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CS:GO Betting with HLTV

Betting on Counter-Strike matches can, at times, be a daunting experience for first-timers; but it doesn’t have to be. Betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with HLTV is a painless experience thanks to our fleshed out CS:GO betting section.

For those who want to get their feet wet, we have several guides, including beginner’s tips and FAQ. Then, we expand with advanced CS:GO betting guides, from explaining how Special Bets work, to the ultimate guide for CS:GO betting enthusiasts.

We don’t just stop at detailed guides, however, as we also offer expert bookmaker reviews where we consider a tonne of information. This information includes welcome bonuses (T&Cs apply), mobile functionality, odds, bookmaker margins, reputation, and CS:GO esports betting opportunities.

After familiarizing yourself with our guides and picked a few bookmakers to give a shot, we don’t just stop there. In our odds comparison section, you will be able to find the best odds for your betting needs.

Where to bet on CS:GO online?

In this section, you can find some of the best gambling sites out there for your CS:GO betting needs. The table below showcases our top picks, with a variety of options to choose from. These bookmakers have been handpicked with great care, taking tonnes of details into consideration. Find the bookmaker to call your new home below.

If no operators are shown above, there are no betting sites available in your location.

Looking for even more details on where to be on CS:GO matches online? Our full, dedicated bookmaker section, which includes expert reviews, promo codes and additional, must-known details has you covered.

How to bet on CS:GO

CSGO esports bets betting wagers bookmakers sites bonus reviews
Find the best sites for CS:GO betting available in your region.

Betting on matches is easy in theory, and it can be in practice too. Simply put, you can sign up to one of the bookmakers we feature, deposit some money and start placing bets. The easiest CS:GO bet to place is the “Match Winner” bet type, which is very self-explanatory. Once a match is completed, you will find out if you’ve won or lost.

How much you can win after placing a bet on a CS:GO match depends on the odds offered by the bookmaker you’ve signed up with. Let’s take an easy example: Team A has 1.5 odds, while Team B has 2.5 odds. If you bet 10 on team A, you will get back 15 if they win, effectively earning 5 profit. If you bet on team B, however, you will get back 25, effectively earning 15 in the process. The simple mathematical equation for decimal odds is: Bet x Odds = Payout.

In our betting guides section, we have several articles available which will help you in your journey. For example, if you don’t understand all the types of bets available, our guide to Special Bet types has you covered with the most popular bets CS:GO gambling enthusiasts uses.

Bet on CS:GO with real money

If you want to bet on CS:GO with real money, and you’ve already placed some real money bets on traditional sports, then the entire process should be very familiar. For first-time bettors, we will explain how CS:GO real money betting works, and what the difference is between real money betting and skins betting.

How does betting on CS:GO matches with real money work?

To bet CS:GO matches with real money, you first need to sign up to a bookmaker. These bookmakers offer a variety of options, from your standard match winner bets all the way to special bet opportunities. Bookmakers provide users with odds based which is based on the expected outcome of a CS:GO match. The bookmakers also take a tiny margin.

After you’ve decided which team will win, you place your bet via a betslip. If your team wins, you get the winnings based on the odds you’ve agreed to when placing a bet. All the bookmakers featured in our dedicated review section are safe and secure, making both depositing and withdrawing real money a breeze.

The difference between betting with real money and CS:GO skins?

Some CS:GO skins are worth a whole lot of money. These valuable, rare skins, alongside other lesser-valuable skins, stickers and gloves can be used to bet on CS:GO matches. However, we recommend not to place bets on CS:GO matches using skins.

There are many sites which try to scam players out of their high-value skins. Further, the whole skin trading/betting ordeal is a grey market area. It is risky to bet CS:GO skins, which is why we recommend real money betting via a reputable bookmaker.

FAQ about CS:GO Betting

CS:GO Mobile bets betting wagers bookmakers sites
Don’t forget to use our Odds Comparison page to find the best odds on a specific wager or match.

Got questions about betting? We’ve got the answers. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about CS:GO gambling below.

How does CS:GO betting work?

If you plan on placing bets, you should know the basics first. Thankfully, understanding how betting works is quite easy. First, find a bookmaker, sign up and deposit some money. Each bookmaker will have a variety of matches to bet on. Pick a team to win, make your wager, and you’ve successfully completed your first CS:GO bet.

How do I get into CS:GO betting?

If you’ve never placed a bet before, getting into the whole CS:GO gambling experience might seem a bit daunting. To get your feet wet, it is suggested you sign up with a bookmaker and just jump in.

Following teams and tournaments via HLTV, as well as reading through our dedicated guides on the topic will definitely help you on your way. There’s also our forum section for betting enthusiasts, where you can share your opinions on odds, bookmakers and you plan on placing.

Is CS:GO betting still a thing?

CS:GO betting isn’t just still a thing, it is arguably one of THE things in terms of betting on esports matches. There’s no fanbase more passionate, and teams put hundreds of hours into preparing for tournaments across the globe. When traditional sports came to a halt, online CS:GO tournaments continued to flourish.

As long as tournaments keep taking place, there will be bets to place on your favourite CS:GO teams. The esports industry continues to grow, CS:GO is as strong as it has ever been in 2021.

Is betting on CS:GO matches difficult?

Placing bets on CS:GO matches isn’t difficult to do, as bookmakers provide a smooth, painless experience. However, winning bets on CS:GO matches require some research and knowledge.

Combined with watching matches, we recommend using our analytics section. This section makes betting on matches easy, as we provide you with the stats needed to make informed decisions.

Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events can I bet on?

You can bet on just about any CS:GO tournament if you have accounts with multiple bookmakers. While some bookmakers only offer the big tournaments, others have regional specific leagues. In basic terms, the sky’s the limit when comes to which CS:GO events you can place bets on.

At HLTV, you never need to wonder exactly when the next CS:GO tournament will begin, and which matches will be played. Our events section has all the information you would ever need.

What types of bets are there?

CS:GO special bets wagers bookmakers esports betting
CS:GO Special Bets offer better odds with a higher risk factor.

Apart from the standard match-winner bet, there are outright bets (picking the tournament winner) as well as a plethora of Special Bets. One of the most-popular special bet options is Over/Under. We explain with an example below. Let’s say the CS:GO gambling site gives a 27.5 round margin for a specific CS:GO map in a match. This means you can bet on “under” or “over”.

  • To succeed if you bet on Under, the round total should be 27 or less. For example, a 16-11 final score.
  • To succeed a bet on Over, the round total should be 28 or more. For example, a 16-12 final score.

Other popular Special Bets include map winner handicap, correct score, pistol round winner and more. Check out our dedicated guide to Special Bets for CS:GO gambling enthusiasts for more.

Which CS:GO bets should I make?

HLTV will never tell you which CS:GO bets you should make. Instead, we offer you all the information required to do proper research before placing a bet in our dedicated guides section. It is up to you to decide which CS:GO team you will bet on, putting your money where your mouth is.

What does CS mean in betting?

CS might be a confusing term for many new CS:GO bettors, as the abbreviation can be mixed up when combined with the name CS:GO. In simple terms, CS means Clean Sheet.

Some CS:GO betting sites do offer you a chance to bet on a team getting a CS, or Clean Sheet. This is a very risky bet, if it is based on round score per map since even the top teams rarely win 16-0. In terms of map score, the CS is much more reliable, since unevenly matched games mostly end 2-0, with the occasional upset.

Our dedicated betting section, filled to the brim with advice, guides and expert reviews you should be well on your way to some exciting esports betting opportunities. As always, please remember full T&Cs apply – you must be +18 to play.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS:GO gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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