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September 30th, 2008 19:35


After having seen too many "need clan" or "searching member" threads in our forum, I decided to lock those because the discussion went off-topic after the 4th reply in average...
So I decided to create the one and only "Need Clan/Member Thread" where everybody can search a clan, try to make a new clan (perhaps multi-culti?) or search members.

How it works

If you want a clan / member, you go to the thread and post following information:

- that, what you want (clan or member for your clan)
- the game you want to play
- age
- fluently spoken languages (important for multi-culti clans)
- time of active cs experience
- average playtime per day (important for time for training)
- contact (if you don't write anything about how to contact you, the message system is recommended!)

If you want to reply to a post in the thread, please DO NOT USE THE FORUM REPLY, but the chosen contact form or the messaging system!
That is, because if everybody would use the forum reply, the thread would very quick get very messy, and other people would comment, etc.

I really only want to see posts as I described them above, no replies. (that does not mean that you should not use the forum reply in other threads, there it is actually needed!)

The thread is found here:

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask them here.

I really hope that this "project" will solve the thread-spamming and I'll be checking the thread, so please stick to the rules!

cheers - david
touché very nice idea :] P.S. For Nixon or Nomad for the reply function, is it possible to see what number the comment that someone has replied to you. Cause some one replied to me on a thread with around 700 comments :E Had no idea where to actually look. =]
2008-09-30 19:48
do you use the function that tells you that someone replied to you, don't you? when you klick on the thread's name it should lead you directly to the answer! what browser are you using btw?
2008-09-30 19:51
Oh well I had an idea it should be something like that, I use the internet explorer. Normally when I check who has replied to me it just sends me to the top of the thread :(
2008-09-30 19:57
well, either try Firefox, or ask nomad / nixon to make it work for IE too ;)
2008-09-30 20:08
You just have to wait till the page loads (takes a while with 700 comments), and it will jump down.. :)
2008-09-30 20:12
Ahhh I see ill try that, thx! :p
2008-09-30 22:50
you should use the one from ED: that one works pretty good i think :)
2008-09-30 19:59
I know that one, but I wanted to solve OUR problem of too much threads, but not by directing the seeking people to another website ;)
2008-09-30 20:09
i actually meant that you guys should make one, abit equal to that one, because that one works pretty good :)
2008-09-30 20:13
2008-09-30 21:47
Very nice asator, nice job :) GL tho finding members, Look on, They have bits to post in for members.
2008-10-01 17:56
thx ;) ...and linked ;)
2008-10-01 18:11
Poland bkx 
You should have left this job for me :(:(
2008-10-01 21:27
should I delete my message, and let you do it again ;)? would be kind hum? but then you'd be my biatch for one night ! nah, just kidding, next time I won't do it, so that you have your job satisfaction :D good night ;)
2008-10-02 00:24
Poland bkx 
Hahaha :D
2008-10-02 13:59
Ty Asator :P Yer i know a lot of places to get members.. :) But you need to be pro like me xD
2008-10-01 21:55
Nice asator! Good idea!
2008-10-01 21:09
GL GL GL GL GL momci, dobijamo ove sabane! Foot with monitors KAMAN SRBIJA
2010-02-14 12:58
It alrady went offtopic on the first one...
2010-05-11 18:09
i want to ask if you can delete my comment there, in that thread...tnx :)
2011-05-27 23:53
Hello, im searching for a clan that speaks dutch or english, skill mid i think. im pretty active (4 hours a day or more) so i hope to find an active clan aswell. im good at making tactics (not igl) and as position im riffler. if you want more information or play some wars with me please add me on steam: keulen121 i hope to dont get rude replys or something. if you dont like me or my post just dont reply please. :)
2011-06-21 21:56
ii need clan Steam:DeRa1989 add me to talk
2011-11-29 22:59
The actual thread is this one (as featured in this blog),
2011-11-29 23:11
HELLO, we are two guys that looking for a clan or members to start something with.. ABOUT US: high former 1.6/css player active WHAT WE LOOKING FOR: MId+ high FROM:Norway,Sweden,Denmark FUNNY ACTIVE! be able to practise a lot atleast 5 days in a week. Contact: (steam) hammmmpus_97
2013-06-18 13:09
This guy is joke
2013-06-18 13:26
why is he a joke
2013-06-18 13:38
My name is Oscar "Oscar" Davidsson and I'm looking for a team prefaired mature swedish/scandinavian players. -Game: CSGO, been playing it for a couple of weeks now. I would say I'm a bit suprised that it was easier to aim then i remember. -Age: 23 -Language: Swedish/English -Been playing CSS for 3-4 years maby befor CSGO, were high maby back in that time cant remember, long time ago. Been playing CoD4 promod when it was populare, were preinvite then (higher skilled player then average). -Able to play maby 3-4 h/day -Steam: banarama_oscar
2013-12-08 00:00
looking for a good europian team ive been playing 1.6 for like 10 years and moved to cs:go a year ago. was in top clans in my country. speaks only english and im 24 yr old. for more info there is my steam
2014-10-04 19:32
you wanna play with me ?
2014-11-05 21:58
Sadly no one ever really used this feature
2015-05-14 22:56
i am looking a cs1.6 team plz pm me
2015-12-05 18:00
2016-08-21 20:53
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Why on earth would you bump this thread?
2016-09-06 11:39
Hong Kong deluxe^ 
i look 4 team thank
2016-08-21 21:24
Iceland Iceland 
Hey I am a great player better than everyone and I could easily 1v5 teams but I am looking for some dudes to share the glory with so hit me up if you want a carry from a beast like me.
2016-09-06 11:34
jonathan pleas dont ban me inocnent comment passing by
2016-09-18 19:05
Greenland duedue 
huehue u not looking for clan?
2016-09-24 20:20
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