This blog is in reference to the following link, summarizing the main points.

DreamHack found both teams guilty of purposely or unintentionally exploting two bugs - dubbed 'transparency' and 'immortal' bug. However, without these bugs they clarified that Fnatics boost is 100% legit as the DH winter tournament allows pixel boosting. DH summer rules that are posted online earlier did not.

From 0:56-1:20
Pixelboosting is allowed in DH winter, only DH summer had no pixel boosting in the roles

From 1:46-2:21
"However.... there is a texture bug which allows you to see to T Spawn"

Fnatics boost brings up a transparency bug, where the booster can view T spawn by looking through a zoomed weapon'But this never happened by Fnatic... we looked it through and came to the conclusion we should replay that (Fnatic CT) half' - DH tournament director
I am unclear on why he is asking to replay this half after admitting Fnatic didn't use zoom to look at T spawn to exploit the texture bug.

From 2:50-4:10

However, Smithzz (LDLC) boost is slightly different as it makes the player 'immortal' to hits from a lot of position. He clarified that Fnatics position also made them partially 'immortal' to some shots.

From 4:40-4:58
Due to these two types of bugs, all boosting is banned. If either team uses boosts there appears to be further penalties.

Map will be replayed at 16:40, right after first semifinal tomorrow.

From 4:59-5:30
Multiple people were involved in the demo review process, and they were trying to re-generate both bugs, hence the lengthy review process. I.e. going into the server, recreating the bug and reviewing the advantages they give.

Media and external influences were not allowed (according to the interview) in the final decision.

Investigation was ongoing for 5-6 hours.

From 6:30-7:30

On allegations that LDLC players being 'kicked out' from the tournament area but Carn and Devilwalk from Fnatic allowed to stay: 'No one was kicked out, but everyone had to leave the tournament area after it was completed for the day. LDLC was told this will take a couple of hours. Fnatic chose to stay even though they were told the same thing. Tournament director says he is sorry if LDLC felt they were kicked, but this was not the case'.

From 7:40-8:40

Tournament director addresses the community outburst directly, and how these bugs break the map but the tournament organizers have to work within what they are provided beforehand. Also the boost spot used by Fnatic is 100% legit, but the bugs (immortal and texture) are the true reasons for the map to be replayed.

From 8:50-end

Valve will decide the map change afterwards, they have been informed, but modifications at this point is out of the hands of the tournament organizers.

Personally, After watching this, I am satisfied with the effort made by DreamHack.

- Fnatic boost is 100% legit if it wasn't for the transparency bug.
- LDLC boost makes the player 'immortal' to shots from various angles. - Map will be replayed due to both teams using positions where these bugs could be taken advantage of.
- The tournament has to work within the design of the map, but Valve has been notified for future changes.
- LDLC were not kicked 2 hours after (according to NBK, both teams were notified the decision will take a few hours and they should check back later but LDLC left and Fnatic stayed.
- DH director hopes that the community will view this as a fair tournament after releasing his decision and rationale in the interview.

Additional Reference
LDLC boost by Smithzz
Fnatic boost by Olofmeister
Hope other teams will decide to file a complaint anywhere between now and the end of times. They haven't had a chance to speak up either and there's apparently no time limit on raising a complaint.
2014-11-29 05:50
You mean a second complaint by LDLC? I doubt it will be successful because according to the DH director their boost on CT side had a bug aswell.
2014-11-29 05:52
No, I mean just any team that has competed. As he says, they were allowed to still raise a complaint after 6 hours (just after they learned it was heading towards a 12-3 decision) because they hadn't had a chance to speak up yet. So, any team that has not raised a complaint can still do so, going by that.
2014-11-29 05:55
United Kingdom wap 
"Pixelboosting is allowed in DH winter, only DH summer had no pixel boosting in the roles" This is.. questionable
2014-11-29 05:52
DH director said it himself, read post <:
2014-11-29 05:54
Norway cwel 
this is bullshit, just shows how they are trying to defend swedish team in sweden... and LDLC boost was 100% legit so another bullshit, wp dreamhack
2014-11-29 05:57
One can argue so.
2014-11-29 06:01
United Kingdom wap 
i agree it made no sense. glad to see fnatic forfeited
2014-11-29 14:49
Are you completely retarded?
2014-11-29 14:54
Mind if I post this link above in the blog? For reference, does anyone have a similar video for Smithzz boost?
2014-11-29 05:57
Yes go for it ;D
2014-11-29 06:07
Hey just letting you know the link you posted of the video in the blog does not work. Here is a direct link
2014-11-29 06:15
Thx, updated.
2014-11-29 06:17
Agree that DH probably landed on the correct solution given the rules they had to work with. People naturally feel that the fnatic-boost was significantly more unfair, but objectively speaking, it was no more of a rule violation than the LDLC-boost.
2014-11-29 06:26
fair enough, so the final score should have been 25 - 4 then, each team loses the round if they use unfair boost ldlc wins
2014-11-29 06:29
But for whatever and non explained reason, admins felt like that wasn't fair in any way... How can you stop people thinking that this decision is rigged.
2014-11-29 06:33
As I said on your previous topic, I think you've missed one of the most interesting part of the interview : @4:26 : "because both teams used it at several times, even if one team used it more, we see that removing rounds according to the rules, wouldn't be fair in any way, therefore we have decided that the whole map of overpass will be replayed tomorrow" Overruled their own rule book (for convenience ? Friendship with carn ? Lack of courage to apply the rules ? Stupidity ? Pick the one you like the most) GG hellspawn/lilrobban. DHW14 ? A disgrace.
2014-11-29 06:30
2014-11-29 07:02
what's wrong with this again? I replied to you then, and again if both teams used the boosts several times, then in the interest of fair play they should replay the map instead of taking away selective rounds. The bottom paragraph of your post is just wacko so won't bother with that.
2014-11-29 07:33
Mister Holmes, i think we'll not be on the same point of view ever. But i still try to explain mine one more time : "what's wrong with this again?" what's wrong is that you overrule your own rulebook because no reason. The only explanation hellspawn gave us was apparently it's no fair in any way, but fair to who ? LDLC ? It's not fair for them to win the map because round loss from fnatic ? I think it's fair for them but maybe not for fnatic... It's not fair for LDLC to at least start with a 12-3 score (as they used the boost once but managed to take over the pistol round in the second half) when you just removed and not forfeit all the round where immortal/seethru texture happened ? I think it's the fairest decisions they could come to. But restart the whole map 0-0 knowing that fnatic can now watch the demo of LDLC's CT sides and try to know how they react to what they done in their T side can only improve their attack. Meanwhile LDLC just have a CT half full of boosting and picking the good site, how that is fair ? It's not fair in any way for LDLC. And one more time the point is not on the rule itself, but what decision they've come to. And it appears that the solution applied is not the one that should've been use in this case, period. And when you made what seems like a rule of exceptions, you can't stop people thinking of all those wacko things i've been listing in the last paragraph.
2014-11-29 13:45
LDLC's boost was legit and you want to know why? You can only see one area, and you can only get shot from one area. Fnatic's boost if done correctly, you can see a bit more than half the map and when done correctly almost no part of your headshots unless you did warowl's find on how to counter it where you stand in playground on top of the slides and jump to find the head and then shoot to kill in which that's the only spot to where you can actually find the head
2014-11-29 08:10
2014-11-29 14:56
Do you have any proof that ldlcs boost was an immortal position or did you just suck the directors dick? I have already tried the boost and apparently Jong-spawn transparency as well as even if t spawn ere to be transparent it would be of no use by the time boost is done, it will already be empty
2014-11-29 19:17
You saying they can only see one area is one of the most irrelevant things I have seen in a long time, hence the facepalm.
2014-11-29 19:57
LDLC boost is NOT legit u idiots. The LDLC boost renders T-spawn visible just as the Fnatic-boost and even made the one beeing boosted immortal to shots in some angles.
2014-11-29 09:16
So LDLC could see if Fnatic leave the spawn on their T side.... WOOOOOOW Game changing! They would not even have to play if Fnatic was AFK because they could look into spawn. How dare they don't respect Fnatics spawn privacy? Gimme a break! We all know DH is rigged and they should never host a major again. All about money - Nothing about the game /Boykott
2014-11-29 09:23
U fucking twat. It rendered a texture invisible and thus is also an exploit
2014-11-29 09:34
Oh. You are from Sweden. Then your opinion on this topic doesn't interest anyone in the first place. Have good day sir. Good luck with cheating in MM on Silver guys.
2014-11-29 09:38
Oh. You are from Germany. Then your opinion on cheating topics doesn't interest anyone in the first place. Have a good day sir.
2014-11-29 11:06
LOL 10/10 would see German fanboy get rekt again.
2014-11-29 13:18
#boycottDreamHack but i really think NIP, NAVI and VP at least should discuss whether they should take any action for this mishandling of DH. I sure if they leave the tournament, DH lost all his sponsors and never again organize a tournament of CS. DH made &#8203;&#8203;it clear that there is no specific rule for this situation and that many teams use these bugs... then clearly they solved this issue according to LOGIC I guess. ok then using logic. How LDLC can be punished in the same way that FNATIC? no logic in that and you can ask any representative of any team that is participating in DH even titan and epsilon and I'm sure all agree that it is unfair to penalize both in the same way. This is what DH is doing by sending a replay all match. penalize both equally when the logic clearly shows that the boost made &#8203;&#8203;by LDLC not give the same benefits as done by FNATIC. No need to be a professional player to realize that. Since we do not have a rule that penalizes both teams equally to make these boost, then also must be use "LOGIC" for impart his punishment what made LDLC may be punished or not like when other teams found boosts in inferno and other maps which later was removed but the teams were not punished because they don't get excessive advantage as if it is done for fnatic. but OKEY OKEY... DH want to be drastic and punish LDLC? okay... But how? DH pretend to punish the same way to fnatic when they had a virtually panoramic of the entire map and got kills everywhere ... WHERE IS THE LOGIC? ----- this is disgusting and exceeds all limits of tolerance : ----- How all pro scene (pro players, coaches , managers) commentators (from ESL, ESEA, TWITCH, ETC) and specialized people can see that the decision taken by DREAMHACK is a joke and they can not realize for this? the whole community is united against this decision . They think all the other 12 or 16 professional teams hate to fnatic? all expert commentators hate to fnatic? all other organizations like ESEA, ESL hate to fnatic? and all shown their dissatisfaction in social networks with the desicion taken by DH to repeat the whole match only dreamhack can not see the mistake that is committing...
2014-11-29 09:23
"Pixelboosting is allowed in DH winter, only DH summer had no pixel boosting in the roles" - DHW confirmed
2014-11-29 09:39
Olof ur stupid di**** same all fnatic idiots.
2014-11-29 09:44
Anyone remembers LDLC also used this bug against NIP in Group-stage?
2014-11-29 09:44
If the same happened to the other matches then the other teams should complain & request a replay of all the matches as soon as possible
2014-11-29 09:46
I agree that the map should be replayed but the fact that fnatic has known a balance breaking spot, in fact one can consider it an exploit, for 2 months without reporting it to valve shows the team's ethnical stance, seeking material gain without caring or respecting csgo community.
2014-11-29 11:01
AdreN | 
Kazakhstan Aiomie 
This decision is incompetent and unprofessional
2014-11-29 11:55
he is just deffending fnatic no pixelwalk are you kidding me corrupt admins
2014-11-29 14:56
If you can see the whole map that game isn't no more CS, that can be COD or wahtever but no CS anymore if you get boost like that in the edge of the map and look everywhere like public servers. Thats not fair in a MAJOR, fnatic pls learn what to do and dont break rules and pls dont cheat anymore the name of fantic is damage now just so shame for esports.And just get rid of this cheating players before is to late.GLHF
2014-11-29 15:01
Let Valve patch the game and make the wall in Overpass A site little bit higher. Problem solved.
2014-11-30 14:11
World LXP 
LDLC are crying babies
2014-12-01 15:48
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