Blog: CS:GO de_nuke_se wallbangs

August 18th, 2012 02:31
Hey guys,

I've already posted a blog about 'de_inferno_se' a few days back and now it's time for 'de_nuke_se'.

Blog; CS:GO de_inferno_se wallbangs

If you have anything to add or to complain like useful grenades, positioning, wallbangs and other stuff you can write it down in the comments or you can inbox me as well.

I've promised to make some videos as well. I had recorded the most wallbangs on de_inferno_se but there was a little update and now I'm not able to watch my demos anymore, means I have to record everything again. I have decided to wait with videos some days/weeks at least until the game got released.

In my opinion wallbanging on de_nuke_se is pretty much the same like in 1.6 so far. You still have got a lot of possiblities to wallbang but some things have changed for sure.
There are some wallbangs who everyone would know how to wallbang anyways so I'm just going to list them without uploading screenshots of it.

You can wallbang:

- the door to open the entry to Bombsite-A (it gets destroyed by a couple of bullets, also you can open it by throwing a nade/molotov on the ground in front of the door) also the doors at bombsite-B can be wallbanged

- you can wallbang the main entry to bombsite-A

- you can wallbang hut

- you can wallbang under catwalk/windows from outside which is called 'ladder' in CS:GO

- you can wallbang every 'wooden' box (only through one, it doesn't work through 2) and also the big read containers at side yard

- you can wallbang through warehouse where the walls consit of metal or however you'd call it

- you can wallbang through the frames of these kind of doors or in general this little frames to enter a new room
Broken tag
you can find them a few times on de_nuke_se like entry of T-lobby, radio entry, ramp room entry and ramp room entry under ladder

- you can wallbang through the vents which are called 'ducts' in CS:GO

- if you go down ramp to bombsite-B you can wallbang this kinda metal door through the bombspot
Broken tag

- you can wallbang everything on the t roof to the upper bombsite e.g. catwalk

To wallbang exactly if someone comes up the ladder place yourself on the little pillar on the roof:
Broken tag
Broken tag

To wallbang the other side you should place yourself on the little white container:

Broken tag
Broken tag

You can wallbang the same position from here too. In general you can wallbang all these metal walls there.

Broken tag

You can wallbang the whole walls in radio (also where aren't bullet impacts):

Broken tag

You can wallbang here if someone enters A-side through the door (aim where my crosshair is!):

Broken tag


You can wallbang everywhere from the upper bombsite through the ground to the lower bombsite.

Vent entry/exit wallbang:

Broken tag

You can easily wallbang if someone plants at the lower bombsite as well. It's really not that difficult. Just try it a few times!

You can wallbang from radio room to the entry of the T-lobby:

Broken tag

If you wallbang like on the picture it directly bangs where you can see the shadow.

You also can wallbang in front of the T-lobby entry like this with a different angle as you can see:

Broken tag

This one is quite hard but it works as well, you have to shoot directly between those 2 metal boxes from radio room:

Broken tag

There you can wallbang into T-lobby as well from radio room again:

Broken tag

You can wallbang ramp entry rooms as well but you only can wallbang them if you shoot straight ahead through them (also with a very little angle):

Broken tag

It works also for under ladder but again only straight ahead!

So I've been working with Sony Vegas the first time today and made a little video. I know there are some fails like the steam pop-up but whatever it's going to be better next time. If there's any moviemaker out there and willing to teach me some're welcome anytime!

If you have any questions or just want to give constructive criticism you can write a comment below or inbox me.

Greetz to my mate Frost who helps me a lot with all the stuff I post here.

Since the youtube-linking thing doesn't work for me (or I don't know how to use it) I just drop the link to it.
2012-08-18 02:33
Australia JNUPS 
n1! gw
2012-08-18 02:45
thanks for these!
2012-08-18 02:52
Too easy for me
2012-08-18 02:52
nice 2 see that they have made this map wallbang friendly
2012-08-18 03:03
2012-08-18 04:49
Yeah! Nuke with wallbangs, i'm starting to like this game :`p
2012-08-18 05:32
They must create also 100% identical cs 1.6 maps with better graphics and wallbangs imo
2012-08-18 07:50
It is still not the same
2012-08-18 15:22
Yes, but still better than original one for diehard CS 1.6 player.
2012-08-18 15:23
Why should they? I think we've read over 100 times already that they don't want to copy Cs 1.6. Still you've got many possibilities to wallbang. Also the de_nuke_ve version is pretty cool. I think it's more balanced than the 1.6 version since it's easier to go down to the lower bombsite then.
2012-08-18 15:26
They must do it to unit two different communities in one game,but not only on css maps... Actually i don't play cs go because of css maps,ok not css,but it is closer to source,90% closer, then to 1.6. I want 1.6 maps,something like csp_dust2,or 1.6 map but with GO graphics. Do you understand me?
2012-08-18 16:22
i do bro
2012-08-21 18:31
1 thing i really h8 in CS:GO is the SAS saying: Are we rushin in? or are we gonna go SNEAKY BEAKY LIKE, like wtf?!?
2012-08-18 11:43
Wow, maps in CS:GO are really ugly :/ Nice blog :)
2012-08-18 11:53
again nice work, keep it on !
2012-08-18 13:05
Niceee keep doing this
2012-08-18 14:00
What about on this map:
2012-08-18 14:05
As long as it's not an official map there's no reason to look how they work. Probably de_nuke_ve is going to get picked up. E.g. in ESL Cups you had to play it already instead of de_nuke_se so probably I'll add a few things from de_nuke_ve but there aren't many differences probably.
2012-08-18 14:09
Ok, _ve version is good too, but maybe there're some other wallbangs.
2012-08-18 14:12
Yeah, there should be some differences. Gonna try out very soon.
2012-08-18 21:08
good job
2012-08-18 14:11
Thank you Verry Mutch PROJECT_X
2012-08-18 15:31
Man, you rock! :-)
2012-08-18 16:27
nice one
2012-08-21 17:27
2012-08-21 18:00
You're welcome. :o)
2012-08-21 18:26
Helpful enough, good job m8!
2012-08-24 13:57
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