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Refuse joins forces with MOV3MBER
Time: 2013-02-10 14:36
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

MOV3MBER joined Team Refuse to represent the organisation at upcoming tournaments Assembly Winter 2013 and NLAN 2013.

Although MOV3MBER weren't able to clinch the top four placing, they made a big note of themselves at LanTrek as the first domestic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event in Finland. The team was able to make Curse struggle in the quarter-final while taking a map from them in a close best-of-three match.

After having to change two players, MOV3MBER join an uprising Greek organisation Team-Refuse who had just lost another Finnish team.

"We had to change two players a week ago, jOkkez and f0rg1ven were replaced by NOOKIE and VILZU." Ville "SHATTE" Palola told HLTV.org.

"When we completed our roster the organisation Refuse contacted our team captain Duffman and they agreed on a deal which will sponsor us for Assembly Winter 2013 and NLAN Sweden in April. Thanks to Refuse and from now on our sponsors Tesoro, Fragnet and eWorld for the support!"

The following lineup is also currently holding 8th place in ESEA Open league with 9 wins and 3 losses.

Team Refuse:

Juho "Duffman" Jauhiainen
 Ville "SHATTE" Palola
 Jarno "cyrex" Säily
 Joona "NOOKIE" Närvänen
 Ville "VILZU" Valonen 

As Palola noted, Refuse will be in action at Assembly Winter 2013 on February 22nd-24th and will compete at NLAN 2013 which will feature the likes of Lemondogs and Absolute Legends in the beginning of April.

Duffman! Oh yeah!
2013-02-10 14:37:44
haha <3
2013-02-10 14:39:19
gl guys!

one of the few polite teams I have played recently
2013-02-10 14:40:39
FRG1VN kicked :/
2013-02-10 14:40:41
thx bro :D no hard feelings for em, they're awesome and I rly was out of shape so I understand em completely :) GO GO REFUSE!
2013-02-10 15:09:52
Who replaced you in the team?
2013-02-10 17:11:02
2013-02-11 08:42:23
you are...forgiven
2013-02-10 17:16:42
AHAHHAHAAHA see what you did there ;)
2013-02-10 20:20:50
nice to see a greek orga :)
2013-02-10 14:41:14
Who replaced you in the team?
2013-02-10 15:59:51
woot? i dont play cs go. i think you make a mistake :)
2013-02-10 16:26:47
yeah got to click wrong reply button, was supposed to reply to FRG1VN. Sorry
2013-02-10 17:10:45
2013-02-10 14:41:28
Yes, you're much better.
2013-02-10 15:09:34
Ofc he is.. He´s from India who "can" hold a reaaaaaaaaal Lan HAHAHA
2013-02-10 15:25:49
Yes I heard Moscow5 loved it rofl :)
2013-02-10 15:31:17
Yeaaaah i heard the same thing.. Even that a usb with some awesome proof got stolen hahaha
2013-02-10 18:40:04
Indian, go to swim dirty river like other indians.
2013-02-10 20:06:55
2013-02-10 21:17:34
eat shit like other indians.
2013-02-10 21:18:05
more and more teams nice :)
2013-02-10 14:46:16
new teams each hour ! good 4 GO
2013-02-10 14:54:15
Greek orga, hmmm they do have money? orr...
2013-02-10 15:09:58
mby its their time to give our money back ;) if u know what i mean :P
2013-02-10 15:20:13
;) idd.. :> at least one country getting something back xD
2013-02-10 20:20:52
Gl guys!
2013-02-10 15:15:38
Geelii boiS!
2013-02-10 15:20:31
It would have been better if the title was "Refuse to join forces with MOV3MBER"

Everybody would be asking "Who refused? Who refused?" although grammar Nazis would find the mistake :|
2013-02-10 15:21:50
Striker - HLTV.org
Your title would mean that they haven't joined yet but are about to :)

And I don't think many would ask that.
2013-02-10 15:25:46
Who's Striker?
2013-02-10 15:30:09
Striker - HLTV.org
Cool ;).
2013-02-10 16:19:51
can u make a news me forming a new random team pls. :|
2013-02-10 15:52:27
so u r saying hltv.org should release news only about nip and couple of other top teams? and no one would know about these less known teams. Sir, u r lost :|
2013-02-10 16:01:09
yes only top teams. EXPLAIN ME HOW AM I LOST
2013-02-10 16:09:43
I also think you are lost,specially considering the fact that you obviously think that lesser teams aren't part of the community and therefore not worthy of a newsitem.
2013-02-10 16:26:37
Kid you're not only lost but quite blind too if you aren't able to see that all these sub-tier teams are indeed part of the proffesional competition circuit within eSports but I won't even go further on since its totally pointless to explain such thing to someone this close-minded.
2013-02-10 20:28:55
I guess they had an offer they couldn't refuse !
2013-02-10 16:02:12
I see what you did there!
2013-02-10 16:20:26
hehe :D that's clever.
2013-02-10 17:06:35
2013-02-10 16:22:36
gl guys xD
2013-02-10 16:35:51
While congrats to them, it's a shame they had to lose jOkkez. I don't know why, but from my cast games of them jOkkez was easily Mov3mbers 'star fragger', filling the job of 'Fragging everyone in the face'.

Either way I hope to see good things from both Mov3mber and jOkkez in the future, and these are one of my personal teams to look out for to cause some damage.
2013-02-10 16:50:31
good luck guys, especially duffman <3
2013-02-10 17:00:23
2013-02-10 21:17:57
gl kundit
2013-02-10 23:03:24
onnee juho
2013-02-11 09:40:26
jokkez carrier now fully ended
2013-02-11 15:18:05
Helbbo peli
2013-02-11 17:02:10
gl, strong lineup
2013-02-11 19:26:31
yes very stronk.. mby top2.fi for sure
2013-02-12 02:03:27
good luck
2013-02-11 21:20:05

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