Blog: Former WGG needs help to attend DREAMHACK WINTER 2013

November 23rd, 2013 00:40
Hey guys !

It's my first time i write a blog on HLTV, but desperate times desperate measures i guess !
Ok let me begin to sum up the situation i got :

As you may know, WGG (Happy-KennyS-Maniac-GMX-uzi) qualified via FACEIT cup for the prestigious DreamHack winter 2013, but we knew that if we qualified, we had to announce aswell WGG was not supporting us anymore, but since the FACEIT had a 1week reschedule, we fell behind in time (i'm not blaming them, at all).

So here we are, a slot for the most important tournament of the year, our plane tickets payed by the FACEIT (thanks again guys), and not enough funds to finalize the budget. So that is why i'm giving it a shot here, to send a message to whoever wants to support us financialy (people, fans, organisations..). I can't promise you that we will go and win the whole tournament, but we will do everything we can to go threw the groupstages and as far as we can, we already managed to qualify via faceit beating mouz & ENRO so, at least that is "some" proof. But it all depends on if we can find supports, and that is why i'm writting you today in this blog, maybe a teamless organisation will hear about it in time and try to reach us to discuss about the money and the event. Once again i must say that we are really short timed here, planes will fly wednesday morning. I'm sorry to bother people who do not care, and i hope we will find support in time.

If you are interested to send us to the dreamhack winter2013, send us a message at :

Cheers everyone, wish us luck ! xoxo
ps: sorry for my horrible english writing skills
Bro you should contact lurppis/twgr/anakin for this, they could write news atleast :) anyway gl, wish you best further :)
2013-11-23 00:43
Chile feLippe^ 
2013-11-23 00:44
2013-11-23 00:45
Bumpidibump! Best of luck!
2013-11-23 00:45
2013-11-23 00:46
Norway dufFstAr 
Quiet before the storm!
2013-11-23 00:46
Do you guys have in mind to set up something over at in order to maybe 'round up' some extra money? Just in case the 'main support' in the end isn't enough...
2013-11-23 00:47
Well we are soooo unexperienced in that field jonahthan & samsem. Of course everything that can help, we'll try ! As for contacting hltv admins, i have no contacts at all :s
2013-11-23 00:50
In order to contact a admin with access to the news crew drop a line to Tgwri1s, or even directly contact MIRAA, By the way, if you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2013-11-23 01:05
ppl are in desperate time and u tell them about the reply button,,, thats fucked up man XD
2013-11-23 14:49
In order to interact with people, especially 'in desperate time', the 'Reply' button is quite an important feature, don't you agree?
2013-11-26 01:15
2013-11-26 09:54
not sure how much you need but how about I give you 500 € before the tournament starts and you guys give me 25 % of your winnings? ;]
2013-11-23 13:55
Belgium Clinternet 
greedy dutch people
2013-11-26 10:10
Im willing to actually help them out if they really need some cash, just not for free :P
2013-11-27 20:26
wish you the best of luck. you earned your spot and i hope you can be there.
2013-11-23 00:52
World fzt 
may you ask kenny´s friend overdrive, he could borrow/sponsor you at least a "small" amount
2013-11-23 00:54
Slovakia xarc 
overdrive has his own worries about Nostalgie. imo
2013-11-23 01:08
2013-11-23 01:12
Denmark heff 
Really best of luck guys, I have the pleasure and honor of knowing a few of their members and they are truly have some great personalities but more importantly they put their entire hearts in the game and I could only imagine what an achievement it must be for the guys to have a spot at DHW, it would truly be a shame if they cant go, so someone please do support them! If I had the money, I'd personally send them to the event, but I'm afraid I'm in a tough spot myself! Best of luck Happy and GMX <3
2013-11-23 01:12
wish you the best of luck in finding support, you guys deserve to be there.
2013-11-23 01:18
Good Luck Guys ~:)
2013-11-23 01:23
2013-11-23 01:29
i hope you'll get everything sorted! good luck
2013-11-23 01:29
Brazil LIPE1 
2013-11-23 01:30
2013-11-23 01:52
2013-11-23 02:07
2013-11-23 02:19
-quote -but we knew that if we qualified, we had to announce aswell WGG was not supporting us anymore, but since the FACEIT had a 1week reschedule, we fell behind in time -quote- If i understand the strange stuff above : So you knew before the qualifire that WGG would not pay for your Dreamhack adventure. Still attended the Qualifier being aware u have to pay on your own. Now u dont want to pay on your own ? Did i understand this correctly ?
2013-11-23 02:21
and? I think they will still attend DH even though they don't find an org or a sponsor to help them financially, it could be a good move for an org to be represented at DHW and if they have the opportunity to save money it's pretty much understandable from their part too. i just don't get what is the problem here, they managed to win the online qualifer and get the flights paid, wouldnt you still attend the event even though you don't have an org anymore, it's DHW come on :)
2013-11-23 03:40
they want to attend dh, how does this affect your life? :D thx for your opinion, much appreciated
2013-11-23 11:57
Their tactic is actually very smart, secure a spot at DH - the biggest tournament to date (which was well deserved). And then look for support, since it is much more chance to get support after qualifying.
2013-11-23 12:58
Their tactic is acutally very stupid since the time frame to get a sponsor is like 1 week... Hope it works out for them. Still think its a very risky and stupid plan
2013-11-23 13:03
Worst case scenario for them if they really can't afford it, they lose the spot and someone else gets it. Even though its a bit disrespectful towards the organizers, it is a good tactic for their gain.
2013-11-23 13:04
The faceit qualifier did pay for trip and hotel? I know they payed for something at least.
2013-11-23 19:52
all the best guys...
2013-11-23 04:49
Argentina atriX^ 
gl, hope you make it to DHW.
2013-11-23 05:02
Estonia bz0r 
Best of luck!
2013-11-23 09:19
You should take bibby as fifth, then no money problemsz
2013-11-23 09:26
if you dont go, Enro will go?
2013-11-23 10:32
GL with this...
2013-11-23 11:09
2013-11-23 11:25
can someone setup an indiegogo or something ?
2013-11-23 11:55
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
Overdrive kenny s needs you
2013-11-23 12:23
2013-11-23 12:24
Germany VxO4 
wtf maniac already said on hltv they will attend it no matter what?
2013-11-23 12:25
Raise your Overdrive !
2013-11-23 12:34
Good luck finding the needed support guys
2013-11-23 12:52
Sweden aima 
Pro's showin up when they need somethin. Doubt we would see some post otherwise.
2013-11-23 13:25
are u fukkin kiddin me? they got paid their flight and also 2k save just when they will be last in tournament... 2000€ is atleast enough to get a hotel or something like that for 5 players...... when i had the chance to attend the most impressive esports torunament i also will pay the money on my own but they get the money back.... omg.... poor france ppl
2013-11-23 14:01
Denmark diOnysos 
Crowfunding mate, im sure CS:GO community can help a bit with small gestures... Best of luck /diOn
2013-11-23 14:10
This is incredibly unprofessional, and I don't personally think this is the best way to go... But I really like you guys, and want to see you at Dreamhack. Good luck! If you set up a fund-me-thingy I might be able to chip in with a few £...
2013-11-23 14:34
This isn't unprofessional, as they don't even have a real structure, this is more about the csgo community which is way too judgmental imo. We haz asians which was a dota 2 team, couldn't go to a lan some months ago, and got donated money so they could go, everyone was really supportive. I don't know if it is hate, or another reason, but the csgo community is surely the worst of all.
2013-11-23 14:40
How the cs:go community responds is irrelevant. I agree that this community is somewhat disgusting in that sense, but again, it's irrelevant. What I'm saying is that this is unprofessional on WGGs part. It not very responsible to sign up for a tournament knowing you don't have the means to go. Relying on fans to get to tournaments is, really, by any definition unprofessional. I am more than willing to help them get to dreamhack though, as I said in my previous comment.
2013-11-23 15:08
United States Bibby 
Hit me up on steam! Gmx or kenny u got my steam so:) Ill be home Sunday
2013-11-23 19:30
"Recursive eSports il y a 3 heures Recursive eSports have recruited french team old We Got Game. We are going to #Dreamhack #Winter13 in wednesday." Source :
2013-11-23 20:08
GL guys
2013-11-23 20:10
my only problem is, they wouldent even post on HLTV if it wasent to get some money. But GL at DHW, im sure they will go no mather what.
2013-11-23 20:18
How much you need? Try to raise a charity (like some other teams has done before, with success) @
2013-11-23 22:00
Portugal mfxd 
2013-11-24 03:12
Gl guys.
2013-11-27 10:39
This is Funny... How so many things change in 3 years
2017-01-25 20:17
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