Blog: NEW MAP [de_aisen]

March 18th, 2012 13:23


1 week ago i asked some users to help me to find a name for my next map !
some of them refuse and other start trolling ....
my friend "TIBBSE" helped me with the textures and i thnik him so much !
so i decide that he will rename this map !


this map come after my two previous maps < de_civue - de_colier >
and yeah after 100 topics about "CS IS DYING" "CS DEAD" ...
so I try to "save" Counter-Strike and give this map after that many players asked me to do that !

why not : de_aisne an offical map ?
to read the full article and more pictures album + Download Link here :

special thanks :

Tibor "TIBSSE" Serestyén
w1gga <3 Pakistan - <3 fnatic
and all the players who support me :) !

I hope that you like my map ! and yeah , sorry for my english !
2012-03-18 13:24
It is stupid to put so many entries on such small bombsite... God knows what would I find if I checked whole map.
2012-03-18 13:29
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Nice job, hope it does well. And to all the sad cunts saying CS is dead, gtfo this website, we don't need you here :x
2012-03-18 13:35
gj keep doing new maps !!!!!
2012-03-18 13:39
Portugal picc 
seems nice
2012-03-18 13:52
Damn, i think the pro's should get a try on this and maybe other maps you have produced, i think it should be like a collaboration ^.^
2012-03-18 14:14
for me it is ugly map I download it and it looks complicated.. and to much boxes
2012-03-18 14:23
this map will never plays on the big tourtaments...
2012-03-18 14:25
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Nice constructive criticism. You will never play in the big tournaments either. ADIOS
2012-03-18 14:32
2012-03-18 14:54
2012-03-18 20:11
Poland eksnajn 
good one ;]
2012-03-19 02:24
haha owned him ! n1 =D
2012-03-19 15:26
Well to be honest maybe it looks something new but it would not come to a starters map lineups. But anyway good job buddy keep it up!
2012-03-18 14:26
2012-03-18 14:31
gj, send it to ESL and GL
2012-03-18 14:52
2012-03-18 14:54
Actually i liked, but your map is so confused, Ct's can hide anywhere.
2012-03-18 14:55
nice map man :D
2012-03-18 14:57
good job bro :)
2012-03-18 15:04
sa7a sa7a twénsa are going to save CS :DD
2012-03-18 15:07
I got interested because the process of making a map needs a lot of work and I respect one who wants to go through that. So even though the pictures already showed that there are a lot to fix in the map I decided to download it and give it a few minutes. "why not : de_aisne an offical map ?" Because it sucks. Maybe it can be fun to play with friends but it's nowhere near the level of official maps. A few points: - The main problem of the map is that there are way too many routes that lead to bombsites which makes the map completely fucked up and hard to learn. In B-bombsite (which are btw named wrong, B should be A and vice versa) there are a total of 6 entrances to the bombsite. Even the smaller bombsite (A) has a total of 4 entrances. To compare: in de_dust2 there are a total of 4 places wherefrom the T's can reach the sites (long, short, middle doors, tunnel) and still it is a very T-sided map. Your map has over twice as many. - If that's not enough, there are also way too many ways to flash to bombsites (over any wall, also the door that which is slightly ajar in A-site) - The map lacks a theme. I don't mean it has to be a spaceship or plane or something like that, but it should share common textures throughout the map (for example the ones used in bombsite B). The last 3 screenshots you have uploaded could be from different maps. It makes no sense to change the textures like that. It makes the map more fuzzy. - The bombsite signs in T base are wrong. Most of the routes behing B sign lead to bombsite A and vice versa. The textures on the side of the green and red A/B-signs are also fucked up. I could continue this forever but I think this is enough. You should simply make your map more simple. After 10 minutes of running around I still found some new hallways... Your idea is good, CS needs a new competitive map for sure but your execution just failed.
2012-03-18 15:09
very good text ! and the title is more good :)
2012-03-18 16:05
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
nice job man, keep it goin' :)
2012-03-18 16:08
Tunisia KJou 
thx :)!
2012-03-18 17:06
There are so many de_ maps which are fun to play but not so many "aim_" maps which are properly made..and by that I mean: - 16 ak47 entities(armour_entity) in the T spawn, 16 m4a1 entities in the CT spawn - kevlar and helmet under each weapon(the entity is called item_assaultsuit) - 40 spawn points for optimal zbot practice - no buyzone(you can remove it with the info_map_parameters entity) - you shouldn't use more than 3 wads - the bsp size shouldn't pass 2MB - if you decide to add custom textures be sure to include them in the bsp with "-wadinclude" in the expert compiler under CSG parameters - be creative and use some good-looking textures(from the default wads I listed below, or custom textures like in de_aisen but not too many, because your included wad file will get bigger and the bsp respectively) - here's a list with the default wads that come with steam - some maps that could inspire your layout:
2012-03-18 17:36
Tunisia KJou 
Yeah , My next project i hope that will be an aim_map for VERSUS :) !
2012-03-18 17:38
Chile Rwrz 
haha, nice
2012-03-18 17:38
Nice :-) but why you don't ask some professionals about it and edit it with'em ?
2012-03-18 19:56
Azerbaijan Talley 
Waste of time, completely...
2012-03-18 19:59
Tunisia KJou 
thank you :) !
2012-03-18 20:07
Azerbaijan Talley 
2012-03-18 20:14
Slovakia sanjuro 
He created something, thats not a wasting of time, have you ever created something?
2012-03-19 14:41
I take your using hammer editor. I'd like to start making maps as well and i'll give you feedback on it as well as put it through some srimmage's and pick up games for you and tell you how it works out pro's and con's that way you can take me and my friends feedback. I will give you good feedback for sure and wont troll you like most of our beloved hltv org community. Also I'd like to speak with you about helping me port some maps plz message me or something so we may converse a little more. Oh and dont worry about your english ill bare with you and try to make things easy when I give you explanations and descriptions and just general talk. Thanks alot for your hard work trying to make new maps for the 1.6 community its a great thing that your doing and i hope you have a passion for it as much as I do. PZ AND LOVE! BiRDMaN
2012-03-18 20:22
Tunisia KJou 
ok , I will :) !
2012-03-18 20:23
i sent you a message i'd like to get your steam name and all that so i can add you. In order to make it easier for us to discuss things man.
2012-03-18 20:28
gj :D
2012-03-18 20:23
made in tunisia !
2012-03-19 02:20
too much stuff and places to hide.
2012-03-19 02:23
Argentina aspi 
you can tell me that with one pic of this map? niceeeEEEEEE
2012-03-19 02:27
I can tell it by going to the blogg.
2012-03-19 02:29
Argentina aspi 
looks nice
2012-03-19 02:24
Tunisia edgg 
Something I noticed is that there is too many entries to the bomb sites which makes the map completely T-Sided. I don't want to be such a rigid, and I know you put much time to make it and hard effort to release it. Thanks for the try, it needs more fixs..
2012-03-19 14:13
am mapper pro and this is my comunity of mapping: this map has several errors -the mark of the dors and others things are too big -too many boxes -too many places to hide -Improper use of textures -the sites A and B are too small -Some buildings do not match in height -The LIGHT POLES are too small and funny what annoyed me most of this map were those old textures you used. this is a constructive criticism, do not take this bad. PD: this map not gonna save cs 1.6. Counter-strike 1.6 is not dead, its the 1º game of steam
2012-03-19 14:40
Poland xivi 
This map is ESL Map?
2012-03-19 14:42
Tunisia KJou 
not yet ! or let's say NO !
2012-03-19 14:57
people saying that CS1.6 is dead are STUPIIIID This Great Game Will never Be Dead ! ... Good Map Bro ! Keep Up The good Work !!!! =)
2012-03-19 15:10
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