Blog: Tournament Rankings 2004

Hi guys !

I'm back with the year 2004. Enjoy.

Intro : On the choice of tournaments : I only picked "top" international tournaments. Some medium level tournaments are missing, and I added some pretty weak tournament just for the sake of tradition, like the first GameGune in 2003.

I put the top8 for major tournaments like ESWC, WCG, CPL Summer/Winter and top6 for IEM as the format is weird. Otherwise, it's the top4. It's ordered from the most recent to the oldest tournament of the year.

I'll release one year every 1-2 weeks.


CPL Winter

1.Norway NoA (XeqtR, Naikon, elemeNt,Canada shaGuar,United States method) - $40,000
2.Sweden EYE (walle, vilden, bullen, archie, GudeN) - $21,000
3.United States GamerCo (Ph33R, hanes, torrez, medias, exodus) - $14,000
4.Sweden Begrip (IsKall, Calippo, cArn, dsn, Zad) - $9,000
5.United States coL (fRoD, Storm, tr1p, Warden, Bullseye) - $6,000
6.Denmark The Titans (KK, EraZ, Drally, spx, eGene) - $5,000
7.United States D!E (CuZ, kEEn, PaTyoJoN, kmode, slick) - $3,000
8.United States 3D (volcano, moto, boms, Rambo, KSharp,Canada Steel) - $2,000


1.United States 3D (volcano, KSharp, Rambo, moto, boms) - $50,00
2.Denmark The Titans (KK, whimp, Drally, spx, eGene) - $25,000
3.Korea MaveN (rishNarchk, BeBe, cliper, enemy, mal) - $10,000
4.Sweden SK.swe (HeatoN, Potti, fisker, ahl, Hyper)
5-8.Brazil MiBR (KIKO, cogu, pava, pred, drd)
5-8.Latvia eclipse (dame, Eugene, kash, random, rockyu)
5-8.Indonesia GBR Grudg3 (kazuya, Monster, randy, SquaLL, techduck)
5-8.Norway eXcellence (zevy, Jungelbobo, QuailMan, raven, coazehr)


1.Sweden SK.swe (HeatoN, Hyper, ahl, fisker, SpawN)
2.Sweden icsu (zaki, Robin, speedi, knet, draken)
3.Sweden spiXel (walle, bullen, miniw, crypt, Rwa)
4.Norway NoA (XeqtR, Naikon, elemeNt,Canada shaGuar,United States method)


1.Sweden spiXel (walle, bullen, miniw, crypt, iLight)
2.Norway NoA (XeqtR, knoxville, elemeNt,Sweden ahl,United States method)
3.Norway Clan-IT (DaY, slicksilver, pJn, Juzam, Draziw)
4.Sweden Begrip (Legenden, GoodFella, Snajdan, zaffe, Phyrre)


1.Sweden Sweden (HeatoN, vilden, walle, SpawN, Hyper)
2.Austria Austria (squad, seste, hades, uLTi, PapsT)
3.Germany Germany (Roman R, todi, r4id, CHEF-KOCH, Blizzard)
4.Finland Finland (bloodR, tihOp, Sheep, vaahto, fuBBe)

CPL Summer

1.Sweden EYE (Hyper, Guden, archie, vilden, IsKall) - $30,000
2.Sweden SK.swe (HeatoN, Potti, ahl, fisker, SpawN) - $21,000
3.United States Rival (Ph33R, hanes, torrez, medias, exodus) - $14,000
4.Finland DSky (coali, natu, alfa, Tico, diGitaL) - $9,000
5.United States D!E (CuZ, kEEn, PaTyoJoN, kmode, batman) - $6,000
6.Denmark The Titans (eGene, spx, Drally, KK, Eraz) - $5,000
7.Germany mousesports (Blizzard, Roman R.,Austria gore, neo, r4id) - $3,000
8.Brazil g3x (gAuLes, Ali, Aprendiz, bruno, crash) - $2,000


1.Sweden (dsn, cArn, Nebb, Calippo, skipper)
2.Finland DSky (coali, natu, alfa, Tico, diGitaL)
3.France aAa (Emkill, HaRts, JoN1oP, MaT, KabaL)
4.Spain eu4ia (MusambaN1, DrastyK, Dev1, mrt, Ferchu)


1.Denmark The Titans (KK, whimp, Drally, EraZ, eGene) - $40,000
2.Sweden spiXel (crypt, bullen, walle, Ilight, hyber) - $24,000
3.Russia (Snoop, Sally, groove, F_1N, LeX) - $12,000
4.United States tsg (sunman, volcano, Storm, DominatoR, cbz, dizza) - $8,000
5-8.Sweden SK.swe (HeatoN, Potti, ahl, fisker, SpawN) - $4,000
5-8.Sweden Adrenaline (Snajdan,Norway XeqtR, Lucchese, quick, Notorious) - $4,000
5-8.Sweden Ownage (fnazze, rvd, MegatoN, Zad, magix) - $4,000
5-8.Germany mousesports (Austria gore, Johnny R., Blizzard, neo, Roman R.) - $4,000

Medal Tally

1.Sweden Sweden (5 gold-4 silver-1 bronze : 10 total)
2.Norway Norway (1-1-1 : 3)
3.Denmark Denmark (1-1-0 : 2)
4.United States USA (1-0-2 : 3)
5.Finland Finland (0-1-0 : 1)
5.Austria Austria (0-1-0 : 1)
7.France France (0-0-1 : 1)
7.Russia Russia (0-0-1 : 1)
7.Korea South Korea (0-0-1 : 1)
7.Germany Germany (0-0-1 : 1)

Facts & thoughts.

- For the first time, the team of the year is not Swedish. The Danish Titans claimed the unofficial title at the end of the year. ESWC winners, WCG silver-medalists and 6th of both CPL (without whimp, too young), KK's boys entered the hall of fame that year.

- The name was born during an ESWC quarter final. Matched against the all mighty SK, the Russians created one of the biggest upset of all time, winning 13-11 during a crazy on-stage game. finished with a bronze medal, putting Russia for good on the world CS map.

- 2004 saw the rise of a Swedish guy named walle. He would become one of the finest of his country and he started with two major finals lost (ESWC, CPL Winter). The curse would last his entire career as he would never win a major tournament.

- New record for our Swedish friends : 4 teams in ESWC's top8.

- If someone had bet on ESWC's top4, he would have become a billionnaire. The Titans, spiXel and tsg were just underdogs and nobody (except Russians of course) would have put one euro on

- NoA were the first ones to win a CPL coming from the lower bracket. It's worth noticing that they were sent to the lower bracket after a flashbug against EYE. They came back with a vengeance.

- The GameGune is won by, probably the 4th or 5th swedish team at that time. You can find there the duo of modern CS : cArn & dsn.

- After a near perfect year 2003, 2004 is a downhill for SK. Top8 at ESWC, outclassed by EYE at the CPL Summer, humiliated by MaveN during the third place match at WCG, the Swedish giants won't even come to the CPL Winter because of a contract conflict with the SK organisation.

- WCG were the beginning for Asian CS. A win against ALTERNATE aTTaX in the 1/8 and a bronze medal won against SK, MaveN was definitely the surprise of the tournament.

- If 3D won a WCG that year, you can't forget Rival/GamerCo for the US scene. Back to back 3rd places at CPL, that team earned some lines in that article.

If you spotted some mistakes in the lineups or a missing tournament, just leave a comment, I'll modify it.
Brazil mikep 
amazing! 1.6 is the best game EVER!
2012-01-16 10:32
I still remember Nollelva CS movie. It was awesome. - Good job m8.
2012-01-16 10:45
it was just a nice time... big names where competing and so much teams which played on the same level... the scene of today is just crap compared with this golden times of cs'!
2012-01-16 10:48
tbh, I think its even more competitive now in 2012. ESC Anexis e-SAHARA Mouz Natus Vincere WinFakt MoscowFive DTS Lions SK Fnatic and you still have tyloo, mandic, and many other good teams. 1.6 is just amazing.
2012-01-16 11:12
you might be right.. but u have to see... these players who play on top level today (and i dont mean the players of the teams u linedup) would never played on top level in these times.. and u listed perhaps 15 -20 teams.. but there are no more.. and also there are only 5 teams who are able to win a tournament today.. In these times there were much more..
2012-01-16 11:51
You are saying the top players today would never play in the top level beck then, and I def. disagree with that. So I guess you have your opinion, and I have mine. CS today has much more quality and the level is much higher than back in 2004. Thats my opinion, and what makes the CS higher level these days, are the players, meaning the players are better players these days. Thats my opinion, I respect yours, but I disagree.
2012-01-16 12:31
CS is higher today. No doubt about it.
2012-01-16 13:48
you are right cs is higher today.. but it just was harder to win a tournament for a team.. many different teams which played on nearly the same level.. the top scene was lager than today.. thats what i wanted to say :)
2012-01-16 20:45
totally agree with you. now there are about 5 teams that are really good and at the same level. back in the days there were like 20 teams on the same level which fought for the gold medal.
2012-01-17 10:37
maybe the gobal level is higher due to strats, but i don't see the reason why aimwhise the players would be better. Cs is not an activity that you get better every year. For example look at Neo or forest; they were better before.
2012-01-17 21:43
"For example look at Neo or forest; they were better before." That just shows you that everybody's else skill has improved.
2012-01-18 20:09
Poland camarpl 
who cares, the fact is that when i watch old POVs of spawn etc. i get bored as shit and when i watch POVs of neo/f0rest/markeloff of 2010/2011 i am constantly amazed by their skills
2012-01-17 18:46
no way is it more competitive now and to say CS is "higher now" is wrong. there were way more sponsors and tournaments back then, bigger prize pots. the competition for those larger prize pots at the big lan tournaments was much more fierce
2012-01-17 03:20
The problem with your theory is that most casual gamers today would be able to compete with what's considered topteams at the time :)
2012-01-16 11:14
Agree. The level / quality of CS today is MUCH higher. And as I said, today we have as many top competitive teams (if not more) than back then. 2010 was the best year of CS for me. And I think 2012 will be AWESOME too.
2012-01-16 11:18
sadly i do see that it's fading, for me especially Danish cs isn't what it was, the top players we do have, are all in teams from a different country, which is sad, but understandable...
2012-01-16 11:23
also the problem is the same as in germany.. u can max create two teams which are competetiv for winning int. titles.. In those days u def had more.. The scene was def. stronger.
2012-01-16 11:55
Lets stop living in the "what if" or "more people could do it back then" world, and lets look at the facts, and see what really happens. I am looking at the blog, and in 2004 I only see one german team (mouz) doing reasonably internationally. When we look at 2011, we again, see only one german team (mouz) doing reasonably internationally, and in fact, 2011 mouz achieved more than 2004 mouz. Those are the facts. The rest is just biased opinions.
2012-01-16 12:29
cuz germans think they're good without playing:-)
2012-01-16 19:21
Those were the days.
2012-01-16 11:22
PaTyoJoN was a beast:) Is still playing or ?
2012-01-16 12:09
Brazil hono 
Lower bracket* 2004 was awesome, a lot of surprises like ICSU that you forgot to mention, I didn't know anything about those players at that time. If I'm not mistaken, in the match The Titans vs mibr (inferno) there was a problem: when a player of the danish team was in the roof of the middle, he could spot the head of the CT on the pillar (that place near library that you need 2 CT to get there).
2012-01-16 12:38
SWE (4 gold-4 silver-1 bronze : 8 total) 4+4+1=9
2012-01-16 12:46
latvians in top8 :))
2012-01-16 12:52
2012-01-16 17:35
it was condition zero back then, wasn't it?
2012-01-19 11:18
not sure
2012-01-19 11:47
yeah it was
2012-01-19 11:58
Great !
2012-01-16 12:54
Australia bish 
2012-01-16 13:00
Optihack 2004 was a pretty low level tournament. Can't find anything about Rixhack in 2004.
2012-01-16 13:09
Australia bish 
maybe rixhack was '05
2012-01-16 13:12
Yep, there was one in 2005.
2012-01-16 13:18
your blogs are awesome! keep the good work up!
2012-01-16 13:00
how did you pass 1st grade?
2012-01-16 13:07
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
once again, awesome blog :)
2012-01-16 15:16
RIP bullen
2012-01-16 16:30
filip neo kubski for mouz? or another neo?
2012-01-16 16:53
another one, a german one
2012-01-16 17:20
he was a beast!
2012-01-17 19:04
5-8. eclipse (dame, Eugene, kash, random, rockyu) <33 old, old.
2012-01-16 17:11
nice blog. Brings back memories ;D Small additions: g3x Player elll = bruno + eu4ia playing with danish player calc at that time
2012-01-16 17:24
I fixed bruno. But eu4ia wasn't playing with calc at that tournament :)
2012-01-16 17:29
ok, thanks. Just looked at your former blogs and its great that you make the effort to keep these memories alive! All the websites from the past like gotfrag and cyberleagues are pretty much dead nowadays. So great work dude, looking forward to the 2005 blog!
2012-01-16 18:15
nostalgic, i really miss the Norwegians on top level like xqtr prb juv ele ...
2012-01-16 18:13
I don't get why people say Titans were the dominant team. To me there was no dominant team that year. Great blog, looking forward to the next post! =)
2012-01-16 19:51
walle never won a major tournament? :O
2012-01-16 23:12
Destination.Skyline and Gamers.Nu! classic teams
2012-01-16 23:14
Brazil hono 
"The curse would last his entire career as he would never win a major tournament." I think walle won KODE5 2006 with NiP, didn't he?
2012-01-17 02:40
KODE5 is not considered a major.
2012-01-17 08:22
didn't he win E-stars seoul when khrystal was SK ?
2012-01-17 16:48
I'm not sure, but even if he did, only ESWC, CPL, IEM and WCG are considered major tournaments.
2012-01-17 18:36
okay then! but i defo remember walle winning against fnatic in the final with like 1 or 2 overtimes on each map and khrystal doing a ninja defuse against gtr twice edit : actually it was the IEM challenge chengdu !
2012-01-17 19:29
spiXel hell yeah!
2012-01-17 03:09
SSV Lehnitz Lan 2004: 1. CNN (zibi, TaZ, neo, miRRi, LUq) 2. mousesports (neo, roman, blizzard, hanso, Johnny_R) 3. Playtown
2012-01-17 10:29
]2004 saw the rise of a Swedish guy named walle. He would become one of the finest of his country and he started with two major finals lost (ESWC, CPL Winter). The curse would last his entire career as he would never win a major tournament. wow,is this for real?
2012-01-17 10:44
awesome nice read, I like this thread. GG mate
2012-01-17 12:02
u missing The Cyber X Games USA, that was an big event with SK, NoA, Mouz, ADrenalin, 3D, mibr 4kings etc
2012-01-17 13:02
Yeah it was a complete disaster, the tournament was cancelled during the first day because of servers problems if I remember correctly. Probably the worst tournament ever.
2012-01-17 14:30
ah ur correct
2012-01-17 15:19
Nice man
2012-01-17 15:19
Brazil hugoooo 
You forgot to say that WCG 2004 was played on CZ, that's why 3D won and that's why MaveN beat SK
2012-01-17 20:08
I think you're the only one who thinks that :D Except skins and the fact that you can grab nades on the deads, it's the same game.
2012-01-17 23:14
2012-01-18 20:15
- whiMp was only 14 when playing for The Titans. That is why he didnt participate in the CPL tourneys... 14 years of age, oh man!
2012-01-18 18:59
Nice blog mate!
2012-01-19 23:00
Brazil Dote 
nice blog! enjoyed!
2012-01-22 23:36
I remember 2004 like it was yesterday. All the great cs players dropped (more or less) cs1.6 for WoW :(
2012-02-05 13:17
Nice blog :)
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