Blog: Exposing Fodder


This is my second blog. This time we will dive deep down the Fodder sea and try to discover what really went down with this lad. Grab your pop-corn, place your sear down because this is going to be good.

I initially approached Fodder with the intention to learn more about him, because every time I would hear about some notorious NA guy that cheated but not cheated, that got banned but not banned. So, at that time Fodder was posting some guides and blogs for in-game stuff etc that I actually found very amusing. I thought I'd check him out.

I slowly but steadily provoked him with few posts and game was on. We were on a TS server where he literally put me to sleep by explaining everything he knew about cheats, old cheaters and how spread is done, how Quake was a fascinating game and some 2007 stories. After I made a coffee to survive this, I tried to pick off some information about the people behind him and the cheat that he supposedly used. So far, so good.

Fodder was still reluctant to share too much so I proceeded into few twitch donations to gain his attention. I was later a moderator on his twitch and we started talking in a more relaxed way :D He told me everything about the people who code in general. I explained to Fodder that I would support him and destroy any cheat accusations made (at that time pay attention that I knew as much as you do, practically nothing) and I would like to be his supporter for his stream, slowly raising his viewers with legit methods of promoting him. Problem is, Fodder got a VAC ban and ruined everything in less than 5 seconds.

Now, here come the good parts.

I had to make a decision for certain things. I decided I would get to know these 'coders' personally and also make Fodder more famous, while not providing any actual evidence. That would give him the chance to keep streaming with a ton of users, label me as the bad guy and also lead me to get to know the people behind this.

I basically told the truth on a Pastebin link as NODDER. None needs to lie, the point was to create such a drama that I would attract the attention of the ones behind Fodder. My link had certain outcomes.
1. People to this day think I'm Fodder 2. I successfully charge-backed all my donations from his stream and still remained a mod, which got many people confused and 3. I was added on Skype by the people he mentioned to be coding. That also made his stream extremely popular for the following days, so I guess we were even.

Now, since we have to be honest here, as we were with the last blog, we have to take down some people. But first, let me tell you why I will do it.

For once, Fodder is an annoying person but also has a good heart. The people that code for him are just annoying to me. Except one, that I will not reveal for personal reasons. What's about to be posted is for the greater good of this community. Positive or negative comments are welcome, I have no remorse. Just fyi, I've mentioned I'm not some kid who will screenshot steam chats or go down to primitive methods to prove something. If you can't believe a ton of text that strangely makes sense, then kill yourself.


Fodder cheats. Has cheated since forever. The cheat he used is made by a guy I know and it only supports VAC. The CS:GO cheat he used was also made by the same guy and it also only supported VAC. Strangely enough, it triggered a VAC ban on him for reasons that are unknown to this day. I don't follow Fodder for a week now, people start saying that he is cheating again. Chances are he does. His cheat is a simple aim-bot without visual check that just has few limitations to control that aspect. Needless to say, Fodder gets these cheats for free and that's another thing I don't like. Begging.

The people behind Fodder are coding for a long time and go by the aliases of uunx (UK), stev3 (UK), jetson (DE) (who btw thinks frozen veggies are healthy if not blanched, fu jetson) and few more. They are the ones Fodder holds as gods and they are the ones who have built cheats since 2007 if I remember correctly that haven't faced a single detection. They have also very brilliant ideas for CS:GO cheats that they currently build and plan to also launch a site to sell cheats in the future. Problem is, they can't support anti-cheats except Valve because they don't know how or they are too bored to do so.

The mirc channel is freenode -> #bojs. There is where we would sit and chill. I actually liked these guys until they told me about something that I literally hate seeing both online and in real life. See, these brilliant individuals that Fodder worships had actually made a twitter channel posting Fodder's face and all the stupid quotes he had on that mirc channel. Things that involve his penis size, his sex life, his personal issues and more. From that day on, these kids were about to go down, I just didn't really know how to do it. And remember, no matter how Fodder has pissed you off, you do not go around making fun of such things while pretending to be his friend. K, Lincoln Margisson? K den.

So I figured the best way to do it was to actually make these faggots code for me and then bounce with the money and re-sell the cheat for profit that I would later use to drink in their good health. So, I asked for CS 1.6 cheat that would be insane, it had to have their own code inside too (ha-ha-ha). So, they decided to build one for me for the amazingly cheap price of 200 British pounds to support VAC alone. I can tell you right now, I could barely hold my laughter when I was sealing the deal. Eventually, I got the cheat and its altered version (so I got 2 cheats) and then safely charge-backed (always say you're hacked with unauthorized payment, works). If there is anything worse than a good coder it's a bad coder trying to scam people. I later left their irc hole permanently and went back to deal with supex0.

Fodder's ESL frags are indeed in ESL with a cheat. His ESEA frags are obviously fake. His mix/pcw/gather frags are cheated, including the ones in our Greek gather, which pissed me off since he makes fun of our national rythm. Fuck you, Fodder.

Now, Fodder was legit for a long time after his VAC ban. Whether or not he cheats right now is frankly not interesting to me, because as of this day, he can forget his legit profile and the stories he tortured you with. It's done. And because I know he will read this, Fodder give up on gaming and focus on real life mate. Take it from me, you would be a perfectly normal individual and probably successful since you're slightly smart.

So there goes my adventure in Fodder lands! Oh boy, sure as hell it was fascinating!

PS: For people who may demand the actual cheat or sensitive information to be posted, this is HLTV. We have to apply by its rules if we want this blog to be up. So, I have discarded anything that would break those rules. Besides, I do this for my personal reasons, as I did with Marcel/CarolTriebull/supex0/ihaveanolderbrotherwhoalsocodes

Facts to remember,
Fodder 0 - 1 Rizla

As for the actual cheat, I sent it on Valve to do my good deed as a true HLTV soldier that fights for the greater good.

Some screenshots,

irc banned
twitter channel deleted/moved

PS: ROFL I totally fogot about that:

That's stev3 pretending to have hacked Fodder's account to explain the reason behind Fodder's VAC ban. Fortunately, he is stupid enough to register with the same alias.

UPDATE 12/12/2014
Just because many people spam my inbox about it, the kid cheats w/ a basic cheat w/ fov, no vis check, no smooth. Or using an external cheat w/out vis check whose speed is dependent on whether the target is close/far away and if he's looking/aiming at you or not afaik before I left their kiddie irc channel.

There are few issues with Fodder I'm going to address.

1. He thinks that getting blatant cheated frags is called 'insane game sense'. It ain't.

2. His stats increase while he plays so he queues against blatant cheaters, where he has to push the cheat even further, thus resulting in blatant cheated kills and eventually in another Overwatch ban.

3. I once wanted to teach him how to cheat properly but he kept using a mag-7 under cat @dd2 so cba.

I still like the kid a bit it's just that when it comes to reasoning with him about cheating via private chat, you can literally lose your mind with the shit he types. Admitting to cheating is actually quite liberating (at least to your close friends) for those who are considering it. Aye!
Dedication man. You have it
2014-11-21 00:03
he's mentally ill
2014-11-21 02:18
n0thing | 
Poland ScR1337 
You are doing good job man! I war reading your previous blog like a good book :)
2014-11-21 00:04
+1 very good job dude :)
2014-11-21 08:19
Sweden Arv 
2015-03-31 07:45
Kyrgyzstan AIOL! 
2014-11-21 00:05
Norway auuq 
2014-11-21 00:05
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
wow very interesting))) FODDER)))) big player))) big person))))) waiting for more!!!!!!)))
2014-11-21 00:05
are you retarded?
2014-11-21 10:40
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
2014-11-21 15:53
2014-11-22 10:40
He is Russian what else do you excpect
2014-11-22 23:35
do you not understand sarcasm you 'retard'
2014-11-28 00:44
2014-11-21 00:05
TL;DR Fodder cheated. What's new?
2014-11-21 00:06
answer about the lan.
2014-11-21 00:07
no one cares go away.
2014-11-21 06:04
No greek lans won by him
2014-11-21 08:52
Switzerland CHEDEL 
This dude has some secret folders...
2014-11-21 00:08
Germany jonezz 
really nice dude...
2014-11-21 00:10
Take those Mo'fos down!! +1
2014-11-21 00:11
LOL @ stev3 making cheats since 2007
2014-11-21 00:15
hello. come join us at #bojs freenode
2014-11-21 00:36
most of the screens don't work for me, do they work for you?
2014-11-21 00:16
Turkey huth 
Almost all of them worked for me. They are screenshots from the irc channel he mentioned in the blog
2014-11-21 00:19
tmm, oldular simdi :)
2014-11-21 01:03
I used to hate you, but you have redeemed yourself
2014-11-21 00:17
Good job, keep these retards out of cs scene.
2014-11-21 00:17
You're still going on about fodder?
2014-11-21 00:17
brilliant mate, wish there were more people like you!!
2014-11-21 00:19
I read the whole thing and it's completely nonsense? You do not prove anything except making attention to a few names. This is more or less useless and I do actually wonder if your first post is true. Your arguments are not build up with any proofs or anything else. It's just a wall of text telling about you and fodders shacky "relationship". A lot of us can surely conclude that Fodder has cheated for a very long time. Where do you wanna go with this blog?
2014-11-21 00:20
+1 this is vacuous crap.
2014-11-21 00:39
saving wmb for part 3?
2014-11-21 00:20
2014-11-21 00:23
rofl EDIT: disgusting site btw
2014-11-21 00:34
Turkey huth 
I'm checknig the threads on that site and it is awful. How come can someone have fun while cheating and trying to hide it as best as they can?
2014-11-21 00:31
Switzerland CHEDEL 
LOL this need more upvotes ! wait.. what ?
2014-11-21 00:32
It was worth a read. Don't really know what to think of those people and that site.
2014-11-21 00:38
so rizla ''made this story'' and named himself stev3, as one of the coders? Rizla is so deep inside his lies, he forgot where he used any of them =D
2014-11-21 00:49
hello. come join us in #bojs on freenode
2014-11-21 00:58
lol fodder was set up by the same guys that gave him the cheat.
2014-11-21 01:19
2014-11-21 14:42
2014-11-21 00:23
good stuff
2014-11-21 00:24
Estonia rYm 
what a storyteller
2014-11-21 00:24
brb grabbing popcorn
2014-11-21 00:24
cant see any screenshot wtf!?
2014-11-21 00:25
Man you sound like a c*nt, you seems to be a perverted bad guy, but what you did helps the community. Thanks
2014-11-21 00:25
the mythomania here is very strong, wow.!!
2014-11-21 00:26
YESS. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, YES edit: at least it keeps the scene interesting
2014-11-22 06:02
10/10 would read again
2014-11-21 00:28
more inc?
2014-11-21 00:29
Spain Ayrr 
Damn, respect for all that job Rizla. Waiting for next parts...
2014-11-21 00:30
Please bring down JW
2014-11-21 00:30
Nice, more pls =D
2014-11-21 00:31 I slow his video down and how do you hit people without being on them ?
2014-11-21 00:32
Hungary vAf 
demo bug
2014-11-21 00:48
Flick shot, its like curving bullets mate.
2014-11-21 00:51
Its GOTV/DEMO bug its more desynced than live
2014-11-22 11:51
that u edward snowden?
2014-11-21 00:33
2014-11-21 00:52
this is what i see when i open the screenshots. anyone else?
2014-11-21 00:33
try another browser
2014-11-21 00:36
United States COYS 
all this drama is better than breaking bad i just need some popcorn and beer so i can be fully ready for this drama to fully unfold
2014-11-21 00:36
wait are you actually naming one of these dudes? or is this LM someone else?
2014-11-21 00:36
OK listen it is very simple there is a high chance that Fodder is that guy right now and he is trying to become a hero to start streaming and draw the attention of motar2k to recieve a huge donation. Fodder if you manage that you are the most amazing son of a bitch of all time...
2014-11-21 00:38
You did a great job there,It was really interesting reading your both articles mate,long time btw,I know that you used to hate me Hahaha, but I respected and still respect you for your dedication. Regards,Crasher. :D
2014-11-21 00:38
I still dont believe in you
2014-11-21 00:44
take a look on the .pl forum. some people have questions.
2014-11-21 00:46
Denmark crZy 
would u please stop posting blogs wmb/fodder/rizla(dont even know who that is) you are full of shit. you are doing nothing but seeking attention.
2014-11-21 00:51
Who the fucks reads this shit? lol
2014-11-21 00:51
Great blog. Better than the others, where they just say that some topplayers cheats and thats it. I don't believe that anyone is crazy enough to make this up.
2014-11-21 00:54
hahahah you're so deep into that shit it's fucking frightening. it's a video game, stop trying so hard lmao
2014-11-21 00:58
yep it's only a video game :)) you know about big money behind this? i think you don't :<
2014-11-21 08:37
Not really related, but maybe you saw something about that, could it be possible that this modder "stev3" is playing Shootmania ?
2014-11-21 01:03
2014-11-21 01:11
is that you my dear ?
2014-11-21 01:14
yes ehhehehe #bojs freenode
2014-11-21 01:28
give me the lan name.!!
2014-11-21 01:09
I don't trust a man who only has 1 partition.
2014-11-21 01:11
2014-11-21 01:18
Poland sajlent 
You're the man! If you're gonna be the guy by whom olofm,JW and others will be banned then you're my hero. Actually you're already. RIP KQLY Sf smn emilio who's going to be next? shit is tense :D
2014-11-21 01:29
lol azy
2014-11-21 01:30
hello #bojs on freenode
2014-11-21 01:34
Are you the same guy from Youtube that I vaguely remember from years ago?
2014-11-21 01:36
itsazy, yep
2014-11-21 01:46
This part of the story isn't as entertaining. I can't wait for the end of the trilogy though.
2014-11-21 01:35
more names pls!!!
2014-11-21 01:39
i got myself a beer for this second one, hf at reading guys. good stuff
2014-11-21 01:48
United States Envsion 
and OP delivers, thanks for your detective work and enjoy your victory good sir
2014-11-21 01:55
Offtopic: In regards to the paypal disputes, in addition to saying that it was an unauthorized payment, when actually doing the payment, log in with a different IP and voilá, 100% you'll win the dispute. Source: Paypal phone support.
2014-11-21 02:03
Very good stuff mate, you're the man ! I wonder what is gonna happen with DreamHack right now =)
2014-11-21 02:16
I didn't read LOL
2014-11-21 02:19
Rizla mate, good work bro. I'd also like from you a cheeky part 3 to fully end wmb/finale even though I pretty much have enough evidence myself. The psychopath stalked me on irc and called me a cheater way too many times for me to count
2014-11-21 02:20
Norway Barter6 
I was waiting for something like this Rizla (discreet friend of a friend)
2014-11-21 02:20
who is WMB?
2014-11-21 02:22
sick shit mate. if this is true, you did a great thing for the community.
2014-11-21 02:31
So.......the chance knife wasn't really left to chance. :-p Fun read.
2014-11-21 02:48
TL:DR you know how many people personally seen you blatantly cheat in 1.6.
2014-11-21 02:49
smn | 
2014-11-21 03:48
2014-11-21 04:11
There is a Song for you my friend. Song is called Rizla and kinda suits your purging light in the cs:go scene.
2014-11-21 04:50
you're also scum
2014-11-21 05:00
2014-11-21 05:04
You guys act like Rizla is a good person this dumb mxtherfxcker is or was a moderator of one of the biggest cheats out for a while called Organner. He just a rat piece of shit acting like he has a life because he spends hours on end gaining peoples trust. Pls find something to do. so sad. This shit maybe new to legitimate players but for us in the cheat scene its another day in the scene so chill out.
2014-11-21 05:33
Okay cheater, we still dont like you.
2014-11-21 05:40
> but for us in the cheat scene Get the fuck out and kill yourself
2014-11-21 06:08
"This shit maybe new to legitimate players but for us in the cheat scene its another day in the scene so chill out." Wow you are so fucking hardcore in your cheat scene, let us legitimate sheep not say a word because you are obviously hot shit
2014-11-21 06:45
Go play COD you nobody no-skill twat
2014-11-21 16:39
i read a whole story on comments wrote by 1 person on multiple accounts pretty sicko
2014-11-21 05:57
Cool shit
2014-11-21 07:11
Did we ever cross paths in the Greek EPS ? Name sounds somewhat familiar
2014-11-21 08:09
you're like wmb but you actually know what you're talking about.
2014-11-21 08:38
hahaha keep up the great work man!
2014-11-21 09:34
Great work m8.
2014-11-21 09:48
I find it amazing how people are calling bullshit on this. I could imagine someone putting this much effort/time into this for the money alone. I have no idea whether it's true or not, however, justice is being done to the "pro" players. That's good either way.
2014-11-21 11:26
2014-11-21 11:41
rizla i figured out what u want,nice,i never thought about that!
2014-11-21 11:39
<PHENAP> i snap and may kill someone <PHENAP> did that on gym once <uunx> killed someone? <jetson> yeah shut up PHENAP <jetson> i dont even believe you <PHENAP> threw a 45lb <jetson> boooring <PHENAP> to his feet <jetson> booooooooooooring <PHENAP> dont.. <jetson> hurr cant control myself <jetson> dont trigger me <jetson> you cunt <PHENAP> DONT! <stevehehehe> ROFL <jetson> look at yourself <jetson> fuming OP is PHENAP
2014-11-21 11:49
i really wanted to read but sorry too lazy
2014-11-21 11:50
You da real mvp!
2014-11-21 12:19
Inhuman reaction my ass! Another candidate for VACation is Hiko from Cloud9 Can Valve look into this game ? KKthnxbye
2014-11-21 13:10
his crosshair went past the player. aimbot would stop it.
2014-11-21 16:44
I think you're late in matter of aimbots ...
2014-11-25 13:29
actualy its inhuman reaction, sick shot, and clean ;)
2014-11-24 06:15
Amazing dedication. Good writing. Good things done for the scene. the only thing that could be better would be giving more names :)
2014-11-21 14:25
We could make a espionage movie from this story...
2014-11-21 14:42
2014-11-24 06:30
Who gives a sheet?
2014-11-21 15:28
Tell me seizure, what do you do for a living mate?
2014-11-21 16:02
Best revenge tale in CS history. But, tell me, is it a trilogy?
2014-11-21 17:32
Rizla, who's next?
2014-11-21 17:51
Off-topic: Since you apparently know this much about cheats, do you know anything about LOLYOU? I think it's pretty obvious he cheats, but his fanboys don't wanna believe it.
2014-11-21 17:52
I just went from 6 to midnight... I've hated FODDER and all his BS stories for 10+ years. People who devote their life to coding cheats and scamming individuals just need to go forth and die :/ Noobs, stop paying for cheats
2014-11-21 22:17
I just went from 6 to midnight... I've hated FODDER and all his BS stories for 10+ years.
2014-11-21 22:17
I've never suspected Hiko. He uses super high sensitivity and has amazing aim. He's not an awper as a result of his super high sens.
2014-11-21 22:23
gjj ;)
2014-11-22 00:15
@Seizune / Rizla : Good job man. Just wanna know why we still don't have all the bans raining in for the supex0 cheat as expected ? Is it possible that some pro that used it manage to get away with it ? Hope u'll keep busting these coders !
2014-11-22 00:43
You have balls....I like balls
2014-11-22 07:14
To me, this is such nonsense. It's written in the obvious context of 'ooh I'm being badass, I infiltrated these coders/hackers and now I'm exploiting all their weaknesses and wrecking their lives muahaha!'. There's no real substance here. It honestly just seems like you are trying to capitalize on the current rush of interest in VAC/cheats to make a name for yourself, or maybe you are complicit in some way and trying to make yourself out to be the good guy? Only you know. I have a problem with your line here: "If there is anything worse than a good coder it's a bad coder trying to scam people." How, 'rizla', are you any different, scamming coders with false confidence into making something for you that takes a good deal of time and expertise, paying them for it, and then reporting the charges as fraudulent to your bank so that they don't get their money? All I see here is YOU, rizla, scamming people, supposedly, and assuming we're all going to think you're doing god's work or something. Please stop blogging this trash. As for sending the actual cheat to Valve? If you did in fact do this, then I applaud the move and hope more follow your lead and do the same.
2014-11-22 07:36
You just applauded him for doing what you also just bashed him for doing... you are dumb. If he didn't scam the coder then he wouldn't have been able to leak the cheat. Plus why would he actually pay for something he plans on destroying? Waste of money.
2014-11-22 10:53
I think you misread.. I gave him a hard time for scamming a programmer out of work, while, ironically, he was describing his dislike for people scamming others. I said I applauded him if he provided the hack to valve; if he did, it should help the entire CS:GO community. Those are two separate things, and nowhere did I applaud and bash him for the same thing. You must have misunderstood something in there..
2014-11-22 13:37
@Seizune : Good job man. Do you have any idea why we still don't have all the bans raining in for the supex0 cheat as expected ? Is it possible that some pro that used it manage to get away with it ? Hope u'll keep busting these coders !
2014-11-22 11:46
time is get exposed :S:S
2014-11-22 18:19
World VeryNiceFap 
how many pros use these cheats?
2014-11-22 20:13
the two things im curious about that guy are why he had such a shitty stream quality. as a guy who is legally blind in one eye i couldnt bare to watch his stream. i would ve if he had better options. it was enjoyable when the boom was at its peak. also all that stuff about his esea ban, what was that? his profile was not banned, so what was the actual reason?
2014-11-22 20:33
I was getting a bit bored with the scene, Thanks for spicing it up. Hoping for a trilogy :)
2014-11-22 23:52
seizune , you are hacker yourself... so you are same level as these fodders etc. same low noob .. p.s. nice esea ban on your old acc ))
2014-11-23 05:36
I can confirm from supex0s side that Rizla is a pathological liar :)
2014-11-23 22:07
tdt zf
2014-11-24 06:19
2014-11-24 06:29
what's the point of a private hack that's only VAC proof, neither Wire proof nor ESEA proof (or in case of 1.6 EAC proof)? Raping kids on public servers? Gr8t
2014-11-24 06:33
2014-11-25 13:42
Ipawn change your country flag for Greece... TY...
2014-12-04 12:39
WOW, i thought Fodder was an attentionwhore.. But since i read your two blogs i began to really understand the word attentionwhore. Please... Get some professional help...
2014-12-11 10:49
+ 2014
2014-12-11 11:59
This guy is a cheater by himself ... his profile is full of cheated achievements. And you know what ? I don't believe cheater ... this guy is a guy who takes the shortcut ...
2014-12-12 23:05
bizarre blog, no solid proof
2014-12-27 21:49
2015-03-31 05:15
Ayy best thread na/EU Will always keep it in my heart
2015-03-31 05:23
Brazil bandicoot 
fame monger no proof guy, for all I know you get information from anywhere and spew your BS on top of it and voila! pls
2015-03-31 05:34
Expose someone who has been vac banned on stream, is stupid in it self don't you think?
2015-03-31 05:36
United States joke_cs 
Replying to a thread from a year ago. Stupid in its self don't you think?
2015-03-31 05:38
Thing is that happend over a year ago too =) Replying to me without knowing is stupid in its self don't you think?
2015-03-31 05:39
2014-11-21 - 2015-03-31 = year ago????
2015-03-31 05:41
United States joke_cs 
Yes I learn to math
2015-03-31 06:07
2014 - 2015 seems like it went up 1 digit in the year column :)
2015-03-31 06:43
2015-03-31 05:39
hes a cheater fag, but this is good for people who still believe him
2015-03-31 05:41
I will always believe in fodmyster my senpai 4eva
2015-03-31 05:43
2015-03-31 16:33
Brazil Collee 
You simply lost your time, just like everyone that tried to prove the same thing. There's no solid proof here, just bs talking. Fodder never cheated in his life
2015-03-31 07:37
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