Blog: Tournament Rankings 2006

Hi guys !

I'm back with the year 2006. Enjoy.

Intro : On the choice of tournaments : I only picked "top" international tournaments. Some medium level tournaments are missing, and I added some pretty weak tournament just for the sake of tradition, like the first GameGune in 2003.

I put the top8 for major tournaments like ESWC, WCG, CPL Summer/Winter and top6 for IEM as the format is weird. Otherwise, it's the top4. It's ordered from the most recent to the oldest tournament of the year.

I'll release one year every 1-2 weeks.


CPL Winter

1.Sweden fnatic (dsn, f0rest, Archi, Tentpole, cArn) - $30,000
2.Norway MYM (elemeNt, xione, prb, juve9le, REAL) - $21,000
3.Poland Pentagram (Neo, kuben, Loord, TaZ, LUq) - $14,000
4.France aAa (Geno,Australia ferg, bisou, Ozstrik3r, Xp3) - $9,000
5.China (zy, bb, forever, baeseulki, K1ngZ) - $6,000
6.Korea project_kr (termi, solo, bail, hee, Miffy) - $5,000
7.Finland 69°N-32°E (barrack, lurppis, contE, toNppa, ruuit) - $3,000
8.United States JMC (zid, hanes, exodus, Des1re, eng) - $1,500

WSVG Finals

1.Germany aTTaX (roman, Kapio, Chucky, mooN, CHEF-KOCH) - $50,000
2.United States 3D (DominatoR, Volcano, Rambo,Canada shaGuar, method) - $25,000
3.Sweden fnatic (Archi, Tentpole, f0rest, cArn, dsn) - $10,000
4.United States Pandemic (s0nNy, Ph33R, Masternook,Canada Grt, DAFF)

CPL Nordic

1.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, ins, zet, RobbaN, walle)
2.Denmark H2k (whimp, KK, XciteD, Morf4r, zone)
3-4.Finland 69°N-32°E (barrack, lurppis, contE, toNppa, ruuit)
3-4.Norway Fainted (REAL, enoksen, raven, KF3, OmeN)

CPL Italy

1.France aAa (bisou, Ozstrik3r, Geno,Australia ferg, Xp3) - $10,000
2.Germany a-Losers (ODIE, roman, crash, night, mueller) - $6,000
3.France goodgame (Baldours, MaYeRs, OliGan, dim2k, Curiel) - $4,000
4.Germany TBH (frigh, pride, sven, toLg1, f.mulder) - $2,500


1.Poland Pentagram (LUq, Neo, TaZ, kuben, Loord) - $60,000
2.Sweden NiP (SpawN, ins, zet, RobbaN, walle) - $30,000
3.Finland hoorai (naSu, lurppis, contE, toNppa, ruuit) - $15,000
4.Denmark NoA (zonic, mJe, hpx, Paddy, ave) - $6,000
5-8.Germany mousesports (Blizzard, silver, Roman R., neo, fleks)
5-8.Korea (solo, termi, bail, hee, ryu)
5-8.United States 3D (DominatoR, Rambo, method, volcano, moto)
5-8.Norway MYM (juve9le, oops, prb, REAL, xione)

1.Poland Pentagram (LUq, Neo, TaZ, kuben, Loord) - $12,500
2.Finland hoorai (naSu, lurppis, contE, toNppa, ruuit) - $7,500
3.Sweden SK (Snajdan, allen, fisker, vilden, GoodFella) - $5,000
4.Iceland seven (deNos, romiM, sPiKe, andrig, Ward)


1.Sweden Sweden (SpawN, ins, zet, Red, f0rest) - $15,000
2.Norway Norway (elemeNt, DaY, prb, REAL, juve9le) - $7,500
3.Germany Germany (fleks, Kapio, Blizzard, Roman R., Hanso) - $5,000
4.Poland Poland (Neo, LUq, TaZ, redruM, ruloN) - $2,500

NGL-One 1

1.Sweden NiP (walle, ins, zet, RobbaN, SpawN) - 20 000 €
2.Sweden fnatic (cArn, dsn, Tentpole, f0rest, Archi) - 10 000 €
3.Spain x6tence (MusambaN1, DeyF, DrastyK, milicua, FlipiN) - 5 000 €
4.Germany aTTaX (silver, mooN, Tixo, CHEF-KOCH, Kapio)


1.Sweden NiP (SpawN, ins, zet, RobbaN, walle) - $25,000
2.China (sakula, Jungle, alex, Aqi, bigun) - $10,000
3.Finland hoorai (naSu, lurppis, contE, toNppa, ruuit) - $5,000
4.Brazil MiBR (pava, nak, fnx, KIKO, bruno)


1.Spain x6tence (MusambaN1, FlipiN, DrastyK, milicua, DeyF) - 10 000 €
2.Sweden MYM (MegatoN, solido, fnazze, hibb, zad) - 6 000 €
3.Romania TeG (PeRRy, FlopP, Darky, k1d0r, CreatuRe) - 3 000 €
4.Finland hoorai (naSu, lurppis, contE, toNppa, barrack) - 1 000 €


1.United States coL (sunman, Warden, fRoD, tr1p, Storm) - $40,000
2.Germany aTTaX (silver, mooN, Tixo, CHEF-KOCH, Kapio) - $27,000
3.Sweden fnatic (cArn, dsn, Tentpole, f0rest, Archi) - $20,000
4.United Kingdom 4Kings (AdY,Norway DaY,Finland natu, Mangiacapra, aKuJii) - $13,500
5.Germany mousesports (Blizzard, Roman R., fleks,Norway elemeNt,Sweden ahl) - $9,000
6.Brazil g3x (gAuLes, Eduzin, pava, Lance, aliche) - $7,500
7.United States CheckSix (org, hahN, kEEn, StrikeR, foogs) - $4,500
8.Sweden Speedlink (miniw, Rwa, niko, get, fReNz) - $3,000


1.Brazil MiBR (cogu, KIKO, nak, fnx, bruno) - $52,000
2.Sweden fnatic (cArn, dsn, Tentpole, f0rest, Archi) - $36,000
3.Germany aTTaX (silver, mooN, Tixo, CHEF-KOCH, Kapio) - $24,000
4.United States 3D (method, moto,Canada shaGuar, Volcano, Rambo) - $16,000
5-8.United States compLexity (fRoD, Warden, sunman, Storm, tr1p) - $8,000
5-8.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, walle, ins, zet, RobbaN) - $8,000
5-8.Korea Lunatic-Hai (bebe, cliper, loki, mal, enemy) - $8,000
5-8.Spain x6tence (MusambaN1, FlipiN, DrastyK, milicua, DeyF) - $8,000

DreamHack (

1.Sweden NiP (HeatoN, ins, zet, RobbaN, walle) - $12,500
2.Sweden fnatic (cArn, dsn, Tentpole, f0rest, Archi) - $7,500
3.Sweden CheckSix (Red, kixer, speedi, zaki, striker) - $5,000
4.Brazil MiBR (cogu, KIKO, nak, fnx, bruno)

WEG Masters

1.China wNv (sakula, alex, mikk, Jungle, tK) - $70,000
2.United States coL (fRoD, sunman, Warden, tr1p, Storm) - $20,000
3.Korea (solo, bail, hee, ryu, termi) - $8,000
4.Norway Catch-Gamer (REAL, Naikon, bsl, juve9le, oops) - $4,000


1.Norway NoA (XeqtR,Denmark zonic,Denmark hpx, xione, prb) - $17,600
2.Sweden fnatic (dsn, Archi, Tentpole, cArn, f0rest) - $12,400
3.Finland Serious (lurppis, naSu, toNppa, Kuppi, Shiri) - $8,000
4.Estonia (lorenzo, m``, rodi, Dodz, PunisheR) - $5,300

Medal Tally

1.Sweden Sweden (6 gold-6 silver-4 bronze : total 15)
2.Poland Poland (2-0-1 : 3)
3.Germany Germany (1-2-2 : 5)
4.Norway Norway (1-2-1 : 4)
5.United States USA (1-2-0 : 3)
6.China China (1-1-0 : 2)
7.Spain Spain (1-0-1 : 2)
7.France France (1-0-1 : 2)
9.Brazil Brazil (1-0-0 : 1)
10.Finland Finland (0-1-3 : 4)
11.Denmark Denmark (0-1-0 : 1)
12.Korea South Korea (0-0-1 : 1)
12.Romania Romania (0-0-1 : 1)

Money Ranking (thanks to hono)

1.Sweden fnatic : $128,900
2.Sweden NiP : $126,500
3.Germany aTTaX : $101,000
4.Poland Pentagram : $86,500
5.China wNv : $80,000
6.United States coL : $68,000
7.Brazil MiBR : $52,000
8.United States 3D : $41,000
9.Finland Serious/hoorai/69°N-32°E : $39,800
10.SwedenNorway MYM : $28,800

Facts & thoughts.

- The fnatic's CS team started in 2005, but the tag had to wait 2006 to get really big. dsn picked a new team : cArn, his old pal from ; f0rest and Tentpole, two young monsters from Begrip ; and Archi, an almost unknown from GoN. The team immediately became one of the most stable on the planet, gathering top3 all year long (5 in total) and finishing with a bang with a victory at CPL Winter.

- The legendary Golden Five was born at the Neo and his friends rolled over everyone and then went to WCG. Same story, the Poles swept the tournament, losing only one map in the final against NiP.

- The best year for ALTERNATE aTTaX. One of the best german teams of all time ended 3rd at ESWC, 2nd at ISC and 4th at NGL-One S1. Cherry on the cake : winning WSVG Finals with a mix team. Arguably the biggest upset of all time.

- Annus Horribilis for SK. Not even one win. Overcame by fnatic and NiP, sapped by mutliple lineup changes, the mega-powerhouse is drawning. Best ranking that year ? 3rd at a pretty weak Lol.

- The CPL Winter 2006 was the last true CPL. There was a 2007 edition, but it was just a joke with only american teams. For the first time (and obviously the last time), the top8 was filled with 8 different nations : 5 teams for Europe, 2 for Asia and 1 for America. A sign of how strong and spread was the CS scene at that time.

- On the same subject, 8 different countries won a tournament in 2006, spread on 4 continents : Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

- The surprise of the CPL Winter was aAa. That nice 4th place finally broke the curse of French teams doing bad at CPL USA.

- Four major tournaments, four differents winners : MiBR, coL, Pentagram and fnatic. However, the team of the year was NiP. Four wins for the Swedes (CPL Nordic, KODE5, NGL-One S1, before falling apart during the two last big events (WSVG Finals and CPL Winter).

- 2006 is the first year for a big DreamHack tournament. It was a stop of the WSVG circuit. And a full swedish podium to celebrate that !
Brazil oc^ 
MiBR <3
2012-02-03 17:16
MiBR <3
2012-02-03 20:48
2012-02-05 03:36
United Kingdom Oxna 
M3N IN tights <3 heuheuaheuhaeuhaue
2012-02-05 13:04
2012-02-07 21:27
tournament rankings 2005 link pls
2012-02-03 17:18
Just check his blog section, 05 here:
2012-02-03 17:25
so many amazing teams...
2012-02-03 17:21
Total medals?
2012-02-03 17:24
2012-02-03 17:44
2012-02-03 17:46
"Sweden (6 gold-6 silver-4 bronze : total 15)" ? :D It should be "total 16" :D
2012-08-11 13:33
I can't believe I totally forgot that mouz lineup with ahl and element :S
2012-02-03 17:26
I dont know where you get all this , but you are doing a great job buddy :)
2012-02-03 17:58
WCG for pentagram :)
2012-02-03 18:17
again good job...
2012-02-03 18:19
Brazil hono 
KODE5 1. NiP (HeatoN, ins, zet, RobbaN, walle) I think it's SpawN instead of HeatoN.
2012-02-03 18:56
Yeah, you're right ! Fixed.
2012-02-04 11:37
can you add prizes from 2000-2004?:D
2012-02-04 13:36
Brazil hono 
You can find the prizes here:
2012-02-04 13:53
wow, ty bro:D
2012-02-04 13:54
The rising of fnatic <3
2012-02-03 19:06
NiP ftw! zet in that time was the best player of the world
2012-02-03 19:28
2012-02-06 02:55
Spain Donra 
x6tence(L) EDIT: Who was the prize money of NGL-one? Lan or Online?
2012-02-03 19:33
online for the regular season, LAN for the playoffs (top4 only) 35k € prize money, I'll update the money details of all the tournaments tomorrow
2012-02-04 02:15
Norway kakkopp 
good job again!! u could add SHGOpen 2006 was a big event aswell atleast considering some of the best teams of the year attended like Fnatic, NoA, SoA. aTTax, MTW, MIBR,
2012-02-03 20:01
Yep, don't why I forgot. Updated.
2012-02-04 02:16
Norway kakkopp 
nice will u do 07 and further on aswell?
2012-02-04 05:00
Yeah I will :)
2012-02-04 11:33
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
Do you realize what 07 means for the french scene ? :D ofc he will never miss this year :)
2012-02-04 12:24
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
damn you! again good job :D
2012-02-03 23:40
Peru dbie 
just to clarify: South and North america are part of the same continent: America (doesn't matter if the people from the USA call themselves Americans, cuz brazilians, canadians and cubans are americans too :D) great read as usual.
2012-02-04 00:35
if i'm not wrong, these 2 Americas are considered as 2 different continents nowadays
2012-02-04 00:52
2012-02-04 00:54
Peru dbie 
I don't think that's true, lol.
2012-02-04 00:57
2012-02-04 16:43
2012-02-04 05:44
2012-02-04 16:43
2012-02-06 02:21
There are 7 continents (Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Australia and North America + South America).
2012-02-04 06:21
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
this is an endless discussion
2012-02-04 13:26
7 is the most commonly used, making the word 'clarify' a bad choice. I probably should have given him a link though.
2012-02-05 03:38
it depends from country, i was learnt both in primary school and secondary school that there are 9 continents :p
2012-02-06 18:22
Yeah it seems that way, pretty confusing :)
2012-02-06 19:29
Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania! 5 continents, Australia ISNT BY ALL MEANS A CONTINENT!
2012-02-06 02:23
"The terms Oceania or Australasia are sometimes substituted for Australia to denote a continent encompassing the Australian mainland and various islands of the Pacific Ocean not part of other continents" Ever heard of Antarctica btw?
2012-02-06 02:26
there are no people living there, so no, i dont consider it a continent, i dont consider it nothing but a big area of ICE! far from a continent! Australia is a COUNTRY, if give the name of a country to a continent, than we dont need the term CONTINENT! america would be USA+CANADA+MEXICO+BRAZIL+ARGENTINA etc.. and yeah, as reakq said, this discussion isnt going to take us anywhere so..
2012-02-06 02:32
As I just told you, the continent is generally called Australia... It isn't something I made up, that is just the way things are. You saying you don't consider Antarctica a continent is just pure nonsense, but if you already knew this wasn't going anywhere why did you reply?
2012-02-06 02:41
lol nice argument, if most people says it is, its because it actually is... nice because i wanted to teach u something, but apparently ur arrogant to accept the fact that what u said makes no sense whatsoever..
2012-02-06 02:51
Yeah, you wanted to teach me that the continent isn't called Australia and that Antarctica isn't a continent. Thank you for giving me false information, greatly appreciated. "You said there is 7 continents but I don't think Antarctica is one, because I make up my own definitions" - worst bullshit I have heard in years.
2012-02-06 03:01
2012-02-06 03:04
Youre fucking retarded xD
2012-02-08 10:49
There is no continents like Asia or Europe. Only Eurasia :)
2012-02-06 20:42
2012-02-06 20:51
Sorry. I read about it in english Wiki. In Russia we use concept that there is continents and sides of world. There can be Old World (Asia, Europe, Africa) and New World (America, Oceania, Antarctida). But continents is always Eurasia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Australia and Antarctida.
2012-02-07 12:37
They teach different things in different countries, which I should have pointed out in my first comment. As far as I know 7 is the most used, but pretty weird indeed :)
2012-02-07 21:22
Australian map of the world :)
2012-02-07 22:30
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
i still like watching Neo demos from 2006 ;p not very high teamplay but very aggresive actions from neo in each round
2012-02-04 00:57
Ninjas in Pyjamas! <3
2012-02-04 06:52
Argentina epov.boris 
Mibr has three 3th
2012-02-04 07:17
Australia bish 
fergus 2smart
2012-02-04 08:19
Indonesia vyee 
American & Asians CS pretty much dead after this year, and the start of the golden era for fnatic and the Poles. Nice blog.
2012-02-04 09:03
NiP was such amazing
2012-02-04 10:11
Desire Discipline Dedication <3
2012-02-04 11:03
why CPL died?
2012-02-04 11:10
Basically, lack of money and sponsors, bad choice of games during the CPL World Tour 2005.
2012-02-04 11:41
old teg:D miss'em
2012-02-04 11:34
Is game gune weak tournament ?
2012-02-04 11:49
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
if it was a weak tournament, it would not be in the 2006 events list of his blog, don't you think so ?
2012-02-04 11:59
I watch tourneys for 4 or 5 months and i just asking.
2012-02-04 12:00
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
my answer was just a supposition :)
2012-02-04 12:13
BTW u have the greatest vid about DHS'11
2012-02-04 12:18
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
Thanks :) . I hope to be back soon in order to make movies for 2012
2012-02-04 12:26
i hope too
2012-02-04 12:35
Tbh, the 2006 tournament was probably one of the weakest GameGune, but still, hoorai was a really good team.
2012-02-04 12:02
love it
2012-02-04 12:05
Good job. For first place in WEG was the most money ever ?
2012-02-04 12:43
Not sure, but I think so yeah.
2012-02-04 13:09
You should add which one have been paid and not paid :D
2012-02-05 00:50
Haha good idea :D
2012-02-05 10:18
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
What a bad year for Denmark...
2012-02-04 12:48
Finland coswell 
Its still hard to believe when watching the prize moneys.. Totally forgot that the prizes were high on almost every tournament.
2012-02-04 13:00
ya.. i`m really dissapointed about actual prizes:(
2012-02-04 13:16
125.000 $ for fnatic good times
2012-02-04 13:46
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
there's a difference between what they were supposed to earn and what they really got :(
2012-02-04 13:55
same with won ESWC 2008 and didn't get it
2012-02-05 01:32
Brazil hono 
What about making a ranking of teams based on prizes? Good job anyway :)
2012-02-04 13:57
If you do it, I'll add it ;)
2012-02-04 18:24
Spain Donra 
Best year of x6tece :)
2012-02-04 14:02
LOL "4Kings: AdY, DaY" Found it somehow funny :P Did one of them come up with the name there, or was it just a coincidence :D? Edit: Nice blog as always, gOrdii :]!
2012-02-04 15:34
wow these prize purses were just amazingly high, i hope that kind of cash would be still given to cs 1.6 tournaments.
2012-02-04 16:04
old days. look 1st prices. 10.000€, 50.000$ wow.
2012-02-04 18:38
France MAo. 
apogee of 1.6 ! Good job as usual.
2012-02-04 18:45
Spain Donra 
Where I can download the final MYM vs x6tecnce gamegune 2006?
2012-02-04 20:33
2012-02-04 23:23
gotfrag is dead dude ?!?
2012-02-06 00:55
It's dead, but you can still download the demos.
2012-02-06 10:14
do you have gotfrag account?
2012-02-06 13:31
answer my pm pls
2012-02-06 14:30
where is topic about 2010 year?
2012-02-04 20:40
Not done yet.
2012-02-04 23:23
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
i so love ur blogs :) keep it on :P
2012-02-04 23:31
next will be 2007,08,09,10? and yeah thnx for ur blog love this :D
2012-02-05 04:44
dig0r in da house. Huge work once again, thanks. Reminds me all times, I'm a bit sad now...but I know 2007 comes after so :D :D :D :D
2012-02-05 00:51
I want to register in gotfrag for the Demos, but the activation email never comes, tried with 9 different emails, :'(
2012-02-05 03:18
mb spam in email?
2012-02-05 04:45
nop, i checked everything in all the accounts and nothing :/
2012-02-05 19:29
sry but dunno :( mb try to choose other email site? i'm using a it's rly good email. mb it's solve ur problem
2012-02-05 21:31
I've already tried yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live, maybe its some problem with Argentina (? someday it will work i hope :D
2012-02-05 23:14
yeah if it's true I think that someday it rly start work :D cause I think it's some bugs
2012-02-06 08:38
ESC almost the same team :D
2012-02-05 07:36
Wow, one of the best years for me...
2012-02-05 08:12
United Kingdom Oxna 
Can you give us a link of all the teams at WEG masters, or was it just those 4
2012-02-05 13:06
2012-02-05 18:22
United Kingdom Oxna 
Ah yeah the infamous match in which bsl took off shirt after humping SK 16:0
2012-02-05 19:27
<3 NiP
2012-02-05 13:25
Serbia Ljuj 
How is possible on WCG neo played for Pentagram and mouz?
2012-02-05 16:34
cause there are 2 neo's
2012-02-05 17:24
there's a german neo and a polish neo
2012-02-05 17:34
Serbia Ljuj 
Now i am confused? Did polish neo play for mouz? Because i believe he did or i am wrong?
2012-02-05 17:45
polish neo didnt play for mouz as much as i know
2012-02-05 17:52
polish neo never played for any mouz lineup afaik
2012-02-06 03:57
polish neo played and plays in poland german neo played in germany long time ago polish neo could go to German team but he didnt do this =D
2012-02-06 16:09
The money is low now :(
2012-02-05 20:49
mibr =/
2012-02-06 00:09
Brazil lullaby1 
2012-02-06 02:45
I wish cs could get such prizes in 2012. 70k$ for first place. DAMN
2012-02-06 10:55
good such prizes !! :D and such turnaments..
2012-02-06 12:11
Brazil hugoooo 
this was a weird year for mibr... they lost to and on shgOpen, to XcN on WCG, to on Dreamhack, but beat PGS, Astralis, x6tence, Alternate-aTTaX and fnatic, on ESWC, not to mention one of the biggest rapes ever on a clash of two high level teams: 28x2 vs SoA, the best danish team at that time, mibr was mid seeded, they were high seeded... they played on inferno (mibr was by far the best team in this map, they could easily beat ANY team on inferno, like they did vs fnatic on the finals, 16x6 and vs aTTaX on Dreamhack, 16x7)... another very surprising match was the g3x with TWO stand-ins beating 3D on ISC (aka CPL Summer 06), they had that crazy lineup with method and shaGuar
2012-02-06 17:39 had pretty best player at that time
2012-02-06 18:26
Brazil hugoooo 
yes, they were good... but the truth is: they won because of dodz
2012-02-06 20:06
No SK in 2006 ?
2012-02-06 20:44
OMG it was very competitive that year...
2012-02-06 20:49
ESWC's best year ever, Bercy was just the best environment this tournament has ever had tbh good teams, awesome games, bleh what else? (i dont like george clooney, just sounded good)
2012-02-08 11:13
wasnt the CPL Spain in Barcelona also in 2006?
2012-02-09 09:54
oh i think it was 05 sry
2012-02-09 09:55
Norway duffz00r 
(XeqtR, zonic, hpx, xione, prb) lovely!
2012-02-11 00:05
Norway kakkopp 
REAL was 16 years of age that year its pretty sick and the year before he won CPL UK and 3rd at WEG3 what a talent
2012-02-11 02:13
and I wonder how many teams actually saw all the money they won.
2012-02-12 03:39
I miss the 06 aTTax :( silver, mooN, Tixo, CHEF-KOCH, Kapio Thoose guyz never do eco rounds :')
2012-02-12 14:34
WEG 1st - wNv (sakula, alex, mikk, Jungle, tK) $70,000 It was the biggest 1st place prize money for cs 1.6 since 2001 I guess, until now. If someone knows any other bigger than that, please reply :)
2012-05-23 17:57
Australia not_prokda 
2018-02-04 14:51
This up from the abyss
2018-02-04 14:52
NiKo | 
Romania T4KED0WN 
I aggre :)
2018-02-04 14:53
2018-02-04 14:53
TeG <33333333333333
2018-02-04 14:56
Russia cardinaL_ 
i love weed
2018-02-04 15:01
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