Blog: draken signs with NiP

March 14th, 2017 13:51
William 'draken' Sundin will be replacing Jacob 'pyth' Mourujärv on the active roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:GO division. A change that a lot of people were expecting, but many were hoping to come with another change. Although a lot of people knew that NiP would eventually sign a new player, replacing the 5th player (as per usual), many believe that they need to change AT LEAST one of the core four players on the current roster.

With the ninjas having four roster changes, excluding coaches, since 2014, many believe that the key to consistency within Counter-Strike is to stick with the same five players and instead of changing the players around, change the roles. A prime example for this is, formerly ESC Gaming and Golden Five.

I believe, personally, that the correct person to replace on NiP was NOT pyth, but friberg. This is because he has been a very inconsistent player on the line-up since the start of 2016, showing only a few glimpses of potential to become one of the best entry fraggers again. Unfortunately he has not been able to get back to the level he was known for back in 2013/14.

pyth, on the other hand, has been decently consistent throughout his fifteen month stint with the ninjas, showing star potential at ECS Season 1 finals in London where he managed to pull off very good performances against G2 eSports, who managed to win the entire tournament. He even managed to pull off a miraculous round vs G2 on the map de_dust2, with only a P250 pistol versus the fully-bought up G2.

At other tournaments he may not have been the best player on Ninjas in Pyjamas but he sure has been more consistent than the other players such as friberg and Xizt. He was 100% not the correct player to replace on the team but they have made the change already so there is no point going on about it because they are most likely not going to change one of the starting four players unless they have a long string of disappointing and bad results this year, most likely.

NiP have chosen to acquire the star AWPer from Epsilon following a long string of disappointing results for fans, and themselves. Apart from the three 250,000$ tournament wins in 2016, the ninjas have a somewhat disappointing year, failing to retain their legend spot at ESL One Cologne 2016 and at the end of year, even failing to qualify for the ELEAGUE Major 2017, being knocked out in a shocking and dominating fashion by the underdog Russians, Vega Squadron.

draken has never really had any exposure to the top tier of the scene until now, he has been playing with Epsilon eSports for the past year and seven days. His first real tournament was Rendezvous Resurrection 2, in which he played with the mix team ‘Team-HCBS’. They managed to win the entire tournament, seeing quick success into draken’s already short career.

If we jump forward a bit, draken started playing for a European/Swedish mix-team which went by the name of ‘Cringe Gods’, they saw a small amount of success at the start of 2016, beating some tier 2 teams such as ENCE eSports and HellRaisers. On 6th March 2016, he joined the Swedish Epsilon eSports team which he would eventually see a decent amount of success in, winning a few tournaments AND infamously winning the WCA Finals in November which they won 86,942.03$ - his biggest win to date. His last tournament with Epsilon eSports was WESG 2017 Finals in which they got 5-8th place (quarter-finals), losing to Team Kinguin, who eventually got to the finals, but managed to lose to Team EnVyUs.

I believe that draken will be a good edition to the already struggling Swedish team, and I think that they may be able to win AT LEAST one 250,000$ tournament in 2017 and qualify for the major, hopefully. For a while I thought that NiP needed a dedicated AWP star player, to enable f0rest to focus on his already amazing rifles. draken will provide the team with a very stable and consistent, yet aggressive AWPing style which will compliment them nicely imo.
Slovenia spoid 
absolutely did not read
2017-03-14 15:34
2017-03-14 15:35
Portugal ImPedo669 
draken signs with nip
2017-03-14 15:36
2017-03-16 02:28
with the current meta and AWP nerfs way back in 2015, I prefer more turret style AWPers now. Like GuardiaN, FalleN and device. They are all called top AWPs due to turret style. Aggressive style of allu benefitted NiP but that meta is gone. You need pick style AWPers in this meta rather than do it all dust2 A site kennyS or smithzz on dust2. Draken's style is not good enough to be continued on tier 1. We have to see but if kennyS and JW fail in this meta, its hard to count on draken to succeed. Still, atleast a change is delightful
2017-03-14 18:55
-Friberg + zAAz
2017-03-14 18:56
The problem is in the 15 months with NiP that's the only spectacular performance he had.
2017-03-20 08:42
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