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Hey everyone, this time we’ve got some big news about AMD’s ‘RX VEGA’ lineup of graphics cards, which will compete head to head with NVIDIA’s GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti. This is all according to very reliable sources within AMD’s Headquarters which are leaking information. So firstly, let’s look at the dates.

What’s the dates?

VEGA will teased on May 16th, with the full VEGA reveal coming between May 30th and June 3rd. With the official release of the reference model cards being around June 5th. This is right in line with AMD’s confirmation of RX VEGA launching in Q2 of 2017 and will match the release window of their former Polaris Architecture which spawned the ‘RX 400’ Series of GPU’s.

According to the source, there will be three RX VEGA cards on launch, with a naming scheme that has to do with a space theme. So, the first card is the ‘RX VEGA Core’ which will start at $399 USD and will compete head to head with the GTX 1070, offering similar or better performance.

Next up is the ‘RX VEGA Eclipse’ which will start at $499 USD and will compete with the GTX 1080.

With finally, the Big VEGA card being the ‘RX VEGA Nova’, which will retail at $599 USD and will compete with the GTX 1080 Ti.

Now what does this mean?

Well it’s simple really, we will finally have competition against the GTX 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti! As AMD’s former fastest single GPU which was the Fury X, offered comparable performance to a 980 Ti, and as you may be aware the GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti are faster than the 980 Ti. Anyway, it’s about time, with NVIDIA running rampant over the GPU industry with a 1 year monopoly over the high end market.

RX VEGA Core and Eclipse

Interestingly is that the ‘RX VEGA Core’ and ‘RX VEGA Eclipse’ will retail on launch at more expensive prices than the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. Right now, you can easily pick up a GTX 1070 for $350 on Newegg, so it’s a bit puzzling that the ‘RX VEGA Core’ is offering similar performance at a higher price. Is it possible we may see something similar to NVIDIA’s Founder’s Edition cards, but in AMD’s style? This is just me speculating, but it’s the only reasonable explanation for the higher price.

This is a real leaked image from an AMD promotional video of RX VEGA

Plus, looking at these leaked images of the reference VEGA GPU’s with the silver design and aesthetic it would appear that this may be the case…

A mockup of what the RX VEGA Reference Design may look like based on the promotional video


Last but not least is the very awesome news, which is the ‘RX VEGA Nova’, the biggest and baddest GPU in this lineup, is retailing at $599 USD. This is a clear move against NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 Ti which currently retails at $700 USD. If this source’s pricing is correct, that could potentially mean that we are getting 4K at a much cheaper price, with similar performance, possibly pushing a move for NVIDIA to lower the price of the GTX 1080 Ti as well. Furthermore, if RX VEGA Nova manages to… outshine the competition, then we could definitely see this as AMD’s best GPU since the good old 290X which sold as hot as it ran.

Either way, stay tuned for more big GPU news from me with all the links below, and I’ll catch you guys next time!

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sellout already ?
2017-05-10 22:53
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I do articles both on AMD and NVIDIA GPU's. I don't see your point?
2017-05-11 00:52
why do these type of articles that doesn't relate to counter-strike in any way ?
2017-05-11 01:09
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Because I can... Plus, I want to keep people informed here on this topic. Since ppl play HLTV other games, why not talk about GPU's?
2017-05-11 01:11
ok fair enough , my bad I thought u were promoting like other admins on the website for parts whatever
2017-05-11 01:19
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Yeah I ain't an admin lol. I wish!
2017-05-11 01:20
no , I just thought it's propaganda for pc parts or peripherals . where someone gives a review or something , on a second note I take it all back :P
2017-05-11 01:21
Australia KARMAAAYT 
It's okay, I merely am reporting news. If I promote anything, I will disclose that it's a promotion at the end of my blogs.
2017-05-11 01:22
I find it interesting, as I wont go to other sites looking for this kind of news. pc components and peripherals is kinda related to counter-strike and gaming I would think.
2017-05-11 01:14
fair enough , my bad
2017-05-11 01:20
I mean i dont want everyone to advertise their channels or whatever, there are other sites for that.
2017-05-11 18:00
not sold out in my local stores.
2017-05-11 01:08
World SmartWeaboo 
Can't wait to see the new cards out
2017-05-10 23:05
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Yeah I can't wait to see them too! Finally maybe more affordable 4K gaming.
2017-05-11 01:07
World SmartWeaboo 
Yeah , would be sick
2017-05-11 01:10
Sweden BubbaKush 
2017-05-10 23:09
Australia KARMAAAYT 
2017-05-11 09:09
Volta already annihilated Vega before it's even been launched. DOA again. Just like DOAlaris. AMDEAD. Pray for a buyout of AMD by Samsung or somebody. Pray! Nvidia is gonna rule the tech world soon.
2017-05-11 09:11
Australia KARMAAAYT 
After watching Volta presentation today, I kind of have to agree... Sadly. AMD will always be a year behind now it seems...
2017-05-11 09:11
i watched that too Huang = lord
2017-05-11 09:12
Australia KARMAAAYT 
The only reason Volta will even do as well as it will is because of the die shrink from 16nm to 12nm. I have a feeling most of the R&D went toward AI and deep learning, rather than IPC architectural improvements for games. From what I gathered, basically the reason we get a speed boost from Volta is core and transistor count going up from 16nm to 12nm since more can fit on the die. It's basically Maxwell die shrunk which is what Pascal essentially was. A die shrink of Maxwell at higher clocks and more cores and transistors.
2017-05-11 09:15
You think AMD GPU's are only a year behind? Vega is already over a year late (and still not released) since it was first mentioned, Volta is looking to have been pushed forward, also. Lucky for AMD, Ryzen, was successful or they'd be in a world of hurt right now. Lucky for the consumer, nVidia (unlike Intel) are always innovating and improving their products substantially even though they practically have no competition.
2017-05-11 14:05
Volta's delay was longer than Vega's!
2017-05-13 18:19
yet nVidia managed to keep innovating and bringing out new stuff in the meantime.. while pushing boundaries with zero competition.
2017-05-13 19:09
Ez 16-0 against nip with this video card
2017-05-11 09:12
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Anyone can 16-0 NiP now, don't even need to buy this video card to achieve that. Just gotta use free hax.
2017-05-11 09:19
Australia Slippin_Jimmy 
Nice new card that i will probably never get. (still gt 740 XD)
2017-05-11 09:20
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