Blog: Configuring post-updates CS 1.6

I had a few users message me about Counter-Strike 1.6 settings after the new updates Valve has implemented so I'll try to explain some of the new commands here and how to make CS as close to how it used to be as possible.

I'm not sure what exactly some of the commands do, so if someone sees this and knows what they do/where to find that information, let me know and I will update the blog accordingly.

• rate "100000" (new maximum 100000)
• cl_updaterate "102" (new maximum 102)
• ex_interp "0" (to reflect the new updaterate; 0.01 would be incorrect)
• fps_max "100" (caps it at 100.5 but feels smoother than 99.5; some users suggested CS calculated FPS wrong now)
• hud_fastswitch "2" (same as 1 used to be)
• m_customaccel "0" (not sure what exactly; i set them all to 0 because i don't use any software acceleration)
• m_customaccel_exponent "0"
• m_customaccel_max "0"
• m_customaccel_scale "0"
• m_rawinput "1" (raw input; replaces rinput which was an external software)
• cl_mousegrab "0" (not sure what exactly it does)
• gl_vsync "0" (turns off vertical sync)
• gl_ansio "0" (turns off anisotrophic filtering)

Launch options:

• -nofbo (makes rendering similar to how it used to be and removes anti-aliasing)
• -nomsaa (only removes anti-aliasing; not needed if you use -nofbo)
• -noforcemparms (if not used, windows will uncheck "enhanced pointer precision every time you load CS)
• -freq X or possibly -refresh X (sets your refresh rate to X; command was brought back)
• -stretchaspect removes blackbars so you can use a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution in widescreen

• Video tab: uncheck "Enable HD models" to get rid of CS:CZ player models
• Video tab: "Low video quality" removes anisotrophic filtering[/INDENT]
It's also worth pointing out that the other noforce commands no longer function (as far as I know) so you will have to (and should) use m_rawinput 1 if you wish to get rid of acceleration.

If you want to use software acceleration, you have to play around with those values to get them corrected.

Finally, if you play CS 1.6 on a laptop that uses NVIDIA Optimus technology as I do (basically it means switching between an onboard Intel video card and an NVIDIA card), you will likely have to do the following to avoid huge FPS drops:
[INDENT]"cs is no longer recognized as a game so it's being run on the onboard video card and your fps sucks as a result.

"you need to add hl.exe as a game in nvidia control panel's program settings, and change the preferred gfx processor to nvidia. if like for me, it's blocked, you need to use nvidia inspector ( to fix it.

"after adding hl.exe, load up nvidia inspector and click on the driver settings button in the middle of the program, next to your driver version.

"find half life from the drop down menu, scroll down to "enable application optimus option" and set it to "SHIM_RENDERING_MODE_ENABLE" and click apply settings.

"open up nvidia control panel again (you have to close it or it will stay greyed out), change it to nvidia, click apply. for me this reverted the setting and made it greyed out again, but once i re-did the fix on nvidia inspector, it stayed as nvidia and my fps issues were fixed."[/INDENT]
Hope that helps those who still want to frag in Counter-Strike 1.6 and haven't been able to figure out the proper settings to use.

World Moya 
Thanks man!!!! s2
2013-04-24 06:25
i hate this guy but seems good guy so i must be bad guy
2013-04-26 09:09
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKkKkKKkKkKKk kK kKkKk kK kKk :))
2013-04-26 14:40
1. Would you suggest ex_interp 0 to match with the changed updaterate or the default 0.01 ? 2. I dont think low video quality sets 16-bit colors, since i dont find any difference on the smokes and flashes as used to exist with older 32/16 bit settings, while using this particular setting. (I feel it works similar to nomsaa or some corresponding setting, since the graphics do look rough.) 3. Should cmdrate value remain the same 101, when coupled with all the above rates? PS: This is a good place to ask as any, can you give the make of the camera used for ESEA finals. The photo quality seems better than any i have come across on Thanks in advance.
2013-04-24 06:54
cl_updaterate 102 cl_cmdrate 105 rate 100000 ex_interp 0.01 correct rates.
2013-04-24 16:34
aside from the fact 0.01 isn't correct for 102 and cmdrate's max value is still 101, yea.
2013-04-24 18:32
hmm. so can u write what rates should we use.. :)
2013-04-24 18:40
cmd 101, updaterate 102, ex_interp 0 (make sure to set it after setting updaterate to 102 as it depends on that) and rate 100000.
2013-04-24 18:50
online or lan?
2013-04-25 15:27
i've always used the same both online and at lan.
2013-04-25 16:35
Hey i got your point but i have copied from someone the launch option that is -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -freq 75 -nofbo -nomousegrab -nomsaa -gl is it correct or i should change something. can you write what are your launch option are. thanks
2013-05-02 16:21
-nomousegrab -nomsaa -gl -noforcemaccel (if you're using m_rawinput 1) are all useless and do nothing. i use: -noforcemparms -nofbo -freq 100
2013-05-03 03:22
thanks :)
2013-05-06 21:52
2015-10-12 13:09
1. i use ex_interp 0 because it sets the correct value. 2. hmm maybe you are right, someone just told me that and i assumed it's the case - never actually tried it myself 3. cl_cmdrate is still maxed at 101 as far as i know here is what my friend (who took the photos for with his camera) said regarding your question: "canon 5d mk II + sigma 50mm 1.4 tell him the quality is 95% the lens those pics coulda came from the same lens + a $400 camera"
2013-04-24 18:49
Mmm, i think that you dont know how ex_interp works You can use 0 (automatic) or .01 (the difference is aboslutely insignifficant) in lan matches (assuming a correct configuration for clients and server). But if you play online you have to use the lower value that dont cause problem to you (maybe 0, maybe .02, .03,etc). The correct value depends on your connection quality. In other words, the correct value is different for different persons (online) The difference beetwen .01 a .02 is only one hundredth of a second, if you use one or other near value the difference is not perceptible (unless you use a too low value for your connection, in this case you will see a flickering effect) But the value you have to avoid is 0.1, this value is too high. This value + the lag put you in disadvantaged situation (this explain why people see an enemy awp shooting them in the air) (sorry for that english)
2013-04-24 23:19
using anything but 0.009 or 0.01 isn't allowed in online matches either, and i've never had issues playing online with those settings in the past 10 years.
2013-04-24 23:48
well, i never said that 0 or .01 was an incorrect value for playing online any case is different. If you are connected to a server running at 100 fps or more and each packet you recieve from that server arrive at your computer one after other with a difference of 10ms you will not have problems (this 10ms has nothing to do with ping). But some people live in places when the stable connection or quality servers are non existent. That people maybe will have a problem with too low ex_interp value. For example i cant use nothing under .02 (sorry for the english)
2013-04-25 04:14
But the value you have to avoid is 0.1, this value is too high. This value + the lag put you in disadvantaged situation (this explain why people see an enemy awp shooting them in the air) Discussing interp is an endless discussion but i think sir, even you do not have a fair idea of what interp is. Lurrpis just might, but he is not willing to type a wall of text to explain it to you. Let me help you in this regard - lower interp means a quicker refresh rate on your screen (0.01 interp ~ update rate 100). higher interp means a much slower refresh of your screen (0.1 interp ~ update rate 10). The TRADEOFF:- 0.01 interp - you will theoretically spot your enemy before (milliseconds of an advantage) he can spot you (in a scenario where he has 0.1 interp), similar to a low pinger's advantage, but you cannot hit inaccurate shots (ideally at low pings) 0.1 interp - you can hit inaccurate shots (most easily noticeable with the awp) because server accounts for an extra 100ms of data while calculating hits, but you loose the peeker's advantage so when you say people see an enemy awp shooting them in the air, that is because your enemy is using the wrong interp ie. 0.1, and not you. People who awp online using the wrong interp, are not able to land a single shot on lan or while on the correct interp, because they are accustomed to hitting lag shots. I myself live in the bad connection area you talk of, but still choose to use 0.01 all the time since i do not wish to hit shots that i wont hit otherwise.
2013-04-25 06:54
Slovakia grejty 
so... rate 100k updaterate 102 interp 0 is the best opinion? because all my friends are still playing on default rate 25k update 101 interp 0.01
2015-10-28 14:15
Argentina atriX^ 
lurppis, is there any possibility that the noforce commands still work? Luckily I haven't got any problems whatsoever since the first update and I haven't notice any change besides the old models. I've been using the previous 25000 rates and work pretty fine. I sense no acceleration even though you say noforce commands don't work anymore. Also in my cs video options, there hasn't been any changes, I mean, no "enable HD models" and all that stuff.
2013-04-24 07:29
i know they were removed at one point (and weren't working) in the beta at least but i've been using m_rawinput 1 since it came out so i'm not sure... i know mparms works (does what i explained in the post) but other than that i'm not sure. m_rawinput is better than noforcecommands anyways.
2013-04-24 18:51
please look @ #4 I have a 6mbts dowload and 1mbt upload inet speed. At what values should I set my rates?
2013-04-26 01:25
if you have 1mb/512 or faster you can (and should) use max rates
2013-04-26 02:52
-w 800 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -nofbo -nomsaa -refresh 100 -freq 100 -stretchaspec This is how mine looks like after I read this. Is it a problem that I have comands that don´t work?? (I think it was FALLEN who said the old -freq comand didnt work anymore ant it was replaced for -refresh)
2013-04-24 07:59
-freq was brought back in the april 1st update ( having commands that do nothing doesn't hurt i assume, but it's also pointless - you don't need -noforcemaccel (unless you use m_rawinput 0), just like you don't need -w 800, -nomsaa (since you use -nofbo) or -refresh 100 (since you have -freq 100). just a waste of space.
2013-04-26 01:28
Old News!!!
2013-04-24 08:06
forcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -nofbo -nomsaa -refresh 75
2013-04-24 08:08
United States Bibby 
2013-04-24 08:56
so now rate 25000 is incorrect?
2013-04-24 09:16
25000 has always been incorrect 20000 has always been the max rate before the update. 25000 is from quake or something like that. Read more about it here : This is the old guide before the updates!!!
2013-04-24 15:26
+1 for knowing your shit :) Not many people know that 20k was the max back then.
2013-05-12 16:16
Belarus ALBiNh0 
you forgot to mention recently added -freq command, lurppis
2013-04-24 09:55
" -freq X (sets your refresh rate; command was brought back) " Read again.
2013-04-24 10:20
Belarus ALBiNh0 
yeah, my bad, but it works only with CRT monitors as i know?
2013-04-24 10:23
I don't know.
2013-04-24 10:25
120 - CRT 75 or 120 usual monitors
2013-04-24 13:27
Belarus ALBiNh0 
2013-04-24 13:59
No, I think the reason they mentioned it was that most people actually play the game with somehow very high resolutions or/and have bog standard LCD monitors which wouldn't support anything but 60Hz with their setup.
2013-04-25 00:22
ex_interp 0.01?? cl_cmdrate 101 ??
2013-04-24 10:24
those values are still valid, yes
2013-04-24 11:08
Guys I have a problem,ever since the last update when i login into steam after 3-4 seconds it closes automaticaly.I reinstalled the steam and i still have this problem.
2013-04-24 10:34
ty lurppis
2013-04-24 10:52
ty lurp.
2013-04-24 11:01
Japan mameloff 
nice nice nice
2013-04-24 11:29
thank you, was helpful
2013-04-24 11:38
Thank you for considering my request! Respect.
2013-04-24 11:52
gj pal (:
2013-04-24 11:52
Does anyone have something similar for CSGO?
2013-04-24 12:35
You are cool.
2013-04-24 12:41
Portugal picc 
Great stuff.
2013-04-24 13:16
CS 1.6? Please kill me
2013-04-24 13:25
Finland teco 
2013-04-25 02:10
Denmark wynn 
Nice, could use a similar one for GO as well, if anyone has a link to such an article? Would be much appreciated :)
2013-04-24 14:04
Thank you.
2013-04-24 14:40
interp still 0.01? and cmdrate 101?
2013-04-24 16:12
interp 0, cmdrate 101 :)
2013-04-24 18:52
Serbia sALE 
-freq still doesnt work for me,reforce again.
2013-04-24 19:03
• m_customaccel "0" (not sure what exactly; i set them all to 0 because i don't use any software acceleration) • m_customaccel_exponent "0" • m_customaccel_max "0" • m_customaccel_scale "0" last 3 only work if m_customaccel is set to 1 as far as i know.
2013-04-24 21:22
that makes sense!
2013-04-24 21:43
'ex_interp "0" (to reflect the new updaterate; 0.01 would be incorrect)' I'd highly disagree. Most servers still use sv_maxupdaterate 100, if that.
2013-04-24 21:29
if the server forces your cl_updaterate to 100, setting ex_interp to 0 will still make it correct -- 0.01 is NOT the correct value for 101, it's 0.009.
2013-04-24 21:43
I still think ex_interp if set to 0 is actually calculated client-side, that is according to your cl_updaterate value. Though that's easy to be tested.
2013-04-24 21:53
well regardless i haven't heard of servers using 100 anymore in years and years, i think everyone has been using 101 at least for the past 7-8 years, so setting it to 0 can't be that much off ^^
2013-04-24 21:58
this dont work for non steam,just for steam cs 1.6 ?
2013-04-25 02:56
Have they cracked the post updates CS already?
2013-04-25 21:42
Nice guide. Well, after the first updates i could go from desktop to cs in less than 1 second, but now, since i formatted my PC i can't do it anymore, and i must use -nofbo to run cs, otherwise it won't work. I don't know if formatting the pc caused this, or the newest updates just messing up my game. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
2013-04-25 03:08
if you use same resolution and refresh rate in cs and in os, alt-tabbing is instant (which NOT using -nofbo enables). if you use same refresh rate it's relatively fast - and if refresh rate differs it takes forever. maybe that helps.
2013-04-25 03:21
Yeah i know that but, i do have same refresh rate on both(cs and desktop), only the resolution differs, however it takes too damn long from alt-tabbing, like 3 sec. And it wasn't like that before.. And now i must use -nofbo to run cs, otherwise it won't open.
2013-04-25 03:40
i always played on sensivity 1 to 1.3, now it feels like it is "-10" but it is still on 1.3 -.- fuck valve and their shity updates... they do everything to move 1.6 player to cs:go so they can make money -.-
2013-04-25 12:27
Denmark Wich 
you properly played with accel... sadly valve have change everything about how accel is. you need to play around the accel settings to what feels best
2013-04-25 12:42
• -noforcemparms (if not used, windows will uncheck "enhanced pointer precision every time you load CS) Can you rephrase that? I'm looking for a command to disable that when you're alt tabbed the mouse doesn't go crazy every time you die. You see, I like to AFK so...
2013-04-25 15:20
just press esc or friends before tabbing
2013-04-25 18:24
Does anybody know what cl_mousegrab does?
2013-04-26 03:34
please help.. my zoom sensi ratio is not normal..after update double scope sensi too low as compared to before...its set to 1.2 = default but not like before..this change has happend after update..single scope sensi is okay but double scope sensi is very low to aim..
2013-04-26 04:22
my 1.6 is still the same, am i missing something?
2013-04-26 05:44
this morning i update cs:go and dota2 why no 1.6 ?
2013-04-26 06:38
the thing about this is that when you set your ex_interp 0 and have cl_updaterate 102, ex_interp sets it self to 0.009 which is the right value for cl_updaterate 110(doesn't exist), not 101 or 102. So you might get some registry problems. This has been the case before and I think it's still the same (not sure though).
2013-04-26 07:14
2013-04-26 10:40
lurppis and what about the sound options that existed? EAX and stuff? can we still get a way of having them?
2013-04-26 11:10
never used them, wouldn't know. i don't see why you would need them.
2013-04-26 21:24
Hungary lemusz 
lurppis: What do u prefer in mouse settings? m_rawinput, DPI, Hz, Win, mousefix, regedit values, Launch and so on...
2013-04-26 21:29
m_rawinput is listed in my topic. using that, windows sens, mousefix and regedit values don't make a difference. i personally use 400 cpi and 500hz, but that's just my preference.
2013-04-27 03:22
Hello Mr. Lurppis i have new cs and pls back my old sens.mouse cl_mousegrab "0" m_rawinput "0" m_customaccel "0" m_customaccel_exponent "1" m_customaccel_max "0" m_customaccel_scale "0.04" m_mousethread_sleep "2" and -gl -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 85 -w 640 -nofbo -nomsaa mouse steelseries ikari optical.. thats okey? or change?
2013-04-26 23:55
you should use m_rawinput 1 since you clearly don't want to use acceleration. -gl, -w 640, -nomsaa and --noforcemaccel do nothing so you may as well remove them. i'd also recommend doing the vga pin hack to get 100hz if you're playing on a crt.
2013-04-27 03:23
and how to do it? how to get a 100 hz?
2013-04-28 12:24
2013-04-27 07:55
Video tab: "Low video quality" disables anisotropic filtering, making the game (along with -nofbo) exactly like before.
2013-04-27 08:35
that makes sense. is there any way to confirm it?
2013-04-28 20:51
As far as i know, you can only judge it by view, but speaking in facts it disables the new filtering method and go back to the original GoldSrc's one.
2013-04-28 21:38
-freq doesnt work anymore.To play at 100hz you need to have your desktop freq at 100hz.
2013-04-27 17:42
try it yourself :)
2013-04-28 20:52
only have a laptop atm with me, can't try without an external monitor
2013-04-28 20:55
it doesnt work or not like it used to be.Now everytime I wanna play cs I have to switch my desktop res to 800*600( only res my monitor allows 100hz).
2013-04-28 21:03
True, as valve said it's only working with "some" monitors (there is no list of what ones) so the only fix is using "refreshlock" or another program to lock monitor hz
2013-04-28 21:42
Pretty hilarious if you ask me. If it worked before with most if not all CRTs I do not understand where the problem may be to enable it again. Maybe the new rendering might offer a clue but I am not sure how much the CRT would actually be affected by this with regard to its refresh rate.
2013-04-30 21:53
This is even true? rate "100000" cl_updaterate "102" ex_interp "0" cl_cmdrate "105" It's that I played well today and I did not record very well ....
2013-04-27 18:41
100k, 102, interp 0, cmdrate 101 is correct at least. i don't know about 105 cmdrate. then again, i doubt any rate setting truly matters beyond the 20k-100-100 levels
2013-04-28 20:49
Finally omfg. Thank you very much lurppis! My cs has been fixed. Finally :9
2013-04-27 19:38
Lithuania disesion 
Hey, maybe someone knows how to fix mouse movement? It gets slow after i change any settings ingame.
2013-04-27 21:52
1.6 <3
2013-04-28 10:43
in ESEa finals your mates used interp 0?
2013-04-28 16:36
whatever esea uses in their gui i suppose. i have no idea what that is. i don't believe any of that truly matters.
2013-04-28 20:50
Lurppis the best, ty mate will sticky for anyone who asks!
2013-04-28 21:47
ty man!<3
2013-04-28 23:08
Thanks a lot i don't know hw but now my CS works a little bit smoother - it's good ofc. Had gl_ansio "1" and changed to "0", it can make a difference ? And funny thing, on some DM, server says "You have wrong interp '0'. Please change it to 0.01 ;o
2013-04-28 23:45
Thanks for the help man !! :D
2013-04-30 07:21
Thanks for this Lurppis :D Glad you posted this so I can play a bit of CS after so much time without doing it :D
2013-04-30 07:57
The people share your config files under an updated CS 1.6?) can lay out your fellow Lurpiss cfg?)
2013-04-30 11:07
Thanks lurrpis
2013-04-30 12:18
CS is smoother now thnx lurrpis <3
2013-05-01 13:42
CS is more smoother than before now thnx lurrpis <3
2013-05-01 14:00
That was a good post for guys who still didnt knew how to fix their cs. Good stuff
2013-05-01 21:50
what you recomend, 100hz or 120hz?? -freq 120? or -refresh 120?
2013-05-02 15:08
If you aren't LAN pro player, then use 120hz if possible, because it gives you advantage to 100hz and lower hz users. Most CS pro players uses just 100hz, because of almost all LAN events computers monitors only support 100hz max.. thats why they train their aim and everything with 100hz For example, GeT_RiGhT used to be Internet hero that owned everyone by far online and that time he used 120hz, after becoming PRO, his Internet aiming results fell clearly, because he switched to 100hz to be able to train in LAN circumstances. I dont know about CS:S and CS:GO, but in CS 1.6 120hz clearly give you superior advantage
2013-05-03 18:04
what the fuck are you saying? 100hz is smoother and "faster" than 120 so 100 should give you advantage , and everyone can notice that , because the FPS is synced with the HZ (100-100). usually LCD's that support 100hz(on non-byoc lans) always support 120 too , cause they are ''gaming'' monitors and every single one of them has 120 by def...and good crt's(which were used at some events) support 120 too... you play with whatever you fucking please , some players play better and shoot better with 120hz , others with 100hz ~ but every human eye can see 100hz is smoother than 120hz(again cause fps and hz are synced). some people even have problems with gpu/monitor and feature "tearing" on the monitor at 100hz so they are forced to play with 120 cause they see the those lines usually appearing and it disturbs eye + gameplay(even tho they would play on 100 cause it feels better than 120). btw , lol'd at that 2nd paragraph where you said you need use 120hz if you're not a professional player...HAHAHAHA
2013-05-03 20:22
1) "the FPS is synced with the HZ (100-100)." Actually that is lie that have been proved in several university researches. That sentence is as much lie as saying that human eye cannot see more than 25/30 frame per second. 2) usually LCD's that support 100hz(on non-byoc lans) always support 120 too , cause they are ''gaming'' monitors Actually 90% of events nowadays have monitors that doesn't support 120hz. So you hardly cant call them full "gaming monitors". If you doubt that, just go yourself to one big CS:GO event. 3) but every human eye can see 100hz is smoother than 120hz(again cause fps and hz are synced). Again wrong. Most people who play with 120hz use it, because they clearly see it way more smoother than 100hz. cs fps and hz aren't synced, that is simple fact. I have talked with Valve workers and programmers and even they have agreed that. If you have any university level research that claims to prove otherwise please add it here. Don't bother posting anything like: "my friend agree with me" / "someone is agreeing with me"
2013-05-03 21:17
i'm talking about 1.6 , not csgo with updated engine and higher fps rates. 1) it is a FACT that if you put 100hz while having 100fps you see the game much smoother and faster than 120hz(but many have tearing so dont use 100 even tho they would like to , like me and others) 2) give me a name of a LCD monitor used at a 1.6 major event(non-byoc) that was locked at 100hz and below(without having possibility of going to 120hz) 2.5) even if they are "forced" to play on 100 it is better for everyone. 3) i don't need your valve workers or university researches to tell me this shit since i've experienced this myself(lan too) and so have the random/semi-pro/professional players i know(and talked to about this in the recent/past years). 4) dunno what drugs you are on , but even if the fps isnt exactly synced , the more the refresh rate is closer to the fps the smoother the game looks in your eyes while you are running in front of you. open the game(1.6) twice with -freq/refresh 100/120 and see for yourself. even a player that has 100fps in 1.6 and has shitty monitor(75hz lcd) sees the game way smoother & nicer if he locks the fps_max to 75(confirmed , again , if you dont believe , check by yourself). last reply you`ll get from me , since you are stubborn and dont want to understand a simple concept that has been running through this game in front of your eyes for years yet you keep denying.
2013-05-03 23:20
And what prevents you getting synced monitor hertz and in-game fps with 120?
2013-07-07 15:06
Hey lurppis or anyone please help me out here. I cant seem to locate userconfig file after this new update... so fucking weird it's so annoying after changing your new correct ex_interpt value n afterward its return to the default value. Thx for the great guide lurppis
2013-05-07 07:17
you can create a new userconfig.cfg if you don't have one. make sure you use the new cstrike folder in its new location.
2013-07-04 09:12
lurppir, come on ,visit indonesia, , because most people play cs 1.6,, i want feel turnament with you,friend or rival. . Please come on indonesia. .
2013-05-08 14:44
There is still no way to make CS run on 100fps on HD Graphics? I tryied like everything but it doesn't work. In theory the 128mb should be enough for 1.6 but fps drops all the time.
2013-05-08 15:57
it's not about the 128mb, the onboard video card (which is what intel hd graphics is) simply isn't fast enough, sorry.
2013-07-04 09:13
what about -32bpp command? is it still working
2013-05-08 16:25
lurppis, when i set ex_interp 0 in userconfig, i go play, i go check the interp and the game set it to 0.009, is this correct?
2013-05-09 10:32
yes, it is. ex_interp 0.01 is actually incorrect for updaterate 101.
2013-07-04 09:12
How can I get the previous weapon as to how it used to work? I have mousewheel up should take previous gun in the HUD like it used to but now it instantly takes the previous weapon with scroll which is annoying.
2013-05-17 19:50
i recommend actually reading the blog: "• hud_fastswitch "2" (same as 1 used to be)"
2013-07-04 09:04
thanks brah
2013-07-04 15:55
hud_fastswitch isn't a command anymore in go? Says unknown command.
2013-07-04 21:11
don't know anything about commands in cs:go, thought you were referring to 1.6.
2013-07-04 21:15
Yeah worked for 1.6 but sad I can't get it in go =D
2013-07-04 21:16
lurppis op, ggwp
2013-05-18 14:29
Poland kR5 
I have one problem with cs after this update. When i play online or with bots and when i want to say something to microphone and i push talk button the game lag at one sec, every time... i don't have idea how to fix it. Can anyone help me with that?
2013-06-21 10:31
I can't set my refresh rate to 75hz, any help? -freq 75 doesn't work. When I put render mode to software I get 75hz but the game feels laggy, when I turn render on opengl I get 60hz...
2013-06-23 18:16
It also works if I set desktop to 1280x720@75hz but that isn't really a solution as I use different resolution on my desktop...
2013-06-23 19:08
It also works with a program called "Refresh Lock".
2014-02-13 00:59
cl_nosmooth 1 or 0?which is better?
2013-07-12 18:09
Germany gg-wp 
2013-07-14 02:59
Can anybody tell me why -freq doesn't work for me still? I tried taking out -nofbo and it makes no difference. Yes, I have a CRT monitor! I'm sick of 60hz!!!
2013-07-19 02:18
cmdrate value?
2013-07-27 20:46
Thanks a lot lurppis. about Launch options what i must put ? note : for bad PC . lol
2013-07-28 17:53
fps_override what 1 or 0?
2013-07-30 18:30
Thanks for the info lurppis. I wonder if I'm playing on a server that still uses old settings such as maxrate 25000 maxupdaterate 101...etc, should I use the settings you posted or should I stick with the old ones? and speaking of which, what are the recommended server commands atm? thanks!
2013-08-11 14:19
bump (for the newbs)
2014-01-04 19:31
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
ty for info topic paster and lurppis
2014-02-13 01:11
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
didnt know some launch options =]
2014-02-13 01:12
2014-02-20 11:31
how about m_mousethread_sleep? It changes the HZ of the mouse ingame 1000 Hz - m_mousethread_sleep 1 500 Hz - m_mousethread_sleep 2 250 Hz - m_mousethread_sleep 4 125 Hz - m_mousethread_sleep 8
2014-03-24 16:44
Hey Lurppis, are you still playing cs1.6? or you went to shity cs:go :)
2014-08-06 03:55
I got several things: 1) Many 1.6 servers limit updaterate to only 30 packets per second (sv_maxupdaterate 30), so setting cl_updaterate to 102 or whatever value higher than 30 is not only useless, but also can be dangerous (see #2). 2) You play on a server with sv_maxupdaterate 30, you set cl_updaterate to 102 and ex_interp to 0. Your ex_interp turns to 0.009, but you receive up to 30 packets, and your ex_interp should be not 1/102=0.009 (9 ms), but 1/30=0.033 (33 ms). I think you should set ex_interp to 0.033 in every case. 3) Your fps should at least match your cmdrate, if you set cmdrate to 101, you should have at least 101 fps. With fps_max 100 you will have 100.5 fps.
2015-02-04 20:55
Belarus ALBiNh0 
so guys i decided to play some casual after 2 years not playing pixelsix and faced with the problem: i can't get my fps higher then monitors frequency. i use these launch options -nofbo -nomsaa -noforcemparms -freq. did i forget smth?
2015-09-15 20:51
Belarus ALBiNh0 
2015-09-15 21:18
2015-12-10 04:21
yes lurpis
2015-12-10 04:23
cl_mousegrab m_mousethread_sleep what the function of these commands? ??
2016-01-15 11:33
2015 year settings?
2016-02-25 22:09
What is the last settings ? Is that ?? rate 100000;cl_cmdrate 101;cl_updaterate 102;ex_interp 0
2016-03-13 05:25
Sweden timecard 
I have been doing research on CS since the release of 2013. Setting fps_max to 100 forces the client to send 50 client commands a second (cmdrate 50), this explains why people feel that 99 or anything below 100 is better. See my post Enjoy
2016-04-13 03:03
Czech Republic jF. 
2016-06-17 23:43
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