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mouz confirm nooky capture
Time: 2013-02-03 21:51
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

mousesports have officially confirmed that they have recruited Andre "nooky" Utesch from Torqued.

The German veteran had joined mouz's ESEA roster on Saturday, but the move was only confirmed by the organisation on Sunday afternoon, prior to the team's match against Anexis.

Utesch brings with him a wealth of experience, having captained the mTw team that won, among others, five EPS Germany titles in CS:Source.

He will step into the shoes of Johannes "nex" Maget, who had been with the team since they joined mouz in October, as the former Tera-Gaming player allegedly did not fit in well with rest of the squad.

"A new chapter begins for me today in Counter-Strike," he told mouz's website. "I am happy to play for mousesports, one of the most important and successful organisations out there.

"Many will surely be surprised about why I chose this team over my own, especially why I left Josh (steel) and also George (hudzG).

"It was my decision - one that was not easy - but I am convinced that after all the problems we had last year, it was the right one for me."

mousesports sit at the bottom of the ESEA table, with one victory from nine matches, and will tackle leaders Ninjas in Pyjamas on Wedneday.

Following Utesch's arrival, mouz's team look as follows:

Finn "karrigan" Andersen
Michele "zonixx" Köhler
Manuel "approx" Zeitz
Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert
Andre "nooky" Utesch

-troubley +someone with double letter at nickname
2013-02-03 21:54:13
He got them atleast in surname.
2013-02-03 22:55:24
nice one :D
2013-02-05 18:28:55
2013-02-03 21:54:49
they will never do something as long as zonixx is in that team, he is so fuckin shit.
feel a bit sad for nex since he was one of the better players recently.
2013-02-03 21:55:50
sup with Andrue? (ex 1.6 player)
2013-02-03 22:06:01
barraged for cheating in the ESL
2013-02-03 22:09:26
2013-02-03 22:10:26
- zonixx and approx. There are better players that will perform better and more stable.
2013-02-03 21:56:34
2013-02-04 02:08:42
still they won't do much damage. Should have kept uk squad.
2013-02-03 22:03:02
Nooky played good but Mouz got steamrolled in train..
2013-02-03 22:06:44
mainly because of zonixx and karrigan.
2013-02-03 22:11:44
+1 karrigan was baiting his team hard and zonixx was just horrible
2013-02-03 23:04:39
Not a great future for mouz.
I feel sadness saying that cuz karrigan was my favorite player in 1.6..

Post edited 2013-02-03 22:17:28
2013-02-03 22:17:06
Not impressed...
2013-02-03 22:19:51
y roman? :(
2013-02-03 22:27:08
roman doesnt want play a shitty game
2013-02-04 04:49:24
did he tell you?
2013-02-04 17:55:11
not to me but to mouz
2013-02-05 01:30:38
when and where?
2013-02-05 08:26:25
when they switch to cs go.
2013-02-05 19:18:08
source? What I am talking about is, for your consideration, not that he wants to play CS Go generally but where he said that GO is a shitty game.

Post edited 2013-02-05 19:48:05
2013-02-05 19:42:50
good choice for mouz
2013-02-03 22:27:09
I think they need to change zonixx, but it's only my opinion
2013-02-03 23:03:13
I don't think karrigan will do too well in GO. He always had weird mouse accel settings in 1.6 and I'm wondering how that transfers over to GO, where accel doesn't really feel the same.
2013-02-03 23:04:05
So what is a weird accel? On or off?
2013-02-04 07:50:35
2013-02-04 17:19:59
When he was using his DA (before he switched to SS due to fnatic sponsorship), he was playing with 450 DPI, 1000 hz, 4/11 Windows with EPP checked (not sure about noforce commands), and his sens was like 1.7-1.9.

I hope he can turn it around because he was one of my fav players, and one of the sickest aimers in 1.6.

Post edited 2013-02-04 18:58:57
2013-02-04 18:57:31
Gl nooky.
2013-02-04 01:04:07
oh noes they broke up
2013-02-04 01:30:59
go karrigan <3
2013-02-04 03:57:42
Dudes I can't read your cries about zonix anymore. chill out and let this guy play jesus.

who would you expect to take his place that's so over-scooby-do-superfly with a Godskill?

Some Guys always overdoing those things all the time like bashing Ozstriker.

it's not only always the individual skill behind a pro player but more his attitude, that's important.

and being in a special force and playing a simple videogame is a difference guys, so don't take the whole skillthing to serious.

i mean ofcourse, it's relative, and skill is nothing more than experience, but don't talk about Zonix as he would be an hopeless idiot.

just let him develop his own CSGO Sytle and Game.

and if mouse doesn't reacht the top, bad surely reason-based luck, but live goes on.

Post edited 2013-02-04 04:23:36
2013-02-04 04:22:26
Germany. Bringing the world good guys since 1945.
2013-02-04 08:37:17
ahahah xD
2013-02-04 08:58:30
ty, we do what we can.
2013-02-04 16:07:46
nice with nooky:D
2013-02-05 18:00:31

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