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Our CS:GO betting odds section is the perfect place for esports betting enthusiasts who are looking for the best odds possible. Featuring multiple bookmakers available in your region, as well as detailed match analytics pages, explanations on how odds work and FAQ, we’ve got you covered.

Compare CS:GO odds on today’s matches

On our HLTV CS:GO odds comparison page, there’s no shortage of matches to bet on. You will find betting odds on CS:GO matches aplenty, with the first section dedicated to the matches taking place on the day you visit the page. There are also dozens of upcoming matches so you can plan your CS:GO betting wisely.

Using our CS:GO odds comparison page, you can quickly and easily find the best odds for a specific match across the best CS:GO bookmakers. The odds provided use the Decimal odds system which is easiest to understand for your Counter Strike betting needs.

Clicking on a match will take you to an analytics page, explaining the pros and cons of each CS:GO team going into a matchup. From rankings to current form and win streak, the match pages have you covered. There’s also the date and time for each match, so you don’t miss out on any live betting opportunities.

CS:GO betting odds explained

CS:GO Betting odds comparison best wagers odds margins bookmakers
Don’t forget to use our Odds Comparison page to find the best odds on a specific wager or match.

There are several types of CS:GO betting odds. Most bookmakers provide bettors with quite a few odds types to choose from, tailoring to the needs of users across the globe. Betting odds, the most basic of terms, represents the bookmaker’s confidence in a specific outcome. Let’s dive into what exactly CS:GO betting odds are, shall we?

What are CS:GO betting odds?

If you’ve never really bet before and want to get in on the action, CS:GO betting odds might feel a bit daunting. First up, odds simply symbolize a bookmaker’s confidence in an outcome. For example, if Team A has odds of 3.1 to win a match, this means the bookmaker thinks the probability Team A winning is low, which means you get more than three times your bet if Team A does win.

There are also different odds types. In our example above, we used the Decimal odds system, which is one of the most widely used. Another odds system used by many bettors is Fractional. Most bookmakers will give you an option to choose which odds type you prefer.

What are Decimal odds?

The easiest way to explain what Decimal odds are is with an example:

Team A has 1.5 odds, while Team B has 2.5 odds. If you bet £10 on team A, you will get back £15 if they win, effectively earning £5 profit. If you bet on team B, however, you will get back £25, effectively earning £15 in the process. The simple mathematical equation for decimal odds is: Bet x Odds = Payout.

What are Fractional odds?

Fractional odds are also a widely-used odds type in CS:GO betting. Let’s explain it with an example.

Team A has 5/2 odds, while Team B has 2/5 odds. If you bet £10 on Team A, you will get £25 if they win. If you bet £10 on Team B and they win, however, you will only get £4. The mathematical equation for fractional odds to calculate potential winnings is (10 * first number) divided by the second number. As per our example of Team A’s odds, this equates to (10 * 5) / 2.

How to calculate Implied Probability?

If you want to fully understand how CS:GO betting odds work, then you need to know how to calculate Implied Probability. Essentially, when calculating Implied Probability, you convert the betting odds into a percentage format. This percentage showcases the bookmaker’s confidence in an outcome occurring.

To convert Decimal odds, use the following formula: (1/ decimal odds) * 100 = Implied Probability

For example, if Team A has 1.2 odds of winning a match, the Implied Probability formula will look like this: (1/1.2) * 100 = 83.3%.

Types of CS:GO odds

CS:GO special bets wagers bookmakers esports betting
CS:GO Special Bets offer better odds with a higher risk factor.

Each match of CS:GO has several different types of odds. The easiest one to understand is pre-match odds, which rarely change by much. These pre-match odds are for both winner and CS:GO special bets before a match kicks off. Pre-match odds on CS:GO offers gambling enthusiasts the option to pick a winner or, for example, an over/under or match score bet, then sit back and relax watching the action unfold.

On the other hand, live odds on CS:GO matches are much more interactive. As a match progresses, many of the best bookmakers offer CS:GO live betting features. Live odds change with every round, from odds representing who will win a match, to the current map being played. However, some odds options aren’t available for live odds at all stages of a match. For example, you can’t pick a “total maps played” option if the match has already progressed into the third map.

Bet on CS:GO with real money

If you want to bet on CS:GO with real money, and you’ve already placed some real money bets on traditional sports, then the entire process should be very familiar. For first-time bettors, we will explain how betting works with real money.

To bet CS:GO matches with real money, you first need to sign up to a bookmaker. These bookmakers offer a variety of options, from your standard match winner bets all the way to special bet opportunities. Bookmakers provide users with CS:GO betting odds which is based on the expected outcome of a CS:GO match.

After you’ve decided which CS:GO team you will bet on, you place your bet via a betslip. If your team wins, you get the winnings based on the odds you’ve agreed to when placing a bet. All the bookmakers featured in our dedicated CS:GO reviews section are safe and secure, making both depositing and withdrawing real money a breeze. Using the CS:GO odds comparison table will also help you pick the best bookmakers for a specific match.

FAQ on CS:GO odds

CS:GO Mobile bets betting wagers bookmakers sites
Don’t forget to use our Odds Comparison page to find the best odds on a specific wager or match.

If you have questions about CS:GO odds, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we explain the basics and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CS:GO odds.

What do odds mean in CS:GO?

Odds on CS:GO matches represent a bookmaker’s confidence a team will win a match. CS:GO betting odds showcases a bookmaker’s confidence in specific match outcomes, which includes numerous special bet options. Further, odds on CS:GO can also represent outright tournament win chances of a specific team.

For example, team A would have a 2.50 chance of winning the entire tournament, while team B (lower ranked) will have 8.9 odds of winning. Learn more about CS:GO odds, specific bets and how it all works in our CS:GO betting guides section.

Why do CS:GO odds change?

You might notice odds on CS:GO matches changing from their initial values to something else, either higher or lower, before a match gets underway. Counter Strike betting odds can change before a match gets underway for a variety of reasons but the most obvious ones are if a team makes a roster change shortly before a match.

Roster changes in CS:GO almost always brings down the odds for a specific team to win a match. Odds can also change if new information comes to light which affects a bookmaker’s confidence on the outcome of a match.

Can I bet live on CS:GO?

Live betting on CS:GO matches is one of the most exciting aspects to test out. The best bookmakers offer live betting options on CS:GO matches, allowing bettors to first start watching a match and hear the commentary of analysis desk information before placing their CS:GO bets.

The odds on CS:GO live betting always change during a match. It all depends on how the match is going for a specific team. If, for example, Team A had 1.25 odds of winning before a match starts but team B wins the first map, you might see the odds shift to 1.75 for Team A to win. Placing bets live on CS:GO matches is one of the best ways to spot betting opportunities and should always be considered as a great option.

How do I compare CS:GO betting odds?

We’ve made comparing CS:GO betting odds extremely easy with our odds comparison page. Instead of searching around the internet for the best odds on a CS:GO match betting, all you need to do is head to the comparison page to see the best odds for each match featured on HLTV.

What are the best odds in CS:GO?

To see what the best odds in CS:GO are for a specific match, our odds comparison page has you covered. In terms of types of odds, the most widely used is match-winner, over/under, correct CS:GO map score and handicap. We cover all these in our CS:GO Special Bets guide.

Where do I find the best odds on CS:GO matches?

Different bookmakers provide users with different odds. To find the best odds on CS:GO matches, you can check out our odds comparison section for daily updates. We also feature the best bookmakers out there including expert reviews, so you never have to miss out on the best CS:GO betting odds.

As always, remember that full T&Cs apply – you must be +18 to play.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS:GO gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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