Blog: Top-10 most oldest players in CS: Part 2

April 25th, 2015 00:37
As you know, the prime years for a gamer is around 18-25 years,
because once you passed that age the motor skills of your fingers become weaker and they have to fight off the new kids on the block.
But as many cs:go stars have shown, you can still play at a high level despite being older than 25.


So far we have covered:

10th place. Ukraine Sergey



9th place. Turkey Fatih

"gob b"


8th place. Poland Wiktor



7th place. Denmark Danny



6th place. Russia Sergey



5th place.


Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent (December 6 will be 29 years old)

Jonathan is perhaps the most well-known Spanish pro-gamer in competitive Counter-Strike.
It is impossible not to mention him as he is considered one the most famous players coming out of the Iberian Peninsula.

His career began around 2003-2004. When he played for many different, rather unknown teams.
But he managed to work himself up to a player of status regardless.
As is often the case in Europe, strong organizations want to pick up young talents and Jonathan was a talent all-right.
This organization was Spain x6tence, which backed the progress of the young torrent.
The year 2005-2006 was very good for Jonathan, as he and his team took second place at GameGune 2005 and the first at GameGune 2006.
During this era he and his team dominated the Spanish scene convincingly.
In GameGune 2005 they showed a really great game, but lost twice playing against the legendary composition NiP (Sweden ins, Sweden zet, Sweden walle, Sweden Potti, Sweden HeatoN).
First, the Swedes sent the Spanish team in the lower bracket and then they met again in the grand final, where the Swedes took home the gold.

In 2006 the NiP composition wasn't present and they were set on the gold price.
But then they ended up in the lower bracket thanks to the efforts of the Romanian team Romania TeG, but,
overcoming all the difficulties, the Spanish confidently reached the Grand final and beat another legendary part of the time, Poland Pentagram.
All the while, Spain x6tence lineup looked like this:
Spain DrastyK
Spain milicua
Spain FlipiN
Spain MusambaN1
Spain GuMmY

Musamban1 has always frequented different all-star line-ups where he was able to play with superstars like Sweden SpawN, Brazil cogu, Sweden f0rest, United States n0thing, United States fRoD, and many more.
Years later "Musamba", as he is often called by Russian commentators, was able to Shine in line-ups like SpainRedCode and Spain LedPC.
The latter ranking third at another GameGune 2009, which, incidentally, was his last major achievement of the days of CS 1.6.
It is worth noting that the Torrent played regularly for his national team where he was able to take fourth place at the European Nations Champions 2008.
Very few people now remember that representing your country in a tournament like this is a matter of great honor.

In 2013, after being long inactive MusambaN1 almost returned to competitive CS:GO.
Why almost? Jonathan gave it a try in 2012 with the team Spain Giants, but he returned to inactivity quickly.
But today the Spanish legend plays again for x6tence together with his oldtime friend FlipiN' and the Spanish trio Spain lOwEl, Spain Kairi, Spain meisoN.
Musamban1 still knows how to lead his team to victory.

4th place.

[HEADLINE]Denmark Henrik "FeTiSh" Christensen (1 December will be 29 years)[/HEADLINE]

Henrik is the oldest player in the Danish PRO-scene. Though at the moment he is kind of inactive, he is still worth a mention in our top 10.
It should be noted that this is the only player of CS:Source in our top ten for the "Oldies".

Like the majority of this rating, Henrik began his career in the distant 2004-2005.
His playing style surprised many and around 2006 he started to appear on different LANs in CS:Source with Danish mixes.
The first mix team was xpre, with which FeTiSh played in during 2006-2007
The main achievements of the team was a third place at mid-range SLKS LAN and Slap Live.
Later FeTiSh managed to play in many different organizations who dominated the Danish Source scene.
The most famous among them was United Kingdom Reason Gaming.
The first major success for Christensen was DreamHack Summer 2008 where his team
Denmark Magnitude
Denmark eXce
Denmark jiMMy
Denmark rytme
Denmark orga
Denmark FeTiSh
won the gold medal, beating top Finnish and Swedish groups like Finland and Sweden EvilZone.

Later in the career of Henrik his team earned second place where they met with a new force: the French.
Ever since 2007, the Source scene surrendered to the French, who strongly dominated it and won almost every event.
Thus, at the home tournament eXperience in Roskilde, Denmark, already mentioned earlier, the Danish team got beaten by the young guys from
France Epsilon (France crZ-, France Shokkk, France Happy, France RpK, Belgium Ex6TenZ), thereby ranking second.
Never the less the boys managed to win the first prize at the next Swedish major event, DreamHack Winter 2008, representing the famous brand ROCCAT.

In 2009 they won 3 bronze medals in a row: Icy Box Lan 2009, SLAP LIVE #19, Dreamhack Winter 2009.
On the first and second mentioned LAN-tournament, the Danes again fail against the onslaught of the French group, this time the force is France VeryGames.
But Verygames only secured a second place in Dreamhack 2009, losing the final to the Czech and Slovakian formation Reason Gaming,
which was led by Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" kovács.
2010 was the most successful in the career of Henrik. He managed to win first prizes at many prestigious tournaments, including EMS V and CPH Games 2010.
The Danish scene has been quite competitive but Verygames reigned over Europe with an unreal skill level, represented by
France NBK, France shox, France RpK, Belgium Ex6TenZ, France SmithZz.
He won a lot of second places accordingly.

During the start of CS:GO FetiSh and his teams surprised everyone with his primo leadership.
He was a guide to Denmark CPH Wolves which became the best Danish line up,
despite the fact that then Sweden fnatic was almost a Danish composition
(Denmark Friis, Denmark Xyp9x, Denmark trace, Sweden MODDII, Norway stingeR).

Later, Christensen moved to Denmark Dignitas and together played European top level.
This is the start of the incredible TSM line up of today:
Denmark FeTiSh
Denmark Xyp9x
Denmark cajunb
Denmark device
Denmark dupreeh

In hindsight we know that FetiSh got replaced by karrigan and that he briefly played in CPH Wolves but now is teamless.
The Question remains wether FetiSh will once again show up in some line up with new blood.

3rd place.


Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy (11 November will be 29 years)

The third player is a major representative of the CIS scene, among one of the most experienced of the currently active players, Andrey B1ad3 Gorodenskiy.
He is, without exaggeration, a VETERAN as he played in many top teams like Ukraine KerchNET, Ukraine A-gaming, Ukraine DTS.Chatrix, Ukraine GetHatd and Ukraine UNiTED.
Andrew himself has repeatedly stated that his first leadership was [PIZDEC], and that his first serious experience can be called the collective Ukraine born2party.
where Andrey scored seriously at a major Championship. The following clans were Ukraine GunStars, Ukraine TreezZ, Ukraine DIOsoft.
Under these tags Andrey repeatedly became the champion of Ukraine.
B1ad3 also once said that TreezZ "schooled him in cs".
As time went on, already 2005, he created a prototype of the legendary Ukraine A-gaming, the team Ukraine team NetworkTehnology.
This roster included
Ukraine weiss
Ukraine strike
Ukraine starix
Ukraine eshkin
Ukraine B1ad3
After some time, they thought up a new name as they were called after their sponsor and Andrew came up with A-gaming on April 22, 2005, almost 10 years ago.

These guy their plays inspired an entire generation of gamers.
The staff did change frequently however as Ukraine s0n1c left and Ukraine xaoc replaced him.
The team gradually worked themselves up to a top CIS team, competing strongly with
Ukraine pro100, consisting out of ( RussiaKane, Ukraine Zeus, Ukraine Edward, UkraineKEKC, Ukraine raz0r).
However the competition of the region was lacking as there were only a good dozen teams that competed.
There was the Russian team Russia, Russia Begrip, Russia Mighty44, Russia x4team, Russia Rush3D, Russia ForZe. Belarusians Belarus Tarantul,
Belarus Katana and a top Ukrainian team Ukraine team eXplosive.
The success with his team proceeded gradually until a point in 2007 where A-Gaming managed to occupy the third place in Seattle at WCG 2007.

Unfortunately, in 2008, the team lost their sponsor and their players lost motivation; the project was shelved.
The boys each went in different ways but b1ad3 still managed to play for a top team in Ukraine during those years: DTS and KerchNET.
This was hist last formation during the rest of the 1.6 years.
Throughout the community he is remembered as the inimitable captain, a great strategist and a great shooter.
He always competed in a top CIS team and could always compete with other countries in Europe.

The arrival of CS:GO didn't slow B1ad3 his momentum as he started playing with promising youths.
You can say that he has trained such players as Russia flamie and Ukraine s1mple.
Now Andrey is playing for the U.S. organization United States FlipSid3, together with such prominent Ukrainian players like Ukraine markeloff and Ukraine bondik.
The team performs confidently under the guidance of our veteran and shows results better and better with each game.
We will see what happens next, but flipside is full of optimism, and their game is truly mesmerizing.
And all thanks to the wonderful strategies from Blad3!

2nd place.


Joona "natu" Leppanen (7 may will be 30 years old)

The 2nd plays in our list has played Counter-Strike for almost 16 years.
Joona immediately picked the game up during its release in 1999.
In 2001, he's already turned heads at WCG, which was held in South Korea, in Seoul.
Then the young Finnish talent played in a team called Finland All-Stars boosting the following players
Finland Donal
Finland mysse
Finland natu
Finland Robin
Finland scratch
Natu always was an example of stability and role model for many Finnish gamers.
In 2003 he formed a new Finnish team Finland Destination-Skyline boosting
Finland natu
Finland alfa
Finland Tico
Finland Melvin
Finland coali

Their superiority on the Finnish scene was obvious.
In 2005 he looked for broader horizons and he signed with the British organization United Kingdom 4Kings, becoming one of the Legionnaires.
This dreamteam also featured the likes as Norway elemeNt and Sweden GoodFella.
His time in 4kings was successful as they could compete with any European team at the time.
Later elemeNt clanhopped out of "4kings", and natu urged an old teammate to join the ranks, mysse.
Together they broke the European stereotypes about Finnish players.
Supposedly, the Finns their style of play would never allow them to win against the "European masters".

The Duo natu and myasse in 4Kings completely destroyed this stereotype because during their stay in 4kings they took home a lot of prices.
Later Joona returned to his homeland where he played in lots of different line ups, like Finland 69N-28E, ROCCAT and Finland PowerGaming.
He even briefly played for the German organization mTw.
He schooled a lot of upcoming Fins in the ways of the master.
Now natu has announced his retirement, after a long and successful career, he will always be remembered as a pillar for the Finnish scene.
And maybe we will be able to enjoy his accurate views on the game in the future.

1st place.


Steve "Ozstrik3r" Flavine (this year will be 37 years)

Ozstrik3r started his career around 2004-2005 but he immediately became a veteran representative of his country.
He had played with the also legendary France David "Xp3" Garrido who now plays for United States team eLevate.
David will turn 28 in this year.
The famous French Duo Ozstrik3r and Xp3 played for the team France Just a Shoot with friends and a year later,
in 2006, he joined the perhaps most iconic French team (on par with France eSahara); against all authority, or aAa.

The aAa line up was as follows:
France Ozstrik3r
France Xp3
France Geno
France bisou
Australia ferg

With ferg being a famous Australian.
In Italy, in Verona, the team took first place at CPL Italy 2006.
The next CPL was also somewhat a success as the team took fourth place, losing only to the giants such as:
fnatic (Sweden Archi, Sweden cArn, Sweden dsn, Sweden Tentpole, Sweden f0rest),
MYM (Norway elemeNt, Norway prb, Norway xione, Norway REAL, Norway Juve9le)
Poland Pentagram (Poland neo, Poland TaZ, Poland Loord, Poland kuben, Poland LUq).

The following years weren't particularly remarkable for Steve as he passed his supposed peak.
But he always managed to pull himself together because he became a part of France Get2Gev in 2008 alongside legendary players like France SIXER and France MAJ3R.
The team managed to work themselves up as the first French team which wasn't easy as the French scene always has been very competitive.
Their success did not go by unnoticed as they were picked up by the French orga Millenium.

But a year later everything changed as he began to "surf" the French scene, playing for a lot of different mixes and orga's like France LDLC, around 2011.
Steve Flavine always remained a top French cs player showing everyone that age is not important to show a great level of play.

His time in CS:GO was less successful but he played together with senpai Belgium ScreaM, France shox, France KennyS, Switzerland Maniac and many others.
He was often called on as a substitute because there was no-one in France at the time active with such immense experience.
Now Steve is briefly invisible in the scene, but something tells us that we will see him in a top team in France soon.

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