How To Pick A CS:GO Tournament Winner & Place Bets

We explain how bettors can pick a CS:GO tournament winner, providing must-know tips to potentially increase the chances of winning an Outright bet.

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Betting on CS:GO tournament winners

The first step is elementary if you want to know how to bet on CS:GO tournament winners. All of the best bookmakers feature an Outrights bet option on various events. Check out our complete guide to Outright betting to learn more.

There are no Live Betting options when it comes to Outright bets. At its core, bettors will need to pick the CS:GO tournament winner and place a wager via the Outright betting option. Remember that this bet option is only available before a tournament gets underway for apparent reasons.

Staking method to use

CS:GO Staking method wagers bets odds best bookmakers sites
Pick the staking method that suits your needs and specific CS:GO bets.

When you pick a CS:GO tournament winner, you will notice some delicious odds. Even the best team in the world might have odds of 2.5 or above to win, while the lower-ranked teams could even boast odds of 25 or more to win a specific event. Since there aren’t many Outright bets to place each month, bettors might want to consider a Fixed staking method instead of a Proportional staking method.

Therefore, we suggest the Fixed staking method. This method sees the user decide on a wager amount for all their Outright bets and stick to it no matter what happened with their previous bet. You allow yourself to only bet, for example, 10 of your currency at a time. The fixed staking method is advantageous for bettors, as it takes emotional (or tilting) bets out of the equation.

When you pick a CS:GO tournament winner for a wager, we recommend testing out different staking methods to find one that works for you. Learn more about CS:GO betting strategies and staking methods.

How to pick CS:GO tournament winners

CS:GO betting outrights tournament winner wagers bets bookmakers sites
Pick the tournament winner and place an Outright bet.

While placing an Outright bet at one of the top bookmakers is easy, making the correct pick has proven to be difficult for both new and veteran bettors. To this end, we share some tips to potentially increase your chances of picking a CS:GO tournament winner.

World Rankings

The first step for bettors to pick a CS:GO tournament winner is knowing where a team ranks heading into a big event. At HLTV, we’ve got you covered in this respect. Our World Rankings is the perfect place to get accustomed to which teams are currently the best in the world.

While there is no guarantee a team ranked higher than others in a CS:GO tournament will win the entire event, the odds of success are higher. Odds are, of course, the bookmaker’s confidence in an outcome occurring, so keep that in mind. Check out our World Rankings page to learn about the best teams in the world.

Team form

There is a distinction between the current Team Form and Ranking. Some teams might have a drop in form due to a few recent performances while still ranking above their opponents. For example, despite Team A being the highest-ranked going into a tournament, they might not have great form currently.

Team B is ranked four spots lower in this example. However, Team B is on top form following a few recent wins, and they’ve beaten team A three times in a row. Going off this example, despite Team A being higher ranked, Team B might have a better chance of winning the tournament. Consider this point when you pick a CS:GO tournament winner.

LAN or Online?

To pick a CS:GO tournament with increased accuracy, bettors need to consider an important question: Is the tournament online or on LAN? Some teams and players shine on LAN. Others could crumble under the pressure of a crowd, primarily if they are not used to this type of environment.

When attempting to pick a CS:GO tournament winner, bettors should do proper research and use all the stats HLTV provides. You might be able to get an advantage if you figure out which teams in a CS:GO event tend to do better on LAN. The same goes for big online tournaments. Check out our detailed guide to CS:GO LAN event betting for more on the subject.

An ear to the ground

In general, a team that recently made some roster changes is a high-risk bet going into a tournament. It doesn’t matter how highly-ranked the team is; a roster change can make a big difference. On the front page of HLTV, you will always find the latest CS:GO news, which includes roster changes.

To pick a CS:GO tournament winner, bettors need to look at roster changes, team drama, the use of a standing or anything else that might lower a team’s chances of winning.

Do diligent research

To start your research into CS:GO Outright betting, we recommend heading over to our team match histories, previous resultsstats and more. With our resources, you can potentially give yourself a better chance of making a correct CS:GO Outright bet. Dive into the stats of each team in a specific tournament to get a clear picture of the actual odds.

Please note that we do not guarantee success with these tips. HLTV is not responsible for any losses incurred. It is up to the bettor to check the odds provided by their bookmaker of choice.

Best Bookmakers | CS:GO Outrights

CSGO esports bets betting wagers bookmakers sites bonus reviews
Find the best sites for CS:GO betting available in your region.

To practice CS:GO Outright betting, we recommend using one of the best bookmakers (betting sites). These bookmakers all boast Outright betting options on the top CS:GO events. Our expert reviews consider all essential details. Check out the best bookmakers when you want to pick a CS:GO tournament winner.

Check out our complete, dedicated bookmaker section for more information on the best bookmakers for CS:GO esports betting. This section includes expert reviews, must-known details, and all the information you might need.

Learn more about CS:GO betting

Looking for more information on CS:GO betting? Well, we’ve got you covered with a massive, ever-growing betting section filled to the brim with guides. You can head to the bookmakers’ page to get detailed information on all the best bookmakers. There’s also our Odds Comparison to take advantage of, offering multiple opportunities for bettors. If you want to get an edge, head to our Promo Codes guide to bolster your CS:GO betting budget.

Our complete guides section will answer every question both beginners and advanced bettors might have. Our Analytics Section is filled to the brim with CS:GO betting information. This critical section could give bettors the edge when employing any CS:GO betting strategy.

Please remember full T&Cs apply – you must be 18+ to play.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS:GO gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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