Blog: Norwegian CSGO fragshows

Hello, I create fragshows with music sync and simple effects use - no overedited shit. I will keep updating this blog as I make more clips.

As you see it's not fancy at all, but that's the way I like it. DnB/house/trance music is my favorite, and if you have a great track suggestion feel free to post it here in the comments!

// clayman @


Updated 23/5 2013
2013-03-02 14:05
fucking good frags! keep dat
2013-03-02 14:05
admins will delete that
2013-03-02 14:47
lol i did better than this frags with just 40/50 fps
2013-03-02 15:00
against who? that depends a little too you know :)
2013-03-02 16:02
yh putting sean tyas is always nice :P good videos tho. :>
2013-03-02 17:10
lastone just nice
2013-03-02 18:03
gj clay
2013-03-02 20:46
decent job
2013-03-03 00:41
aNdz dA boSS <3
2013-03-03 18:05
Just uploaded another fragshow. Tried out rock :D
2013-03-14 16:49
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