Blog: AMD's VEGA - A New Frontier

May 17th, 2017 08:49
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What’s up everyone, today I’m back with some more AMD VEGA news, and today some new VEGA specifications have been teased and officially released! Now this comes as no surprise considering in my last report when my source said VEGA would be teased today, and it came true. Regardless, my source has informed me some new news, which is that VEGA naming system is still under changes and has not been finalized, furthermore, the June 5th release date has been pushed back to late June and I will explain once you get this news.

A New Frontier

VEGA Frontier, air cooler in blue, water cooler in gold.

So what was teased today? Well a VEGA card was officially announced, it is part of the news “Radeon VEGA Frontier” lineup, based off the naming scheme, it seems to be part of that space theme I was talking about last time. And this may be the first VEGA card to be released to consumers, since it’s part of the “new frontier” of cards that AMD is releasing.

Beating the Titan Xp in professional applications quite easily.

From what I can tell this card is very similar to NVIDIA’s Titan lineup, and how do we know that? Well AMD directly compared the card to NVIDIA’s Titan Xp in programs like Solidworks and Catia. Based off this it’s more of a prosumer card than a gaming card, featuring higher amounts of memory and memory bandwidth than what would be typically found on a consumer graphics or gaming card, with a full fat set of compute units.

What’s the Specs?

So the new Radeon VEGA Frontier card features, 64 compute units which create 4096 stream processors (which are similar to CUDA cores), 16 GB of High Bandwidth Cache (we assume this is HBM2 memory), a memory bandwidth of 480 GB/s and around a 1525-1530 MHz core clock based on it being rated at 12.5 TFLOPS. Finally, it was shown sporting a blue and gold reference air cooler as well as a water cooled variant being available.

Wrap Up

VEGA Frontier in person

What does this all mean? Well I talked to my source within AMD again today and he informed me that VEGA has been set back towards late June, he did not specify a date. While this is disappointing, it does mean that VEGA will come out in June, meaning we can expect a Q2 release. He stated that no specific date was given as Radeon Technologies Group was working on VEGA Frontier and releasing it in Late June.

Additionally, RADEON Instinct, Frontier and RX Lineups will release around the same time to hit all 4 big markets, these being, server, professional, prosumer and consumer. This is interesting and if the RX VEGA lineup has a card with similar specs to the Frontier but with less VRAM, it would kind of make no sense to buy the VEGA Frontier card unless you specifically need that much VRAM.

The Gold Water Cooled VEGA Frontier

Regardless, stay tuned for more information, subscribe to the channel for more news, support us on patreon so we can review the latest stuff for you and I’ll catch you next time!

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ez vega squadron
2017-05-17 08:53
Australia KARMAAAYT 
If only Vega Squadron was as good as VEGA looks to be.
2017-05-17 08:59
Turkey evansgc 
Looks sick
2017-05-17 08:54
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I'm not going to lie, I kind of like the gold water cooler, I wanna stick it on another card haha!
2017-05-17 08:56
Neato Burrito
2017-05-17 08:57
United Kingdom DJ_Nr8 
"Our products look good before we release them" - AMD
2017-05-17 09:05
When they are gonna be on sale? I hope the most cheaper models will cost like rx 480 or less
2017-05-17 09:08
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Late June for this particular card, the others sometime in either late June or later.
2017-05-17 09:18
fuck, everyone was saying that they gonna be on sale somewhere in may. Well, probably gonna stick with GTX 1060 then.
2017-05-17 09:27
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I remember the old October 2016 release rumors way back in January 2016. XD
2017-05-17 09:28
Albania ^aj 
Karma from SYF CoD4 days by any chance?
2017-05-17 09:41
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Not me, sorry.
2017-05-17 11:01
Albania ^aj 
Damn, there used to be a tech loving guy named karma on the CG forums who did threads on his current build projects etc and you reminded me of him. My bad!
2017-05-17 12:21
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Weird coincidence. Can you love me just as much?
2017-05-17 12:22
Albania ^aj 
AAA is better than a singular A, so you're 3x as superior.
2017-05-17 12:24
thats cool but I'm still broke
2017-05-17 12:25
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
It's AMD, they always relase they products for cheap prices (compared to their competition at least)
2017-05-17 13:24
Germany nadero 
"Well I talked to my source within AMD again today and he informed me..." is this whole thing a copy-paste off another website or do you make things up or is this for real? lolz
2017-05-17 14:07
Australia KARMAAAYT 
For real.
2017-05-17 14:08
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Also if you think I'm lying this came out publicly today by Mark Papermaster who is the CTO of AMD that Vega will launch in June, just as my source has told me, which again like this teaser of VEGA he mentioned a week ago, has come true:
2017-05-17 14:16
Seems like a good update for my Stone age GTX 660
2017-05-17 14:09
Australia KARMAAAYT 
You're rocking a 660 damn, 660 Ti was a great card back then, good old Kepler GPU's.
2017-05-17 14:18
Yeah but its even the Non-Ti version lol, do you think i notice a significant difference when i upgrade to a newer GPU? i currently have a i5-3570K as cpu running at 4.5ghz, And csgo is my main game.
2017-05-17 14:19
Australia KARMAAAYT 
3570K is going to bottleneck some newers GPUs especially at 1080p in some games. CS:GO is primarily a CPU based title, so a graphics upgrade will only go so far in improving your frame rate. In fact you may be running at max right now with your 660. I would say no you probably won't see a difference if you upgrade your GPU, at least not in a game like CS:GO. However, something like BF1 or more GPU based titles you definitely will, but you may be bottlenecked by your CPU if you bought something like 1080 Ti speeds. Anything like a GTX 1070 type of performance you should be okay with, since newer Pentium CPU's tend to bottleneck 1070 GPUs and you're definitely above that with a 4.5 GHz Ivy Bridge CPU. I will be real with you, the biggest difference I noticed in upgrading any of my hardware for a game like CS:GO was when I got a 144 Hz monitor, it's no contest how much it changes the way the way game feels and is. I assume you already have a 144 Hz or high refresh rate monitor. That was what made a huge difference to me, otherwise, my CPU becoming a 7700K from a 2500K was a definite upgrade but even on a 60 Hz monitor it didn't change my game a whole lot. If I was you, I'd upgrade to something like a 1060 or RX 580, you will see some benefits in most games and you won't bottleneck in any titles like BF1, Overwatch, Ghost Recon Wildlands on your current CPU. I haven't owned a 3570K, but I would assume your rig is putting out around 250-300 FPS in CS:GO?
2017-05-17 14:27
Damn, thanks alot for the detailed answer :D. Back to my current equipment, i'm still using an old Samsung 2233RZ first generation 120HZ monitor which runs at a native resolution of 1680x1050 max. For CS:GO i mainly play at 1024x768 with blackbars most of the time. Hitting 300-400 fps frequently depending on map and position etc. Sometimes when i get in a intens firefight with smokes+nades etc, it might suddenly drop to 150~ fps with some stuttering. While 3-4 years ago when i build this PC drops like this wouldn't happen. It might also have to do with windows 10 i have no idea. That's why i was wondering if my current GPU is the problem or something else maybe. Anyways thanks alot for your time. I might first upgrade my monitor to a newer generation 144hz :).
2017-05-17 14:34
Australia KARMAAAYT 
The difference between 120 Hz and 144 Hz is negligible, I honestly wouldn't upgrade for that 24 hz jump.
2017-05-17 18:29
haha AMD delaying Vega yet again. Where is Vega???????
2017-05-17 14:11
Australia KARMAAAYT 
Always being delayed it seems, however it definitely is launching sometime in June.
2017-05-17 14:14
Vega lol, dead before it even starts.
2017-05-17 18:17
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I kind of agree, in 9 months Volta will be out and supersede it.
2017-05-18 06:28
Denmark solrflare 
NiP need to get some those cards 4HEAD
2017-05-17 18:30
Australia KARMAAAYT 
NiP needs anything that can help them at this stage.
2017-05-18 09:17
This card must've designed for Arabs or Indians. Gold water cooler lol :D
2017-05-18 09:28
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I think it looks kind of cool, and I'm white as a ghost. However it may come off as a little tacky too. Depends on what else is in your rig.
2017-05-18 10:24
Other anarh1st47 
2017-05-18 09:30
Australia KARMAAAYT 
2017-05-18 12:32
i think i just got a boner thinking how powerful gaming pc's are going to be
2017-05-18 22:15
Australia KARMAAAYT 
If you get 4 of these VEGA Frontiers in Crossfire, a consumer can do this, you get 50 TFLOPS of power. Imagine the 3DMark score. o.O
2017-05-19 19:02
for the sake of my libido , i won't
2017-05-19 19:33
Nice, high-end competition is definitely needed
2017-05-18 22:19
Australia KARMAAAYT 
It feels like end of June can't come fast enough...
2017-05-21 18:05
This is not a GPU designed for gaming. Just so you guys know. It will compete with NVIDIA´s Quadro series.
2017-05-18 22:23
Sweden 1nc0g 
So it will cost more than a new volvo? Oh shit
2017-05-19 15:36
Australia KARMAAAYT 
No, Radeon INSTINCT will compete with Quadros, this is directly compared with NVIDIA's Titan series...
2017-05-19 16:34
Azerbaijan Talley 
Well I talked to my source within AMD again today and he informed me that VEGA has been set back towards late June lol why pretend like you got insider when this information is known for days on any geek/tech site?
2017-05-18 22:26
Australia KARMAAAYT 
I do have insider information. But sure, go read other tech blogs/sites, I don't mind...
2017-05-19 16:34
Azerbaijan Talley 
then tell me something isn't know to public about vega.
2017-05-19 21:50
Australia KARMAAAYT 
All the insider information that I had has eventually become public knowledge within the next day. Until I get more from my source, we won't know...
2017-05-21 10:58
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
You seem to know your shit, what would be the "limit" GPU that I could pair with my i7 3770 non-k? Gimme one from Nvidia and one from AMD
2017-05-19 19:38
Australia KARMAAAYT 
From NVIDIA about a GTX 1070, a 1080 would bottleneck in some games for sure, if you had a 3770K CPU u could've probably used a GTX 1080. As for an AMD card, since the fastest thing on the market from AMD, that's a single card, it has to be the Fury X, which shouldn't bottleneck with your i7-3770. This is all assuming your 3770 is boosting to the full 3.9 GHz.
2017-05-19 20:10
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
Thank mr karma
2017-05-19 21:44
Australia KARMAAAYT 
No worries man.
2017-05-21 11:02
delayed again AMD = yesterday's performance (1070), tomorrow.
2017-05-31 11:02
Amd lul
2017-05-31 11:00
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