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June 24th, 2014 01:23


Suggestions for improvements of CS:GO here on HLTV are not only spread chaotically, but the lack of a proper search engine also renders them pretty much impossible to find. I think if the community also wants to try and have a say in what changes Valve should consider in future updates, and not completely leave that to people frequenting reddit, we should have global threads about things people here think are worthwhile. I think this input is needed, as seemingly the site that was officially intended to submit and discuss suggestions (recently renamed to is mostly neglected, while popular demands on reddit have on numerous occasions found their way into the game.

The goal is not to randomly gather suggestions though. I would like you to make an effort to describe how and why you think the change would impact the game positively and also engage in discussion should someone question your thoughts. Although ultimately, I just want to have a pool of suggestions for the developers to draw from should they still be considering or ever again consider visiting for those purposes. So the blog turning into a pool of unopposed, uncommented or insufficiently well-described suggestions is not entirely unwanted either, - at least stuff stays easily found and central.

I'll start things off with my suggestions in the main post because they won't fit into a regular post:

- Aimpunch only occurring when shot in the head without helmet
Currently, the view of a player is also disrupted when shot in the upper body without armor. This disruption renders accurate aiming and recoil control practically impossible. Additionally, aimpunch is not considered in the server's lag compensating calculations. Meaning that even though on your screen you aimed and shot perfectly at one place, the server may already have registered you being aimpunched and set off your view, making your shot(s) miss. Removing aimpunch for body shots completely would solve both issues. Aimpunch from a headshot should be included in the lag compensation calculations. Recently Valve changed the animation of the model when shot in the head, because it used to cause the head hitbox to be forced into a different position, leading to perfectly placed bullets (most importantly on M4 2-bullet bursts) missing their target. Removing aimpunch caused by bodyshots is the next logical step, considering it serves the same purpose of removing randomness from duels.

- Increase tagging for bodyshots
The concept behind aimpunch, namely that of being put at a disadvantage or punished for being caught first is however desireable in a competitive shooter. It forces players to play smart and try not to get caught out of position. It also makes sure that instead of putting all of the emphasis in duels on aim, other skills can also be utilised to come out on top. Ultimately, the concept of being punished for being caught serves to create more a risk/reward-type gameplay and therefore enhances competition.
While aimpunch however is a rather severe punishment, tagging doesn't interfere with the other player still being able to react properly. Tagging as a mechanic by design also slows the game down, which is something that GO needs. The quick acceleration and fast movement speeds in the rather small maps allows players to almost always prevent being punished for a reckless move by flying back around the corner they earlier flew out of.

- Add viewscreen interpolation for recoil kickback, aimpunch, falling
The Source engine uses client frames to create smooth transition frames from one gamestate to the next. This way, the game always seems smooth, even when the amount of "real" gamestates is low (as per tickrate) or the flow of gamestate is interrupted (by latency for instance). Currently, the transition from one viewing angle to the next caused by recoil kickback, aimpunch, or falling is not interpolated. This means that, most noteworthily, the smoothness and therefore controllability of recoil depends on tickrate and can be disrupted by lag. Low tickrate and high ping causes choppy feedback. Additionally, since mouse movement is interpolated using client frames, the act of counter-maneuvering recoil with the mouse is applied differently from the recoil itself. Recoil control is not only an integral competitive asset, but an enjoyable and addictive skill and technique to master. Seeing as how recoil kickback is predicted client-side already, applying interpolation should be easy.

- Increase view_recoil_tracking cvar
This client variable determines the intensity at which the view of a player follows the recoil pattern of a gun that is being fired. For reasons mentioned above, proper recoil feedback is desirable. Its value currently sits at 0.45 and should be increased to at least 0.5, and could be experimented with further (preferably for all experimental changes, that are "up to debate" and not objectively undesireable, a test version of the game should be introduced for the developers to implement stuff more recklessly and players to try things out and give feedback).

- Remove auto-crouch when planting and adjust planting hitboxes
A feature that was later introduced into the game and for the same reasons that the planting sound was shortened for should be removed again. Not only does the forced crouch limit the possibilites of the planter, but it is now also easy to see for a CT with a quick peek whether a T is actually planting the bomb or faking it. Furthermore, after planting the bomb, the model is forced into a standing position again, even when holding the crouch key. The planter does not notice this, which for itself is badly implemented, but if he got to see what he would see from that standing position it would at least be somewhat of a compromise, because he then isn't a blind target when standing up (as can be often seen on de_train for example, when planting behind the barrels on outer bombsite).
This auto-crouch supposedly was introduced because players were hard to hit when they planted a bomb. But this was due to the actual hitbox already following a planting animation (that was present in CS:S), while the model didn't. Instead of making the model crouch, just don't change the hitboxes or model at all when planting, except for the arm hitboxes I guess.

- Crouching should be considered in the lag compensation calculations
Crouching like aimpunch is also not lag compensated for. On your screen, you might see someone standing, and shoot him while standing, but once this "+attack" command of yours reaches the server and the server in turn rolls back time calculatively to reproduce the gamestate you executed this command in, the standing player you were shooting in the head might already have crouched. If this is the case, the server will simply assume the player was already crouching on your side of things as well, making your shot miss. Especially the instant nature of crouching in this game makes this a rather game-breaking issue in online play, where crouch-spamming players are impossible to register on precisely.

- The client-side jumping animation should be synchronized with the server-side hitboxes
The client knows two jumping animations. When a player is standing still and jumps, he jumps with his legs spread out, his upper body straight. When walking or running and then jumping, the player model pulls its legs in and bends his upper body. The server only knows a hitbox for the latter kind of jumping animation. Meaning that if a player stands still and jumps, the hitbox the server will register shots for is not where the player models would indicate it to be. The server-side hitbox needs to know hitbox behaviour for both animations.

- Enemies should only visible on radar when spotted by you or a teammate, the bomb should never visible on the radar
I could not properly test this, but seemingly the radar tends to highlight player positions based on sound cues, and in some cases without the player model actually being visible for a player (as seen with the radar showing player through smoke). I am not too certain how exactly the radar functions in this regard, but the radar should not know more than the player can know himself. While the stuff the radar can do more than it used to in both 1.6 and Source may be useful to get newer players to learn how to read situations, it is not desirable that in competitive play the radar turns out more important than proper communication or interpretation of sound in some scenarios. If a team flashes and smokes, or rushes, or even just generally approaches an area, and the player holding that area makes a wrong call ("There are 4 guys here!" when really it's only two), his team should be punished for him not being able to read a situation and communicate properly instead of the team/player just being able to look at his radar and read everything from there. For the same reason, the bomb should not appear on the radar. Faking attacks, confusing enemies is a central strategical element of the game. Spotting the bomb as easily is too big a giveaway and further takes away from the game the necessity to use other tools to read situations. The bomb already emits a blinking light, that should be enough.

- The death cam should be removed
Along the same train of thought, the death cam is anti-competitive in the sense that you are not being punished for not making the smart team-oriented play. Even if you don't maneuveur yourself and play correctly to survive and gather information, but die immediately, you still get to see sometimes even more than you would have if you stayed alive. There used to be fade-to-black, and while I would wish for this to be back for tournament play (although instant black screen instead of still getting to see stuff beyond your death) since it also helps spectators seperating alive players from idling fallen ones (tournaments most of the time have dedicated screens for each player on the stage), I understand that this is not something a developer wants to enfore for every player since it can get quite boring staring at a black screen. Just make it so that after dying, players get to choose between either the still deathcam that shows who shot you from where that is already in the game (because I also agree that it can be frustrating to die and not even get to see how) or instantly switching to the next alive teammate.

- Improve sound system
The sound system currently lacks in directionality and suffers from inconsistencies and bugs such as spectators being able to hear more than alive players, and ghost sounds. Valve have recently harmonized the soundscape by logically deciding which sounds should be heard by other players and which should not be heard by other players and just the player himself. This is important to be able to inuitively know how to maneuver and act in order not to needlessly give information away. But still there are elements where the approach is questionable. Scoping and fire-mode switching should not be heard by other players. Sometimes players or more often spectators get to hear a sound they are not supposed to.
Another step in this direction is enhacing the directionality of sound. Whereas in both Source and 1.6 you were able to pinpoint players by the sound in terms of direction, distance and speed, in GO it's arguably even more confusing to even try to use sound to your advantage. Coming back to the competitive concept of being punished for bad plays, giving away valuable information in the form of sound should be punishable by a good sound representation. In 1.6, you could learn the soundscapes of the maps and the game itself to get good at judging even the number of players and their exact movement at a specific location.
The game is even faster and more random because players can simply run around without it being risky, sometimes it even being beneficial because the sound cues you are producing then serve to confuse the opponent more than they are giving your position and movement away.

- The M4A1-S and USP-S should benefit from not having the silencer attached
Currently, both of these weapons get worse if you detach the silencer in all regards. This is why they are non-existent throughout all layers of ranks and competition. Not only does it not make sense to introduce two completely new weapons and mess with the delicate competitive balance of being able to know which weapons your opponent is able to buy at a given point in the game by introducing loadout customizability, but doing so just to give people silencers alternatives when one could just have added detachable silencers to the existing guns is all the more questionable. Now that we have these weapons, they should at least be more than "silencer alternatives" from a weapon design point of view. Forcing people to leave the silencer on makes even less sense when deciding not to simply add silencers for the existing guns.
On top of that, if anything, the silencer should make the weapon worse, because the silencer itself is an advantageous feature (you are giving away less audible and visible cues). My suggestion is that the M4A1 and USP without their silencer attached should do more damage. The Five-Seven can neutralize a player with 1 shot in the head on close distance. The M4A1 unsilenced, on close distance, should be able to do that as well. That's up for debate though; generally how the M4A1 and USP unsilenced should be buffed is. It's just obvious that they need some kind of benefit from having the silencer detached.

- The desert eagle needs tweaking
The deagle is, not only comparatively, but then all the more, unviable. It is more expensive than more powerful pistols and as inaccurate as to making it a weapon dependent on luck, a factor which should not be at a competitor's disposal. It can stay as expensive, but should be a more viable alternative and while still staying a risk/reward-type of pistol, should be more controllable. The original behaviour was good really. Another option instead of reverting to before everything that has been done to the deagle would be to increase its general accuracy, decrease the vertical recoil, and have the innaccuracy caused by shooting recover faster so that consecutive shots are managable if paced correctly.

- The AWP is a shadow of its former self
Much like the deagle, the AWP is a classic CS weapon, that always was a favourite of the player community and a central element of the competitive mode. In GO, it has like the deagle lost much of its charm. Players do not excel to the extent they did in prior iterations with the gun, its impact on the game has decreased noticeably. And the few players people consider good AWPers all have one thing in common: They are nowhere near able to be consistent with it. Most of them are explosive and known for situations where they seemingly make the impossible possible, i. e. by hitting mind-boggling noscope flickshots and players rushing at them. On the other side, players that used to be known for their mastery with the weapon, and especially their ability to consistently have an impact by playing the weapon right, mostly defensively, have had a hard time doing the same in GO. This to me is not surprising when looking at how the AWP is made to function in GO.
First, it is not perfectly accurate when scoped in. Combine that with the quick movement of player models, their hitboxes being smaller than the model itself and it's easy to see how a defensively positioned AWP, i. e. where the sniper occupies a spot far away from the area he is defending, is likely to miss shots in the long run. Even a perfectly placed crosshair doesn't ensure a hit on long distances with the current amount of inaccuracy there is to the AWP when scoped in.
Then, if a defending AWPer is rushed, he does not have the possibility to consistently control the weapon to take down multiple targets in quick succession. This is because 1. unscoped, the AWP is too inaccurate to even have a chance of controlling it consistently, and 2. quick-scoping is impossible to control consistently either as there is a "charge-up" phase before the weapon becomes accurate fter scoping in and because the scope overlay kicks in before the gun is accurate, making it harder for players to know when they are able to trust the gun for the next shot. Alot of the grief of AWP shots not hitting can be attributed to this false indication of accuracy.
If we truly want to see the AWP have as big an impact again, and see players being able to master it to comparable degrees of consistent brilliance, it needs to have its accuracy increased to 100% for being scoped in, noscope accuracy increased by the amount it currently gets by crouching (and then crouching making it even more accurate), the "charge-up" time needed for it to reach scoped-in accuracy upon scoping in should be shortened by an amount that is up for experimenting, and the scope overlay should only kick in once scoped-in accuracy has been achieved. Although for this last part, there could be a cvar implemented that lets players themselves decide whether they want to have the overlay delayed or not.

- The CZ-75 and CT Autosniper are imbalanced
This has been discussed numerous times recently. The CZ-75 cheap, allowing players to buy it without risking serious economic drawbacks, while at the same time enabling them to, rather uncreatively, take out players that invested up to 20 times the amount of economy into the round. While the increased possibility to be successful in save rounds in GO is positive even from a competitive perspective, being successful without having to risk something in return, or without having to be creative or innovative is not. Also, the amount of won "save rounds" has been getting ridiculous ever since the implementation of the CZ-75. And mind you, being successful in save rounds doesn't automatically mean winning the round. Taking down 2-3 players and maybe picking up guns or planting the bomb was not a rarity to see with the P250 alone, given the skill and effort of the players wielding it. With the CZ-75 it seems, just having a teammate buying 1-2 flashes can decimate an entire rush in seconds by just pointing it at someone and holding MOUSE1. There's no real creative effort or skill of weapon handling necessary to do serious damage, and at least once in a while whinning the round, throwing the entire course of game off-balance.
The Autosniper at least is expensive and has a risk to it. And players can be better at using it by having more appropriate positioning. I consider it an enriching asset of competition. But the handling itself is rather dumb. Like with the CZ-75, you just have to hold down MOUSE1 while aiming in the general direction of something you see moving. Then there's the fact that it is a 2-shot kill weapon even when hitting a player in the foot. This even lead to Valve reconstructing de_train, because the small ramp entrance into the inner bombsite was a popular spot for an Autosniper to easily deny a whole team entrance.
While both teams can naturally use these weapons, inherently balancing the game, the effect it has on the effort and skill players have to put up to be successful is undesirable nonetheless. Both need adjustments to either their rate of fire or accuracy for consecutive shots.

- Smoke grenades need further tweaks
The recent update to prevent one-way-visibility of smoke grenades has made them even more impossible to be able to walk through alive. Your player model can be seen way before you yourself are able to see stuff again. While smoke grenades used to consitute a metagame of their own (not expecting someone to rush through them, the enemy team knowing that they are not expected to go through them, the other team in turn being aware of the enemy team knowing not to be expected to go through them, etc.), currently they are straight up walls. You can't make plays with smokes or use them innovatively, they simply deny an area of the map completely, stagnating gameplay.
There is a bug where looking at the ground at specific angles can cause smoke grenades to simply vanish and reveal the things behind it.
Both of these characteristics are undesireable. While one-way smokes in fact are not necessarily undesireable. They are predictable (keyword metagame), allow people to practice and master them, make plays with smokes of their own or even capitalize on opponents not placing their smokes correctly. Reverting to the old smoke behaviour therefore seems preferable.
Smoke grenades additionally should not puff through objects.

- Increase flashbang effective radius for players and make them longer lasting
Flashbangs currently are easy to turn away from, because they really only catch your vision if roughly 60° within your FOV center. ~90° effective radius seems preferable, because coordinated executions are then rewarded and wrongheaded, sloppy holds are punished. Also, flashbangs used to last infinitely longer than they do in GO. Being blind longer again serves to reward tactical play and slows the game down further. The exact radius and duration come down to debate and experimenting.

- Increase HE damage output radius, increase tagging for HE damage and fix the issue where minor obstacles prevent any damage done to a player
HE grenades really only cause notable damage when exactly placed beside or under a player. And every little object in the way of a player pretty much nullifies the effect of a HE. In the current form, HEs are pretty brute elements of the game that really serve no tactical purpose if not stacked somewhere. In fact, if a HE comes your way, you can either simply keep running or step slightly to the side behind some paper box to prevent serious damage. HEs could be much more - tactical tools to stop teams from mindlessly rushing, to clear areas and ensure map control, to increase your chances in a fire fight, enhacing duel play.
While smoke grenades should not puff through objects, HE grenades could. In 1.6 they had wall penetrability, this would not only solve the issue where every object, be it a paper box, cancels out all damage done to a player but at the same time increase the possibilites of using the HE grenade tactically. Of course adequate penetrations values would have to be found.

- Moltov/incendiary tweaks
The fire grenades have proven to become more of a competitive asset than people had initally assumed. There are many possiblities to use them offensively and defensively, set yourself up for surprising rushes through your own fire, obscure vision with the smoke of the fire. They are interesting and competition-enhancing additions to the game.
What I don't like is that they don't explode upon initial impact, but bounce off of walls. This allows players to throw them around corners without exposing themselves and have another easy way of denying entrance into a site without risking too much. Also, when used offensively, instead of players having to learn how to place them properly to "flush" out certain positions on sites players could be holding, they simply bounce them off the skybox.
Fire grenades should explode upon intial impact.
On top of this, fire grenades also explode in the air if they don't hit an object within a certain time span. But if they do, they do no damage. This should be changed. Either make it so that they only explode upon impact - this would yield new possibilities for the use of them, by being able to throw them further across the map. Or make it so that when they do explode in the air, that they do cause damage. This again would provide players with additional ways of utilising them. The amount of damage and radius are down to experimenting.

- Movement adjustments
GO is a faster paced game than CS used to be and that is not negative in and on itself. The problem with the fast acceleration is that the peeker's advantage is even greater, and that peeking players are impossible to react to in a manner where positionally smart play would be rewarded. On top of that, the fast acceleration makes maneuvering precisely rather difficult, as you slide beyond letting go of the movement key or after landing from a running jump. sv_accelerate should be reduced to 5.
Then there's the limited air strafing possibilites, preventing players from being able to pull off more complex movements and combinations of moves. sv_airaccelerate should be increased to 15-20, sv_staminajumpcost reduced to 0.050. I also suggest that instead of limiting the possibilites of accurate and complex movement, players should be punished when they are attempting to do those but fail. Like in previous iterations of CS, after landing a jump, there should be a stronger stamina punishment, slowing a player down (the higher the fall the more severe the slowdown), while timing consecutive jumps correctly should be rewarded by not slowing a player down upon impact.
Instead of having people slide, but giving them the possibility to quickly strafe into the opposite direction, make it so that you slide less, i. e. are more accurate when strafing, but strafe more slowly. sv_friction should be increased to 5.

- Competitive map workover with community input
The standared maps could need various adjustments inlcuding skybox approach, wallbangs, boosts, visuals, fog, modification of how certain areas can be used, etc. Preferably this should happen with the input of the general community.

- Consistent, intuitive wallbang approach
Players should be able see whether or not something is bangable without having to test it first. Certain textures of certain thicknesses should be globally penetrable and others shouldn't. Currently there's practically no rule or consistency to this. Also, penetrability of objects (damage througput) should be slightly increased on tactically limited spots on the maps. Another idea would be to use the windows that are present on most maps to implement limited strategical, but also expectable wallbanging. For this, windows on the other side of the walls would of course be needed, which is something that from a map design perspective should be desireable anyways though.

Personal wishlist:

- Introduce alternate spraying patterns for crouching
Crouching is not a viable enough feature in duels in my opinion. It has its uses (especially online, as long as it is ignored by lag compensation) because it increases accuracy slightly and can set an opponent's aim off, but if crouching altered the recoil patterns of guns, it would make duels a much more versatile affair.

- Reintroduce hud_fastswitch 1/0
I don't like how the current loadout when set to cl_showloadout 0 gradually fades away. Cycling through grenades can also be a pain and if you click one time too many, you have to cycle through all of them again. hud_fastswitch 0 as it used to be in older versions with a loadout that vanishes instantly after selecting the object and cycles through grenades visually instead of physically is something I'd like to see back again as an option.

- Free some cvars from the cheat protection
Such as mat_postprocessing_enable, cl_wpn_sway_scale, cl_use_new_headbob, m_pitch.

- Add a nicer headshot animation where the model is forced in the opposite direction of where it has been shot from, the head being the main point of momentum.

- Add the possibility to adjust the dynamic behaviour of the crosshair so that we can decide whether it expands only showing the inaccuracy caused by moving, only the inaccuracy caused by shooting, or both.

- Increase the visual indication of bullet impacts (blood for bodyshots, dust, debris and bullet holes for walls and objects).
More skins, like esports summer case, a new operation one, which may contain a new community case, and a normal new weapon case. More skins = More variety :-)
2014-06-24 01:24
-1 Skins should be a side project of go. Valve should mainly focus on the main aspects of the game, like what OP has stated. Also, we meet again. :p
2014-06-24 01:32
Skins bring money, money pays devs.. so new skins is always a good addition to have to keep the money flowing.
2014-06-24 14:04
Serbia TRBA 
sry for reply but here is the reddit link: go up vote
2014-06-24 05:17
Poland subs 
It's funny because these are the things that kill this game.
2014-06-24 11:50
Australia TotalEclipse 
pls stop troll
2014-06-24 12:45
- Make an attempt to cooperate with map makers in the eSport scene to make great fresh maps. - reduce the amount of model based cover. - Add an ingame Team only match making and ladder system. (makes it easier for friends to experience the team based aspect of the game.) - Fix the bug that resets commands when you close the game (viewmodel commands for example.) - Make Individual viewmodel commands for every weapon. - Use competitive maps for competitive modes (mirage_ce/go etc..) - Try to tweak the colors so it increases visibility - Fix the error that causes csgo.exe to crash on exit/pressing f10 - Make teamates Radar icon altitude levels (if they are below or above you) easier to understand by simply makeing them larger and smaller depending if they are under or over you. (maybe add this to the bomb aswell.) - Increase the tick rate on the compedative matches.(Either make so that the Higher ranked players will get a 128 tick server. this will limit the costs) Or only add high tic rate servers for a TEAM only based matchmaking (mentioned above) for those who really want to play CSGO how it's ment to be played. - Fix the amount of Skin/case drops showing correctly. - If you close the console make so you can instantly open it agian instead of having to press on something first (main menu.) - Fix Scoreboard not showing on certain instances. - If you join a community server that is full or you type the wrong password make it return you to the server browser and not the main menu. - BOTs follows your radio command orders 100% of the time. - Increase bullet penetration slightly - Remove the 100% accurate Mid air scoped Scout (SSG 08) nonsense. - reduce the time it takes for you to throw a grenade after withdrawing it. ( the animation is a bit off.) - Reduce damage on both autosnipers so that it is 3 shots to the body and 4 shots to the legs for kill. (headshots should still be 1 shot.) - Do something to the tec9. - Reduce pistol accuracy while running. - Tweaking in Movement. Make acceleration slower and recovery times faster. - Mid-air movement tweaking. - Make the Deagle recovery time shorter so you are able to shoot faster accurately, but not by much. (should not be spammable like in CSS.) - Make USP-S Have More Extra/Side Ammo. - Make so that you can have both m4a4 and m4a1 in the buy menu at the same time.(so that if you need to drop for someone that prefer the other rifle than you use or maybe you just can only afford m4a1s so you dont have to give famas instead, if m4a4 is equipped. - Add cl_phys_props_enable (removes all physics props that just lowers your FPS.) - Make cl_disable_ragdolls "1" A client sided command which instantly removes ragdolls once a player is killed( Like in CS:Source) - Add a good crosshair option menu like CS:Source had( so it's easier for new/unfamilliar players to customize their crosshair) - Add FPS tweaking/boosting commands and/or Disable the sv_cheats protection from them.
2014-06-24 01:41
tec-9 OP lol:)_
2014-06-24 13:08
2014-06-24 01:41
kNgV- | 
Norway rappparen 
- Player skins
2014-06-24 01:44
Serbia TRBA 
wow that was really good text i hope atleast 20% of that being done game will be so much better
2014-06-24 01:44
United Kingdom r0mm 
love this. Unfortunately valve game editors are a fucking joke, and wont listen to one bit of this... instead they'll implement their own random changes they've come up with rather than the obvious ones that need fixing.
2014-06-24 01:49
Serbia TRBA 
2014-06-24 02:04
Man I've come to realize that this is true for every Valve game. Dota, TF2 and CS:GO players all say the same thing :)
2014-06-25 10:29
United Kingdom grund 
Fuck me h9stile... :O Nice work!! :)
2014-06-24 01:56
Nice work indeed. I can't add anything, I'd even go and say that it's too much :P Some of these changes and my heart could start beating again when I play.
2014-06-25 09:48
new skins...nothing doesn´t matters
2014-06-24 02:05
Why can't Valve hire people like you?
2014-06-24 04:14
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They hiring ppl like #10
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god you sir are awesome post it on reddit and lets upvote this!
2014-06-24 04:19
- Aimpunch only occurring when shot in the head without helmet What? You'll be dead most likely
2014-06-24 04:20
2014-06-24 09:23
No, there are lots of times where it happens in 1.6.
2014-06-24 10:15
at least new operation pls
2014-06-24 04:23
You should post this on Reddit,looks like is the only website Valve gives a fuck about their opinios/tweaks/changes.
2014-06-24 04:28
Germany qcec 
2014-06-24 04:33
+1 I'd also like to see the random spread removed from the first bullet of the rifles, so that my bullets would go exactly where I'm aiming while tapping. Every weapon should be much less accurate while moving, especially the pistols.
2014-06-24 04:53
i disagree with flashbang and he adjustment.. imo its fine with the way it is now. nerfing smoke would make it even worse to hold bomb site lets say mirage, yolo-ing smoke with mag7 or p90 is still viable and by nerfing it even more will render it useless.. unless they introduce tagging. then i dont mind nerfed smoke right now shooting someone popin out from the corner is so effing difficult, even more in 64 tick.. even when im playing really well, i still cant be 100% confidence defending long range with awp..
2014-06-24 05:00
Serbia TRBA 
anyone post it on reddit?
2014-06-24 05:04
will get downvoted by bunch of silver replying "go play 1.6"
2014-06-24 05:34
+1 Someone actually submitted it and I was surprised to see it as the #1 post. Redditors are so fickle. You never know what you'll get from that place sometimes.
2014-06-24 10:51
Fix nades from stopping you dead in your tracks when they hit you -_-
2014-06-24 05:11
the stupid thing is that they wouldnt implement tagging by gun yet ignored the tagging bug by nade.. lol
2014-06-24 05:29
+100000 for the cl_wpn_sway interp command!!! I hate how it sways and my bhop and longjumps are affected by it because it's not natural. Please let the model of the gun only move when walking and my an animation when jumping or crouching but let it static when turning from left to right!
2014-06-24 05:47
Other reav Go upvote on reddit, it's actually getting some positive feedback.
2014-06-24 06:07
This is the best list and most well throughout post yet. I ask everyone spread this around as much as possible! Iv posted it on steamforums
2014-06-24 06:26
So aside from what the OP said, here are suggestions to maybe add onto the list. ESPORT CASES WITH ACTUAL GOOD SKINS! Can we get eSport cases with actual good skins? There are so many great skins on the workshop. I really want to support the esports scene, but it's hard to when the cases way better. EMS Katowice brought incredible numbers. They should realize that the game will grow a lot faster if it has bigger and more tournaments. Also show us how much we fund for each tournament like the compendium for DOTA2. POST PROCESSING AND FOG Post processing and the fog hinders performance and in my opinion looks worse. Can we have the option to disable it? Just try these values on Dust2 or Mirage. Looks so much better, doesn't it? sv_cheats 1 sv_skyname vertigoblue_hdr mat_postprocess_enable "0" sv_cheats 1 fog_enable 0 fog_override 1 SV_STOPSPEED 100? There has been lot of suggestions for movement. I have only tried sv_stopspeed 100 and it felt a lot better. Crouching is messed up though on that value. Other than that, it feels really good. It feels less slidy and just feels better especially in a game where stopping to shoot is important.
2014-06-24 07:32
Valve wants people to open more operation cases than esport cases...
2014-06-24 09:24
Agree with most of it, and there are actually much more serious problems than those listed, like the bullet inaccuracy and flaws in competitive maps. But right now the priority is to invest in tweaking useless maps that nobody plays, and skins for the new operations to get more people to purchase it. Also a big part of the cs community is already satisfied with the game, again because of skins, when the steam market was introduced in GO gameplay complaints went down a lot, and player numbers exploded. So you can pretty much forget about gameplay updates that will not have an effect on game sales. Even porting GO to PS4 ans Xbox is more important for them. The only gameplay updates that we will ever see will be new weapons that allow more skins to be sold and new useless maps for operations.
2014-06-24 08:24
I would also mention FAMAS' burst-fire: atm it's utter crap, it looses in "accuracy" and "fire-rate" to full-auto. Just stand against a wall and fire 3 bullets with and without burst-mode. #zneel :(
2014-06-24 08:56
2014-06-24 09:19
Poland kingWZRD 
Add Shield to Ct side !!
2014-06-24 09:27
India pfx 
+1 volvo see this plox
2014-06-24 09:31
- Add some MM servers in Germany. E.g. ping to Frankfurt is < 40 ms which is extremely enjoyable to play with, while ping to the Swedish servers is 70-180 ms which is the worst playing experience I can imagine... - Add an opportunity to choose the maximum ping of your opponents in MM. I'm tired of all those assholes whose ping is 200-400 and who still hit everyone while they're almost unhittable. - Remove an opportunity to throw a bomb away to any inaccessible (for one player) places. I mean, how an opportunity to throw a bomb, for example, on the high boxes can be useful for a T team in any way? Now it's used only by the idiots who think that it's very funny to deprive his team of an opportunity to plant a bomb. - CZ75 for 300$ is a joke. It's M4A4 with 12/12 ammos in it, and it shouldn't be so cheap! - Remove a fog. - Add de_season to the competitive maplist or at least to the next "Operation".
2014-06-24 09:33
2014-06-25 04:02
I think that ping option is already available in options
2014-06-25 10:11
it's YOUR max ping, and I'm talking about your opponents max ping
2014-06-25 13:18
>Cycling through grenades can also be a pain and if you click one time too many, you have to cycle through all of them again. Which is why you bind your nades rather than cycle through them seriously do you still use mouse wheel to cycle through as well?
2014-06-24 09:47
Europe Ark- 
Now watch this never get fixed or patched.
2014-06-24 10:45
This is a fantastic post. What we need is people from the top of the scene (hltv admins, casters, journalists/reporters, pro players, team owners, coaches, etc.) to come out and publicly back these changes. Put pressure on Valve to fix this game!!!
2014-06-24 10:56
Other reav 
comment from reddit: "Nice ideas, will be 100% ignored by Valve." by "dAvid-4GT-" Comment is upvoted by 50 points. Sad, but true. =(
2014-06-24 14:17
that's what lurppis does
2014-06-24 17:29
Lurppis did it a couple times back in the day. I haven't seen him talk about it any time recently. And he can't be the only one. Other people need to join in. I'm extremely disappointed in neo and get_right for not speaking out harshly about the state of the game. Neo is someone who mastered 1.6 movement more than anyone, and it was a beauty to watch.
2014-06-25 02:25
would be fun to see neo make everyone look like total horseshit with fixed movement, removed peekers advantage etc. most people dont know how big of an impact this kind of stuff has on a players performance. just watch him, such a fucking monster. CS is about positioning, holding angles, reading your enemy, etc., not about running around ADADADAD randomly like a retard
2014-06-25 13:51
Lower the price of defuse kits.
2014-06-24 11:14
Well that was unexpectedly a good read.
2014-06-24 11:23
Agree with 99% of what you have written. Some additions like 128 tick high quality servers for Match making would also be nice. Valve give this man a job as supervisor of the CS GO Development team :)
2014-06-24 11:30
We need hats, taunts and more weapon skins.
2014-06-24 11:32
very nice post
2014-06-24 11:40
Really enjoyed this read tbh. One suggestion i always had was ditch the 30 bullet unsilenced colt, and make the 20 shot silenced colt 30 shots with 90 shots spare. Same thing with the Usp and p2k. Make Usp 12/48.
2014-06-24 11:43
Awesome post man :D Agree on everything but the silenced weapons buff, they have less inaccuracy fire than both the unsilenced versions, and are both more accurate while moving and jumping...more buffs would make the p2k and the m4a4 useless. I would also like to add that having aimpunch when headshot with helmet. This way the battle outcome is not dictated by Who has the weapon with the higher damage output, but, by the one with higher skill. I think individual skill should count for more than it does in GO, and good players should be rewarded for being good. If you headshot a player with a pistol you should be rewarded doing so, and not be killed by a bodyshots from an autosniper
2014-06-24 11:45
I see a lot of suggestion coming more from your preference for the gameplay than from a real issue. - Removing aimpunch in upper body ? Do you also need to double the damage of pistols ? Maybe you also need kevlar to be free? This is crucial to have aimpunch in the body to give the advantage to those WITH kevlar in a fight, otherwise, you lose interest. So far, pistols are already strong, all the more if you can surprise, but if you don't made the kill before the opponent finds you, you're dead because the aim-punch will prevent you from aiming. Removing it will just give more chances to pistols and then to eco. The same for people forcing the buy without kevlar, they take a bit more damage, but the real difference is that they won't aim anymore so they have to surprise. This is something crucial in a competitive gameplay, every choice has to make a difference. - auto-crouch on bomb planting: If they made this decision, that's because they don't manage to fix the issues made by crouch spamming (which will probably never be fixed), then deal with it. This became a part of the gameplay where you need to be safe to be able to plant. - m4a1-s and usp-s: I believe that removing the silencer gives more power for long-distance shots (not sure), which would make a difference for the USP. Furthermore, maybe the question should be "why can we remove the silencer?" and not "why it becomes weaker". The silenced weapons are strong enough to add good another option, dont make them stronger. - AWP is different, not strong or weaker. Stop comparing from what it used to be in Source or 1.6. If players are less consistant with it, that's because it is more balanced and that it can be countered. Every player with all weapons is not really consistant. In the past, AWP used to be really strong, maybe too strong, and then you could always deal damage with it. Now, it's probably harder to always deal damage, and IT'S A GOOD THING, competitive gameplay, that's all, balance. But I fully agree with the CZ, it has a too big potential. With just a reasonable amount of practice, you can deal consistently damage with it. Just like the p90, the penetration and/or the damage should be reduced. EDIT: Rewarding more aim players is not something good the competition. You need to favorise teamplay, that can benefit from good aimers, but do not give it too much benefit. Making pistols stronger is ridiculous because winning key rounds with all players equiped would become useless. And then, no need from strategy, building an economy, adaptivity. Just need to run around with a pistol, hit one or 2 hits (with one HS) on a fully equiped player and you can win. I don't see the interest in this.
2014-06-24 11:57
"Preference" is such a bad argument in this context that people always like to bring up to talk down everything. The premise is that people prefer competitive gameplay, because that's what CS has always been about. People feel GO lacks majorly in terms of providing players with the possibility to become better than other players (especially mechanically) and therefore suggest changes that lead to more skill-centered and practice-rewarding gamepaly. - Armorless players already are at a disadvantage, they take more damage. Pistoling players didn't become as dangerous in GO because they prevent aimpunch with armor. They became dangerous because the pistols are better than they used to be in CS and because they can peek and disappear very fast, taking players down or causing damage mostly unpunished for playing as recklessly, while the pistol's accuracy is also more forgiving for moving around while shooting. It's also harder to hear a player coming, allowing pistoleers to run around and catch players by surprise. Couple all of that with armor that allows you to duel riflers without immediately dying from 2 shots hitting you anywhere, and you have your successful pistol/armor rounds. If acceleration was to be decreased, friction increased, sound improved, tagging increased, none of the above would be possible to a similar degree it is now. Proper tagging allows riflers to stun a pistol player, taking him down easily, whereas the limited rate of fire of the pistol doesn't allow the same. I mean, in the end we can argue all day about how things could turn out - testing and experimenting with these things in the game would be far more productive. That's why I strongly agree with the OP that there should be something like a test client. And trust me, armorless pistoleers would not be nearly as successful as you think. - I'm not sure whether we should be satisfied with the speculation that "they are not able to fix the core issue". And the core issue also isn't crouch spamming, because there are stamina limitations for crouching already. You can't crouch in quick succession while static. - Both the M4A1 and USP get worse in all regards when detaching the silencer. And the silenced weapons as we know them would not be made stronger, the unsilenced alternatives would be. - Inaccuracy is random by design. You can't "control" inaccuracy, you can't become consistent with it. There's too much inaccuracy in the game to start with (all rifles are), but the AWP is the one weapon that needs to be masterable on longer distances to a degree where it doesn't randomly miss. Also, people make it out like an AWP with increased accuracy and noscope/quickscope potential would on its own destroy everything. First, both teams can use the AWP. Secondly, in 1.6 there were only a handful of players that truly mastered the AWP to a degree where they could consistently dominate. Changing the AWP along the lines of how h9stile suggested increases the POTENTIAL to become good with it, it does not guarantee that everybody will take down 3 players that rush at them. Also, if anything, a stronger AWP forces teams to play smarter and be more careful about their executions. I can't see how this doesn't enhance competitive gameplay.
2014-06-25 22:50
So, do you mean that what you are looking for is a aiming-centered game, teamplay being a secondary feature? This might be only my opinion, but if you teamplay on the top, then your choices for the competitive gameplay have to make the team playing the best at a team level, than their opponents. This means taking economic and mind advantage. Real skills, in this vision, should only be a mean to implements strategies. -Here I don't see you giving reasons to remove body aim-punch. You are explaining why pistols are too strong and maybe how to fix this. Just keep it simple, as the pistols are, right now, if you remove body aim-punch, it can only favorise them more. And for the damage dealt, the difference is not so huge. Most of the time, it will require one more shot to kill, that's all (only HE has a difference), so it's not like droping like flies VS being supersolid. But what makes a strong difference in unarmored vs armored duels is that if the guy that spent more money than the other hit the other in the body, it will prevent him from aiming. And with that, yes, the guy drop like a fly. Well, taging helps as well, but only if the guy is escaping. And I don't think that higher tagging will help in any way, it wouldn't change much. -We should be satisfied that this core hasn's be solved yet, but we have to be realistic. They haven't found a way to fix it yet, so we have to deal with it. And with the crouch limitations, you could gain a couple seconds by being almost unhitable during the bomb planting, and each second in situation is good to get to stay alive longer. -Then the silenced weapons maybe shouldn't allow to remove the silencer at all. If you give any interest to the unsilenced m4a1, something that the S version doesn't have, the overall weapon will get even stronger. Then the m4a4 would get even less useful. Just look at the pros, most of them are using the a1, then I don't think that it need any buff. -Here again, for the AWP, it's about what kind of gameplay you want. If you want something based on skills and aim more than teamplay, then an OP AWP like in 1.6 and Source is a solution. Buy an AWP and you are almost sure to secure the round (that's really competitive), unless your opponent buy one. I'm maybe exagerating, but that's the idea. By preventing fast scope at middle/long distance, they made the AWP weaker and you have to use it wiser. Now the AWP needs more often the help of his team to stay alive, and I think it makes teamplay more important. Just look at the players that usually do the more kills and often top the scoreboards, they often are full or partial AWPer (pasza, guardian, kennyS, markeloff, f0rest, mb jw, delpan etc), it shows that AWP is already dealing a lot of damage. You just need to use it well. Anyway, as I already said, most of this is about preferences of gameplay (aim oriented or team oriented), but almost none of this really an issue.
2014-06-26 09:04
You really think mechanical skill solely is about "aim"? You seem to hardly have experience with 1.6. And increasing the impact mechanical skill can have on the game does not mean that teamplay suffers. The reasons to remove aimpunch were given in the suggestions already, the logic of which you failed to address in your comment. It adds randomness to duels. How is randomness good for a competitive game? Why would randomness increase the emphasis put on teamplay? Also, yes, tagging would suffice, because the pistol player can not only not fly away into safety, but equally can't dodge bullets as effectively by errattically strafing. Being realistic? I just explained that what you think is the unfixable core issue is not even the problem here. You can't crouch spam while static, i. e. while planting the bomb. Making the M4A1/USP unsilenced be not objectively worse than both the silenced alternatives and the M4A4/P2K is not "buffing" them. People use the silenced versions. Just because detaching the silencer makes the guns be less terrible doesn't mean that people have any added reason more to use them. About the AWP, again, both teams can use it. The importance of teamplay is not reduced. Against players capable of handling the weapon properly, it is actually more important to have proper teamplay to take down or dodge an AWP instead of being able to just rush at it. Then again, even with the 1.6 AWP there were only a handful of players that consistently would buy an AWP and do something worthwhile with it. That is with higher kill reward. The notion that everyone could secure a round with the AWP is ridiculous. Above all, removing the inaccuracy there is to it serves to remove the randomness of one player hitting an opponent, while another time the same shot would not. Surely you can't possibly think this kind of randomness is good for the competitive viability of the game. Teamplay getting more important the less impact individual skill can have is true. That doesn't mean gameplay will suddenly be about who has the more skilled AWPer. Currently, the game puts much more emphasis on teamplay and mental competition, it would just enhance competition in a different direction. Yes, it comes down to preference of mechanically more challanging competition, and yes, that's influenced by how CS used to be, but it can really be an issue. When the game isn't as fun to play and watch, not as rewarding to practice, not as allowing for players to develop a playstyle of their own or the countless game modes that depended on proper mechanical freedom in CS to emerge - then it loses not only much of its traditional charm, but popularity and longevity with it.
2014-06-26 11:54
In my opinion and from my experience so far, randomness in CS is made to force the players to compensate it to get better results. The better you compensate, the better you get. In this cas, it is individual skill and not about teamplay directly. But concerning the aim-punch, the fact that a shot is randomly accurate doesn't come from the aimpunch itself but because of the netcode. Removing it just a quick workaround. You remove a part of the gameplay just it is not working perfectly yet, not sure if that is the best to do. When I talked about crouchspam, maybe the spam was overdone, but the fact that you can, even slowly, crouch during the plant makes it really hard to it, because of netcode flaws again. They applied this workaround to prevent from the multiple abuse of it. Setting it back won't solve anythin, all the contrary. For the m4a1, if you want the unsilenced version being just the same, it means that then it is just a fancy feature (which remains acceptable), but not useful in the gameplay. If it get a advantage compared to the silenced version, it means that the weapon get 2 strength that you can switch between (stealth or more damage for instance), which can only make the weapon stronger. So the unsilenced m4a1 and usp being weaker is wrong, I agree, but implementing something different than the silenced version would be wrong as well. When I said that most pros use the m4a1, it was in comparison on the m4a4 which is less and less played now. Yes, both teams can theoricaly use the AWP, but in a real match, one of the team usually can't afford it, or would have to double eco. It is already hard to win a round with rifles only against one or two AWP. Then imagine them being potentialy stronger, that could be too much. The fastscope/unscope is random, but on purpose. Imagine a really accurate unscope on awp, it would get just too powerful in close fight. And by the way, you can regularly see quick scopes and unscopes, which means that it is not so random. So indeed, if for some people the game is not pleasant anymore, they play it and the game will lose in popularity. But it works for both sides. There are always people that don't agree with changes and quit. To keep everyone in, you "just" need to find the right balance. Ah, and competitive gameplay is not about how hard the game is, it is mostly about balance. I play Q3 CPMA, which a very good example of "easy too learn, hard to master", the game is hard and has a huge potential that CS:GO doesn't really have. But the community is really small and we rarely get new players. So maybe this is what you are looking for, but if you want a game to remain popular for a while, you need to look for a balanced gameplay before the difficulty.
2014-06-26 13:24
Again, I'm not saying the game gets more competitive with those changes. It's just that the areas of competition are tinkered with, putting more emphasis on the mechanical area of competition, because I feel - and so do many other - that it lacks in that regard. It is true that inaccuracy competitively contemplated serves to shift the focus of competition towards other skills than aiming - for example positionally compensating for it to ensure you are close enough not to allow the inaccuracy to cause missing crucial shots. At the same time, it causes randomness in terms of mechanical competition, i. e. duels, whereas increased accuracy does not cause randomness in terms of mental competition. Of course, the easier a game is mechanically, the harder it will be fought mentally. But I argue the approach of not allowing players to become mechanically superior in a consistent manner compared to other players by introducing random and limiting elements has gone too far in GO, because what differentiates CS from other competitive games always was the high emphasis put on both mechanical and mental skill. Mechanical skill is also easier to witness, replicate, get hyped about and enjoy. It will ultimately help the game if it was to realize again how important the mechanical side of it is (also because of mods and subculture play etc.). So we can keep arguing until everything seems questionable, but in the end for the suggestions in question I think I agree with the OP and many other veterans as well as new players, that the game needs at least some alteration in favour of rewarding mechanical practice and effort. And the suggestions are not even as hardcore as they could be. Rifles could be suggested to be more accurate as well. If you wanted even more emphasis put on mechanics, you would do it like Quake. We are not asking for that degree of focus on mechanical competition. All the suggestions in here that touch this balance of mental/mechanical competition are fairly tame actually. Your planting argument still doesn't make sense, you are seemingly just holding onto it so as to not giving even an inch of your opinions up. Do you even want to discuss or just be right? Because not only are your arguments about why the planting works like it does based on pure speculation, the speculation on top of that isn't logical. The stamina for crouching is as severe as to making you not even slightly harder a target than if you were not crouching. The underlying netcode flaw is crouching not being lag compensated, a flaw that stays relevant in the double-digit to low tripple-digit realm of miliseconds that is instant crouching. Slow stamina-punished crouching is not subject to the same flaw, especially not to a degree where it would hinder a player from taking someone out. About the M4: I mean, O.K., I see where you are coming from. The M4A1 could end up being even more popular if it had a viable second mode. And even disregarding the fact that I obviously don't mind a weapon being more popular, and don't see the reason behind trying to "balance" the usage of weapons percentually, the point still stands that it is simply bad weapon design and illogical decision making from Valve, that introduced new weapons to create variety to start with. Why would they make the second mode of a weapon objectively worse and therefore unusable if their goal was to create variety (same goes for forcing players to select which weapon they want to use prior to the game and not just giving them the possibility to buy all weapons). So I agree, they should have either made the silencer undetachable to keep their logic consistent or now design the gun so that even when the unsilenced alternative has its reasons to be used, the M4A1 does not become immsensely more popular than the M4A4. Again, not that I agree with basing changes on concepts such as popularity of the weapons. A weapon, referring to the AWP in this case, can not be "too strong". The game balances that inherently by allowing both teams on the respective side to use it. A weapon can only be designed in an undesireable way from a "enjoyment of gameplay" perspective. Imagine weapon that upon triggering it kills the entire enemy team instantly. One team is able to afford it first. After dying X rounds in a row to it, the other team is able to afford it as well. Now the team that has the player with the fastest trigger wins. Ultimately, the game is not any less competitive with this weapon in play. It's just that it alters competition in an undesireable manner. To get practical again. Even with the suggestions from this thread, the AWP would not be as "strong" on paper as the 1.6 AWP. And like I mentioned more than once, look at the impact the "AWP" itself had in 1.6. It was a role weapon, and only a selected few really mastered it and even then did not decide games by themselves, let alone consistently. What people are asking for is not for the AWP to be "easier", it's about firstly taking the flaw of false feedback (overlay kicks in before scope accuracy has been achieved) out of the game and then slightly adjusting the AWP to offer the potential for players to become better at using it. Will the average skilled player or the player that does not put in more practice really get better with the AWP? No. The weapon's impact is not automatically changed. The impact a good wielder of that weapon can have is changed. And don't tell me you don't see how currenctly the impact even the best AWPers can have is limited undesireably from a CS perspective (various teams not even having dedicated AWPers anymore, former world-star AWPers failing to be consistently good with it). No, the AWP does not have to become a weapon with a higher skill ceiling for the game to be competitive. It's just that people want it to be because seeing players excel with that weapon is historically one of the core traits of CS. Lastly, of course competitive gameplay is not about how had the game itself is. It's about balance. But not "balance" as most people think of it. Like "balanced maps" or "balanced weapons". Balance in the sense that both competitors have the exact same conditions of competing. CS is an inherently balanced game because both teams play each other and switch sides. Any game can be equally competitively viable. The question is what kind of skills you want to decide the outcome. GO does have unlimited competitive potential and does not end at some imaginary point where Q3 goes on beyond. It's just that GO caps out earlier in mechanical competition and thus must be mentally more challanging. But mental competition is harder to see, to attempt to replicate, harder to get excited about. Players showing great mechanical superiority on the other hand is easy to notice, to try and replicate, to get excited about from a spectator perspective. And while IMO both fields of skill are fun and enjoyable for me as a player, for the vast majority mechanical skills are more fun (see movement, knifing surf and aim maps, see the giant subcultures around that and the sheer amount of hours spent by people doing that stuff. Ever seen a gamesense or strategy-crafting map or mod?). There are good reasons why the developers should put at least some more focus on raising the mechanical skill ceiling.
2014-06-26 21:32
Concerning the bomb plant, I'm not speculating, I'm just considering the fact that it was a well known issue and that they fixed it by forcing crouching. I don't remember if crouching has been punished afterwards, but if not, going backwards would just bring this issue back. And it also do not remove the fact that being safe to be able to plant is something important in the gameplay, and you can already fake it a bit. I don't believe that cs:go needs more possibilities to fake bomb plant. Concerning the AWP, even me, I would most probably enjoy a decrease of inacuracy (on fast scope and unscope), and I'm not a top Europe awper. Technically speaking, the awp is not so hard to control once you practice it. It mostly gets hard when your opponent is playing smart to counter it, and I'm fine with that. What ruined the most my days when playing the AWP was more the netcode and low ticks servers (or the server lagging in general), not the innacuracy. And concerning the fact that some former top world AWP can't consistently master it anymore, that's not an argument. They mastered it in a completly different gameplay, this does not mean that they will somewhere else. Some of them managed to master it again, some didn't, I think it is mostly about how much they are ready to change their gamestyle to fit the new AWP. And about the fact that both side can purchase it, that's unfortunatly not enough in CS. Maps are not balanced neither, some positioning with AWP can be really strong (nuke or train on CT side). If you let the best AWPers get even better, these positions would get even more strong. But yes, you always have smokes and flashes to try to counter a position, but that's not always enough. Ah, and don't forget that being good with the awp is not only about how accurate you are. It's also speed, positioning, game sense, even more than most of the others weapon. And this is also what makes the difference between awpers, the ability to be in a position that advantages you, and not the opposite. This looks obvious, but in practice it gets much harder. And about the fact that people want to see awpers exceeling with it, like I said before, it's already the case. You can often see the awper tops the team's scoreboard. But yes, we probably have 2 different approaches of the game and we are looking for different aspects in the gameplay. So yes, arguing about this would never end. =)
2014-06-27 10:09
At last, someone did this. And all good topics have been already suggested so we should just pray for valve to surprise us, because I cant even remember when was the last update
2014-06-24 11:59
Slovakia kubiaxk 
this ... we constantly pumping them with great sugestions since beta ... they just doing it very slow
2014-06-24 12:48
2014-06-24 12:15
2014-06-24 12:27
2014-06-24 12:36
add to this tapping tweak
2014-06-24 12:39
alot of these are accurately done +1 sir
2014-06-24 12:47
I just want to that thank you for taking the time to make this topic, the way you articulate yourself and the fact that you have reasoning behind your suggestions. A rare occurance. I'm very certain this is something Valve will take notice of!
2014-06-24 13:49
THIS : things valve should fix is the smokebug, when it occurs to be very thin at the edge of the smoke when you see through it clearly from 1meter distance and when you walk into that edge, it all of a sudden gets thick as fuck. and then your dead. also they should fix that you dont get stuck in place while running/walking when greanades hits you, this is really really annoying. they should just bounce off you. and they should add tuscan, season and contra to the map pool. these are really good maps.
2014-06-24 14:07
They only add maps they actually made. So would you like that Valve redo these maps (considering that they will feel the need to change them) and then force to remove the original version from almost all tournaments like they did with mirage? Is that really what you want ?
2014-06-24 14:10
they didn't make mirage. they converted it from a map used in league play
2014-06-25 03:07
Congratz, this is exactly what I said. Expect that converted might no be what I would since they changed so many things (to not say destroyed).
2014-06-25 10:00
valve should add good de_maps, not only their own. cus they suck
2014-06-27 18:12
my top points are: - AWP accuracy- i can't count how often i missed shots which were 100% scoped on the target. - player movement ( crouch spam should be fixed) - general hitbox accuracy ( often you have to shoot 3 times onto the same point to hit a target which is standing still), which makes a "one tapping playstyle" really hard sometimes depending on the server or the latency of the enemy, that's why nearly everyone is spraying - nerf cz75 / autosniper
2014-06-24 14:33
Look at your points, they all point to hitbox management and to the netcode issues. The "AWP accuracy" like you call it comes from this as well. Since the AWP need a single shot, it looks different than shots with rifles that don't hit for some reasons. For instance, if you shoot on a player that crouches 250ms-1s later on your screen, you might miss the shot because when the server processes the shot, the model was crouched. Shit like this happen way too often. When you see a shot not happening, look at this kind of behaviour, most of the time you'll explain it this way. And don't forget that fast scope doesn't work like in the past, the AWP is not instantly accurate. So if you fastscope and shot far, or on the border of a player, you might miss. But this is part of the gameplay and intends to make the AWP less strong. Furthermore, don't forget that the hitbox is slightly smaller than the model.
2014-06-24 15:31
dude, if you play on 64tick/valve matchmaking servers then you can actually see the blood from them, but the server does not registert it, cus 64tick.
2014-06-27 18:14
Yeah, I should have said netcode and 64tick servers being the main issue.
2014-06-27 18:21
Croatia VuKA 
nice post!
2014-06-24 14:48
Agree on everything but *The CZ-75 and CT Autosniper are imbalanced *The desert eagle needs tweaking The CZ is not op, the damage on it long range sucks ass and to be good with it you have to actually tap and conserve your bullets, if you spray it once, you might get 1 kill but you'll be forced to reload and be killed during that time (by any team that isn't bad), I also find it ironic that most of the people that complain about the gun have never even used it, I have a friend that bitches about it all the time yet he's never used the weapon him self, talk about blind judgement, having a sook over a gun they can't use, delete cs. As for the Deagle in the right hands, it's a game changer, it has the highest armour penetration out of any gun besides the awp, if you're aiming right you'll hit your shots and blow people's heads off for over 200 in 1 from any range on a competitive map, it's one of those guns you buy when you feel like doing something massive and nothing should take that away, besides it has been updated a 1000x already, it's finally right so don't ask for another update when it'll probably just fuck it up like the others.
2014-06-24 15:06
So you think that it is alright to easily get a kill with a $300 weapon against a $7000 equiped player just by spraying? A 1 for 1 in a eco round is really huge for the team on eco. And yes, the damage at long distance is low, maybe, but if you control the spray you can easily get 5-6 hits in the body and still kill an armored opponent, at any distance and almost as fast as with a rifle. And if the first shot was HS, this is almost instant death. Compare the time you need to kill an enemy hitting in the body with CZ-75 and p250 and you'll see how ridiculous it is. For the deagle, it's almost fine, but the first shot is not that accurate (even less with the random hitbox management). So it still include too much randomness in the usage of the deagle. But since the other pistols are really strong as well, I don't think that we need a stronger deagle.
2014-06-24 15:38
You're an idiot if you don't think the CZ is overpowered. Winning pistol round has become irrelevant when the losing team buys cz's on eco and can easily win the round for a mere $300. Literally no skill involved especially at close range. It's actually made submachine guns pretty useless too. The deagle is still garbage. They either need to lower the price or buff the gun
2014-06-25 03:04
The only argument for overpowered CZ is that 99% of pro players buy that for eco rounds. It destroyed the balance of pistols. With 450$ it would cost more than e.g p250 which became non-existent after CZ. That pistol actually required aiming for the head, where as CZ can kill armored opponent with one burst to body.
2014-06-25 14:05
The issue with the CZ is how good it is for close to mid distances with next to zero skill. It's still good long but thats not what makes it broken.
2014-06-26 00:36
Gosh, really good job. I wish Valve would actually give a f about constructive feedback like yours.
2014-06-24 15:09
Hello again, I'm positively surprised by how eager people still seem to be about improving the game. At the same time and by reading through the replies, I think I have to stress that this blog above all was intended to get people's thoughts and additions not only regarding my suggestions. Especially since I have consciously left out both more possible, but maybe more controversial, suggestions and kept my reasoning for the suggested changes short. I did not intend for people to take my suggestions as something I deem objectively worthwhile. As you may have noticed, much of it is influenced by practical experience with the game's prequels and my technical understanding mainly derives from more oberservational conclusions and superficial sources such as Valve's developer pages and only limited insight into the hard workings of code. Which is also why I would be more than grateful for people with deeper knowledge to step in or people with more regard for the casual perspective as well, since I purposely limited my suggestions to gameplay-related enhancement of competition, even though I realise that this is not exclusively what the game benefits from. On the other hand, predicting the outcome of certain proposed changes at least to me seems purely logical given comprehension of and experience with concepts of competitive gameplay, while the technical side of things ultimately is up to the developers to deal with anyways. And just generally, instead of talking ideas down too caught up in the theoretical realm, there should be as I mentioned a test client of the game, so that we can actually experience things in practice. That being said, I originally wanted to keep true to the initial request of mine for others to respond to opposing views, even though I admittedly have a hard time properly making out what it is some specific replies here and on reddit are arguing about, be it due to them not dealing with the logic of the suggestions or simply failing to be sufficiently elaborate about it. Most of it is being brought up on reddit though, so replying here doesn't seem fair, nor practical. Generally a lot of the complaints seem to be going the rough direction of "it would just be different, not necessarily better" though, so I will say that while that is true to a degree, we still have to think about what we want this game to be. I personally want it to be as competitively viable as it can be. Rewarding players for trying out new stuff, practicing more, studying the game more, learning more about it. A mechanically dumbed down game still is competitive, just more mentally challanging of course. But what made CS as enjoyable to play AND watch was the emphasis put on mechanical skill. I want this being focused on more again, as a player and spectator. Take the complaints about my AWP suggestions for example. Yes, the AWP in GO is not objectively badly designed. It's just different. It is generally more inaccurate and takes longer to become accurate again after shooting (although the scope kicking in before scoping accuracy has been achieved I consider a clear flaw). So, a good AWPer can still play around these characteristics, get closer to opponents, position himself differently, think more about being able to jump behind cover after firing. The weapon still allows player A to be better at handling it than player B. Thing is, it allows him to "mentally" be better at handling it. Inaccuracy is on the other hand entirely random, player A can not be better than player B in terms of handling it "mechanically" in this sense. Both scenarios are equally competitive. But which of the two is more fun to do and witness? Mental skills are hard to take notice of, especially in CS. Spectators and players alike are much more likely to appreciate mechanical skill. Sure, both fields of skill are exciting and challanging, I just think CS:GO currently doesn't allow for nearly enough mechanical skill to be achieved, rewarded or witnessed. I also want to remind people that there are good reasons why the development efforts should be more focused on the competitive side. The competitive scene is the single subculture most affected by changes and dependent on progress, and ultimately the driving force behind the game's popularity and longevity. There are however many valid thoughts being brought up and discussed against and in addition to the suggestions, which is all I wanted to happen really. Conflicting views and exchange of knowledge regarding the game's development is also the best way of keeping the topic of need for progress hot, not least because there can never be a true uniform opinion of the competitive scene, let alone "the community". Trying to achieve that I think would actually yield worse results. Throwing things around and hoping for the people in charge of realising them in one way or another getting back at us is all we can do really.
2014-06-24 15:26
Estonia 2026 
Wow this is long nice read, I'd like them to start off with movement tweaking and AWP/deagle, mostly AWP. Oh yeah and people who say autosniper isn't OP everyone can buy it.. THEN WHY DONT WE HAVE ALL GUNS DO 100 DMG FROM ANY RANGE IN THIS GAME? CAUSE U KNOW, EVERYONE CAN USE IT.
2014-06-24 16:12
2014-06-24 16:12
Europe Ark- 
The USP-S and M4A1-S should not exist the way they do now. There should be only one USP and one M4A1, with the secondary attack putting a silencer but giving more recoil and spread and/or a damage penalty. Balancing weapons with ammo is just plain stupid.
2014-06-24 16:15
+1 million
2014-06-24 17:43
2014-06-25 02:28
- Fix an old bug which makes impossible to choose weapons in the buy menu with your mouse cursor after reconnecting to the server (when playing MM). I know, it can be "fixed" by changing your in-game resolution, but after changing it the game becomes laggy (may be due to some memory leak - I don't know) and may even crash. - Increase the minimum possible rate. Sometimes I play MM vs some assholes who set their rate to 25000 or something like that. The thing is, that they are lagging as shit, especially when you both are shooting at each other, so they're hard to be hit, at the same time they hit you pretty easily.
2014-06-24 16:15
Deagle doesn't need a buff if the CZ stays untouched. Enough powerfull pistols already. If however the CZ get's nerfed, buff the deagle a bit
2014-06-24 17:31
I think the CSS deagle is good. The problem is that in CSS and CSGO, the movement is very limited, therefore there is no way for players to make themselves difficult targets to hit. Nerfing weapons AND movement is asinine, and extremely lazy. Movement options should be improved so players can make it harder for others to get easy headshots on them. Weapons should be accurate. At the most, they should retain CSS deagle behavior but increase the recoil in order to increase the delay between shots.
2014-06-25 02:32
If this is what you are looking for, then you are not playing the right game. Better play Q3 or ET if you want more accuracy and speed. CS's gameplay is different, you have to deal with it. (Oh, I myself am a Q3 CPMA player, so I understand what you are looking for) Btw, CS:S's deagle was just a huge joke. I don't see how a game can be competitive when with a pistol you can kill the entire enemy team in a few seconds.
2014-06-25 09:36
Q3 is a completely different game. It's mostly 1v1 and lacking the team based, strat based gameplay of CS. I don't know what ET is. >CS's gameplay is different, you have to deal with it. I hope when you say "CS" you're not referring to CSGO. Because there were enough movement options in 1.6 to enable players to make themselves difficult targets, and thus an accurate weapon like the CSS deagle would not be imbalanced. >Btw, CS:S's deagle was just a huge joke. I don't see how a game can be competitive when with a pistol you can kill the entire enemy team in a few seconds. You have to hit 5 perfect 1 shots... you act like that's simple... And like I said in my previous post, simply increasing the time between accurate shots via increased recoil would be more than sufficient.
2014-06-25 11:33
Then you don't really know what Q3 (and QL) is. Even if 1v1 is most famous part of Q3, TDM and CTF are also played at a high level, with team play. That's a different kind of teamplay than CS, but that's teamplay. About 1.6 movements, I don't know them enough, but the part I know is not something really acceptable in my opinion (talking about all this crouch abuse). But the gameplay from the 3 last CS is not really about dodging. There is a bit of it, but it is not meant being a core element (even if on 1.6 it became widely used because it was really powerful). For the deagle, I don't say that it's ez, but I've seen too much of these random moves that completly change the game.
2014-06-25 12:05
I think in high level CTF or TDM in quake that you need by far more teamwork then CS.
2014-06-26 12:10
thing about the CS community is, everytime someone nails exactly what needs to be said, someone else comes along and says the dumbest shit ever, and Valve sides with them.
2014-06-24 17:42
lmao. I completely agree. Though usually it's clueless casuals on reddit doing that. But this time redditors are supporting it. Valve has been mostly ignoring these kinds of posts since the beta though. Valve seems to side with the opinions of the most ignorant casuals in most areas.
2014-06-25 02:35
2014-06-24 17:58
United Kingdom ca1p 
only thing I disagree with is death cam, if you kill an enemy you know that they can see your next moves so you can either fake a push or fake a rotate etc. It adds more possibility than it would taking it away.
2014-06-24 18:16
shouldnt happen, cuz he is DEAD. cant see
2014-06-25 02:40
United Kingdom ca1p 
they should also not be allowed to speak in teamspeak to give info once their dead too then...
2014-06-25 09:42
that is you, not the model
2014-06-25 10:16
United Kingdom ca1p 
its an arcade shooter, not a simulator
2014-06-25 10:31
yeah, but why should u be able to see after being killed? i dont understand
2014-06-25 13:25
United Kingdom ca1p 
neither do I but as I said it adds in some elements and raises the skill ceiling as once you kill someone you know they can see you for a certain amount of time so you can either commit to let him tell his team where you were going or fake a rotate etc
2014-06-25 13:44
i agree
2014-06-24 18:31
2014-06-25 02:36
+More servers i.e.- US Central +Ability to select which regions you want to play (US West, Central, East, etc.)
2014-06-25 02:58
You've got the option to select the maximum ping you want to play on. So if I select 80 I might be playing on nordic servers, but if I select only 50, I'll be playing only on german servers :)
2014-06-25 10:32
Ah, special suggestion: -Allow picmip so players with bad computers can play decently and then stop using this argument to run only 64 ticks official servers. Could look like a cheat, but not if everyone has it.
2014-06-25 09:39
This topic needs more e-fame :(
2014-06-25 09:54
Need to add new bots. Bots from cs 1.6 are obsolete. A gun is integrated in nick. If nick is Kyle - he will use only sniper guns etc. Why they cant take random gun independently of nick? Need to add achievements for the game when playing with bots. I like to play on customs maps from workshop. VALVE, PLOX, ACHIEVEMENT ME :D Need to create a newer masterserver. Old masterserver is so fakkin' dumb >:|
2014-06-25 10:52
Aimpunch in the body with no armor should's a good feature if Valve fixes the way it works... I agree on the rest though...
2014-06-25 12:21
i love you man
2014-06-25 13:48
Come on, we need some pro's backing this! Valve only listens to professional players (rightfully so). This might be a shot at fixing the game, where are you?!
2014-06-25 13:50
spread this, spread this everywhere!!
2014-06-25 13:55
2014-06-25 22:49
2014-06-25 23:01
comment and spread, valve said it themselfs, they need a lot of opinions of different players to get an overview about the issue that some people have with this game. we need some attention and i think the best way to do this is to create guides and push them to the top that the valve developers see this if they start their own cs:go. we should mention positive effects on the gameplay about bhop, wallbanging etc and put some videos together in the guide and then push it that every cs player can see this if they use the steam overlay. i think this is the best to improve the game that i love and hate at the same time because some aspects mentioned above need changes to make this game a bigger success and keep the fun alive. for exampel i don't need bhop for gameplay, i just think it is boring to run to a spot as ct from spawn, i would like to bhop to my position because it makes fun. if you just run to your position you are waiting 15 seconds before actually playing so you could use bunnyhop as a fun factor to the game, you should keep a 10 units higher speed then running because strafing is slower then running straight.
2014-06-25 23:03
Most of these would be very good updates, valve developers, cmn!
2014-06-26 00:51
this needs to reach the developers! aimpunch, movement, sound big issues!
2014-06-26 01:04
CZ needs a fire rate decrease. whatever is in between the p250 and what it currently is atm would probably work or at least be a good start to fixing this broken gun. so if the cz is 2 seconds to empty the clip and p250 is 4 seconds then it should have an extra second added to the fire rate.
2014-06-26 01:10
Nice post
2014-06-26 05:15
- Aimpunch only occurring when shot in the head without helmet That means being dead already pretty much. unless you are shot from T spawn to CT spawn at dust2 with a pp-bizon, maybe .
2014-06-26 09:11
game of skins, noone cares for the mechanics anymore
2014-06-26 16:03
The 1 shot headshot with M4A1s sound crazy stupid to me. What about the M4A4?Is clearly no that simple of a change.
2014-06-26 19:25
Anti-cheat, please.
2014-06-26 21:51
they need to take care of anti-cheat in the first place, then we can wish some gameplay changes. i agree with you in some points...
2014-06-26 22:01
Awesome dude i agreed 100% CSGO whit this improves will be awesome to the max!!!
2014-07-14 13:58
I would love a CSGO Premium subscription mode. In Premium you should be able to signup to MM games with tourny server rules, 35 sec bomb timer, 1 min 45 sec rounds, knife round at start to decide wich side to start on just like FaceIt and other sites. But most importantly 128 tick rates! And it should cost ~5€ a month or something like that.
2014-12-04 02:55
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