Blog: SStrats: The Community Playbook

February 14th, 2017 00:12
In Counter-Strike there are two major pieces that come together that define how well you will do in any given game, individual skill and teamwork. Many people of the lower ranks have a decent amount of individual skill, or at least believe they do, but often do not match the skill of their teammates. This results in many people getting upset at the fact that they are performing beautifully but without their teammates support they fail to win the game.

SStrats is a sort of community playbook that is easy to understand and find people who also know the different team based strategies.

Using a set of tutorial videos on YouTube, basic bombsite executes and defensive strategies will be layed out for anyone to watch and understand. Once you know some of the strats, feel free to hop into the group and see who is online. Shoot them a message and ask if they want to queue. Once you have as many people in your lobby as you're looking to get, go ahead and play a match. Since everyone on your team knows the same exectues and defenses, it allows for everyone to play as unit.

The level of teamwork that you'll get from from playing with other people in this group isn't an insane level, but it is vastly more than the amount of teamwork you'll find in any silver or gold nova matchmaking game. With just the tiniest amount of teamwork you'll be able to smash your competion and quickly rank up.

This will also help lower skilled players in general that only play matchmaking learn how to play as a team, which is a very important part of the game.

Getting more serious about playing competitive? Use this to find more people with similar goals and trying practicing and becoming a real team

The first map that strats will be posted for will be mirage, which should be coming out within the next week. Make sure to join the group to stay up to date on when new videos come out!

Join the group here!

The first video has been released! Check it out here
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