Blog: why brazil is the best country

January 10th, 2017 14:03
It's always one of the first questions I get asked: What's your favorite country? It's a very tough question. All countries are different, each having its own unique characteristics.

I adore a number of amazing nations for a variety of reasons, but if I had to pick one, it would be Brazil. Here's why.


It's a bit of a cliché to say that "the people are friendly." People tend to be friendly to tourists everywhere. But there are some other things that I like about Brazilians.

They exude positive energy

The general happy and upbeat demeanor of Brazilians can be broken down in the following manner:
•Brazilians deal with problems and difficulties in a light hearted way, usually laughing or joking about them.
•When you meet a friend (or even an acquaintance whose name you hardly remember), they will greet you like you're a lost brother. A big smile, an abraço, and sometimes a few kisses.
•It's never boring around Brazilians. They are extroverted and expressive. They don't seem to have an off button. They are either talking, singing, dancing, or partaking in some combination of the three.

They are very hospitable

Brazilians are extremely hospitable. Me Casa, Su Casa applies. Granted, Brazil is not unique in this aspect. All of Latin America is famous for its hospitality. I've never felt more welcome than in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and El Salvador.

They look good

Let's be honest, the Brazilians are some of the best looking people in the world. This makes for good people watching at the beach. The men can admire the famous Brazilian bum, only covered by a small thong, while the women get to watch the local men showing of their muscles wearing a slightly larger version of a speedo.

Brazil beach scenery

The climate

I have a preference for warm climates. Life is more enjoyable when you can spend most of the day outside, wearing slippers and shorts. Not much explanation needed here I think.

The culture

This is another cliché that travelers always rave about. Brazilian culture is different from the Western European culture I grew up in. It's less individualistic and more centered around families. Music, food, and dance play a much bigger role in life. This is something I absolutely love.

Now, this is true for most countries outside the western world. But here's what makes Brazil unique. Despite the differences, Brazil's culture is still close enough to western culture for me to be able to relate to the Brazilians and to understand them. This enables me to build lasting relationships with the people I meet, which I consider one of the most important reasons to travel.

Natural beauty

Very few countries can compete with Brazil's vast amount of natural beauty. Areas like the Amazons and the Pantanal are unique in terms of the diversity and quantity of wildlife and nature. Adding the countless number of tropical beaches, mountains, lakes and green hills makes it very obvious that Brazil stands out in this aspect.

Lagoa de Conceicao


So what about the third traveler's cliché: the food? Well, there is some really good food to be found in Brazil. I love the Churrascos, the Rodízios, the Pao con Queijo, and the Moquecas. However, the food isn't the main reason why Brazil is my favorite country. It's good, but for me it doesn't stand out compared to countries like Thailand, Spain, France, China, and Korea.

But isn't it dangerous?

I hear this a lot. Here is my take on safety in Brazil. Yes, there are areas where you probably shouldn't go as a tourist, or at least not by yourself. But this is true in the Western world as well. Every major city in the U.S. has neighborhoods where it's best to stay away. All you need to do is gather some information about what areas to avoid.

One thing to keep in mind is that although Brazil has been doing pretty well economically over the last decade, there is still a lot of poverty. This means it's not wise to flash expensive stuff. Your iPhone could be worth a half a year salary for someone. But again, most of the touristic areas in the western world are full of pickpockets, so again this isn't something specific to Brazil. The only time I've been pick pocketed is back home in Amsterdam.

Conclusion: when using your common sense (like you should in any area that you're not familiar with) I think Brazil is perfectly fine to visit as a tourist destination. You should not let safety worries stop you from visiting!
2017-01-10 14:06
Xyp9x | 
Denmark SpiteJ 
Be careful not to choke on your own dick, little friend.
2017-01-10 14:06
he's right tho, he didn't wrote bs about soccer or carnival
2017-01-10 14:19
Xyp9x | 
Denmark SpiteJ 
I could use same aspects about every other country, for the most part. But all im saying is: dont go too deep or you might choke when you suck your own dick this heavily
2017-01-10 15:55
2017-01-10 14:10
United States koyoCSGO 
Fake flagger
2017-01-10 14:11
Cant believe what I'm reading, did I just leave HLTV? That's a reasonable speach, im not used to this kind of thing around here, help please
2017-01-10 14:13
Brazil is indeed an awesome country. They can even make monkeys write!
2017-01-10 14:14
2017-01-11 01:23
Singapore derpydm 
2017-01-10 14:18
Brazil RisenNTC 
2017-01-10 14:18
Sweedish in Brazil during the olympics. (AMA) -Brazil people is indeed very friendly and kind. Ive been to other countries and never found open arms people like brazilians. (Although being too loud too much can be annoying) -Brazilian food is indeed very good. I got addicted by the time I was there. -Its too hot. Annoyingly hot. I couldnt live in a place like that. It was like 30 - 35ºCºC during the winter!! The sun burns. Litteraly. -People arent pretty. Honestly. I think only 10% of the brazilian girls are pretty. They are indeed very pretty and outstanding. But the majority of brazilian people are ugly. Very ugly. A lot of fat people as well. Seriously. Looks like USA and Im not kidding. The average brazilian woman is short, fat and ugly. -Its very pretty and very ugly at the same time. Landscape is outstanding. Favelas are awful. If you stick with the "good" part of the cities, youre done. Very beautiful indeed. If you go to favela areas, youll feel disgusted. -Ive been to 2 brazilian cities(Rio and Vitoria), and I found Vitoria way better. It has less of the bad stuff I listed and kind the same of the good stuff. Of course it was just my first impression.. I didnt visited everything in those cities. - Trash everywhere. Like seriously. Brazilians dont use trash cans. They throw papers on the streets like its a big trash can. I was like WTF?!? And those are no isolated cases. Everywhere I saw people doing this. At the beach, at the streets, at the stadiums... Geez, brazilians.. The streets are never clean. tldr; Brazil is not as bad as people think. But its not as good as brazilians think. Honestly Ive been to Chile(Santiago) as well, and found better than brazil(maybe because it was colder and the streets were clean, without trash).
2017-01-10 14:18
+1 90% of what you wrote is correct, it's fine considering you came as a tourist
2017-01-10 14:21
SolEk | 
Macau SJ158 
Trust me brazilians don't think that Brazil is better than the developed countries, it is just bait.
2017-01-10 14:22
Then Im sorry. Its those posts you make here that makes me think that way.
2017-01-10 14:26
SolEk | 
Macau SJ158 
Ive never seen a people talk more shit about their own country (with reason) but get so defensive when foreigners do. It is a strage phenomenon indeed.
2017-01-10 14:29
I don't think brazilians generally think the country is "good" tbh. For a tourist it might be fine, but living this mess every single day is awful.
2017-01-10 14:25
I'm sure you didn't see every single brazilian woman, so you definnily can't say 90% of them are ugly. Just saying, broa.
2017-01-10 15:57
Spain Kauka 
Dindn't read but bad quality bait
2017-01-10 14:23
2017-01-10 14:29
Finland Tekh 
2017-01-10 14:43
best tourist destination is Greece.1)tier 1 natural beauty 2)tier 1 party 3)tier 1 history and museums 4)tier 1 food 5)low criminal rates and zero terrorism
2017-01-10 15:45
Brazil Charizaldo 
But tier 9 economy
2017-01-10 21:00
New Zealand Glyphiss 
I want to catch the piraiba catfish. You can find it in Brazil so I like Brazil.
2017-01-10 15:57
And again typical of a retarded guy doing stupids baits
2017-01-10 15:57
Natural beauty and food, okay. The rest is bs.
2017-01-10 16:00
You guys are good with biofuel. GG on that
2017-01-10 16:04
Fun fact about brazilians, we are aware of our nation's problems and we have no problem talking about them, BUT if a foreigner points out the same thing we complaint, we tend to lose our shit.
2017-01-10 16:10
foreigners don't point out the same things, they joke and insult the country. that's why we lose our shit lol only brazillians can shit talk brazil
2017-01-11 01:38
Brazil best country, man FUNNY JOKE
2017-01-10 16:15
ScreaM | 
fakeflagger lul
2017-01-10 16:20
steel | 
United Kingdom sMithsta 
Not going to lie but I went to the olympics last year and saw someone getting mugged by a group of brazilians
2017-01-10 18:09
ntnt lul
2017-01-10 18:29
Brazil CleitoNTC  
Bacana fera , deus abençoe !
2017-01-11 01:23
Brazil Portl4nd 
I think you copy pasted that. I can't believe you wasted so much time to talk about Brazil like that. i'll make your post shorter and accurate: People: Friendly, mostly good, but don't trust too much... there are people everywhere that would be fine making money on your stuff. Everyone looks good: don't think so. climate: over 20 below 35 in my city. All year long. And the sun burns. Food: great, i can't complain about that. Dangerous: i know people that were robbed gun point 3 times in less than a year. From 2011 to 2015: Brazil has more violent deaths than Syria. Yup, it is dangerous as fuck. Economy: is fucked. Conclusion: Wanna have a good time as a tourist, come. Wanna live here? don't be a fool;
2017-01-11 06:13
Brazil ptBR 
I agree
2017-01-11 06:34
tu e doentao
2017-01-11 06:44
Brazil mexicowss 
2017-01-11 10:03
i aren't think that , beatiful country with 0 security , thief everywhere
2017-01-11 10:05
Panama whtevr 
Norway #1 - everyone knows this my man.
2017-01-11 10:42
NiKo 2nd best german player, Spiidi Top 1..y
2017-01-11 14:31
Brazil rlh3 
nt buddyinsane
2017-01-11 16:39
2017-01-11 18:48
Thank you, sir. I think you meant to say "pão de queijo". Pão com queijo is a sandwich with bread and cheese. Pão de queijo is more like a cheese bread. C u, m8!
2017-01-12 08:23
...48 posts, and all of them deleted?
2017-01-13 02:13
2017-01-13 02:41
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