Blog: The static CSGO recoil – easy to control and very repetitive?

May 18th, 2013 14:02

Thank you Valve for offering this free weekend for CSGO. :)
The reason why I haven’t brought it yet is because I have bad PC. Ironically the twofaced termin “FPS” is more than just coincidence, because fps(frames per second) is one of most important factor for playing skill based fps(first person shooter) games.

So I got to play CS:GO vs bots to experience its shooting mechanics on my own hands. Like I feared, the static recoil behavior in CSGO makes it easy to control and very repetitive, however I did not expect to be able to control it so well as I did due to having average ~15 fps in game.

Is CSGO recoil too easy?

I noticed can control recoil for all guns with ease, despite having very low fps in game. I played a hour long DM vs bots with different weapons, but I didn’t even have to learn their recoil patterns to control weapons.
The reason why it is so easy for me is probably NOT because recoil is actually easy in CSGO.
The reason why it is so easy for me is because I have developed certain skills for controlling recoil in Cs 1.6. When I use those skills in CSGO, they makes controlling recoil almost too easy.
1. I have learned how to adapt to dynamic changes in recoil pattern while shooting. When using this skill in CSGO, it makes controlling recoil very easy, because recoil behavior is simple and repetitive, without having a random factor in it.
2. I’m still working on my skill to control screenshake. I force myself to believe that screenshake can be random in order to keep my focus keen on accuracy. It’s one of my solutions I came up for overcoming slumps, because I’ve come to realisation that the main reason for my slumps is because screenshake keeps interfering with my control.
However in CSGO screenshake is same as recoil pattern – repetitive. That decreases difficulty of handling weapons further, because screenshake follows the static recoil pattern.

Demonstration by MiTCHELL #YOLO
1) I'm playing for <300 hrs.
2) I'm ex-1.6 player.
3) No, it's not how I play all the time.
4) Woke up less 2 hours ago.
For me it's easy to control after 1.6. Dunno."




By using my skillset from Cs 1.6 in CSGO, I’m able to fully control recoil of different weapon on my first try, I don’t even have to practice using them.

After playing CSGO I went to play Cs 1.6 and it was back to hard difficulty, where it takes effort to keep keen accuracy.

Well, my opinion, you can disagree if you want.

edit: Arms Race vs expert bots demo:
One thing: I would love to see a video of your well-controlled-recoil.
2013-05-18 14:16
2013-05-18 14:18
2013-05-18 14:20
+1 n1
2013-05-18 14:21
Feel free to think that I'm wrong. It's just my blog I made after playing CSGO for a mere hour, so It's possible that I was wrong, besides it was done with ~6fps avg. x) Waiting for responses, because I want to know what other players think about recoil in CSGO considering my feedback.
2013-05-18 14:23
Just letting you know that "controlling recoil against bots" is way easier then doin it on a 5on5 match anyways. I would like to see a video from either 1.6 or cs:go. And yea the recoil controll after the update is better. But i feel its pointless to spray in csgo, i rather tap or burst.
2013-05-18 14:30
The fact that you decided to make a blog about CSGO recoil patterns when you literally have no clue how the game plays or works astounds me.
2013-05-18 17:30
No, I understand pretty well how game plays. Unlike you guys I'm a person who seeks to 'understand'. I don't speak about things whose I haven't figured out how they work yet.
2013-05-18 17:32
You understand how the game plays, how is that possible when you played the game for a fucking hour with 6fps? Where do you come up with these conclusions? It's like me reading a book about science for an hour and then state that I am a qualified professor.
2013-05-18 17:41
+1 respect and haterzgonnahate ...
2013-05-20 11:02
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2013-05-21 17:51
ahhhhhh now i know who is joining fnatic ....
2013-05-20 11:34
p.s.:Btw, I don't think there would be a point to watch video anyway, because I wouldn't show anything new, considering that there is just a 1 method to control spray for every weapon - by repeating exact same movement.
2013-05-18 14:31
It's not 1 method. 1 method is like saying every weapon got "left-right-down" pattern on the recoil. You dont have to go far, just compare ak47 and the colt, two different methods. Edit: About the video I can see if you control it good enough or not. If your 10-20 bullets goes right on the enemy or not.
2013-05-18 14:35
That's what I meant, there is different recoil pattern for every weapon, but still same recoil pattern for every weapon. What I mean is that my skillset is focused on dynamic aspect of recoil behavior, which makes adapting to the static recoil patterns in CSGO very easy.
2013-05-18 14:38
...In the end i cant understand people like you making BLOGS about something u've done just some few hours. Desperate after attention.
2013-05-18 14:45
Well said
2013-05-18 15:40
Well, if you really had interest into figuring out why I made this blog then you would have found that reason.
2013-05-18 16:55
Well if you really didnt want that much attention. Make a thread on the forum. I would rather see that polish dude #18 micronn make blogs, then people like you.
2013-05-18 17:03
My only reaction to "my skillset bla bla bla" was: Who the fuck is this asshole? What's the point of this thread? Show your skills? Even if the recoil is easy, what's the point of reading "yes, it's easy"? To me, the recoil of 1.6 was way easier so STFU.
2013-05-18 15:41
Switzerland Lugh 
2013-05-18 19:14
If everyone has the same advantage, how is that relevant?
2013-05-18 22:23
Because i cant take a guy serious after playing with bots for like 1-2 hours with low fps talking about how easy it is to controll the recoil. I bet everyone can control it decent/good enough when concentrating only on the recoil against some bots/walls.
2013-05-19 01:25
That's kinda his point isn't it?
2013-05-19 01:46
His text is unnecessary thats the point. Go try diffrent things(5on5 etc) and if u cant do it, why even make a blog about it. And write alot just to feel as a "smartass" doing things properly. This blog could be shorter written within 5 lines on a topic.
2013-05-19 12:07
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
2013-05-19 16:32
good read . have u played it before recoil update ?
2013-05-18 14:20
Azerbaijan Talley 
At first, when I decided play CS:GO instead of 1.6 it was too difficult to get used to new recoil. But after recoil update, I've mastered it in 2 days.
2013-05-18 14:22
the recøil was easier beføre the update.
2013-05-18 14:42
Azerbaijan Talley 
not for me
2013-05-18 15:12
Portugal wenke 
change it,
2013-05-18 14:29
France Jiga 
Well, people keep on using sprayzzz on that game when it is clearly much more random than on 1.6. The only difference is that when you are moving, spraying doesnt get much worst. taps and bursts are very nice on cs:go, you can go to 4 bullets but not beyond. When I switch from cs:go to 1.6 I find 1.6 much easier.
2013-05-18 14:38
this is the correct answer :)
2013-05-18 15:10
2013-05-18 15:50
Sorry, but that's nonsense. Saying that CSGO recoil is clearly much more random than on 1.6 is a clear sign that you don't fully understand how recoil works, in both games.
2013-05-18 16:58
Latvia CINDER 
Didn't want to write a comment, but I just had to reply to this. 1.6 recoil was in fact easier to control. Especially m4; it was easy to spray on long distance. Another thing about 1.6, when someone was shooting back at you, aim punch was much less intense. You could actually spray back easily, while in CS:GO it's practically impossible to shoot back when someone is spraying at you from distance. On the other hand, in CS:GO it's much easier to tap someone in the head, as the hitbox for head is actually bigger and registry of bullets is much more accurate.
2013-05-18 19:38
That's why don't like m4a1 that much in 1.6. But I don't mean accuracy, but my problem is that the static spray patterns makes shooting repetitive. I know that consisntency is important for skill aspect in game, making everything in game down to core consistent isn't right either, because that will result in repetitive gameplay due to obvious best choices of action. Players need freedom and potential to develop theyr own unique skills. The static recoil pattern is eptiome of that, because there is a single pattern for every weapon which is the correct answer to how to handle recoil. There are no alternative better ways how to control full spray than moving mouse in exact same fashion every time. CSGO have aim punch removed when wearing armor/helm, just like it works in 1.6.
2013-05-18 20:08
The thing is that in 1.6 the recoil is the same everytime, but in csgo and anyother source engine game the recoil is not 100% the same everytime :D So sparying in csgo is not as "skillfull" as in 1.6 ^_^
2013-05-19 22:10
CS:GO recoil is random, 1.6 is predictable saying otherwise would only mean you didn't try it.
2013-05-19 01:07
"The only difference is that when you are moving, spraying doesn't get much worst." Is this need to improve?
2013-06-06 22:53
Netherlands h0nt 
cool story. another go hater, who makes up a story which is completely bullshit.
2013-05-18 14:39
but he is speaking the truth. i think yøu are jelly because yøu suck at the recøil
2013-05-18 14:43
Netherlands h0nt 
oke cool story
2013-05-18 14:48
You have all information about recoil etc. in script folder :) I even made test map for research: Soruce:
2013-05-18 14:45
You have been banned for the following reason: Trolling / Flamebaiting Date the ban will be lifted: Never If you have questions regarding this ban, please Contact Steam Support.
2013-05-18 16:10
What have you done? :)
2013-05-18 16:14
said the truth :)
2013-05-18 16:17
Good for u :)
2013-05-18 16:17
not so good if u said the truth and they banned you :P
2013-05-18 22:19
you are quite a comedian.
2013-05-18 14:51
wrong. completely wrong. Recoil isn't repetitive, even if it is, it's really hard to master. Spray is easy to control in csgo? What are you smoking, give me some of that.
2013-05-18 15:07
Like I wrote, I'm not saying that recoil is easy in CSGO. Not going to advice to read it once more although... If you don't care to discuss about this topic seriously then there is no point anyway...
2013-05-18 17:00
"Is CSGO recoil too easy?" "Im able to fully control recoil of different weapon on my first try" ROFL Recoil patterns are different in CSGO than 1.6, what is there to discuss?
2013-05-18 17:26
"The reason why it is so easy for me is probably NOT because recoil is actually easy in CSGO. The reason why it is so easy for me is because I have developed certain skills for controlling recoil in Cs 1.6." Like I wrote, my skills are not based on learning recoil patterns, I actually use opposite approach. That's why CSGO recoil is easier for me than 1.6 recoil, because recoil behavior is far less dynamic than in 1.6, which brings difficulty down a lot for me.
2013-05-18 17:29
"The reason why it is so easy for me is probably NOT because recoil is actually easy in CSGO." I wish that sentence made any sense. :[ Regardless, earlier you stated that you made this blog after playing a mere hour against bots with 6fps and suddenly you have become an expert in recoil patterns in CSGO because you have experience with 1.6. This shows that this blog and everything stated here makes absolutely no sense. Stop starting pointless discussion you have no idea about, sorry, it just annoys people, first actually find out what you're talking about and have evidence before saying such rash things.
2013-05-18 17:36
This shows that you have no clue: "because recoil behavior is far less dynamic than in 1.6". How can it be less dynamic if it has a random factor in it while you only have 7 defined spray patterns in cs1.6? It is in fact more dynamic. And gz on your awesome skills but no one cares...
2013-05-20 14:09
Because in CSGO recoil is being controlled by moving hand in predefined motion, while in 1.6 you have to instantly adapt and change motion based on pattern. Nevertheless I don't use '7 defined spray patterns' approach when controlling recoil in 1.6. It doesn't matter anyway, because I'm still working on my 1.6 recoil controlling skills. Don't give me any spoilers please, I can learn on my own and that's why I enjoy playing it. However my point is that in CSGO recoil patterns are predefined and no second split adaption neccesary. While I still haven't fully figured out my method how to master 1.6 recoil, while in CSGO that answer is pretty obvious.
2013-05-20 14:18
playing with bots and online isn't the same at all, opponents don't move the same way as bots do. btw, as people asked you to make a video about how to control it, I shall ask you the same, please do.
2013-05-18 15:13
"2) due to repetitive shooting mechanics, spraying is greatly encouraged, because it’s very easy to control full spray. Due to that gameplay itself is quite repetitive. If in Cs 1.6 you can notice big variety in skill and shooting styles, then in CSGO there are exact patterns predefined for most weapons, therefore it destroys variety in shooting styles used amongst players." i'm sorry, but you came to that conclusion only playing with bots? you don't even thought on the possibility that MAYBE you don't actually know what you're saying, since you only played some few hours and didn't even tried to go online?
2013-05-18 15:25
I knew long before how CSGO recoil mechanics works, but this opportunity to play game on my own hands was my chance to confirm it. Well, I guess my own fault for not including such an reassuring line in blog.
2013-05-18 17:03
ok, you knew it... on the theory. and i'm sorry, but i think you should play against real people to write such a blog, cause it will definitely change your opinion :p like #59 said, you can't just duck, spray(even if you're "controlling" the recoil) and expect to hit every bullet because it doesn't work like that. the recoil pattern is WAY more random than 1.6's one and it's NOT equal for every weapon(for example: ak's recoil is worse than m4's recoil). spraying is not highly encouraged in every occasion. you can't just spray'n'pray everytime...
2013-05-18 18:14
If it was just about theory then I wouldn't be able to play on 5 fps at all. That's why one of most interesting subjects I enjoy analysing is how instinct works and how to program it.
2013-05-18 20:15
#78 just said everything i wanted to say, expect the "impossible" part. please, read his comment :p
2013-05-18 20:38
This guy is talking out of his arse
2013-05-18 15:29
I didnt read his blog but I was browsing the responses and #7 (his own post) basically sums it up.
2013-05-18 15:34
Netherlands h0nt 
+1 lots off bullshit out there
2013-05-18 15:59
/Facepalm anyway its your opinion. As u said we can disagree and we will. But dont present ur opinion as a fact. U should start ur point with "I think" cos its all what it is. Nothing more.
2013-05-18 15:49
It's easier to write what I think and add that line "my opinion, you can disagree if you want" afterwards than questioning myself while writing things whose I'm confident about.
2013-05-18 17:10
6fps avg + bots+ 1 hour = easy recoil control when people playing for ages and still have problems with it !! Cmon man with an average 6 fps you won't be able to walk on the map ,like the others said post a video.
2013-05-18 15:53
actually CSGO's recoil aren't as controlable as 1.6. did you forget that actually, players move like.. 3x or 4x of 1.6's models speed and there's no momentum so players can change direction easily. you're facing bots. It's another different story playing against ADADADADing players. do you know quake live? yes. it is virtually has no recoil but hitting with Sniper(green laser)are difficult as fuck. why? 1. models are moving in flyingfuck speed. 2. hitbox are smaller. CSGO's model is like 3/4 speed of quake live's model movement speed. and stop watching ScreaM's and Area's POV. they are two in bajilion guy who could stick their middle dot crosshair to enemy's head. trust me shooting face in GO are hard as fuck and even to the fact that opponents are floating on the ground.
2013-05-18 16:10
It have nothing to do with player movement speed. If about player movement speed, then can answer that I don't think that it's main difficulty for moving targets. The hard part is to react to directional changes. I laready have thought plently about this topic ever since I started searching for ways how to better deal with moving targets.
2013-05-18 17:15
whatever, the point is you can't just like "oh okay I'll just stand here and holding my mouse one, focus on the pattern to see where the bullet is going and counter react it to enemy's head" . it's not gonna work against good player. just saying.
2013-05-18 17:39
It isn't based on observating bulllets, but crosshair. Did you know that crosshair almost always follow recoil pattern? All you have to do is to match a vertical axis of crosshair with player model. Of course, it still present certain degree of inaccuracy, because weapon have spread and amplitude of vertical axis is limited, so bullets sometimes go outside of range where vertical axis can reach.
2013-05-18 17:46
lol no . mind giving me the crosshair setting? i would love to.
2013-05-18 19:06
In 1.6 large dynamic. In go, whatever I turned on, I think it was dynamic/big.
2013-05-18 20:10
No. GO's recoil are much higher than that.
2013-05-19 06:32
CS:GO players move like.. 3x or 4x of 1.6's models speed 3x or 4x ........................................... s p e e c h l e s s
2013-06-06 23:01
Sorry to everyone who thinks that CSGO recoil is actually hard. Ok, so it is not easy, I guess. But its difficulty is certainly not comparable with cs 1.6 recoil, which actually have random factor involved in it. Meh, I just don't understand why I haven't gotten any constructive comment about actual topic I'm talking about - that CSGO recoil patterns are exactly the same every time anyone shoots with those weapons, which is a problem.
2013-05-18 16:54
Europe jUN^ 
Sorry, but we can't take you seriously, it's a very funny read, but c'mon! it's an absolute bullshit. Go patterns are much harder to control(at least you should learn it, i.e have 300+ HRS ingame) You should be ashamed of the shit you write
2013-05-20 10:37
In my opinion CS 1.6 recoil is very easy after you get accustomed to it, I still haven't found a way to spray consistently in CSGO - although its got to be said that I've played it only a few times. That video doesn't really even support your hypothesis, I mean you have unlimited ammo and you're mostly killing people that are 1-2 meters away from you. Should the bullets just disappear? You can easily spray multiple enemies in 1.6, even if the distance is pretty long. I don't understand the point of this.
2013-05-21 11:57
I disagree, because in those video recoil is being controlled pretty cleanly, while if it was Cs 1.6 then I'd expect sudden recoil sways, whose takes more skill to control cleanly than CSGO recoil. Controling recoil in 1.6 might not be that hard, but to control it to point that it looks very smooth in my opinion isn't an easy feat.
2013-05-21 13:35
We can agree to disagree on this one then
2013-05-21 15:37
I can also easily spray multiple enemies in CS:GO if I'm lucky
2013-06-06 23:04
its much easier on a lan server with bots.... no ping/loss/choke/interp etc etc etc
2013-05-18 16:55
Dude may i ask u why are u the only one that i see making blogs of him knowing everything in-game when the fact stands that u have shit fps and u seem to have never played a game on a high fps since basically lower fps means slower gameplay and by that i mean slower movement it seems that u are always talking stuff that aren't true or usefull atleast(no offence not meaning to offend u or anything but it's the truth)
2013-05-18 17:07
Because I'm specialized at imagination. I can simulate different scenarios in my mind and analyse them without having need to be in touch with factual situation. I already knew how CSGO recoil behavior works, I've seen plently of videos and streams to understand CSGO gameplay. Yet still, experiening it by my own hands gave me more information.
2013-05-18 17:25
+1 they can't understand the "imagination fact" (y)
2013-05-20 11:12
Even though CS:GO's recoil patterns are 100% the same every time ( not like in 1.6 ) the recoil is veeery erratic. I've made a big as topic while beta discussing that problem ... even discussed it with the leaddesigner back then ... sadly enough nothing will change, cuz 1) over 80% of this community doesn't know shit about CS and its gamemechanics and 2) valve doesn't really care that much about making the game more competitive.
2013-05-18 17:26
valve.. no, please no. GO's recoil are really awful and hard to control. you don't know where it is going already and PLEASE don't make it even more random.
2013-05-18 17:42
recoil 1.6, the best recoil of the world
2013-05-18 17:43
2013-05-18 19:37
Ok, I will be uploading me vs expert bots@arms race. Just to prove that 5fps is enough for me to play game at least. Meh, I felt so retarded with deagle, took minutes to get kill with it.
2013-05-18 18:15
dude, the point is: you consider yourself an expert on recoil patterns just because you know how the things work on the theory but you only played against bots with 5fps(ROFL, i didn't even knew that it was possible to play with that fps...). i think you should play a few matches on matchmaking(even with that fps haha) and see how it actually works :´p
2013-05-18 18:40
I tried to play online, but my inet connection seems to be even worse than fps, stuttering and timeouts. I don't consider myself expert, I'm just writting what I know. And action in game happens too fast for verbual flow of thoughts, most of it is instinct. And programming my instincts is what I find the most interesting in cs. :)
2013-05-18 19:08
Germany VxO4 
Do it. I guess you never heard of the command record in console. And then play it back with the command play so you can record it with a third party program afterwards. And use the Ak please
2013-05-18 18:52
Pft, like someone would watch my demos. There you go, if you really gonna watch it. :) About movie, meh, arms race takes over 10 min to finish and a lot deaths, not very interesting for movie material after all. Any ideas for it?
2013-05-18 19:50
Ping does matter in csgo, even if we cant really see it. on LAN with bots, its different story than on any online server recoil on new gamme is really easy, i can perfect spray 100% eff with every weapon, but AGAINST BOTS. not online, end of story
2013-05-18 19:32
You may think you can fully control the recoil but its not how GO works. You will be lucky to get even a 2 man spray down in an actual match. So in theory spraying and controlling your spray maybe alot easier than 1.6 but actually getting kills with that spray is impossible in GO. You're much better off bursting and tapping.
2013-05-18 20:33
Not sure about what kind of skill level and what kind of situations are you talking about. Relative topic, huh.... But I don't think that it's my real problem whenever spraying is accurate or not, but that controlling it is easier task than in 1.6. Bullet grouping might be similiar when controlling spray in CSGO and when controlling it in Cs 1.6, however my point is that CS:GO recoil behavior is static. If in Cs 1.6 I spray by constantly adapting my aim according to recoil directional changes, then in CSGO that skill makes controling recoil easy, because those "possible random directional changes" aren't random anymore.
2013-05-18 21:04
i just watched your demo and i must say man you call that easy recoil control ! didn't see your skillset from 1.6 . all i saw is Bot Gunner was owning you hard xD btw get a new pc and play with real people mate because 5 fps is horrible :)
2013-05-18 21:20
2013-05-18 22:50
ok m8 CU IN NiP
2013-05-18 23:16
Sp|ke | 
Guatemala spike148 
yeah the recoil is easy to control, it's 100% the same pattern unlike 1.6 where you had to recognise which of the 4/5 it was when you started shooting. one big thing in go you might not have noticed if you just started though is the effect distance has on spraying.. if you're somewhat close to a wall(like long crossover on d2 shooting to short) it's pretty easy to control, if you go any further than that you'll notice that it randomly goes left and right from the original pattern, and goes further right and left the further away you are. That and aim punch while you spray are the only things that make csgo spray hard, testing it on a wall or spraying down 5 people is easy if they don't hit you
2013-05-18 23:26
Basically you're stating that you can control the GO recoil thanks to your 1.6 skillz, this is the biggest bs i've heard this week, the two recoils are totally different, i don't even think you tried the game tbh, or at least played a 5v5
2013-05-19 01:12
I don't know exactly why, but my fps have improved. With ~15 fps I played one competitive match. At least the low fps gave some diffuclty for aiming. Opponents were pretty bad. Well, for anyone who think that I'm retard, feel free to verify if your assumptions are right or wrong...
2013-05-19 13:07
Makes sense, you can control holding down a gun with screen shake with 6 frames a second, quite sure your computer would be freezing mid spray honestly or if more than 2 people pop up on your screen.
2013-05-19 14:29
FPS might be low, but mouse input is still working perfectly, so it's possible to aim while having so low fps, by using muscle memory. If you watch demo I'm still making smooth movements. If mouse input was working at 5fps rate then everything would be stuttering and aiming ineed would be impossible. Nevertheless it seems that reason for 5 fps was because bots were eating away CPU performance, without them I get ~15 fps, a lot better, lol.
2013-05-19 14:39
quite funny. i read everything you've wrote propaans and when i've seen your last reply, then i've understand how dumb you are. You're telling us than you're controlling the csgo's recoil without any problem but you play against bots but most of all with 15 fps. when i've seen that, i've understand. Please do not post on HLTV if you tell us shit like that. You killed a bot on a local server by spraying a full m4 magazine and then you tell us you know how to control the game's recoil lmao. beginners are funny nowadays. i quote : i just watched your demo and i must say man you call that easy recoil control ! didn't see your skillset from 1.6 . all i saw is Bot Gunner was owning you hard xD Come down and stfu. the guy has 5 fps, plays against bots and :" ehh i control the csgo's recoil so easily!" fckin tards.
2013-05-19 14:42
I don't control recoil without any problems, my point is that I actually can control it despite having so low fps. Reason for that is because recoil behavior is predictable, so it makes it possible to learn how to move mouse while shooting despite having so low fps. If it was 1.6 then it would be impossible, because recoil doesn't have fixed pattern here.
2013-05-19 14:51
All you said is "I" and playing with your damn 5fps, is like mission impossible, even with 60 is fuckin pain, LIAR
2013-05-19 14:43
1. PC might have low fps, but mouse input doesn't. 2. Recoil patterns are static. By combining those 2 factors together it makes it clearly possible to control recoil by using muscle memory. Like I can.
2013-05-19 14:55
so what? your game is still not fluent and laggy, controling recoil while LAGING is EASY AS FUCK. Take an example in 1.6, with a ping of 100-150, you're able to control the recoil easier than with 30, you're just a retard, face it
2013-05-19 15:08
Sorry, I'm too stubborn to be convinced with insults. Not that I understand what did you mean with 100-150 ping in 1.6, was that a sarcasm?
2013-05-19 16:29
He was basicly saying that its impossible to play like that with 5 frames per second.You claimed that you played with 5 fps,yet your video was pretty smooth,so therefore you are lying.
2013-05-21 14:12
It's not my video, although I added demo just to show that it's even possible to play with such fps. Of course, against harmless bots whsoe doesn't move it's 2x easier so I have a lot fails in that demo. Point is- mouse input work at normal rate, so it's possible to make smooth movements by using muscle memory. That demo was recorded with ~5fps and I was able to win against expert bots regardless.
2013-05-21 14:25
No wonder this csp fanboy hates csgo , if hes gettin 6 fps
2013-05-19 14:59
you are this csp wannabe douchebag right? do us a favor and leave this forum
2013-05-19 14:58
That's an interesting nickname you made for me. :D
2013-05-19 16:35
its funny how csgo fanboys are offended with what he said,thing is models are bigger than 1.6 so at the end its easier to aim. valve doesnt give a crap about csgo,why would you?
2013-05-19 15:46
But models are running much faster as well.
2013-05-19 18:00
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
if u played atleast one matchmaking, those kids just (dust2) spray their full ak clip onto a-side from pit to plateau, and get em' within 2-3 secs ^.^ and now tell me the recoil is gr8. theres no difference between aiming on distanc with shit recoil even while singleshots with big intervals, the bullets wont go straight. This is just complete bullshitrecoil
2013-05-19 16:34
I'll have to repeat myself, my issue is about how easy is to handle recoil pattern, not how accurate it is. Bullet grouping might be similiar, but it takes less focus to handle recoil in CSGO. Not that itself is what I'm complaining about, but about those recoil patterns being repetitive, thereby taking away from skill ceiling. For me who uses skill to adapt according to dynamic factors in gameplay, static recoil makes controlling recoil less interting and repetitive.
2013-05-19 16:42
honestly i thought this might be a good blog when i saw the amount of replies. no
2013-05-20 05:08
watched your demo. lol that's what you call a good recoil control? srsly man. you stand still while you shoot, like literally.. all the time. it's not gonna work vs human in GO. but nt you've been playing it for like few hours, at least you've tried. some people claim it sucks and yet didn't even play it. I'm no expert myself but maybe I'll drop you a demo of me playing in CSDM vs newbs(SEA server. most of us sucks)
2013-05-20 05:49
Thanks. Anyway I don't say that CSGO 'sucks', I just have a lot things I dislike about this game and I tried to explain one of them in this blog. Yes, I just can't control recoil as easy against moving targets, it just doubles difficulty level, because my fps is just too low to properly syncrhonize both of those things together well. Regardless I posted those demos because people seemed to not believe that it's possible to play by such low fps. Yes, I stand still, but not only because it's my playing style, but also because I'm not familiar with movement in CSGO. Therefore I can't syncronize aiming with movement yet, especially not while having so low fps. The only way to shoot properly while having so low fps is muscle memory, therefore using the unfamiliar movement will only throw my control off. I used this free weekend to play CSGO for 10 hours, also played 4 MM, 2 wins, 2 loses. There are other things I confirmed with my own hands: *like how easy it is to get kills with MAG-7; *that glock isn't so overpowered after all; *that player model sometimes flashes on screen before enemy runs out from corner; *that bigger player models results in increased effective distance for spraying compared to 1.6. There are also one thing I noticed while playing arms race: *ar_shoots is nice map for gungame, however I don't like other 2. Baggage feels too open to find a way to pick opponents one by one. Monastery feels too chaotic, because I just keep running around without any idea where opponents might be. I'm not saying that I don't know layot of this map, but that it's feels impossible to predict where opponents might be.
2013-05-20 12:06
Ah, forgot to add: *confirmed that ADADADing removes recoil pattern, which is pretty broken; *realized that deagle is more inaccurate than I thought.
2013-05-20 13:25
You have no idea how the CSGO recoil works if you have 6fps, It wont be moving on your screen as it should.
2013-05-20 11:50
No, I already knew how CSGO recoil works, but this opportunity to play game myself was a chance to verify it. The first thing I did when I started CSGO was joining server with harmful bots in order to verify behavior of screenshake and recoil. I consider it as a common sense to figure out how to use weapons as the first thing to do when playing game for the first time. The static recoil patterns means that recoil will always change at exactly same timing and towards exactly same direction, every time. That's what makes it easy to remember exact timing of those directional changes, unlike in 1.6, where is chance for recoil to change direction per tick (per screenshake, but haven't fully figured it out yet).
2013-05-20 12:51
So.. I read your comments/blogs/topics for long time and found one thing: you have some clue in them. I'm gonna make vid or upload demo for approve your words. It won't take a long time for me.
2013-05-20 11:56
Here: 2 POVs - m4 and ak. Sry for lame aim just tried to show spraying to moving targets. PS: 1) I'm playing for <300 hrs. 2) I'm ex-1.6 player. 3) No, it's not how I play all the time. 4) Woke up less 2 hours ago. For me it's easy to control after 1.6. Dunno.
2013-05-20 12:17
Can't watch demos anymore since the free weekend is over, but tnx and gj. :)
2013-05-20 12:49
Oh my bad.. Gonna make vid then :)
2013-05-20 13:00
2013-05-20 13:43
Thank you, added as examples in blog. Well, what do you think, would you be able to spray just as easily in Cs 1.6? :) It's really nice to see my complex arguments being summarized into something what people can finally understand - a live example. :)
2013-05-20 13:54
Yes, I will able to. Then I started to play I read many comments like "it's new game, new recoil, 1.6ers go fck yourself." Then I tried to control recoil as I did in 1.6. Same way, same mouse's movement. Can't feel the difference. :) Btw: in GO I found it lil bit easier than in 1.6. Especially spraying moving enemies. ps:Sry for vid quality, have not very good PC to record on high video settings :c
2013-05-20 14:03
I see. I guess you're way better at controlling spray in 1.6 than I am. I wouldn't consider spraying like this as an easy task.
2013-05-20 14:04
I won't say c: Dunno 'bout how it's difficult but I can say one thing which I understood: you have to keep your xhair right on enemy then you spray.
2013-05-20 14:10
Right, I remembered that long time ago I was controlling that recoil easily, I had forgotten about that. However I've been using bad PC with stuttering, fps lags and registry problems for 5 years, so only after one of CS updates where recoil behavior was made to be unaffected by fps I was able to start working on spraying skills. Sorry for making it sound more complicated as it is, it's due to my handicapped pc that I began to take learning CS skills that way. But regardless my point about CSGO recoil being static and thereby repetitive still stands.
2013-05-20 14:27
Yeah, I can understand you about bad PC. I started to play 1.6 on PC that can't hold stable 70+ fps.. And yes, recoil is same all the time if you don't move. BTW: Then you got hit from enemy - spray is still the same BUT 1-2 bullets go RIGHT IN XHAIR DOT and after go back to spread pattern. It's repeating by each hit you got.
2013-05-20 14:35
pls just stop this nonesense you are making fool out of yourself...spraying in cs go is harder than 1.6 and source combined so stfu pls...owning bots on lan server and conclusion cs go recoil is easy...braindead
2013-05-20 14:38
Special for you I gonna play some csdm with 80-90 ping and record POV. Give me 10-15 min.
2013-05-20 14:42
here you go: my ping was 88 versus 5-30. hf
2013-05-20 15:09
Btw I found "kids" very funny. I'm 20 y.o. and Propans is 25 y.o.. Kinda stupid, don't you think?
2013-05-20 16:07
ok you are acting like 10 y old that better
2013-05-20 16:28
WRONG. We actually are discussing stuff like adult people w/o bs and hating someone or something. So don't try be smart ass please.
2013-05-20 16:35
Heh,how do you expect to find answers without looking for them? Thanks to creating this topic and revealing my honest opinion I've learned a lot, unlike I would if I decided to keep my opinion to myself.
2013-05-20 16:45
if you are offended ok then but you are also offending good players who achieved very high level at this game and playing it since the beggining and stated that this is the hardest cs...if you think that recoil is easy ok keep it for yourself but the reality is way different...its hard acctualy.
2013-05-20 17:28
Sorry. However I think that shooting mechanics in CS shouldn't be underestimated and it should be pretty normal for it to be hard even after playing it since beginning. Like I've been playing cs 1.6 for decade, yet I still haven't completely mastered recoil yet. That's why I can just as well take a skeptical look at what you wrote.
2013-05-20 17:49
funny because even pro players struggle with the recoil from time to time. But you've mastered it. First time playing, with 6 fps. Nc, nc
2013-05-20 14:46
I'm haven't mastered it, my point is that it's too easy to control due to being predefined.
2013-05-20 15:32
Anyway thanks guys for all answers. :) Getting a lot opinions really helps. So most of you guys think that CSGO recoil is hard enough? CSGO recoil aesthetics After seeing MiTCHELL's videos I suppose that those frags doesn't seem so repetitive. Main reason why I questioned it is because I always thought that frags looks boring while spectating live matches, however after seeing his video and by remembering something I've read, I guess that reason for that problem is because GOTV doesn't show recoil. Difficulty of aiming This point of my issues against CSGO static recoil behavior is because CS is a game where ability to adapt according to situation plays a vital role for success in game, therefore in my opinion recoil should retain its dynamics. Let me explain why I think that way - because learning how to adapt according to dynamics in CS gameplay is in my opinion one of important hurdles which player have to overcome in order to become high tier CS player. However recoil behavior being static takes away from that hurdle, decreasing skill ceiling and equalizing shooting skill between different tiers of players.
2013-05-20 16:11
stopped watching after 0:30-ish in the ak video. he's literally shooting over 30 bullets, point blank, against a bot running straight at him, on a lan server, yet not getting a kill. yeah thats pretty easy spray control right there omg noob game 1.6 4 ever and e-ver!!!
2013-05-20 16:36
2013-05-20 16:42
2013-05-20 17:04
Nice videos, help alot :)
2013-05-20 17:41
Sweden K4L 
#144 I did the same, this guy is a fool.
2013-05-21 01:19
Brazil dkf 
Nice trolling there.
2013-05-21 11:38
LOL , I was actually having the same discussion about this topic with this guy a few months ago. Now I realized that he never even played this game before this free weekend.What a joke.
2013-05-21 14:20
Yeah, that's so very impossible to understand CSGO without playing it, regardless of amount on CSGO videos and streams available. /sarcasm No, this is not a joke, it's a honest blog about my opinion on this gameplay aspect.
2013-05-21 14:35
No,its not impossible ,but if you say that spraying in csgo is easier than in 1.6 ,that means you didnt understand it.Its that simple.
2013-05-21 14:39
Like I have repeated numerous times, CSGO recoil is static. Althouthg every weapon have it different, but recoil changes direction every time at exatctly same timing and towards exactly same direction. Compared to 1.6, where I have pay attention to recoil, in CSGO I just have to remember timing and directions, which feels easy to do compared to difficulty at handling the dynamic cs 1.6 recoil.
2013-05-21 14:43
new Nip squad propaans propaans propaans propaans propaans new top1
2013-05-21 14:26
I can't even imagine how bad in 1.6 u r...
2013-05-21 14:34
What, if anyone wanna play some 1.6 with me, just pm me. :)
2013-05-21 14:37
Try it against some real players and it might not be so easy. Such a pro killing bots lmao.
2013-05-21 16:42
I'm feeling the recoil somewhat broken now I can't spray down as before
2013-05-22 12:59
yeah but if you think that is easy to control the recoil, think also that you are not the only one who thinks its easy :). PS: quit the bots go on-line.
2013-05-23 13:08
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