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As I promised, due to positive welcome of my first blog entry, I decided to share some more of my personal stuffs. Next, I'd like to introduce my very own ImprovedOverviews!


It's a simple replacement of the original in-game overviews to a better, more detailed one. I'm sure it's gonna increase your HLTV spectating experience. Highly recommended for streamers too.

True story

Once upon a time I wanted to view a match on the de_forge map (checking some tactics of pro gamers), so I downloaded the SK Gaming vs Moscow Five demo, and loaded up in game. As usually, I changed the viewport to overview, so I can see everyone on the map, but I suddenly realised It's a complete disaster! Misplaced players, missing boxes, rooftop covers, trees and soo on. I hated it soo much, that I decided to create my own one. I checked the other maps too, and I could see some errors here and there, so I replaced every single (competitive) map overviews. Some cases just minor changes (mirage), but some cases I improved it in-depth, focusing on minor things too (ladders, lamps).

Changes in details

- removed: minor wall pieces, blocked places
- fixed: doorgaps, bombsite B

- complete rework
- added: missing boxes, rocks, truck
- removed: trees, lamps, rooftops, blocked places

- added: missing boxes, lamps, carpets, non-blocked rooftop, barriers, ladder
- removed: blocked places (@ bombsite A, CT spawn)

- fixed: bombsite B
- removed: rooftops, lamps, blocked places (@ CT spawn, T spawn)

- added: missing boxes, red rock, papers on the table, barriers
- removed: wall bugs, lamps
- extra: seperate version contains catwalk

- added: upper spot, ladders, missing boxes
- removed: tiny bugs
- fixed: overview position
- note: map lightning changed since older version

- removed: ledges, trees, blocked places
- fixed: overview position

Image comparisons

Overview position fix on de_tuscan:

Misplaced players on de_forge:


Over here:


It's still not perfect (dark corners, without antialias), but far more better than the original ones.

nice...if u can only post mirage overview :)
2012-01-04 19:40
Thanks, I will check it.
2012-01-04 20:12
Good stuff.
2012-01-04 20:26
Nice stuff.
2012-01-05 11:44
2012-01-04 20:32
Poland peele 
well done, escpecially de_train :)
2012-01-04 20:46
Portugal picc 
wow good job.
2012-01-04 20:54
India h8or 
2012-01-05 00:22
very nice
2012-01-05 01:15
Peru dbie 
2012-01-05 03:05
sounds good, will give it a shot :)
2012-01-05 03:43
Pakistan my3m 
dude dont mod ur game its cheating..
2012-01-05 07:15
mod my game? when has using OVERVIEWS ever been cheating?
2012-01-05 08:41
Good job. Is it legal?
2012-01-05 12:18
its just for spectating the fuck wud it be illegal for :s
2012-01-05 15:02
nice job! Im using it.
2012-01-05 14:40
Do the same with megan fox house pls. Thanks
2012-01-06 10:13
India pfx 
Aha nice stuff!
2012-01-06 18:07
nice ... gj ....
2012-01-07 13:02
Good work ! How long did it take you to modify them ?
2012-01-07 15:54
10-15 minutes/map with my special bsp hack, would be 30 mins without it on maps like forge
2012-01-07 20:36
well, is it approved on esl?
2012-03-09 12:17
Russia Slava_slava 
amazing job man.
2012-03-14 16:48
n1ce :)
2012-03-15 23:44
good initiative for sure! keep it coming! :)
2012-03-15 23:45
good work dude i luv it
2012-03-20 00:01
nice thank you
2012-03-26 21:31
seeing that this was released early this year how would you relate your work on forge overview to the most recent updates for that map which came out in march? the readme actually mentions some hltv bugs being fixed there
2012-04-13 01:53
I read that too, but I still have to check the map in-game to check the exact changes.
2012-04-13 16:50
2012-04-13 17:20
2012-05-26 21:51
2012-06-07 02:51
China 7r1p 
can you make old maps look like dust aztec cbble prodigy
2015-01-22 05:45
Can someone reupload this file thanks
2017-11-16 15:51
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