CS2 Betting Sites 2023

Your search for the best CS2 betting sites is over. Find our suggestions for the best gambling sites where you can place CS2 bets to your heart’s content. Bookmaker details include deposit bonuses, unique selling points, and more. From bookmaker reviews to FAQ and much more. T&Cs apply - you must be +18 to play.

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Best CS2 Betting Sites 2023

In this section, you can find some of the best gambling sites out there for your CS2 betting needs. The table below showcases our top picks, with a variety of options to choose. These bookmakers have been picked with great care, taking dozens of details into consideration. Find the CS2 betting website to call your new home below.

If no operators are shown above, there are no betting sites CSGO available in your location.

Latest CS2 Betting Sites Reviews

When looking for the best CS2 gambling sites, we consider a tonne of information. This information includes welcome bonuses (T&Cs apply), CS2 promo codes, mobile functionality, odds, bookmaker margins, reputation, and importantly, CS2 matches to bet on.

You can check out our latest reviews focusing on sites which offer CS2 gambling options below.

If no operator reviews are shown above, there are no betting sites available in your location.

Best CS2 Gambling Sites With Promo Codes

Want to get even more out of the best CS2 gambling sites out there? With a promo code, you can get something extra from your CS2 betting experience. The table below features bookmakers who currently offer a promo code. These promo codes are an excellent way to get started on your CS2 gambling journey.

Betting bonus
bet365 is legal in
Betting bonus
Betway is legal in
Betting bonus
Betting bonus
Betting bonus
Betting bonus
Betting bonus
Betting bonus

If no operators are shown above, there are no promo codes available in your location.

How To Choose The Best CS2 Gambling Site For You

There are dozens of options to choose from when it comes to the best CS2 gambling sites. However, we can’t decide what are the best CS2 betting websites. However, our reviews give you a great indication of which website for CS2 gambling will meet your needs.

Important aspects to look into when searching through CS2 gambling sites all depends on what you want out of the experience. We’ve got a few aspects you should definitely look at while trying to decide what are the best CSGO betting sites on the market.

Live streaming & betting:

One of the most important aspects for CS2 bettors are the ability to bet on CS2 matches while they are being played, and live streaming functionality. These features will help you spot CS2 betting opportunities, and should always be taken into consideration.

Welcome offer:

Generally speaking, a “welcome offer” is an extra bonus for signing up to one of the many betting sites CS2. You should always keep the full T&Cs of each welcome offer in mind. Sometimes, for example, you will need to meet certain requirements to fully take advantage of the welcome offer. It is, however, always good to choose one.

Signup process:

Signing up to a CS2 betting website should be a painless experience. Some bookmakers offer one-click signup, while others do require some additional information. This additional information required in the signup process is to confirm you are allowed to place bets, for example, if you meet the age and regional requirements.

CS2 Odds:

Many CS2 betting websites will offer various odds options to choose from. The most widely used is the Decimal odds system. The simple mathematical equation for decimal odds is: Bet x Odds = Payout. Odds depict how much money you can win if you’ve chosen the right CS2 team to bet on in any specific match.

Keep in mind different CS2 bookmakers do offer different odds for specific matches. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check which site for CS2 gambling has the best CS2 odds for match betting.

Mobile experience:

Placing bets on the go is something all serious CS2 gambling enthusiasts require. Some bookmakers offer dedicated apps for Android or iOS devices. Others make betting from your mobile device’s browser easy with great mobile optimizations.

All the bookmakers in our tables provide smooth, no-hassle experiences when it comes to placing bets from mobile devices.

Customer support:

Another important aspect when choosing the best CS2 betting website you plan to call your new home is customer support. Almost all reputable bookmakers provide a Live Chat service. This service allows you to contact a support agent nearly instantly. If you prefer speaking to someone via phone or email, find out if the bookmaker provides these customer service options via our helpful reviews.

Industry reputation:

Some bookmakers offer both esports matches and traditional sport, and some have been around for well over a decade offering the latter. Just like every other service in life, certain companies have stellar reputations.

When trying to decide which the best CS2 betting sites are, you should consider a bookmaker’s reputation in the industry. Both professional and user reviews are good starting points in this regard, including our own reviews.

Payment methods:

To place bets on CS2 matches on sites for betting, you will need to deposit some money. Bookmakers offer a variety of options when depositing money into your account. Always choose the CS2 gambling website which has your preferred payment methods available.

How To Place A Bet On An Online CS2 Betting Website

If you want to find out how to place your first bet on an online CS2 betting site, you’ve come to the right place. Essentially, placing bets on CS2 matches online is made exceptionally easy by all the bookmakers we feature in the tables above.

After you’ve completed the signup process on a CS2 gambling site, all you need to do is make a deposit (a variety of options are available), then head to your favourite match featured on the bookmaker you’ve chosen, and place your first bet.

CS2 Mobile bets betting wagers bookmakers sites
CS2 Mobile bets betting wagers bookmakers sites

All bookmakers featured on this page provide excellent bet slips, making betting on CS2 matches a breeze. You can pick a winner of a specific match featured, or you can dive into the plethora of special bets available. If you need some guidance to place your first bet on a CS2 match, we’ve got you covered with several guides:

Our guides to CS2 gambling:

  1. CS2 special bets explained
  2. How to spot CS2 betting opportunities
  3. CS2 gambling beginner’s guide – 7 essential tips
  4. CS2 Betting Advice – Frequently Asked Questions
  5. The ultimate guide to CS2 esports betting
  6. How To Bet on CS2
  7. CS2 Multibets Guide

If you want to learn more about the different bookmakers you can check out our in-depth reviews focusing on CS2 below.

10bet WagonBet 888sport bet365 Betfan Betfred
Bethard Betsson Betway eWinner Forbet GG.BET
LeoVegas Midnite PariMatch Pixel.Bet Puntt PZBuk
STS Unibet Vie.bet William Hill Unikrn Stake

With these guides, you should have no trouble starting your CS2 gambling journey, picking the right websites, placing bets, and enjoying some exciting esports action in the process.

FAQ About Best CS2 Betting Sites

CS2 betting can be a daunting experience for first-timers. When you sign up to a CS2 gambling website to place your first bet, or when you are simply considering the idea, you might have a whole lot of questions.

At HLTV, we’ve got you covered, with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) CS2 betting newbies might have. If you already know the answers to all of these questions, and you are excited to put real money where your CS2 knowledge is, then check out our CS2 beginner’s betting guide with seven must-know tips.

CSGO esports bets betting wagers bookmakers sites bonus reviews

Below, you can find some of the top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) CS2 bettors might have.

What are the best CS2 betting sites?

There isn’t one clear best CS2 gambling website. Our reviews give you a great indication of which website for CS2 gambling will meet your needs. It is always important to shop around, testing out different bookmakers as you learn more about CS2 gambling.

How do I find a betting site that suits me?

Finding the best CS2 betting site which suits you is easy, thanks to our wide range of professional reviews. There’s no guesswork or trial and error expeditions required. Instead, our reviews boast all the information you need. Remember, there’s no harm in testing out multiple betting sites CS2 if you don’t like your first choice.

How do I get started with a CS2 betting site?

To get starting with a betting website, you need to create an account. After you’ve successfully signed up, you can deposit some real money to place CS2 bets with. If this is your first time placing bets on sites for CS2 betting, you should check out our beginner’s guide, filled with important tips.

Are CS2 gambling sites trustworthy?

While there are always parts of the internet that isn’t trustworthy, all the CS2 gambling sites we feature have a great reputation and are trustworthy. These bookmaker options, including our reviews, should make choosing a trustworthy CS2 betting website a breeze.

Where can I get the best CS2 betting bonus?

Bookmakers all provide different betting bonuses. These bonuses also change with time, so to find the best betting bonus for your CS2 gambling needs, you need to shop around. We’ve provided you with several options and details on betting bonuses with our detailed bookmaker tables.

What CS2 betting website offers the best odds?

There’s no one golden goose bookmaker which will always provide the best odds. Some bookmakers offer the best odds on a specific CS2 match, while others offer the best odds on another match.

It all depends on how confident a bookmaker is in the outcome of a match. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in our Analytics Section, showcasing the best odds for upcoming CS2 matches per bookmaker available in your region.

Which CS2 bets should I make?

HLTV will never tell you which CS2 bets you should make. Instead, we offer you all the information required to do proper research before placing a bet in our dedicated guides section. It is up to you to decide which teams you will place CS2 bets on, putting your CS2 esports knowledge to the test.

How does CS2 gambling work?

CS2 gambling sites typically operate by allowing players to deposit virtual items from their CS2 inventory. These items can then be used to place bets on the outcome of professional CS2 matches or games of chance. If the player’s bet is successful, they will win a payout in the form of virtual items.

Is there a CS2 gambling community I can join?

There certainly is. At HLTV, we have a dedicated betting section, which isn’t just filled with guides. We also provide the CS2 gambling community with a place to chat, to other likeminded individuals thanks to our dedicated forum section. In this section, the CS2 gambling community can share their thoughts, winning streaks, tips and tricks about breaking a CS2 betting losing streak, their own advice and much more. Staff are standing by to help answer important questions you might have.

What are CS2 special bets?

There is a tonne of special bets you can place on CS2 gambling websites. Special bets are sometimes high-risk bets which can pay off with some great margins. For an in-depth look at special CS2 bets, check out our dedicated guide where we explain each of the popular bets.

Do I have to pay taxes for CS2 bet winnings?

It all depends on the country you live in, as each country has its own tax laws for online gambling. It is up to each individual to learn more about their country’s tax laws, and if they will need to pay tax on CS2 bet winnings.

As always, please remember full T&Cs apply.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS2 gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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