking NiP too because they are playing a game based on Source engine espesically when they have 5 CSS players and NiP has only 2 who are mostly carried by gtr f0rest and xizt.
2013-01-07 11:45:59
And now u just proved u have no clue what u saying. IT doesnt make any difference at all that they played on Source engine b4. CSGO is completely different to CSS. Anyway whatever u say is a bullshit. I proved your theory is wrong. Im done.
2013-01-07 19:36:04
"CSGO is completely different to CSS"
Most of the pros like AdreN here are saying it´s pretty much 80% source. You failed, sir.
2013-01-07 22:45:43
I played Source and i play CSGO, and its 100% different. Different graphics, movements, recoil, physics, nades behavior. You fail.

Just to come back to original argument:

No but i think that the best 1.6 players are better than the best CSS players.

Your words, and i proved you wrong. No fuck off.

Post edited 2013-01-08 01:23:09
2013-01-08 01:20:41
Getting mad all sudden?
I wouldn´t care less if you are the coder of both CSS and CSGO

"No but i think that the best 1.6 players are better than the best CSS players."

"Your words, and i proved you wrong. No fuck off. "

No you did not you dumb fuck. f0rest, GTR and Xizt have been the best players in CSGO.
2013-01-08 08:40:14
I might remind you but Xizt, wasnt classified as best in 1.6, if something, it would be f0rest, Get_Right, Neo, navi squad and much much more and other then f0rest and get_right, all of them are worst then any Very games player. So you are wrong.
2013-01-08 19:43:41
" f0rest and get_right, all of them are worst then any Very games player" So tell me, why are they losing then? Because of fifflaren?
2013-01-08 20:14:05
Other then forest and get_right all of those "best 1.6" players are losing to Verygames.
2013-01-08 23:10:50
Yes, and the reason behind is explained by TheBlanD few posts up. f0rest & gtr mix have been proven to be the best duo since 2009 and considering f0rest is beast in pretty much every FPS game he plays -> NiP is raping VeryGames.
2013-01-09 14:09:50
Man u r retarded. You stated that all best 1.6 players are better then any best Source player. I dont give a shit what is a the reason why Very games is winning with others. Your statement is not true, simple.
2013-01-09 15:39:41
f0rest raping them saucers is funny to watch :)
2013-01-10 09:08:43
Probably :) But u still wrong :)
2013-01-10 15:07:07
Alright, nonetheless i think it´s only a question of time when ESC beats VG. Probably not next bo3 but likely to be the next one after. That would be my prediction.

So i still believe that the best CS 1.6 players are better than best CSS players. And it´s already proved by gtr & f0rest who are considered as one of the best. The others such as neo have some catching up to do.

Post edited 2013-01-10 15:51:12
2013-01-10 15:41:44
What happens in the future, happens in the future. Currently you are wrong. Also on this stage of CSGO being out, it doesnt matter what game players are from. Game been out for so long, that all depends on CSGO skill. Also u dont know if Very games will also be improving. You dont know if ESC or Very games will beat NIP next time they play together. All teams constantly improving. This level of counter-strike is more about tactics, and counter-tactics. So also watching other teams play.
2013-01-10 15:54:15
2012-12-30 03:01:08
lol "i like GO etter than 1.6". no heart in that person.
2012-12-30 03:01:10
2012-12-30 19:10:16
so AdreN started in source and he was a nobody and then changed to 1.6 and was one of the best players?


Post edited 2012-12-30 03:01:59
2012-12-30 03:01:48
2012-12-30 03:06:09
so you're implying that source is more skillful than 1.6? If so, then I can annihilate you otherwise D:
2012-12-30 04:00:12
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
Not at all.
2012-12-30 11:47:13
Nope. He started in 1.6 but then, switched to source when it came out. he finished 2nd at the only WGC event, and 1 year later he switched back to 1.6
2012-12-30 15:50:54
What is the team of CS1.6 where he belonged to the name?

He seemed to hardly play an active part in the meeting of CS1.6 of the other day.
2012-12-30 03:02:34
2012-12-30 03:03:33
•Thank you for letting me know.
2012-12-30 03:30:20
u forgot UNiTED as well.
2012-12-30 03:38:41
Valve paid him off obviously!
2012-12-30 03:02:37
no doubt!
2012-12-30 03:07:49
2012-12-30 05:20:30
dem excuses ;D
2012-12-30 10:50:22
2012-12-30 13:31:45
csgo is nothing for valve :D:D
2012-12-31 00:22:28
2012-12-30 03:03:55
inb4 200comments of pure flame
2012-12-30 03:04:25

2013-01-02 20:45:12
He is not the only one person that prefer cs:go more than 1.6, u guys look pathetic, each person has his own opinion and preferences and you simply don't respect that.

I prefer 1000x mercedes than bmw, others hate mercedes and love bmw, does it mean that I am better or worse? No, it's just my preference...
2012-12-30 03:05:26
2012-12-30 03:18:27
Mercedes has the best reliability and it's legendary but you can't deny that BMW make beautiful cars!
2012-12-30 03:42:11
u mean bmw make beautiful CAR, every single model looks the same...
2012-12-30 04:12:52
BMW 5 series (E60) > any mid size Mercedes ever macufactured.
2012-12-30 11:18:04
im not arguing with you, im just saying every model of bmw vehicle looks the same.
2012-12-30 11:41:09
I'm not arguing either. Just saying that you have no point.
2012-12-30 11:47:05
you 2 must stop argue and buy an italian car. GO IS THE FUTURE!
2012-12-30 12:17:56



lol 3 different series of cars....ur gonna tell me they all dont look alike? Yea tell me i have no point.
2012-12-30 15:46:13
1.6 HD? You mean Global Offensive!
2012-12-30 17:15:38
nah :p the movement of the car would suck xoxo
2012-12-30 17:30:24
benzs were reliable pre late 80s

ever since then theyd made bad cars
2012-12-30 05:24:49
VAZ reliable?
2012-12-30 14:22:33
ahahah owned :D
2012-12-30 15:48:05
2012-12-30 17:05:55



and even then no russian cars were brought into discussion

if a lada cost 100k then id expect it to be reliable

a 100k benz in the 1990s was extremely unreliable

Post edited 2012-12-30 21:29:46
2012-12-30 21:28:50
you are worse, because BMW's are the best, while mercedes is just pathetic and the design and motor is just horrible.
2012-12-30 07:36:07
It's just your opinion, I prefer thousands of cars than bmw, I really don't like them.
Mercedes > Audi > BMW
2012-12-30 12:42:38
Obviously mercedes paid this guy off.
2012-12-30 09:24:37
I would love to be paid by mercedes.
2012-12-30 12:41:27
Pure psychology!

Your example is totally different !
You do not have an immediate gain by liking mercedes more than bmw! That is if more people drive mercedes than bmw it doesn't make a difference to you!
2012-12-30 10:16:42
It's just a normal example that can be compared to cs:go haters.

If a game is good for me, why should I say it doesn't? If I feel more comportable in this game, why not to say that?

The awesome thing in cs:go is that it has players from both sides, even some of you don't like it, but NiP also have cs:s players, and it's awesome. VG are beasts. ESC are training as hell and learned very well the game. If you ask for recoil update, take an example from pro players, practice, practice and you will learn and use to it. New game, new things.
2012-12-30 12:48:12
lol you completely misunderstood me !
YOU don't have an immediate gain by claiming that mercedes is better than bmw, so your opinion can be considered 'meaningful', while Adren can benefit a lot if more players make the switch!
2012-12-30 18:46:31
probably because in csgo he got the chance to compete with a world class team when he didnt get that chance in 1.6?
2012-12-30 03:10:56
he already competed with the best in 1.6
2012-12-30 04:03:24
not long enough
2012-12-30 13:31:46
Was he drunk or hit by a car? I mean, how in the world can he say cs:go is better then cs. Its no longer an opinion, it turned out to be a fact, cs is and always will be the best fps game ever build... Oo shit, already spend to much time on this comment :(

Post edited 2012-12-30 03:13:06
2012-12-30 03:10:59
how the fuck can an opinion be a fact?
2012-12-30 03:54:00
In the troll world anything can be true. :P
Just let the troll alone. :D
2012-12-30 05:01:50
Because quality isn't always subjective.
2012-12-30 12:38:13
Haha, you cannot measure the quality of CS or CSGO. Therefore, its a matter of opinion.
2012-12-30 18:54:18
>doesnt agree with me
>must be wrong
2012-12-30 14:07:39
Oh god what you done.. U jst make 10000 butthurt kids/peple rally angry R.I.P AdreN

Me to also <3 CSGO moar than CS 1.deaded

Sry, sry for insultes...
2012-12-30 03:12:05
2012-12-30 16:26:06
When can we ban these racist cunts for saying "indians" to every Indian that posts a pro-CS:GO comment?
2012-12-30 18:17:13
"racists"... hahahahahahahahaha
ofc u dont know what this word means

and what the world "indians" have to do with racism ??? its just a word bro, im not swearing him... (:
2012-12-30 19:07:33
No but is it not hinting at a form or racism or am i thinking too deeply in to this?
2012-12-30 19:51:03
u need to learn the difference of racism and
2012-12-30 20:25:50
It's Xenophobia, true story.
2012-12-31 02:36:59
Today we are gathred here to say goodbye to Adren RIP
2012-12-30 03:14:28
what is the difficulty of respecting the opinion of others? oO
2012-12-30 03:15:30
2012-12-30 11:40:15
lol, i thought we live in a world with freedom of expression that we was free to critic whoever wants to criticize...
2012-12-30 16:28:05
AdreN :D
2012-12-30 03:17:55
+1 csgo > 1.6
2012-12-30 03:20:17
-no one ever.
2012-12-30 03:23:49
Schypher - HLTV.org
He probably just lost 90% of his fan base with that sentence lol.

At least it's nice to see that some people do enjoy playing CS:GO.
2012-12-30 03:28:15
If 1.6 was still alive, what you said would be true. Now people will just flame and forget. If he can do something good in GO he'll get more fans. ;)
2012-12-30 05:04:48
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
a lot of the 1.6'ers are gone from hltv.org anyways
2012-12-30 11:51:04
2012-12-30 12:21:00
2012-12-30 13:25:25
i rather hope they are gone, so many gay shit bitching 1.6 fans here. if a fps is not simular to 1.6 then its a shit fps 1.6er logic
2012-12-30 15:56:05
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
in which way are people like you any better?
2012-12-30 22:11:30
I think he mainly sees it as a challenge for him. In CS 1.6 he simply was ... a sick player, no doubt about that. Now with CS:GO, he has a new reason to play.
2012-12-30 03:30:38
gl adren :)
2012-12-30 03:31:22
let the flame war begin!
2012-12-30 03:31:51
rip adren
2012-12-30 03:31:58
Its not the Adren from NA guys (wich was a beast on source ) its Adren from kz (also a beast on 1.6à
2012-12-30 03:37:40
you dont say
2012-12-30 05:34:05
I really want to insult you for being so stupid cocky, but i wont. If you read the comments above, you'll see that people think they're the same person.
2012-12-30 13:58:30
2012-12-30 12:24:18
2012-12-30 03:38:49
CS:GO is fine. love the game
2012-12-30 03:42:02
i quit reading after the title.
2012-12-30 03:44:53
Really lol? So you read the title on the front page, and then decided to click on the post, read the title again, then left a comment? Boy, that sure is something.

Post edited 2012-12-30 04:13:19
2012-12-30 04:12:49
he prob joined on topic, just to see the coments against the stupid AdreN, same as i did!
2012-12-30 16:44:36
shut up, just cos adren has an an opinion hes stupid, i see.

Post edited 2012-12-30 16:47:54
2012-12-30 16:46:29
0fucks given about ur coment saucer
2012-12-30 16:48:16
fuck man you're dumb
2012-12-31 02:27:07
nope, i came from twitter/fb to the news.
2012-12-30 17:54:13
he is MAD! im sure if they get 1.6 back hltv fans/users will boost like hell
2012-12-30 03:46:33
Wooden PC users flame thread :D
2012-12-30 03:47:33
:P +1
2012-12-30 03:51:46
2012-12-30 05:07:58
2012-12-30 08:27:45
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
a 20-year old with a wooden pc
or a premature primadonna with a superpc playing cs:go

yeah... tough break I guess
2012-12-30 11:55:04
Just face that csgo failed
2012-12-30 13:26:11
just face that angry 1.6er nerds will always think a new game that they fail to switch to will fail and is failing but in reality its growing bigger and bigger.

2012-12-30 16:53:49
2012-12-30 17:28:43
2012-12-31 02:39:23
2012-12-30 14:04:16

and ive played cs:go with 400 fps and ping 3~4...

the problem isnt wooden pcs, is the shit csgo !
2012-12-30 16:29:57
DID HE SAY BAZINGA AFTER, it would have been an awesome BAZINGA if he did, BAZINGA!
2012-12-30 03:55:49
2012-12-30 04:05:50
2012-12-30 07:17:45
<3 CS:GO
2012-12-30 04:10:49
Its more tactical i guess
2012-12-30 13:26:44
inb4 angry 1.6 nerds
2012-12-30 04:12:14
2012-12-30 04:16:35
2l84inb4 bro
2012-12-31 02:27:28
because adren is a bot :)
2012-12-30 04:15:20
2012-12-30 10:40:13
sad they beat IGG at WCG? He was a beast lately in 1.6
2012-12-30 11:27:31
he comes from source what would you expect, if he likes it let him play it, what's the big deal, jesus.
2012-12-30 04:20:46
because he wish that he can do some damage now :D not like in 1.6 because for this is too late ^^

Post edited 2012-12-30 04:31:25
2012-12-30 04:31:07
You idiots, most css players came from 1.6 and most GO players came from cs1.6 and css...
2012-12-30 04:31:53
"most css players came from 1.6"

ahaha no. that was the case in 2005, but not in the year 2012. not even 10% played 1.6 before.

Post edited 2012-12-30 04:36:32
2012-12-30 04:35:58
Wrong.... just wrong.....
2012-12-30 10:06:35
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
2012-12-30 11:56:54
Alot of players who wasn't playing competitive/in the top of 1.6 switched to source and after 2-3 years was in top30 teams of source :-)
2012-12-30 15:54:34
where did u get theses stats? :D From your head i guess
2012-12-30 21:52:03
lol, not a single 1.6 top player kept playing Sauce after the CGS died.

And yes, Volcano and sunman don't count as top players after 2006, they weren't winning tournaments anymore.
2012-12-30 04:39:41
GoMeZ - HLTV.org
rattlesnake ?
2012-12-30 10:50:44
Owned it.
2012-12-31 02:40:49
If you don't consider Volcano and sunman as "top players", then there wasn't a lot of top 1.6 players in the CGS except maybe zet and fr0d
2012-12-30 11:47:35
2012-12-30 18:18:58

The top 1.6 players in the states like frod, rambo etc switched back to cs1.6 but none of the european cgs players did that bar zet (who was horrible in css imo, nothing but spray&pray).

CGS pretty much destroyed the american CSS scene so its no wonder that players wanted to move where there is competition. It took years for the broken CSS scene to recover from the CGS collapse in the states.
2012-12-30 18:58:08
never really recovered. CSS sucks
2012-12-31 00:28:17
The European scene was thriving after maybe a year from the CGS era, obviously not as much as then but CGS wasn't something that could go on for long term anyway.

The game got better and better though towards the end of it.
2012-12-31 08:42:32
shaddup, srsly

Post edited 2012-12-31 02:28:51
2012-12-31 02:28:34

the subtitles gave me cancer
2012-12-30 04:33:26
Love the new excuses or the fact the 1.6 community will cut off a pro they used to love from them cos they like CS:GO more, pretty sad.
2012-12-30 04:44:27
Lmao look how mad the fanboys are , LOVE IT.

adreN will be hated now like fallen was when he said css was more tactical than 1.6.

AdreN> angry fanboys

Post edited 2012-12-30 04:50:23
2012-12-30 04:46:40
agree you on that hltv have so many trolls :)
2012-12-30 15:58:26
and have so many kids who play one game by the graphic, not by gameplay !
2012-12-30 16:31:40
There are more than those two factors involved
2012-12-31 08:43:46
cmon, tell me others
2012-12-31 17:15:55
Awesome itw.

Adren is right on so many points , promod has indeed absolutely no chance to overcome CSGO , the game improved a tons from start and should be near perfect in a few monthes.

Love the haters with their cappy Pentiums IV that barely handle CSGO with 20 FPS and cry about how bad the game is.

2012-12-30 04:52:58
life is not about computer's stuff. I got an i5 and i say that csgo is bad in many points.

What can you do now ? Saying i'm a nerd ? -.-
2012-12-30 10:51:22
You can't deny that most of the people here are whining because they can't afford a decent pc. But of course there are a few people like you who can play it but dont because they just don't like it
2012-12-30 11:49:23
Schypher - HLTV.org
And what makes you think they would want to play CS:GO. If they had a great computer they would probably start playing COD or Crysis.
2012-12-30 11:56:38
At least they would try it, and after a decent amount of hours, i'm pretty sure a lot of them would enjoy it.

And no, CS players like CS because of the way it's played competitively, because of the huge community, because of all theses fun mods etc. Crysis, BF and COD are totally different games and most of the players get bored after a few months because it's everytime the same


2012-12-30 12:07:19
Schypher - HLTV.org
CS players like CS because of the way it's played competitively,
The competitive side of CS, CS:S have been dead for months and those games still top the charts, while CS:GO keeps lingering to the bottom.

most of the players get bored after a few months because it's everytime the same
Please tell me how much has CS changed in the last 13 years...
Same maps
Same weapons
Same mechanisms

Of all BF, CoD and Crysis, COD is the only one that hasn't changed much (for 5 years now), but every time they release a new game, there's new weapons, maps and modes. While with CS all we get are re-skinned maps, weapons. Especially gotta love the re-skinned L4D2 maps used in demolition and arms race.

The player activity decreases in those games because all those players also have interest in other games, they don't get stuck with just one game, they are gamers, they are not looking for role play experiences.
2012-12-30 16:30:18
First of all, the players that are still playing 1.6 or css are most likely casual players since there is very little left to compete in those titles.

Also CS and CSS are games that, for many many gamers at least, have been in their lives for years and years, I dont see why they would feel the need to get a new game if they still have their favorite publics up and going on their favorite cs title.

I could go on to the very first CSS and CS public servers where I used to play for months before I had even heard about competitive scene and guess what, no matter what time id join there would probably be a few players that id remember from those times, playing there as always, just as bad as back then..

CSGO will start to get more players but it will take some time, just like it did with cs1.6 and source.
2012-12-31 08:50:41
NO!!! Most of the people are whining because cs:go killed cs 1.6.
2012-12-30 15:44:36
True. But if they could play csgo, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't really care about 1.6's death. Here, they're unhappy because 1.6 was all they had left...
2012-12-30 16:21:23
So basically you think that most 1.6 players had only one game, or their only occupation in life ?So this is the reason why they are saying cs:go sucks ?

Post edited 2013-01-02 20:20:35
2013-01-02 20:20:01
HE SAYS RIGHT! After CSGO i can't play cs1.6! I think cs1.6 died!
2012-12-30 04:59:40
Attaboy =)
2012-12-30 05:05:42
xaxa u ppl just stupid ... its time to say bye 1.6 its was great game but time to change
2012-12-30 05:12:42
xD rip 1.6, gj adren for saying the truth
2012-12-30 05:24:29
2012-12-30 06:59:42
Schypher - HLTV.org
A relative truth.
2012-12-30 11:51:04
If you listen to the interview, it's basically what any normal person would say.
2012-12-30 18:13:06
Schypher - HLTV.org
Now that I am no longer half asleep, I think I misunderstood the comment. Thought it was a reference to the controversial topic, cs:go being a better game, and not about 1.6 being dead.

Post edited 2012-12-30 18:48:13
2012-12-30 18:47:07
Well GO is a new game to learn I'd imagine he's tired of 1.6 repetetiveness.

He also mentioned it will be perfect in 6 months, just think how much the game changed in the last 6 months.
2012-12-30 19:12:56
2012-12-30 05:42:48
This website is full of fuck. He said "I like CS:GO more than 1.6", not "CS:GO is better than 1.6".

I hope half of the people posting get hit by large modes of transportation.
2012-12-30 06:13:10
they are trying to promote cs:go , you think facts can get in their way ?
2012-12-30 07:06:32
2012-12-30 08:19:50
+ or - translation, it basically means the same thing.

If you like one game more than another game, generally you're saying it's better.
2012-12-30 09:36:21
I like Counter Strike Source, but I never believed it was better than 1.6.....

There is a subtle difference, and if you cannot comprehend why then I would suggest you go back to school.
2012-12-30 10:08:14
He didn't say he liked CS:GO, he said he liked it more than 1.6, suggesting that there are parts of CS:GO that he personally thinks is better than 1.6 so he gains more enjoyment from it.

Not to mention, you're nitpicking the grammar in what is basically a auto-google translation.
2012-12-30 10:25:29

yeah but there are things in 1.6 and Source that I prefer over GO, and vice versa.... if we are going on what he is suggesting. It doesn't directly mean he believes CS:GO is better than 1.6
2012-12-30 11:46:52
I always preferred CS:Source over 1.6, I have always known that 1.6 is a better game though.
2012-12-30 19:26:06
Love to see the csgo haters posts xD
2012-12-30 06:50:03
2012-12-30 07:05:18
Someone turn on the flame shields.
2012-12-30 07:10:39

1.6 just in its last update has been around and going strong since 2003. The game is about to be ten years old.... And now a new game is starting to garner some attention and momentum. Ya big win there for CS:GO.

I like the scenario to the current crop of 1.6 players in NA. They are not good. There is just no one playing the game. Win by default.
2012-12-30 07:22:17
Ofc he Didnt like 1.6 he sucked at it.
2012-12-30 07:24:31
you are delusional
2012-12-30 08:41:32
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
He's right?
2012-12-30 12:01:20
ok well, when either of you 1v5 fnatic on LAN we can talk.
2012-12-30 19:31:16
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
2012-12-31 12:54:13
you obviously have no idea who you are talking to :D , please get out from here

Post edited 2013-01-01 10:37:28
2013-01-01 10:37:09
who am i talking to then some source player??

looks like someone talking shit for no reason. adreN is a good player who has proved himself on LAN vs top teams, so why act likes hes not good.

Bunch of clowns on this forum who act like they are good at cs when they've done nothing ingame or never won anything. adreN has been taking his teams to intl LANS for years and pulling some nice upsets.

So if I was adreN all I would say is WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU NOOBS

2013-01-01 18:21:23
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
who am i talking to then some source player??

Yes, because it's obviously a source player who knows adreN's skill-level in 1.6...
2013-01-03 10:43:41
you don't know anything about his skill level, you're just talking shit because your mad about what he said about cs go. If he is so bad how come he attends LANS vs top teams and actually does decent. Where was your invite? We both know you aren't half the player he is, so why talk shit like you are good.

As I said, ace fnatic and Na'Vi on LAN and maybe someone might know who the fuck you are, but until then you are just another no name noob talking shit about a player that you wouldn't stand a chance against EVER, in ANY cs version.

2013-01-03 16:25:20
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
You have no idea who I am nor what my skill level is, so aren't you just as stupid as whom you portray?
2013-01-04 01:37:33
after I tried CS:GO tbh both games are great, 1.6 is dead and GO is the future, get over it.
2012-12-30 07:40:57
CS:GO better than 1.6
2012-12-30 08:00:53
nah he probably just enjoys graphic over gameplay
2012-12-30 08:08:31
ofcourse the excuses :D
2012-12-30 15:17:38
what excuse?

everybody knows if csgo would look like 1.6, nobody would play it.

Post edited 2012-12-31 04:53:13
2012-12-31 04:52:52
I srsly hope you are kidding me.
2012-12-31 10:33:50
The truth hurts, I know
2012-12-31 15:27:34
2012-12-30 08:30:42
serious or trolling? :p
2012-12-30 08:44:21
i remember when he destroyed navi

Post edited 2012-12-31 00:28:18
2012-12-31 00:23:48
Apparently ppl aren't allowed to have opinion anymore :\

That or users here have horrible English(suprise!)
that they don't know the difference between "is better" and "I like better" ...

PLZ someone tell me there is a cure for the stupidity of this userbase! :[
2012-12-30 08:46:39
who was adren in 1.6? he played with other nick?

2012-12-30 08:49:59
Former player of k23, NEXT.kz. They played vs TeG/IGG at WCG many times in the past :).
2012-12-30 09:31:41
Don't be hater like a romanian 16y old.
2012-12-30 13:03:17
How was he hating? Are you retarded?
2012-12-30 19:27:26
People who never reached a good level in 1.6 tend to prefer Csgo. Adren got some money for this iview ofc. Corrupted with money just like heaton. Have both games, run em at full fps and 1.6 is centuries ahead of csgo.
2012-12-30 08:50:17
It his opinion. Mine is diferent but i still respect him for hid 1.6 level.

Post edited 2012-12-30 09:23:34
2012-12-30 09:20:56
u showed great respect to him with a comment below :D
2012-12-30 09:42:39
Yeah, "who never reached a good level in 1.6"
Because f0rest, xizt, get_right, neo, pasha, adren never was in top.
2012-12-30 11:28:44
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
When did the people you mention say they prefer cs:go?
2012-12-30 12:04:16
But they haven't flamed the game or said its bad have they?
2012-12-30 18:20:27
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
2012-12-30 20:05:07
They play it. They are not forced to play it.

See also f0rest's interview from cadred.

Post edited 2012-12-31 09:18:53
2012-12-31 09:15:52
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
I don't see how that's relevant in any way..?
2012-12-31 12:50:15
2012-12-30 11:51:03
Rofl... If you seriously think that someone would pay adren or any other players to say something like that then you are a complete moron.
2012-12-31 08:54:07
And what is your problem if AdreN enjoys CS:GO more than he enjoyed CS 1.6 once? It's not like you live through him. He likes CS:GO, you like CS 1.6. No fight, problem solved. Was that so hard?
2012-12-30 09:33:11
Ah don't you love the retardation from the hltv community.

All the excuses in the world, ranging from, 'one of the best 1.6 players is a noob' to 'VALVE IS OBVIOUSLY PAYING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO SAY STUFF!ONEONEONEONEON!!!!11!!!!!!!11}111!!11!!'

Ofc, there's the theory shared by those who aren't retarded morons with the intellect of a 3 year old on crack, which is simply 'He prefers CS:GO, like many 1.6, CS:S players and pros alike.'

Note, every post with the word 'saucer' (Or its variants) will be reported. Seriously the HLTV mods really need to step their game up, their lack of action is hurting the CS community as a whole.
2012-12-30 09:43:11
not gonna happen breh. this site still caters to their retarded 5 year old 1.6 diehard crowd and nuking/banning faggots left and right for blindly and disrespectfully defending a dead game works against their interests.

i've had many posts nuked where i very vaguely say csp is a pipe dream and has no chance against csgo while a bunch of brainless farts are allowed to bloat the comment section of every thread with their 2 word vocabulary of "1.6" and "sAucer".

hltv is good, i appreciate their work very much, but the way they run their forums is fucking depressing.

Post edited 2012-12-30 10:02:16
2012-12-30 09:59:51
Don't get me wrong. If people want to support and like 1.6, that's totally up to them.

But I do agree that they need to get tougher on all the hate (From both sides, but lets face it 99% of it is from the 1.6 fanboys), start handing out perma bans and having a 0 tolerance approach to mindless trolling, hate and discrimination.
2012-12-30 10:03:54
Dare_Dev1L - HLTV.org
It's a lot easier to see things from your perspective, not realizing both sides do get into trouble for both trolling and vocally going against the rules of behavior. This article alone went from 225 posts to 140 if you haven't noticed, it's quick to judge when things aren't obvious rather than knowing what goes on behind the scenes.
2012-12-30 10:18:01
you guys have a tough task to cope with, but having to read the garbage that comes from users like "dbie" and "zouzu" every single day gets old really fast.

crack down on all trolls, 1.6 leaning or otherwise, because i (and i'm sure i speak on behalf of many others) don't want to feel the need of responding to these blockheads so very often only to grant myself a lovely nuke while their ignorance ridden posts are kept intact for everyone to see.

Post edited 2012-12-30 10:33:36
2012-12-30 10:32:10

Personally a month of zero tolerance 'Any hating against another game = perma ban' would clean this community up in no time. And overall provide better content as the idiots were no longer posting idiotic things.
2012-12-30 11:22:41
+1. Don't get why this guy dbie (it's an example) hasn't been banned yet. He obviously doesn't care about the community and just wants to trash css/csgo in every fuckin thread
2012-12-30 11:56:23
yeah that dbie is brain damaged for sure
2012-12-30 12:45:08
So many 1.6 fanboys here
2012-12-30 09:49:50
2012-12-30 10:03:56
This site was made for people who loves 1.6, MOST OF THEM dont like CS:GO, whats your problem?
2012-12-30 10:26:47
So then there are fully allowed to talk shit about the game immediately when a GO thread starts?
The 1.6 pros doesn't do that. So let's grow up a little bit kids.
2012-12-30 10:38:41
Pros are paid for playing. We are not.
2012-12-30 10:54:12
Then the 1.6 don't need to be mad because they can play 1.6 how much they wan't. If someone should be mad it is the pros, but they aren't
2012-12-30 11:13:07
2012-12-30 12:14:13
2012-12-30 12:45:53
2012-12-30 15:59:35
whatever, your point on your #210 is about 1.6 lovers, not pros... so dont change your point when u dont have arguments to deffend your ideia, this is ridiculous !
2012-12-30 16:34:38
What a heck are you talking about?
Is it hard to see my point in this thread?
The problems is the 1.6 fanboys who mostely are kids, the other are kids in their brains.
I do listen to the pros before some randoms who thinks they are some kind of kings on internet.
2012-12-30 23:00:36
No, this site was made for Counter-Strike community. When CSS came out, HLTV have been fetching us with news abuot it and all major tournaments, when everyone wen't back to 1.6 then everything was as it's from the begining. Now it's the same situation, new CS game, so more news coming for it and less news about 1.6 becouse no major tournaments left for it.

Plus, I agree with the fact that most 1.6 fans, maybe more then 50%-75% users here dosin't have latest computers to be able to play that game without lag and with full details. Thats why they say that 1.6 is the best, "yup the best 4 there pc's". Look at taz interview, he changed his mind, that on full details, when u don't have any lag, all settings on max, then u can really enjoy the game, taz who was so sceptic about GO in the 1st place and sayed that they won't switch untill there be 1.6 tournaments & now he enjoys the game and ESC took there 1st tournaments in GO at SLTV.
2012-12-30 11:26:18
hltv bro, aint sourcetv or gotv here
2012-12-30 15:50:52
oh, so this is half life tv, not 1.6tv, bro
2012-12-30 16:00:16
u missed my point. hltv is for halflife mods. 1.6 is a half-life mod. hltvs are mostly used with 1.6, sourcetvs mostly with cs:s. Get it now ?
2012-12-31 04:00:12
2012-12-30 15:58:52
what a fag
2012-12-30 17:26:26
he just bored of playing 1.6 for 6 years, and now he got used to cs:go. he feels better in cs:go couz he got used to play, to this style of playing.
2012-12-30 09:52:36
Haters gonna hate
2012-12-30 10:05:35
Great stuff
2012-12-30 10:10:03
Kids are going furious cuz someone like GO more than 1.6. Oh... hatinig Adren so much. :D
2012-12-30 10:14:41
adren u are wrong
2012-12-30 10:19:59
2012-12-30 10:25:33
He just want to see more players playing this shit. More players = More sponsors = More lans = More money. Never gonna play this, you ll play alone chinese russian.
2012-12-30 10:25:37
Have you tried? From your comment seems that you haven't...
So how do you know it's not actually better than 1.6?
2012-12-30 11:50:48
I tried, but im not gonna play this game again. How i could comment like that if i didnt play it? :)
2012-12-30 12:14:13
This is what your comment means...
2012-12-30 13:38:23
forgot to add AGAIN never gonna play this again, sorry bro
2012-12-30 13:46:02
Makes sense now.

Go play whatever you like, it's just a freakin' video game anyway.
2012-12-31 16:54:08
you didn't try it and neither you can play it, so u mad, and all this because you have no good pc for that.

already taz said, ppl dont play the game [so they hate it] because their machines can't run it correctly, and that's why u all mad
2012-12-30 15:41:26
i have better PC probably than you, its not because of PC, its just because of the shitty game, so dont say if u dont know anything about me LOLED and taz is a god of cs

Post edited 2012-12-30 16:17:17
2012-12-30 16:17:02
It's not shitty game, it's beacuse you are bad at this game. You can't play as in 1.6 so all of you whine. Use to it childs.
2012-12-30 16:34:45
You are really bad provacator. Im not gonna talk to you anymore. stfu
2012-12-30 17:03:00
I am not provocating, it's the community like you who say bullshit about a game, only because it's not 1.6
Happy New Year. Na zdrowie!
2012-12-30 17:33:53
Im not saying that GO is shiity because ITS NOT 1.6. Im saying that because i dont like it. Cant you understand that others have opinion too? Kinda stupid. Pozdro
2012-12-30 17:35:39
Dear god hltv users are dumb fucks. It's his fucking opinion. He likes GO more than 1.6, nothing abnormal about that. CSGO and 1.6 are two different games and personally, I don't blame him for liking a game that looks great, is fun to play, and has a competitive scene.

You guys just like to cry over 1.6 like a bunch of stupid babies. Accept that the competitive scene is gone so either keep your mouth shut and play your dead game, give CSGO a chance, or don't play either.

Learn to respect someone's opinion. The guy is nice judging by this interview and you're all talking shit because he likes one game over another? Grow the fuck up. Bunch of 12 year olds as usual that are probably that ones bitching anyway.

Why do I bother...

Post edited 2012-12-30 10:36:27
2012-12-30 10:36:05
Man this is HLTV garbage community.

If ur not religious to 1.6 then ur fucked. Those people believa that 1.6 is da best anything else is just cod. Any else recoil pattern is just bad or random. Any different movement is again random cos only 1.6 is the right way.

Fucking funny is that they are so fanatical that they worsiped a poo for a years.

oh god 1.6 kids...

2012-12-30 10:51:27
2012-12-30 11:14:32
Also think the same, and it is sad to be honest.
2012-12-30 12:13:38
2012-12-30 16:01:43
indeed, sir, indeed
2012-12-30 16:56:15
Yet you are here. Only a pig can like poo.
2012-12-31 07:23:10
same as you but theres difference im no hiding.

Change your flag back to Indian please. Or ur ashamed that ur from india ?

2012-12-31 10:47:50
i will when i am in India, genius.
2012-12-31 14:08:08
+1 damn right
2012-12-30 11:11:27
damn this post should be printed and used as a banner
2012-12-30 19:46:58
i ve said what hes saying some days ago , when u get used to play cs:go its IMPOSSIBLE to play again 1.6 or csp , CS:GO despite not being so addictive , its a better game for sure , in 300 hours i couldnt play cs anymore imagine this guy with 600 hours
2012-12-30 10:51:24
Logic of 1.6 diehard fanboys: everyone with different opinion than us is either suffering mental disease, is on drugs or valve paid him @.@ gg
2012-12-30 10:57:00
True, so much butthurt.
2012-12-30 11:39:10
Goer logic : If people dont play our game, they got a wooden pc, because our game is so good.
2012-12-30 13:34:42
i don't find this argument valid but actually it's little bit based on thruth so =.=
2012-12-30 14:17:52
He is right.. CSGO is much better game
2012-12-30 10:57:32
Adren is a materialist, who cares about him now...
2012-12-30 11:09:37
actually AdreN played way better in 1.6 than he is now playin' in CS:GO
2012-12-30 11:11:53
money.... 1.6 4ever
2012-12-30 11:23:17
what can i say. He's a sellout. We all know that 1.6 is way better. And the reason why csgo is better for him is because 1. money csgo have 2. hes finally picked up by a good team. You dont need to play few days of the game just to like it :)) DONT EVEN SAY IS BETTER THEN 1.6
2012-12-30 11:25:58
csgo is better
2012-12-30 11:32:09
cs:go is better
2012-12-30 11:47:09
"He's a sellout".... not even sure how to comprehend this statement.

Just because his line of thought and his own personal preference/opinion is different to yours does not mean he is a "sellout" or even "traitor".

God forbid people to actually like a game they play, and then say it.
2012-12-30 11:49:09
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
you can easily call him a sellout, otherwise why didn't he pick any other game when cs:go and 1.6 are two different games in the first place?
2012-12-30 12:12:02
Because he liked CS:GO?

Because generally people who like 1.6 will also enjoy similar games (For instance the other counter strikes?)
2012-12-30 12:46:34
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
Because generally people who like 1.6 will also enjoy similar games (For instance the other counter strikes?)

So you're saying he only does it pr. interest and it has nothing to do with money/the community?:)
2013-01-03 10:51:50

Fuck my life, some of you actually need to make sense sometimes.

"why didn't he pick any other game...."

Perhaps because he enjoys Counter Strike, perhaps because he likes the game? Perhaps that is where his friends play now?

Is it a crime to play CS:GO and like it?
2012-12-30 13:17:20
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
Notice: when cs:go and 1.6 are two different games in the first place

Read... think... reply

Quote wiki:
Selling out is the compromising of integrity, morality, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.[1] In terms of music or art, selling out is associated with attempts to tailor material to a mainstream or commercial audience, for example a musician who alters their material to encompass a wider audience may be labeled by fans who pre-date the change as a sellout.

It's a personal opinion whether it's a good or a bad thing in the various situation, but he can still be defined as a sellout.

Post edited 2013-01-03 10:49:49
2013-01-03 10:46:15
lold at you trying to make sense into something retarded, good try.
2012-12-30 17:02:18
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
2013-01-03 10:46:40
2012-12-31 04:55:32
Danny D3 - HLTV.org
2013-01-03 10:50:45
cs:go is better
2012-12-30 12:08:43
2012-12-30 14:46:51
I can't believe, you are so stupid.
It's his opinion and I respect it.
2012-12-30 11:37:59
You said it all, plain and simple... but unfortunately... very few people understand and follow that simple line of thought.
2012-12-30 12:09:55
ok, sorry then. :)
2012-12-30 12:15:31
Why sorry? You didn't say anything wrong. Don't be sorry for others mistakes.
2012-12-30 12:16:56
ahah, i understood that wrong, eot. ;)
2012-12-30 12:20:40
He like CSGO more than 1.6, so what?
Why so butt-hurt about that?

Go AdreN!
2012-12-30 11:39:15
2012-12-30 12:23:24
"CSGO is better" -> Valve paid him

If I say Icehockey is a much better sport than crap & boring football, who am I paid by?
2012-12-30 11:48:47
NHL? :-D
2012-12-30 11:57:37
League wants money, players don't want to get less money. Helps foreign teams now, like that small swedish team with Anze Kopitar and his brother.
2012-12-30 12:10:11
By the Dumb Opinions Association :D
Football is the best sport ever dude. Face it :))
2012-12-30 12:00:05
Pfffff keep on dreaming. One of the most boring teamsports to watch.

Post edited 2012-12-30 12:08:38
2012-12-30 12:07:53
Yeah boring. That's why it is the most popular sport on earth and it's been like that for ages...
2012-12-30 12:52:25
ice hockey is MAN sport football girls
2012-12-30 13:04:53
2012-12-30 13:07:58
Wow what an argument.

Btw, why do "men" have to wear protections on every bit of their body if they are that manly? :D :D :D
2012-12-30 13:56:41
becouse they dont play with ball ..
2012-12-30 14:49:07
Stupid argument
2012-12-30 15:21:07
Yes, boring. 20 ladies on the field faking falls etc etc. If the game ends with more than 1 goal scored, it's amazing. It's so slow and awful to watch. Icehockey on the other hand is fast, goal-rich and entertaining and not crowded by actors.
2012-12-30 13:09:29
2012-12-30 13:34:32
Yeah and that's why nobody cares about it. People can't handle all that hockey awesomeness so they simply don't watch/play it lmao.
No but seriously, you don't think that a sport played by iceskaters, with sticks, a sport where you barely even see the ball (or the puck, whatever), a sport with a goal keeper who has the size of the GOD DAMN GOAL LMAO, a sport where every player wear protections on every part of their body to prevent from hurting themselves (poor lil boys :'[ ), and a sport that only 2 countries really have interest in (Canada and USA, who are btw the kings of boring and shitty sports) is better than a sport played and watched in every single country in the world?

And yeah, goals in football are kinda rare (well, the average is like 2.5 goals/game so it's not THAT rare), that's why they are so special. Spectating a goal in football/rugby is pure gold, spectating a goal in basket/handball/hockey/insertyourshittysporthere is MEH.
2012-12-30 13:54:51
You seem slightly upset. Still, Icehockey > name your sport.
2012-12-30 14:03:48
No more arguments but "U MAD LOL". I thought you would have something for me but it looks like even fans can't defend a lame sport haha :D
2012-12-30 15:20:43
"lame sport"

You ever been to an icehockey match, played the game or even watched it on tv?

I assume you have not. Therefore your opinions mean fuck all to me. Been to matches in both sport, watched them and played them myself. Football is a no go.
2012-12-30 15:30:20
Fair enough, you have your opinion and i respect it. I was simply trolling your first troll sentence. And don't assume things when you know nothing about me. I played icehockey, i liked it, but the game is simply awful to watch (live or tv).
2012-12-30 15:45:35
This conversation has ran to a dead end :D
2012-12-30 15:58:02
Clearly :D
2012-12-30 16:19:54
if u think valve paid him you're plain and simply stupid as fuck, I rest my case on this thread
2012-12-30 19:57:27
oh god why :D
2012-12-30 11:58:42
Hltv.org... Are you trying to create even more flaming? It's clear that your community is stubborn like a donkey and won't accept a heretic thought against the master of all esports, so please, don't feed the trolls.
2012-12-30 11:58:58
So, they should stop posting any kind of news related to CS:GO, just because people don't like it? There are filtering options in this site, people should learn to use them if they don't like it.
2012-12-30 12:07:27
make a newspost from Neo interview also
I've a title for you already: Neo "I'm best friends with TaZ because we play LoL together"
2012-12-30 12:02:40
Adren is right. CS:GO is better then 1.6.
2012-12-30 12:11:34
in terms of skill, dynamic, for spectators, etc.

2012-12-30 12:13:44
how many spectators has 1.6 got now? oh yea, NONE.
2012-12-30 19:58:21
was not what he meant, 1.6 is alot more interesting to spectate than CSGO has ever been. not the amount of spectatord the game have.

come back when CSGO reaches 75K spectators after 9 years of excistance(?). Can't exactly remember what ESWC it was.
2012-12-31 04:56:58
tell me, does any of that matter if the game is dead? Is it really so hard for you to move on? It is more interesting to spectate in your opinion, i love spectating and playing the game.
2012-12-31 05:15:48
well, you're pretty much the first guy ive talked to who "loves" spectating the game.
2012-12-31 15:28:41
im pretty sure im not the only one :)
2012-12-31 18:50:10
don't know, but we'll see if it ever reaches 75K specs
2013-01-01 00:36:30
2012-12-30 12:22:54
OK bye thx
2012-12-30 12:18:30
what they want? he just told the truth NOOBS
2012-12-30 12:25:25
It is just pathetic to say that VALVE paid adreN. Obviously no one can actually like CS:GO over 1.6 ^^ Just face the facts that CS:GO going to be the future of fps esports. You guys should be more open minded and actually play the game for a while, once you adapt to it, you eventually start to like it also.
2012-12-30 12:32:07
wtf is he talking about...
2012-12-30 12:43:27
Tom.Drum :"I like cs 1.6 better than cs:go"

Post edited 2012-12-30 12:55:11
2012-12-30 12:51:48
the god had spoken!
2012-12-30 13:48:09
Money = fun
2012-12-30 12:54:36
go home adren, you are drunk
2012-12-30 12:54:45
have better graphics and some smallers things...gameplay is just worse.

Reocil, movement are just ok but for sure are a long way behind 1.6.

Post edited 2012-12-30 12:56:25
2012-12-30 12:56:04
I kinda understands him, when youve played like 200h of CSGO straight and you come back to 1.6 you like csgo more than 1.6 at least me.

Btw, ppl who likes 1.6 over GO (random first game over GO) likes it cos of the same reason they think his mum's food is the best in the world.
2012-12-30 13:00:09
Infact Mom's food is best in the world :]
2012-12-30 13:25:06
I agree with Adren !
2012-12-30 13:01:36
I first played cs 1.3 , then 1.6 long long time ago when i was 12 (i'm 20 now) ... but i really like GO the more i play it, just like adren does.
but i'm never gonna say that cs:go is better than 1.6 , cuz it's not.
2012-12-30 13:04:39
yup, me too
2012-12-30 13:08:19
Adren actually knows what he is talking about, CS:GO is more enjoyable game than cs 1.6
2012-12-30 13:09:47
hahaahahahah i don't get why the 1.6s are not on pubs now.. instead of flaming someone who just express his opinion. The pubs are your home now. HLTV is a site for the coverage of esport, in this case CS:GO.. if you don't like it, you have three options

1) you can use the filter options
2) you can die hard on pubs
3) you can finnaly open your minds and start playing CS:GO or promod
2012-12-30 13:10:20
2012-12-30 13:13:54
Totally agree.

2012-12-30 13:15:16
Agree bro
2012-12-30 13:19:18
Open your minds and play other games..which are way better than cs:go. :p
2012-12-30 13:23:37
play promod then... if not this site is not for you anymore
2012-12-30 13:33:46
this will always be a home of 1.6ers, so calm down.
2012-12-30 14:22:47
go to filter option and read the last news about 1.6 then go at the coverage and tell me what 1.6 event is covered by hltv. The trollers and die hards must quit if they don't want to play promod or cs'go.
2012-12-30 14:34:56
ye, i wanna know WHERE U HAVE BEEN last 10 years, coz we are here since 200X and u wanna tell me its your "home"?go home, u r drunk
2012-12-30 15:04:08
it can be... the new year is comming so i can be drunk but the true and the most important question is, where you have been in the last year?!
2012-12-30 15:06:19
i dint say pro mod is better..you assume wrong things xD
2012-12-30 14:22:57
i didn't assume nothing, play promod, it has its goods and its badsjust like cs:go but still 1000x better than playing 1.6 on pubs
2012-12-30 14:25:36
lol you seem to hate 1.6 so much :P
nvm i got better games.. BB
2012-12-30 14:32:48
Its his opinion and for me
1.6 > CS:GO
2012-12-30 13:16:53
He likes it better because the money is in cs:go now,I bet you if it died and he started another game he would also like that new game better.Damn sellout.
2012-12-30 13:17:30
it's actually true, but that doesn't change the fact that 1.6 without the pro scene sucks and the die hard must and i repeat MUST start playing cs'go or promod. I don't care pick one of the two games and play it. The die hards are the main reason why Italy hadn't a 1.6 scene, and now a cs'go or a promod one.
These people can't own a 700mb game after all these years so i understand that they are afraid of change.
2012-12-30 13:33:01
Ofcourse he does, he was a nobody in 1.6.
2012-12-30 13:23:54
2012-12-30 13:27:23
2012-12-30 13:31:38
you are noone too actually
2012-12-30 13:33:40
Awesome. GO is still shit regardless.
2012-12-30 13:44:50
Awesome cspromod is shit regardless
2012-12-30 13:55:42
HA mad!
2012-12-30 14:00:02
Yeh I'm the mad one, hahaha :))
2012-12-30 14:02:47
Yeah I know, that's why i said 'mad'
2012-12-30 14:27:55
2012-12-30 14:29:16
you are too old to play games ;]
2012-12-30 15:11:32
haha yeah right its an awesome game and it has a competitive scene wazzap with promod 200 players online :D oh yeah it is the next big thing 4 sure :)
2012-12-30 16:18:38
2012-12-30 18:21:04
you are a troller so please ban yourself
2012-12-30 20:10:23
still didnt beg enough for a dota2?

Post edited 2013-01-01 10:39:07
2013-01-01 10:38:53
i have 5 dotas please stfu
2013-01-01 14:17:16
i wont stfu
please gtfo
2013-01-01 18:33:35
itallian fag pls stfu
2013-01-01 19:11:01
Damn this community is full of retards. In your opinion 1.6 is the best game there ever was, why cant you respect his opinion? Freaking kids seriously
2012-12-30 13:24:52
he was beast in CS1.6. I dont know why he told this
2012-12-30 13:36:53
CS:GO is a better game for many because it has good graphics , similar gameplay to both 1.6 and source.

There is also a bunch of different tricks and new things to learn which makes it more exciting. This game is also the most attractive CS version for new players.

Post edited 2012-12-30 13:41:30
2012-12-30 13:40:13
similar gameplay to 1.6

2013-01-01 10:39:31
what agressive blasphemic title to put
shurely will get many replies
good job hltv ;)
2012-12-30 13:42:05
Fuck u Adren
2012-12-30 13:44:51
Its easy to see why this community is literally the cesspit of the gaming world by just reading the comments on this thread,people getting so mad just over 1 guys opinion haha.

Post edited 2012-12-30 13:48:37
2012-12-30 13:48:31
+1, its just his opinion, it doesnt mean its true or anything. and could be taken out of context. I to agree csgo is better in some aspects like graphics and such. it donsent mean anything and users should calm down
2012-12-30 14:04:27
"Teen Brains Are Not Fully Connected

The brain's "white matter" enables nerve signals to flow freely between different parts of the brain. In teenagers, the part that governs judgment is the last to be fully connected."


Post edited 2012-12-30 14:12:07
2012-12-30 14:11:26
omg valve not paid, i have same opnion too, and more ppl. CS:GO is good game
2012-12-30 13:58:54
Holy shit, the amount of ignorant little fuckers on this website is astounding. It's his fucking opinion.

Also fucking retards changing their minds because of the headline


Suddenly he's the worst that ever played 1.6?
2012-12-30 14:03:39
Wow he had a couple highlights, he must be a legend right?

He is in much better shape in his CSGO team than he ever was in 1.6.
2012-12-30 14:35:54
2012-12-30 14:37:35
Mediocre frags. If anything that actually shows you how bad he was. Not saying he was bad, but those frags that are showed there are far, far from the best. Far from.
2012-12-31 04:59:19
k, look at the comments
2012-12-31 15:10:34
doesn't change the fact that the frags are bad.

fanboys, 14 yo's, etc. :)
2012-12-31 15:30:14
The same people commenting on this thread and about 80%+ of the hltv community.
2012-12-31 16:58:32
Your point being? :D
2013-01-01 00:35:47
The original point I made?
2013-01-01 02:31:59
Alright, but it still doesn't change the fact that the frags are bad :D
2013-01-01 02:53:03
Shut up and take my money!

2012-12-30 14:10:46
When will mods do something about these comments?
I'm tired of seeing 1.6 comments in cs:go section.
I don't go spouting shit all over in 1.6 section do I?
Some sort of mute button would be nice..

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:13:09
2012-12-30 14:12:09
oh dear this has hurt alot of egos
2012-12-30 14:15:06
Why in the hell do you care about what adren says?
Who even watches hes games?
you should realize that this guy never impacted the "CS-Scene"
CS 1.6 > CS:GO
CSPromod > CS:GO

i'm not CSGO hater or 1.6 fanboy.
I have played CS:GO alot ,but its not better than 1.6.

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:20:39
2012-12-30 14:15:13
why always say 1.6 is better when there are not new event, with no top team + no event = 1.6 just for fun !
2012-12-30 14:16:38
so the game cant be better if there are no events with top teams? for most users 1.6 is better and thats it, you dont need tournaments to find out which game you prefer
2012-12-30 15:19:13

New na'vi edward interview

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:21:41
2012-12-30 14:20:00
Edward: "I like this game (CSGO)"

*grab popcorn*
2012-12-30 15:37:05
loh pidrrr
2012-12-30 14:26:44
2nd - WCG

17-24th - WCG
5-8th - ASUS Summer
17-24th - ESWC

5-6th - Rekrut Championship
5-8th - WCG

5-6th - Arbalet Cup Europe
5-8th - WCG
7-8th - ASUS Autumn
5-6th - Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
4th - Arbalet Cup Ukraine
9-12th - EM IV Global Challenge Chengdu
1st - WCG Kazakhstan
2nd - ASUS Summer
1st - Arbalet Cup Masters
5-6th - eStars Seoul
3rd - Arbalet Cup #3
3rd - ASUS Spring
1st - Arbalet Cup #2
5-6th - DTS-Cup
3rd - Arbalet Cup #1
5-6th - KODE5 Spain
3rd - ASUS Winter

2nd - ASUS Summer
1st - Arbalet Cup Almaty
1st - ASUS Spring
7-8th - Arbalet Cup Europe
4th - Arbalet Cup Best of Four
2nd - The Gathering
1st - Arbalet Cup Russia
1st - ASUS Winter
1st - Arbalet Cup February
5-8th - Arbalet Cup Asia

4th - WCG
3rd - OSPL Spring

9-12th - GameGune
4th - ASUS Final Battle of The Year

He's nobody? Ok mates!
2012-12-30 14:28:43
nice 1st places
2012-12-30 15:09:45
8 of them.
2012-12-30 17:31:53
Did any big teams attend to any of those events though? (the first places that is)

From what I can see they don't look that impressive
2012-12-30 17:42:57
maybe u should consider his teammates level ? lol
2012-12-30 19:07:16
It's not like he was forced to play with them.
2012-12-30 21:01:01
and did u see his team?
2012-12-31 00:24:31
I wanted to know if there were any big teams in those events that they won. It doesn't matter if his team were beasts or mongols.

Obviously you can win a lot of events with less good teams, but is it really that impressive then? Not at all.
2012-12-31 10:47:07
CS Pro Mod outshines CSGO already with the current Beta Version 1.10 in alsmot every aspect and is a Rebirth of CS1.6 in every Aspect.

You can move as in 1.6. Russiaduck and so on, everything you old Legends want.

You can shot as in 1.6.

You throw nades as in 1.6

You have 1.6 Maps ported on a wonderful crisp looking Engine. Graphics which look so crisp on colorful on high and stable running Settings that CSGO looks like a HD Console Call of Duty Modern Warefare Footage compared to it.

CS Pro Mod would be the real Future if it gets its earned Chance.

CSGO is just a out of the Sleeves shaked Project for Valve, with a 30 Percent Effort which was never focused to accomplish the old Principles and Mechanics of CS for real.

You will be the dumb not to realise it.

CSGO is just played right now because it's in. But it will die exactly out of sudden as CSS did now.

CS 1.6 has still more Players than both and CS Pro Mod has everything to accomplish those old Values on a new Engine.

CSGO looks like shit, the Weapons sound like Toyshit, Movement is not counter strike comparable for real and is a clear Downgrade compared to CS Pro mod.

Some of you Guys better get over it, that CSGO was never planed to be the future and never will be for real. Even Valve always saw it as a Major Update for Source without the Plan to accomplish anything.

It's just a Snack and that's it.

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:36:21
2012-12-30 14:33:12

You forgot the main point about cspromod , its shit and its dead. 160 players and 65 of those are botts haha

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:36:28
2012-12-30 14:36:19
I already told you once, game-monitor is not a reliable source. It also shows less CS:GO players playing. With that said, the CSP numbers aren't very high, but you keep spamming your beloved game monitor everywhere.
2012-12-30 14:46:24
it's a better game already than cs:go will ever be, it's just not popular yet.
2012-12-30 14:46:51
in you're opinion , not in mine and clearly not in many peoples since no one actually plays it.

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:53:54
2012-12-30 14:48:14
most people haven't even tried it so what you said makes little sense, csp team doesn't have millions to spend on marketing like cs:go did, obviously it will take longer before it can become popular.

a TON of the professional cs:go players dislike the game and play way more dota2 for example, some of whom would completely surprise you but i won't list names here out of respect.
2012-12-30 14:55:29
[Citation needed]
2012-12-30 16:03:35
If you think valve spent millions on cs:go marketing you are even more stupid than you seem.

2012-12-30 16:28:50
i'm sure all the billboards, tv/magazine etc commercials, website ads, booths etc were all free
2012-12-30 17:35:18
I don't know where you live, but there was nothing like that here. I get commercials, ads and all that stuff for games like COD, World of tanks, battlefield. Not once for CS:GO.

2012-12-30 17:39:37
well if valve spent their money a little better maybe cs:go could have a bit more players but probably each of the games you listed above are more popular than cs:go.

there was plenty of stuff they did even with booths at e3 etc, and flying the cs:s players to seattle was also a pure marketing move so you could count that in ^^
2012-12-30 18:03:42
Sure but those things are the bare minimum for advertising, I doubt they spent much more than 50k overall for advertising. A far fetch from your original "millions".

2012-12-30 18:18:47
they might not have spent that much in actual cash because they can advertise everything on steam as much as they want, but that would surely cost a TON of money to have it show up everywhere in the store etc as well
2012-12-30 19:05:29
[Citation needed]

Seriously, here in the UK, the total advertising was as follows.

Valve announced they were making the game, did a few interviews. (Free, same as CSP)
Hosted 1-2 show matches at Lan events. (Not so free, maybe 9K max, nothing stopping CSP doing the same)

Made a trailer they couldn't be bothered posting on facebook (Free/Cheap)

Half assedly advertised on steam (Slightly more expensive for CSP, however not really that expensive.)

I'm not seeing this 'millions' people keep talking about. If CSP can't match that level of advertising, then CSP is screwed.
2012-12-30 18:09:09
i dont see the point why someone should play cspromod. its just a similar game to 1.6 and the graphic arent really better. so in the end we can just keep playing 1.6 because its still better than cspromod.
2012-12-30 19:35:32
if garfield & co do their job right tournaments will start popping up for csp so people have a reason to play it. no one would play cs:go if it didn't have tournies, same principal applies for csp.
2012-12-30 20:50:57
then they should just support 1.6 again, because its nearly the same like promod, just better
2012-12-30 21:38:29
Don't bother. Garfield pays lurppis to say that, just like Valve pays AdreN.
2012-12-30 15:14:51
haha right. Garfield was lusppis's boss. :D
2012-12-30 15:32:10
valve doesn't pay anyone just like garfield doesn't (i can only wish).

adren's whole career started from cs:s so i don't see how it's surprising he could like cs:go.
2012-12-30 16:10:04
Yeah because no 1.6 player likes cs:go do they.

God you are such a retard man.
2012-12-30 17:33:10
some do i'm sure, i just can't imagine why
2012-12-30 17:35:40
lurpis, believe it or not, but there are actually 1.6 players who aren't close minded idiots out there. Trust me.

Post edited 2012-12-30 18:29:15
2012-12-30 18:27:16
doesn't matter whether or not you're close minded, the only thing cs:go has going for it is it's new (and the tourneys have switched to it for the same reason). as a game it's terrible.
2012-12-30 19:07:03
in your opinion its terrible, other people seem to enjoy it, have fun at Wannabe I play it because I cant play anything else other than 1.6 Mod
2012-12-30 19:53:42
unlike it seems with 80% of this site's visitors, i don't have any need to play an fps game. if csp becomes big i'll play some for fun, but i'd never play cs:go because you can't have fun playing a game that isn't fun.
2012-12-30 20:52:44
I forgot the relation between Garfield and Lurp ;D lol

Everything makes so much sense, that's why he is so whiny about GO.
2012-12-31 00:56:59
EG lurppis
2012-12-31 23:29:17
Its just 1.6 with source graphics, nothing new tbh except the hud.

Everybody knows that the 1.6 gameplay is better than the csgo one. BUT, VALVE is updating the game every month and they already said they will update the recoil and the movement. So the game might get better than 1.6?

CSP wont survive when csgo is getting updated every month when csp has almost the same EVERYTHING that 1.6 has and source graphics.
2012-12-30 16:29:06
they've already shown how far they are willing to go.

if i wanted to play/watch something in black and white (which cs:go is) i'd just put in the blu-ray of 12 angry men.
2012-12-30 17:37:03
I'm sure you know everything when it comes to making a game.
2012-12-30 19:18:48
i've actually talked to people from valve and i have an okay idea of what they base their decisions on, they won't be making drastic changes anymore, not drastic enough for me anyways. nothing else i need to know about it.
2012-12-30 20:53:27
Do you really think that CS:GO is black and white, or are you just saying that to thrash talk the game?

D2 long CS:GO:

D2 long 1.6:

You can prefer either one, but your black and white comment definitely seems like thrash talk to me. Not very professional in my opinion.
2012-12-30 20:15:57
i think it's black and white, that's why so many people use 100% digital vibrance in it (e.g. gtr who told me to do it to make it look better) to give it some color.

the lower picture is not (i repeat: NOT) from counter-strike 1.6, but source.

cs:go is all grey. we could call it the grey offensive.
2012-12-30 20:54:40
It's as unprofessional as your '1.6' screenshot of dust2.
2012-12-30 20:58:48
Haha sorry i just took the first one google gave me actually. Should have clicked the thumbnail perhaps :D

Well everyone knows how 1.6 looks. I was more concerned about lurppis black & white version of CS:GO.

It's clearly an exaggeration and i was wondering why he does that. There must be a reason.

2012-12-30 22:03:48
The game is way too grey and dull indeed. Just valve trying to make it more CoDstyle I guess. But yea digital vibrance fixes it somewhat.
2012-12-31 03:52:37
rofl google-man
2012-12-30 21:31:48
Genius. LOL
2012-12-30 22:02:04
yeah, and it will never be popular :( keep dreaming lurpy
2012-12-30 16:43:48
i'd rather play a dead game than a bad game so even if it doesn't take off that's fine with me
2012-12-30 17:36:15
Dreamhack must've payed you big cash for you to shoutcast a bad game :P

You're such a two-faced person it's unbelievable. I'm surprised how you can write articles about csgo without wanting to cut your own fingers off.

I'm just glad, like you are I'm sure, that your pro gaming career ends with 1.6. There are too few honest ppl in the community nowadays.

2012-12-30 18:12:57
they paid a fair amount and the game is okay to watch (although i'd like it if it wasn't black and white), it's just terrible to play.
2012-12-30 19:08:01
Lurpiss logic: "I'd rather play a dead game than a bad game. Meanwhile, I will still make money from that bad game by casting and writing articles about it."

LOL. You're so genius, Lurp.
2012-12-30 18:49:24
casting and writing articles don't require playing the game. it's ok to watch and work is work, but you can't be one of the best in something you don't enjoy, and for that reason i couldn't be a top player in cs:go even if i tried i think; i doubt i could ever learn to enjoy the game so i'd never end up playing it.
2012-12-30 19:09:04
you werent one of the best in 1.6 either
2012-12-30 20:02:33
my accomplishments beg to differ
2012-12-30 20:50:12
hold you genuinely think you were one of the best 1.6ers?

really? cmon.

Post edited 2012-12-30 21:40:26
2012-12-30 21:40:17
i must have been doing something right to be in a top5-10 team for basically 8 years in a row, including a quick part at #1 in the world according to thorin
2012-12-30 22:53:30
you wish you had some achievements :D
2012-12-30 21:32:48
Sorry mr top 50 out of 100 cspromod player
2012-12-30 21:34:09
if i reply to you now(which i did) , i bet the next reply from you will be "umed?"

you must be retarded , i feel sorry for you :>
2012-12-30 21:35:31
It's just funny when you work and talk shit about your work subject at the same time. Such a naughty employee :D

CSGO doesn't only help you with your income, it also help hltv.org a lot. Without CSGO, what would be hltv now, if not a corpse like CS1.6?
So why not say something nice about GO at least once?
2012-12-30 23:21:23
if cs:go didn't come out we'd still be playing cs 1.6; the only reason it went out of tournies is cs:go.

i'm not gonna compliment a game i don't like just because it helps me or a company i work for; it doesn't change how i feel about the game.
2012-12-30 23:27:26
We'd be still playing cs 1.6, yes ofc, but hltv.org would be well dead because the pro-scene 1.6 was dead.

And you dont need to promote anything you dont like, just leave it alone to be fair.
2012-12-31 00:02:22
pro scene of cs 1.6 only died because of cs:go, if cs:go never came out the scene would still be just as good as last year.

everyone else gets to comment, why don't i?
2012-12-31 00:07:07
pro scene of cs 1.6 only died because of cs:go, if cs:go never came out the scene would still be just as good as last year.

You're so delusional. I've followed pro-scene 4 or 5 years, long enough to see that it had been dying. Good players retired, team disbanded, not many new young players came, less tournaments, less money, less spectators day after day. Even cArn said that 2012 would be the last year of cs 1.6. And that's true.

CSGO came out to the scene because no sponsor/spectator cares about 1.6 anymore, not because CSGO killed it. CS 1.6 died by itself because it was old. CSGO is young and has the chance, just like your CSPromod game you always cheer for.

You have the rights to say anything, but you don't have to so bias cocky about it, you don't have to repeat your opinions hundred times. That's annoying. You're an admin after all.

Post edited 2012-12-31 00:26:10
2012-12-31 00:24:25
1.6 scene was doing great until iem announced they were dropping cs 1.6 (which was to some degree a result of cs:go's coming release), and then everyone followed because esports is filled with sheep :).

if cs:go wasn't announced in 2011 (which is why carn said 2012 would be cs 1.6's last year) the scene would have never started getting smaller, at least not anytime this soon. it might not grow bigger, but why would it have to?
2012-12-31 00:39:31
1.6 was doing OK (sort of) at that time, but not that great. It was far behind from some esport games and from itself in the past. No sponsor/org was happy with that I guess. That's why more and more tournaments dropped. How could they drop a DOING-GREAT game huh? :D

It's really hard for me to arguing with a smart bias ass like you, Lurp. But I've already said what I need to say.

Btw, thanks for the sheep in esport that keep this site alive. Amen.
2012-12-31 00:56:07
it doesn't matter if it wasn't bigger than dota/lol or sc2, it was still going to stick around as the fps game. tournaments didn't drop until cs:go was announced.

ps. i understand reading comprehension isn't one of your strong suits (if there are any) but i was referring to event organizers who decide which games are played. they are the ones who decide, not fans who keep this site alive.
2012-12-31 01:04:54
You're the one who didn't got the point. Maybe my English is just bad or you keep ignoring to understand.

Just because some new game released, CS 1.6 had to be dropped? It sounds like just because new baby was born, the others should be abandoned.

You just insult how 'amazing' CS 1.6 was doing, lol. A good doing great esport game 1.6 was DROPPED because of a BAD game still in beta? What a logic here, xD. So no esport game is safe to play now? :D You dont have to be funny that much, do you?

I say it again, 1.6 was dropped because it didn't attract any more new gamers/spectators/sponsor etc. Those things is required for an esport game. If a game dont have it (anymore), it will be dropped. It's the fault of the game itself, not organization's. They think only about spending money efficiently. Nothing wrong about it.

And Yes, agree, org decided what is the right game to play. But the fans are who keep this site alive. Example, why did Gotfrag die?
This site is very much alive thanks a lot to fanboys always flame here. Get my point yet?

Look, what special does hltv.org have these days? That is CSGO><1.6 war, with thousands comments and topics. Get my point yet?

How to make the site have a lot of views, users? Easy, keep being bias, and keep/make/ignore the flame wars to happen. Everyone has some fun of playing war. :D

p.s: it's good to have argument with you.
2012-12-31 02:21:11
yes, organizations such as esl who probably thought cs:go would actually be a good game dropped cs 1.6 and made the switch (although iem came to their senses re: csgo in the end) to cs:go before its release. if they had waited till the game was out, obviously the switch wouldn't have happened.

gotfrag died because mlg cut all of their money from cs and made them only cover games in mlg, that had ***NOTHING*** to do with fans. nice try.
2012-12-31 02:38:26
If they waited till the game was out when the community was falling down along with CS 1.6 scene, it would not be very smart because chances are the whole CS scene might be dead (kind of) at the moment CSGO released. Just like you dont wait til people get bored of iPhone 4 to release iPhone 5, do you? They thought they had a good hand of poker, then why not made a big bet? I would do the same.

However, it turned out that CSGO isn't better than CS1.6 but only a different game. But surprisingly (or not), CS1.6 wont come back as a esport title again, that fact just proves how old-dying game 1.6 is.Maybe that's why you cheer for CSPromod instead, that's why I'm trying to protect CSGO for its fairness here.

They (Gotfrag) probably wouldn't have cut anything off if it still was supported by fans. That's how economic runs. You have fans, you have ads/sponsor, then you have money.
2012-12-31 03:24:32
you are once again completely missing the point.

it doesn't matter when cs:go was released if tournaments were going to switch, but the fact that it was released and iem dropped 1.6 killed 1.6. that's a fact, everyone followed it.

of course i cheer for promod because i think it's good, it's what reasonable people think -- support their beliefs. most people here on the other hand are drinking the "if cs:go doesn't succeed fps genre will die!!!1111"-koolaid which is a joke. who gives a shit about the fps genre?

you just don't get it...

the people who ran gotfrag sold it to mlg for millions. they all left the site, and mlg had no people who knew anything about cs and no interest to cover cs. gotfrag went from a huge popular site to non existant basically overnight. people like you just think the site was alive after it was sold, which it wasn't.
2012-12-31 13:12:07
I got your 'fact', but just keep your 'fact' to your self. I don't buy it.

About gotfrag and mlg, i maybe wrong. I accept that. But my point still stand about relation of this site with fans(sheep).

Happy new year, lurp.
2013-01-01 02:47:47
i dont think people are telling to be phony. what they are telling is that even if u hate ur work subject, STFU and dont bash it on daily basis...
2013-01-02 00:52:17
i don't hate cs:go, i just think it's inferior to both cs 1.6 and csp and i will defend my stance on that when i feel like it.
2013-01-02 02:24:29
Baaaaa! Baaaa!
2012-12-30 21:00:48
that's your opinion, not everyones
2012-12-30 21:46:51
yet everyone gets so mad over it! ;D
2012-12-30 22:54:14
at least I'm not :~)
2012-12-30 23:08:31
i wonder why... maybe cos your opinion is retarded? have you considered that? ;D
2012-12-31 00:29:21
game is bad, nothing retarded about it. like i said, a $1,000,000 tourney by valve wouldn't make me play it
2012-12-31 00:41:39
That's actually a smart choice. Why play, inevitably fail and go home empty handed when you can shoutcast and earn some guaranteed(?) cash :>
2012-12-31 05:00:56
with how shitty most teams playing cs:go are there is no way i would fail if i had any interest in playing that game
2012-12-31 13:13:10
you really sound butthurt :s
2012-12-31 17:46:13
So here's the thing.


You see, I don't play 1.6 anymore, I stay out of 1.6 threads. I don't play Cod and think the game is trash, yet I don't feel the urge to talk about it in every thread.

I understand that you're butt hurt that your game died, partially because of GO, mostly because it was on its way out anyway. However you are left with three choices.

1: Stop being a little bitch, and just keep playing 1.6

2: Stop being a little bitch, and leave FPS in general

3: Stop being a little bitch, and join go with all its advantages and flaws.

2013-01-01 13:28:53
you sound really mad that i blew your shitty theory out of the water in your blog, try to let off some steam away from the computer kiddo
2013-01-01 15:18:44
You really think that you were the one to prove my theory wrong? That you misused a logical fallacy and seem to think that you were the one who disproved it?

Here's the thing. I was (probably) wrong about my theory. However your bullshit use of 'correlation does not imply causation' did nothing to further that. That saying is one of the most misused arguments in the entire of statistics, and in itself means NOTHING. The entire of science is based on the fact that we observe correlations, and assign causations to them. The 'correlation does not imply causation' is the basis for counter arguments involving generally a 3rd variable. However it in itself is not an argument, as if it was so, you could use it to disprove every known scientific fact in the universe.

Do you know who proved my theory wrong? I did. I was the one to originally do the study to see if I was right, rather then simply accepting my opinions as fact. I was the one to share my findings to see if anyone could find any issues with it. I was the one who accepted certain ideas, and then did a secondary study. I was the one, who when presented with data that didn't fit my theory, changed my opinion.

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you changed an opinion due to evidence or argument provided by others? Judging on your posting quality, your blatant disregard for actual stats, and your fanatical fanboyism is regards to your ideas, I'd say somewhere between Never, and the amount of copies of HL3 currently sold.

Was my theory wrong? Yes (probably). Is that a bad thing. No. Does the fact that unlike you I'm willing to accept and change my opinions when presented with new evidence that I actively seek out mean that my little finger is more of a man than you? Yes.
2013-01-01 15:47:40
i change my opinion on all the time when talking to smart people who can offer something new to think about, you however are not part of that group.

you might have had to go through all that work to understand your shitty theory had no basis but since i actually have an iq higher than your 50 it was obvious to me your theory was shit the second i read it.
2013-01-01 15:50:30
Wow you're a retard. Congrats, you have a IQ higher than 50, although your IQ of 51 is still considered 'medically retarded'. Someday maybe you can join me in the 135+ club (137 Mensa tested, Computer Science student heading for a higher 1st).

And I have to wonder what powers your IQ of 51 gave you to be able to deuce that this was obviously wrong (Which again, the data doesn't 100% disprove it). Did you have access to a dataset of 10K+ individuals that I didn't, some kind of survey that was done? Or some mathematical or scientific law of physics that decrees that people of lower economic power will have the same or better technology as those with higher economic spending power.

No. Your entire reasoning can be summarized as 'LOLOLOLOOL CS:GO BEDZZZZZZZ SAUCERZ. 1.6 CSP BEST CS:GO BED DEADREDSADIFHAISDLHGF', promptly followed by your carer coming to wipe the dribble up.

The fact is you're a has been, a very sad angry man being left behind the times, unwilling to move onto another scene to get your ass kicked by Get_Right and Forest in yet another game. Yet so unhappy and unfulfilled in the knowledge that you'll never get another 8th place finisher, that you spend all your time barging into discussions about another game you don't play, a pathetic cry for help screaming 'Look at me, I'm still relevant, honestly!'. And frankly, I feel pity for you.
2013-01-01 18:05:14
actually i possess common sense, something you clearly don't

if i wanted to be good at cs:go i would, it's just not a fun game to play so i'd rather do any one of them 1000 things that are more enjoyable :)

you sound mad ;)

ps. i "quit" cs months before cs:go came out
2013-01-01 18:56:07
adren was better, when he played 1.6
2012-12-30 14:34:03
good for him
2012-12-30 14:36:25
he never went to any big tournaments like IEM,DH and tournaments like that.
He played only in countries like ukraine and russian.
so nothing huge.
2012-12-30 14:39:55
if valve pays them for switch, this game would be more expensive than 15$ :O
2012-12-30 14:41:54
i don't believe that valve pays directly to the players.
Probably valve pays for ESL and NiP etc.
when heaton joined nip again 2012,he started saying CS:GO is best and bigger than 1.6 ever was.

ESL pays Joe Miller to say cs:go is better than 1.6.
2012-12-30 14:43:54
You know it's just funny that People tend to defend Stuff which isn't worth their worthwhile Energie. And CSGO is on of those Things if you look at the Facts without being naive.

I exactly remember the words of a Valve Leader exactly explaining what the Reason for CSGO is.

If you followed those things and the Dev-Steps with GO you know what's going on.

Man Jesus, I would love it to got the best CS of all times with CSGO also, but it's miles aways from that Goal and was never planed to please the old CS Base. And it's not my or your Guys Job to talk everything good if it's not.
And if you are really convinced with CSGO you just need my or many others Perpective to see things different.

Yeah but Adren is ok, he can say what he wants. Not a big Deal to me.

Post edited 2012-12-30 14:46:06
2012-12-30 14:45:12
saying that cs go is better than 1.6 it's like someone saying that snooker is better than football.

adren just said that because finally got picked by a good team. If he was picked by a good pinball online team he would said the same..

2012-12-30 14:49:37
Hltv.org retards representing once more :DD It's really fun to see all the kids go apeshit when a player states HIS OPINION about cs:go.

In hltv.org, if you say you like cs:go, you are:

a. A fucking sellout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b. Getting payed by Valve by saying so
c. Wrong
d. A seahorse
e. All the above

Hltv.org forums... A place where opinions and common sense goes to die.
2012-12-30 14:59:31
these innocent kids dont understand if they are being trolled or if serious.

You cant tell little children the sky is pink, they will promptly argue that its in fact blue.

and thats what happen when anybody say csgo is a better game than 1.6 , it may be true in Daurens world, but not in the real one.
2012-12-30 15:52:52
unless you are color blind maybe the sky could become pink. i guess he could be serious , but its still his very subjective opinion, at least its presented as his opinion, so we must respect the freedom of speech
2012-12-30 15:56:13
I am a seahorse.
2012-12-31 02:47:40
Haha watch it. The Future for sure.

Haha just have to laugh really, how funny it is.

Look at that Game Folks. XD

Chet Faliszek about CSGO XD

2012-12-30 15:27:44
Because comparing the game now to how the game was while in the middle of alpha is totally legit right?
2012-12-30 16:08:48
there is only one person i respect from Kazakhstan... and its Borat :D
2012-12-30 15:28:22
You see in this Vid Chet and his Followship had a Masterplan for us. :)

Ähm not. XD
2012-12-30 15:31:27
I'm too cs 1.6 fan but you peaple must be more elastic. Just accustom to cs:go its realy good game, in future will be GREAT!
2012-12-30 15:33:00
They Used to Get Beaten Hard By teams such as Na'Vi and SK in 1.6

Just cuz they almost went to the top when they played against ESC AdreN is saying CS : GO is better.
2012-12-30 15:34:51
Lol, a lot of people thinks that this AdreN is American one. Failz0r.
2012-12-30 15:40:45
dont play cs go people

Post edited 2012-12-30 15:49:00
2012-12-30 15:45:18
pathetic trollin acc
2013-01-01 02:12:03
yes kid.. play cs go because get and forest play!
2013-01-01 13:07:58
whatever man
2012-12-30 15:46:22
its a fake.he is the 1st person i meet that believe this thing.but i dont believe him.
2012-12-30 15:47:18
2012-12-30 16:00:52
nice english adren
2012-12-30 16:07:43
who gives a fuck what do you like !!
2012-12-30 16:11:29
You give enough fuck to comment on this.
2012-12-30 16:20:32
By the way Guys.

Can you Guys imagine what will happen to the Future of Counter Strike if it will stay in the same wrong Lead of Valve and Gooseman and Cliff or Persons with real CS Knowledge won't get a Lead Development Position for Counter Strike 2, what's still planed for the far Future?

Seriously, I am not here to just doing senseless trashtalk, but if you look at the CS History, from CS1.6, to CS:CZ, to CSS, to CS:GO you see it's getting rather worse and worse than better.

And a Person who isn't convinced anymore becuase of some Aspects or never really was, has the right to make his Point clear so long he has some Flavour in the Pocket.

Sure, I mean it's pretty save that those Valve Guys, will Guarantee us their way of Counter Strike Future. But what we should ask as Gamers with a real competitive claim is: Is that how the Future of Counter Strike should be and stay?
Counter Strike, the modern Call of Duty Main Stream Franchise of tomorrow?

Think about it young warrior and chose the Path of Glory. XD

Post edited 2012-12-30 16:20:23
2012-12-30 16:18:22
Suggesting that CS:Z was better than CSS which was better than GO.

I don't know what you're smoking, but can I have some?
2012-12-30 16:23:37
Valve has already admitted they messed up with CS:Source. It was shipped as the multiplayer part of Half Life 2. They admitted that they didn't care and listen to the community enough. And that they won't make the same mistake with CS:GO.

What we have seen is definitely a step in the right direction. Developers attending LAN's. Weekly contact with Pro Players to make the game better.
2012-12-30 18:55:59
This kid comes from Source, what can you expect?

CS:GO's death will start anytime soon.

Hopefully CSP developers will find a way to attract more people to the game, at the moment the only ones that are playing CSP are those who really believe that if a game can replace 1.6 it's not CS:GO.
2012-12-30 16:24:01
Lurpis is a dud, no one cares what he says now........His so biased and a arrogant twat. Garfield was his boss...............
2012-12-30 16:25:26
AdreN is my hero , he has literally made about 200 people cry in their sleep tonight.

Infact I propose AdreN be named the first patron saint of counter strike global offensive

Post edited 2012-12-30 16:32:44
2012-12-30 16:29:31
its tragic to compare cs 1.6 with csgo.1.6 is legend.
2012-12-30 16:39:05
100% true if you replace "legend" with "different game"
2012-12-30 17:17:27
don't even try argue with logics around here. It will end in a tragic way.
2012-12-30 18:29:38
Yeah i know :D Couldn't help my self.

Seems like your keyboard is better now. Got a new one?

Post edited 2012-12-30 18:38:06
2012-12-30 18:37:42
Got one from Cype from Lemondogs, pretty neat Thermaltake non-mechanical.

RIP my beautiful G15 2008-2012.
2012-12-30 20:23:00
2012-12-30 16:43:46
oo and u know dat feeling when u playing online with 120 ping ?
2012-12-30 21:30:43
Adren if u see this, you've lost prob 1000 CS 1.6 fans, and won 100 CS:GO players
2012-12-30 16:47:26
Who is adren ?
2012-12-30 16:57:23
new on this page?
2012-12-31 00:29:49
Difference is

He doesn't care about 1.6 fanboys. He plays what he likes.

Post edited 2012-12-30 17:21:48
2012-12-30 17:21:37
Ok, you have shown us 1.6 fans are retarded, that was fun, what is next?
2012-12-30 17:24:31
what does make us retarted? what im missing here o_O
2012-12-30 23:13:01
In Kazakhstan you can marry your own sister,adren probably dates hes own cousin.

Stop thinking about what he said,hes just guy who doesn't matter in this scene.
2012-12-30 17:56:11
Apart from he's part of top 10 teams in both games.
2012-12-30 18:16:01
it`s not truth, why u r saying what u don`t know
2013-01-01 09:17:31
but the question is: Who's AdreN?
2012-12-30 18:10:13
People don't understand that "I like CS:GO better than 1.6" does not mean "I think CS:GO is better than 1.6"

2012-12-30 18:27:43
cs:go > 1.6 :)
2012-12-30 18:33:29
These kids on the site, damn man I feel sorry for you. One guy can't single-handedly say that he prefers a game on top of another before getting trashed-talk on like Justin Bieber.

What the fuck is wrong with you. 'Who the fuck is AdreN?' 'You lost supporters' 'fucking saucer'

He has done more for the scene in both css and 1.6 than any of you randoms. That's one persons opinion and you get together like a witch-hunt back in the 1500's and tries to slay him with retarded third world english comments.

Grow up guys, really.

On topic: huehue
2012-12-30 18:36:00
CSGO > 1.6

2012-12-30 19:00:16
I'd bet people who love team fortress 2 also likes cs:go
2012-12-30 19:04:50
even if that were true what is your point?
2012-12-30 19:20:10

60k playing 1.6 atm

24k playing GO

2012-12-30 19:23:00
Have you considered that 1.6 has had "little bit" more time to gather these players?
2012-12-30 19:33:18
Have you considered that 1.6 is a _better_ game?
2012-12-30 19:42:44
Who cares.
2012-12-30 19:29:40
Now they should interview the whole ESC team, we all know they will say that they prefer 1.6

Same with Na'Vi, and most of the teams that came from 1.6

Post edited 2012-12-30 19:37:15
2012-12-30 19:36:55
1.6 ~~~~ 60k players

cs:go ~~~~ 24k players

csp ~~~~ 100 players

the fact is sad how csp goes hard on and releases public once they seen cs:go start doing well and take major teams in tournies. where were you 4 years ago when we needed you we dont want you anymore go away like its like a anoying bug like a house fly
2012-12-30 19:41:55
CSP is a great game, and they know what the competitive community wants.
You think they should give up their dream just because Valve releases a shit game?

Have a little respect, they aren't getting paid for trying to deliver us a better game than CS:GO.
2012-12-30 21:08:49
"Valve releases a shit game?"

have little respect he says

med cuz csp is ded
2012-12-30 21:12:19
Not this kid again, don't you get bored? Did I upset you or something? Jeez, stop stalking me randomer
2012-12-30 21:18:28
sorry for being randomer I forgot you are ranked in the top 100 players in csp ,oh wait nvm there are only 100 players in csp.


Post edited 2012-12-30 21:21:22
2012-12-30 21:19:14
Oh, how I love arguing with people who have the IQ of a peanut. <3 HLTV.org
2012-12-30 21:22:43
Coming from you that's pretty comical.
2012-12-30 21:26:12
nevermind him, he's just an idiot.. everyone hates him. he keep trying to get known in the UK scene now that everyone moved to other games but he still sucks balls
2012-12-31 02:27:18
ROFL some random tard calling people 'randomers' typical ventrilo+public failnerd
2012-12-31 02:29:34
dont bang me out mate
2012-12-31 02:41:25
csp has no respect for the growth of counter-strike sad but true.. valve is listening to the pros and following the publics demands isnt this what csp was made for? yes but go is here now getting better everyday.. csp i like it. but still a dream for kids.
2012-12-30 22:04:51
And for those that don't like CS:GO? We aren't allowed to support another company that fully understands what we want in a game?

And they as game developers deserve abuse from the players of other games?
2012-12-30 22:52:55
I'm totally ok with just supporting your game.

Now if you could perma ban all the CS:GO haters, then we can talk about playing the 'who deserves abuse card', as lets face it, 1.6 fanboys (Which hltv never seem to get around to perma banning) are the ones who started this shitty community before GO even came around.

Post edited 2012-12-31 07:39:43
2012-12-31 07:39:28
stfu fucking noob
go play that idiot toy game if u like it
p.s. isn't anymore in top 10 on steam
2012-12-30 19:45:37
he is in the top 10 noob
2012-12-30 20:27:49
so damn stupid kids on one whole place, jesus.
2012-12-30 19:53:57
adren u are a big noob
2012-12-30 19:55:44
2012-12-30 21:30:06
Of course he does, he probably never won anything in 1.6.
2012-12-30 21:06:28
fail... you know enough about 1.6 matches rly -.-
2012-12-31 00:26:31
Do educate me, an name all the things he won in 1.6.
2012-12-31 00:31:38
2012-12-31 00:33:01
Well I stand corrected, he was 1st at WCG Kazakhstan and 17-24th in both WCG 2007 and WSWC 2007. This man is a legend.
2012-12-31 11:35:40
Blablabla. Score 3705-3273 with his teams is amazing. He played well against top teams and yes, he is a legend and probably best player from Asia.

for example: http://www.hltv.org/?pageid=28&&offset=0&a..
2013-01-01 18:26:09
Yeah, no. Ever heard of, say, Solo?
2013-01-03 02:03:27
You have 0 clue.
2013-01-09 18:57:52
see #756 :P
2012-12-31 09:24:21
then why you so bad at this game if you like this so much :(
2012-12-30 21:33:30
haha +1
2012-12-31 00:16:38
what the fuck did i just read...
2012-12-31 00:31:47
the truth
2012-12-31 07:12:25
A member in one of the top ten CS:GO teams, and top 10-20 16 teams is 'bad' at the game.
2012-12-31 07:35:15
When he played amazing against top teams he was amazing, great etc. and when he said his opinion about these games he is nobody, noob etc. :D

Post edited 2012-12-31 00:34:09
2012-12-31 00:31:46
see u next year! CS:GO > potato
2012-12-31 00:52:19
CS:GO is a good game, but it lacks gameplay depth. I like to compare 1.6(CSP) <> CS:GO like LoL <> Dota2.

Both games are played a lot...and fun, but both games are at a different level when it comes to be a competitive sport.

I bet if CS:GO wasn't named counter-strike and had a completely different setting so it doesn't get put into 1 corner with cs ... numbers would be low as fuck.

2012-12-31 00:53:08
I agree with him, I couldn't go back to 1.6 now.
I liked what he said at 5:49.
2012-12-31 00:59:25
CS:GO is more fun to play than 1.6. 1.6 is more fun to watch pros play.

Ive played actively since 2003. But I guess 1.6 is more fun if you only played it for one or two years
2012-12-31 01:21:43
who is adren... he won anything ? get a job !

Post edited 2012-12-31 01:23:10
2012-12-31 01:22:49
2nd - WCG (CS:S)

17-24th - WCG
5-8th - ASUS Summer
17-24th - ESWC

5-6th - Rekrut Championship
5-8th - WCG

5-6th - Arbalet Cup Europe
5-8th - WCG
7-8th - ASUS Autumn
5-6th - Extreme Masters Global Challenge Dubai
4th - Arbalet Cup Ukraine
9-12th - EM IV Global Challenge Chengdu
1st - WCG Kazakhstan
2nd - ASUS Summer
1st - Arbalet Cup Masters
5-6th - eStars Seoul
3rd - Arbalet Cup #3
3rd - ASUS Spring
1st - Arbalet Cup #2
5-6th - DTS-Cup
3rd - Arbalet Cup #1
5-6th - KODE5 Spain
3rd - ASUS Winter

2nd - ASUS Summer
1st - Arbalet Cup Almaty
1st - ASUS Spring
7-8th - Arbalet Cup Europe
4th - Arbalet Cup Best of Four
2nd - The Gathering
1st - Arbalet Cup Russia
1st - ASUS Winter
1st - Arbalet Cup February
5-8th - Arbalet Cup Asia

4th - WCG
3rd - OSPL Spring

9-12th - GameGune
4th - ASUS Final Battle of The Year
2012-12-31 07:33:31
pwned ;)
2012-12-31 09:23:22
It's really not that impressive.

Sure he attended a lot of events, won a few, but what did he win? You can be proud of many titles, but those aren't some of them.
2012-12-31 10:50:50
So top 8 at practically every WCG he attended isn't impressive?

Where's your top 8 WCG finisher?
2012-12-31 12:53:08
I'm talking about the events he won, not WCG. First place that is. Are those impressive wins?

Also this has nothing to do with me and what I've attended / won etc., since I'm not a player. But please Bainshie, go ahead and compare it to a decent player who actually won something that matters, then you'll see it's not that impressive. Not at all.
2012-12-31 14:35:25
Any links with some recent comments from better (according to you) players than Adren claiming something in contrary to what he is saying?

I've seen interviews on ESWC and watched games. It was horrible to watch when VG obliterated ESC with nothing more than molotovs, then game changed, late adopters (like ESC) started to pick up the pace and it's much more enjoyable to watch and play GO.

2012-12-31 16:59:27
fucking troll
2013-01-01 14:19:05
No troll. It's not impressive wins. Like Chiz0 said already, he only won ASUS and Arbelet cups. Nothing major, really.
2013-01-01 16:05:04
2012-12-31 19:18:38
dude he had a team in the fucking nowhere,he was by far one of thebest aimers in 1.6 but one player cant do it all
2013-01-02 20:37:47
not impressive... he only won asus and arbalet cups.... so boring

Post edited 2012-12-31 19:21:04
2012-12-31 19:20:19
Adren is a guy who was in all-star match two times in 1.6.
2013-01-01 16:12:08
a dont give fuck u think cs go is better than 1.6 u shit
2012-12-31 02:24:45
shame interview
2012-12-31 03:03:35
so many comments just because it's "wrong" to like CS:GO .. i've seen enough :(
2012-12-31 03:25:53
AdreN for president!
2012-12-31 04:03:22
all these pro players talking about cs:go taz, adren, edward... who is talking about csp?? only 100 people on all earth who play and troll on forums but the real pros know csp dead qq
2012-12-31 04:58:23
how much paid him for say that? ahahaha.. really joke cs go better than 1.6? who are you trying to convince?
2012-12-31 05:33:47
erm... no one? :)
He got asked the question, so he answered :)
2012-12-31 17:00:15
1.6 >>>>>> cs go
2012-12-31 05:34:18
2012-12-31 07:12:53
Adren ty mne bol`we ne brat
2012-12-31 07:29:26
Because so many comments of an ignorant response? I care about what i make, who is? Took 10 years in the counter and never knew i was this person. And please do not come and tell me stupid.
Who cares about the opinion of a ghost?
2012-12-31 09:10:17
Mate, I have NO clue what you just typed.
2012-12-31 09:26:42
Maybe because it's not in english...
It's internet troll's dialect.
2012-12-31 17:01:07
JAJAJAJAJAJA is google traductor, my english is bad :(
2012-12-31 17:28:59
ehehehehe, my english is bad u.u
2012-12-31 17:29:23
Promod for future I think
2012-12-31 10:20:51
? Promod looks worse than 1.6... and the gameplay is shit

CSGO is the future

Post edited 2012-12-31 11:06:49
2012-12-31 11:06:27
i don't know what will happen to 1.6 and csp but trust me csgo isn't the future...
2013-01-01 05:49:41
Well if CS:GO isn't the future, you basically say 'goodbye' to any hope of a competitive FPS scene on the PC.
2013-01-01 13:15:39
that's what i am doin then...
2013-01-01 17:49:55
trust me csgo isn't the future i have sub 100 hours played and suck at it but trust me.. lol
2013-01-02 01:11:11
just look at the statistics fucking bot
2013-01-02 02:16:54
fuck this shit
2012-12-31 10:52:55
2012-12-31 11:31:56
me too Adren!
2012-12-31 11:37:32
have my babies
2012-12-31 11:37:43
all hates Adren after this :D
2012-12-31 11:43:57
Me to !!! Agreed !!
2012-12-31 12:13:03
I don't think Adren is Kazakh. I think he is Uzbek.

He take box of cream and make liquid of two animals same size.
2012-12-31 15:18:08
Borat says. Lol.
2013-01-01 01:39:33
adreN's talk purchased by Valve , as he should like csgo why not ...looser switches game :) !
2012-12-31 15:55:17
i bet this pissed on many 1.6ers bonfires lolo
2012-12-31 15:57:33
this guy lost all my respect ...
2012-12-31 16:07:33
if anyone cares...
2012-12-31 17:02:07
i bet he enjoyed css too lol
in that case his opinion mean nothing
2012-12-31 16:07:39
paid to say this
2012-12-31 17:08:59
I don't really now, why HLTV post this kind of interview...

The best reason for a flame-war is to publish a player's opinion about comparing two different version of CS.

What is the journal value if this interview? He likes CS:GO better than 1.6? Okay, and?

HLTV, get some quality, currently you are going down...
2012-12-31 17:31:23
somewhat is true... ;)

I bet the thread will hit a 1 000 replies by Jan. 1st, 2013.

2012-12-31 18:47:55
Not according to my timezone.
15 mins left.
2012-12-31 23:45:41
Go is far away from 1.6
find another game
dont waste time about go and tournamens
2012-12-31 20:21:12
csgo > promod u mad?
2012-12-31 20:44:42
+1 :P
2013-01-01 01:22:41
2012-12-31 20:50:24
maybe he drink something before interveiw lol
2013-01-01 00:56:06
try to play more then one hour, _se maps without shitty trash and fog.
If u want know what Adren means there try to play more then month and turn back to 1.6 and then u can feel diff.
2013-01-01 03:09:38
Very disappointed HLTV.org.
If this is not an obvious troll/flameware bait, I don't know what is. If the crew itself encourages this kind of thing you've fallen pretty low.
2013-01-01 13:20:44
better interior design is always welcomed, but why the fuck you need to change the recoil. how can you ask a dog to live like a cat. a sad day for capitalism!!

Post edited 2013-01-01 19:09:55
2013-01-01 19:08:53
doesnt even take 30 hours played to learn the recoil
2013-01-01 21:30:33
Adren = NEW big troll on esport scene xaxaxa
2013-01-01 20:14:32
Oh my god!!!!!It looks like average age here is 15
Nothing better to do?
2013-01-01 20:31:09
mOE > him!
2013-01-01 21:01:33
Only noobs here. Took them 10 years to become average at a game, cant possibly become good in GO
2013-01-01 21:31:05
AdreN, fuckin sAucer. >.<
2013-01-02 07:29:51
TO Adren: you do because it's a sponsor slave prerogative GLHF.
2013-01-02 13:50:28
i dont understand why css players are still playing that broken game,you have a chance to play a game on pratically the same engine and you prefer to be deaded
2013-01-02 20:40:15
Can't agree with some things but pretty much like he hasn't been good in this game and still playing it until his team won't fail in the future
2013-01-03 02:26:11
Go home you are drunk
2013-01-06 15:49:58
so he got his opinion :) u guys mad ??? get drunk and forget about 1.6 )
2013-01-07 20:08:23

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