CS:GO Betting Guides 2021

There’s no better place to start your esports betting journey than in our dedicated CS:GO betting guides section. We have a variety of guides available, from tips for beginners to explaining complicated aspects of CS:GO betting, advice and much more. T&Cs apply - you must be +18 to play.

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CS:GO Betting Guides on HLTV

Our CS:GO betting guides aim to assist you in succeeding in the world of CS:GO gambling. While we will never tell you exactly which team to place a bet on, we provide CS:GO betting advice in these guides so you can make informed decisions.

From a beginner’s guide to tips, how to spot betting opportunities and how Special Bets work, we’ve got you covered. Check out the list of CS:GO betting guides on HLTV below.

  • CS:GO Gambling Beginner’s Guide – Our Beginner’s Guide features seven must-know tips for all prospective CS:GO bettors. From how basic odds work, to research on specific CS:GO matches and much more, the Beginner’s Guide is the perfect place to start.
  • How To Bet on CS:GO – Have you ever wanted to place bets but didn’t know exactly how to bet on CS:GO matches? If the answer is yes, then you have found the perfect place. In this guide, we share all the important information, from explaining the basics, to betting sites to call your new home, top tournaments to bet on, types of bets and much more.
  • CS:GO Betting Advice – Frequently Asked Questions – If you have some questions before placing your first bet, our CS:GO Betting Advice guide has you covered. This guide features 10 FAQ and is filled with information to help out CS:GO gambling enthusiasts.
  • How to Spot CS:GO Betting Opportunities – Getting ahead of the game is precisely what top bettors excel at. A big part of becoming a pro at CS:GO betting is the ability to spot betting opportunities. In this guide, we take you through five tips which should help you spot a great betting opportunity with ease.
  • CS:GO Special Bets Explained – With our CS:GO special bets guide, we venture into the complicated, sometimes high-risk bets which can pay off with some great margins. Featuring the likes of Handicap, Pistol Round, Map Winner, Over/Under and Score bets, this guide has you covered.
  • The Ultimate Guide to CS:GO Esports Betting – Need a one-stop destination for all your CS:GO gambling information? Then our Ultimate Guide is the place for you. Offering a wealth of information, this guide will take your game to the next level.
  • How To Bet on CS:GO Teams – Everything you need to know about CS:GO team betting, including the best bookmakers to use, frequently-asked-questions, a detailed explanation of how to bet on CS:GO teams, tournament outright bets and more.
  • How To Bet on CS:GO Matches – A guide to CS:GO match betting, featuring frequently-asked-questions, details on how to place your first bet on a CS:GO match, the best bookmakers to use, and everything else you need to know.
  • CS:GO Betting Tips & Tricks – In this guide, we provide you with CS:GO betting tips, explain how to bet on matches, make accurate predictions, and find the best sites.
  • CS:GO Live Betting Guide – Your guide to CS:GO live betting, featuring tips, explainers on how live odds work and the best bookmakers for this exciting practice.
  • CS:GO Betting Strategy – In this guide, we explore CS:GO betting strategy options, discuss different staking methods, share some tips, the best sites and more.
  • CS:GO Promo Codes – In our guide to CS:GO Promo Codes for 2021 and beyond, we take a look at some general tips, the best bookmakers to use and more.
  • Best CS:GO Betting Strategy on a Budget – We discuss the best CS:GO betting strategy for gambling enthusiasts on a strict budget, from the optimal staking method to general tips, and the best bookmakers to use.

CS:GO Special Bet Guides

In this section, we take a deep dive into the popular CS:GO Special Bet types. These bets are largely considered high-risk, high-reward, boasting great odds to potentially bolster your betting budget. Each guide features tips, tricks, and an explanation of the CS:GO bet type to help both beginners and veterans alike.

  • CS:GO Multibets Guide – We explain how CS:GO Multibets work, diving into the complicated yet highly profitable bookmaker feature with tips, bookmakers and more.
  • CS:GO Map Score Bets Guide – An in-depth guide to CS:GO Map Score bets, featuring tips, tricks, an explanation of this special bet option & the best bookmakers to use.
  • CS:GO Over/Under Bets – A guide for CS:GO Over/Under bets, explaining the types of Special Bets, the best bookmakers to use and more.
  • CS:GO Kills Bets – An in-depth guide to CS:GO Kills bets, featuring tips, tricks, an explanation of this special bet option & the best bookmakers to use.
  • CS:GO Handicap Bets – We take a deep dive into CS:GO Handicap betting, explaining this type of Special Bet, share tips, and reveal the best bookmakers to use.
  • CS:GO Pistol Round Bets – In our guide to CS:GO Pistol Round bets, we provide bettors with tips, tricks, and share details on the best bookmakers to use.
  • CS:GO Overtime Bets – In our guide to CS:GO Overtime bets, we detail everything you need to know about this high-risk, high-reward betting type, from an explainer of how it works to tips and tricks, and the best bookmakers to use.
  • CS:GO Outright Bets – In our guide for CS:GO Outright bets, we explain the bet type in detail, provide some tips and tricks, and reveal the best bookmakers to use while picking a tournament winner.
  • CS:GO Betting Predictions – We take a deep dive into CS:GO betting predictions, sharing tips and tricks to potentially increase the accuracy of wagers placed, and showcase the best bookmakers for your betting endeavours.
  • CS:GO Live Betting Predictions – In this guide, we explain how you can get an advantage when making CS:GO Live Betting predictions by making use of the in-game economy and share details on the best sites for prospective bettors to use..

Bolstering your knowledge with these CS:GO betting guides should prepare you for the world of esports gambling. Now, it is time to dive in and pick a bookmaker which meets your requirements.

Where to Bet on CS:GO

In this section you can find some of the best gambling sites out there for your CS:GO betting needs. These bookmakers have been picked with great care, taking dozens of details into consideration. Find the best bookmakers to call your CS:GO gambling destination of choice below.

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Expert CS:GO Bookmaker Reviews

When on the hunt for the best CS:GO betting sites, we consider a plethora of information. This information includes welcome bonuses (T&Cs apply), mobile functionality, odds, bookmaker margins, reputation, and most importantly, CS:GO matches to bet on.

You can check out our latest expert reviews focusing on bookmakers which offer CS:GO gambling options below.

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CS:GO Betting Advice: 5 Rules for Betting Smart

Everyone wants to win when placing bets on CS:GO matches. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five rules which you can use to get ahead as the last part of our CS:GO betting guides section. Take these rules for betting smart as CS:GO betting advice, instead of formal instructions. It is always good to set up your own ruleset, practising CS:GO gambling which fits your personality and playstyle.

1. Understand betting odds

Without understanding how betting odds work, your betslip at any bookmaker might seem very confusing. It is an essential aspect of CS:GO betting, and one which should never be underestimated in value. Odds represent the chance of a certain outcome occurring, so the less likely an outcome is, the lower the odds will be. The most popular odds used by most betting sites is Decimal Odds.

Let’s take an easy example: Team A has 1.5 odds, while Team B has 2.5 odds. If you bet £10 on team A, you will get back £15 if they win, effectively earning £5 profit. If you bet on team B, however, you will get back £25, effectively earning £15 in the process. The simple mathematical equation for decimal odds is: Bet x Odds = Payout.

2. Focus on particular betting markets

With a razor-sharp focus on particular betting markets, you can hone your skills. Betting markets, in case you were wondering, is one category or type of bet. To use an easy-to-understand example, match-winners in CS:GO betting is a specific betting market, while over/under bets are another market.

Focusing on a couple of betting markets is an important piece of advice we can offer in our CS:GO betting guides. The more you practice in a particular set of markets, the better your chances of building your knowledge, and placing the correct bets in the process.

3. Bet only when there is value

Sometimes, there isn’t much value in placing a bet on a specific CS:GO team, since the odds are just too high in their favour. For example, if Team A has 1.1 odds to win, you will only make 0.1 profit on your bet. Since CS:GO is an esports title where upsets happen each month, and in almost every big tournament, you should only bet when there is value.

This is also where we get to the topic of value bets. Essentially, value bets are when you place a smaller-than-normal bet on a team which has low odds of actually winning. If you do your research, you might find a team’s true chances of winning are higher than a bookmaker is predicting. For example, Team A has 3.5 odds of winning a match but after detailed research, you believe they actually have 2.6 odds. Placing a small bet on Team A, therefore, would be a great value bet.

4. Bet with a consistent staking strategy

Using a staking strategy is essential to making a profit while betting on CS:GO matches. There are dozens of staking strategies out there, so you need to choose one which sits right with your style of betting. A stating strategy is basically a way to define how much of your total bank (currency put aside for betting) you should invest in a specific bet.

This comes down to risk versus reward, as you adjust your bet size depending on the risk of a particular CS:GO team winning or losing. One of the most widely-used staking strategies is Proportional.

An easy example of a Proportional betting strategy:

If you have a bank of 1000 and decide on a 10% proportional strategy, and you win 100 in your first bet, your next bet should be 110 following this particular strategy if the odds and value of the next bet coincide with the first one.

It is always important to remember you should never bet your entire bank, as anything can happen in CS:GO matches. Some matches, such as a best-of-five grand final, gives better odds for the higher-ranked team to win, while best-of-one matches are extremely volatile.

5. Have accounts with more than one bookmaker to take advantage of the best odds

Different bookmakers do offer different odds for specific matches. It depends on the types of margins bookmakers offer, as well as a variety of other factors. The odds bookmakers provide on CS:GO matches depends on their confidence of a specific outcome.

Therefore, it is always great to have accounts with multiple bookmakers, allowing you to take advantage of the best odds for a match. For example, Bookmaker A has 1.6 odds to offer on a team, while Bookmaker B has 1.5 odds. However, Bookmaker B has better odds on Over 2.5 maps in their Special Bets.

If you want to go with a straight-up match-winner, Bookmaker A is the one to go with. However, if you love placing Special Bets, Bookmaker B would be the one to place your bet with. Our dedicated odds comparison section should help you out in this regard.

With our dedicated CS:GO betting guides and advice, you should be well on your way to some exciting esports betting opportunities. As always, please remember full T&Cs apply – you must be +18 to play.

CS:GO Betting Guides

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