Blog: The most beautiful cs go male players.

July 24th, 2016 03:26
Hello everyone!

When i'm browsing HLTV I see threads like "Hottest female pros" all the time. But noone is discussing who the hottest male pros are. So, I have made a list of the top 15 hottest male pros and would like to discuss it with you. Feel free to share your thoughts. Xoxo

1. FNX - SK - BANG-O-METER 10/10
It's not always easy to give brazilians credit. But one of the things you did right was giving birth to FNX. No pro is even close currently. FNX is just "out of this world" handsome.

2. Shox - G2- BANG-O-METER 9/10
Imagine being approached by Mr Papilon himself at a night club in Paris. He leans forward and whispers "Voulez-vous revenir à la maison avec moi ce soir chéri?" in your ear. Who wouldn't become wet and instantly drop their pants? He's the sterotype of a romantic french guy who will make the ladies travel all around the world just to have a chance to be with him.

3. Device - ASTRALIS - BANG-O-METER 9/10

He's known as "The Giraffe", a really handsome giraffe. Because this boy is smoking hot. There's probably no doubt who would do the modelling for Astralis merchandise. Device's team mate, "Karrigan" who currently has a degree in business and owns his own clothing line should really consider hiring Device if he wants the sales to grow by a tonne.


He might not be the most known, so let me present you the "Jared Leto" of Counter Strike. Look on to this boys blue eyes and dream yourself away for hours. His long dark hair and those eyes could make females faint.


The hipster of Counter Strike! And he's pulling off the look pretty darn good. His tattooed sleeves, beard and hair makes the look almost complete. The only thing missing are those round glasses. Since he's a hipster he probably smokes a pack malboro a day, and he's still looking fabulous.

6. Fox - FaZe Clan - BANG-O-METER 8/10

One of the most hated CS players is of course a true bad boy! Is there any part of his body that isn't covered with tattoos? He always has the newest swag clothes and looks like a straight G. Girls like badboys, so Fox has earned his place.

Ronaldo < Fox

7. Rain - FaZe Clan - BANG-O-METER 8/10

A true norwegian alpha male viking. All glances goes towards him as soon as he enters the club in Oslo and orders a keg filled with mead. It's not without a reason he is in a relationship with "Sonyatheevil". His long blonde hair and masculine face fits him really well.

8: Nex - Mousesports - BANG-O-METER 7/10

When Nex doesn't play Counter Strike he's out fighting people with his local hooligan fotball(yes football NA noobs) squad. PashaBOTceps get out of here, Nex is seriously JACKED and could take you in a fight easily. Nex probably was concieved by the nazis during the 40s, because he's the definition of an "ubermensch".

9: FalleN - SK - BANG-O-METER 7/10

Remember the moment when FalleN hugged Coldzera when he was awarded the MVP trophy of MLG Columbus 2016? I do, and boy did it make me wet. It was like having a loving father hugging his son. Even though FalleN is kind of young (25years) he already has the charisma of a really confident and loving father. I would love to be a FalleNs son or lover in my second life.

10: Dennis - Fnatic - BANG-O-METER 7/10

Nope, I'm not talking about "Denis" who gets carried by his team in every single game. I'm talking about "Dennis" who 360 noscopes animals with his AWP IRL. Dennis is a real hunter, it doesn't become sexier than that. His looks are geniunely nice and he doesn't have to pose to look good. In some years I hope we're going to see this guy with a full grown beard and a man-bun. He will be so sexy and might contend for place 1-3.

11: Kjaerbye - Astralis - BANG-O-METER 6/10

Barely legal, but still handsome. This young guy surely has a good future ahead of him. It wouldn't surprise me if his Facebook messages were flooded by hot girls who would like to date him. Seems like a really nice guy and will become a threat against Devices modelling career for Astralis in the future.

12. Twist - Godsent - BANG-O-METER 6/10

So far Twist hasn't showed much of a personality. But he compromises by being handsome. Twist is the guy who basically wakes up good looking. He doesn't have to fix his hair, he doesn't have to pop any pimples. He can simply play some Deathmatch when he wakes up and head to school where all the girls will admire him.

13. ChrisJ - Mousesports - BANG-O-METER 6/10

OnlineJ or OfflineJ, call him whatever you want. This guy won't choke when it comes to women. Have you ever seen Chris smile? I can tell you right now, it's a really pleasant sight. Chris is just like that old meme "he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes(which I wish was me).

14. ScreaM - G2 - BANG-O-METER 5/10

Weeb or not, many girls get wet by ScreaMs exotic haircut and look. ScreaM is the pro who spends most of the time in front of the mirror, and the hard work pays off. He has made a huge step looking wise during recent years and can now titulate himself as a handsome man.

15. RUBINO - Dignitas - BANG-O-METER

The more exotic looking norwegian has a beard I could snuggle with for days. If you follow his instagram you can see that he's a really fashion minded fella and doesn't wear his sweaty, ugly Dignitas jacket all the time like MSL and k0nfig does.

nex is a beautiful man, I'll agree on that
2016-07-24 04:09
he didn't include semphis.....
2016-07-24 07:34
REPORTED Where's? Semphis Seang@res fer cadiaN fl0m znajder etc etc
2016-07-24 12:20
you forgot dosia
2016-07-25 16:27
2016-07-25 16:28
or snax, he is 9.5/10
2016-07-24 13:45
2016-07-24 11:11
ChrisJ was on your list.... list = bad
2016-07-24 04:11
HAHA +ugly rain tho, most of them look either gay or just ugly.
2016-07-25 18:59
rain and jkaem have fucking wrinkles on their forehead like they are 60 years old, looks like shit how is chrisJ 6/10 and ScreaM 5/10?` where is znajder? where is pronax? where is Dosia?
2016-07-28 23:04
Wtf where's seangares?
2016-07-24 04:11
pecks | 
North America quandoo 
seangrills 10/10 this list is lame no NA
2016-07-24 04:15
freakazoid is pretty good tbh and has sexy voice.
2016-07-25 19:01
Brazil junera 
No Dosia? Reported
2016-07-24 04:12
wheres dosia lol
2016-07-24 04:14
Nex is so cute :3 But i also think denis is pretty hot
2016-07-24 04:23
ChrisJ and Fallen but not Seangares? The hell is wrong with you? No Nitr0 either. Bias is too obvious
2016-07-24 04:18
NA top: 1) nitr0 2) Seangares 3) freakazoid 4) Stewie2k 5) n0thing 6) Semphis 7) mixwell 8) hazed 9) Davey 10) Hades
2016-07-25 19:08
Brazil xpn :) 
2016-07-24 04:15
United States hltvconfirmed 
homo threads LOL
2016-07-24 04:15
where the fuck is dosia. wtf is Chrisj doing on this list lol
2016-07-24 04:18
Rapex > zero
2016-07-24 04:22
RUBINO on the list but no k0nfig? LMAO. Also styko > zero
2016-07-24 04:24
zero....Lul (btw pretty gay tread m8)
2016-07-24 04:25
where sgares and neetro
2016-07-24 04:40
he only thing they can talk about is fap, boobs and dick.
2016-07-24 05:55
+nitr0 +sgares and scream should be way higher
2016-07-24 06:01
Norway sparta92 
Mb on female ranking Scream should be
2016-07-24 07:48
Europe m9_ 
where is Schneider you lazy fuck?
2016-07-24 07:24
Europe m9_ 
Pronax? Freak? Sean? Flamie?? youre lazy as shit for missing some of these boys
2016-07-24 07:25
2016-07-24 07:57
2016-07-24 12:35
United States grundhoog 
2016-07-24 07:26
You didn't even add FailFish
2016-07-24 07:29
Now make 1 for females.
2016-07-24 07:38
Whats the point? These kids would consider sleeping with a whale if given a chance. And I hate that some people think juliano is hot. She looks like most mediocre girl to me.
2016-07-24 21:54
Damn, this seems like some really authentic shitty article for women in some retarded site, gj op.
2016-07-24 09:13
Australia CKS 
- ChrisJ, -Fallen
2016-07-24 09:14
World WestSideDude 
1 question... OP is female or... (?!)
2016-07-24 09:15
Where is Felps from Immortals?
2016-07-24 09:17
Poland Astoner55 
In monkeyland
2016-07-24 09:56
he should be top 5 atleast
2016-07-24 11:26
are you gay
2016-07-24 09:18
African Union Siktir 
wtf is this shit
2016-07-24 09:47
Paraguay HighAIching 
Bait thread
2016-07-24 09:52
2016-07-24 09:53
Russia Lightsaber 
1. Shox
2016-07-24 09:57
Semphis, sgares? Way better than some of these scrubs
2016-07-24 10:00
Rain looks almost same as my uncle moreover his age over the 50 DD
2016-07-24 10:01
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
All metrosexuals. What has the world come to. Male and female aesthetic being judged by the same standards...
2016-07-24 10:03
2016-07-24 10:07
This is probably the best thread i ever saw on HLTV. 100% no homo. gj op
2016-07-24 10:12
rain | 
Romania BluXtreme 
2016-07-24 10:17
fucking retarded thread but ngl 1.scream 2.device 3.shox
2016-07-24 10:28
opens this page looks for JW lefts dissapointed
2016-07-24 10:31
No SHOWWTIME either, failfish
2018-03-29 05:24
lol bruv i commented this 2 years ago and this thread still a thing
2018-04-01 20:06
btw boltzz is also a contender for the most handsome brazilian player
2018-04-01 20:07
Petra | 
China wusif 
no friis? waht a shitty list
2016-07-24 10:33
10/10 for gay af
2016-07-24 10:34
2016-07-24 10:50
1.shox 2. semphis
2016-07-24 10:54
Dosia X God JW the naughty squealing piggy Karrigan da pussy muncher KennyS has the face of a rim job king Just9n because his face looks like Deadpool's face and deadpools hot af bruh Pyth because he looks like a donut and who doesn't like donuts Byali because im pretty sure girls get all wet thinking about him fucking them with his big nose. Skadoodle not because of his mysterious look but because he can handle the big green very well PTR simply because of handsome looks, really look like a grown man Keepo PIMP because of course hes really that confident with women, hence his nickname. Forget the fact he looks like a complete virgin, he is very gracious and has very good hand-eye coordination and girls love that. This guys the man.
2016-07-24 10:57
Pimp gf is 10/10, i agree with you.
2016-07-24 13:56
link to his gf I need proof.
2016-07-25 05:37
Sg@res Most handsome -rep
2016-07-24 11:00
ScreaM should be top1
2016-07-24 11:12
0. Dosia the pedo mustache turns on every man woman and child
2016-07-24 11:17
pasha, jdm, felps, denis, mou, taco?
2016-07-24 11:25
World bigb1rd 
Top list, witty, good choices but the scores are fucked up. Scream only 5/10? And Dennis shouldn't be there at all.
2016-07-24 11:20
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
2016-07-24 12:25
I'd say Denis>Nex> ChrisJ tbh (mouz)
2016-07-24 12:27
Girl you got a weird taste
2016-07-24 12:38
ChrisJ LMFAO scream 5/10 kk bro, felps? coldzera? sgares? freak? boltz?
2016-07-24 12:38
f0rest | 
Algeria NS! 
Man this is gay :/
2016-07-24 12:46
I understand that fiffy doesn't play anymore but cmon he belongs :P also sgares like how can you not include him
2016-07-24 12:48
what a shitty list. all of it is fucked except for device, fox and scream zero is more cute than handsome
2016-07-24 12:55
no draken no party
2016-07-24 13:33
you have shitty taste
2016-07-24 13:35
Fapped, thx.
2016-07-24 13:47
Hungary StraYzie 
Where's Hunden, fl0m and Semphis?
2016-07-24 13:47
Russia telosll 
i <3 their all
2016-07-24 13:52
2016-07-24 15:13
where is pronax??
2016-07-24 17:10
gay detected
2016-07-24 17:13
this is retarded and btw for males you use handsome, for females its beautiful
2016-07-24 17:22
yes and now go fuck your boyfriend into ass.
2016-07-24 17:22
Where is Hiko?
2016-07-24 17:39
El Salvador belaC 
gay-o-meter 11/10
2016-07-24 21:34
All these socially awkward kids rating male players' looks... Wtf is wrong with you? This is even worse than reddit
2016-07-24 21:50
Im not gay but Xizt is also a handsome guy
2016-07-24 22:13
United States fallenfan 
chrisj? LUL; where is dosia, jw and pyth?
2016-07-25 02:01
stopped reading at fnx
2016-07-25 14:42
Barely legal, but still handsome xDDD
2016-07-25 17:37
Why is shox always second? Guy has barely any side teeth, and always wears gay hats. As a girl, where the fuck is nitr0 from Liquid? All those guys, dennis wtf? No nitr0 but you put ChrisJ on list? Where the hell is bodyy? ...
2016-07-25 18:50
nitr0, Schneider or Xizt deserve to be in that top.
2016-07-25 18:51
SeanGares <3
2016-07-25 19:05
stopped reading at no dosia
2016-07-28 22:59
Czech Republic baylife 
never go full faggot
2016-12-03 11:33
Turkey tastemycobra 
2016-12-03 11:38
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
fox xD
2016-12-03 11:43
stopped reading at fnx omegalul draken? rez? roflcopter
2018-04-01 20:12
Europe tweekzter 
You should have kept on - #8 would give you a ban on twitch nowadays. :D
2018-04-01 20:22
Hong Kong DIshsoap_OW 
REZ draken Olofmeister Karrigan NiKo JW electronic TACO with hat Dev1ce Pronax Xyp9x LUCAS1 HEN1 kNgV
2018-05-26 02:31
1. coldzera 2. Stewie2K 3. Kjaerbye
2018-06-13 18:09
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