Blog: Why FPS is no longer more popular than RTS games in the competitive scene

October 27th, 2012 18:03
Hello there users , my name is Erez and I am a counterstrike 1.6 compeitive player since 2007 , this is my first blog here and I hope that you will like my blog and I hope that I will be able to change somthing in the FPS scene .

First of all I want to introduce my opinion about the FPS problem in the competitive scene :
I think that the gameplay of the FPS games is the most fun gameplay of all the competitive games , but the only problem in the FPS is that you have no way to find people at your own levels and get a good game in your team real actual level , and sometimes you feel like not playing seriously because nothing will happen if you lose your game , or win it .

The only reason in my opinion why RTS games are so successfull is that the only way to play this games are competitive , you can find games at your own skill levels fast because you get MMR-Ranking and you get a ranked match , and you better to play the more seriously you can and try to do your best because you dont want to lose your MMR ranking .

Valve tryed to make match-making system in theyre CSGO , but the problem is that you actually droped to game versus few noobs who never played cs , you feel like not playing seriously , you never get or give information because you dont care about losing or winning this stupid game , and the last problem is that there is no anti-cheat on these servers .

So in my opinion the only problem in the scene is that high skilled players never feel like playing seriously and have no reason to win games , you have no MMR so you cant know who is good , and who is bad , only top teams in the world can find games at theyre own skill levels while over teams cant know what game to get .

I think the only way to fix FPS scene to the new generation of competitive games is to add a MMR system , and the only way you can play with your MMR is that you must to choose you own team to be in your team during the game , and they game must drop you versus another team , if your team loses you lose some of your MMR and if you win you gain MMR , so games will be more ranked and with more reason to play seriously .

One more idea is that players who play in a CLAN will get a CLAN MMR so when you open a CLAN you get a CLAN MMR and if you lose a clan match you lose MMR and if you win CLAN match you gain MMR.

I think there will never be game like cs 1.6 was , but i think we must to have this change to csgo and VALVE MUST TO ADD MMR MATCH MAKING if you want the FPS SCENE TO STAY ALIVE .

I hope that you got my idea despite my low english and that you agree with me .

Share&Comment I hope that one day Valve will add the MMR match making system .

good bye , Erez
erez ybot
2012-10-27 18:14
When Rome 2 Total war will came out. It doesn't care which CS you play. That game will rape every game in steam with stats
2012-10-27 18:20
Finally I have to agree with you
2012-10-27 19:44
Well you see, that wasn't so difficult
2012-10-27 19:46
You are rude to me at 1st
2012-10-27 19:47
Calm down, child.
2012-10-28 03:10
exactly like CSGO, right?
2012-10-28 20:09
I don't think that any of the Counter Strike game is superior to the games Creative Assembly are making
2012-10-28 20:12
Germany Mirze 
Nerds love strategy games. There are much more nerds in Asia(don't blame me I dunno why that is lol). Number of Asian nerds who love strategy games far outweigh number of FPS loving bros/nerds. ^ All of the above is my humble opinion and I meant no disrespect to anyone. Have a good day.
2012-10-27 18:25
2012-10-27 19:44
EreZ da Drezner
2012-10-27 19:00
1. log in to league of legends 2. see streams, the game asks you to check them out, everyone knows who ocelote is 1. log in to dota2, just after great dota 2 tournament 2. you see a HUGE pic of chinese players who won the tournament, the game asks you to check out the replay 1. log in to counter strike 1.6 2. join public polish server 3. 90% of players don't know who Neo is, never heard of WCG, ESWC, IEM
2012-10-27 19:07
heheh 100% agree
2012-10-27 19:10
EXACTLY, definetly truestory :(
2012-10-27 19:37
cool, didn't know that about LoL and DotA 2
2012-10-27 19:40
It's the only reason LoL has so many viewers. They link to the streams directly in the game client.
2012-10-28 01:20
you're forgetting that LoL is free2play.
2012-10-28 20:11
not 90% I think it's around 70%
2012-10-27 19:43
Netherlands washedup28YO 
actually this could be a sick addition to this game. Maybe we should make a topic about this idea and link it to valve? if u dont try, u get nothing :D.
2012-10-27 19:47
Sweden BIRK 
Well, thats because when you hear a LoL tournament. It's always Riot who is hosting it.
2012-10-27 21:01
but most of CS players dont care about pro scene, they only want play 4fun and enjoy the game. On gathers, ESL and stuff like this...90% of people knows who won last tournament for example...
2012-10-28 03:44
True story bro
2012-10-28 14:34
look at playzeek...most of them are retards using +speed whatever happens, the mmr clan would be great..perfect
2012-10-27 22:56
I was drinking coke , and i spitted my whole monitor , while seeing this :DD
2012-10-28 21:22
Wasn't that funny tho
2012-10-29 12:45
What an absolute crock of shit. One of the shittier blogs that I've seen in a while.
2012-10-28 03:10
Idea is good and i agree but firstly Valve should make normal FPS game...
2012-10-28 03:40
Russia Nzr0 
there is a thing in cod4 scene called mirc where you have private channels like acad skill,pre-invite... blablabla there you can find enemy teams at your level also things like where you play gathers for real money,it is a motivation to do your best,becuase you dont want to lose money the only problem of fps scene is that not everyone enjoy shooting,runing and stuff like that rts games is for everyone... it is like chess,you can play it for fun,or play it serious and they are easy to learn,while fps games arent.
2012-10-28 11:25
yep.. sc2 and LoL/dota are taking over.. with the new expandsion of sc2 coming... damn... rip cs:go :(
2012-10-28 12:54
oh yea, and dota2 will be free soon so.. gg
2012-10-28 12:54
Games like css and cs:go are to be blamed
2012-10-29 12:49
leave Iran alone MF :@
2012-10-31 14:31
first of all. dota and lol are not rts, they are action rpg's/mobas rts are games like starcraft or age of empires let's be honest, as a player of both, fps and rts I would say that rts are far better as viewer, it's more clear and fun. in terms of player database fps games wins, because they are easier to understand
2012-10-31 15:07
Brazil DUZ1 
Under 18, trend to be gay = Playing LoL, DotA... Normal man, not nerd or a nerd that wanna be a life ruler = FPS & others...
2012-10-31 15:21
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