Blog: The future of the human race

February 23rd, 2012 22:47
Hello there guys!

I have been thinking about a subject for a while now, as the headline says, the future of the human race. Maybe this is the wrong kind of forum to discuss such a dilema, but I would like to read somebody elses opinions about the issue. So I decided to share this with you.

First of all I have to say that this is not some kind of fascism blog. I am not saying that we should exterminate the weak. I just have to make that clear before I start writing about the actual dilema, as a lot of people start flaming before they have read all of it.So, with that said, lets start.

For thousands of years the people with the best genes has survived, and the ones with the worst genes died. That is how the nature work, "survivale of the fittest" as Charles Darwin named it.

There has always been children who didn't make it. The weakest succumbed by different diseases, while the strongest survived. Yes, it was really sad that the kid died, but that is just how it works. Diseases have a purpose, make the species able to live on for generations, have the ability to resist all kind of infections, virus, bacterias and so on...

So what is the problem? It is the modern medicine that has created the issue. By saving the individuals that that under normal circumstances would have died we put the natural selection out of commission. In the long run this could weaken the resistance of the human race to certain kinds of diseases.

Could this be what in the end will eliminate the entire human race? Could the will to live in the end be what's killing us? This wont happend in our life span, still in hundreds of years this could be a problem. I just find this really interesting, feel free to share your opinion!

Just to point it out there again, I do not think we should kill anybody that has weaker genes thank ourself. I just find the topic interesting, there is not so much to do about the issue thought.

also we aren't evolving much anymore due to safety and technology
2012-02-23 22:52
Dafaq did i just read ?
2012-02-23 22:59
+1 zwerfpaard
2012-02-23 23:01
survival of the race is irrelevant. only the individual matters.
2012-02-23 23:03
how you imagine an individual surviving without the race?
2012-02-24 08:34
again you're talking about a "race", as if it was not made of individuals.
2012-02-24 12:57
that's exactly my point. it's integral, you can't talk about one thing not considering the other. thus, not only individual matters. dixi.
2012-02-25 01:57
it always comes down to decisions the individual makes.
2012-02-25 10:53
I don't really know enough of diseases or the human immune system to say anything, but it's an interesting view on things. I have been more worried by what I see as total lack of mental growth during the last few thousand years. There is no doubt that humans have more knowledge these days than they had before in terms of understanding how the universe around us works. This has allowed people to develop all kinds of powerful technologies that have the potential to greatly benefit our lives. The problem is that the wisdom of people hasn't grown a single bit in my opinion. The greed and the instinct to fight against your enemies instead of trying to understand each other is still there as strong as before, even if they become apparent in different ways these days. The difference is that with all the intellectual development, some people suddenly have much more responsibility on their shoulders than their wisdom should allow. I still am somewhat afraid that the human race will destroy itself before things like those you said can even take their toll.
2012-02-23 23:12
Thats correct. The way i see it is: Instead of making ourselves stronger by not using medicines and thus increasing the resistance power of our bodies, we are making the bacterias and viruses stronger by making them adapt against stronger and stronger medicines. Soon a day will come when all the harmful bacterias will be resistant to all kinds of medicines on earth. Scary.
2012-02-23 23:19
Yeah, yeah, make yourself stronger, - don't wash your hands, dishes, don't brush your teeth, or better eat something from trash can. Also to be more cold resistant you can sleep in freezer putting an icicle in you ass. :)
2012-02-24 01:16
2012-02-24 20:01
We're doing whatever makes us survive better just like those damn bacteria and viruses. Medicine tends to prolong human life, but I think a short yet happy and fulfilled life makes more sense. What can you do much after 65 or 70 year old except sitting around and take up earth's space.
2012-02-25 06:39
yeah exactly
2012-02-25 08:58
As the diseases,viruses and bacterias grow stronger,so will the human medicine and science.It may just happened for some biological enemy of ours to beat us all,but I don't see that happening in some time.So as much as our biological enemy gets stronger,so do we and maybe with a higher rate.I must add I agree on what #5 said.
2012-02-23 23:26
Great blog!!
2012-02-23 23:26
Japan Nroth 
Here is the only real argument i can come to from your blog: People with weak genetics living is bad because people with strong genetics might mate with them instead of other people with strong genetics, leading to weaker offspring. Othervise it makes no difference that there are people with weaker genetics. This might mean that in the long run there are less people with "really strong genetics" but only by a few percent. Anyway, no disease can wipe off the whole race, even if it killed people instantly if at any form of contact there would be plenty of people alive who would be able to isolate themselves and mate and live happily etc
2012-02-23 23:32
Not only medicine, but also capitalism saves "bad" genes. Just imagine a fat fuck, with zero intelligence, antisocial with chronic diseases. He will still get the hottest chic if he's rich.
2012-02-23 23:38
In capitalism "a fat fuck, with zero intelligence, antisocial with chronic diseases" will never became rich. :)
2012-02-24 00:51
He will, he'll simply inherit money or people will find out there's an oil haven on his property.
2012-03-23 14:59
oil, inherited money, sorry, but that's a fairytale.
2012-03-23 21:29
I'm more afraid of the population becoming too big.
2012-02-23 23:43
+1 me too
2012-02-24 00:26
Belgium FnX^ 
2012-02-24 13:10
hehe, true. There is a lot more important problems in the world, that's for certain! I just find reclecting over issues as the one I wrote about facinating ^^
2012-02-24 16:53
Hahahaha :D ... but Thousands die every day because of wars, no no I do not think it will be real what you said :p I'm not talking about the American and European race anyway just Asian race(Tsunami, war ...) and the African race(the famine ...)
2012-02-25 11:18
And thousands are born. And Africa and their ridiculous rate of spewing out babies...
2012-02-25 12:03
we will born with a steam account instead of a identity document
2012-02-23 23:46
you should definitely write a story on that one
2012-02-24 08:38
2012-02-24 21:18
Everyone has the right to live since that's why he/she's been born. The modern medicine is a bonus for us. So what if the population is growing? "Exterminating" ourselves isn't a solution, though we act like barbarians with the animals nowadays. There are so many planets outside the Universe waiting for us. Anyway, my opinion is that the higher ranked people outside the world will find a solution to this by making "wars" so they can have a cover on their ass, if you know what I mean. But there are also those people who will make new viruses so they will let people die before "making" those drugs to save the others.
2012-02-24 00:19
So you're denying the necessity of progress? Do you realize that all material/non material goods you have were created/invented by people whose health was far from ideal? Back to the stone age, when all depended on physical strength?
2012-02-24 00:44
Human being that was evolved to live in harmony with nature as all beings live,turned through years and became parasite of Earth. Nature is wise and will deal this slip one day.
2012-02-24 17:18
Italy </3 
If the evolution continued like that, in the future we would be all black guys with a big dick and stupid as fuck. I agree with Pus, population is becoming too big, so I have an ideia!! We must kill all habitants of Africa, so Africa only have animals, we could shoot some atomic bombs into China, so we can exterminate them, also India. The rest of the world could live, atleast for now. ;)
2012-02-24 21:58
How about bombing every other country except India and China?
2012-02-25 10:59
Italy </3 
The other countries don't have overpopulation you know?
2012-02-25 15:13
in dat case d major human races happen to be caucasians,mongoloids,indians and african.lets consider 1 billion indians, 1 billion mongloids(chinese) 1 billion africans mayb..d rest of d 3 billion ppl hepn to caucasians(americas,europe,australia).so yeah he's rite in bombing every other country other dan india and china so v could live u knw,atleast for now :)
2012-03-23 21:42
Italy </3 
Dude now in english. The thing is that the other countrisdon't have overpopulation, are civilized countries and develped. Things China and India aren't. Q_Q
2012-03-28 20:10
human race is abomination and curse of planet earth. the faster we destroy each other the better it will be.
2012-02-24 22:05
2012-02-25 01:58
wow, shepovalov! good'ol times :D
2012-02-25 06:04
indeed xD
2012-02-25 08:37
i think only people with iq over 110 and good health should be allowed to procreate :D we would get fast results in only 2-3 generations.
2012-02-25 02:03
Hello Adolf.
2012-03-23 15:34
And who will take these jobs like cleaning or others doesnt involve thinking? And another thing, there are many kinds of "inteligence" : mental, social etc. IQ is just one of them and as a indicator of who you are is really poor.
2012-03-23 21:36
true. Expect to be assaulted for your views, though.
2012-03-28 20:55
Medicine helps the weak but does not change one from weak to strong. Unhealthy means less chances in competing with others in life, girls would not choose a weak either. While healthy ppl hanging out there digging for money and girls, you're happy to chew your medicine --> loser.
2012-02-25 06:24
The future of human race.. prob destroy ourselves before the earth.
2012-02-25 07:09
imo the future of the human race seems robotic like for western society. we will spend our entire lives working and paying back debt we owe banks, eating and consuming food that is harmful for our health, and brain washing ourselves with television. The only way for us to evolve as a race is to all live as one, where no one is less equal to another.
2012-02-25 09:53
"The only way for us to evolve as a race is to all live as one, where no one is less equal to another." That is the only way for us NOT to evolve. Check with Darwin if you like him so much :). It is DIVERSITY which makes evolution tick. Not the lack of it...
2012-03-28 20:54
+1 charlieadam :). Buddism is really good solution right there in my humble opinion.
2012-02-25 10:09
Knock knock Neo...welcome to the real world...
2012-02-25 10:40
oh men, you explained the Charles Darwin theory better than my Biology teacher :')
2012-03-23 21:39
Brazil th3W 
"survivale of the fittest" AS MOBB DEEP NAMED MUFUCKA
2012-03-23 21:41
you're on the right way. Just swap physical strength with intelligence. You'll come to the right conclusions, I believe. I'm glad to see that SOME people get the nature of the problem intuitively. PM me if you wish to discuss it further :) I don't feel like starting a flame war and my views (while not racist in any way) will definitely start one.
2012-03-28 20:55
after all, the inevitable future is extintion
2012-03-28 21:05
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