Blog: CS:GO de_inferno_se wallbangs *updated*

August 15th, 2012 17:44

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so this is my first blog ever and I hope you gonna like it. If you don't like CS:GO or whatever don't keep on reading here. I'll try to update this 'de_inferno_se' blog as soon as I know more stuff about the map.
Also I'm not sure if things like this are already very popular, if not you gonna know it now!

So I've been on the server for some time today and I thought about wallbanging and such. Actually you can wallbang A LOT in CS:GO! So far I've been looking for wallbangs only on de_inferno_se since I didn't have enough time yet for others.

I didn't really have time to make a video of it but you can test it with a mate or you can ask me as well to show it to you. On the screenshots you can see where you have to wallbang. Probably you can guess where you're wallbanging then. Just try it, it's not really difficult.

Here you can wallbang into apartments. You can variegate the angle of your crosshair e.g. more to the left to wallbang the left corner. You have to wallbang through the wooden door though!
Broken tag

This is pretty much the same like in Cs 1.6. You can wallbang the lower apartments there. Again, through the door.
Broken tag

I had to take 2 pictures here to make it clear. It's the door up mid. It's called "Quad" in CS:GO. If you wallbang straight up there you can wallbang the upper apartments as well.
Broken tag Broken tag

Again a door. It's directly on the A spot and you can wallbang "short" there which is "Quad" in CS:GO again. Again you can variegate the angle like everywhere.
Broken tag

This is in CPL, you can wallbang to "second mid" there.
Broken tag

Banana, you can bang there pretty good as well.
Broken tag

In general you can wallbang little walls. Still not every! You just have to try it with a mate. Here some examples:

Broken tag Broken tag



If you wallbang your teammate it's like 0,1% of your real damage. Sometimes just kevlar goes down but if you wallbang an enemy it's almost the same damage like a real hit.

Many said they would like to see videos so I'm going to make some videos very soon. Though it's really hard to make them at the moment since I don't have HLTV, neither freelook. I have to say the wallbangs are pretty easy though so don't worry to test them by yourself. Also I'll show some other useful stuff on my youtube channel very soon like flashes and boosts. As soon as it's ready I'll post my channel on here.

Door on A-side. Above you've already read about the wallbang to short. If you choose another angle you're even able to wallbang mid.

Broken tag
Broken tag

As you probably know from Cs 1.6 you can boost a player up mid on the roof. To make it clear a screenshot!

Broken tag

So, there are 2 possiblities to wallbang at this place. You can wallbang if someone is up on the roof and you can wallbang behind the new kinda pillar thing as well! Talking about this position:
Broken tag

If you go up the apartment stairs to CPL there's a door on the right. Right there you have to wallbang for the boost.
Broken tag

If you want to wallbang behind the pillar thing you have to have your angle like this:
Broken tag

Another nice wallbang possiblity you've got if you're holding long on A-side. There's a door which you will easily find. You can spam there very easy to up mid or if they're on they way to long. If you shoot precisely you can hit enemys even if they're not up mid. You can see that on the 2nd screen. You also can see there where the bullets batter if you just spam through that door.
Broken tag
Broken tag

Same door, just in direction to the bombspot.
Broken tag
Broken tag

You know this wallbang from 1.6 as well. In CS:GO it's called 'upstairs' but whatever you can wallbang on mid and into banana. Same other way round obviously.

Broken tagBroken tag
Broken tagBroken tag

As you can see there are different angles you can choose. Just test it!
If you shoot precisely you even can headshot one behind the car up banana. Though it's not easy and probably just fun to know.

You can wallbang almost everything in apartments. The first angle shows you how to wallbang if a CT is holding it aggressively.

Broken tagBroken tag

Here another way to wallbang apartments. You can variegate where you want to wallbang. Just shoot through that window and you even can shoot through that white frame around the window.

Broken tagBroken tag

useful stuff:

Ruins B-side. You easily can catch one with awp here in CT base and they won't even recognize you so fast.
Broken tagBroken tag

You can throw flashes over A-side. Other way round too obviously.
Broken tag

I think that's pretty much everything for inferno now. I'll make a video as soon as I have time for it and also 'de_nuke_se' will be my next blog including videos hopefully.

If you want to add things just throw them in the comments or inbox me. Constructive criticism is welcome!!

Hope you've enjoyed everything so far!

good blog! Amazing how the user base of is helping to be the main portal for CS:GO (it already is). The largest CS:GO content can be found on these days. Amazing job from our community and from staffs!
2012-08-15 17:47 is the official home of CS:GO already... All the pro players (even from source) are streaming / link streams in because they know this is the biggest CS place on earth. is where you want to be if you are a pro player and want to achieve fame, or if you are a casual player just following the matches. will dominate CS:GO just as they dominated 1.6...
2012-08-15 17:51
yeah, fuck cadred admins
2012-08-15 22:34
cadred offer something different to what HLTV offer. and both great sites.
2012-08-16 03:50
I wonder who initial the dispute first, which side? users said cadred vilify our game (1.6) and so do the cadred users, claiming about the lack of maturity from HLTV users that insulting CS:S
2012-08-16 08:58
If it is the main portal of CS and CS 1.6 and nowadays there's no other website with so much coverage for CS:GO then it is in someway the main portal.
2012-08-15 23:28
The only reason CS:S players have their stream posted here is for the same reason they do it on fragbite even though they don't speak a lick of swedish - to get more viewers.. .. how can something that obvious be so hard to gather?
2012-08-16 03:59
2012-08-16 06:08
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
we want a clip about this
2012-08-15 17:49
good job man. ;) interessing article
2012-08-15 17:50
Very good,man,keep doing this for GO lovers))
2012-08-15 17:53
good job man, i respect your work, i know some stuff too but i'm too lazy to write a blog about it :)
2012-08-15 17:57
Russia Nzr0 
nice blog anyway i still cant understand why valve made a game with cs:s maps when the game with more community is 1.6... the team that is making is same that made cs:s or im wrong?
2012-08-15 18:01
They should make csp maps for 1.6 lovers and css maps for source lovers in cs go,so 2 different communities may unit in one game
2012-08-15 18:04
Russia Nzr0 
but the thing is that the gameplay is from cs:s dont tell it isnt becuase it is... it is not even near of 1.6 gameplay
2012-08-15 18:06
Yes,and it's cool that gameplay is from source,why then we need csp? Csp= 1.6 physics + source gameplay and cool additions,i like csp
2012-08-15 19:26
Russia Nzr0 
the thing is that valve doesnt support csp at all... and probably they will support cs:go
2012-08-15 19:31
You can't play CSP without valve support? Wtf? I don't care about competitive status of cs 1.6 but it hearts me that the game which will replace cs sucks! Cs go sucks.
2012-08-15 19:36
2012-08-15 22:36
Norway arrow2DKnee 
nice 1 bro its good to hear about wallbangs in CSGO... u should create a video showcasing all the wallbang spots. consider it that would be great
2012-08-15 18:08
2012-08-15 23:29
nice read. a clip about it would really help! is there GOTV? if so, how does that work? PoVs?
2012-08-15 18:14
Excellent blog, keep up the good work! :)
2012-08-15 18:15
+1 to you guys for including CS:GO :)
2012-08-15 18:22
+1 to you guys for making HLTV CS:GO servers. For all the other CS:GO players here, connect, HLTV CS:GO competitive mode server!
2012-08-15 18:56
Finland milA 
Good blog! Want one for nuke :)
2012-08-15 18:23
Nice to see the community growing in favor of csgo so much! :)
2012-08-15 18:45
Good one :)
2012-08-15 19:00
2012-08-15 19:38
very nice ;D
2012-08-15 20:35
Ah, didn't know about the banana one. Keep the blogs coming!
2012-08-15 21:13
Very nice! Waiting for more!
2012-08-15 21:22
Consider making a video about this, look really good!!
2012-08-15 22:43
+1, if you have more, make a video with all of them, Good Job!
2012-08-15 23:33
Awesome blog, keep the blogs!!
2012-08-16 00:49
Useful, thank you.
2012-08-16 01:27
Great blog man.
2012-08-16 01:29
Nice guy, it would be better in a video, but it is ok. thank you.
2012-08-16 01:35
As I've said above it's pretty hard to make a good video at the moment. No freelook and no HLTV so far.
2012-08-16 01:38
hummm 127 fps ok-
2012-08-16 02:36
I've limited it to 128 since servers use 128 tickrate. Someone told me that it's fine then. I'm not really familiar with that kind of stuff.
2012-08-16 02:46
rain | 
Portugal Cyborgy 
i think i would like the game after a while time playing, but i can't even play because i can't have 100 fps at least. I got 30-50 with action...
2012-08-16 02:37
Well, this is maxed out. Did you try lower resolutions and grapic details?
2012-08-16 02:46
rain | 
Portugal Cyborgy 
ofc, i don't even get 100 fps constantly on cs 1.6, with 640x480, it's a bad pc amd sempron 2.1ghz 8500GT 2gbram i need an upgrade, but don't want to spend money with a pc to play a computer game ;)
2012-08-16 03:14
Well yeah, then it's pretty hard to get a good game-feeling.
2012-08-16 10:51
I play with 30-50 cs 1.6 :)
2012-08-16 03:10
VERY NICE BRO, We want for all maps pls :D
2012-08-16 03:43
Australia Dancing Panda 
I don't think that some of these spams are intended though, I mean the one from insite down banana to t stair is so OP
2012-08-16 03:46
amazing work,ty dude !
2012-08-16 03:56
Good work, keep it up :)
2012-08-16 04:55
Great blog with a lot of painstaking efforts :)
2012-08-16 05:59
That's some dedication :D good blog! Waiting for the video!
2012-08-16 06:11
next one maybe de_nuke_ve?
2012-08-16 06:24
As long as it's not an official map I'll stick to 'de_nuke_se'.
2012-08-16 10:59
very usefull
2012-08-16 09:22
Thanks man!!
2012-08-16 13:31
Greece flqq 
thats really helpful man.keep em coming
2012-08-16 13:38
Isn't these wallbangs bugs that'll be fixed eventually?
2012-08-16 13:46
Why would anybody know that? :p We just have to wait.
2012-08-16 13:53
My guess is that they will be patched out. They're opting for realism and these wallbangs aren't realistic, some enginebug probably made them doable because of the doors.
2012-08-16 13:56
Well, the door thing seems to be a bug but e.g. on de_nuke you can wallbang nearly the same as in 1.6 as well. Like catwalk and such.
2012-08-16 14:03
that's because 1.6 players would flip their shit even more if you couldn't spam on de_nuke ;)
2012-08-16 14:09
It is fixed now, right?
2012-08-31 15:16
good stuff! thx
2012-08-16 14:14
and now this is a CS:GO website. good bye cs 1.6 you will be sorely missed...
2012-08-16 15:43
2012-08-16 15:46
2012-08-16 15:57
This article is so good! Thx for taking the time to inform the community :)
2012-08-16 18:09
2012-08-16 18:21
cool, gj
2012-08-16 18:26
United States jswan 
Awesome stuff! So glad wallbangs are in this game.
2012-08-16 21:02
Thanks for for blog, and thx for informing! +1
2012-08-17 07:58
what means se?
2012-08-17 08:17
still sux fuck cs:go
2012-08-18 13:52
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