Blog: NiP - the best csgo team of all time?

May 16th, 2017 11:12
This is a big question, some people say fnatic is the best csgo team of all time, some people say NiP, lets really see who's the best csgo team of all time. We'll start off with NiP.

NiP in 2012/2013: So this is the the year when csgo came out, and NiP already dominated all the teams whatsoever, 87-0, many many tournaments won in a row even though there were very close scores at some LAN's, some overtimes, some 16-14's but NiP always managed to pull through even though astana dragons broke the streak at one point. NiP was basically the best team within some months in 2012 and continued to be the best team for 2 years by just dominating all the teams. 2014 was the year when NiP started to slump, wasnt as dominant as in 2013 and 2012, fnatic and Titan were 2 really good teams who could beat NiP in a bo3 on LAN and online even though NiP has never been famous for being good online. 2014 is also the year when NiP won their first major ever since they lost to fnatic and VP at the other 2 majors they reached the grand final of, so that was NiP's most proud and the best win ever, considering no one believed that NiP could win this major since they almost lost in the group stage, almost lost to cloud9 in a bo3, but somehow they managed to pull through the victory against fnatic in the grand final with a great comeback on cobblestone. But then FifflareN left the team and NiP signed maikelele who was a guy that helped NiP to reach the grand finals in DH 2014 but unfortunately lost to LDLC in 3 maps, but even so maikelele put up a huge performance for the team. 2015 was obviously fnatic's most dominant year where they won 2 majors, shit loads of tournaments, so basically fnatic was the best csgo team for a year even when they brought in dennis for a replacement for pronax they were the best team, but in 2016 fnatic wasn't dominant at all, sure they won IEM katowice and some other tournaments but they were far far from being the best team in the world. 2015 was NiP's worst year of all time where they only managed to win 1 single tournament even though they reached the grand finals of katowice major, it was their worst year by far, and the 1 single tournament they won isnt even a tournament you can count since it was only swedish scrub teams in there, no fnatic or anything like that. Then 2016 comes when NiP brought in pyth and managed to win 2 big tournaments with him and managed to dominate a whole tournament with Maikelele as a stand in (SL starseries) which was a huge tournament with good teams like astralis, g2, cloud9, godsent etc.

So, who deserves the title of being the best csgo team of all time? For me its definitely NiP because they were dominant for 3 years even though they slumped a little bit in 2014, and yeah fnatic has won 3 majors but only 2 of them was with the original fnatic you know today without pronax. Sure many of you guys will say that 2012-2013 is 2 years you cant really count since csgo wasnt big back then and nip was just beating up scrub teams, but thats not just something you can say to just make fnatic the better team at this point.
Best cs team of all time Birmingham salvo
2017-05-16 11:15
2017-05-16 12:20
Spain b1sS 
hahahahaha epic answer!!!
2017-05-17 00:04
Spain b1sS 
Mangiacapra Rattlesnk pt Wez wilzOOO
2017-05-17 00:06
TL;DR Fnatic>Nip
2017-05-16 11:39
2017-05-16 12:00
hahah xd. VP t2 team always top7-5 hahah
2017-05-16 12:01
>Top5-7 >T2 Vodka
2017-05-16 12:15
Top 5 can be tier 2. In fact right now there's only 3 tier 1 teams.
2017-05-18 07:16
T1=top 8
2017-05-18 10:55
yxo | 
World Tenshi_R 
are you fuck you?
2017-05-18 15:47
Yes, HellRaisers and Na'vi are clearly on the same level as SK, Astralis and Faze right now. I love when people don't even try to be objective.
2017-05-19 00:18
Denmark strogie 
Fnatic and nip over vp
2017-05-16 13:59
Israel Encryp7eD 
NT vp are below both fnatic and NiP
2017-05-16 18:03
NT NiP are below
2017-05-18 21:06
Sorry, but no.
2017-05-16 11:40
ScreaM | 
Netherlands nawledge 
sorry, but yes
2017-05-16 11:49
Sorry, but you're delusional then.
2017-05-16 11:49
sorry, but you like jws lips then.
2017-05-16 11:51
Moldova CarrieZzZ 
Nip top 1 team... Of tier 5
2017-05-18 07:02
TL;DR disband_nip_ffs
2017-05-16 11:41
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
2017-05-16 11:49
2017-05-16 11:50
It's obvious that you think NiP is the best team, especially since you name the blog "NiP - the best csgo team" instead of "NiP or fnatic - which is the best?" You clearly take a stance even though its supposed to be a discussion.
2017-05-16 11:50
dude, why do you think i put the questionmark infront of it?
2017-05-16 11:52
All im saying is that it feels like you already think NiP is the best from line 1.
2017-05-16 11:53
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
That is his opinion.
2017-05-16 11:54
well, i could've named the title '' nip or fnatic - who is the best '' but i didnt really think it mattered because '' nip - the best csgo team of all time? '' was pretty much the same concept.
2017-05-16 11:54
It's not the same concept as the title implies that you're not comparing NiP to anyone else, which you do in the text. So it is a misleading title which makes it obvious that you already favorise NiP
2017-05-16 11:56
haha yes it is dude
2017-05-16 13:32
Netherlands Sander335 
You should stop writing blogs if you really can't tell the difference.
2017-05-17 13:57
Fnatic is best team in cs go history.
2017-05-16 11:52
2017-05-16 11:56
2017-05-16 12:14
nip vs fnatic when they were the best teams in the world kreygasm
2017-05-16 13:16
2017-05-16 11:59
Estonia teremartin 
what meaning kys ?
2017-05-16 12:52
HObbit | 
Spain Alser 
Keep Yourself Safe
2017-05-16 13:15
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Kill yourself
2017-05-16 13:17
Bosnia and Herzegovina nikokokoko 
bad b8
2017-05-16 12:21
"This is a big question" No its not. Its obvious that fnatic is by far the better team. Anyone who is not saying that is just baiting or a delusional NiP fanboy.
2017-05-16 12:29
nametag checks out
2017-05-18 07:06
Sweden lagcats 
fnatic and NiP probably yuhhh
2017-05-16 12:34
Best team of all time: V E R Y G A M E S
2017-05-16 12:54
Not even a top 10 lineup. Funny enough its actually true this time.
2017-05-16 14:03
Jonty Wannabe, thats just sad.
2017-05-16 14:23
cajunb & aizy not even htc 2v2 champions LUL
2017-05-16 15:12
G2 superjoke LUL
2017-05-16 18:01
Who cares about a shit tournament like that where even overrated players like shox and kennyS are able to win? Also who cares about cajunb and aizy?
2017-05-16 18:49
1. Shox & kennyS - 20k w/o competition Lul rip nubs Best duo of all time won :D
2017-05-16 19:09
? olofmeister and KRiMZ werent there?
2017-05-16 19:14
FalleN | 
World 502 
Also NIP, back in 2012, didnt had any advantages over other teams. So you cant even say that NIP just beat scrub teams, they just were better overall for almost 3 years straight!!
2017-05-16 13:02
NiP were top at the beginning but fell behind once the other teams improved and became tactically better. The old NiP lineup simply is not good enough for modern csgo, they are probably not even in the top 5 of all csgo time.
2017-05-16 13:12
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
Why not? They were the most dominant csgo team. Does it matter how they won? Their players were incredibly skilled and they chose the setups and tactics which suited them best. They are the best csgo team of all time.
2017-05-16 13:19
It does matter yes, if you put nip at their best vs fnatic, ldlc, sk, vp, or astralis at their best then nip are losing badly.
2017-05-16 13:58
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
That is because fnatic at their best (2015) has one year more experience than the nip players when they were at their best(2013-14). It is true for any other time periods. Fnatic at their best will lose to sk,and sk at their best will lose to astralis.
2017-05-16 14:03
Thats not true at all, astralis and nip are very unlikely to beat sk or fnatic, probably fnatic at their best would beat all other teams at their best.
2017-05-16 14:06
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
Sorry! I disagree with you. It seems many people here think that fnatic just got worse. Has it ever occured to you that may be other teams figured out how to counter fnatic or they just got better with time? If fnatic could beat any other team then they would have never removed pronax.
2017-05-16 14:10
I agree that fnatic didnt just get worse and other teams improved, but they got worse as well. This is why I think if any team is better than its SK, and they are in the middle of fixing their lineup and proving their are top again.
2017-05-16 14:11
coldzera | 
Brazil ezSK 
Its been more than a year since fnatic won a big event. I seriously doubt that they could not replicate their previous form atleast once.
2017-05-16 14:25
Its difficult, in an interview with their coach after olof got injured he said that pronax's effects on fnatic were still there when they won those 6 lans, but once they needed to change something or adapt something he was not there and thats why they fell apart. I do not think fnatic can be top without pronax or a proper igl.
2017-05-16 14:27
>pronax >proper IGL pick one
2017-05-16 15:00
Most proper igl swedes have ever had in csgo.
2017-05-16 15:55
That's why he sucks in GODSENT
2017-05-16 16:02
2017-05-16 13:14
Denmark CasperKitsune 
Stop living in the past. NiP are shit and unless they do a major lineup switch, they will never be good again.
2017-05-16 13:17
delusional fanboy spotted, dude you know that you just make yourself look like a complete fucking moron by writing that comment right? I said of ALL TIME, not today u stupid fuck
2017-05-16 13:33
Denmark CasperKitsune 
bro, I'm just saying, just because they had 1 good year, doesn't make them the best team of all time. Sure they've gotten the famous 87-0 streak, and sure they won a lot of titles, but you can't keep living in the past. NiP are not the best team in the world anymore, I would even go so far to say that they are one of the worst tier 1 teams, if not the worst, and they are too bad to be called the "best team of ALL TIME". The best team of all time would have kept their spot in at least top 10, but this is new times, and the NiP era is forgotten. So again: Stop living in the past.
2017-05-17 08:20
1 good year? what are you talking about, they were good for 3 years, not 1 dude cmon
2017-05-17 13:45
3 years holy shit you are delusional
2017-05-17 13:48
draken | 
Sweden FocuseD 
2012 2013 2014 think that is 3 years or do they not teach you math in Germany? Ah i see you are just a huge baiter well i will leave you alone then.
2017-05-18 06:54
First year = August 2012 - August 2013 Second year = August 2013 - August 2014 Thats it but yeah, I am the huge baiter.
2017-05-18 07:08
Yes fnatic is trash today, yes nip is trash today, but this is about ALL FUCKING TIME, unless you have dyslexia you're a complete fucking retard
2017-05-16 13:34
Finland raivokkuus 
Please don't ever compare fnatic and NiP again, thanks. They have never been comparable - when NiP were dominant, fnatic sucked, and when fnatic were dominant NiP sucked. Now NiP suck and fnatic are just meh.
2017-05-16 13:51
2017-05-16 14:02
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
lol fnatic could be top5 while nip just sucks a big cock without doing any change this is the most unprofessional thing they could do and easily erases their triumphs
2017-05-16 14:30
Finland raivokkuus 
Personally I agree with you, fnatic's results recently have been really promising. EPL will probably tell us whether or not they still have what it takes to hang with the best. I'm a huge fnatic fan but right now I think it's too early to say they're back. And it's clear NiP don't care as much about being the best as they do about being a brand anymore. It's the only possible explanation for friberg still being on the team after 2 years of horrendous underperformances.
2017-05-16 14:34
Of course they are. inb4 butthurt newfags
2017-05-16 14:07
2017-05-16 14:44
short answer: no long answer: lmao no
2017-05-16 14:08
Never read a more ill-informed shit article than this. Still, NiP are pretty surely the best team ever, especially considering fnatic's fall to nothingness soon after their big success.
2017-05-16 14:12
2017-05-16 15:01
NiP Era 2012-2014-and in 2015 and 2-3 months with maikelele Fnatic Era 2015 and -1-2 months in 2016. Close
2017-05-16 14:27
Europe FaZeUPkids 
1. Fnatic with Total Earnings: $2,773,384 2. Virtus.Pro with Total Earnings:$2,402,982 3. SK Gaming with Total Earnings:$2,130,624
2017-05-16 15:04
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
Nip>2012-2014 Fnatic>2015 Nip>2016
2017-05-17 08:24
Europe FaZeUPkids 
2017-05-17 12:02
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
2017-05-17 15:00
cuz only in 2015 we have more money with Dollar retards. back in 2012 when teams win 20-50k tournaments and major only 100
2017-05-16 15:06
Indonesia reez023 
decent achievements in the past tier 5 team at present
2017-05-16 15:07
Yes lol
2017-05-16 15:56
NiP > rest
2017-05-16 16:02
Probably cuz there wasnt so many teams back then? When prize pool was bigger, more teams joined. Thats why they were good just in the beggining.
2017-05-16 18:04
fer | 
Argentina MAXEE|SDM 
CS:GO 2012-13-Early/Mid 14 NiP Late 14-15 Fnatic 16 LG/SK 17 ???
2017-05-17 00:13
Astralis/FaZe Clan I guess.
2017-05-18 15:44
Sweden deltaCSGO 
"the best csgo team of all time" 1 major title, i would say fnatic is the bets team of all time with 3 major titels
2017-05-17 00:16
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Both teams have had their ups and downs, however whether or not you like NiP at all, you have to give them the deserved respect for just how dominant they were at the start of CS:GO. GTR is still statistically one of the best players in CS:GO whether or not you like him or NiP respectively. I'm a huge NiP fan, but I also like and love all other teams also, especially that of fnatic. At this point, it's merely opinion that NiP is the BOAT when it comes to CS:GO, as equally fnatic has just as much evidence to suggest this also. NiP had the longest era. fnatic had the most dominant era. ----- GTR was the best player of all-time. Olofmeister was the best player of all time. ----- NiP's era lasted +1.5 years. fnatic's era lasted 1.5 years. There are users here that basically hate NiP or fnatic with a passion and there is no need for it. I like NiP and in my opinion, they are probably better in terms of "All-Time" category, but fnatic will always be the most dominant team to touch the game hands down. NiP/fnatic - it is your choice and opinion which is better, but there is no need to hate either team. Respect their accolades and respect the dominance they once had within CSGO. Thanks for the read, I actually think the blog is well-written regardless of it's controversial subject matter. Let this post be that of anti-flame-war for idiotic users within the thread. Have a good day everyone. :)
2017-05-17 04:22
First you tried to trigger with "NiP = fnatic" bullshit and in the end you tried to trigger with the blog being good even though its so biased towards NiP. Sorry but I dont fall for it this time.
2017-05-17 13:52
Iceland xijmplr 
NiP had 87-0 streak, which was destroyed by VP and AdreN, this blog have 87 comments, but mine is 88th. Mine blog (above in blog section) mentioned AdreN name aswell and there is also 87 comments.. Coincidence? I aren't think that!
2017-05-17 15:43
nice fakeflag, nip is shit
2017-05-18 07:04
It's a shame I came so late to watch the pro scene and to be a NiP fan, two years before and I would have lived the best NiP's time.
2017-05-18 15:49
why are we still talking about swedish teams? its done amigo, no swedish team in top5 for some time now
2017-05-19 07:56
NiP won't be the best in the near future. But still, a fan is a fan.
2017-05-20 05:15
NiP is old news, Get_Right is not a person that people praise as a god anymore, he's only gotten worse and worse and worse as time goes on. As with the entire team. NiP had an early start in 2012/2013 and was able to switch to CS:GO faster than other teams - once other players were able to adjust to their normal skill level after switching to GO, NiP started failing and the playing field was a lot more even/fair.
2017-05-20 05:49
Australia ovaD 
Even VP at their lowest point maintained a major legends spot. NiP couldn't beat 3 weak tier 3 teams to qualify for the EU Minor.
2017-05-20 05:54
Fnatic ofc and I'm not just saying that as a fanboy 3 majors, and they could of had a forth if the french faggots didn't cry their way to a major, Fnatic beat them and the baguettes got the community to turn against them don't forget that Fnatic would of won that major. Fnatic are really shit right now but in terms of all time no team has matched them yet, they have more than double the titles in CS Go than any other team. I would go as far as to say Fnatic is the best org of all time in CS period not just CS Go.
2017-05-20 06:20
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