Blog: CS:GO basic tips, config,recoil...

Hello guys, i'm writing this blog to present you some basic tips for CS:GO, for all you begginers. I will try to present you my experience from playing this game since december 2011.I will try to explain weapon shooting styles and recoils.Be aware that this is still beta, and lot of things could be tweaked in the future, but i think you will have some sort of feeling after week or two :)

Ok first we will start with cleaning cfg from all junk:

Step 1. Delete your CSGO folder.
Steam > Steamapps > Common > Counter-Strike Global Offensive > CSGO (If you want to save anything in the folder, Demos, Maps, Screenshots, do so before deleting it.) The reason for deleting the CSGO folder is to get rid of all your skins, mods, cheats, whatever crap you have in there needs to be gone.

Step 2. Validate and Reacquire Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Files
Right click Steam icon > Library > Right Click on Counter-Strike Global Offensive in library > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache (This will download a clean base for the game to start from.)

Step 4. Download this CFG (thanks to netcodeilluminati)
(Make sure to add +exec autoexec.cfg to your launch options to use this config. If the config does not auto execute due to game related issues simply type "exec autoexec" in your console when the game loads, minus the quotations of course. )

Step 5. Place autoexec.cfg file into your CFG folder
Steam > Steamapps > Common > Counter-Strike Global Offensive > CSGO > CFG (This CFG will set your game to optimize bullet registration, net you higher FPS, and remove most of the unneeded graphics settings.)

Step 6. Launch Options
Right click Steam icon > Library > Right Click on CS:GO in library > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type “-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -console -novid -freq 75/100/120 +autoexec.cfg” in the box

Step 7. Use 6/11 Windows sensitivity.
Start Menu > Control Panel > Mouse Settings > Pointer Options > Make sure bar is in the middle

Step 8 Disable Mouse Acceleration
(This will make your mouse movements not dependent on speed, but rather the distance the mouse has traveled) For windows 7 users you need to install and use Mark C’s Windows 7 Mouse fix. This will make sure your aim is consistent and there is no negative or positive acceleration.

Step 9. DPI/CPI (Dots per Inch),(Counts per Inch)
Your mouse should have the option to change its DPI, set it 450-500 DPI depending on the mouse.Reason for this kind of dpi is because it will give you best tracking ratio 1:1.If your mouse doesn't support it (if you have DPI like 800/1800/3200, you will have to lower your windows sens)

Step 10. Pick your In-Game sensitivity
People will argue that sensitivity is just preference, they are somewhat right, but there is a common theme with the WORLDS BEST players, and they use anywhere between 1 - 3.5 depending on their DPI. So pick something in that range and you will be set.

Step 11. Resolution and FPS settings
Most of people will recomment high resoulution, but i think that is preference. I'm using 640X480 with all medium options in video menu and i have 100~150 FPS(2gb RAM, Nvidia 9600GT, Dual - Core e5200 2.50ghz overclocked to 3.2Ghz).Remeber that your CPu is most important thing for your fps and on lower resolutions you will have more FPS.

Deathmatch & Brush Servers- First find a good Deathmatch server or Brush server that you ping well to. (something under 90 ping)
Use your newly acquired gear and settings mentioned above in these servers. Deathmatch and brush is a great entry way into competitive play but is still fun to play casually. Just play in Deathmatch and brush servers to help work on your aim, positioning, gun control and overall knowledge of the game. Practice for 30-50 minutes with the deagle, usp, glock, ak/m4 or awp based on whatever main gun you prefer. The reason for the small selection of guns, is these are the main guns used in competitive play.

American Deathmatch CS:GO Server IP - connect
American Brush CS:GO Server
Europe Deathmatch CS:GO Server - connect
Europe Brush CS:GO Server IP - connect

Recoil and movement:

Lot of people were complaining on movement and recoil.
Look game is still in beta version, valave said that they will fix movement(wich is most importand thing for all 1.6 players i guess).

I'm playing this game since beta launch, and I'm kida used to it, so i will reccomend next steps for recoil and for playing with most used weapons and pistols:


-AK47 : first of all try to strafe 2,3 bullets, if you cant manage it, try with short bursts of 4,5,6 bullets.Also tapping is very good. Recoil while spraying can be problem, but i found that you should move your crosshair DOWN,then slowly LEFT,then RIGHT. Also very important thing is that you should watch where are bullets(tracers)going and try to adjust them on the target.

-M4 : this gun basicly has no recoil, all you need to do is to move your mose left and right while spraying. When you are strafing recommended thing is that you TAP 3,4 bullets, and I didn't found that bursting is very effective.

-FAMAS : vey powerful gun, with less recoil on burst mode than in 1.6, and rate of fire is fast on automatic mode, so i don't want to explain it.I recommend burst mode on mid/long range.

-AWP : playing with this gun requires some balance between movement and peeking.First of i noticed that small moves while peeking are better than large ones and jump/crouch peeks. For example when you are ct and tou want to peek middle on dust2 you should use small peeks to suprise your enemy who is potentialy waiting with awp. I would add that you should watch some css pro awpers and their positions.


-Glock 18 : fast, accurate, but less powerfull.You should shoot slow bullet by bullet in head at long/mid range, and fast on close range.(sometimes while shooting fast crosshair is going too much up so be sure that you are following tracer bullets)

-P200 : almost powerfull as USp in 1.6 but little bit less accurate with 13 bullets in clip. With this pistol you can effectively use both fast and slow shooting without loosing accuaracy.

-DGL : literally hand canon, very powerfull and accurate, but you should shoot slowly, bullet by bullet, and you can move while shooting aswell with minimum adjustmenst of crosshair(and ofcourse try to aim at head as much as possible ;D )

For the movement part i can't explain you much, all you need to do is to stand still while shooting with most of the weapons.You are still able to bunny-hop, but in-air movement need to be fixed.

At the end practice is most important like in every other game.
Special thanks to , because of all great tips that they made! I'm sorry for grammar mistakes and I hope that this guide was helpful. Cheers !
csp :O
2012-08-17 19:50
I can make csp guide too if you want to learn something pauLo <3 :*.JK, cya @ 1.09 :)
2012-08-17 19:52
hehe , think i'm gonna make a thread about 1.08 mixes since the gather channels are not soo full...wait
2012-08-17 19:54
would you make it neighbor? :D
2012-08-19 12:20
thanks for this!
2012-08-17 19:53
f0rest | 
Russia Nzr0 
im not a cs:go player,i actually dont like the game,but thanks for posting this i guess,will help many people
2012-08-17 19:56
just a question: do you mean brush like in 1.6 with 3 ct and 5 t without flashes?
2012-08-17 20:02
Nice blog! :)
2012-08-17 20:17
nice blog.
2012-08-17 20:37
Portugal venzM 
done all that but still 50 fps with cs go. And i have a 4 gb ram, intel dual core 2.53, ati hd 3650. Not the top of the line setup but more than enough for cs go. I run almost all the games nice, only problem with cs go
2012-08-17 20:41
vsync off in drivers and ingame ? try to overclock CPU to 3.0Ghz, lock your fps at 150 and try it again
2012-08-17 21:05
hd3650 is not good...but you should turn down the graphics both from csgo AND your catalyst control center, maybe you'll get higher fps. i have >200fps with hd4850 and i5 @ 3ghz
2012-08-17 21:38
already did that. not good but good enough for the minimum specs for cs go. And im not the only one to have the same problem with cs go.
2012-08-17 22:58
Easiest way to handle your recoil in CS:GO is the "wasd"-technique. Randomly spam wasd while you're spraying and you'll find your shots flying in a perfect line just like in Quake. happy fragging
2012-08-17 20:49
This. Plus jump while near the enemy will make you headshot pretty much 80% of time. Weird.
2012-08-17 23:04
I'm not a hater but till step 9 it's the same as a 1.6 guide to CS
2012-08-17 21:32
"-M4 : this gun basicly has no recoil, all you need to do is to move your mose left and right while spraying. When you are strafing recommended thing is that you TAP 3,4 bullets, and I didn't found that bursting is very effective." Not working for me :) Btw. nice job.
2012-08-17 21:43
No need to change your windows sensitivity and in-game sensitivity. It's 1:1 port from 1.6/source/promod unless you turn on RAW INPUT. btw. I don't think "tracer" means what you think it means.
2012-08-17 21:57
M4 tapping isn't so good. the gun is burst only for the most parts. in general, tapping CSGO is really hard. i dont know why you say it's easy. it needs much more control than in 1.6, but it's still possible to learn. nevertheless, bursting is stronger than tapping, with both AK and M4. btw, i dont talk about slow tapping, but 1.6 style fast tapping. slow tapping is of course easy. imho :)
2012-08-17 23:14
how you overlocked your CPU?
2012-08-17 23:25
nice blog.
2012-08-17 23:27
No need for this, im pro without
2012-08-18 01:13
nice blog
2012-08-18 03:14
The best part is DEAGLE IS VERY ACCURATE compared to 1.6 :)
2012-08-18 04:53
India Co17 
Recoil??? No Skill req Lol xD
2012-08-18 05:14
2012-08-18 15:59
nice and ty :)
2012-08-19 03:42
thanks to all, feel free to PM me if i made some mistake or if you dont understand some part.
2012-08-19 11:53
2012-08-19 12:05
Japan mameloff 
2012-08-19 13:37
nice and ty :D
2012-08-20 00:04
I still can't comprehand how can a cs player like csgo ...
2012-08-20 16:51
Im cs player and i like resident evils, final fantasys, tony hawks , GTA , Assasin creeds and i love super mario 64. I must be an fucking maniac
2012-10-14 15:43
cfg fps booster? please :D:D Ive 40-50 at csgo!
2012-08-22 18:48
United States caseyfoster 
A little thanks for Netcode for this guide please :)
2012-08-22 19:40
yea, I wrote that at the end, i just upgraded it, awesome job guys :)
2012-08-22 21:40
"...The reason for deleting the CSGO folder is to get rid of all your skins, mods, cheats, whatever crap you have in there needs to be gone." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p
2012-10-14 15:14
2012-12-22 23:45
Config link down mate !
2014-11-17 17:55
bump / can you add config again? cuz its broken :/ i need this
2017-12-12 19:14
Russia AlexMove 
2018-02-04 14:27
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