CS:GO Over/Under Bets - Popular Types, Tips & Best Bookmakers

In this guide to CS:GO Over/Under bets, we explain what this extremely popular Special Bet is, the different types of Over/Under betting available, share some tips and provide you with details on the best bookmakers to use.

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What are CS:GO Over/Under bets?

Over/Under betting in CS:GO gambling can be used in a number of different ways. CS:GO Over/Under bets are used in several other Special Bet types, and is considered to be one of the most popular. A bookmaker will give you a set margin to work with.

The best way to explain Over/Under betting in CS:GO is to use an example. In the example below, we use Round betting on a map with Over/Under margins. The example below is fictional, and the odds type used is Decimal.

Let’s say the CS:GO betting site gives a 27.5 round margin for a specific map in a match. This means you can bet on “under” or “over”. In the scenario below, one CS:GO team is heavily favoured to win the match.

  • To succeed if you bet on Under, the round total should be 27 or less (for example 16-11 or less) with odds of 1.45.
  • To succeed a bet on Over, the round total should be 28 or more (for example, 16-12 or more) with odds of 2.15.

Depending on the teams playing, the Over or Under bets might give you different odds. If one team is heavily favoured to win, the payout for Under will be less than Over. This is due to the chance of an underdog pushing a heavily-favoured team to more than 28 rounds in a map being less likely.

CS:GO special bets wagers bookmakers esports betting
CS:GO Special Bets offer better odds with a higher risk factor.

As mentioned at the start of this guide, there are various types of CS:GO Over/Under bets. In this section, we will explain how the most popular Over/Under bets work.

Total Maps betting

For this special Over/Under CS:GO betting type, you will need to pick how many maps will be played in a best-of-three match. Picking “Over 2.5” means you think the match will go to a third map, ending 2-1. If you pick “Under 2.5”, you believe the match will end with a scoreline of 2-0. With this type of CS:GO Over/Under bet, you don’t have to pick the match-winner.

CS:GO Kills bets

Most popular bookmakers provide bettors with CS:GO Kills bets, using the Over/Under system. Bettors will choose (per map) which players to bet on, and how many kills a player will get on a specific map. Generally speaking, there are only bets available for the first and second map. For example, you can place an Over 17.5 bet on a player to score 18 or more kills on the first map, with various odds depending on the bookmaker’s confidence in the outcome. These bets are all pre-match, so you can’t use live betting.

Round betting

The last of the popular CS:GO Over/Under bets is all about rounds on a specific map in a match. Bettors can choose from two options, for example, “Over 25.5” or “Under 25.5” rounds. Simply put, if a map goes to 26 Rounds, the “Over 25.5” will win.

If a map ends on the 25th round or less, the “Under 25.5” bet will win. Odds for Round betting type depends on how favoured one team is to win over the other. In a match that is expected to be close, the odds for the “Over” bets will be lower. Alternatively, when one team is heavily favoured, the odds for “Under” bets will be low, and visa versa.

Some other CS:GO Over/Under bet types which can be placed at bookmakers include the likes of:

  • Total rounds won with the bomb exploding.
  • Total rounds won by bomb defusal.
  • The number of rounds won thanks to time running out.

There are even more CS:GO Over/Under bets out there. Some bookmakers offer dozens of Over/Under types but the examples in this section are definitely the most popular.

Tips for CS:GO Over/Under betting

CS:GO betting tips tricks research bets bookmakers
Never underestimate diligent research as a tool for your CS:GO betting endevours.

Now that you know more about the types of Over/Under bets, and how the wagering works for this Special Bet, it’s time for three general tips. Please note that the five tips and tricks below include general information. We do not guarantee success with these tips and tricks. HLTV is not responsible for any losses incurred.

Do CS:GO Over/Under bets research

The most important tip we can ever give you for CS:GO Over/Under bets is to do research. While nothing is guaranteed when it comes to betting, diligent research can increase your chances of winning. At HLTV we’ve got you covered with team match histories, previous results, stats and more. For example, if you plan on placing a Total Maps Over/Under bet, head to both teams’ match histories and look at their previous matches, noting if they tend to go to a third map, or if they tend to win or lose in two maps.

Understanding Over/Under odds

Odds represent the chance of a certain outcome occurring, so the less likely an outcome is, the lower the odds will be. The most popular odds used by most betting sites is Decimal Odds. Odds for each CS:GO Over/Under bet represents the bookmaker’s confidence in a certain outcome occurring. Our CS:GO betting odds section explains odds and wager types in detail.

The simple mathematical equation for decimal odds is: Bet x Odds = Payout.

An example of how Over/Under odds for CS:GO betting work is: The odds for a match to go the distance is 2.1, while the odds for only two maps being played (a 2-0 for either side) is 1.6. If the match goes to a third map, and you placed 100 in your currency for an “Over 2.5” bet, you will win a total pot of 210. Alternatively, if you’ve placed an “Under 2.5” bet, and the match is closed out in a 2-0 fashion, you will win 160 if you’ve placed the 100 currency wager before the match went live.

Try CS:GO Multibets to increase your odds

Most of the time, CS:GO Over/Under bets don’t provide massive odds for that potentially big payday. Odds generally range from 1.1 to 3.50 for this type of Special Bet. However, if you really want those exceptionally tasty odds, you can string Over/Under bets together in a Multibet. Learn more about CS:GO Multibets in our dedicated guide, and remember, these types of bets are high-risk, with an exponential odds increase.

Use an effective staking method

Using an effective staking method while practising CS:GO Over/Under betting could be a big part of your success. Betting strategies employ different types of staking methods, some riskier than others. Check out our dedicated guide to CS:GO betting strategies featuring types of staking methods, and pick the one that fits your style.

Avoid tilting while placing CS:GO Over/Under bets

Tilting is a slang term that originated in poker, where a player, after taking a few losses, becomes frustrated, confused, or simply angry. When you tilt, you make rash decisions, which you should avoid at all costs when placing bets. Even the most accurate CS:GO gambling experts can tilt, subsequently going on a losing streak due to poor, unresearched bets as well as emotional decisions.

One of the best tips we can give you when you feel you are tilting is to stop, take a breather, and come back the next day. Then, you can continue to bet making rational choices, instead of just throwing your gambling budget down the drain. Winners know when to stop, and when to come back to try again.

These general tips should help you further understand the risks and rewards of this exciting feature. Odds examples are fictional. It is up to the bettor to check the odds provided by their bookmaker of choice.

Best bookmakers for CS:GO Over/Under bets

CSGO esports bets betting wagers bookmakers sites bonus reviews
Find the best sites for CS:GO betting available in your region.

The first step in enjoying CS:GO Over/Under bets is to find an amazing bookmaker. If you’ve come looking for bookmaker suggestions, we’ve got you covered. The bookmakers in the table below have been hand-picked with great care, taking a plethora of details into consideration. These bookmakers all have a plethora of CS:GO Over/Under bets to place on matches daily.

The bookmakers in the table above have all the different types of CS:GO Over/Under bets you can imagine. For more information on the best bookmakers to place Over/Under bets on CS:GO matches, check out our full, dedicated bookmaker section. This section includes expert reviews, must-known details, and more, boasting all the information you would possibly need.

More about CS:GO Betting

At HLTV we have a massive betting section filled to the brim with guides and important information. You can head on over to the bookmakers’ page to get detailed information on all the best bookmakers with great CS:GO Over/Under betting options. There’s also our Odds Comparison to take advantage of, offering a plethora of opportunities and details.

Furthermore, our full guides section will answer each and every question both beginners and advanced bettors might have. Last but not least, our Analytics Section is filled to the brim with CS:GO betting information for you to digest, and take advantage of when diving into Special Bet options.

Please remember full T&Cs apply – you must be 18+ to play.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS:GO gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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