How to Spot CS:GO Betting Opportunities in 2021

In this guide, we explain how to spot some amazing CS:GO betting opportunities in your gambling endeavours. Using the HLTV resources at your disposal and following our tips could give you a distinct advantage over others. 18+, T&Cs apply.

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Learning how to spot the best CS:GO betting opportunities can, over the long run, help you bolster your betting budget. With these essential tips, CS:GO betting enthusiasts can set themselves up for success.

CS:GO team form versus ranking

The Odds Comparison page in our CS:GO betting section provides you with everything you need to make informed betting decisions. You can check the rank of both teams in a match, and both teams’ current form, alongside other pros and cons for a specific match.

Here’s where the first of our CS:GO betting opportunities come into play. Let’s use an example to explain this opportunity.

Team A has a higher ranking, which also means bookmakers will likely favour Team A over Team B, giving you better odds for betting on Team B. However, Team B has a higher form rating. Betting on Team B will, therefore, give you a good chance of winning, and more money if you do.

The current team form is an extremely important part of figuring out which team will win. In short, the team with the better form, including recent match performances, could likely win a match against higher-ranked opponents.

Sometimes, bookmakers don’t take team form into account. If you do, you can get ahead of the competition and cash in on some great odds. While this is one of the best CS:GO betting opportunities one should always keep in mind, there is no guarantee a team with a higher form rating will win.

CS:GO team matchup history

CS:GO betting websites generally go off several statistics when calculating odds, but the most important is team ranking. Not all bookmakers take the matchup history between two teams into consideration, which means you have another one of these fantastic CS:GO betting opportunities if you follow teams closely enough.

Some teams are simply the Achilles’ Heel of other teams, no matter how far they are apart in ranking, or even form. By following teams in a specific region, or just doing a tonne of research using their individual team pages on HLTV, as well as the Stats section, you can stumble into a virtual CS:GO betting goldmine.

You can go even deeper than simply team matchup history, as there are some players who just have a historic advantage over others. Use this to your advantage to spot excellent CS:GO betting opportunities.

CS:GO roster changes

On the front page of HLTV, you will always find the latest CS:GO news, which includes roster changes. There’s another CS:GO betting opportunity to take advantage of here.

Generally speaking, a team that recently made some roster changes, is a high-risk bet. It simply doesn’t matter how highly-ranked the team is, a roster change can make a big difference in their chances of winning.

Even if, for example, Team A brings in one of the best players in the world, one has to keep team synergy in mind. When Team A brings in a new player a few days before a major tournament starts, you might have a betting opportunity on the opposing team, despite said opposing team being lower-ranked.

Keep up to date with team changes, always, as it can have an adverse effect on even the best teams in the world.

CS:GO team controversy

Following each team you place bets on via their social media, as well as individual players, is another great way to come across one of the best CS:GO betting opportunities.

Bookmakers generally won’t go into this much detail when providing their odds. Therefore, if you spot some team controversy or drama from players in a squad, there’s a good chance the team won’t perform as well as expected.

Betting on the opposing team, even if the team has a bit lower form rating and ranking, could be very profitable. Bookmakers will give you higher odds for higher-ranked teams, which means you can get some great odds betting against a high-ranked team in the midst of controversy.

Keep in mind this could work for teams ranked closely together, but don’t expect a top 10 team losing against a team that isn’t even in the top 100.

CS:GO updates from Valve

Valve releases quite a lot of CS:GO updates, and while some of them just fix a few bugs, others make changes to weapons and maps. The latter is where you can find a CS:GO betting opportunity.

To take advantage of a CS:GO update, team research is of the utmost importance. For example, if Team A has an excellent win/loss ratio and Mirage, and they’ve been first-picking it for the past several months but Valve just made significant changes to the map, there’s a chance Team A might not be as strong as the odds say.

This is arguably the riskiest of the CS:GO betting opportunities mentioned so far. Teams could still remain just as good (or better) on a specific map even if Valve has made changes in a CS:GO update. Lastly, always keep an eye on the social media of tournament organisers, as some of them might decide to use a previous version of the game, while others jump straight into a new update.

CS:GO betting opportunities at different bookmakers

To spot the best CS:GO betting opportunities possible, you should try signing up at multiple bookmakers. Our odds comparison section shows you where you can get the best odds on a specific match. After you’ve spotted some CS:GO betting opportunities using our tips in this guide, find out which bookmaker provides you with the best odds, potentially further boosting your winnings.

The table below showcases our top picks, with a variety of options to choose from. These bookmakers have been handpicked with great care, taking a plethora of details into consideration.

Betting bonus
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Our full, dedicated bookmaker section, which includes expert reviews, promo codes and additional, must-known details that will provide you with even more information so you can make an informed choice while placing CS:GO bets.

Visit our guides section as well as our main betting section, featuring everything you would possibly need to enter the world of esports betting.

As always, remember that full T&Cs apply – you must be +18 to play.

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