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bet365 CS:GO Betting Review

Even though Esports betting is still considered as a relatively new concept, bet365 CS:GO betting markets are more than plentiful. You still can’t compare it to some traditional betting markets like football and tennis.

However, if the surge in popularity continues as it is going now, we might be telling a completely different story in just a year or two from now.

Let’s focus on the present, shall we? Today’s main story is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or as the younglings like to call it CS:GO. Probably one of the most developed Esports betting markets currently available and bet365 is not missing out on the hype.

Please note: This review is based on the opinion of the author and does not necessarily align with that of HLTV or all of its employees. Practice responsible gambling. T&Cs apply, 18+.

Betting on bet365 CS:GO Online

bet365 CS:GO betting does not differ greatly from traditional sports betting. You still have two teams of players that compete against each other in a single matchup. There might also be a tournament and by winning and climbing up the bracket and claiming a victory in the finals earns the team a trophy.

The main difference is that you are not bagging in goals, or scoring touchdowns, nor netting three-pointers. Based on which side you are on, terrorist or counter-terrorist, you need to plant a bomb or defuse the said bomb, to win. You can also grab some people and hold them hostage while the police try to rescue them.

If your team manages to do that successfully a certain number of times, you win. You also have the top scorers or fraggers, and the person with the most kills is the top fragger of the match.

So if you look at it from sports betting perspective (or better yet Esports), the approach is basically the same. You can place a single bet on a team to win. You can wager an outright bet on the tournament winner. One can also devise a multiple by adding more CS:GO events on a betting slip at the same time.

If this sounds appealing to you, visiting the bet365 Esports section will enable you to see the entire offer currently available.

bet365 Sign Up Offer

Best CS:GO odds with Bonus Code HLTV365
bet365 is legal in

Many users hope to get a welcome offer when signing up with a new operator. bet365 is aware of this and treats both experienced and novice players with something interesting when they sign up.

After successfully applying for the bet365 sign up offer, a player can then browse through the entire bet365 Esports section and enjoy it as much as they want.

The offer that the operator extends towards its users is more than enough to get you started. However, to comply with the needed terms and conditions, be sure to check it out thoroughly before applying.

Knowing everything beforehand allows you to successfully obtain the bet365 sign up offer and then continuing to use it with the aim of enjoying yourself.

bet365 Sign Up Experience with Bonus Code HLTV365

Signing up with a bonus code works quite fast. If you have used a promo code before, you probably know that the process doesn’t take too long to complete. For all of you that are new to this concept, the bonus code should be entered during the signup process.

If the code is applicable, there will be a designated space where you need to enter it. However, keep in mind that the bonus code does not change the bonus amount in any way.

The entire registration using the bonus code works fast and will get you ready to do some betting in a matter of minutes. The only thing that might take a bit longer is the verification process or if added documentation is needed for cashouts.

All in all, it is definitely not difficult to do and is well worth a try.

How To Sign Up at bet365

To help you better understand how the registration process works so you can get started with all the bet365 Esports betting, we have included a breakdown of the registration process.

The entire package of advantages offered by the provider comes with owning an account. You can still see all the offered bet365 CS:GO odds even without the account, but you can’t place a bet without it.

Follow these steps to register:

  1. Visit the bet365 website.
  2. Click the JOIN button in the far right corner.
  3. Fill in the registration questionnaire with the needed details.
  4. Enter the bonus code (optional).
  5. Submit your application by clicking JOIN bet365.

After completing all these steps, your account should be ready for you in a couple of minutes. There may be some added documents required for cashouts that users will have to submit later.

Keep in mind that the bonus code you can use during registration does not change the offer amount.

Register at bet365 today
bet365 is legal in

bet365 CS:GO Odds

This online betting operator has a copious amount of bet365 CS:GO bets offered. An enormous selection means plenty of options when devising your betting slip and finding the best matchups for you.

If you are an Esports expert, we suggest sticking to the field that you are familiar with the most. LoL or Dota 2 may not be your cup of tea. But if CS:GO is more up your alley then stick with it and place bets on the market you are more knowledgeable.

As far as the odds go, they are similar to some leading betting sites offering Esports odds. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to use bet365 as your go-to Esports provider. But be sure to check the odds before you wager as there is a possibility that they could change, especially before the start of the match.

You can always check out the betting guide for more help on how to place bets.

bet365 CS:GO odds
Image captured on 3 August 2020 from bet365.co.uk

CS:GO Live Streaming with bet365

Watching live streams and placing bets at the same time is fun for most punters. Although this function is primarily tied to traditional sports like football and basketball, it has been adapted to fit with Esports.

Players that want to watch these events will have to comply with the live streaming rules. Having a funded account and placing a bet in the last 24 hours is a must. Keep in mind that there could be some geographical restrictions as not all streams are available in certain regions or countries.

Be sure to check the streaming rules before you try this option out. Everything is neatly displayed on the site. If you manage to do everything correctly, you are in for a world of fun.

Place Your bet365 CS:GO Bets from Mobile

Mobile betting can sometimes be a lot more interesting than regular online wagering. Sitting in front of a computer does allow you to concentrate and think things through. However, sometimes online wagering can be a lot more dynamic if you place bets via an app. The app is particularly useful if you are using in-play betting.

bet365 CS:GO bets from mobile
Image captured from official bet365 Apple App store taken on 4 August 2020.

bet365 CS:GO betting is also possible through an app. You can even watch live streams with your phone, as long as you comply with the live streaming rules. Whip out your phone at any time, see the current selection of markets, and devise a slip.

You can check the stats before the match for added help and view the results as they happen, everything with the help of a magic device that you carry around with you in your pocket.

The app can be used by both Android and iOS users.

Customer Support at bet365

A betting provider needs to have a good customer support system to help its users out at any moment. Unexpected situations may arise at any time and one has to be prepared to deal with them accordingly.

The best way to resolve an issue is to get in touch with the customer support team.

The customer support members are able to resolve any situation that may occur very fast. There are several ways of contacting them and each one of them works well. It mostly depends on your personal preference on how to contact them.

If you are interested in something related to bet365 Esports or have an issue placing bets on these types of events, the first thing that you should do is call them.

FAQ on bet365 CS:GO Betting

We hope you found our review helpful. But don’t leave now, we have something more for you. Check out our FAQ section about bet365 CS:GO betting for more details.

Is bet365 a Good Site for Betting on CS:GO?

bet365 has an excellent selection of CS:GO markets. Check them out by viewing the Esports section and view the available offer. New matchups appear almost every day.

What Kind of Bets Does bet365 Offer on CS:GO?

bet365 allows you to place regular types of bets like Singles, Multiples, and Outrights. Alternatively, you can check out the Match Markets section for some advanced types of bets.

Does bet365 offer CS:GO Live Betting?

Yes, it does. You can check out the current CS:GO live betting offer by going to the site’s In-Play section.

Which CS:GO Events Can You Bet on?

There are a variety of CS:GO events covered on the website. Multiple CS:GO leagues are played worldwide and you can view the available markets in the bet365 Esports section.

What Other Esports Does bet365 Cover?

Besides CS:GO, some added Esports include League of Legends, Dota 2, King of Glory, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rocket League, etc.

bet365 CS:GO Review Verdict

People primarily recognize bet365 as a sports betting provider, which it is. However, it is slowly becoming a favourable Esports provider as well. Their offer is well worth checking out and they do offer reasonable odds. Combine that with all the standard features that the operator has and you stand to have a lot of fun.

Please ensure you play responsibly when choosing to gamble. Always take time to read the operator’s T&Cs and ensure you understand them correctly before committing to an account, or when signing up for an offer or promotion.

Practice Responsible Gambling

Learn more about practising responsible CS:GO gambling and take the Gamalyze is a self-assessment test. Further, you can check out our articles focusing on how gambling addiction can develop, time management and money management.

Always practice responsible gambling. You must be 18+ to play.

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