Blog: My thoughts on how CS fans were not ready for GO

April 26th, 2013 22:20
First of all, I can completely understand why Valve and the sponsors (BenQ, msi, Steelseries, etc) wanted a new CS game on the shelves. From Valve's perspective, a new CS game equals more money in their pocket which is completely understandable. As for the sponsors, it's probably not ideal for a company like msi to advertise their top-of-the-line new $1000 gaming laptop to gamers playing a game that could run on a samsung galaxy s3.

The reason why I think GO hasn't and will not bring in the desired amount of viewers is because WE, the players and viewers, were not ready to switch over to a new game. 1.6 did not die because the graphics suck. Heck, I think we can all agree that 1.6's graphics were actually perfect for a competitive FPS game (can't say the same about GO). 1.6 did not die because the gameplay felt dated, on the contrary I'm sure most CS fans can agree that 1.6 had the best gameplay of the entire series. Did 1.6 die because we were bored of the game? If so, why not just make some new maps instead of switching to a whole new game? Some people say it died because watching the same teams win all the time was boring. Well CS:GO is not any better in that respect, if anything it's worse, and there is no hope on the horizon for this to change. All the hungry young gamers are going to play LoL, SC2, or DOTA2. In my opinion, 1.6 died because Valve threw this game at us. Almost the same thing happened in '04 when we were given CS:S, but we made our opinions clear and as a result the pro CS:S scene was weak and 1.6 continued to thrive.

So why now do we bend to what Valve wants us to watch and play? I read these forums daily, and I think 99% of the user base would be happier if the game of choice was still 1.6, so why the hell isn't it? It'd be one thing if CS:GO was drawing in hundreds and thousands of causal fans watching streams, but it isn't! I mean for fuck's sake viewership has GONE DOWN since 1.6, yet GO is still the game that tournament organizers opt to stick with even though it's less profitable (yeah that's logical *rolls eyes*)

Of course these are just my opinions, and I could very well be mistaken. Maybe when NiP stops raping everybody and the scene becomes more competitive viewership will increase. Maybe if GOTV becomes less laggy, it'll bring in more viewers. Maybe when the players actually figure out how to control their spray more people will tune in. But I doubt it. I really think this game is doomed to fail. You can't just throw a game that people don't like at them and tell them to watch it, you'll never get the desired viewer count that way.

Valve released CS:S in '04 and we realized then that it was inferior to 1.6, so we didn't switch. But why are we now bending to Valve's will and leaving a nearly perfect game for an inferior one?
Serbia sALE 
Everything you said is true,reason why we switched is cuz valve has learned from its mistakes with pushing out 1.6 when source came out(incidentally they didnt learn from their mistakes with gameplay :D),i agree wholeheartedly 1.6 only needed new maps or even remakes of classic maps,its gameplay is still most balanced,requires most skill.
2013-04-26 22:27
Thank you so much for reading and commenting my friend :D
2013-04-26 22:30
Estonia looodi 
2013-04-26 23:16
New maps? Good idea.
2013-04-27 05:39
You're sure, I was not ready to adapt to a worse game. I'm still not ready.
2013-04-26 22:44
Because Cs 1.6 have been dropping in popularity regardless. During past few years prior to CSGO releasse. In golden days all popular servers were constantly full and anyone could open new server and get enough players effortlessly. CWs were easy to find and there were a lot teams playing every day for hours... But not during the past few years prior to CSGO release, there already was an considerable drop in popularity. Less popular servers started dying, for cw's it got harder and harder to find opponents to play against. It's all because Cs 1.6 at this day and age is not appealing for new players anymore, since they had CSS with far better graphics to choose over it. Cs 1.6 is still popular, but it's being played by its same old generations of players without recedieving a fresh blood into its bloodstream.
2013-04-26 22:52
There should have been one huge tournament for CSS and 1.6 before the CS:GO release. Made by Valve or whatever. This would've been like a good start into CS:GO. Nevertheless they don't care about the competitive community. All the updates competitive players are asking for are getting ignored. I mean seriously why would it take them a year to keep fixing like 1 thing in 1 patch. It's just stupid. The game got better, yeah but it's not GREAT yet. Though, the 1.6 and CSS scene was so small at the end and yes, it WAS boring to watch the same teams again and again. Seeing it getting smaller and smaller was just boring. CS:GO was a great idea by Valve because people asked for it actually but they're failing again by not making it competitively good before concentrating on the casual market.
2013-04-26 22:49
they maybe trying to bring new players in from other games, so when they learn the game in a few years they will start pushing competitive updates. I mean I wouldn't really want to have perfect csgo now and then play it for few years and then get bored or wait for a new cs... Time will tell, but for now play whatever you want.
2013-04-26 23:41
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Everyone switched because they felt they had no choice, and I guess they believed Valve would actually try make a decent competitive game. Unfortunately, it's now at the stage where no-one plays 1.6, and the tournaments all support GO. It's a shame really.. Luckily for Valve there are still tons of sheep that still play it.
2013-04-26 22:51
Thanks to everyone who read. Interesting opinions all around! It seems that most of you guys agree that Valve simply doesn't know how to make a good competitive e-sport game, which raises the question in my mind: does the Counter-Strike series still have the potential to be a relevant e-sports game (competing with SC2 and LoL) if done correctly? Or is CS simply a series that can never be redeemed?
2013-04-26 23:12 "I have NEVER heard a single word from any of our sponsors about graphics. In fact, for our event in Shanghai two seasons ago it was Intel that asked us to run a local Chinese DotA tournament. We all know DotA is a game made on a 2002 engine." Straight from one of the biggest names in esports coverage, Carmac. But who cares. Threads and blogs like this will come every week and the community will keep jerking itself off as if its got everything figured out thinking the people running the show are complete idiots but you don't really have a clue. To put it plain and simple, the CS community does more talking than it does reading or actually investigating the subjects they broach.
2013-04-26 23:19
you are putting as reference one tournament held in lol
2013-04-26 23:26
First of all, he wasn't talking about just 1 event. Second, you clearly don't know who Carmac is. Do a bit of research, hes one of the most trusted and respected names in esports.
2013-04-30 09:07
Honestly speaking, the graphics quality hardly changes between Dota & Dota2, when compared to 1.6 and GO
2013-04-27 12:23
i always said: in the end it's all valves fault they didnt know what they could have done with cs 1.6
2013-04-26 23:14
i think they will milk the cow while it's alive and after buy a new one (see cod).
2013-04-26 23:36
Germany fulltilt 
if its about graphics why sponsor lol? its obv about the popularity of a game - And I dont think that the graphic is the reason why 1.6 was losing players. The prestige and respect the pros in 1.6 were recieving should be enough reason for young players to play the game. There is a different psychological reason behind it imo + bad promotion of esport in general.
2013-04-26 23:45
Portugal picc 
Just imagine what CS could have been with DECENT updates & match-making like LoL has... Seriously.
2013-04-27 01:00
Stop torturing us dude. No matter what we imagine, we have to go back to reality - CS GO. :(
2013-04-27 01:09
omg if riot owned 1.6 O_O
2013-04-27 02:40
New game,new buyers,new computers,new players,old players...but the main reason is $$$. Anyway,I stil prefer playing 1.6 mix,gather,warnight from time to time than this thing call CS:GO. I bought the game since 1st day and untill now I've played 32 hours,is awfull.
2013-04-27 01:09
play more than that. GO's spraying are easy as shit.
2013-04-27 04:02
I love both of the games! :)
2013-04-27 03:32
2013-04-27 04:03
its 3 paragraphs....but i guess you are representing the average cs user. 16 year old, who cant read, prolly some level of mental retardation and other stuff im not allow to say
2013-04-30 17:03
OP, you are wrong on almost 90% of what you ar saying. This game is not doomed to fail, it's already a succes for the devs, for the community and for the tournament orgas.
2013-04-27 05:35
India N3E 
1.6 just needed some Graphic change.. nothing else.. CS:GO is copied from COD :/
2013-04-27 05:42
2013-04-27 06:08
1.6 was getting stale, sponsors pulling out, the prize money at events was becoming less and less. Then some of the biggest/oldest Gaming Org's realised that it was no longer economically viable to run a CS team (ie SK, Mousesports). With the announcement of GO came the promise of a new CS game that would : * get continuous updates and support from VALVe * that would be co-developed with the help of professional CS players * that would supposedly unite the CS communities etc etc.. There was a lot to get excited about but as the game rolled out and it became apparent that VALVe werent listening (or listening to very little) and going in their own direction, the game is now just doomed to fail. If the game had of been good, imagine the support it would have received. Instead it doesnt matter what updates it gets now... the game is just shit. They can try and dress it up as much as they are willing to invest in it but under it all the game will still be just shit.
2013-04-27 06:08
the thing is that CS:GO has nothing in the game that you can compare to previous versions of counter strike , its a different game all together , and if taken from a different perspective its a pretty good one , the problem was naming it counter strike and forcing it upon the people , as you said. GO is a good game if not compared with 1.6 , as Gruppen said , CS:GO is just copied from COD. as for the blog , nice read! :)
2013-04-27 11:15
The true peak of 1.6 players who started in 03/04 have grown old and real life has hit them, without constant stream of young players who are enthusiastic and motivated 1.6 was going to die as a public game, it might pull in viewers but people stopped playing 1.6, CSGO was needed but they made a terrible game out of it
2013-04-27 12:09
2013-04-27 12:27
This is the heart of the issue really. Making a succesful FPS on the PC is so hard given the proliferation of COD/BF/Halo amongst console gamers etc
2013-04-30 17:49
This community is so stupid and cs was dying long time ago coz of it. Ur talking like 1.6 was strong community so superb and its dead coz of valve released csgo a didnt care abou us or whatever... - such a retarded statement. 1.6 was already dying way before csgo. - Ur implying that nowadays if csgo didnt exist then 1.6 would be superior as it was before ? ROFL - This community is and was always weak. Maybe u didnt noticed when there wasnt sc lol dota. Then maybe u could see a cs community super strong. But fact is its nothing compared to those others. - If this or former 1.6 community would be strong as u said. WHY THE FUCK DIDNT THIS STRONG COMMUNITY CARRIED 1.6 TILL NOW ? When every even switched to csgo why the fuck this 1.6 community didnt create their own event ? In other games as SC2 we saw and events for 20k (1v1game) organized by colege students. It wasnt the bggest thing in SC2 but if that would happend in 1.6 it would be considered as the biggest thing in 1.6. But nothing happend. In fact there a proof that 1.6 community was weak as fuck already when csgo came out. TLDR: This community claims themselves stronger than you actually are. would be totally ucked without valve. Why ? Coz you as an community alone can do and DID absolutly NOTHING.
2013-04-27 12:48
As for the sponsors, it's probably not ideal for a company like msi to advertise their top-of-the-line new $1000 gaming laptop to gamers playing a game that could run on a samsung galaxy s3. You killed me with the S3 part ! :D
2013-04-27 12:53
smc | 
United Kingdom smc123 
I agree it will never be as good as 1.6, but just get over it and move over to CS:GO if you still want to play competitively.
2013-04-27 13:14
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
Valve should have done one simple thing to be successful: CS 1.6 gameplay + new graphics + some little map adjustments + some new minor features = success by the way. Casual gamers have a wide selection of titles they could play. Why they should start playing GO when they have CoD and many more games. CS was and will always be for the same people who expect from the game to provide competitive gameplay.
2013-04-27 13:27
1.6 became boring yes, changing maps would have helped just a little bit. GO is a different game, alot new stuff to think about when playing. You dont have the viewers cuz 40% of ppl are too stubborn to try the game and 50% of guys have wooden pc.
2013-04-27 22:54
2013-04-30 17:13
2013-05-02 20:03
fact is that csgo was a nice idea (combining players from 2 different games that would mean at least 100k users and 500k streamers right?) but they failed badly because Valve made the game for casuals. CS (all versions except CZ)is a competitive game period. So for the next CS title to succeed it must be COMPETITIVE. seriously noone cared about cars,trash and shit. the thing the community wanted was a game that would combine the best things from css and 1.6 and then we would have a large cs community.
2013-04-30 17:07
It's simple, it's because you FAN boys never followed the game you only followed the players. "OMG NOW WE PLAY CSGO BECAUSE F0REST AND GET_RIGHT PLAY"
2013-04-30 17:18
Couldn't agree more. The reason why I had to stop 1.6, was because it really died out here in Norway, none plays it anymore, but I wish 1.6 could last longer, because this game is crap compared to 1.6.
2013-04-30 18:23
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