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May 1st, 2013 19:12
One of most important things for mastering a mice is to hold it in same grip, always. If not then it denies attaining perfect accuracy, because change in grip results in change of controls. It's vital for attaining good level of muscle memory.

Example – concept of the muscle memory

Just like in order to learn to write on keyboard without looking, you have to learn the default position of fingers on it, because this initial position allows you to remember and reach positions for all buttons without looking. Muscle memory on mice works the same way - in order to attain full control of mice, you have to learn how to hold it in precise grip. Without that it’s impossible to attain muscle memory via mice.

Change in grip results in disrupted control. Just like when making mistake by writing on keyboard, the cause of that mistake is most often is because fingers are misplaced on keyboard. Same goes for mastering a mice. You could say that your accuracy greatly depends on how precise your grip is.

Choosing a mice – the importance of design

Which means that very important is mice design - not just their ergonomical aspect to feel comfortable, but also accuracy aspect - the easier it is to find a precise grip on mice, the easier to sustain it and thereby easier to master the mice.

However, having to take uncomfortable grip in order to sustain accuracy speaks bad about mice design.

Same goes for design which is very comfortable, but hard to find and sustain a precise grip.

Discussion part – still in progress - let's go!

The informative part is over! What’s left is to discuss our own personal experiences in order to gather specific information about this topic. :)

I myself wasn’t aware about importance of grip until I put my thoughts about year ago, when I forced myself to fix my horrible grip which caused me problems.

However I still have problems with grip and that's because in order to sustain same grip on my A4Tech X7 I have to keep my little finger in uncomfortable position. Before it was just left hanging over mice and often caused problems by touching mousepad by accident. Same goes for thumb, although there is place to keep it, but if I relax my grip it touches mousepad and thereby disrupts control.

So in essence it might be because I have too big arm for this mice, however fact is that it's uncomfortable for me to sustain a precise grip on A4Tech X7.

Have fun adding your own experieces. :)
Even to I have quite big had, I'm playing with finger tips, and I find smaller mice most comfortable. I'm always holding it in the same way, but on the other side distance between my body and hand is somehow affecting my aim. For example if I stretch my hand towards other side of the table, I cant move mouse so much and fast, but when it's close to my body (beginning of the table) I'm able to maintain constant speed of swipes and aim more accurate, and most important arm is not getting tired at all :)
2013-05-01 19:30
Oh, I used such grip long time ago, I used to play with very high sensitivity while moving mouse with figertips alone. I guess I changed it because I started using bigger mouses. I guess this kind of grip ineed should be very precise, because aiming with fingers should be more accurate than aiming with palm. Heh, and I always kept wondering why it was so comfortable to use ball mices. Ineed, with my A4Tech I can't use that grip anymore and with it touching mosepad with any part of hand makes me feel uncomfortable instead.
2013-05-01 20:03
exactly, I also play with high sens :)
2013-05-01 21:13
that whole muscle memory talk is complete nonsense. players like gtr use the sensei which has acceleration and therefore isnt always at the exact same sensitivity. its pure hand eye coordination.
2013-05-01 19:49
Then why I'm able to feel and use this thing you call as "complete nonsense"? I don't know anything about Sensei having an default acceleration, but there are always multiple ways to reach same goal. Muscle memory isn't the only way to aim in game, it have its advanages and weaknesses as well. But in game like CS, where one of most basic skills is preaiming where opponent will appear, having a good muscle memory isn't obligatory. It's the most useful for doing flickshots, yet in CS preaiming is more important, so flickshots are rare at pro level.
2013-05-01 20:14
Indonesia vyee 
It makes sense to me tbh. Let's say you're a Sensei's user and then someday your friend lend you his Deathadder mouse and told you to use it. Do you find it uncomfortable? Yes, why? I think it's because your muscle are already accustomed to Sensei and when you use the Deathadder, you're unconciously applying your old grip to this new mouse which has a different shape.
2013-05-01 20:18
does get_right play with acceleration? I would have thought that he wouldn't :S
2013-05-02 02:43
hes playing with a steelseries sensei raw which has 5-10% positive accel. not a big deal
2013-05-02 13:45
Denmark Wich 
i only thought kinzu v1 had hardware accel
2013-05-02 16:51
Ah OK, that's a little surprising but I guess he must be used to it. Forest uses the kinzu rubberised? Does that have accel?
2013-05-02 19:50
kinzu v1 had tons of accel. kinzu v2 doesnt have any.
2013-05-02 20:04
Denmark Wich 
use of accel also use muscle memory, both speed and distance
2013-05-02 08:33
if you always had the exact same accel it would be true but you simply dont
2013-05-02 13:47
Denmark Wich 
your brain calculate the movement you do... that is also the speed of the movement, thats muscle memory and reflexes if what you say would be true then everyone that uses accel would play ecualy good with a diffrent setting, which are not true, the same basic "muscle memory" is trained that way, speed and distance let me give you an example: i used accel in 1.6 for 4 years and used the same settings all the time, then when go came out, accel was calculated deffrently then it was in 1.6, and it messed up my muscle memory completely. and still to this day i have a hard time ajusting to the "new" accel
2013-05-02 16:49
Indonesia vyee 
Good read.
2013-05-01 20:26
Good wrote
2013-05-02 04:40
Good written
2013-05-02 08:39
Wr... good
2013-05-02 13:54
i was 100% sure that i would find the phrase 'muscle memory' from this thread, you really like that phrase ;D
2013-05-02 06:40
I am playing with the Tesoro Shrike mouse, it is a really good mouse and I would say it works for both claw grip and palm grip. I play with something between claw and palm grip. I wouldn't say that the grip you are using matters a lot, what matters is that you have to get used to the grip and you need to have extremely good muscle memory. I am playing with 400 DPI, 2.43 in-game sensitivity and I am using my whole arm to aim and not my wrist. The mouse you are using has a lot to say and you have to get very used to it. If somebody is uncertain regarding which mouse to buy I would recommend Tesoro Shrike! For an example on grip you can for instance just look at Ex6TenZ; he has a very unique grip. :)
2013-05-02 14:08
Dunnoes, always wanted to have that mouse movement that make horizontal moves so smooth not moving in vertical... In my case even if i put a low sens i'm all shaky and move my crosshair up and down while moving horizontly, this pisses me off completly as i can not aim as i would like too. Tried differents grips and arm positions but i can't stick to one... any advice?
2013-05-03 21:11
I don't know what exactly do you mean, but if you meant it as pure mouse movement then most likely it's because you're moving mouse in arc around your elbow instead of moving it horisontally.
2013-05-03 22:06
Well i tried some arm positions like playing only with wrist, half an arm or with the elbow beeing the pivot... think that got a better aim with wrist but definitly not good in low sens... gonna try to see if i can figure this out and have a smooth movement.
2013-05-03 22:14
But either way mice has to be moved straight, not arc. Imagine mouse pad as computer screen but mice as cursor.
2013-05-03 22:28
i find the biggest struggle when switching mice to be getting used to bhopping with a different scroll wheel. i recently replaced my old, rundown 1.1 with a newer one and the scroll wheel has more tactile feedback which is pretty tricky for me to get used to.
2013-05-03 22:51
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