Blog: "Valve, wake up!" or "my point of view about CSGO"

April 26th, 2013 16:44
Hey guys, what's up,

my name's Rich, I'm 16yo boy from Slovakia, studying at private grammar in second biggest city in country, in Kosice. Today, I want to discuss about CSGO generally, and about current situation in which Global Offensive is. Sorry for my low English skills, thanks in advance.

Okay, let's start.

CSGO was annouced by Valve as successor of previous versions of CS, back in August 2011 (not word by word like "GO will be successor", but time showed that GO is successor because big tournaments has closed support for 1.6 & Source from 2012). Game was initially programmed without some core aspects which made Counter-Strike unique, if I remember right, like without recoil (respectively, recoil was totally random without any pattern), game was "simplified" to Xbox style - many corridors in maps were closer (and with closer corridors they've added fog to maps as element of console game IMO), build on L4D2 engine (you can see the mimics of Left 4 Dead 2 by just spectating some matchmaking or GOTV, where are player silhouttes in xray mode almost same as in L4D2) etc., basically all game was tweaked with help of progamers from VeryGames, with players like hudzG, wilzOOO, stingeR etc., and game was tweaked with their help, tips and ideas about how the game should look like.

One of first, maybe pre-alpha gameplay, idk:

Okay, now next stage, going into beta.
As time went on, game entered beta stage, at IEM Valve handed out some beta keys to spectators, progamers & participants of IEM. Game was changing to good way, these types of people like progamers & others, again, shouted some ideas to Valve devs and they done changes to the game.

Game entered beta stage. Again, Valve handed out some beta keys to participants of IEM, progamers and spectators. Also, types of people like progamers & others started to shout some ideas to Valve, like _se maps, which are made purely for competetive gaming, spectator mod, and some other things. Valve announced date of GO release, 21st of August 2012. Game was released to the public, with cooler and more changes comparing to early and mid beta stages of game. But still, there were some things which the game didn't have. For Source and 1.6 was typical spectator client, I mean, HLTV or SourceTV. Successor didn't had that. Also, for both predecessors was typical that M4A1 had silencer (which is a detail by the way, I don't care for it because I like the M4 as is now, but fans and players asked for it for a long long time, since the game entered beta stage, and silencer is still not implemented yet despite the ticket @ 64bitvps which has still status underway - it has it since the ticket was posted). Also game has some critical bug, for example, this bug: de_nuke - when you throw the smoke grenade outside (on yard) and you'll go to backway (going to B), smoke is accidentally extended on backway when entering the B bombsite. ( Next critical bug which blocks gameplay is that enemy flashes from behind the wall for like 0.5 seconds and then he walks from behind the wall, which is another annoying bug who appears since the game was released. Another bugs like suiciding on D2 B bombsite cause of silly boxes or on Nuke's A bombsite's buggy nuclear thingy which causes suicide by jumping on it is really dumb. There are many many and again, many bugs which should be fixed and ideas which should be implemented ASAP, but CSGO devs are just sitting on their fat asses (sorry for some abusive words but this is reality) and releasing dumb updates since they released recoil patch back in January.

What's the point?

Casual players are more comfortable comparing to Competetive players. (I mean, they are in better position than Competetive players). Why? That's the question.

For some reason, Valve is slowly forgotting that there are many competetive players and they're bringing total garbage to game. After January update (which tweaked recoil), nothing has changed @ competetive level. Valve revamped hostage mode (again for casual players), added Operation Payback (which is maybe mimic of incoming F2P, but I will talk about it later) - again - for casual players and for competetive players? Nothing. In CSS and 1.6, I think that vast majority of players, both competetive and casual players, did not complain about game. But current situation is horrible. _se maps which were made for competetive level are not included in CSGO matchmaking - then why the hell is competetive matchmaking with classic maps without _se suffix? For what is this good? I'm not going to discuss about 64tick servers, almost everyone pray for 128tick servers which are 100times better, but this is not a major problem imo.

Next problem is "ELO Hell" - all LoL players know it, basically it's problem when you can't jump to better rank because of something - retarded teammates or very high enemy (not going to talk about individual skills, because when you just win about 10 games and you lose 4 with low score, but your team WON and it doesn't depend on your score, it's not normal to jump to new rank and then immediately lose this new rank - this is absolutely ridiculous). Bugs mentioned above (with smoke grenade and flashing enemy for 0.5 seconds from behind the wall) are in game for a long time, and instead of fixing critical bugs which are mostly blocking competetive game (I don't mean it verbatim, but imagine some important situation like 1v5 and the smoke from yard blocks your vision in backway) they just add benefits to Casual players again. Why are Valve devs so brainless? Look at Dota2 dev team, they updated game twice in last 7 days and GO? One update per two, maybe three weeks, and as I said - these updates are like "Added Mongolian flag" or "added cvar for public servers".

Valve should wake up if they want save their fans and players of this game. Firstly, some known people from the scene like RegnaM or J3Di should sent directly to Valve some ideas and changes again, and all pro players should hook up with these 2 persons. Next thing is they should remind devs that they should listen to us - community, because we want to change game and bring some ideas. Look at Riot - they listen to community and they update the game like community want ASAP, not like GO devteam - fans & players wanted M4 silencer since game has been released, today is 26th of April 2013, year ago the game was in beta stage and still didn't have silencer. Or GO devteam should be more like Dota2 devteam, making some significant updates and none of those pointless updates like Mongolian flag or what the f$#k it was. Also, n0thing and GuardiaN mentioned that AWP should not have blur and other things and should have quickscoping etc., shortly said - it should be like in the old CS versions. I think n0thing is more than good player, he belongs to world's best players and more of you will probably have the same opinion. Also maps - why they did not include custom made maps like de_mill into competetive matchmaking? Maybe something is in the works, because Mirage WILL BE in competetive matchmaking (I hope it will be without fog) - finally after infinite waiting for it, but anybody don't knows when, let's just hope it woudln't turn out like M4 silencer. (proof - If Valve will listen to pro players and community again, it will look like this -> more community-friendly updates = more streams = more players = more spectators = more tournaments = more sponsors = more money for them = game we all always wanted to be, with community ideas and changes implemented.

About F2P - today's patch includes Operation Payback, which is paid (like $2,99 or some similar price). It should sound weird or funny, but maybe this is beginning of F2P - devs must start with something discretely, and in near future we will see game F2P.
fancy1 | 
Korea dafNaY 
Valve tries to bring casual players into CSGO. They are going to realise it doesnt work, and hopefully focus into competitive scene more.
2013-04-26 16:48
Valve: MORE HATS ! ! !
2013-04-26 16:52
United Kingdom stato 
casual is wat makes gaming grow...l2 use logic
2013-04-26 17:02
Slovakia xarc 
this is questionable, but majority of players are casual..
2013-04-26 17:16
fancy1 | 
Korea dafNaY 
That why after their previous fabulous patch (that we were waiting for over a month) introducing the ability to carry a hostage , the numbers of csgo players increased drasticly. Nope.
2013-04-26 17:35
you know it _b
2013-04-26 20:30
If it doesn't work at all,Go will die quickly.Can you imagine a sport event like soccer or basketball whose players are all competitive will exist in the world for a long time?
2013-04-28 11:54
valve just some retards its so hard to fix deagle,tickerate to 128 , tapping ,and maybe movement, silencer, nerf glock, adjust p2000 and replace de_inferno_Se for de_inferno_ce, lags on GOTV
2013-04-26 16:55
so do it, egghead
2013-04-26 19:04
Germany VxO4 
thats kinda funny to hear from Counter-Strike_Global_Offensive
2013-04-26 20:58
I do not do updates
2013-04-26 21:19
Germany VxO4 
I know right. And if you do its mostly crap :D
2013-04-26 21:22
Slovakia kubiaxk 
xD lol
2013-04-27 15:11
whats your prob with _se? *replace maps on MM with _se maps, + add mirage mill/tuscan season cache
2013-04-26 21:24
why should they replace inferno_se for _ce? se is good enough.. the only thing they should change on _se is unwanted stuff on map. Movement is fine, glock & p2000 are fine aswell. The only thing they should change is tickrate to 128 and deagle.
2013-04-28 11:20
PLAYERS WAKE UP, the game is shit and valve don't give a shit
2013-04-26 16:55
I didn't read your article but Valve doesn't really get what they're doing wrong. Instead of getting casual stuff into the game they should make the game GOOD. If the game is GOOD more players will join and they would do all those mods and such on their own and Valve could support them then. Instead they're implementing pretty much useless stuff every update which is pretty sad in my opinion.
2013-04-26 16:56
2013-04-26 16:58
2013-04-26 17:02
United States nytz 
the day that never comes
2013-04-26 19:48
2013-04-27 11:28
For me it's the retard-run: Who will fix their shit first? Valve or CSP?! No one knows .... maybe 2gd's reborn will be out before both :D ...
2013-04-26 17:08
CSP will never gain any playerbase. Even if they update the game and if they would, Valve would too.
2013-04-26 17:11
can u tell me the numbers for the upcoming lottery as well? would be great ...
2013-04-26 17:14
Germany VxO4 
68321268 Na seriously from where do you think the playerbase will increase out of nowhere?
2013-04-26 21:00
who said "out of nowhere"? as long as there are people upset with CS:GO ..there's a theoretical base of players you can attract to :D ...
2013-04-26 21:08
Germany VxO4 
If you cut out CSS and CS 1.6 then yes :D I mean its always the same game. First CSP releases a new update the first 3 days Every CSP server is full with people then people stop playing it for what ever reason and seems to be dead.
2013-04-26 21:17
cuz there is no reason to play CSP. competitive? cmon ...nope. not atm. public? people don't care/know. Future will tell..if everything is finished
2013-04-26 21:49
Germany VxO4 
Okay see ya in 10years then. Not sure if you will be still playing any games till then :D
2013-04-26 22:04
I will. Why not. :D
2013-04-27 00:52
retard-run :D
2013-04-26 18:50
This is surprisingly accurate.
2013-04-27 00:51
Yeah..its actually extremely sad the FPS scene has to face this era while MOBA's and RTS just .... explode. -.-
2013-04-27 00:55
And i am pretty sure that devs team didnt update some inmortant things in this year
2013-04-26 17:15
wall of text cba reading
2013-04-26 17:38
Slovakia crushyou 
why ppl are crying about silencer?
2013-04-26 17:39
Because it added a form of stealth to the game
2013-04-26 18:02
Valve's attitude makes sense you know, next update will bring us kenya flag so players from there gonna feel atracted to join the cs community and the existing kenya players happy
2013-04-26 18:55
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
valve probably don't even know what is
2013-04-26 20:25
They obviously do when they advertise it in game.
2013-04-26 20:28
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
so they probably don't read the forums at all
2013-04-26 20:43
Your statement. "Valve probably don't even know what is" My answer "They obviously do when they advertise it in game" I don't know how forums are anything to do with your statement.
2013-04-26 20:46
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
You said Valve knows what is Despite that fact, imo Valve dont read's forums because they do nothing to update this game
2013-04-26 20:50
You said they dont even know what is I stated that INGAME they advertise HLTV. I didn't say they "read the forums". If I was them, I wouldn't either. Some of the feedback is incredibly shit on these forums.
2013-04-26 21:09
so what do we want? we want silencers, ability to carry two flash bangs, 1.6 crosshair, unlimited boosting and 1.6 movement.
2013-04-26 20:34
So the thing we want back is CS 1.6.
2013-04-26 20:51
Im sorry but correct me if I'm wrong... You've just said that you're 16yo... right? WHAT THE FUCK do you know about COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY? You haven't even been to a lan. I'm really tired of this kids talking about "the competitive scene" "the competitive gameplay" "the competitive community". They are just repeating things that other people said. I'm not saying that Valve is making everything ok, but please, stop this "I know what the community needs". The community starts in the casuals. Valve needs to make things for the casual player. Of course I'm not saying "hey you should dumb down the game for every cod player to like it", that's not my point. But if they can add things that appeal the casual gamer without changing well known gameplay elements, that's fine for me. On the other hand, Valve's idea of paying to mapmakers is GREAT. Maybe the problem is that they do not fix things that should have been fixed long time ago, but cut the crap. Please. F...cking kiddo. PS: You said "Look at Dota2 dev team, they updated game twice in last 7 days and GO?". Are you stupid? Of course they are going to make changes to a game with 3millon unique players a month. Valve is a business and their goal is to make money. Like any other company. Get over it. The CSGO dev team is a lot smaller than dota's one, so dont expect updates every week. You talk about F2P but nobody at Valve said that it was going to happen, so, again, you're talking about things you don't know. "If Valve will listen to pro players and community again, it will look like this -> more community-friendly updates = more streams = more players = more spectators = more tournaments = more sponsors = more money for them = game we all always wanted to be, with community ideas and changes implemented." says the 16yo kid who knows anything about business. Jesus... let freaking valve do their job. If CSGO has to be the number one fps game, it will be, eventually. Let's hope that they will do things we want when the time comes.
2013-04-26 21:06
Slovakia xarc 
if they want to make CSGO as #1 fps, why they do not patch the critical bugs and listen to community? If they were bastards, they wouldn't release recoil update, but after recoil update, "silence has spoken", and from that time, all updates are made for casual players and competetive players are forgot and why? nobody knows. okay, my question is, you know everything about progaming? you have been to lan? oh than, congratz. you're n1 okay, if GO devteam is releasing update every three weeks, why are those updates so dumb, like adding flags? it's totally pointless and I cannot believe they're fixing critical bugs more than half year. by the way, it's my personal opinion how I imagine it and not screaming like "hey b*#ches fix it immediately", but if we take the game serious and want to help CSGO grow, they should listen to community first, and yes, I know, casual players are creating majority of all CSGO players, but also competetive players should not be forgot
2013-04-26 21:46
Again, you're talking about the competitive players just because you play "Classic competitive". You're not a competitive player. You're just a kid. Yes, I've been in lans and yes, I've played this game competitively for the last 8 years, so I know what I'm talking about. By the way, I'm a systems engineering student so I know a few thing about updates and life-cycle of a software. Like I said, Valve thought that improving the cs mode was a good movement to take back cs maps to COMPETITIVE matchs. They are trying new things, so I don't see whats the problem of upgrading militia and releasing a new hostys mode. Adding a flag may look dumb for you, I guess you're not a macedonian. Like a guy on this forums once said, tweaking guns is hard (it's sure not fun at all), and is not the only thing they do. Let me give you an example: If they have a schedule like "Week one, recoil tweaking. Week 2, engine upgrade. Week tree new mode" they can't change their calendars just because some random kid screams in a forum that they need to change things. I don't know if you know but Valve has a really good statistics aproach. They count how many shots are being hit. I'm pretty sure they know that nobody is using the deagle, so, they'll change it, if they want to. Silencers? And make the already ct sided game MORE ct sided?. I'm sorry but as hard as it sounds, Valve cant hear what the "community" says only because they are "the community". Don't forget that "the community" is formed from a wide range of players, most of which can't adapt to the new game and are constantly asking for things because they are not willing to put time and effort to a NEW game. Although, here are some things that should (and I think they will be) changed in the near future: 128tick servers Movement penalty while firing (or as you may know it adadad spamming). Of course they could add mirage and cache to the map rotation, flashs and some _se maps, but those 2 things are the most importante right now.
2013-04-26 22:09
Slovakia xarc 
"One of our jobs is to learn how to read the community and understand the concerns. Everyone who posts and gives real feedback on the community sites has helped make the game better." Chet Faliszek they don't try to understand community, that's why they release so dumb updates. many tickets @ 64bitvps are there more than half year and still without result, and it has so many +++ votes. yes I know they can't change calendar and tweaking the whole game is not easy, but why they just don't visit 64bitvps and look at some very critical bugs? they add some retarded coins instead. why they do this? tell me.
2013-04-26 22:18
Are you writing to me? Or someone else, pls use reply button thing.
2013-04-26 21:00
I've used the reply button on the original thread, so no, I'm not talking to you...
2013-04-26 21:15
Ok, srry.
2013-04-26 21:29
Look at Riot Games for a sec. What are they doing right? *Listens alot to the community *Listens ALOT to the competitive scene (mainly changes - nerfs/buffs from tournaments. *Reads their forums and actively(is that a word?) suggests changes, informs the community about certain things etc.. *Keeping it free to play the right way with transactions with c00l skins and such. They are doing it right The thing is, the company promoted the game sooo much by doing everything themselves. They had it in their hands at the start and as you may have seen, it worked in their favor. They listen, they interract with the community and actualy listens... and belive it or not... it's their first game. What Valve needs to do. *Listen to the PRO community Why? THAT attracts MANY people to start playing. You can test yourself in League, join a random game and ask if anyone knows (etc. wickd, froggen, lamia, hotshot, dyrone). In 9/10 situations, people will know who at least some of them are. Streaming: Maybe MOBA is alot more pleasing to the eye to watch but we don't really have any good players streaming on a steady schedule. We have our tournaments and that's all. Bitches and kids love the pros ya know. :) Matchmaking needs some work with _se maps aswell. VALVe are retarded for not noticing it. How are people suppose to look up to the good guys in the game, if they can't play matchmaking and play on equal grounds? equal maps? no fucking fog. Well, then there is glock, p2000, movement and the fucking deagle. Admit it, VALVe are lazy sons of a bitches. Enjoy the wall of text.
2013-04-26 21:56
Slovakia xarc 
this. they probably don't read 64bitvps and don't realize how are bugs critical and how community "screams" for tweaks and ideas how to change game. :( which is sad
2013-04-26 22:23
I think the devs are in a room much like North Korea. We are the people trapped. They get told that the game is a success and works on shit instead of fixing the most critical issues. They can't have any communication with the outside world.
2013-04-26 22:33
Slovakia xarc 
how hard is to fix these things: 1 - Fix ADADADADAD moving and shooting. Wayyyyyy too accurate. Jedi has made many posts as well as Jimmy Wisenhunt about simple console commands that fix this 2 - Make the deagle like in 1.6/source. It sucks now, and was OP a few updates ago. Revert all the patches that changed the Deagle before the OP patch. 3 - Fix the glock to the 1.6 glock. It is too OP in pistol rounds right now. Another thing easily done by testing a few commands out and looking at the Source version. 4 - Add silencers. Duh. Code is already done for Source, can't be that hard to add. 5 - 128 tick servers Done easily by changing server commands 6 - SE maps in MM (no fog) Probably the easiest thing to do, just remove the normal maps and add the SE maps as the default ones. 7 - 2 flashbangs in MM This actually maybe the easier thing to do since there are already commands in the game that allow for this which are used in ESEA tournaments. 8 - mirage/cache/mill/season etc... in MM Again not that hard 9 - Fix the major gameplay bugs not that hard again
2013-04-26 22:45
Hi! Would you guys ever stop talking about silencer? Please understand 1�-The M4 version is M4A4, so it was designed without a silencer! In 1.6 or cs:s version the M4 version is M4A1 so that's why it has a silencer! 2�-Even if the M4 has silencer it will be useless since when you shoot at someone or if he spots you an red dot will appear on radar! I probb agree when people talks about tweaks on weapons(since deagle is so fu**** up), movements,proper anticheat,and so on... but dfn Valve is just like Infinity Ward and some other game developers, they want to sell a product to make money, even knowing its the same stuff as cod series can reflect it through. Most of cods lately are simply as DLC's, but they somehow will sell the game to worth millions...and believe it or not, even cod players knowing that the game will be similar or it will not bring anything new but the maps, they still buying it. Unfortunately that's how game developers work.
2013-04-26 22:57
Finland teco 
Who cares about the gun model :DDD. If M4A4 doesnt have silencer then change it to M4A1. Problem solved.
2013-04-27 00:43
lol dude almost every weapon can have a silencer, thats not the point here
2013-04-28 00:12
Well, on COD you don't show up on the radar if you have silencer on. So, since CSGO is a wannabe COD game they should add silencer too.
2013-04-28 11:53
Sweden haia 
If you spend this much time on doing your research on the next paper for school, I am pretty sure your teacher would give you a blowjob because of the grade.
2013-04-27 01:08
Slovakia xarc 
If you have nothing to say, then gtfo. ty
2013-04-28 15:28
Sweden haia 
It's a game, just play it and don't say shit. Now grow some balls.
2013-05-06 23:05
Matchmaking servers are 64 tick because it demands less bandwidth=costs less. The normal maps are in because they stated that matchmaking can'r differ too much compared to casual pub, same thing with the 1 flashbang instead of 2.
2013-04-27 11:50
i have 894 h in csgo and from today i return to 1.6 because i play with my friends and its more awsome
2013-04-27 12:36
Who are you? and who care about your thought.
2013-04-27 12:53
wake up , csgo is crap.Valve never gave a shit.condition zero,source now csgo.
2013-04-27 14:15
Beats me, if they can't make changes for the betterment of the game, why bother putting loads of hours in it's making.
2013-04-27 14:37
Slovakia kubiaxk 
Forget about that Richard , they will never change ...I was at beginning, on steamforums... we tried help them to do better game, they got LOT OF FEEDBACK and TIME, but instead of make good game they constantly adding crap updates ...I lost hope for this developer team.
2013-04-27 15:17
Slovakia crushyou 
cry more
2013-04-27 23:31
Slovakia kubiaxk 
I am not crying ... I just dont care about Devs anymore ....
2013-04-28 11:00
Slovakia xarc 
hush jew
2013-04-28 15:28
Slovakia crushyou 
ok hungarian (:
2013-04-29 14:15
there is too solutions : or we go back to 1.6 and bring competition on it again, or we push csp up. csgo is made for casual players, valve don't listen to players and the game is completely fucked up.
2013-04-28 00:53
"Valve, wake up!" Hey guys, what's up, are you a rapper ?
2013-04-28 11:26
Slovakia xarc 
if you read my profile, you know I listen to deathcore and metalcore mostly, but nowadays I find out that hardcore is pretty cool too :)
2013-04-28 15:32
Valve rocks. LOL blows.
2013-05-06 23:17
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