Blog: Help eXtatus!!!!

Today our team ROG.eXtatus participated in OPEN qualifier to IEM KATOWICE 2017, we managed to beat all our opponets and qualify to CLOSED qualifier which is being held on saturday. Unfortunately after the match versus VEGA admin contacted us and requsted documents(id/passport) from frozen claiming that he can not participate because he is 14 years old. There is a rule in official IEM rulebook
( ),2.9.1 that says :

All participants of Intel Extreme Masters have to be over 16 years of age before their required arrival at the first offline part of the competition. If in doubt, an admin has to be contacted to confirm eligibility.

We can not even take stand in and basically we are disqualified because of this stupid rule. No problem for him getting signature from his parents to participate in this event like he did when he participated in Copenhagen Games when he was only 13 years old.

I am sure you know frozen from FPL and that he is more than capable to play against these teams. Indeed, he is 14 years old with having his 15th birthday this year. But WHY is there even such rule? What is going on? Why are young talents not allowed to shine and play against top teams?

Estonia rYm 
don't cheat next time
2017-02-02 23:26
Canada jalexf 
He wasn't even following the t when he turned the corner...
2017-02-03 00:08
Bulgaria nexrt 
Yeah almost every one does this he just checked if there is anyone on that spot LOL
2017-02-03 00:21
Maybe they should just stop breaking the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2017-02-02 23:24
Germany Zaykor 
They didnt even break a rule
2017-02-02 23:25
Well Frozen clearly isn't gonna be 16 before offline qualifier, so yea they did.
2017-02-02 23:27
Germany Zaykor 
Participants of IEM (not IEM qual) have to be 16. I see no problem of him playing a qualifier even if they dont go to the lan
2017-02-02 23:28
Qualifier is a part of IEM already.
2017-02-02 23:30
Germany Zaykor 
Cant see this in the rules..
2017-02-02 23:31
It's a qualifier held by them, therefore people taking part in it are participants of IEM.
2017-02-02 23:35
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
Wtf :D Makes no sense. They didnt break rules
2017-02-02 23:47
It makes sense if you're not trying to find ways around it. Also it says that "If in doubt, an admin has to be contacted to confirm eligibility."
2017-02-03 00:09
Poland adriannB 
thats wasting a slot in closed qualifier, whats the point to go to the qualifier if you cant qualify
2017-02-02 23:43
Germany Zaykor 
Improve your team. Making advertisment for tournament organizer. For fun. Think you wouldnt play NaVi, G2, Envy if you could
2017-02-02 23:52
El Salvador chupe 
Technically they didnt but they knew there is a rule that all players must be over age 16 in order to play offline.
2017-02-02 23:28
if a team has a player who is 15 but will turn 16 before the lan he can participate. Frozen obviously won't be 16 by that time. Therefore can't partake Edit. This is confirmed by esl admin further in/ just wasting a slot in qual.
2017-02-03 00:14
Poland Matt2121 
No, rule is rule.
2017-02-02 23:25
stop breaking rules guess that would help
2017-02-02 23:25
Sorry but these guys just had to read the rules before entering the competition. Now they're just trying to start some drama to make ESL go back on their decision, but ESL won't do it, because if they do they'll lose all legitimacy when they'll want to enforce their rules later on. This is ridiculous, it's too bad for extatus but it was their responsibility to know the rules before the competition, just let it go.
2017-02-02 23:32
Argentina [Darkaren] 
They should be given the chance to play with the coach at least. I mean, fuck Frozen but the other 4 players are ok..
2017-02-02 23:40
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
2017-02-02 23:47
United States ThetaSigma11 
2017-02-02 23:50
Russia bralBry 
I rarely accuse someone on cheating but that was clearly the case. The reason they looked for ID that fast because admins were searching for a good reason to DQF them avoiding drama. And they found apretty convinient one.
2017-02-02 23:54
Russia SemirGerkhan 
Jesus kids, go play tetris. Counter-strike is for real man.
2017-02-03 00:00
United States No5712 
would be smart for the players to boycott iem because they could get an easier team to face (no offense to extatus)
2017-02-03 00:03
A team rekting flipside and Vega is an easier opponent? Exept for NIP i mean.
2017-02-03 00:29
United States nANDO111 
little cheater
2017-02-03 00:10
silver spotted
2017-02-03 00:14
United States nANDO111 
1g player what's up
2017-02-03 03:03
Belarus fan_of_North 
why the fuck are these age barriers even exist at cs tournaments fucking come on
2017-02-03 00:15
next time read the fucking rules... BTW read the first post on says it all... "There are child labour laws that prevent people of a certain age from "working" (gaming is considered working because they would get paid). Now I'm really not sure if Poland has those laws, but the US does and thats a reason why Twistzz wasnt able to play in Eleague Season 1 or S2 qualifier. I'm really not sure why it matters during the closed qualifier because that's still online, but ESL has some weird rules. It does suck that you guys are eliminated and you should be able to use at least a stand-in Edit: Twistzz was actually not allowed to play to match the rating of the game, not because of labour laws"
2017-02-03 00:24
Estonia swag420weed 
Maybe read Slovakian labour law? (3) An employee may conclude an agreement of material accountability at the earliest upon the day he/she reaches 18 years of age. (4) Natural persons aged under 15 years or natural persons aged over 15 years who have not yet completed compulsory schooling are forbidden to work. These persons may carry out light work whose character and scope is not such as to result in a danger to their health, safety, further development or school attendance only for the purposes of a) taking part in a cultural performance and artistic performance, b) sports events, c) advertising activities.
2017-02-03 00:36
THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SLOVAKIA the company IEM is american! they work by american laws IEM has to maintain the same rule-set in every country (no matter if they are in china, Slovakia or elsewhere...)
2017-02-03 00:46
Estonia swag420weed 
ESL=Swedish Playing in Poland. From Slovakia. Nothing to do with muricans
2017-02-03 00:51
STILL AMERICAN COMPANY IEM IS AMERICAN what the fuck don't you understand? IT has nothing to do with where the fuck they play...
2017-02-03 01:35
they have to comply with local labor laws likely.
2017-02-03 01:56
Estonia swag420weed 
IEM is a product of ESL. ESL is owned by MTG. MTG is Swedish company. Go fuck yourself
2017-02-03 02:57
I cannot see the reason why they are not allowed to add a new player into the roster 24 hours before the first lan game. By rulebook.
2017-02-03 00:27
dont break the rules lul
2017-02-03 00:55
The age limit of 16 comes from the rating of the game. I believe the organizer wants to obey that rating and therefore doesn't allow people under 16 to participate. Simple as that.
2017-02-03 09:41
16 is the age limit. No help for you
2017-02-03 11:07
They broke the rules but imo its a fucking dumbass rule, I'd say teenager and up but only cause no 12 yr old is not fucking annoying
2017-02-03 21:20
#fuckfrozen #getalifekid #16istheagelimit
2017-02-03 21:21
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