Blog: My Sister

March 21st, 2017 01:42
Megan arrived in town last night at around 5:30. The knock on my door sent a shockwave through my body. The moment was finally here.

I opened the door and saw my beautiful younger sister smiling at me. We wrapped our arms around one another, and lost ourselves in each other's embrace. After a minute of simply holding one another as close as we possibly could, she pulled her head from my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, tilted her head slightly, and kissed me.

Now, when I say my younger sister kissed me, I don't mean a peck on the cheek. Megan shoved her tongue into my mouth as far as she could possibly get it. I'd thought about what it would be like to make out with my sister for about 20 years now. This surpassed all of my expectations. The passion behind our kissing was extraordinary.

She felt my cock pulsating against her as we kissed. Looking at me, she gently asked, "is that for me?" She began kissing my neck, which as I'd discussed with her previously was my top erogenous zone. As she did so, her hands unclasped my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. As my pants dropped to the floor, so did she.

I was frozen. It was happening. Megan was about to suck my cock. Holy. Fuck. She started slowly at first, teasing my head and running her tongue along the underside of my shaft. With each descent of her mouth upon my now engorged cock, she took it a little deeper down her throat. It didn't take long at all for her to build up a rhythm. Within minutes, she was comfortable, going so far as to grab my ass with both her hands to pull my cock as far down her throat as it could go. With my cock down her throst, she simultaneously began using her tongue to tickle my balls. She demanded that I fuck her mouth until her throat was bruised.

After 20 minutes of the greatest blow job I've ever received, I felt myself about to explode. "I'm about to cum, sis." At that she pulled my cock out of her mouth, started stroking it instead, and pointed it at her eagerly waiting open mouth. Within moments, the biggest load I've ever shot went all over my little sister's face. I was able to concentrate the majority of it into her mouth. She looked up at me, played around a bit with the cum in her mouth, swallowed it and smiled, saying "Welcome to your new normal, Joe. Get used to this."

I lie here in bed typing this. Since then, I've fucked Megan 7 times (4 last night and 3 this morning). She's currently asleep next to me. When she wakes up, I'll have to tell her happy birthday.

Other Kapparino 
meeeehhh, another ordinary day in sweden.
2017-03-21 01:46
Imagine what Megan didnt do in college...
2017-03-21 01:52
Thanks ur father for learning to her how to please u.
2017-03-21 02:01
umm... okay
2017-03-21 02:02
pic related
2017-03-21 02:04
Estonia m8k 
2017-03-21 02:07
oskar | 
Czech Republic portal_b 
insanely hot
2017-03-21 02:23
mm kk
2017-03-21 02:45
I like the flusha pic to disguise it as a cs related blog
2017-03-21 08:23
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