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January 1st, 2013 04:25
I just watched that video where insider played CSPromod and of course I was amazed about how he played the game with so much 1.6 style that I could really imagine this to be the future of CS.

But lets get to the point, the only thing that annoyed me where these grey textures on inferno, it just makes it look kinda boring.
Here you can see the difference very clear: (Jump to 0:39)
When he is walking through that "gate", it looks like he is walking from the colorful to the "dark" site. What I mean is, these reddish textrues at the point where he spawns are a good, they should take them as a base for the map and just work on the lightning etc.

Another example, csp_nuke: (Jump to 1:32)
The textures of the rocks and sandfloors are perfect just as they are at the moment, they just need some extra lightning. But with the textures of the buildings and the textures inside the buildings, it is the same thing as with the grey textures on inferno:

So, whats your opinion about THIS issue?

And please, stay out with comments about that CSP vs CSGO stuff.
Sorry I kinda failed with the "design".:D Its my first blog.
2013-01-01 04:26
please re-structure it to be a blog (with line breaks, headings, etc) or re-create it as a thread.
2013-01-01 04:30
Done, sorry again =D
2013-01-01 15:45
Young apprentice , follow wise GoMeZ's advices and create a worthy blog/thread about CSPromod textures.
2013-01-01 09:38
Okay done=)
2013-01-01 15:45
CSP maps will be overhauled, so either way I don`t see much point to compare them. But don`t think there is any reason to switch to the colorless/grayish CSGO texture style, so no need to worry. :)
2013-01-01 16:17
I know that they are going to replace the textures with their custommade textures. But I hope that they are not going to be as grey as the ones the have at the moment.
2013-01-01 16:32
But i sorta like some of those "calm" feelings tho...
2013-01-02 07:24
lol older beta version is better imo
2013-01-01 21:02
2013-01-01 22:31
2013-01-02 13:36
older better and simple ...
2013-01-01 21:40
promod is good, but I'm so depressed it's taking so long for them to get the ball rolling, every beta seems like a step back tbh.
2013-01-02 05:28
cs 1.6 fans lets support promod
2013-01-02 05:57
I found another picture: Was in some older beta of CSP probably and it looks awesome!
2013-01-02 22:14
Really? Come on, the new one is much better. It just had a bad lightning, but now in 1.10 the lightning is much better. The old cps_inferno looks very very "cheap". Anyway: All map will be revamped in the future.
2013-01-02 22:36
Well, I think the old one is better :/ It's about taste.
2013-01-03 19:31
+1 old one more like 1.6
2013-01-04 12:48
But still doesn't look more unrealistic then the newer one. But it is ok, I am waiting for the new custom textures that they announced.
2013-01-04 16:44
2013-01-02 23:27
All textures will be replaced in the future. So talking about the current textures is useless.
2013-01-02 22:48
2013-01-02 23:28
Yeah! :)
2013-01-03 19:31
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