Blog: How To record high-quality csgo videos

November 10th, 2014 02:01
Recently a lot of people started to ask me how to record high-quality csgo videos like the ones I upload, especially after the 60fps update.

I'm not going to hide how to do it as it's nothing magical and I think we all benefit if we share knowledge with eachother.

First of all;
If you only want to record a quick preview of your frag then I guess it's not worth recording the video this way but once you want to achieve a certain quality for whatever reasons or you want to edit it for a fragmovie, then you could consider this.

I know there are a lot of other ways to do it and achieve similar quality. This is just one possibility and maybe it will help some of you :)


- I'd recommend to create 2 separate csgo folders, one for moviemaking and one for gaming, depending on what you're going to do. If you want to play, just rename the folder to "csgo" and the other one to something else like "csgo moviemaking". Otherwise you won't be able to play on VAC-secured servers, due to the "-insecure" command and csgo_helper which enable commands that are disabled otherwise.

- Video Chapters:
0:32 - Recording CSGO video & sound
1:22 - Converting tga files to .avi with Virtual Dub
2:10 - Syncing & smart resample in Sony Vegas
2:38 - Sony Vegas rendersettings
2:58 - Handbrake settings

- There is a file in the moviemaking config package called "^delete all tga files.bat". Place it in your csgo folder and double-click it once you want to delete all recorded .tga files instead of selecting all and deleting them manually.

- CSGO launch options: -console -novid -windowed -noborder -insecure

- Config, presets & tools:
Moviemaking config:
Virtual Dub (freeware):
Handbrake (freeware):
Handbrake quality preset:

- Ingame settings: All on high, but no motion blur.

1. Recording CSGO video & sound:

The problem here is, that it still doesen't work to record video & sound at the same time without glitching models so this is why we need to record the video and sound separately.

Until one week ago, I always recorded the sound with a tool called 'audacity' and Stereomix enabled. But not everyone has that feature, that's why I decided to record the video & sound at the same time at a low framerate. This makes the recording process really fast and after you've finished, you only need to save the audio file and delete the rest.

In the config that I use, these are the most important binds:
F1 - execute movie config
F2 - Movie Overlay ON/OFF
F3 - show console
F7 - show binds
F8 - Open DemoUI
MOUSE1 - Switch to next player
MOUSE2 - Switch to previous player

F11 - Start recording
F12 - Stop recording

That means, that you only need to play the demo, hit F11 to start the recording and then hit F12 to stop the recording. Now you go back to the start of the frag and do the same but open the console (F3), hit F2 to hide the HUD and enter this in the config additionally:

host_framerate 300 // 300 fps
host_timescale 0 //fix for smooth animations, without glitching models but mutes the sound

2. Converting .tga files to .avi with Virtual Dub

After you're done with recording, you should be able to find a lot of .tga files in your csgo folder, named in an alphabetical order (which means that you can record 26 videos before it starts overwriting the first one).

The first one is the audio recording (a.wav), so take that one and save it somewhere else. The second one (b.tga) is the actual video recording.

Now open Virtual Dub and drag&drop b.tga to import the whole video, go to video -> frame rate and type in your framerate, which in this case iis 300.
Hit F7 or file -> Save as AVI to choose your destination and render it.
This might take a while ;)

3. Syncing & smart resample in Sony Vegas

Personally I use Sony Vegas 8 but you can use the version you want, I think the newest one is Sony Vegas 13. They didn't really change a lot in my opinion.

Due to the separate video & audio recordings, we need to synchronize them first, which is pretty easy. Zoom in, find the spot where the player shoots and then match the shot in the audio file.

To make the video look nice and smooth, you need to have "smart resample" enabled (which should be default). Check it by right-clicking the video and go to "Switches -> Smart Resample" and make sure it's selected.
I always used to disable "smart resample" because it looks worse, the lower fps you have. I'm not an expert at this but I think it tries to merge each frame to make it look smoother, but the differences between each frame are bigger when you have low fps and smaller if the footage has high fps.

On a side note: If the Preview window doesen't run smooth, select (Preview: Half) which will lower the quality but it won't lag anymore.

4. Sony Vegas rendersettings

Select the part that you want to record and hit "Render As" (choose Video for Windows (.avi). Then configure your render settings and I'd suggest to take a look at the video, starting at 2:38 and copy the settings.

5. Handbrake settings

If you want, you can download the preset that I use (see Download links) and import it by going to Options -> Import or copy the settings that you can see in the video and create your own preset.
The key factor here is the "Quality" slider. Usually I use values between 10 and 15, but it really depends on your internet-speed and the length of the clip. A low value means high quality and high filesize while a high value means low quality and low filesize. My latest video with a length of 32sec and set to Quality= RF:12 resulted in a 210MB filesize. RF:14 would probably be something around 120MB...
Just play around with it and see what's best for you ;)

Hope this helped & if you still have any questions or suggestions, go ahead! :)

Watch the video!

ty for this :D
2014-11-10 02:29
thanks bro, gj!
2014-11-10 03:16
nice blog bro, ty
2014-11-10 09:32
Denmark Pimp 
Gj! :)
2014-11-10 10:18
awesome, thanks!
2014-11-10 10:34
great guide!
2014-11-10 12:14
Nice job, +1 :)
2014-11-10 12:19
awesome stuff! <3
2014-11-10 12:40
thanks man !
2014-11-10 13:22
2014-11-10 15:05
<3 great guide master yoda
2014-11-10 15:09
even though i dont record in csgo i am just going to say goodjob
2014-11-10 16:32
2014-11-10 16:32
>2014 >Still using Sony Vegas what a pleb.
2014-11-10 18:14
Germany Dok1 
What do you use then? Not sure what that has to do with the year. There are also new versions of Sony Vegas but they aren't worth it, in my opinion.
2014-11-10 18:25
I'm mostly joking, I've been using Adobe Premiere lately which is quite similar to Vegas. I think the only benefit it has is it synergises better with After Effects which I don't use.
2014-11-10 18:35
Germany Dok1 
Alright and yeah it's true. But I guess it's just whatever you're used to... :)
2014-11-10 18:48
Great blog! Thanks.
2014-11-11 09:53
Mate fix the handbrake link, it reads https:// but when you click it, it becomes https// and redirects you to a totally different site.
2014-11-11 10:19
Germany Dok1 
should be fixed now although it's a really weird bug^^
2014-11-11 17:32
I can't load the handbreak preset coz it's done with an older version :/ what did you set up there?
2014-12-07 23:37
Germany Dok1 
I updated the video description as Handbrake released an update which isn't compatible with the old presets. Download this version and it should work:
2014-12-07 23:42
thank you very much
2014-12-07 23:44
gj, i use just 120fps on fraps and rendering with .avi uncompressed then with h.264 program
2014-11-11 17:41
Germany Dok1 
yeah that's enough for basic fragshows
2014-12-07 23:42
I have done everything you says in the video, but for some reason, when i render it to an avi video its really bad quallity and are really lagging why can that be PLs some help me!
2015-04-26 19:34
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