Blog: Signature skins v1

September 24th, 2013 15:35

Signature skins v1

Hi again!

(Please read before jumping to links)

It’s time for a new update regarding my country skins project. This blog will focus on the signature skins within the country project.
After this blog I will put together all the feedback from various topics, then I will contact valve about implementing this into the regular case drops or an entirely new country case.

I’m very happy that basically everyone is enjoying my work, it surely propels me to continue even further. I have been in contact with a lot of players these weeks, and through their help I have finished 12 out of 19 signature weapon designs.

I want to thank all the players who were willing to participate. I sincerely hope I have met your expectations.

I must say, designing 100+ weapons, does become slightly hard to constantly find new ways of implementing the country flags and or emblems, some weapons do look alike, but I have done my absolute best to differentiate it as much as possible.

All weapons are subject to change. When the final texture will be made, some of them will have been slightly changed. These designs are only previews, but they are very close to the final in-game texture.

I would really appreciate if you would leave your feedback in the comment section, the more I have to present, the better. It’s all about the numbers guys ;)

Please do share this blog or its contents to your national e-sport site or anywhere you feel appropriate. If you do so, please send me link in PM :)

We are currently at a total of 1,250 positive comments.

Finished previews:

Album for easier viewing.
Finished Previews:
Previos country packs:

GuardiaN AWP – Slovakia
FalleN AWP – Brazil
Fox AWP - Portugal
Dosia AK - Russia
Allu AWP - Finland
Neo AK - Poland
Shox AK - France
Get_Right M4a4 - Sweden "Under the knife again" Not acceptable quality
Markeloff AWP - Ukraine
Friis AWP - Denmark
ChrisJ AWP - Netherlands
Edward USP - Ukraine

Still under construction:

F0rest M4a1-s Sweden
Smithz m4a4 - France
KennyS AWP - France
AdreN AK - Kazakhstan
Ang3L AK - Ukraine
ScreaM AK – Belgium
Taz M4a4 - Poland

If you have any questions please contact me via, or by steam:

Previous blogs:

Country skins v1:
Country skins v2:

Previous country packs:

Slovakia skin:

I have seen a lot of interest in creating skins, and I’m very flattered that I have inspired some of you to go ahead and make your own contribution. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for your time!

Portugal odr@ 
2013-09-24 15:38
United Kingdom msk9 
I seriously love your skins. Just two things: in my opinion Get Right's M4 is quite poor compared to the other skins and also - too many AWP skins :(. I can understand why Guardian has AWP skins, same goes for FALLEN, markeloff, allu, fox, but ChrisJ and Friss? I don't think they are that WELL known for their AWP skills. I know they are playing as an AWPer in their team, but I don't think any of these two players will be remembered as one of the best AWPers in GO.
2013-09-24 15:44
thought the same about Get Right's M4. The other skins look really nice.
2013-09-24 15:51
+1 about gtr's m4. I was expecting more blue.
2013-09-24 15:54
The GTR m4 will be changed alot when implemented into game. It's not on the same level as the others, I fully agree, and im not happy about it.
2013-09-24 15:57
chrisJ scout skin then
2013-09-24 17:12
United Kingdom msk9 
2013-09-24 18:06
seriously ChrisJ not known for his AWP skills?! in my opinion hes top5 AWPer in csgo
2013-09-24 22:15
he pulled again a amazing stunt out of hes sleeve tonight against Fnatic 1vs3 with awp
2013-09-24 22:16
United Kingdom msk9 
I am not saying he is bad with AWP, he is very good and well, I don't think he is in TOP5 yet, but definitely very close. What I tried to say is that: when Guardian retires, he will be remembered for his amazing AWP skills, right? markeloff is still playing CS:GO, but he is not buying AWP as much as he used to in CS 1.6 - but he still is considered as one of the best AWPers in GO. It is just that the first thing that comes to my mind with these two players is AWP, and I don't think you get that sort of thing with ChrisJ - yes, he is great player, but one year with AWP does not make him some sort of AWP legend - at least not yet. I hope you know what I mean.
2013-09-25 13:33
just jelly of dutch skill
2013-09-26 14:00
You've got me there! :(
2013-09-26 14:56
come on man...Friis is _only_ known for his awp skills :)
2013-09-27 20:29
Great, but neo signature should be on the middle.
2013-09-24 15:42
God damn those awps are sexy. You got style!
2013-09-24 15:53
omg friis awp want want want!
2013-09-24 15:55
markeloff awp when he doesnt even play awp in GO?
2013-09-24 15:56
Doing anything else than awp for markeloff, would just be.........wrong
2013-09-24 15:58
doing a weapon for a player that doesnt even play with it isnt wrong?
2013-09-24 17:11
Its still his signature weapon. Lets face it, fanboys would rather have a markeloff awp than any other gun :P
2013-09-24 17:59
yes i would :)
2013-09-24 21:30
Markeloff M4a4 plz, and I can't believe you chose friis over MSL, coloN, xyp9x I feel like I could go on.
2013-09-24 22:45
Brazil duz. 
best awp skin imo
2013-09-24 16:00
NEOs ak so f*cking epic, nice done m8.
2013-09-24 15:57
Brazil duz. 
2013-09-24 16:00
2014-04-05 12:15
Brazil duz. 
fucking love your skins 10/10 would buy, gj
2013-09-24 16:01
Sidey | 
Finland Eepzie 
Awesome! Really nice job
2013-09-24 16:04
well this is really good hope that valve accept it
2013-09-24 16:07
I like the skins! Altough I think (becouse of the many AWPS) mabey you can give ChrisJ a Scout? He's awsome with it o/
2013-09-24 16:09
+1 chrisJ scout would be very appropriate :)
2013-09-24 17:22
Netherlands [Np]KNz 
he's also awesome with the awp o_0
2013-09-25 00:19
2013-09-25 12:16
Markeloff's awp looks boss
2013-09-24 16:20
Thanks for the feedback guys!
2013-09-24 16:43
Israel >>> All
2013-09-24 16:45
this is sick man! 10+/10. btw - please make ScreaM's AK insane ! i'll buy it if it will come out ! :D
2013-09-24 16:48
Neo AK looks really cool :) Nice work man
2013-09-24 16:47
I would love to see a forest m4a1-s and a scream ak e: cut that didn't notice its still on the to do list :D something else: I think every country should have ak, m4 (both), awp, usp, p2000 and glock skins since those are the most used weapon and you should have you countries skin for a weapon you actually use
2013-09-24 17:00
Tunisia edgg 
would be better to see scream p2000, since there is already enough ak's
2013-09-24 17:09
Sweden GeT_RiGhT 
2013-09-24 17:14
not satisfied, sir?
2013-09-25 07:55
Sick skins, except GTR's m4 need some work
2013-09-24 17:22
I think that Neo AK same as GR m4 is bad, these skins should have more country glag theme. I don't want to speak for swedish friends but i would like to see polish white AK with red flames and black signature of Neo in the middle. Having TAZ m4 would be great also. He have such a sick recoil control with it.
2013-09-24 17:27
Signatures skins are great and its a great idea overall. Hope to see them in game one day! Agreed on GTR M4, this needs improvement. I don't like much the country ones...
2013-09-24 17:33
So far Dosia AK is the best.
2013-09-24 17:40
Edward | 
Bulgaria Hagloff 
niice o.O
2013-09-24 17:42
Estonia 2026 
GuardiaN and markeloff's AWP exactly the same?? Seems legit.
2013-09-24 17:51
I have been told, and im considering changeing one of them :)
2013-09-24 17:55
United Kingdom msk9 
markeloff needs changing I think. Guardian's skin is slightly different and a little bit better I think than the other one (still they are very similar, which I think should be changed). Anyway, really, really amazing work. GJ.
2013-09-24 18:05
FalleN | 
United States Shrikky 
Where is India's skin? :(
2013-09-25 06:25
India skin might not come. :(
2013-09-26 20:50
Whaaaat :( Why? I thought u said that tri colours would really suit the guns
2013-09-27 02:47
it will. Its just the workload is very large. I need to prioritize
2013-09-27 14:13
Alright, keep this in pipeline, Indian gamers are huge in number.. :)
2013-09-27 15:20
Take time but do release it people over here would love it !
2014-04-05 12:27
Very nice, but in allu's awp I would use the coat of arms of Finland Flag doesn't fit there so well.
2013-09-24 17:54
2013-09-24 21:46
Yeah, that's much better. Also gives more of that "ISÄMM MAA PERKELE SISU SAATANA" feeling
2013-09-25 23:52
lol, the Swedish lion. nice.
2013-09-26 22:18
Hahahah :DDD
2014-02-04 22:30
2014-06-04 21:03
2015-08-16 17:51
Still waiting on Canada
2013-09-24 18:39
Someone please explain to me how I will be able to get these skins? and will they/are they available?
2013-09-24 18:44
Case drops/Market/Workshop
2013-09-26 20:50
Great skins. I really love the Dosia AK!
2013-09-24 18:50
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
Lovley, shox AK, friis AWP and edward usp ! Dude you deserve so much respect for doing this, please continue !
2013-09-24 19:03
looks like 100 times better than the valve ones
2013-09-24 19:05
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
2013-09-24 19:30
where's germany? :/
2013-09-24 19:16
United Kingdom jMz86 
It's cool, the skins don't come with inbuilt haxz0rs.
2013-09-27 15:47
2013-09-27 17:12
Sunde | 
Hungary Tibbse 
allu's awp is fuckin awesome!
2013-09-24 19:29
very nice, favorites are: friisawp, edwardusp
2013-09-24 19:54
wOw~ <3
2013-09-24 19:57
Friis' AWP and Neo's AK are the best for me, and allu's AWP is really cool, too. Keep it up!
2013-09-24 20:11
Denmark heff 
jOELZ and wantz AK's please Great work mate, looks amazing
2013-09-24 20:21
GJ +1
2013-09-24 20:38
MAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Finally there's Slovakia.
2013-09-24 20:41
Awsum, BATI!
2013-09-24 20:44
want adren ak :3 hopefully volvo picks this up
2013-09-24 20:55
Brazil LIPE1 
Nice =D
2013-09-24 21:16
Less AWP please.
2013-09-24 21:33
Russia zRo 
2013-09-24 21:49
Really nice job dude.
2013-09-24 21:51
love the Dosia ak
2013-09-24 21:56
Edwards USP => GORGEOUS!
2013-09-24 22:22
AKs are sexy as F*CK
2013-09-24 22:46
n1Ce j0bbbbbbbb ;)
2013-09-25 00:43
Really cool. Like it alot. :D
2013-09-25 00:50
Brazil LIPE1 
Ak for pyth =D please great aimer
2013-09-25 03:53
where is iranian's one ????????
2013-09-25 06:44
apreciate your work, keep it up
2013-09-25 06:51
Nice job man, you should think about doing awp for JW, he is pretty sick with it..:)
2013-09-25 08:25
where is Troubley´s m4? :( would be great
2013-09-25 09:35
great work mate :D
2013-09-25 09:47
2013-09-25 11:45
taz should be a dgl.
2013-09-25 11:55
United Kingdom msk9 
2013-09-25 13:35
I dont make the weapon calls, they do.
2013-09-25 13:45
Agree, but I'd still prefer to have a friberg's deagle
2013-09-26 17:35
Costa Rica I_1v5_SK 
7 awp skins for these players is already enuff , get some more Pistols or some SMGs/rifles into this ...
2013-09-25 11:56
Friberg Deagle thanx
2013-09-25 11:59
Lovely work man!! Can't wait for these to come out! However, NEO's Ak, while fucking spectacular, seems a little off because of the Polish flag's placement. Perhaps you could place it somewhere else on the gun? Just an opinion.
2013-09-25 12:03
great work! Well done!
2013-09-25 12:24
Ukraine demon83 
nice i hope valve add in game
2013-09-25 14:08
amazing man +111
2013-09-25 14:52
well some propositions forest mp7 taz Deagle hiko 5-7 zneel famas
2013-09-25 14:55
f0rest mp7 would be an insult.
2013-09-25 15:03
2013-09-26 17:36
nice work man +1 and add joelz's ak too
2013-09-25 14:57
That would be nice + feature that it will only show in online matches and didnt work at all at lan.
2013-09-25 16:39
lol xD
2013-09-26 21:06
2014-06-04 21:04
great stuff! Skins for Bulgaria/Romania?
2013-09-25 15:05
Awesome job dude, know I'm very critic. I dislike every single skin valve has made so far but yours are freaking awesome! Great job, hope you can get in terms with Valve!!
2013-09-25 15:16
all of them looks very well gj dude keep it up :)
2013-09-25 16:47
Sick skins, Dosia's ak is just amazing perhaps you could change Markeloff's awp or GuardiaN's , they look quite similar.
2013-09-26 00:45
All of them look really nice, sick bro.
2013-09-26 04:46
2013-09-26 14:09
Really a good idea. Good skins, especially witch made for countries, make it more for others one.
2013-09-26 14:14
You better make a dupreeh m4a1 :D
2013-09-26 14:14
Nice Work bro! Maybe make a Delpan AWP too, it would be awesome!
2013-09-26 14:30
my god...these skins are amazing bro !
2013-09-26 14:32
Sick stuff bro, I'd definitely buy some of them
2013-09-26 17:37
I was saving my money to get hookers when I reach 18, I guess that won't be happening if these skins go official :[]
2013-09-27 05:53
United Kingdom jMz86 
Nice work.
2013-09-27 15:54
Argentina rvoltoso 
AWP otto Argentina ;D
2013-09-27 20:21
Australia TotalEclipse 
Nice work. Just curious though, how will these skins ever be available at all?
2013-09-29 10:44
I would instabuy anything made by you for insane amounts of money.
2013-09-29 10:53
sickest skins ever! love how they are not too bright like the some of the new bravo ones etc.. and not too complicated. the awp of allu is simply amazing, I'd like to play with the idea above about the coat.
2013-10-03 07:20
Really cool skins:D
2013-10-04 04:55
n1 boy, but spain skins please :D
2013-10-04 05:06
Ukraine gungrave 
why markeloff and guardian same skins?
2013-10-04 05:08
where are the weapons spanish? =D please make..!
2013-10-04 05:08
Speechless! Looking for a Norway-pack though!
2013-10-05 21:04
Holy snap dude. Looking sick as f...
2013-10-05 21:07
2014-02-04 21:11
2014-02-04 21:15
That usp, incredible job dude!
2014-02-04 22:20
it's got rejected by valve dude.. i got to know about this lately :p
2014-04-04 18:17
oh man ;<<<<
2014-04-04 21:07
Awesome job bro! Really appreciated your work! Picture says a lot of hard work being paid off :)! Btw dude just adjust shoxie signature on that AK so that we can see it if we preview it in-game :p Love it :)! I really liked that Markeloff and Friis awp with golden looks on the scope feels rich and covert :) Sickest skins i've ever seen! Good job!
2014-04-04 12:55
Will you create stuff for Pakistan? Is it possible bro?
2014-04-04 17:07
OMG those r freaking amazing so sad that they will never be available
2014-04-05 11:42
so you took the existing skins and added a flag
2014-04-05 11:46
Liberia JsG 
Looks so nice man, good job
2014-04-05 11:48
Netherlands washedup28YO 
The Dutch awp looks more like a french flag imo. As you see the dutch flag is from top to bottom instead of left to right. anyway the rest looks very very nice! :D
2014-04-05 12:10
Not really, the French flag is the other way around, with red on the right and blue on the left.
2014-04-05 12:29
Netherlands washedup28YO 
i know but its the way the colors are set. from left to right instead of top to bottom. Not the colors, since i know the blue comes first in france. =]
2014-04-05 14:05
Well to be fair, they are not really vertical, more like in a diagonal. He probably already tried with horizontal stripes, if he chose this way instead it must mean that it's hard to make it look good with horizontal stripes. It's quite common in sportswear and stuff like that to not stay completely true to a country's flag, in order to have a better final result. In the end the flag can be more an inspiration rather than a strict rule to follow. For this case especially, since it's not a weapon designed for Netherlands but rather for a top player, it's no big deal in my opinion. If the Netherlands case is made, he'll probably use other ideas closer from the flag.
2014-04-05 14:28
Netherlands washedup28YO 
yea youre probably right. I think maybe a little orange would be nice aswell ;). I think its a decent awp skin but would use the colors in a different way. The ukrainian usp is really sick, thats the way colors should be used imo =D.
2014-04-05 14:39
nice work :)
2014-04-05 12:18
needs a top AWPER make a british rattlesnake one
2014-04-05 14:04
Jew = Golden AK this is so priceless XD
2014-04-05 14:36
nice idea. good luck !
2014-04-05 14:37
Oh my! Thats amazing.
2014-04-05 14:38
youre just amazing
2014-04-05 14:39
France Dae 
amazing, nice job dude !
2014-04-05 14:40
But VALVE... They are implementing skins too slow. Abd where is a link to workshop etc. My dream is to be able to buy a signature case like team logo-stickers.
2014-04-05 14:46
JW MAG-7 pls
2014-04-05 14:47
Waiting for next skins!! Nick skins mate! :) P.S Fifflaren decoy skin
2014-04-05 14:47
2014-04-05 18:02
Is any of this skins available in shop?
2014-04-05 18:10
Czech Republic Creedy 
GJ for signature and country skins ! But i think u should make more wpns or only one wpn. (i mean awp, m4 or smthng like that, no only one piece :D)
2014-04-06 00:16
Update I will soon be creating a Signature v2 blog, with signature skins workshop releases and some other stuff regarding skins i made for gaming organizations. The country skins is still not accepted by valve, but the signatures might hold a chance in workshop approval.
2014-06-04 20:53
amazing skins, love em. Don't mean to sound rude, but I highly doubt valve will ever publish them cause if they would they'd have to pretty much publish them all. Which would lead to a cs:go case full of just awps and aks, which would just inflate the value of other skins (like statrak awp value would fall drastically). Valve would never gamble their lucrative business model away with an over-flood of aks and awps. IMO if you want your idea published you should have a waaaaay broader range of weapons
2014-06-04 21:16
nice . gl mate
2014-06-04 21:17
Holy sh*t! Your project is awesome. Im gonna make some hype in Poland about this! ;)
2014-11-14 16:16
2015-08-15 09:24
jOELZ | 
Finland stubey 
really n1
2015-08-16 11:33
very nice
2015-08-16 11:38
Poland TheDarkusPL 
M8 great job !
2015-08-16 11:44
2015-08-16 11:45
So it's your work, saw your guardian skin before :) these skins looks damn sick really! EDIT: a pro player weapon case would be VERY COOL!
2015-08-16 11:52
replace souvenirs with these
2015-09-29 14:34
2015-12-22 11:43
Neos AK and allus awp, so sick
2016-12-09 10:07
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