Blog: Making OpTic top 5 again!

April 20th, 2017 04:47
Today I will be trying my best to fix Optic so they could compete at majors, and big tournaments like Eleague, ECS and EPL for example.

Also, the changes I make are not necessarily realistic or certain, just what I think would be good for all teams and orgs. (I will also used banned players to help some them)

Optic: Top 5

RUSH - Entry/Star
Mixwell- AWP/Star
Tarik - Entry/Second AWP
NAF- Support/Lurk/AWP when necessary
DaZeD- IGL/AWP when necessary
Coach: Hazed/Zews

This team would only replace JRtempnasty with an unbanned DaZeD. He is the one player (other than stanislaw) that could make this team work. The core 4 that have been together for almost a year have the experience and fire power to compete with any top NA team or EU team. With the strats of DaZeD, and his own individual skill they would go back to the form they were in last year in December. Also, with a permanent 5th, and a true IGL, he and coach hazed or zews could work together to not only find the best way to utilize each player, but also set a solid practice schedule and get these potential stars back on track. Any coach that is willing to watch demos and commit themselves to get the guys to practice and stay focused on the game would work. Both tarik and mixwell have shown the potential to be stars when utilized correctly, but in my opinion the true success comes from RUSH and NAF. Rush is their best overall player, and shows up against big teams. Some analysists even state that when rush struggles the team struggles and when he shines they shine. NAF is also extremely underrated. He can be a top fragger on any team and is a solid lurker and clutcher. Also he is only 19 and has so much room to grow, unlike some older players people might want to replace him with. Of course I have considered dropping either naf or tarik for elige or stewie, but I believe that optic has enough fire power and has the chemistry between the players and have proved they can compete with the best teams in the world with the right IGL.

Thank you for reading, and please leave your opinions on what roster changes or moves optic would need to make, and how the other teams would be effected by those moves. I have not talked about any other teams as the addition I made was a banned player, and a possible coach.
Please do not just say -roster +SK or something like that as I would like this to be a serious thread to see some of your ideas!


>top 5 >tarik LUL
2017-04-20 04:55
North America bloodwolf1710 
2017-04-20 04:56
Turkey HypnoSia 
Remember tarik old carrying. CLG time
2017-04-25 12:31
Sri Lanka ezfaze 
top5? nt no overperformance from naf and TUROK anymore+no slumping/new teams :D
2017-04-20 05:04
United States Pbor 
why do people even bother mentioning dazed? they forget that he is vac banned???????????
2017-04-20 05:04
You cannot throw on VAC-secure servers.
2017-04-20 14:51
United States Pbor 
Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund continues on a downwards spiral, though, and there was no indication of his old self at any point during the tournament, which has become a worrying trend in the past few months.
2017-04-20 05:05
Which is why we decided to invited them so we could laugh at him and his team go out in the groups and then roll around in the money we get from the views we get from the nip fanbase.
2017-04-20 06:51
United States ImFat 
4/8 bait, looks like it took you awhile to write all of this, just to add 1 BANNED player, and not add anyone else, just 1 player a banned one at that. I gave you 4/8 cause you spent time out of your day writing all of this, to add 1 player.
2017-04-20 05:22
Skadoodle | 
United States Kdg90 
we need a team with stewie, elige, rush, skadoodle and auti. would be gg
2017-04-20 07:04
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
Don't get me wrong, RUSH is a beast, but you need leadership to make this kinda team work, so replace him with stanislaw and gg
2017-04-22 17:31
United Kingdom Lightning_DC_ 
DaZeD Unbanned Pick one
2017-04-20 15:02
Salah | 
Sweden PerraP 
2017-04-22 17:32
No one of that team wants to play with dazed rofl
2017-04-25 12:38
tarik worse than shroud
2017-04-25 12:53
forgot to add the part where other teams were waiting till contracts ended and where teams were burnt out and were waiting for the break
2017-04-25 12:59
Sweden lagcats 
again? wth is dis LUL
2017-04-25 13:01
does rush awp when necessary too?
2017-04-27 11:59
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